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  1. rasemaier

    EU PVE free islands

    Are there still free little islands for a solo player?
  2. rasemaier

    EU PVE free islands

    I'm thinking about playing Atlas again. Are there any free islands?
  3. rasemaier

    PVE ships from inactive players

    So can I just throw 20 chickens on the ship?
  4. rasemaier

    PVE ships from inactive players

    They should make a take-over counter, like the animals... Twice as long.
  5. rasemaier

    PVE ships from inactive players

    I play on both..
  6. What can I do on the PVE against ships of inactive players? They block my path.
  7. rasemaier

    Show 'n Tell #4 Deadline Wednesday 13th Feb

    fishing with rifles...
  8. rasemaier

    "Top companies" are NOT "Top companies"

    just make a bear with cannon and destroy this pillars
  9. rasemaier

    Remove beds on lawless islands

    Yeah, now there's no point in living on claimable land.
  10. rasemaier

    new ship types

    if you build sloping roofs on ships and run up on them, you have to make sure that there is no wall underneath. Only triangular walls on the side.
  11. rasemaier

    new ship types

    hink the idea is great for very slow ships with a lot of weight.
  12. rasemaier

    new ship types

    Maybe you could add optional oars to the ships. These can be used by the players or NPC. Like the Dingy.
  13. rasemaier

    new ship types

    like beds where you can level the number of guns.