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  1. We're making some huge changes to the overall map to make some of this possible However, the game files do not directly dictate whether the resource is pure or just a byproduct. So at the moment; we're trying to construct an accurate and simple way to ensure this data comes through. The treasure map idea is great and is something we're already building
  2. You go build it then It's not actually been requested through us yet. But to be honest, i'm not sure what the purpose would be since people won't know specific discovery names. We already display all the locations for discoveries though
  3. Ahoy! We've now reinstated the Resource / Creature Navigator with enhancements for ExploreAtlas V2.0 - Choose your current Grid / Resource or Creature. Then we'll show you the closest option and the alternative grids. We hope you enjoy this feature! You can find this here - https://exploreatlas.co.uk/explore/ Explore Atlas Dev Team
  4. Ahoy m'artys! Over the last couple of months, we have been working hard on the Explore Atlas V2. The aim of this was to bring all of our code base into one language as we previously had two. This meant maintaining two sites essentially which was not ideal. Now we're under one roof, we can concentrate on bringing meaningful and powerful updates to the community! For users who are new and don't know who we are, welcome! - Explore Atlas is a website that aims to deliver a convenient and resourceful way of finding creatures and resources throughout ATLAS. We also have sections for Taming calculators! (Similar to Dododex if you're familiar with ARK). One of our more recent features has been the introduction of Unofficial servers to map their resources and creatures! Check it out - https://exploreatlas.co.uk Back to V2 talk... V2 also meant we could re-write the code from the ground up. This allowed us to ensure that we increase speeds drastically throughout the site. Especially with the introduction of XBOX; we needed to ensure that console browsers & other devices could load the site quickly. We would like to share some of the enhancements to our Unofficial Servers section of the website. We're thrilled that the door has been opened to allow both XBOX and PC players to share the same seas and lands. To accommodate for this; we've completely re-approached the way we look at data for Unofficial servers. Checkout the new front end and admin management screens https://imgur.com/a/xuNbRYu We can't wait to see you in the Atlas! Fair winds ExploreAtlas Dev Team
  5. Happy Saturday everyone! An update from the Dev team here at exploreatlas.co.uk If you use the official JSON for the singleplayer to bring in all 225 regions; you can use the website as you would on any of the 4 official servers. The only difference may be to do with what resources lay in the FREEPORT areas. So please bare that in mind. With the recent updates allowing more people to explore JSONs; we will soon be releasing a new feature that will allow users to upload a .JSON onto the website and that will then import the Singleplayer of Unofficial server grid (And predefine Create & Resource spawns). This should create a convenient and easy way for you to explore. We're in the testing phases so this may still take a week or two longer. But we're confident that you guys will love this. We have also made updates to the PVE point calculator which now displays correctly the new MIN & MAX points. You can check this out here - https://exploreatlas.co.uk/calculators/points And don't forget you can also use our taming and imprint calculators here - https://exploreatlas.co.uk/calculators/animals Happy exploring!
  6. Heavy re-work on existing assets would most likely require a wipe or softwipe in some way. This is something that they would need to think about long term.
  7. They have separate teams for bugs VS content additions. As artists will mainly be working on the new content and the nicer aspects; they aren't hired or may not have the knowledge to fix the bugs reported. That's where the development team comes in to fix those. So seeing bugs fixed and new content is nice and shows utilization of all available resources :). Some bugs are difficult to replicate in a stage where you can find the error. Even if you can just see it happening. Each issue comes with its own complexities and they will be ensuring it doesn't have any nasty side effects in their fix as often happens in development.
  8. Ahoy m'artys! An update from us here at the Explore Atlas development team! We have recently put live our Beta version of the Player Tracker & Player Search. This will allow you to see how many players are in each ATLAS 'cluster' and server (Region). https://exploreatlas.co.uk/ On top of this, we added the ability to view which players are within the specific region you are looking at. Or, alternatively; you can search for players directly in our search bar to view which region they are in and how long they've been there We hope this helps when you're finding your way around ATLAS! Should you have any suggestions for us; please don't hesitate to come visit us at discord or catch up on one of our social media! https://discord.gg/s3Kr7mp https://twitter.com/explore_atlas https://www.facebook.com/exploreatlasgame/
  9. Thanks for all your kind words. Don't forget you can influence the development of our website in our Discord channel!
  10. We've just added a new Calculator for PVE island points to players needed! Check it out!
  11. Ah, thanks for the K7 one! I just removed it. It was some PTR islands that for some reason didn't unflag when told to. Tut tut naughty system! Resources, for now, are added via our discord channel We're looking at other methods but need to ensure the integrity of the data ^_^ Thanks for all your kind words and support!
  12. Give it a refresh now :- ) Sorry we've been migrating to another host today so there's been some choppiness. SHould be good now. Don't hesitate to @jono in our discord server if you notice further issues.!
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