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  1. boomervoncannon

    Haunted by Cobra and Pig noises!

    Do you hear them in your dreams Clarice? The awful screaming of the pigs? Do you think if you can save just one pig you won’t log in and hear their screaming anymore? tic toc tic toc
  2. boomervoncannon

    PvE claim system: what would make you quit?

    QFT. The saying “The sun never sets on the British Empire” wasn’t because the British Empire was just one guy so tall sunlight hit him in the middle of the night in London.
  3. boomervoncannon

    Is there any in game support?

    Demo the ramp over him?
  4. boomervoncannon

    Thank you, Grapeshot

    This is, by a wide margin, my favorite post today this week this month. Rock on sir. Rock on.
  5. boomervoncannon

    Player shops

    Can’t use alchohol sponsors in an industry heavily patronized by minors or you’ll have the same stuffed shirts who killed Joe Camel because they don’t understand the free market and didn’t want 8 year olds to be free to chose whatever brand of cigarette they prefer all over you. Stick with the Dew. Their pockets are plenty deep and gamer demographics are the sweet spot of their target market. They’ll pay extra.
  6. boomervoncannon

    Player shops

    This sounds big. There’s probably a naming rights deal in here somewhere. Maybe two. How about: Bethesda presents the Boomer Inc. Memorial Realistic Auction House and Respawn Point, sponsored by Mountain Dew The kids’ll love it.
  7. boomervoncannon

    Player shops

    Sorry I just need the one. Also I was hoping to buy on credit. No reason.
  8. boomervoncannon

    Player shops

    Meh. Sacrifices must be made. If you're gonna make an omellete, you gotta break a few eggs.
  9. boomervoncannon

    Player shops

    At point blank, aiming skill is not required.
  10. boomervoncannon

    Player shops

    If they put an auction house in because of you guys, so help me dog I'm gonna shoot you all in the face with a bazooka.
  11. boomervoncannon

    Aging Rate

    Given how 1st person perspective (pvp) works, and 3rd person (pve) works, I find myself surprised that so many people seem to care much about the cosmetics of aging thing one way or the other. You have to go out of your way to see your character's face, and imo if you spend a lot of time looking at your character's face instead of actually playing the game, that is a pretty weird form of narcissim imo. I understand that a significant number of people seem to care a great deal about this, but tbh I find it to be a minor detail at best. One of those flavor rping things some folks are always on about. Buzzword of the day: immersion. The debuffs for growing old are a game mechanic and a seperate conversation, but just looking old? Can't say I spend enough time looking at my character's face to care. Also my avi is african american with white hair, so he looks like a badass no matter how old he looks. Just sayin.
  12. boomervoncannon

    Player shops

    Auction house would be antithetical to one of the core ideas of Atlas.
  13. boomervoncannon

    PVE players : Join the official Empire server !

    I'd never belong to any club that would have me as a member.
  14. boomervoncannon

    PVE players : Join the official Empire server !

    Great fun. He gets drunk and then says things like “In vino veritas” and plays Chopin nocturnes on the piano.