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  1. Realist

    Zwarte hoop recruiting EU PVP

    Wrong section
  2. Realist

    building Building System is Terrible

    They weren’t joking either. When I first started playing Conan is was like a deja vu experience. Then I envisioned two very complex puzzles just coming together and fitting perfectly. it was a good experience but disappointing at the same time because they could have easily borrowed things from the other. either way they were both good games and I know atlas can be as well. They have to learn from mistakes though or there is no hope.
  3. Jeremy makes my blood boil. The ego of that guy is just crazy. He makes a lot of bad decisions and is corrupt.
  4. Realist

    building Building System is Terrible

    Yeah I always said that Conan got right what ark got wrong and ark got right what Conan got wrong. if either one actually learned from the other they could both be flawless. atlas need to learn from a few games. conan was easy mode ark was hard mode atlas is Depeche Mode I really liked the religions
  5. Just saying surfer. A lot of these players are ark players so it isn’t a surprise how toxic it is. it will be the same will console. I know people hate when I say it’s ark but it pretty much is. Not saying anything rude, but it pretty much is. dont get me wrong I am with you on what they said since day one but you gotta realize they say a lot of things and it doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. people try to tell me what the devs said all the time and I don’t really care because I go off of track records not words it doesn’t natter what people try to quote, at the end of the day I already know.
  6. Realist

    building Building System is Terrible

    Yeah Conan does any awesome job with their building. The ability to raise and lower foundations I completely awesome. They really need that. That is what I was telling the other guy. Raising and lowering foundations was a god send in Conan. Plus Conan had plenty of decorations as well. It is good to learn from other games that have gotten it right
  7. Realist

    Congrats wildcard/grapeshot

    There you go kidori. For some reason people always said my ark picture was very fitting lol
  8. Realist

    Congrats wildcard/grapeshot

    Very true. I think it might be time to un retire my old ark picture. Thank you, I didn’t really think of that.
  9. Realist

    building Building System is Terrible

    All they have to do is learn from Conan as far as their building goes. We are talking straight up. lowering and raising foundations will save everyone sooooo much time. Really shouldn’t be that difficult
  10. Realist

    Congrats wildcard/grapeshot

    Aim assist has been around since old school grand theft auto days. That really just depends on the type of game lol. console is OG as far as games go
  11. Realist

    The Danger Zone

    You are completely right. I didn’t mean it to sound like they made a good decision. i was only pointing out that the only time we have seen an increase in numbers with atlas or ark for that matter is when there is a wipe or new fresh servers that come out like a new map. there is no update they can do that will generate numbers. Only wipes or new servers. ark is far more successful, but if you look at their timeline for the full 3 years almost any increase has dealt with either a new map or an expansion. In arks case certain Dino’s did raise pop, but for the most part is is always new servers rather it is in the form of a wipe/new map/ expansion. atlas will need to make a decision pretty quickly because adding a couple pieces of content will never do the trick
  12. Realist


    This may very well happen for PlayStation actually. No matter what it will be a long time from now. My guess is when it officially release in a little under a year and a half. Who knows it might got to the ps5.
  13. Realist


    Lol, it’s all good. Even with ark ps4 released about a year after Xbox. the funny thing it that it isn’t wildcard/grapeshots fault in this case. PlayStation has a very very strict QA and usually won’t allow EA games. They weren’t too happy about the condition of ark so I am pretty sure atlas might have to wait till full release to get on PlayStation
  14. Realist


    No that is for Xbox boomer. It won’t be coming to PS4 till around the time of official release. Playstation hasn’t even been talked about yet
  15. Realist

    Congrats wildcard/grapeshot

    Mainly the connection to the company as well. I want to hold them to a standard because I know they can do better. Just imagine if it was a totally different company that made atlas.... I wouldn’t even be here right now.