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  1. boomervoncannon

    Atlas and steam charts

    He talked about Jeremy's unethical behavior that led to the lawsuit which led to Snail Games involvement with Ark and maybe Atlas. I said it's not the point for the reason already stated.
  2. boomervoncannon

    It's not too late.

    Dead or not I’m not the one crying cause a CM left the chat and I lost my super special double secret exclusive dev access that regular players don’t get. Taking your ball and going home when you don’t get special treatment. Boo @#$&ing Hoo
  3. boomervoncannon

    How Much Fortitude Is Enough?

    Yeah but in Ark you also had cloth which helped minimally against heat but ghillie suits are much stronger. Atlas essentially has the same temp issues but no equivalent to ghillie. Cloth helps a little but is mostly weak sauce. I’ve never heard anything about fort letting you run longer. That’s pretty much what stamina does.
  4. “Thematic pirates” sounds like the name of a cover band at the Renaissance festival that can’t do a decent Freebird but tears up The Bear and the Maiden Fair like nobodies business. Beyond that, it’s disappointing given how important of a mat that it is, that the designated tame to harvest metal, a rhino, sucks at it so bad that we don’t even use it for that. In pvp where sturdy walls are imperative, I can see how they have at least some value gathering stone, but in pve where building in stone is mostly an aesthetic choice and you’re not needing to rebuild after raids, the demand for stone is far less and rhinos are of little use currently.
  5. boomervoncannon

    How Much Fortitude Is Enough?

    Parrots when worn on shoulders provide insulation like the otter in Ark. When I lived in the tundra I tended to carry around 50 fortitude, but I think the devs may have tinkered with it some since then.
  6. boomervoncannon


    I dunno but I think you should challenge Chuck to a pvp duel for the right to use George Carlin as your avi. The guy is a legend and easily my all time favorite comedian. Every time I look at either of your avis I think of some funny shit he said that made me laugh AND think.
  7. The problem with this is the many people who came to play Atlas for the pirate theme and sailing, and dislike tames. I personally can take or leaves tames, but enough people have voiced their distastes for feeling forced to use them, that I think harvesting with tools should be just as efficient as tames, while leaving tames the advantage of greater carry weight to reward the time invested into taming them. Otherwise I like your idea in part because I think it likely takes more investment of time and resources to craft higher level tools than to tame just about any of the harvesting tames. It's an interesting idea and approach at the least.
  8. eh, I'm good. NFL training camps are underway so things are picking up over on the message board I post to for the Panthers. I can scratch my posting itch over there some. I kind of ignore them mostly in the offseason except right before and after the draft. If you think gamers are irrationally excitable, wait til you look at six pages of people freaking out cause a bunch of guys who won't be on the team in a month looked bad against Buffalo's scrubs in a meaningless preseason game. Some chucklehead: WTF Grier looked like @$$ against the Bills 3rd stringers!!!! The GM should be fired and whoever replaces him better start looking for a backup qb for Cam or we're screwed! Me: Grier is a rookie QB drafted in the 3rd round who no one expects to have to win games this season at all. In the NFL if your starting QB goes down for more than a couple games, you're not going to the playoffs anyway. Settle down, it doesn't matter how good Grier looks on the field for another 2 years at least. That's when Cam's current contract expires and he'll be 32. Chucklehead: @#$% you man, I had a hundred bucks riding on that game! Me: You bet on a preseason game? I think we're done here.
  9. boomervoncannon

    Post your idea for how to make sailing less dull.

    Here is the link to the article by the guy who did actual extensive testing. I gave you a somewhat oversimplified answer but a more accurate statement would be to say that how weight affects speed is a curve that is pretty much linear until around 60% and then weight begins to affect speed almost exponentially. Always ask for my sources when it comes to math. Math is not my strong suit so if I’m making math oriented claims it’s almost invariably somebody else’s work.
  10. boomervoncannon

    Blackwood beds and fast travel

    *rolls eyes* Yes, clearly I’m the clueless one between us because what devs posting under dummy accounts do all the time is start threads criticizing not just their employer by name but the entire industry they work in. Check my posting history for the thread about No Man’s Sky if you really think I’m a dev. Beyond that bit of off target conjecture, all I did was offer you an unpleasant probability by way of advice. The truth is we’re in the same boat when it comes to Blackwood because I tried it when it first launched, ran into the same issues you mentioned, and decided it was unlikely to get fixed quick so I shelved my Blackwood game for the time being. I’d love to be wrong and it gets fixed this week, I was just advising you that based on the factors I mentioned, that’s unlikely. It sucks but given that you’ve already left the game for completely justified reasons, I’d hate for you to waste your time thinking they might get fixed any day. They might, but if I were a betting man I wouldn’t put money on it. But since you seem unhappy I will at least back it up with Boomer’s guarantee: All predictions wrong or your money back.
  11. boomervoncannon

    Post your idea for how to make sailing less dull.

    Are you aware that weight doesn’t affect movement at all until about 60% of max weight? The approach I take is to try to stay at or below that point. Sure, the difference between 60% and can barely move is about 10k of weight on a galleon and that’s nothing to sneeze at, but I can’t think of any situation where I had to load my tally down beyond 60%, Just ones where I was tempted to, but to me the movement is worth it.
  12. Let it never be said that Atlas failed due to lack of financial support from Bad Daddy K.
  13. I'm perfectly happy saying tames shouldn't be more efficient at gathering resources, but the time and resources invested in acquiring them can be rewarded through significantly improved carry weight alone, yes. That is a not insignificant advantage and if you perceive putting tool gathering on par with tames in terms of gather rate when tames retain the carry weight advantage as being unacceptable then yes we disagree, but again, I'm the one with practical game experience in this particular game and you aren't. I know you tire of hearing it but when you argue about things that are highly tied to actual play experience, it's very relevant.
  14. Both tames and hand harvesting require an investment of skill points to obtain. The tame requires investment of time and resources to acquire. Better tools require investment of time and resources to acquire because one must first do maps to obtain blueprints, then acquire the mats needed to craft the tools. Default level tools don't require any special effort but they also don't get you as high of a yield. Tames are still useful because while tames can be just as efficient as hand harvesting, the tame will still have greater carry weight. For fiber, which weighs very little, this might not matter much. For just about anything else you'd use a tame to harvest with, it will very quickly, so the time and effort invested in taming is still worth it, it just isn't realized in pure harvesting efficiency. You should be perfectly familiar with this idea from Ark. I can boost my melee stat and get a high quality pick, but no matter how much I boost my carry weight too, I'll never be able to carry as much metal as the anky. Taming an anky is still useful.