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  1. Jat said it was live but I can’t see it
  2. Ok, so both lists I can find as far as discovery points needed fo each max level are wrong. It is time that we as a community come together and make an accurate list. I will do my part as well. I am currently at a max on level 61 but I don’t know the exact points needed for that level because I already got there without looking and had already gotten a couple more points after that. now by discoveries I mean the discoveries that you have in your character menu(since it is 2x more than the actual discovery points you have found) so let’s not use the “discovery points” that are in the discoveries menu. if I can get some people to pitch in I will take the time to update everything here and make a true list. I will probably also take the time to update the wiki as well. this is someone that will benefit both veteran and new comers, pc and Xbox, so hopefully we can get some team work going here. ok let’s go. I will start tomorrow while I am out exploring and get the low 60 points going. happy exploring everyone
  3. My buddy hasn’t been able to get on for two days now. Just keeps getting timed out. he has tried every official server but he simply can’t get on. Lag is one thing, not being able to get on at all is a pretty bad bug
  4. Realist

    Pve official disconnecting/ lost time out to connection

    @Jatheish this is actually a really bad bug right now. not happening to me but my buddy hasn’t been able to get on for a couple of days. He has tried all official servers not just NA PVE. Others are experiencing it as well. lag is one thing but not being able to get into the game at all is very bad
  5. If you get the chance start giving exact numbers when you see the change. Would be appreciated.
  6. Realist

    Realist’s thread

    Figured I would do this so I wouldn’t have to make multiple threads. Getting a really good vibe from these ships. Haven’t seen the galleon yet but damn they are pretty realistic. btw the maps went well. All commons so far but on my island that is what we have gotten. Got one masterwork but it is like 12 grids away so we will just put that on the bookshelf for awhile stocking up on some gold so once we go to a galleon we can have a full crew. Not rushing anything, just having some fun. Turns out the rest of the company wasn’t too keen with my discovery grinding but I can work with it. 3 tigers in and man are they beautiful. Haven’t found my “sugar” yet. Has to be a 30 tiger. Every pet I have had in any game since WoW has been named sugar. Can’t wait till I meet him/her. God damn I want to get laid off. I know getting laid off is something most people hate but I look forward to it because I have more hours to play when that happens. only around level 30 right now, because sometimes I just like to stop and watch the sunrise/sunset. These guys did a good job on the scenery. None of the BS sun glare from ark(you better not do that here ok atlas). ill keep updating this thread as the travels go forth. No clue where atlas will take me but it is going to be an awesome ride.
  7. Realist

    Cobras OP

    Yes, creatures will still spawn. Mind you, especially is your tames are in an enclosed building or area(so they can’t run away. They should always be on neutral. This is very important. I kicked someone out of my tribe/co ain’t because he kept putting them on passive. I simply won’t tolerate anyone not letting a tame having a chance to fight for themslevw. Zero tolerance on that. especially being pve, if you have your tames on passive then you deserve what happens and should be ashamed. if you had them on neutral and they just died then I feel for you and I would advise putting a good expense tame near any chickens/cows you might have. it’s your choice though.
  8. Where the hell is the discovery point navigation? even the new people know where the tames and resources are by now. you really should have done discovery points first. Smh
  9. Yeah winter. I was in M1 and almost my pants because my boat stalled because of lag and then it went back to normal. the second tome it happened I had a whale agrroed onto my ship. My ship suddenly stopped in the water. The whale kept coming though. I was talking to my buddy in party chat saying “man, I am fucked. My character can’t let go of the wheel and it it isn’t moving bu the whale is now gathering speed on my boat” as the whale got to my ship it kept going without doing damage even though it very clearly ran over my ship. this is a big bug! lucjily my ship wasn’t lost but god damn that almost gave me a heart attack. Nothing worse than just standing still in the water and not moving while death(whale) is just coming for that booty. really don’t want to experience that again. Smh
  10. Whoa whoa whoa!!!! You are max 106?. Then Please make sure to look at any points you get to see when it changes. You could be the perfect contributor to the late level list. I really hope you consider it. also everyone else take notice of what your max level is and from now on, make sure to note when you see the level change. and yeah, I will make sure to enjoy the ride as I have been. No worries on that. I was a little pissed when my buddy lost his character, but oh well shit happens. He has been bed hopping to get his discovery points back so it isn’t that bad. His main gripe is different from the usual “having to get the discovery points back”. Anyone can get discovery points, the one thing he can’t get back is time, and by that I mean he is 20 years old again and we have already gotten the fountain of youth buff. I can see that as being the problem because he can’t grind his way to 90 years old. He actually just has to let the time go by until he reaches it again. So really, the worst part about starting over isn’t the discovery points, it’s the age. anyways, I am definitely loving the game and hope you contribute to the late game discovery point list. Remember, we are all part of a community, and a community helps each other out.
  11. Thank you for that. However I still get two point for even what I call a “secondary” discovery(not a primary discovery). Primary discoveries would be the “landfall required) discoveries per island. The secondary discoveries also give two though. ao let’s says if I found 6 discoveries on one island(which I have) that would be 1 primary(landfall) and 5 secondary(after landfall) and I would receiver 12 points on that one island. 34 points used to be what it was but now if you look at it it takes more than that. I am not sure if this is because they added all of the new islands or not but the numbers are off right now.
  12. Realist


    Prett sure we can put them on drums as well. It gave me the option anyways
  13. Realist


    As far as I know they have been able to have accordions for a while. I always have a npc playing some music on my boat. isnt that whole wild pirate stuff on single player? Haven’t seen them on officials yet. They have already nerfed a lot of stuf and I am taking on 10 yetis at a tome with my bear( gotta get that mythos) so hopefully the nerfs don’t keep coming. i understand why people are saying things are too easy. And mind you there is only really 3 of us that play a lot in our company.
  14. Realist

    A$$hole crew

    Man, these guys are just randomly shooting at in the water. I changed their behavior to attack your target instead of neutral but that didn’t work. I now have to take out all of the cannon balls out of our ammo box because these A$$holes just keeping shooting at the water. getting ready to make them walk the planks if they keep wanting to pull this . Not sure what is going on but I do know that I do not like my crew anymore. About to be some dead mother $&@“ers pretty soon.
  15. Realist

    Realist’s thread

    Yeah I got it. Wow I did poop a little lmao. there was a ridiculous amount of different species and way high levels in that cave. Like wtf? Lol after I got it I spent an extra 30 minutes or so making all of the animals fall down the bridge to help others get it. teamwork makes the dream work. I don’t wait for others to get the job done. I just “get some” hell of a ride though. Can’t wait till I do the actual powerstones
  16. Realist

    Buddy just lost his character

    Ok I just submitted a ticket so hopefully they can get back to us.
  17. Just like the title. What are the steps he can take to get it back? @Jatheish @Dollie
  18. Realist

    Realist’s thread

    Very cool. I was pretty sure but wasn’t very sure. Thanks
  19. Realist

    Realist’s thread

    Where is the fountain of youth currently?
  20. Realist

    Why can't you fix your game... PLEASE!

    I still haven’t experienced most of those bugs yet. My buddy did however, have to deal with the walls disappearing or breaking bug. He had to build out a little further then before. It seems as though it is actual specific spots that are bugged. Once he built outward more the walls stayed. it will definitely take more than 3 months for me to get bored. I am still only able to play a couple of days a week until I get laid off so it will probably be months before I can even get the discovery points done, let alone get to the rest of the game. then again I am not rushing through content though either. I have agreed with other people that if they had rushed through everything they could get bored easily. It won’t be that way with our group. Just taking our time.
  21. Realist

    Being Tame blocked by tame limit

    Yep. Especially on pvp. Thank you for being the . I didn’t want to do it but since you have.... the question needs to be raised.
  22. Realist

    update ETA?

    Next spring at least. Phase 1 is optimizations so there will not be any new content within the next couple of months. if you are looking for ships that won’t happen until spring 2020. or anything else really.
  23. Realist

    Why can't you fix your game... PLEASE!

    Ok so I have 1 gripe right now lol. grappling hooks. they should not automatically let go of you hit a little lip or sometimes even randomly let go. distance and height are fine and all of that but when you are in the middle of climbing and you just let go? Nah man, I am not suicidal. make it to where you only let go when you physically let it go yourself and you guys will be fine
  24. Realist

    Realist’s thread

    Cool thanks damn 10% extra durability makes it way more expensive lol
  25. Realist

    Why can't you fix your game... PLEASE!

    Yeah I am just taking it slow right now and focusing on discovery points right now. By the time that is done I will still have all of the end game stuff to do. I get what you are saying though