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  1. Realist

    wipe is confirmed?

    Nah. wipe=pvp no wipe=pve
  2. Realist

    wipe is confirmed?

    Really hoping they decide to get rid of the trash claim system all together. I am already going to pay for the game. I don’t want to pay in game for land. Smh i think they realize it is crap. Build anywhere would be a lot better.
  3. Realist

    wipe is confirmed?

    Well you didn’t quote anybody so o won’t jump to any conclusions as to who you were referring to. with that said, I still very much hold my same mentality. I haven’t done any back pedaling for the 9 months I have been here. I did say I would change my wording but that was as a favor to someone. i did want to clarify that I never said it was confirmed, but that is because I never said that.
  4. Realist

    Atlas and steam charts

    Hello Inigo, I appreciate your post. Not just on my behalf but because I believe you have a good and open minded personality. Thank you for being you. People don’t tell others that enough. It seems to be a lost form of communication to give credit where credit is due and I just want you to know you just got some credit.
  5. Realist

    wipe is confirmed?

    No. The default is yes. listen to what they said. I know you can see it boomer. The were two ways they could have said that. Here: a wipe will not be occurring unless something unforeseen happens That would be a default no. we are trying to find possibilities to handle the release without wiping the servers this is a default yes. one situation has the problem already present and they are trying to find ways to solve the problem. The first situation shows there isn’t a problem but if the problem comes it won’t be avoidable. that should be pretty clear
  6. Realist

    wipe is confirmed?

    Yes, which not only implies but also reinforces that a wipe is already there. They are trying to figure out how not to wipe. If they can figure out a way then there won’t be. But it is already there. Now it is up to them to stop it.
  7. Realist

    wipe is confirmed?

    Ok, just for you boomer I will be more careful with my words. I guess I didn’t think about some people not being able to tell the difference from opinion and fact. It isn’t really that hard but I do have to realize not all people are able to do that. @alessandro there is no wipe confirmed(which I never said btw). I happen to feel like there will be one and only if you ask I can give me reasoning for it. The main thing is to prepare for both possibilities, which is what everyone should be doing to be honest. so no, don’t think the sky is falling and freak out. But just in case I would reinforce your roofing.
  8. Realist

    wipe is confirmed?

    Wow. Do not try to put that on me. As you know I do not play the game and I almost guarantee that people are talking about a wipe in game. He came here to see if it was confirmed. Don’t act like I am the father of the wipe. i wasn’t the first and I won’t be last. I have also never said it was confirmed. I have my reasons for believing the wipe is happening and I very much think them to be right. there is a big difference from me saying “I know the wipe is going to happen(from my own evidence gathering)” and then someone lying and saying “yeah grapeshot just confirmed the wipe” very big difference while we are on this. You seem to be completely fine with refuting my reasoning so You shouldn’t have a problem with me giving my reasoning. people want a wipe and others don’t. If people can’t read properly that is not on me. ok here we go, in my personal opinion I am pretty sure the wipe is going to happen. There has been no official word on the matter but from the reasoning I have came up with by myself and not with any employee of grapeshot, is that the chance of a wipe is severely high. is that better? edit: to be honest I do believe in my opinion that I do know things that they don’t.
  9. Realist

    You dont need to wipe with no one playing

    Better pray to the microsoft gods. Xbox is the new religion now lol. but who knows maybe that new guy got it ready. Let’s hope in both hands and not in either one this time.
  10. Realist

    You dont need to wipe with no one playing

    Had to give someone a quick bit of info on Twitter. Figured I would do it here as well. yes Dollie said “very soon”. I know people want to think that means October but if anyone is familiar with the company they like to build hype for awhile. Very common. Another common occurrence is that they are late on their deadlines. this gets to be a longer response than twitter because I have more than 240 characters(usually why I am more abrasive on there). next comes the most important and crucial aspect of the release. It is in fact not even in the control of grapeshot when the game releases. Not even in the slightest. The ultimate control of the crossplay release resides with Microsoft QA. Anyone that is familiar with ark and Xbox they will already know that almost every single time they even do a small update it is delayed by at least a week because Xbox QA kicks it back and that is just on an update, let alone an entire game that is crossplay. so in all reality it doesn’t matter what grapeshot says. You better add extra time on that date once it finally comes. You don’t have to believe me if you don’t want to but they have announced dates within 24 hours and then came right back and said “sorry, when need to make some changes to pass QA”. this is not negative in the slightest. It is meant to be informative for pc players that aren’t familiar with Xbox QA. Every update from now on might be delayed because unlike ark this will be crossplay so all updates will hit at the same time, which means your updates will be going through Xbox QA as well. here is the good news though. Xbox QA has a lot higher standards than steam does so once you get the update it will work.
  11. Realist

    You dont need to wipe with no one playing

    Wow. I have changed my ways since the ark forums but I want to personally thank you for doing the same as well. I do want add you have been very professional here. I do tip my hat to you. There is no sarcasm in that even though some think there is but then again they don’t know the whole story. i will make sure not to revert to my old self. Even if I think some of the heads of the company have not changed, you sure have and I have a lot of respect for that.
  12. Realist

    You dont need to wipe with no one playing

    Nope. It’s mid September. If a wipe is going to happen or not you think there would be at least a 2 week if not a month in advance notice. I sure hope they don’t drop the news on people last second. but now, if I am right and it is November, then sure you are right by saying whatever. Some people are taking dollie’s statement of “very soon” as gospel and also October and maybe even September. If that is true, then yes, a decision needs to be given very quickly.
  13. Realist

    The Road Map to Nowhere

    Dude, that hat everyone wants is going to be like ever getting a working cancel button for clash royale lol
  14. Realist

    The Road Map to Nowhere

    Just going off what they said on the stream. Phase 1 optimizations edit: just looked through all of the ptr patch notes and I didn’t really see any actual new content besides the new islands.
  15. Realist

    Great game, so little players.

    A. Well we know already they aren’t going to have the game in working condition by the time Xbox releases. I mean we are 9 months in and it they only have a month or two left they are kind of screwed. We are kind of screwed as well for that matter. B. Come on boomer. I didn’t make a flaming statement of me saying I wouldn’t buy the game because of something I hate or dislike. As far as a big public statement goes, I won’t be doing that either. I merely said “and probably wouldn’t buy the game”. That is about as casual as anyone can get. I use the word probably because wipe, or no wipe. Optimizations or no optimizations. It is really going to come down to if my buddies all decide they want to still buy the game. I already know the state of the game and who the company is. i will inform them of what is going on and if they all still want to get it then I will have to reluctantly get it as well. So it isn’t even like I am going to protest the game or go on strike. I just want to play with my buddies, unfortunately I would like to enjoy myself while I am doing that. and no, I am not letting myself be swayed. It’s called being a good friend and being willing to do something you may not want to because your friends want to.