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    Why do you need to cheat?

    Cheaters I think are usually cheating to compensate for feeling inadequate in some way in some other area of their life. People who genuinely love to compete do so for the chance to measure themselves against others. They already feel good enough about who they are that they can enjoy competing without feeling some overwhelming need to feel superior by always winning. Thats what my therapist tells me anyway while she’s taking all my money at Texas Hold Em.
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    Atlas Trade Helper System

    @Dollie or @Jerryn could we consider a sticky for this as a community resource?
  3. boomervoncannon

    New update pushed back

    It depends on what you define as a "much of a gold sink". I've personally so far not seen the need for 50k gold so instead of getting that much from maps I've spent my 2x weekends acquiring resources I did need. I would agree that present gold sinks aren't going to sink 50k very fast, but you can always use extra gold to buy things you want from others. That's not a sink but if your complaint is that sinks are insufficient then the correct barometer isn't your personal experience but whether inflation is an issue ingame over time, and that is just something Atlas hasn't had enough of yet to really gauge. One thing I would agree on as likely is given that pvp players seem less likely to invest in upgrading gear, since they typically expect to lose it anyway, the devs should maybe be prepared to expect that sink not to do much for pvp servers. By the same token if pvpers are doing less crafting of higher end bp's, probably just the ship ones at most, they also may be less inclined to use the commodity traders, since there need for a variety of mats within type may be less. It's hard to say for sure, but I could see different dynamics causing the existing sinks to vary in their effectiveness between the two game modes.
  4. boomervoncannon

    Atlas Trade Helper System

    Thanks for creating this. I am already placing buy orders. Will also be putting up sell and trade offers. A quick suggestion: if possible you might want to put a way for someone placing an order to indicate they are in the market for any amount of the thing they are looking to buy or trade. I don't have a finite need for a number of things. At present it can be noted in additional info, but just a thought because Extra Info does not seem to appear at a glance when viewing listings. Also on trades you may want to look at making it so people can indicate multiple things they'd be willing to trade for example: I'm willing to trade ironwood for several other types of wood.
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    "Too high above ground" Building over ocean

    I would be surprised if magic isn’t eventually used in Atlas to accomplish at least some of the same things functionally as tek did in Ark, like underwater building.
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    Galleon Useless?

    Clearly you have never seen my crossover dribble. It breaks ankles AND gets to the basket super fast. A thing of beauty and deadly efficient. *preens*
  7. boomervoncannon

    "Too high above ground" Building over ocean

    Well the new content update has a submarine, a giant crab and an underwater biome, so obviously they are moving towards expanding into underwater content. That would seem to suggest why sea claims. Seems likely eventually underwater building will be a thing. It was in Ark. I’m guessing in Atlas magic will be the new tek tier. But I agree that at present with what we have it makes little sense.
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    Buildings need to decay at same rate as flags

    Okay I’m with you, makes sense to me but, ummm, interesting use of spacing in your post. Speaking as someone who uses space as part of his posting style, this feels like an overlong attempt at haiku. But yes I think your underlying suggestion and point is sound.
  9. Favorite post of the day and I just woke up 20 mins ago. This man is a genius.
  10. boomervoncannon

    New update pushed back

    Ummm, what indications? Sorry but I find that to be a largely unsupported assertion that you’re just throwing out and expecting to be accepted at face value. I was present for all but the earliest part of Ark’s EA and to say they had new content coming out weekly is a pretty significant overstatement. It was far closer to monthly and a LOT of Ark’s updates got pushed back as well. Ark changed VASTLY from the beginning of its EA to release. It is entirely reasonable to expect there will be a great deal of changes to Atlas from now to release. I do agree that given how much ground work Ark laid it’s disapointing they seem to be reinventing the wheel in some areas and making mistakes like the initial design of the claim system that leave one wondering if they learned anything from Ark at all. But dismissing boat physics as an afterthought of new game development is hardly fair when its a core mechanic.
  11. boomervoncannon

    Galleon Useless?

    If you are refusing to use chaser cannons because of asthetic objections, be advised that you are foregoing the easiest and most effective method for fighting SOD’s. Aggroing them and them pounding with chasers when they can’t hit you while following will save you tons on repair costs. As long as you have even a halfway decent wind this is a no brainer tactic. It’s entirely up to you, but you’re basically voluntarily giving up the most effective approach atm.
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    Taming isnt broken!

    I was also hoping for that.
  14. boomervoncannon

    New update pushed back

    Yeah, no gold sinks at all, except maybe the commodity Npc’s at Freeport’s where you can spend gold to exchange mats. That’s pretty much it. I mean I guess except for the cost of upgrades to gear also. That one can actually be a pretty decent gold sink when you start upgrading higher end gear to bump its stats. But except for those two you’re right nothing. Unless you want to count the ongoing cost of NPC’s, which depending upon how many you have can easily get pretty massive and is ongoing unless you completely give them up. Unlike other sinks you just keep paying it and paying it in a never ending sink. So really, apart from the roads, the currency, the aqueduct and a well run government, WHAT have the romans ever given us? That’s what the Judean People’s Front wants to know. Sorry the People’s Front of Judea.
  15. boomervoncannon

    New update pushed back

    Anyone familiar with Ark could have told you the moment they announced the update for Feb to expect it no sooner than St Patty’s Day. That’s just how it has always been with these guys. Yesh, it really does feel simplistic and basic, almost like a game only 2 months into a 2 year Early Access phase.
  16. So my company has started to acquire some mythic bp’s and I’m going to use a couple of specific examples here to illustrate a broader concern, but the underlying point will probably apply to a number of things. Here is what I’m seeing that gives me pause. Keratenoid currently cannot be exchanged at commodity vendors so mythic bp’s that include keratenoid will require any player attempting to craft them to acquire meaningful quantities of all six keratenoid types without an exchange npc. This is significant because both plate armor which gives the highest physical protection and fur, 2nd highest and best cold insulation base values require keratenoid. Basically the 2 armors you’re gonna use everywhere but the middle of the grid. So a full set of mythic is going to require hundreds of each keratenoid to craft, and that’s before you do a single upgrade. I don’t think anyone will have a problem getting bone or scale in qty. Shell might be tedious farming turtles but it’s doable. I live in the tundra and chitin and carapace are essentially nonexistent there. I know you can get them from scorpions and giant ants in warmer climes but what I hear is the yield per kill is puny so they might be more tedious than turtles. I dunno you guys tell me. But that’s not what really concerns me. What really concerns me is residue. My understanding is presently you can only get it from jellyfish. Jellyfish aren’t exactly washing up dead onshore in droves the way manta do. Does anybody know anybody who has more than token amounts of residue? Am I missing something or does the present game state make certain mythics all but unobtainable until new sources of certain mats are added? Hoping I’m just lacking info. If not this is something that needs to be looked at.
  17. boomervoncannon

    Is intelligence worth it?

    One member of our company has respecced heavily into int and what he says is it has very little effect on initial craft but significant effect on upgrading. In addition to this higher end gear can have significant int bonuses.
  18. boomervoncannon

    2 Gold SOTD?

    This is a reasonable point. SOTD don’t need to be a primary source of gold but it would be nice if they at least provided enough gold so that casuals don’t have to choose between fighting them and doing maps when time is limited. I was thinking they were kind of fine where they were but you’ve persuaded me that a reasonable buff is a good idea. Hopefully the devs agree.
  19. boomervoncannon

    Treasure Maps

    This is completely wrong. It is not that the map has expired, but rather that you are a bad person and God dislikes you personally. Taunting you with an empty bottle is his way of telling you to straighten up and stop having impure thoughts about hedgehogs, you perv. Those of us who are righteous are always blessed with mastercraft maps one grid over. It is nothing so trivial as a coding glitch but rather a judgement on your immortal soul. At least that’s what my therapist tells me anyway.
  20. boomervoncannon

    The fountain of pain I mean Youth

    Fountain of Pain sounds like a thrash metal band that might open for Lamb of God.
  21. boomervoncannon

    Hackers compilation

    Why does the fact he plays pve imply to you his eyesight is bad or his ability to evaluate evidence is poor? Jurors don’t have to be lawyers, they just have to be able to weigh evidence. He’s presented cogent reasons why he doesn’t find the evidence compelling. In response all you’ve done is imply he’s unfit to evaluate it, but provided no basis for this line of reasoning.
  22. boomervoncannon

    So let’s talk about mythic bp’s and practical reality

    Good to know about carapace. It means someone will have it in abundance, and that’s all that matters.
  23. boomervoncannon

    Canvases are now free-paintable

    I guess this means the world will still have to wait to experience the artistic genius of my in game paintings of poodles doing interpretive dance by campfires underneath a full moon on the Serengeti. Oh Wildshot, why do you deny all of Atlas the joy of my creative meditations in pastels? Only pastels. Never earth tones.
  24. boomervoncannon

    So let’s talk about mythic bp’s and practical reality

    I think the fairly low yields on ants and scorps could work as long as they are reasonably abundant. What this could lead to is them serving as a mat newer players can farm and sell to established players who don’t want to deal with the farming and get a leg up.
  25. boomervoncannon

    So let’s talk about mythic bp’s and practical reality

    If no one can get their hands on meaningful quantities of residue, how would this help?