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    Help Wanted

    Atlas notes: The twitter of 1642
  2. So I’ve been thinking about the new claim and tenant system and the reality there is still a lot of apprehension about the fact landlords can destroy anything a tenant has built without warning. I like the idea that tenants increase time between rent payments rather than reducing overall rent. I think this approach will give the system overall more flexibility since there is a floor to how far rent can be reduced (zero), but not one on time delay between rent payments. This means there is always an incentive for a landlord to acquire more tenants. My suggestion is to add to this system by giving a further bonus for tenant tenure. The longer a particular tenant stays with a particular landlord, the more he increases that delay between rent payments. This means that tenant and landlord could try each other out in the short term, make sure they get along, and then over time the tenant would have ever greater reassurance his landlord would be unlikely to evict because of what he or she would be giving up. Simply replacing a longtime tenant with a fresh body wouldn’t provide the same benefit to the landlord, giving the tenant ever increasing peace of mind while ultimately leaving the landlord final say over his land. Thoughts?
  3. In what reality do you really think 1400 gold per day in rent makes player shops viable for anyone? I don’t mean everyone. I mean anyone. This seems like more evidence of developers disconnected from their own game. There is no conceivable economic model under which this is viable with a player base even 5 to 10 times what you currently have testing the game for you, and at the current rate at which gold is earnable in game as a practical reality. The most disappointing thing is this should not be required feedback. One gold per minute is so insanely over the top as a maintenance cost that it should have been immediately shot down internally as too high the moment someone suggested it, not actually put into the game, leaving the players to tell you the sky is blue, water is wet, and women have secrets. Please tell me this is a coding error. I have owned a small retail business irl and when comparing options to rent retail space my partner and I used a simplified model of seeking to rent space for between a penny and a nickel per expected person in foot traffic. This was a realistic model that gave us a fair chance to make a profit and saw us paying a fair rent to our landlord for the space. By contrast, one gold per minute would require two thirds of the entire current playerbase to visit a given shop every single day. If you want player testing of shops, reduce the rent cost by a factor of 90%, minimum. If you want them to be ignored and players to continue to wonder what you could possibly be thinking, leave them where they are. For a development studio that started out claiming it wanted to pattern Arlas after Eve, your apparent grasp of economics is abysmal. Jat et al, I hope that by now you are familiar enough with my posting history as a member of this community since day one to know that I do not engage in hyperbole or overblown emotional reactions. This is straight talk from someone who has played MMO’s since 2004, whose favorite aspect of MMO’s is economy, and who has a real world background in business.
  4. boomervoncannon

    Simple suggestion to reduce landlord tyranny

    Okay, but would you agree that Megas aren’t likely to go anywhere anytime soon, and that throwing up our hands and attempting to improve nothing because of any and all issues Megas create won’t make things better? Rome wasn’t built in a day. Patience grasshopper. This is one suggestion to adddress one problem area of one new system. I agree there are other things that need to be addressed as well, but this is what I came up with in the shower this particular morning. World peace is Tuesday.
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    Simple suggestion to reduce landlord tyranny

    Okay your point is so disjointedly stated that it’s hard to follow, but this much is clear: while it may be about landlords and tenants, it’s not really about the suggestion I made in the OP, but about other aspects of the system. No one was arguing that landlords have it easy and tenants have it hard, you are arguing against a position no one has taken. What is being discussed is that many players have expressed hesitation about being tenants for the reasons stated. The suggestion is designed to address this legitimate concern. If you wish to discuss other aspects of the system you should feel free to create your own thread to do so, but so far your posts and points here do not seem germaine to the topic. Either increase or decrease the meds.
  6. boomervoncannon

    Simple suggestion to reduce landlord tyranny

    So you're completely overlooking the main feature of the new system, making it obvious you didn't read my OP: tenants now lengthen the time between rent payments being due for the landlord. In your illustration the landlord isn't getting screwed, because you've overlooked or left out how the tenants presence reduces how often he has to pay rent. So the landlord hasn't spent 500 gold for 50 honey, he has spent 500 gold he was going to spend anyway to own the island, but your presence there not only gets him honey but reduces often he must pay the 500 gold. Before you criticize others for not understanding a thing, you should probably understand the thing being discussed.
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    Megas/big companies only have themselves to blame

    I think this is an oversimplification of something that has multiple factors affecting it. If it's incumbent on megas to be the peacekeepers and never raid, we can pretty much count on that never happening. It would just run counter to why the vast majority of pvp players even play. Pretty sure almost no one got excited about Atlas and signed on for EA because they thought it was a diplomacy sim. I can just see the marketing slogans now: Sit through hours of complex multi party negotiations delineating breathtaking territorial and travel rights treaties! Threaten small guilds with the gaming equivalent of a time out if they don't play nice with each other! Become the school yard cop, using your muscle to keep bullies in line preemptively! Enjoy the adrenalin rush of slow incremental progress toward hegemony and peaceful cooperative play!
  8. boomervoncannon

    Megas/big companies only have themselves to blame

    I agree that players don't have the right to tell each other how to play as long as they are staying within the game's Code of Conduct etc, but if you think no megas go after smaller companies, then I have some questions for you: Do they have a post office in your world? Local government? Or is everything just run by the pink elephants? Your friend's mega may not go after smaller companies, but this is nowhere close to universally true. In fact I would wager heavily that it's closer to the opposite. Most megas in a competitive environment will go after low hanging fruit, that is just the nature of competition for finite resources. By the same token that Realist doesn't have the right to tell others how to play, you don't get to piss on our legs and try to tell us it's raining. Your friend's mega may not target smaller fish, but that would make them more the exception than the rule.
  9. Bunny Pirate Lords sounds like the band at a furry convention. Furries give me the creeps.
  10. boomervoncannon

    Mythical shipyard

    Shipyard quality now affects how many levels a ship can earn after it is built. As far as specifics, you know as much as anyone else this early in the process.
  11. boomervoncannon

    Can you put a diving rig on a ramshackle sloop?

    *Capsizes Del*
  12. boomervoncannon

    Galleon stats?

    Galleons are fast (weirdly inconsistent with reality), they can carry more and bigger guns than anything else so yeah they should be able to fight SOTD’s, and they can definitely carry a ton. Their downside for the purpose of this convo is their aggro radius, which is significantly bigger than a ups other ship. When you are trying to haul cargo, this can be an issue.
  13. boomervoncannon

    Colonies Company size going up to 75...

    Yeah I’m pretty much thinking what you’re thinking here. Agree this is odd and weirdly counterintuitive. I have a theory based on nothing more than a hunch, so take it for what its worth: Most of the dev team has seen the metrics and the player feedback and are actively working to move the game in the direction most strongly favored by the playerbase, but there is this one guy who looks at it differently. For the sake of discussion we’ll give him a name picked at random: Jeremy. Jeremy doesn’t just see things the way the other devs do, he is a creative genius, and he has a “vision” for Atlas. His vision isn’t exactly reflective of the reality of what people want, but never mind that because geniuses with vision never see things the way the little people do. They must not be weighed down by the mundane realities of plebeian wants because they are after all special. Jeremy’s conviction of the absolute rightness of his vision is bolstered by the reality of the success of his only other game, for simplicity sake we’ll refer to it with a simple name picked at random: Ark. Ark’s success has boosted his ego to the point where he believes he knows better than others, and so his vision is his overriding guide. The problem is that he is the guy that ultimately is in charge and so his voice is not one of many, but the voice that ultimately has the final say. Others are able to convince him to move in the obvious direction the game should go up to a point, but Jeremy refuses to give up his vision entirely, and so he periodically makes random decrees that such and such will be done this way, regardless of how weirdly inconsistent that may be with everything else. This is my off the wall theory on why they do stuff like this. It’s either something like this or they’re using a magic 8 ball to make major decisions. But that is just a wild theory, your guess is as good as mine.
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    Tonight 7pm est but how long till its up

    “When will then be now again?” “Soon.”
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    For grappling the inter webs obviously
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    We are not amused.
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    Honey giving Sap

    Atlas mats are grouped into categories, like gems, wood, stone, etc. iirc Honey is one of the saps. However I’m really tired at the moment so I could be afvinmohdesb cm. .lk) nvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv
  18. boomervoncannon

    PvE claim system: what would make you quit?

    Umm, it doesn’t sounded like you’re very familiar with null sec, which is a large percentage of Eve’s space. Most null sec is governed by large corporations. While Eve does not force grouping, one’s options and ability to impact the game world are significantly limited if only solo. Atlas might very well be trying to replicate this, where soloing is possible, but limited in its options and scope.
  19. boomervoncannon

    Alpha Lions

    What follows is my all time favorite comic strip ever: Calvin: “They say all the world’s a stage but obviously the play is unrehearsed and most of the actors are ad libbing their lines.” Hobbes: “Maybe that’s why it’s so hard to tell whether the play is a tragedy or a farce.” Calvin: “We need more special effects and dance numbers.”
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    Alpha Lions

    Am I the only person who feels like Calvin getting pounced by Hobbes any time a tiger takes me off my mount?
  21. boomervoncannon

    Bunny ears? Cmon.....

    Yeah I don't see anyone not wanting to loudly get yelled at for disrespecting sacred symbols of one of the world's biggest religions putting a crucifix in their game. Also they might be listening and making adjustments, but given how many bumps so far and how early in the development cycle they obviously are, time spent on things like holiday events would not be time well spent imo. This game needs a ton of work and diverting from that to give us colored eggs or tames or crosses to hang the dead on would be resources diverted from getting said game somewhere remotely akin to back on track. Just my two dubloons.
  22. boomervoncannon

    Another Wipe?

    Might be exactly why he went there.
  23. boomervoncannon

    New islands coming summertime

    Well considering the just released mega update was originally slated for February, any such mega update announced for summer should be reliably counted upon to be released around Halloween. As far as whether a wipe should be expected, I would lean towards probably not, but I have no more information than you have and it would be nice if the devs would at least say in advance either no wipe, yes wipe, or we're not yet sure, so we know where they stand.
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    Submarine no longer in game ?

    sandwich=wrong sammich=right *nod nod*