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  1. Yeah, I know that. I think it was a bug that showed me 1000+ gold.
  2. there's another reason I asked that. The island cost 350+ in the beginning. After a couple of hours, it suddenly cost 1000+. but after a restart of the game it was 350+ again. ^^
  3. this is the map from my local game files: https://imgur.com/7uCyKf1
  4. No, you can remove it afterwards... as long as the foundation has some ground contact.
  5. simple trick how to set a foundation almost always. For example, you can no longer place a foundation next to the one you have already placed. then you build a roof on it and a pillar under the roof. Then you remove the roof and now you can put a foundation in the pillar at the same height as the already placed one.
  6. https://exploreatlas.co.uk/calculators/animals
  7. I think the game is great, too. A bit more fps if there are a lot of structures around, would be good.
  8. I don't paint my ships and always build the same design (PvP). All in all, about 60min - 90min
  9. I farmed a brig in 30 minutes yesterday... it's not that long, I guess.
  10. thx there's no Squid in the golden age ruins? Can I kill a sperm whale with it?
  11. Can I use the Submarine to go from one island to another? How fast is a submarine? How much Organic Paste does it take to travel? Can the Sextant Buff also be used?
  12. you mean grenades? I tried this, does not work for me..
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