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  1. boomervoncannon

    A boat that decides to become submarine.....

    But how?
  2. boomervoncannon

    Has anyone hooked a grill up to water yet?

    Paragraphs are your friend. Use them. Wall o text won’t keep Mexicans out, but will keep people from reading your post.
  3. boomervoncannon

    Does mineral oil exist in the game??

    Since islands were reworked for the Xbox launch, the information you googled was out of date unless it was posted in the last week. Ignore anything online that isn’t super new about resource locations for a while. I’m sure it’s out there, just gonna have to find it the old fashioned way. Also welcome to the forums.
  4. boomervoncannon

    Guess X2 is a thing of the past?

    He didn’t say anything about who bought the game when. He called you on using incorrect terminology. Words matter.
  5. boomervoncannon

    Q about moving between islands.

    To clarify within 24 hours of when it’s built, not after 24 hours of claiming an island you demolish anything on it. The idea is that generally you want to seek an island owners approval, but it is not required. If they are active and dislike what you’ve built for any reason, they have a 24 hour window from when you place the structure to destroy it. Once you put something down and it’s been in place 24 hours, the island owner can no longer demo it. Island owners pay upkeep in gold and if they have a tax bank in place receive bonus resources equal to 20% of all resources gathered on their island, so their incentive is to have tenants because they become an ongoing source of free mats. Tenants don’t have to pay gold upkeep but can’t build a tax bank and get free mats. Some prefer one, some the other.
  6. Player shops without insanely over the top rent rates yes. Auction houses which undermine core game design concepts no. You as a grinder could make a killing with player shops just selling base mats. I would totally buy wood, metal, stone etc from you in bulk. Realist’s Wholesale Mats Inc. “Nobody outstocks us.”
  7. boomervoncannon

    Realist’s thread

    *waves his arms frantically in big look over here attention getting gesture.* Nonono! You’re gonna drive yourself insane. Forget the resources for now. They’ll be there once you’re done with your DP quest. Remember island owners get free resources if you come and gather on their island, so only idiots try to stop you from doing so. Smart island owners will actually build giant ramps with big signs pointing to where the valuable resources on their island are. All you really need to gather while your dp quest is active is food and what you need just to make gear and repair your ship. At this point you absolutely should not need cargo boxes because a gally’s base weight is far more than you’d ever need just to cruise around with some tames and collect dp’s Go get your dp’s The resources you’re tempted to harvest aren’t finite. The only stuff that is “rare” are some of the cooking ingredients needed for higher end cooking recipes, but they weigh next to nothing, even in bulk. Base stuff like wood and stone, metal and thatch have 6 different varieties scattered around the map, but they are all interchangeable. No matter what you do, if you want to build higher tier things like ship planks, cannons etc down the road, you are always gonna have to travel or trade to acquire the six different varieties of metal, wood, thatch etc. That’s the nature of Atlas and how the game encourages you to travel. But you’re not there yet. You don’t need 6 different kinds of metal to build base gear and go explore. If you try to collect all that stuff now it will just slow you down on a quest where speed is what counts.
  8. boomervoncannon

    Why is my character bald?

    Likely you didn’t notice the lack of hair on your first character cause you were too busy checking out the game. I did the same thing.Welcome aboard.
  9. boomervoncannon

    how much does a 57 island cost?

    Stop killing my jokes with your reasonable observations.
  10. boomervoncannon

    Patience people!

    This isn’t beta testing, it’s Early Access. When we conflate the two or regard them as interchangeable, we ignore a qualitative difference: money. Beta testers didn’t pay to test, in fact internal beta testers did so because it’s a paid job.Early Access we pay for. Now don’t misunderstand me, I’m not suggesting this means people have a right to expect a finished game. What it does mean is that they are now paying customers and do have a right to a higher set of expectations than unpaid beta testers. It is to the gaming industries advantage for players not to notice this meaningful qualitative difference and continue to use the terms interchangeably. It is not to our advantage as players to do so. Kickstarter and other crowdfunding sites require games funded that way to lay out clear goals and expectations of what backers receive for their donation. Early Access likewise should have clearly set standards and expectations. That will only happen if players stop conflating it with beta and demand a greater level of transparency and accountability in exchange for their money, otherwise gaming studios will be happy to keep right on increasing their revenue without giving us anything in return.
  11. boomervoncannon

    Xbox lag baaaaaaad for me and my friend

    Come back at actual full release.
  12. boomervoncannon

    suicide button for xbox?

    Can't recall who, but some guy posted here months ago thanking the devs because he was able to talk his boss into playing Atlas with him, and when the boss got stuck, he told him about eating shit in order to die and respawn. His whole point was he was living the american dream of telling his boss to Eat Shit and Die, and even getting thanked for it. That was a great post.
  13. boomervoncannon

    Patience people!

    You should feel free to call yourself any name you want, I promise you it troubles me not in the slightest. Genuinely glad you're enjoying it after the 10 month wait. I enjoyed the heck out of my first couple months as well.
  14. boomervoncannon

    Just tested this.

    GrapeCard doesn’t want you chatting with other players. Pirates are men of action, not words! Belay yer jibber jabber, ya Salty Dog, and hoist the mizzen! (Pretend it’s “immersion”. They’ll fix it eventually. Probably.)
  15. boomervoncannon

    Patience people!

    Yes. In a survival game there is a vitamin system. It basically gives eating more depth than just EAT FOODZ.