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  1. Well, they are our allies. I have not experienced lag while playing on the server. I really don't see the problem. We got a mega to immediately back us up in the event of a battle in the area. So it serves as a safety net.
  2. Every company on our tile has that issue. I even ran around to see if I can tame a pig, but it won't even give me an option to do so, but yea I am submitting it to bug report.
  3. I have been having issues with the tame limit and it isn't the companies limit, but it is the entire server limit. Because we are in the same tile as a mega-company, and because of that the entire server has hit a tame limit. I was wondering is there a reason the devs implemented it this way or is it simply a bug. Every small company is having issues with this problem, so I do not think it is bug, but I am unsure.
  4. Yea, I regret making this suggestion on the forums.
  5. I was looking at the devs pie chart and saw how the devs wanted players to be out on the sea more rather than on land. I then thought of this simple change; rather than losing your planks when their health reaches zero, water would just spill into the ship. This would get rid of the farming for the spare planks, and get rid of the frustrating moments of having one less cannon on a side because you ran out of extra gunports. It would even make the repair hammer even more useful as people can't simply fill in the hole with another plank. Sure it would be a negligible change, but it would make it, so players don't have to farm, and recraft blueprint planks and gunports after a battle.
  6. 1 day and 19 hours. It says it when you look at the horse and where it is supposed to say enable wandering to mate it will instead say how long until you can breed again.
  7. Breeding works fine. Though it is just tedious. Though animals will only eat from the trough when they are at 10 percent. So until then you need to feed them by hand.
  8. I would suggest making cargo saddles and carriages detachable rather than being a saddle of their own as this would add more depth to those carts especially if both of these carts could have their own storage capabilities. As well as fixing the glitch with the carriage kicking people off when going over rocks. Another subject I would suggest is to change how breeding works as it is far too difficult to breed anything unless you live in the tundra with over 20 penguins. I would for one buff the penguin's insolation ability, and change the temperature ranges that the baby animals can survive and breed as it is strange to see wild animals running around in a biome that supposedly won't allow them to breed. I do agree with the idea of having creatures change from harvesting different resources much like how they already have corpse and resource harvesting. Instead break resource into two categories, food, and materials. that way players don't have to constantly sort through all the unneeded items. Also giving the creatures the ability to be aggressive to certain targets like the sailors. Finally, the rabbits are useless to have, but I would recommend them to have a sonar ability while on a players shoulder much like the parasaur. This may sound strange to give a rabbit, but it seems like a cool ability given the fact rabbits will turn to any strange noises they hear. This could be useful within pve or pvp as the rabbit can let you know when that damn snake is coming up to munch on the animal on is taming or it can help in pvp to detect players hiding within the shrubs. The whole balance to this detection is the rabbit is really weak and can be one shot.
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