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  1. Dunno. Never owned a giraffe either. But if giraffes are still outclassed by common picks, that’s not a good sign considering there are significantly better picks to be had. Bryan raises good points about further info. Do you have harvesting perks? What’s the melee on the giraffe etc.
  2. boomervoncannon

    Latest patch notes

    *Goes off to name his crew things like Prettylittlebabylemmelightyourcandle Causemammai’msurehardtohandlenow just to mess with Shin*
  3. boomervoncannon

    More player friendly patches planned ?

    Tal, is this you? Sorry couldn’t resist.
  4. boomervoncannon

    Dumb breeding question (about levels)

    Breeding isn’t fully implemented yet, but in Ark people bred for 2 main reasons: better stats and interesting or unique colors. In Atlas it appears there will be a third reason. Rumor has it breeding has a very small chance of producing alpha offspring, which would be the only way of obtaining alpha tames.
  5. Your avatar seems perfectly calibrated for this post. Just wondering since you didn’t specify, was that a common pickaxe?
  6. boomervoncannon

    this is not ark

    Agreed. I think a focus of developer effort should at some point be improving crew AI and expanding their functionality. It doesn’t necessarily have to be next week, because I think there are more pressing issues, but it’s something that should be on the to do list for fleshing out the game over time. Well, except for manning ships. My elephant can trim sails okay using his trunk, and he does work for peanuts, but my rhino can’t aim a cannon for @#$&.
  7. boomervoncannon

    When are we getting rid of the hackers?

    Which is problematic for the game long term. In contrast to Ark, where it was in Wildcard’s best interest to have most players playing unofficials, Atlas’s core design goals of developing economy and trade mean that they need to work to ensure official servers are appealing. When the game was first announced, even as someone who had run a 4 server Ark cluster for over a year, I found the decision to provide for unofficials in Atlas perplexing. Now that I have seen some of how the game will be setup, I can see how having unofficials is less counterproductive than I originally imagined prior to launch, but I still think that if Atlas winds up with the majority of its player base playing unofficials, it won’t reach its full potential.
  8. boomervoncannon

    Relationship Between Mounted NPC & Wilds

    Extremely well written OP laying out your position and reasoning. This is the kind quality feedback developers I’m sure are looking for. Well done sir. Awesome first post, looking forward to your future contributions and welcome to the forums.
  9. boomervoncannon

    this is not ark

    I am not anti tame. I played a lot of Ark even though I’m not someone who gets jazzed up about dinosaurs. It is worth pointing out that although the developers said there would be tames in Atlas before release, they also went out of their way to say tames would not be the focus. I think the Op is saying he feels the recent changes are making them too much of a focus. Personally I would like to see Atlas be more crew focused than tames. This is after all a pirate themed game. I think that the best design choice is to make both crew and tames equally useful for gathering and combat, leaving players the ability to choose which they prefer for aesthetic or thematic reasons without feeling they are forced into one or the other. The fact crew can fill more roles onboard ship would justify their additional cost in gold.
  10. boomervoncannon

    skill points

    Why does this sound like an SAT word problem? If Johnny is level 52 and earned 24 skill points per level to that point, and a game patch says it will give him 20% more points, calculate how many points Johnny should have after the patch assuming that: A) The developers weren't drunk when they coded the patch. B) Johnny wasn't drunk reading the patch notes. C) Thinking about math when I'm gaming doesn't make me wish I were drunk.
  11. Well here's what we do know: They have said it will be a 2 year EA phase at minimum, which means any such wipe is 2 years off, possibly longer if they should decide a longer EA is needed. Not to be a prophet of DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM because I sincerely like the game and hope it does well, but at the moment Atlas downward trendline in playerbase means that a more relevant question is whether the game will survive to leave Early Access or not. I think it will because GrapeCard™ has deeper pockets than other indie studios, but the bottom line is atm there's probably as much a risk from losing your time invested from game failure as there is from launch wipe. Ask yourself this: Do you typically play games for much longer than 2 years? How many times have you done so? If the answer is no or not very often, I'd just play and worry about crossing that bridge when you come to it. There is nothing known currently that is concrete, but it matters little at this point. It's entirely possible that the devs have not decided one way or the other and there may be good reasons for not making that decision this early. Try not to worry too much at the start of 7th grade who your prom date will be.
  12. boomervoncannon

    add Solo serveur

    Yup. That'd work. Only problem is if lots of people do it, official servers won't have playerbase to make economy etc function properly. At the rate playerbase is headed, that might wind up being the case regardless, which would be disapointing.
  13. This is flat wrong. I attack arguments, not people. Go look through my post history. You will not find personal insults and ad hominem attacks. You will find pointed criticism of views and for that I make no apology. You on the other hand are mocking someone for taking issue with personal insults. How mature. Btw, while you are searching make sure you take note of Realist’s thread where he announces his trip to Thailand. Anyone familiar with my posting history knows Realist and I have disagreed repeatedly and strongly. I wished him safe travels. You should also look at Sand man’s current joke thread. Sand man and I differ sharply on whether the game should have SP or not, but I applauded him for keeping things light hearted and joined in. I draw a distinction between people and arguments which seems lost on you.
  14. boomervoncannon

    Patch deployment

    The people who do check the forums is consistently a significant minority of a game’s playerbase so imo it’s not on you at all. Also more than one ingame warning is needed. Most similar games give warnings at intervals of say 30, 15, 10, 5 and then one minute. If you miss all that then yeah it’s on you, but not just a single warning an hour out. Why they aren’t doing it the way pretty much every other game does is getting simple stuff wrong. C’mon Wildshot, we know it’s EA, but this is low hanging fruit. Put out more regular server down warnings.
  15. boomervoncannon

    Making small groups (10-50) viable

    Ah okay, sorry for the confusion.