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  1. boomervoncannon

    You guys already know what to do

    Why would foundation spamming matter much if the focus was shifted away from land combat and onto sea combat? Let's say that structures are indestructible only if your company owns the land. Okay you own that island, you've decided to foundation pillar spam it, good for you, not sure how that would help you much.... The point is not that Realist's suggestion is a silver bullet. It isn't. The point is that he is trying a different approach to the problem, one that makes a certain amount of sense if the focus of Atlas is intended to be on the water and not on land. It's noteworthy that you quoted part of my post, but not the part where I said there could be problems with this approach. You conveniently chose to ignore that part of the post when responding.
  2. boomervoncannon

    Remove speed penalty from cargo containers

    I object strongly to the posting of such obscene formulas on the grounds that they make my head asplode. At the very least put a prominent warning the way people do before spoilers, pr0n and the nearby use of explosives. Innocent people don't need to be exposed to such things.
  3. boomervoncannon

    Time to die Fire Elementals!

    We are all eagerly awaiting your experiment in the name of science. Also when your hair catches fire make sure you scream and run in circles. I'm gonna post this to youtube in hopes it goes viral. I mean... good luck.
  4. You get hit a lot at home, don't you?
  5. boomervoncannon

    You guys already know what to do

    Good point and an interesting idea. You are thinking outside the box because this defies conventional approaches. There could of course be problems with this approach but there can be problems with anything. I for one would be interested to see how such an approach played out.
  6. Sounds like your gf had an interesting dating history before she met you. Paying for them...only expecting one...
  7. boomervoncannon

    More love for casual players/small tribes

    Didn't play Diablo 3 so I couldn't comment, but the obvious point would be that such a thing would be a rare exception indeed, rather than the rule. I agree that tames should not be incorporated into the game in such a way that declining to use them is an extreme hinderance, however, there is a difference between pointing this out reasonably and table flipping early in the development process and demanding ones wishes be accomodated NAO! Something there seems to be quite a bit of around here.
  8. boomervoncannon

    More love for casual players/small tribes

    Please name the game you've played where the development team removed a major component of the game, one representing significant investment of development resources, from the game altogether at a minority of it's playerbases behest? You don't like tames, we get it. Plenty of folks here do. Demanding they remove them is neither realistic nor considerate of your fellow players, many of whom enjoy this aspect of the game. Should tames be the focus of Atlas? The answer is subjective, but I would tend to argue they should not. But there is a big difference between making something not the focus and removing it completely. Stop table flipping like a child and be realistic.
  9. boomervoncannon

    SotD but real pirate ships

    I still find it weird that the defining thing a pirate does, loot merchant shipping, one cannot do in Atlas because there is no merchant shipping. You can fight other players and then loot their ships, but there should be some pve mechanism to interact with the AI in this fashion. Why put pve sotd into the game but no merchant shipping?
  10. boomervoncannon

    Torpedo nerfs

    You say that as if I don't deserve both...
  11. boomervoncannon

    Torpedo nerfs

    *Holds out hand* Aircraft carrier plz.
  12. boomervoncannon

    What is network range?

    *waves cane menacingly* YOU KIDS GET OFF MAH DAMN LAWN!!
  13. boomervoncannon

    What is network range?

    *nods knowingly* Yes of course. It's always better when you can tweak server replication values and open the door to proxy values matching gains in reduced boat gliding. I'm glad you guys are putting time and attention into taxing client performance. I know many words but not what it means when you put them together in that order. *head asplodes* Kidding aside I assume for the laymen this means performance improvements, which is, at the end of the day, about how far you have to dumb it down so I can understand it. I gather the main thing is that going forward performance will be better when I'm on a boat.
  14. boomervoncannon

    20 pages and still going strong....

    eleventy one *holds out his hand* Golden egg nao plz
  15. boomervoncannon

    Suffocating The Growth of Atlas

    Thanks for the info Jat as this is something people always want to know about.