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  1. rasemaier

    Under Water Base

    you mean grenades? I tried this, does not work for me..
  2. rasemaier

    Under Water Base

    How can i open a under water stone base?
  3. rasemaier

    Captain's Log #35: PTR and other News

    isn't there double farming this weekend??
  4. Unclaim all your animals and ships.. leave the company and claim it..
  5. I enjoy the game a lot,... If I am getting raided, then I just get raided... it is PvP Just ignore me and keep making the game bad... ;*
  6. rasemaier

    Best PvP Brig design

    What is currently the best Brig design for PvP battles? Big cannons or small ones? Cannons on deck or below? What should I level? Damage, resistance,...? ...
  7. Solo player on EU-PvP... Play now 3-4 weeks and my ship is still alive. Now and then someone tries to take it over, but nobody wants to sink it.
  8. rasemaier

    Large Stone Gates

    But under the water I need stone roofs to put the gate on. How much draught do the individual ships have?
  9. rasemaier

    Large Stone Gates

    How deep below the water level must the large stone gate be placed so that all ships can pass through?
  10. rasemaier

    Large Stone Gates

    Can ships drive through large stone gates?
  11. rasemaier

    Large Stone Gates

    Can ships drive through large stone gates?
  12. rasemaier

    EU PVE free islands

    Are there still free little islands for a solo player?
  13. rasemaier

    EU PVE free islands

    I'm thinking about playing Atlas again. Are there any free islands?
  14. rasemaier

    PVE ships from inactive players

    So can I just throw 20 chickens on the ship?