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  1. rasemaier

    how much does a 57 island cost?

    Yeah, I know that. I think it was a bug that showed me 1000+ gold.
  2. rasemaier

    how much does a 57 island cost?

    there's another reason I asked that. The island cost 350+ in the beginning. After a couple of hours, it suddenly cost 1000+. but after a restart of the game it was 350+ again. ^^
  3. how much does a 57 island cost?
  4. rasemaier

    Patch Notes - Thank you

    amazing, thank you!
  5. rasemaier

    New World Map

    this is the map from my local game files: https://imgur.com/7uCyKf1
  6. rasemaier

    The new islands

    No, you can remove it afterwards... as long as the foundation has some ground contact.
  7. rasemaier

    The new islands

    simple trick how to set a foundation almost always. For example, you can no longer place a foundation next to the one you have already placed. then you build a roof on it and a pillar under the roof. Then you remove the roof and now you can put a foundation in the pillar at the same height as the already placed one.
  8. rasemaier

    Ok so we decided on official pve

  9. rasemaier

    I enjoy playing atlas

    I think the game is great, too. A bit more fps if there are a lot of structures around, would be good.
  10. rasemaier

    I’m done playing this stupid crap game.

    build your smithy right by the farm spot...
  11. rasemaier

    I’m done playing this stupid crap game.

    I don't paint my ships and always build the same design (PvP). All in all, about 60min - 90min
  12. rasemaier

    I’m done playing this stupid crap game.

    I farmed a brig in 30 minutes yesterday... it's not that long, I guess.
  13. rasemaier


    thx there's no Squid in the golden age ruins? Can I kill a sperm whale with it?
  14. rasemaier


    Can I use the Submarine to go from one island to another? How fast is a submarine? How much Organic Paste does it take to travel? Can the Sextant Buff also be used?
  15. rasemaier

    Under Water Base

    you mean grenades? I tried this, does not work for me..