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    Current ATLAS Official Server Network Server Version: v18.9 Current ATLAS Official Server Network Server Status: Healthy Upcoming patch notes Please note these updates may not necessarily be in the next patch but will make into an upcoming one. V19 - ETA: MID/LATE March More notes to come! New Features and Content - New Feature: Daily Missions for players with unique and powerful rewards - New Feature: 7 more ‘Main Quests’ which upon successful completion will provide their own unique Skill unlock - New Structure: Guillotine. Hanging your foes in a noose taking too long? Off with their heads! - New Feature: Curses. Tied to the execution of players - New Creature: Giant Crab. It can carry heavy loads, along with players, tames and wild creatures - New Vehicle: Submarine. Explore the depths of the ocean in this small scouting submarine. No weapons on board, but it does have claw arms to help harvest the ocean floor and explore (demolish) shipwrecks - New Structure: Bookshelf. Store and sort your high-quality maps and blueprints. - New Environment: Deep Ocean Trench. A new area to explore, guarded by powerful underwater creatures and home to the new Giant Crab - New Feature: Player shops in freeports. Players can set up automated shops in each Freeport, listing loot for sale and naming their own gold coin prices. - New Cosmetics: Multiple Armor sets to customize the look of your company and crew! Provided as a permanent unlock for completing the Quests in addition to skill rewards. - Ship of the Damned will now come in multiple size variations with different stats and difficulty levels. QOL Changes - Reorganized claim flag notifications, so they no longer clutter up the entire HUD when lots of messages are flying by - Territory map will now display allies as teal-coloured - Character creator now has a Height slider to make it easier to set your character's desired height - Any dead ships (shipwrecks) from your Company appear with a unique icon on your map now, so you can find the wrecks - Global territory message updating - Currently contested claims will be indicated on the minimap - Players can now mount a sail to directly control the sail's open/close amount and rotation settings in a more intuitive way. - NPCs will be added to Freeports which will allow players to redesign their character's tattoos for a gold cost released patch notes current v18.97 - Fixed Melee damage application to Army of the Damned - Fixed NPC crew disappearing for a fraction of a second when mounting on cannons - Prevented climbing of the Kraken barrier wall - Improved Cyclops movement to allow it to clamber over rocks better v18.95 - Optimized server spatial octree, which should result in better server performance and reduced stalls. v18.94 - Fixed an issue with NPC's not interacting when stationed. v18.92 - Canvases are now free-paintable - Improved the appearance of storm cyclones vfx v18.9 - Fixed an issue with babies not eating from inventory/troughs when in stasis. - Fixed a bug with Alpha creatures. v18.89 - Fixed an issue with the unstasis/render distance on ships - Optimized performance of various server subsystems. v18.87 - Optimized performance of various server subsystems. v18.84 Weight - Gold coins have had their weight reduced by 50% - The weight of all items have been reduced by 30% globally (does not apply to structures that are placed on boats, only items in inventories) - Weight Sails now provide 20% more bonus weight. - Diving Suit now provides a buff which gives players a 50% extra base weight when diving underwater - Water Barrel now has a base weight of 75. It can hold 6000 water (previously was 500). For every 1000 water, it will add 20 weight. This means the lightest it will be is 75, and the maximum weight will be 195. - Players now start the game with 30% more personal weight and will gain an additional 40% per level (so base weight has increased from 250 -> 325 and bonus per level is up from 10 to 14) - Tamed creatures now gain an additional 6% weight per level into weight rather than 4% Creatures & Tames - Elephants and Rhinos now provide a 25% weight reduction to their specialised resources - Giraffe now receives an approximate 2x bonus when harvesting thatch and has a 25% weight reduction when carrying thatch - Elephant base stamina increased to 390 - Rhino base stamina increased to 190 - Giraffe base stamina increased to 440 - Baby creatures will no longer take into account the temperature alterations from coldfront and heatwave - Tamed creature resistance has been increased by 30% and damage increased by 20% - Bear health has been reduced by 10% - NPC Crew can now be renamed - NPC Crew can no longer be placed on Bear and Horse Carts - Company Tame Limits have been doubled - The interval between paying crew gold has been increased by 40% (there is now more time before you have to pay them again) - Ship of the Damned will no longer physically damage a team's structures and anchored boats unless they have been specifically damaged by that target. PvE servers only. Structures and Items - Puckle Damage has been increased to 100 base and is 50% more armour piercing - Carbines reload time has been reduced by 10% - Pistol reload time has been reduced by 33% - Blunderbuss reload time has been reduced by 20% - Blunderbuss damage to creatures has been increased by 50% to wild and by 20% to tamed. - Stone Structure SAP crafting requirements changed to fibre. - Wooden Structures resistance to explosive and siege damage types increased by 30% - Stone Structures resistance to explosive and siege damage types increased by 45% - Explosive Barrel change reverted until the redesign - Reverting damage increase and crafting cost decrease to Grenades - Oil Jar weight has increased to 10 and fires lit on top of oil have had their duration reduced by 50% - Oil Jar has been made more difficult to craft - Fully Anchored Boats now have a buff which provides a bonus 300% structure resistance QOL - Old Age no longer has a debuff - Fountain of Youth is now available on all Golden Age Ruin servers (we'll be looking at redesigning how this works in the near future) - Players can now purchase a respec soup at the Commodity Trader in Freeports - Players now have approximately 20% more skill points per level Bug fixes - Fixed a bug where quality specific equipment would display a multiplicative % stat increase and a flat stat increase, but only one would work. Going forward, the flat stat increase will be made obsolete and items will no longer be generated with it. Quality stated items will now only generate with the multiplicative stat bonus, and this change will be retroactive. - Fixed a bug where items would falsely state that they were providing a speed benefit (did not do anything). They should not generate anymore going forward. - Mortars will no longer be able to shoot at players outside of render distance v18.76 - Fixed a bug where fire AoE would not attach properly to moving boats. v18.74 - Potential fix for some frequent server side crashes. We'll be monitoring with this build v18.73 - Explosive Barrels will be undergoing some changes with this patch, please note that they're still in the process of receiving their redesign, but this puts them close to it: Limited to 1 carryable stack per person. Stack size will remain at 10 You will not be able to store them in creature inventories, however, legacy ones will remain there. They will be able to be placed near enemy structures and water without needing a claim flag, but not on boats itself. You will not be able to equip them into your hotbar, they must be placed from within the inventory. There will be a restriction to how many can be put down at a time within a certain radius. Reduced Explosive Barrel damage by approximately 20% Reduced Explosive Barrel explosive radius by approximately 20% - Diving Suit will make wild underwater creatures ignore you unless you attack them - Alcohol will no longer spoil - Cooking Recipes spoil time increased to 10 hours - Spoiling time increase bonus on Preserving Bag has been increased - Increased Grenade damage by approximately 50% - Decreased crafting costs for Grenades by approximately 20% - Improved cannon collision and obstruction check to limit the effectiveness of multiple cannons in gunport. - Diving Attachment now has the same health as the Dinghy Hangar - Fixed a bug relating to shooting cannonballs, previously allowing it to go through certain ally structures. This will no longer be the case anymore. - Cannister shot range increased by approximately 20% - Cannister shot damage increased by approximately 10% - Spike shot explosion timer is now 30 seconds instead of 20 seconds - Spike shot now reloads approximately 10% quicker - Spike shot range increased by approximately 15% v18.69 - Fixed some server startup crashes - Widened the amount of networking info the server can send to clients - Server optimisations v18.65 - Fixed a bug related to server transitions v18.6 - Crow's Nest peak will no longer block the camera. - When it rains, cyclones now only have a 33% chance to occur (previously 100%), and will deal twice as much damage. - Dolphins chance to jump has been reduced to 20%. - Client-side option to hide the Gamepedia Wiki button in player inventory. - Patched out some .ini changes which allowed people to remove certain visual effects granting them an unfair advantage in PvP - On PvE specifically, Ship of the Damned should not attack anchored ships that have not fired upon them. - Rare Resources are now available on PvE Commodity traders for a higher gold amount than regular resources. - Fixed crew on puckle gun taking damage from fire aoe buffs. - When gunports are closed they now reduce their specific snapped-cannon weight by 60% (previously 50%), open-ports are default cannon weight. - Gunport crafting and repair costs are now the same as regular planks. - Fixed an exploit which allowed players to place multiple claim flags at once. - Large Cannons now do 30% less damage against Ship planks and Ship decks. v18.58 - Added extra server-side protection to remote inventories to resolve an exploit v18.57 - Company Claim Flags cannot be personally owned anymore. - Server crash fixes v18.55 - Client Side GPU Optimisations - Explosive Barrel Weight now correctly displayed as 60 - Added a direct button to the ATLAS wiki when opening your inventory v18.5 - Server optimisation for structures on boats - Fixed a bug where picking up a higher quality structure within the pickup timeframe would result in the common structure, rather than the specific higher quality itself v18.43 - Fixed an exploit which allowed players to stall out servers - Added extra protection to inventories to fix and prevent players from bypassing pin codes - Fixed a bug with the Kraken which would have inflicted a high amount of unintended damage - The Kraken's Barrier will no longer damage ships on collision - Explosive Barrel weight has been increased back to 60 (we're still working on a redesign). This is not visible on clients but will be active on servers. We will have a corresponding client fix to go out with this later. v18.31 - Explosive Barrels can no longer be placed on enemy ships, and only have a weight of 6 now. This is a temporary measure due to undesired gameplay. We are going to be redesigning the barrels from a technical/gameplay point of view to give them more use in the future. - Fixed a case which allowed players to enter the bottom of ships - Fixed a case which allowed players to clip and stick themselves inside the boat's hull - Protected against players accessing inventories from outside ships via clipping into boats - Fixed multiple cases where players would fall through structures upon server restart, login, transition, etc. - Fixed a crash which would occur when transitioning with the sextant buff - Fixed Swivel Cannons from firing through walls - Allow players to pick-up structures if you're on the same team even if you do not have demolish rights - Global Number of Ships is now displayed in the player's ATLAS Map UI. We'll be making this more visible on the UI in a future update. It will not display if you do not have any ships and do not belong to a company. - Cleaned up an error message when attempting to craft a boat when you were at the maximum global limit - Added a Crew name filter for company UI - Added a 12 second delay between playing status voice clips (such as injured or starvation) - War Drum songs have been adjusted to be more rewarding. Details can be found here. - Tweaked war drum battle songs to eliminate a big gap in the note sheet preview (just the preview, not the actual song) - Fixed a bug causing the buff timer shown on the music UI during a looping song that gives a perpetual buff to become off by 1 second from the actual buff timer. - Fixed a bug causing notes to incorrectly fail when activated near the edges of song loops - Fixed a bug where client fps stutters could cause notes to fail that should have been auto-played - Reduced tutorial background opacity - Made it so text wasn't cut off for long paragraphs in the tutorial - Mod Map Extensions now work (and will not require recooking the mod) - Linux WaveWorks optimisations (Linux Servers will run much better) - Kraken will no longer give impulses to players for the tentacle slams or tentacle impacts - Impacts with the Kraken bodyparts will no longer cause ship damage - Ship of the Damned Kraken minions are now damageable in PvE - Reduced the damage of the Kraken homing projectiles by 50% - Increased the damage taken by the Kraken tentacles by 50% - Ghost ship will now appear every night rather than every 3 nights - Swapped Mythical and Legendary in the descriptions for tools skills tier 2 and 3, as they were previously incorrect. - Fixed a bug where beds that were placed beyond the default accommodation limit were destroyed on server load v18.15 Bug Fixes - Turrets and Cannons will no longer fire underwater and can no longer be mounted underwater - Fixed a bug allowing players to reset all glider cooldowns by moving the glider between hotbar slots - Increased the required minimum diving velocity before going into the glide-fall state to reduce gaining/maintaining height - Ghost Ship has been fixed and will now take damage. Server Performance - Eliminated Cannon Animations playing entirely on the server for performance savings Quality Of Life - Option to hide territory broadcast messages - Territory broadcast message boxes now scale according to the character size of the message - Gunport camera socket has been lowered and moved forward for better viewing when shooting from gunports - PvE players will now be able to see their claim flag's inactivity timer on the flag itself - Attacking Player no longer needs to be in range for declaiming progress - Glider now has a required dive duration rather than a forced dive cooldown (achieves the same nerf effect on glider spam and feels better to use) Creatures - Whale Counts have been boosted on the Tundra and reduced the spawn interval between whales by 50% - Wild Dragon damage has been reduced by 30% - Golden Age Spawns have had their spawn interval increased from 30 seconds to 5 minutes and increased distance from players from 7700 to 9000 Music - Various buffs/changes made to musical songs played on the Accordion. Details can be found here - we have some planned updates to come for the War Drum in a future update, once we've resolved some technical issues related to it. Miscellaneous - PvE Claim Flag inactivity timer has been adjusted so that it now scales dynamically. A company with a small number of flags will be declaimable after 3 weeks of inactivity, whereas a company with a large number of claim flags would be declaimable after 3 days of inactivity. - The gold cost has been increased on upgrading higher quality items and structures - Cooking Recipes spoil time has been increased - Top Companies will have their names displayed on the left-hand side of the map and are now granted special nameplates and figureheads - Fixed server issue that could disconnect clients if they had a lot of map entities.
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    Yo! Trying something new here, this is more of an informal blog-style post where I’d like to do a bit of a post mortem on recent events. That could be following a large update, a tradeshow, an announcement of a new feature, etc. My aim with these kinds of posts is to provide some additional insight, it will be less about what’s coming/promotional content and more real talk from myself. Fair warning, my musings can be pretty verbose. Unlike the Captain’s Log, these won’t be made on a regular basis, but when I feel they might be necessary -- keep in mind, at indie studios people tend to wear many hats and whilst I am the Lead CM, I also work on the development side of the project, this was also the case for ARK too For the first Post Mortem, we can talk about Patch v10, bug reports, late-night deployments and the timelines surrounding them, support tickets, as well as rollbacks. Patch v10 So! This was a pretty big update, it dropped later than we intended due to some personal problems (people being sick), and then needing the extra time following that for people to get everything ready, as well as our QA team to run through it all. The delay did allow us to bring in more tweaks and fixes, which is always nice. I am not going to go into much detail about the patch itself because we’ve had two Captain Log’s which share the notes, but I do want to address some of the feedback and reports we’ve received since. If you want to know what came in v10, as well as our big announcements for the week, you can read about it on Captain’s Log #16: So this patch didn’t come without its flaws, and to be honest, it would be delusional to think any major one would, especially whilst we’re in this highly iterative state. Our development team, including QA (yes they exist, and they work damn hard and are often underappreciated in this industry), aim to catch and resolve every patch-related issue before it gets out to you, but we’re human and sometimes things can slip through the cracks -- whether that’s due to design, lack of numbers (tens of thousands are much more likely to identify problems!), or just something that was overlooked. Our style of development is to work hard, fast and get the changes out to you guys as soon as possible, though we still run checks to make sure it's stable and it meets our release goals. We don’t like to sit on updates, if it checks out, let’s get it out there! Hence the frequent late-night deployments, though some nights aren’t as lively as tonight, lol. Our goal is to ensure that ATLAS feels like a vastly different experience in a short period of time due to the improvements and changes we’re making on a frequent basis. This means that comparing ATLAS day 1 will be very different to ATLAS day 30 and then again to ATLAS day 100, so on so forth. This will come in the form of optimisation, bug squashing, rebalancing, and new content. This is how we develop titles as a studio, especially during Early Access. We find it effective and enjoyable. Sure it comes with its frustrations, and there could be adjustments made to our processes but the same could be said about any style. Not that we won’t make changes should we deem them necessary, but what you’re experiencing now in terms of the pace and size of updates, is most likely what you’ll be experiencing throughout Early Access. Updates coming at you harder and faster than the busted Ship of the Damned did in v10.72 . (Note: That patch did go through QA, sadly we didn’t expect our change to effect SOTD and had it patched out as soon as possible. My condolences to any seafarers who lost their lives and had their boats sunk). Now onto the hot topics! I may not cover everything, but I’ll try to cover what I believe are the important ones to address. If you think I’ve missed something, get at me: Discord: Jat#0001 Twitter: twitter.com/Jatheish Reddit: /u/Jatheish (not Jaton… also that was JATonreddit guys.. not Jaton…) Additionally, you could also reach out to Dollie! My co-captain on all things Community. You might recognize her from the forums, Discord, or from the Official ARK PVP Community. We’ll do a proper introduction post for her on Monday, in the Captain’s Log. Discord: Dollie#0001 I won’t reply to everything, in fact, I probably only respond to like 20-30% but I do read the majority of my messages, unless it gets super chaotic and impossible to keep up with. E.g you crash my browser/phone/discord (which has happened far more often than I’d like). This should be obvious, but I’ll say it anyway, I would like to reply to everything, but I learnt very early on that is not possible. I remember when I first started at Wildcard in 2015 and tried to respond to every Facebook and Steam comment. Mental. I will respond to the critical reports, assuming I am still actively investigating it (or the team is). OKAY. Now we’re really onto the hot topics. Sorry, I did say my musings can be pretty verbose. It’s crap when there are platforms with a word limit! Thankfully, I don’t think that’s the case on the forums, but I guess we’ll find out. Lawless Regions: Spawns, Resources, Temps. and Weather Shortly after launch, we temporarily hacked up a change which turned Lawless Regions into Homeservers and enabled some special settings on them which prevented Alpha Creatures from spawning, it had faster respawns when it comes to harvestables, and weather events (or might have just been rain) were disabled. In the latest update, we removed these changes and have set it back to our initial design. These servers are meant to be unclaimable land to allow players to gain a foothold once they’ve left Freeports, but they’re meant to be a temporary area before setting sail into the wide ATLAS! Based on our investigation thus far, resources are certainly respawning on these grids, and the signs point to the structure spawn-prevention radius causing confusion and leading to the reports. This system is native to the game but wasn't present during our initial launch due to Lawless Regions being listed as Homeservers, so from a technical point of view, it's intentional, however, I know better than to rule out possibilities for other issues (hence they're investigating). There's an argument that the radius itself needs to be adjusted, so we'll have to think on that. Keep in mind that this can change, whilst there may be some things we’re unlikely to change, it doesn’t mean that we’re set in stone. We’ll keep you posted if we have any updates! A quick note about the weather systems, these are the initial Early Access launch systems we have in place. We’d like to take it further, beyond just having fog, cold, heat, and rain! Though we believe there are certainly other things we need to prioritise which will have more of an impact on the game… such as volcanoes and of course the holy trinity of: bug fixes, optimisation, and balance! Plus. seeing that we’re on the topic of weather, I think I should mention temps too. Yes, they suck in some places, and we have resolved a lot of these in the most recent patch, as well as made it more clear when you’re experiencing a certain weather event, but there are more fixes to come, hopefully in the coming days. One of our designers is meticulously going through all the various biomes (we have a lot) and adjusting the temperature time of day and armour insulation values to make sure we’re hitting the sweet spot. Combat and Creatures: Guns, Melee Weapons, and Armour The overall goal with these changes was to ensure sure that weapons were more effective against higher armoured players, whilst not making the lower tiers completely worthless. The primary change you should notice is that the weapons themselves are more piercing and have had their base damage reduced to reflect this. Clearly, this had some knock-on effects on how players dealt with creatures (tamed and wild), which we expected but to know the full extent of the changes it is best witnessed in a live environment. The gameplay/balance team are consuming your feedback and will make adjustments when necessary, it’s possible that there may be some potential tweaks too with some multipliers which are being looked at right now. Not going to confirm anything is being changed right this instant, but just acknowledge that we’re aware of the feedback and it is actively being discussed internally. Tamed Creatures I figure this needed its own mini mention itself. ATLAS isn’t a taming orientated game. Yes, we have it, and we plan to expand on it, as well as introduce more creatures for you add to your arsenal, however, the creatures themselves are meant to be supplemental and not the main focal point. Prior to v10, we felt like certain aspects of the creatures made them too strong. Primarily how quickly they could restore health via shovelling food down their mouths and consuming corpses -- mechanics we weren’t really keen on with ARK either but for legacy reasons are necessary to that game. It’s understandable that we may have overshot with this update and we’re happy to bring some baselines back up, but it’s not likely we’ll adjust those healing mechanics. At this time, we’d rather have creatures that are inherently more powerful than having immense regen. Though we do understand the need to manage your tame’s health and we’ll be investigating additional ways we can do this beyond the skill/feat system. Something we’re toying around with now is the idea of custom cooking recipes for individual creatures (or more broad recipes that can affect multiple creatures) to heal em up. It’s safe to say that you can expect changes and content coming in the days/weeks/yadda yadda ahead revolving around this. PvE Exploits Not going to share what the exploits are, that would be unwise…although I suppose for those of you who weren’t aware, you might be with my post. Just wanted to say we are well aware of what’s happening and are exploring ways to deal with it. The obvious solutions won’t quite work due to some backend stuff, however, we are actively looking into a more delicate and effective solution. In the meantime, quit being jerks and griefing each other, otherwise, I might have to set Amberenix (our Game Master) on ya! I think that covers most of what I wanted to discuss about v10. I realise that doesn’t cover everything, but then we could literally be here for days on end and right now it’s 8 a.m and I’d like to get some rest soon haha. We had some hotfixes and patches go out today following the release, mostly just to resolve things that had been overlooked/missed in the update and some exploit fixing… as well as deal with the menacing rapid-firing Ship of the Damned that we introduced ourselves. Which kind of brings me to another topic... Server Deployments and ETAs! Typically when we have a release candidate that’s ready to go out, we announce it via a server broadcast in-game. The release candidate usually will go through some basic smoke checks to make sure everything is running smoothly. Assuming we do not encounter any problems and the fix checks out, we then begin the deployment immediately. Unfortunately, sometimes we run into issues that were unexpected and have to deal with it, or a player report has just come in and we want to get it fixed prior to deploying, saving us needing to deploy multiple times a night -- unless it calls for it. As for the comments asking why we don’t keep builds in QA for a week at a time, well, to be frank, running a full playthrough of all our content and having QA check every nook and cranny for every update would take longer than a week. It would increase our development time and is not incredibly useful to us in our current development cycle, and as mentioned previously, we don’t want to sit on updates. If we believe a patch is ready, we plan to roll it out as soon as possible. It’s not our intention to get these times wrong and we don’t plan to make you guys wait, it’s just how it happens. I will say though, as long as I’m around during the deployment process I will be keeping the Discord and Twitter fully in the loop when it comes to actual-actual deployments, as much as I can. In essence, if it’s mentioned on either of those platforms, it’s probably going to be incoming. This is when it comes to specific deployment messages such as: in 15 minutes major version etc is incoming and not in related to the larger ETA timelines we share (i.e 4 hours). It’s no secret that we’re not the best with time management, there’s no point hiding it. It is definitely something we need to improve on and I’ll be encouraging the team to do so, it’s been a quibble of mine for ages and not just because of all the hate messages I get about missed ETAs, but because I know how frustrating it can be. For those of you asking why we even bother giving you these inaccurate ETAs and not just say the moment the patch is ready to deploy. Well, when we share these ETAs, we believe they are accurate at the time and then XYZ thing happen. Some players would like to be informed ahead of time so they can try to plan out their day around our ETAs (to their own risk... might I add, I always get messages about folks taking off days from work or skipping dinner to hang around for a patch, I don’t recommend doing it! Even if we were the best damn ETA-deadline hitters in the world, ya never know what could happen and if you do decide to, hey that’s on you man :P). For those of you who don’t want to be informed and would rather wait until the very moment we are deploying, then I’d recommend ignoring our general broad ETAs and look out for the ‘15 minutes’ to deployment ones, those are the most accurate -- and especially if they’ve hit social platforms like Twitter/Discord, but ya, the criticism around how we handle this is warranted. As for late night deployments, well I think I’ve covered this a few times with this post but just to reiterate. We don’t like to sit on fixes and updates. If we’re confident in something and the team is available, we’re happy to set it live. Whether that’s at 4 AM or 4 PM. It’s a little more chaotic at the moment as we’ve just launched and soon enough we’ll have some more structure and planning to it, but generally, you can expect the same frequent updates. ATLAS launched as an early access title and we plan to update it often, and regularly with meaningful changes. Rollbacks Moving on from that, let’s discuss rollbacks as this was mentioned today shortly after the Ship of the Damned patch was released and some players, unfortunately, had their ships sunk. First of all, I’d like to apologize profusely for that. I feel for anyone who suffered a loss, it definitely sucks and we’ll always do our best within our process to ensure we’re able to avoid those scenarios as much as possible. When it comes to rollbacks, it is something we explore as an option in the event of a catastrophic game failure, as they could potentially introduce other problems. This means things such as an unintended wipe, data deletion, game content not being cooked properly, etc. There are other scenarios, but not feasible to list it all out. Just know that as a team we do not take these decisions very lightly, and everything is handled delicately on a case by case basis, if we determine that a rollback would be warranted, we would inform players as soon as possible. I know that doesn’t make up for the loss of boats, creatures, etc in the event that a deployment goes awry; please understand that due to the rate that the game is changing, this could also happen due to a balance change, or the introduction of new content. A lot of players had their boats sunk early on by the insane fire arrows (which may still need to be looked at), or cheaply sunk with metal picks; it could happen for a number of reasons and is a downside when playing a highly iterative and ever-changing title. On that note, we will do our best to ensure that we avoid these situations. Having a patch screw you over sucks, having a rollback sucks, so let’s stay away from both if we’re able to! Support Tickets, Player Reports & Bug Reports As of yesterday, we launched our support ticketing system. Right now we’re helping out folks with Company Ownership issues and Players getting stuck, though hopefully, the latter is not as necessary anymore due to the recent v10 changes. Over time, we’ll be increasing the options for how we can support players as we identify more areas where it is necessary and implement more tools to tackle these. Please note, that we’re always going to be leaning on the side of technical solutions to game problems versus direct Game Master intervention where we can help it. We’re a small team and our resources are better funnelled into development. We’re also going to be actively investigating player reports as they come in. I primarily want to shut down cheaters who are using hacks/3rd party progs or ridiculously exploiting unintended game mechanics to gain an unfair advantage over other users. Please keep in mind the final verdict of these punishments comes down to us, in a sandbox environment, monitoring your game is best done on a case by case situation. There is no silver bullet, but we will certainly invest time and resources into dealing with this. Not going to go into details because it’s best left close to our chest - but it won’t be tolerated. This isn’t solely just limited to cheaters though, but also ‘toxic’ users. That word is probably overused now and has lost some of it’s meaning, but to be clear; we understand when people are joking between each other, we know there’s an element of banter when playing a competitive game, especially one of pirating and world-conquering nature, however, we will not tolerate outright harassment, discrimination etc on our servers and have already taken action against multiple companies/individuals. And finally, bug reports! Right now the reports are coming in from a variety of different platforms. The forums, Discord, Reddit, Twitter, Twitch, Youtube, etc. We’ve got our eyes spread around but are looking into a more effective way to accept reports, as well as show you that we’re aware of them. Whilst I was working on ATLAS pre-launch, I know the ARK team created a custom bug report system on survivetheark. I’m looking to do something similar based on the Support Ticket system, but hopefully more customized with better user permission management, highlighting things like developer response, and upvoting. Not sure how much of that is doable based on our current systems, but going to be exploring it as an option with Chris. We’ll see how things pan out with the Support Tickets and Report Players system, if it holds up well then we can look into implementing the bug reports area. In the meantime, continue as you are -- we’ve got enough coverage around the multiple platforms and you can be sure that your reports are being investigated! OKAY. I think I have covered everything that I wanted to talk about in this blog post. It’s a lot wordier than I anticipated. If you prefer seeing posts like this, let me know and I’ll probably end up doing more in the future, but maybe not as wordy -- this was more so as it was the first and there was a lot to say. Anyways, take it easy, and here’s hoping you all continue to enjoy sailing the seas of ATLAS!
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    We reclaimed all ourselfes didnt need help anymore,ty
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    Claims need to be limited to 1 per character, with a maintenance cost. In addition after so many hours if the clay. Isn't built on, it should expire. We've spent 14 hours now sailing, and found no claimable islands. players are claiming everything they come across, and it's then never used. I would also recommend adding another PvP and PvE server cluster to each region worldwide. No need to pack in so many players.
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    1. Levers On Ships Currently when trying to place a lever on a ship, it says "Cannot be placed on a Platform." A Lever on a ship would be very convenient to ensure all of your ship's doors are closed, and to have a quick, convenient way to turn on all of your lights and turn them off, since Wall Hook Lanterns do not turn on and off automatically like Buoys. 2. Permission To Come Aboard The current setting; "Nobody but company and allies allowed on ships" feels like gauze on a hemorrhaging wound. As it stands, without allying with EVERY player who wishes to view your ship design, catch a ride to another region, or just hang out, nobody can help others. I propose a new setting which would bypass the company and alliance setting temporarily to allow individuals onto your ship, with strictly your permission. 3. Assign To Repairs / Unseat All As it stands, NPC crew-mates begin to automatically repair your ship when unseated and the ship is anchored. This causes NPCs to be free-floating on your ship's deck, occasionally glitching through and drowning or teleporting up and down getting stuck between decks. I propose an additional, man-able position on the ship meant for repairing. This should stop NPC crew-mates from disappearing or dying by glitches. Additionally, I propose a command be added to the HUD while at the wheel of your ship and through the lieutenant podium to "Unseat All" NPC crew-mates. 4. Handling Sail; Reverse Allow Handling Sails to provide faster Reverse speeds. As it stands, ships can currently back up no matter what. If the Ship layout includes a Handling Sail, this ship should reverse slightly faster. 5. Flags Create a new Flag item to be crafted in the Loom to place anywhere on your ship, preferably at the top of a Sail mast. 6. Send - To / Send - Off As it stands, Ships give players the ability to interact with their tames and "Send To Ship..." I propose another ability should be added to "Send Off Ship..." for those cases where someone's tamed animal got stuck inside of a structure they built on the ship. Alternatively, add a targeting system for where on the ship, or off the ship, that the tamed animal be sent to when interacting with the "Send To Ship" option. 7. Captain's Deck As it stands, a Galleon is the only ship that comes with a snap-able slot for a receded Deck to be placed higher up at the back of the ship. I propose another optional Deck slot be added to the back end of Brigantines and Schooners, like the Galleons, for cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing ship designs. (The Brigantine is especially difficult to make the ceilings and walls line up with the back end of the ship.) 8. Improved Respawning @mKHammerBro Better Ship structuring to prevent falling out the back of a ship in motion. This happens often. Through Decks and through the back wall. Alternatively, re-code the Ship itself to act as a Respawn point, and change the Ship's accommodation level to improve how soon it can be reused as a respawn point. Maybe this will solidify the player's position on the boat when respawning at full sail. 9. Anchoring @mKHammerBro Increase Ship's anchor length to allow deeper anchoring. Larger ships can't get close enough to anchor sometimes. Maybe a craft-able mod or purchased at a Freeport. Additionally, stop beds and other structures from preventing anchor drop. Many can't anchor their own ships inside their own territory because of a random person's ship or raft anchored nearby. 10. Careening @mKHammerBro Introduce a new mechanic to ground Ships to scrape and clean the underside of the hull. In the past, this process was called Careening, or Heaving Down. Barnacles and other sea life clings to the underside and rots away at the wood. This could also introduce a new way to repair your ship's planks or add a temporary repair and/or speed buff to your ship. 11. Mooring @ikarirain Introduce a new item to be crafted at Smithy's from the Seamanship tree, Bollard. There are instances where a ship is too large to reach an anchor-able point, so it's been proposed to allow ships the ability to be moored in by ropes to Bollards, which can be placed on piers or shipyards, to safely "anchor" the ship in your territory, given anchoring isn't possible. Additionally, increase the amount of Bollards needed to moor a ship depending on the ship's size and/or weight. 12. Select All or Individual Sail Controls @Shakarian Ability to control all sails from the wheel, or select which individual sails to give certain commands to. For instance, all sails selected by default. But press keys similar to the cannon crews to deselect certain sails. 13. More Structures on Galleons @Vostik Vostik's Galleon is comprised so far of only ceilings, roofs and walls. and They can't even place a ship resource box anymore, yet I see a vast open space in these images still to use. Increase the structure limit on Galleons. https://imgur.com/a/Mz7F2TT 14. Knots @mKHammerBro When building your ship and rearranging sails and what-not, players are asking for a way to measure their speed. To truly see which sail and sail-set-up is faster. This system would obviously be Knots, how to tell how fast your ship is actually moving. 15. Look-Out / Telescope @Aristocrates It is known that being at the top of a mast gives the player a slightly larger render-distance so they can see ships and such ahead of time, but it would be nicer if there was a Telescope sort of attachment to build on the Smithy that could be attached to the top of the mast, further improving this render distance for preparation or avoidance purposes. 16. Additional Sails @Grodgen Auxiliary sails: Jibs, Mizzens, Staysails, etc: Currently we only have access to main mast sails. It limits the potential of ships. Ships have tons of sails on them, including these smaller or medium sized ones. Have them take up sail a small amount of points like masts but provide enough bonuses to the ship to make them viable. Lateen Sails: We have square sails, gaff sails, and mainsails in game right now, however, we are missing lateen sails, which were used way before the other three became popular. 17. Collidable Bowsprits / Figureheads @Grodgen Collidable Bowsprits / Figureheads: Currently they have no collision. You can't stand on them and it also limits their functionality as actual bowsprits. If you like any of these options, please reply "+1" an don't forget to Upvote the post! I'll be adding ideas posted here by others and tagging them for credit so this post gets bigger and noticed! Thank you for taking the time to read this @Jatheish! Regardless, loving the game.
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    Lets face it, Galleons and Brigantines are huge, and we like building our fancy piers and docks and parking our ships next to them. Unfortunately, with many islands, the land drops off super deep super fast. So, I got to thinking, why not add a mooring system using the same key that activates anchoring, inspired by another lesser known function, the map key. Did you know, when you double-tap M, it brings up only the compass, and when you press and hold M, it brings up only the map? This function tells me that it's possible to use a single key for multiple functions based on how it is used. This said... The mooring system would involve two craftable parts: A ship-mounted mooring rope (similar to how dinghy and diving apparatus is mounted) and a building-mounted set of mooring posts. You place these mounting posts on your pier, similar to how a wall will snap, and then build the mooring rope on the side of a ship. When your ships mooring rope is near a mooring post, you'll see an icon on the right, similar to how the anchor icon pops up. When it's lit, press and hold X (the anchor key), and the ship will begin a 10-15 second mooring animation while the mooring rope is tossed several times over the mooring posts, slowly tightening until the mooring process is complete, and freezing the ship into place as if it had anchored next to the pier. This process would allow ships to moor to a pier when the water is too deep for anchoring, and can help easily organize the space in a company's large pier by using the docking space efficiently.
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    Hello Atlas community. Today I'm proud to release to first iteration of my advanced dynamic map for Atlas. The map can be found here: https://pocketdevs.org/map/ Currently, the map has the following features Important Zone Highlighting (Freeports, Golden Age Ruins, Lawless Zones, Central Maw.) [Toggleable] Showing Map Grid [Toggleable] Showing Discovery Zones [Toggleable] Showing Biomes [Toggleable] Showing Official Server Top 10 Companies + Claims (NA PVP, NA PVE, EU PVP, EU PVE) [Toggleable] Showing Current Mouse Position as in-game GPS coordinates + Tile Showing Specific Point as in-game GPS coordinates [Right Click] Controls Layer Control, this control allows for changing which layers are shown on the map. Zoom, this control allows you to zoom the map in or out. Right clicking the map will show the in-game GPS coordinates rounded to two digits. Screenshots Click any screenshot for the full-size.
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    Just thought I would compile a list of Where to get what resource since I could not find any one place that listed them all and the Wiki is not yet update(plan to do some of that next). I got All these values/info from the game directory “steamapps\common\ATLAS\ShooterGame\Content\Atlas\AtlasCoreBP\HarvestComponents”. The listed Zones in that directory(which you can find below) are, NE Tropical, NW Temperate, E Temperate, W Tropical, W Tundra, Equator, Polar, C High Desert, C Low Desert, Ocean Floor. I will List zones then what you can find in them. Keep in mind free ports might be different in that zone. There is not a folder for some zones (North West Tropic, North East Temperate, et...) So I assume it might share the same values as its corresponding zone. Keep in mind these are just the HarvestComponent, what they yield might not be exactly what they are named. Many zones have more than 2 woods you can gather. North East Tropical Berries Acai, Acerolla, Elderberry, Sugarcane Coal Graphite Crystal Quartz Fiber Silk, Straw Flint Chalcedony, Chert Herbs Cilantro, Turmeric Metal Copper Oil Crude Pickup(can pick by using E) Granite, Coconut, Oak Sap Honey, Wax Stone Granite, Limestone Thatch Fond, Roots Veggie Bean, Rice Wood Oak, Eucalyptus North West Temperate Berries Schisandra, Strawberry, Coal Anthracite Crystal Emerald, Quartz Fiber Straw Flint Radiolarite Herbs Chamomile, Licorice, Mint, Oregano Metal Iron Oil Crude Pickup(can pick by using E) Granite, Carrot, Onion, Pine Sap Syrup Stone Granite, Slate Thatch Rushes Veggie Pepper Wood Pine, Poplar East Temperate Berries Black Berry, Schisandra Coal Sulfur Crystal Calcite, Ruby Fiber Straw, Bamboo, Silk Flint Chert Herbs Mint, Oregano Metal Silver Pickup(can pick by using E) Slate, Carrot, Onion, Poplar Sap Syrup Stone Slate Thatch Rush Veggie Pepper Wood Fir West Tropical Berries Acai, Acerolla, Elderberry Coal Graphite Crystal Calcite Fiber Hemp Flint Radiolarite Herbs Aloevera, Cilantro Metal Cobalt Oil Olive Oil Pickup(can pick by using E) Limestone, Coconut Sap Honey, Wax Stone Limestone Thatch Fond, Rushes Veggie Bean, Lime, Rice Wood Oak West Tundra Berries Lingonberry, Raspberry Coal Lignite Crystal Tellurite Fiber Cotton Flint Basalt Herbs Garlic Metal Iron Pickup(can pick by using E) Garlic, Granite Stone Granite, Marble Thatch Roots Veggie Potato, Turnip Wood Fir, Pine Equator Berries Acerolla, Seagrape Coal Sulfur Crystal Herkimer Fiber Jute Flint Basalt Herbs Aloevera, Basil, Thyme Metal Iron Pickup(can pick by using E) Coquina, Coconut Preservative Iodine, Seasalt Sap Latex Stone Coquina Thatch Fond Veggie Chickpea, Cocoa Wood Oak Polar Crystal Calcite, Opal, Tellurite Fiber Hemp Flint Basalt Herbs Thyme Metal Tin Pickup(can pick by using E) Sandstone Stone Sandstone Wood Pine Central High Desert Berries Bilberry, Schisandra Coal Nitre Crystal Herkimer Fiber Jute Flint Basalt Herbs Parsley, Yarrow Metal Tin Pickup(can pick by using E) Sandstone Preservative Flake Salt Stone Sandstone Thatch Roots Veggie Beet, Cactuss, Maize Wood Cedar Central Low Desert Berries Bilberry, Schisandra Coal Nitre Crystal Herkimer Fiber Jute Flint Chert Herbs Parsley, Poppy Metal Copper Pickup(can pick by using E) Sandstone Preservative Flake Salt Stone Sandstone Thatch Roots Veggie Cactus Wood Cedar Ocean Floor Coral Brain, Fire Fiber Seaweed Herb Green Algae, Red Algae, Spirulina Oil Olive Oil Pickup(can pick by using E) Calcite Pearl, Pearl If there are any errors, please let me know! Going to Add additional folders just to further the information provided however there is no set "zone" associated with them currently, from the directory itself. Temp Crystal Diamond, Garnet, Sunstone Fiber Hemp, Obsidian Flint Obsidian Herb Rosemary Metal Cobalt oil Naptha Preservative Pink Salt, Rock Salt Sap Nectar Thatch Bark Tree Syrup Veggie Celery, Chili, Greens, Maize, Wheat, Olive Wood Ash, Cedar RareFoliage Coal Peat Crystal Amethyst, Ruby Flint Agate Metal Iridium Oil Mineral Oil Preservative Kalak Namak Stone Marble Wood Ironwood Edit: Spellings. Added more information.
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    Come on Devs. FOR YEARS IN ARK WE ASKED FOR A CHOICE OF GATES, AND YOU WOULDN'T GIVE US THEM. I am sick and tired of having to build structures that are either TOO SMALL or stupidly OVERSIZED, just to fit the gates. Please give us a selection of Gates, or implement the DYNAMIC GATE from the S+ MOD from Ark. Its not difficult and can be implemented quickly. It would also stop so many shit oversized building having to be made. Which in turn will reduce the lag on the servers. WIN WIN WIN. Come on Devs start using some common sense, you've made a great game so far, but implementing Dynamic gates would make total sense. Give the players what they need. Sorry if this sounds aggressive but I love designing good buildings, but can because of the lack of gate choices I am limited to having to build massive ridiculous barns to incorporate the behemoth gate.
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    Hey Pathfinders, We're still working on getting this fully set up, but for those of you who would like to host your own Unofficial Server, you can do so now. We've got some more information that we'd like to include with this, as well as some more setup but it'll come in time as right now our preparations are focused on getting the base game into a good state. Though we know a lot of you are quite savvy and comfortable diving into this yourselves, so we wanted to make the basics available . Here is a link to the ServerGridEditor src, as well as our wiki which covers some technical info on how to get started: https://github.com/GrapeshotGames/ServerGridEditor/wiki The latest version of the server can now be downloaded via the Steam Depo: https://steamdb.info/app/1006030/info/ and we've included an example JSON file. ServerGrid.json Over time we'll be editing the wiki to include more information, as well as cover as many of your questions as possible. We are working on getting this setup on an anonymous steam depo but for now, you are able to host an unofficial server with these files. Thanks for being so patient guys!
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    Have you created an accordian but don't have the ability to play it? Check out my Autohotkey song macro tool: http://delayatlas.com/songmaker All you have to do is install Autohotkey, create your song, copy the text to a text editor and save the text with the .ahk extension like "mysong.ahk". Double click the file and press F12 or whatever toggle key you chose, and your character will start playing the song! The toggle key will pause/unpause the script. For example, this is the Lazytown You Are a Pirate song: r--r--gdsa--rrrrdrgiii--rrrrdrgdsa--a--g-hg-r---
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    The more I play this game the more the problems with its design become obvious. It's got huge potential but I can't help but feel that they need to make some massive changes in order to correct its path. The Devs announced at the start that they were taking massive inspiration from Eve. Given Eve's massive success it's a logical choice to look at for ideas on how to make this type of game work. Eve is effectively a game about space ships (ships) moving between planets (islands) with everyone harvesting resources to create everything that exists in game. With that in mind... There's a significant different between Atlas and Ark currently from a game design perspective. That is the existence of High Sev vs Null Sec and the existence of very mature player trade. High Sec being the area where approximately 70% of the players live and play. High Sec is safer, CONCORD (the police) rule the area and maintain law. Anyone breaking that law is swiftly dealt with (the police spawn in and blow you to pieces), it is possible however to break the law should you choose (incredibly difficult to do this successfully, near on impossible). The further you go from the safety of Concord the more dangerous and lawless the area becomes. I think it's the Atlas version of CONCORD that's missing. There should not be PVE and PVP servers. Just servers local to your region. It needs an AI controlled Governing force that maintains ownership of primary squares. Those squares become PVE squares. There should be enough to provide adequate space for the PvErs. They should absolutely have Trade Houses that are run by the game. Players should be able to place Buy and Sell orders in the Trade Houses knowing that they are in a relatively safe place. Those places should act as players hubs. Allow companies to have Company Offices if they are acting as trade merchants. Allow the bounties to be placed from these hubs. Ships should be able to be docked in relative safety in these locations with the understanding that they are under the protection of the local government. The PVE players can live safely within the governed regions. The PVP players can try and sneak into those regions and cause chaos if they like, with the knowledge that the AI controlled Government will come down on them swiftly. To make this work you need to create a reason to go out into Null Sec (pretty much all of Atlas is currently Null Sec). Define the resource availability in a way that there is reward for stepping out into the risky waters. Allow the'Pirates' to create their own Trade Hubs. This will encourage players to try and sail to these locations to fulfil trade orders. This gets the trade working. Prices need to be defined by the market. Not by the game. We need the market to fluctuate as this will encourage people becoming traders. Buying low and selling high from one port to the other. The Null Sec areas become serious business. Political borders start to form between some of the largest most feared companies. They may allow smaller companies to operate within their borders as alliances form. Eventually things will no doubt get very interesting. This would be a much better game experience for new players. They can begin the game in relative safety and as they grow more confident in their ability they can set forth into more dangerous waters to seek out glory and fame. If they fail, they can retreat, if they succeed they may very well end up dominating new lands. , This will encourage more mature meta-game. It will encourage better PVP. It will create a better community.
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    Why not just a full wipe to make everything fair?
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    The overweighting issue is indeed a priority for our team and we definitely understand the frustration it's causing. We're working on a more delicate technical solution to resolve it, hopefully, we can get that in as soon as possible.
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    Looks like 2019 is the Year of the Douche Bag...
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    Welcome to GamingOGs Atlas Servers! We're OG for a reason! We offer some high-quality atlas servers and community compared to our competition! We believe very strongly in building a safe clean community that everyone can enjoy! We have custom coded plugins being developed that no other atlas server will have to offer! Come check it out and see what you think! Server Details: Rated #1 on Reddit! Fast Rates Giveaways Custom Coded Ranks Outstanding nontoxic community. (Zero Toxicity and friendly all around peeps) Dedicated YouTubers and Streamers (Some of the biggest play our servers!) Amazing Custom Kits Amazing Dedicated Staff Team Godly Ping, Globally! (US - EU - AUS; All have an amazing low ping on our servers!) Rates: 15x Gathering US-EU 15x XP US-EU 15x Taming US-EU Features: Automated Arena Events: Massive PVP Arenas: Custom Coded Death Match Islands: Please note all of these are fully automated and you can join by simple typing /join when prompted. GamingOGs Boss Battles: We have created an insane plugin very complex and advance it will redefine how you do boss battles in Atlas! Our custom coded boss arenas allow you to do waves of boss battles and earn points by killing each dino/boss and earning loot boxes by winning the battles. You work together to fight bosses in waves and you have a max life of 2. BossBattles also have a custom lottery poll system by entering into a custom boss battle you can buy lottery tickets and earn points/gamble points in the boss battle. Earning upward of 10% of what you put into the lottery poll. Blessing Program: We are the first server to launch a program created for everyone on the server. At the end of every month, we give away $50-$100 USD GIFT CARDS that work in our donation store to give back to our community. FreeVIP: Everyone who plays on our server can earn FreeVIP rank! Military Veteran Program: Unlike other servers, We want to give back to the community and people who have served in the military! We reward military vets for playing on our server. They get a custom rank in discord and a custom rank in the game. This rank in-game will give you a special coded loot box that's special for the military rank. Many vets suffer from PTSD and Panic Disorder coming home from the military, We have backgrounds in psychology and we understand that mental health is a grave matter and studies have been done stating video games can provide some sort of relief for PTSD patients. As a result of this, we want to promote positive and provide a system in place to award our vets and offer them something cool. You won't find any server out there that offers what we have with such dedicate care and passions in gaming. Custom Home Teleport System: /addhome NameOfHome --Will create a home tp spot for you. Must be at your home base. /removehome NameOfHome /listhomes- will list your homes and names /home NameOfThatHome -- Will teleport you. You will be frozen for 20 seconds. 2 / Person allowed, cannot teleport near enemy structures, 20sec delay on teleport Custom Coded Shop system: In-game shop with points and loot boxes, earn them by activities or donations to help keep the server going and get more unique features added. Custom Coded Loot boxes Info: Feel like gambling? These loot boxes could contain prizes worth up to 30k points! Over 600 possibilities. Playtime or donations earn these. Custom Coded Auto Protection: You and your tribe mates automatically get structure protection that lasts 48 Hours, meaning no damage can be taken. Open world PVP is allowed, But structure damage is prevented within the 48 hours! Custom Coded Kits: Unlike most servers, We offer some of the most balanced and best kits out there! Custom Kill Feeds: Our Custom coded KillFeed will allow you to use our discord to check your in-game kills and to check the top leaderboard for the most kills on the server. No other server has this but ours! Raidable Admin Events: Custom admin events that pirates can raid and attack each other for amazing loot! The full list of all features/settings is available on website/discord. Website/Discord Links: GamingOGs.com Join Us on Discord! Vote Here! ──────────────Direct Connect Links────────────── Direct Connect to United States Servers: steam://connect/ = Grid A1 US steam://connect/ = Grid A2 US steam://connect/ = Grid A3 US steam://connect/ = Grid A4 US Freeport steam://connect/ = Grid A5 US steam://connect/ = Grid A6 US steam://connect/ = Grid A7 US steam://connect/ = Grid A8 US steam://connect/ = Grid B1 US steam://connect/ = Grid B2 US Freeport steam://connect/ = Grid B3 US steam://connect/ = Grid B4 US steam://connect/ = Grid B5 US steam://connect/ = Grid B6 US steam://connect/ = Grid B7 US Freeport steam://connect/ = Grid B8 US steam://connect/ = Grid C1 US steam://connect/ = Grid C2 US steam://connect/ = Grid C2 US steam://connect/ = Grid C3 US PI steam://connect/ = Grid C4 US PI steam://connect/ = Grid C5 US Freeport steam://connect/ = Grid C6 US steam://connect/ = Grid C7 US steam://connect/ = Grid C8 US steam://connect/ = Grid D1 US steam://connect/ = Grid D2 US steam://connect/ = Grid D3 US PI steam://connect/ = Grid D4 US steam://connect/ = Grid D5 US steam://connect/ = Grid D6 US steam://connect/ = Grid D7 US steam://connect/ = Grid D8 US steam://connect/ = Grid E1 US steam://connect/ = Grid E2 US steam://connect/ = Grid E3 US Freeport steam://connect/ = Grid E4 US steam://connect/ = Grid E5 US MAW steam://connect/ = Grid E6 US steam://connect/ = Grid E7 US Freeport steam://connect/ = Grid E8 US steam://connect/ = Grid F1 ──────────────Direct Connect Links────────────── Direct Connect to Europe Servers: steam://connect/ = Grid F2 EU steam://connect/ = Grid F3 EU PI steam://connect/ = Grid F4 EU steam://connect/ = Grid F5 EU steam://connect/ = Grid F6 EU steam://connect/ = Grid F7 EU steam://connect/ = Grid F8 EU steam://connect/ = Grid G1 EU steam://connect/ = Grid G2 EU steam://connect/ = Grid G3 EU steam://connect/ = Grid G4 EU PI steam://connect/ = Grid G5 EU Freeport steam://connect/ = Grid G6 EU steam://connect/ = Grid G7 EU steam://connect/ = Grid G8 EU steam://connect/ = Grid H1 EU steam://connect/ = Grid H2 EU Freeport steam://connect/ = Grid H3 EU steam://connect/ = Grid H4 EU steam://connect/ = Grid H5 EU PI steam://connect/ = Grid H6 EU steam://connect/ = Grid H7 EU Freeport steam://connect/ = Grid H8 EU ──────────────Direct Connect Links────────────── Direct Connect to US PVE Servers: steam://connect/ = Grid A1 US PVE steam://connect/ = Grid A2 US PVE steam://connect/ = Grid A3 US PVE steam://connect/ = Grid B1 US PVE steam://connect/ = Grid B2 US PVE Freeport steam://connect/ = Grid B3 US PVE steam://connect/ = Grid C1 US PVE steam://connect/ = Grid C2 US PVE steam://connect/ = Grid C3 US PVE ──────────────Direct Connect Links──────────────
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    Tutorial: Tattoo's, Flags, and You! Hey everyone, After seeing the great work by u/Mijeman from this thread and seeing the comment from u/BurlyusMaximus, I felt like I needed to deep dive into the mechanics of being able to upload artwork. (Not everyone is as talented as Mijeman, I mean just look at this.) I've done a lot of customized content for APB (All Points Bulletin), POTBS (Pirates of the Burning Sea), just to name a few... and I'm looking forward to bringing more creations to Atlas as we move through early access and release! Now please forgive the roughness of this guide and it's images. I really just wanted to put this together so the community had a better idea on how to bring in images to customize their characters, companies, and ships. Please let me know if anything is unclear or if there are questions. Requirements outside of Atlas: ARKpnt Editor (Version 1.23 updated June 8, 2018) can be found here and on this thread, Photoshop/GIMP/Image editing software Character template which I made can be found here: Template 1 and Template 2 Character Template: So this is a rough mockup I made today. It was a little difficult as anytime I started adding a ton of color the game would disconnect me, I would come back and lost all my progress as well as my dyes. As you can tell it's not really complete, so hopefully we can get this fully fleshed out later. Alright, let's get to it! Step 1: Create a paintbrush. You'll need the following materials: 1 Hide 20 Thatch 1 Wood Step 2: Create some dye. I recommend just doing one color initially to set up your templates, then once you get the hang of things you can go nuts with color. Dye generally requires berries and a fully filled waterskin (100 units). Be sure to have a rain barrel, open the inventory slots of the barrel, place the skin into it, and it will fill (as long as the actual barrel has water available). Each 100% waterskin will yield 5 dyes of your chosen color. Step 3: Create your base file If you're going to make a tattoo, you'll need to equip the paintbrush and right click. This will open the bodypaint/tattoo window. Be sure you click 'Tattoo' at the bottom to change over. Go ahead and drag the dye over onto the paintbrush to apply the paint. Once the bar is filled you can then select the brush and start painting on your character. (Remember you don't have to waste a ton of paint or be fancy, we're just doing this so we can save over it.) Once that is complete, choose the 'Save Paint' button at the top. The game will then prompt you to enter in a name, go ahead and do that now and jot it down. If you're going to make a flag, you'll need to equip the paintbrush and left click your claim flag. It's a similar process so just follow along. Step 4: Find your file and prepare it in ARKpnt Remember the name you jotted down? No? Guess you'll have to go back and see what you called it... do you have it now? Awesome! You'll find these files in a folder similar to this path: Steam\SteamApps\common\ATLAS\ShooterGame\Saved\MyPaintings Go ahead and fire up ARKpnt Editor and click on 'Load ARKpnt file' Load your basic .pnt file to establish the dimensions. This will be helpful when you go to re-upload the file. Step 5: Open the character template in your image editing software I apologize that it's so rough, but you can use this as your base for placement locations on your character. Be sure to take the image you want to use and overlay it where you want it to appear. Once you have your placement set, be sure to hide any other layers besides the tattoo you wish to use. Step 6: Convert the .png file to a .pnt file Go back into ARKpnt Editor and click on 'Load Image'. You'll now be using this program to open your .png file that you edited with your tattoo. Be sure to click 'Yes' when it asks you if you want it to reduce the colors (in the few tests I've ran, items just show better when this option is selected.) You should now see a large grey box and your tattoo! Let's go ahead and now click on 'Save as ARKpnt file'. You'll be using the program to SAVE OVER your base file that we quickly made in-game. Be sure you say that you're okay with saving over the file. Step 7: Get back ingame and apply your new tattoo! Go back into Atlas, use the paintbrush on yourself, and now click on the left icon to open the paint file. It should still retain the old name you gave it, but it should now allow you to apply the new design! Be careful, if you added tons of color and fancy stuff- it's going to eat up a LOT of dye. This is why I suggested starting out with something basic/easy. The game will automatically apply the new design, use up your dye, and you'll be sailing the seas in style from now on! I hope this makes sense. I'm available on here and reddit under Din_Narcotic if you have questions or if I can be of any assistance. I hope this helps people out!
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    Black Butterfly is Cheating! NA PVP A12 1.Our 52lv fully equipped warrior can‘t hurt them! You can see that man only lose 1 blood in the picture. We can‘t kill this man!!!!!!! 2.They can blow up everything and kill many people with NO weapon!We can't see where they attack us!!!! To anyone reading this could you please up vote this get this company banned and bring attention to the devs how big of a problem the cheating is on this game.
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    I cant run 1 minute without finding an alpha (can provide video proof). This must be fixed. Taming is 100% a waste of time because you cant leave the base with a tame and have it live with the current alpha spawn rate. Farming is a nightmare. Granted not every alpha is aggressive but read on. Its rediculous to have any alpha that literally cant be avoided if it aggros because theyre faster than normal spawns and even further ridiculousness that I cant even tame replacements because there is an alpha every 5th spawn that kills the high level potential tames. A pack of wolves cant kill an alpha cow, horse, crow etc. I would be ok with alphas being gone completely if necessary or BALANCE them so that theyre RARE (meaning you dont see one every day) and then also make them WORTH KILLING. Right now you get like 3 or 4x the amount of NORMAL MATERIALS that you get from killing the same type of monster but the risk is retarded versus the reward. If the spawn rate isnt going to be reduced then at least reduce their run speed to normal so you can GTFO if you dont want the encounter. They add nothing to the game and make taming completely useless.
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    It is true. We are at EU PVP server. Please help us!
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    Hello !! I'm HANABI, a French player that is actually settled on the EU PvE SERVEUR "Siren's Call" so i already apologize for my approximate English (Take some fresh water on your eyes if they're burning too much). As an ADMIN of a rather well populated French Discord, i come here with a request from our PvE community and probably a lot of other people in a lot of different countries that also play on PvE servers. So this topic will have for objective to get enough upvotes to be noticed by the Devs so we're gonna make-up to one voice, but a strong one !! INFO : This topic is also translated in French for my French maties that have issues with English (God Bless our negative ability to learn other languages). Me and my crew are playing since day one, so we seen everything that happened to the game, first day was a total bloody mess for everyone but we still managed to play and get started the 24th of December, basically day two for us in Europe ... What a BLAST IT WAS !! Luck was also with us because we managed to find a little free spot on an Island in the L-10 Cell, but honestly something tilted in my mind more than anything else : Is there a limit to how much claim we can put down ? So we tried and ... It was totaly infinite. After this little test was done we broke the useless claims to let people get settle on our little ugly island (Yes, it is very ugly) and we're actually running with only 2 claims, we litteraly take no space on the island compared to other people but i'm gonna talk about that a little later in this long topic. NOW !! It's time to get to the real fun, but i'm sure a lot of people reading this post will already understand what the issue is on the PvE servers. The first problem with the actual claiming system is simple : It's totaly infinite and even a solo player can put as many flags as he wants, so if he decide to be alone on his island, he can totaly be and prevent every other player to even put a little brick or foot on HIS proprerty. What is the problem with that ? First arrived, first served, right ? RIGHT ? Before you answer, i'm gonna instead ask another question : What would happen if everyone was like this guy and took the entire island for themselves ? Not even need to respond but i'm still gonna do it !! The answer is : Only a few people will be able to play and enjoy the game while every other person will just have to fuck off and stop playing because ... No claim, no base ... No base, no ship ... No ship, no game, no nothing !! It's basically : FUCK YOU !! Now, you're just gonna disconnect and refund the game because it's impossible to play it (SO FUN !! That wasn't in the trailer tho). I'm sure you can feel the anger i'm actually expressing but it's the same rage as everyone else who experience this kind of behavior and sailed for hours !! HOURS !! HOURS !! TENTH OF HOURS because they can't find a little INCH of unclaimed territory !! That's the entire point of this topic : We're directly asking the Devs to change the claiming system for PvE servers ... It can't be the same as PvP servers, because there is no way for anyone to control the abusive claims (It's possible on PvP since you can destroy everything and take the territory for you after you won the battle, but it's not the case on PvE and will NEVER BE). The PvE experience MUST and HAVE TO be relaxing, we're not playing to be stressed, we just want to experience the beauty of the game and it's content, but it's impossible since you need LAND to be able to do it !! At this point, it would be better if the claiming system was totaly deleted from the PvE servers and replaced by the ARK territory control system (Aka the Pillars or the Foundations), because they cost ressources to be crafted and you need a lot of them to secure a big area plus you're preventing the ressources from respawing so you're losing a lot in the trade, but with the actual Claim system of ATLAS, you lose NOTHING. There is answers about this issue and here they are : 1 - Delete the actual CLAIM system and replace it with the ARK territory control system (Foundations + Pillars, basically every structures and prevent ressources from respawning in those areas). 2 - Change the number of CLAIM flags people can put down (1 per character, with modified requirements for companies and the list is down below). 1 player in company = 1 FLAG 2 players in company= 1 FLAG 3 players in company = 2 FLAGS 4 players in company = 2 FLAGS 5 players in company = 3 FLAGS But it can also change when the companies get bigger and bigger with a capped amount after a said amount of players get in the same company. So, caped at 10 people in the same company : 5 FLAGS AND THAT'S IT !! You will never be able to place more flags than that and it's really enough, i think we can even reduce the number of flags for 10 people at 4, without any problems). 3 - Get the same system as above but change the radius of a claim FLAG to 70 foundations (Yep, i tested it and a claim flag is actually 50 foundations radius so 100 foundations total diameter). Then change the number of claim flag per company and per person. For 3 people you can make it so they can only place 1 and 6 people can only put 2, it'll be MORE than enough and will prevent abusive assholes that destroy every possibility of landing on an island. ANYWAY !! That's for sure, the CLAIMING SYSTEM NEED CHANGES, and when i mean CHANGES, it's BIG CHANGES and we need them quick !! REALLY QUICK because a lot of people are really angry because they can't play the game like it was promised and they're gonna leave. I see in every cell i travel, the same messages : "Can't claim anywhere, sailed for 9 hours" "Sailed for 15hours, didn't find any claimable land, can't even put a little claim flag anywhere" Me too i sailed for 9 hours today !! I didn't find any free spot in a total of 15 CELLS !! 15 CELLS !! (Because we want to travel and go elsewhere, but it's taken everywhere else). That's the end of the English part of this topic, i'm asking to you, the DEVS ... I know you work hard and god !! I love your work, you're just crazy dudes, but you need to change that or the ship will sink ... And it will sink rapidly if nothing is done. PS : There is a screen shared by one of my maties, this island is controled by only ... 4 PEOPLE !! 4 PEOPLE IN AN ISLAND THAT BIG !! HOW CAN YOU EVEN ALLOW THAT ? TIME FOR THE FRENCH PART OF THE TOPIC !! Bonjour à tous !! Je suis HANABI (Ou Skayla pour ceux qui se trouvent sur le Discord), un joueur français actuellement installé sur le serveur PVE Officiel "Siren's Call" ... Je m'excuse d'avance pour mon Anglais approximatif (Si vos yeux brûlent, prenez un peu d'eau fraîche pour les refroidir). En temps qu'administrateur secondaire d'un serveur Discord plutôt bien peuplé, je viens de la part d'une grande majorité de notre communauté et probablement de beaucoup d'autres personnes qui ne feront pas entendre leur voix, ainsi que ceux qui jouent eux aussi sur les deux serveurs PVE Officiels existants. Le but de ce topic est d'être remarqué par les développeurs, nous ferrons donc une seule voix, mais puissante !! INFORMATION : Ce topic est également traduit en Français pour les personnes de mon pays ayant du mal avec les langues étrangères (Que dieu bénisse notre capacité négative à apprendre des langues étrangères). Moi et mon équipage jouons depuis la sortie du jeu, nous avons vu absolument tout ce qu'ATLAS a déjà traversé pendant les derniers et bon dieu !! Le premier jour était une horreur sanglante sans nom, cependant nous avons quand même réussi à jouer 24 Décembre, autrement dit le deuxième jour pour nous en Europe. ET QUEL BONHEUR CELA FUT !! La chance était également de notre côté car nous avons réussi à nous trouver un petit coin sympas sur une île en L-10, mais honnêtement quelque chose titillait mon esprit bien plus qu'autre chose : Est-ce qu'il existe une limite au nombre de CLAIM que nous pouvons poser et nous avons essayer ... C'était totalement infini et sans limite. Après ce test, nous avons supprimé les CLAIMS inutiles afin de laisser la place pour d'autres joueurs sur notre affreuse île, il ne nous reste que deux drapeaux et nous ne prenons actuellement que très peu de place sur notre île par rapport aux autres joueurs qui s'y trouvent, or nous parlerons de ça un peu plus tard dans ce sujet. MAINTENANT !! C'est l'heure de s'amuser un peu et je pense que beaucoup de personnes qui auront lu ce topic jusqu'ici auront déjà comprit où je veux en venir et le problème qui existe actuellement sur les serveurs PvE. Le premier problème vient de la base elle-même du système qui fait que l'on peux poser des drapeaux de claim à l'infini et ce même en étant un joueur totalement solo, rien n'empêche ce même joueur, ni qui que ce soit de poser des drapeau sur une île entière afin d'empêcher qui que ce soit de venir poser ne serait-ce qu'une brique ou un pied dessus ... L'île devient SA PROPRIÉTÉ jusqu'à ce qu'il en décide autrement. Du coup ... Quel est le problème avec ça ? Premier arrivé, premier servit, n'est-ce pas ? N'EST-CE PAS ? Avant même que vous ne répondiez, je préfère poser une nouvelle question : Qu'est-ce qui arriverait si tout le monde faisait comme ce joueur et prenait le contrôle de toutes les îles pour eux-même afin d'être tout seul ? Pas la peine de répondre à une question aussi stupide et inutile, cependant je compte bien le faire. La réponse est donc : Seulement une poignée de joueurs seront à même de pouvoir jouer pendant que tous les autres pourront aller se faire foutre et arrêter de jouer parce que ... Pas de claim, pas de base ... Pas de base, pas de bateau ... Pas de bateau, pas de jeu !! RIEN DU TOUT !! C'est basiquement, on t'encule et maintenant tu vas devoir te déconnecter puis refund le jeu parce que c'est impossible d'y jouer (TROP COOL !! C'était pas dans le trailer par contre). Je suis sûr que c'est possible de ressentir la colère que j'exprime actuellement, mais c'est la même que toutes les personnes qui doivent faire face à ce genre de comportement dégueulasse et qui pourtant on mit les voiles pendant des heures !! DES HEURES !! DE VRAIES HEURES !! DES DIZAINES PUTAIN D'HEURES parce qu'ils étaient pas en mesure de trouver UN SEUL millimètre de terre qui n'avait pas déjà été prit par quelqu'un. C'est donc l’entièreté et l’objectif de ce post : Nous demandons directement aux développeurs de changer le système de CLAIM pour les serveurs PvE ... Le système ne peux pas être le même que pour les serveurs PvP car il n'y a absolument aucun moyen de contrôler les CLAIM abusifs dans l'état actuel (C'est possible en PvP vu que c'est possible de tout détruire et de prendre le territoire après avoir remporter la bataille, cependant ça n'arrivera pas sur un serveur PvE et ça ne pourra JAMAIS). L’expérience PvE DOIT et DEVRA être relaxante, nous ne jouons pas pour êtres stressés ou mit sous pression, nous voulons juste profiter de la beauté du jeu et de son contenu, cependant c'est impossible dans l'état actuel vu qu'il nous faut un CLAIM dans tous les cas pour que ce soit possible. A ce point-là, ce serait carrément mieux de supprimer le système de drapeau actuel du jeu et de le remplacer par le système de contrôle de territoire de ARK (Aka les Piliers et Fondations pour les intimes), tout simplement parce que cela coûte des ressources pour les crafter et il en faut des quantités énormes pour sécuriser une grande zone, sans évidemment parler du fait que ça empêche toutes les ressources environnantes de réapparaître ... Les pertes sont énormes pour celui qui fait le choix de prendre un gros territoire, cependant cette perte est inexistante avec le système actuel d'ATLAS, il n'y a rien à perdre et tout à y gagner. Il existe des solutions pour régler ce problème, au moins temporairement en attendant de trouver d'autres idées définitives : 1 - Supprimer le système de CLAIM actuel et le remplacer par le système de territoire de ARK (Fondations + Piliers, basiquement toutes les structures et le blocage du respawn des ressources environnants les zones bâties). 2 - Changer le nombre de drapeau que les joueurs peuvent déposer (1 par personnage, avec des prérequis modifiés pour les compagnies, à voir la liste en-dessous) 1 joueur dans une compagnie : 1 DRAPEAU 2 joueurs dans une compagnie : 1 DRAPEAUX 3 joueurs dans une compagnie : 2 DRAPEAUX 4 joueurs dans une compagnie : 2 DRAPEAUX 5 joueurs dans une compagnie : 3 DRAPEAUX Cependant cela peux aussi changer si les compagnies deviennent de plus en plus grande avec un nombre de drapeaux maximum et impossible à dépasser à partir d'un certain nombre de joueurs dans la compagnie. Avec un nombre de drapeau maximum à partir de dix personnes dans la compagnie, celui-ci serait de cinq drapeaux et c'est tout !! Il ne serait jamais plus possible de poser d'autres drapeaux car c'est largement suffisant !! Je pense même qu'il serait possible de réduire le nombre de drapeaux à 4 pour un groupe de dix, il y aurait bien assez d'espace et ce sans aucun problèmes). 3 - Récupérer le même système que celui du dessus, mais augmenter le rayon de CLAIM des drapeaux ) 70 fondations (Ouais, j'ai fait des essais et le rayon est de 50 fondations donc 100 fondations de diamètre au total). Cela pourrait également changer le nombre de drapeaux par groupe et par personne si le système était repenser de cette manière. Pour trois personnages, il pourrait par exemple n'être possible que de placer un seul drapeau, pour six personnes, il pourrait être possible d'en poser deux et ce serait bien suffisant pour éviter que des enfoirés abusent du système actuellement en possibles et qui empêche qui que ce soit de s'installer sur la moindre île. DANS TOUS LES CAS !! Le système de CLAIM doit subir des changements et quand je parle de changements, ce sont de GROS changements !! Ils doivent également être fait rapidement car beaucoup de gens sont vraiment agacés de ne pas pouvoir jouer au jeu tel qu'il nous a été vendu, et ils finiront par abandonner. A chaque fois que je traverse une nouvelle cellule, je vois toujours les mêmes messages : "Je peux rien CLAIM, j'ai voyager pendant 9 heures" "Je voyage depuis 15 heures, pas trouver un seul bout qui pouvait être CLAIM, impossible de poser nul part" Et moi aussi ... J'ai voyager pendant 9 heures aujourd'hui sur mon radeau, j'ai pas trouvé un seul SPOT qui n'était pas prit sur plus de 15 cellules différentes !! ' (Parce qu'évidemment, nous avons envie de déménager). Ce sera la fin de la partie française du topic, cependant je vous demande personnellement les développeurs ... Je sais que vous travaillez comme des fous et bon dieu !! J'aime votre boulot, vous êtes fous, cependant vous devez faire ce changement ou le navire va couler ... Et il va couler rapidement si rien n'est fait. Je joins un beau screen offert par l'un de mes compagnons de jeu afin de contempler l'horreur des choses telles qu'elles sont. Ces drapeaux appartiennent à seulement quatre personnes, une île entière gaspillée par de gros enfoirés totalement égoïstes, JUSTE QUATRE PERSONNES POUR UNE ÎLE AUSSI GRANDE ?? Comment vous pouvez tolérer ce genre de conneries ? That's the end of my topic, i just wanna to get this game as good as possible and it can become ULTRA SUPER MEGA good, trust me Devs, your game can rock so much if you listen to us, so do it ... We, player know more than anyone what we want and what can be done for the best of this game. So !! You (Readers and Members of the forum) can support this topic and send the links to everyone, we need to make the PvE servers change ... NOW !! Or it'll be too late !! THUMBS UP THE TOPIC !! Talk with me, talk with everyone about that and let's change the entire world for the better
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    So I have seen a lot of false information lately on the forums about how taming works and how the systems are broken and just a lot of complaints about how it works as a whole. While I don't like all the aspects of it I have tamed a few animals without too many problems and will explain how I did so to help you. So for the first thing about taming you have to unlock the beastmastery tree and then the taming skill in order to tame. There is three levels to the skill and certain creatures require certain levels. For instance a bunny or chicken is Taming 1 and a wolf is Taming 2. Alright so now you've got the skill and are ready to tame something but how do you go about doing it? Well there is two different kinds of Taming that work different and require different things from the user. These two methods are passive taming, and Bola taming. Passive taming just like in Ark is pretty damn easy. You place the item required for taming in the last inventory slot of your hotbar and walk up to the animal with the required taming skill and just press e. It'll now display a taming complete bar under the ui for the creature as well as some other stats. It'll also trigger a cool down in which you must wait before feeding the animal the item again. Do this however many times is required and you will tame the creature. Examples of passive tames I can think of are : Bunnies, Chickens, Female Cows, and the little monkeys. Bola taming is the other type of taming and this one has the most complaints/misinformation about it. Many people don't understand how this system works and I see people post on the forums saying it's broken etc etc. That's not true so please stop saying it. Now Bola taming itself is hard. Much harder than any taming I did in Ark and requires a lot of patience and typically a lot of death. My recommendation is to create a taming pen in which you lure the animal into and close a gate behind so it cannot escape. The walls should have window holes which can be built by going to place a wall and pressing t to change type of wall. Once you have got the animal in the pen to tame it you must lower it's health to the point where it is "entrapable" via the Bola. Typically it's when the animal is in the orange health of it's health bar. You can double check by selecting the Bola from your hotbar and aiming at the creature. It'll display text in green that says "Entrapable" if you can Bola the creature. Once you are able to you hold down left click to spin the Bola and let go when you want to throw it at said animal. (If you built a taming pen you can throw it through the window at the animal) Alright so now you have got the Bola on the animal and it's on the ground and a timer that says "Bola escape in: xxx" this indicates when the animal will break out of it's Bola and recover roughly half of it's health. While the animal is bola'd you must walk up to it and with the item required to tame in your last hotbar press e just like passive taming. Things to note on this however is that unlike passive taming the animal will fight back. He will bite at you and knock you back if you get too close to the head. The easiest way to avoid this is to go behind its head where it can't attack you. Now once you feed it once it'll trigger the same stuff as passive tame with the ui and the cool down. Continue to feed it and eventually it'll escape the Bola. Once it escapes you must damage it to "Entrapable" range again and Bola it once more and rinse and repeat. Some examples of animals that require this method are: Wolves, Bears, Lions and Bulls. For the current list of animals I know how to tame or have tamed it is as follows. If you guys discover more animals and how to tame them or want me to explain further please ask. I will attempt to keep this list updated. Current tameable animals we know of: Rabbit - passive tame with carrots Cow - passive tame with rushes Bull - Bola tame with rushes Wolf - Bola tame with Bone Lion - Bola tame with Prime meat Tiny monkey - Passive tame with berries Chicken - Passive tame with Berries Pig - Passive tame with Maize Horse - Bola tame with Sugar Cane Bear - Bola tame with Honey
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    Tutorial for Custom-Image-Flags: Select your Favorite Image. Go to http://www.ark-survival.net/en/image-to-board-sign-pnt-converter/ Put in your Image into the Converter. Now Select "Canvas" in the Resolution 1x1 and klick on "Send" (Optional) Now u can choose a custom Color at "Set Colors" Press "Generate Preview" and download it. Thats the important step! Copy your Image or Drag it into [Atlas Folder -> ShooterGame -> Saved -> MyPaintings] and rename it like this: MyFlag_ClaimingFlag_C or Banana_ClaimingFlag_C or… it must end on: _ClaimingFlag_C Now u can get into the Game, select your Brush and run to your Claiming-Flag. Press the left Mouse Button on it and go to "Load Painting from this Type" in the Top left Corner. Now select your Flag. At last you Need to get your Colors (It will Show up on the Right side of your screen) Sorry for my bad english skills. I hope this will help you guys out, cause I didn't find any Tutorials online allready. Good Luck!
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    Ahoy Piraten, hiermit laden wir euch alle dazu ein, euch uns anzuschließen. Wir sind eine gemischte Truppe die unter der Flagge von Pairfect segelt. Besucht uns doch :)
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    Pathfinders, Earlier today, an admin’s steam account was compromised and used to cause some devastation on our Official NA PvP Network. To be clear this was not caused by a hack, third party program, or exploit. We have taken the appropriate steps to ensure this does not happen again. We’ll be rolling back our Official NA PvP Network by approximately 5 and a half hours to a network world save at approximately 11 AM UTC (3 AM PST/6 AM EST). We apologize for the inconvenience and we thank for your patience and understanding during this time. Sincerely, Grapeshot Games