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  1. Happy Saturday everyone! An update from the Dev team here at exploreatlas.co.uk If you use the official JSON for the singleplayer to bring in all 225 regions; you can use the website as you would on any of the 4 official servers. The only difference may be to do with what resources lay in the FREEPORT areas. So please bare that in mind. With the recent updates allowing more people to explore JSONs; we will soon be releasing a new feature that will allow users to upload a .JSON onto the website and that will then import the Singleplayer of Unofficial server grid (And predefine Create & Resource spawns). This should create a convenient and easy way for you to explore. We're in the testing phases so this may still take a week or two longer. But we're confident that you guys will love this. We have also made updates to the PVE point calculator which now displays correctly the new MIN & MAX points. You can check this out here - https://exploreatlas.co.uk/calculators/points And don't forget you can also use our taming and imprint calculators here - https://exploreatlas.co.uk/calculators/animals Happy exploring!
  2. ExploreAtlas

    Nice to see some new things coming BUT

    Heavy re-work on existing assets would most likely require a wipe or softwipe in some way. This is something that they would need to think about long term.
  3. ExploreAtlas

    Nice to see some new things coming BUT

    They have separate teams for bugs VS content additions. As artists will mainly be working on the new content and the nicer aspects; they aren't hired or may not have the knowledge to fix the bugs reported. That's where the development team comes in to fix those. So seeing bugs fixed and new content is nice and shows utilization of all available resources :). Some bugs are difficult to replicate in a stage where you can find the error. Even if you can just see it happening. Each issue comes with its own complexities and they will be ensuring it doesn't have any nasty side effects in their fix as often happens in development.
  4. Woohoo love the cosmetic sails! Epic work guys
  5. ExploreAtlas

    ExploreAtlas: NEW! Taming and Imprint Calculator!

    Thanks for your kind words!
  6. Ahoy m'artys! An update from us here at the Explore Atlas development team! We have recently put live our Beta version of the Player Tracker & Player Search. This will allow you to see how many players are in each ATLAS 'cluster' and server (Region). https://exploreatlas.co.uk/ On top of this, we added the ability to view which players are within the specific region you are looking at. Or, alternatively; you can search for players directly in our search bar to view which region they are in and how long they've been there We hope this helps when you're finding your way around ATLAS! Should you have any suggestions for us; please don't hesitate to come visit us at discord or catch up on one of our social media! https://discord.gg/s3Kr7mp https://twitter.com/explore_atlas https://www.facebook.com/exploreatlasgame/
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    ExploreAtlas: NEW! Taming and Imprint Calculator!

    Thanks for all your kind words. Don't forget you can influence the development of our website in our Discord channel!
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    ExploreAtlas: NEW! Taming and Imprint Calculator!

    We've just added a new Calculator for PVE island points to players needed! Check it out!
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    ExploreAtlas: NEW! Taming and Imprint Calculator!

    Ah, thanks for the K7 one! I just removed it. It was some PTR islands that for some reason didn't unflag when told to. Tut tut naughty system! Resources, for now, are added via our discord channel We're looking at other methods but need to ensure the integrity of the data ^_^ Thanks for all your kind words and support!
  10. ExploreAtlas

    ExploreAtlas: NEW! Taming and Imprint Calculator!

    Give it a refresh now :- ) Sorry we've been migrating to another host today so there's been some choppiness. SHould be good now. Don't hesitate to @jono in our discord server if you notice further issues.!
  11. ExploreAtlas

    ExploreAtlas: NEW! Taming and Imprint Calculator!

    Thanks for your kind words and support for our project! :- )!
  12. Ahoy M'artys! Your team here at https://ExploreAtlas.co.uk with another update! Yarr! We've been hard at work and brought onboard @globytheoldpirate who's made an amazing taming calculator. Together; we have made some nifty UI changes and brought everything together onto our website. https://exploreatlas.co.uk/calculators/ As well as this, we're proud to bring in our beta version of the Imprint Calculator. This will calculate and reverse engineer any animals imprinting bonus. This will be super useful when you come to sell and purchase anything within ATLAS! ExploreAtlas is committed to bringing a one-stop Atlas resource website for your every need! https://exploreatlas.co.uk/calculators/animal/Bear Whilst there's some work left to do to make this exactly how we want; we have now opened this up to our community to gain crucial feedback! Remember! We are still searching for iOS and Android Beta testers for our upcoming apps! Please see more information about this in our discord! Other Updates - + French Translations + All islands added from May Mega Update + Added the ability to add your company and company flag + Search function optimisations + Added animal images on search results Happy sailing! ExploreAtlas Development Team
  13. Good day everyone! The https://exploreatlas.co.uk website has been working on the iOS and Android apps for the last couple of weeks now and we are preparing to submit these to Apple's App Store and Google's Play. Before we go ahead and do that; we are searching for some Beta Testers across many devices on both platforms to feedback any bugs or improvements we can make. ExploreAtlas is a website dedicated to serving information around Resources and Creatures within Atlas across NA/EU PVP and PVE. With over 6000 resources and nearly 3000 creatures logged by our awesome community. We've built a resource navigator to take you straight to the closest resource you are searching for! If you are interested and want to find out more; please visit our Discord Channel where we will send you invites on Test Flight and/or Google Play. https://discord.gg/s3Kr7mp Thanks very much! Jono & Nick (Explore Atlas founders & development team).
  14. ExploreAtlas

    Explore Atlas - Resource & Creature index

    Thanks! Glad you like it. Let us know if you feel like any features are missing.
  15. Explore Atlas - Resource & Creature index I've been working on an index for documenting accurate resources and other information on regions & islands in a user-friendly format. Feel free to give it a go and let us know your feedback in Discord! https://exploreatlas.co.uk. I'm looking for explorers to contribute their findings and help grow this to be an informative and awesome community-based website. If anyone is interested; feel free to join our discord! Thanks :)! https://discord.gg/REnZHvG