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  2. I thought that was the original idea from the devs way back but they haven't bothered to implement it yet. Until such time I wish they would nerf the aging process. Before you know it, you're old and you have penalties, so then you have to go to the fountain of youth. I still haven't bothered to go there nor do I know where it is.
  3. I’ve been doing research for information on human breeding and there doesn’t seem to be a very clear answer on whether or not it will be added. I’m assuming it’s not going be, it was last mentioned in 2018 in forums and no one returned to it. I want to state how interesting it would be to not only have the option to simply visit the “Fountain of Youth” to revert from 100 years old to 20 again, but to also have the choice as a player M/F character to have a child with an NPC or other player so that I may continue my legacy. I could imagine that if it were two players having children then it would come out as two kids, 1 for each player, and if it’s with an NPC then it’ll just be 1 child. Also be able to make the human NPCs have offspring in general would add so many more different RP aspects to the game. (that’s just my opinion, what do you all think?)
  4. Last week
  5. Not really. I was going to originally call you a dumbass for taking a day off for this clusterfuck of a game. But I decided to be nice.
  6. Well although i do appreciate that you actually answered the question your delivery could use a little work and thanks for your concerns in regards to my day it was wonderful either way.
  7. modular ships sink time increased... hopefully this includes the bug fix of instantly sinking ships when a tile get to 0 HP? Patch kit costs reduced by 50%... nice but a good value would be minimum 90-95%... or even better remove them and make legacy repair system! -> still useless to use modular ships... at this stage i would say the update and wipe is a fail. A Fire Elemental Boss... seriously have you ever tried to kill a common fire elemental? I wonder which weapon can do damage versus those beasts? A cyclope you can shot in the eye and after the has a short period of increased damage taken... rockies are decent to kill with big explosions... but what do you use for a fire elemental? the only thing i never tested was a catapult with rocks... every other thing he is just loughing about and burns you to hell... So Hydras and Dragon remain and gain you the Power Stones... so new boss loot we have to figure out what it is? XP? that was removed from Hdyra, Dragon, Yeti.... maybe gold or Blue Prints?
  8. Good people are stupid to take days off for this game. This isn’t the first time the wipe has been moved. And this is what has happened. They moved it to a week (maybe) from today. Hope missing a day of whatever was worth it.
  9. Is it happening or was this a joke I'm sitting here waiting even took the day off from work cus you guys said it would be wiped yesterday and still nothing follow your own schedules maybe....
  10. I also think it is necessary to create a casino in this game
  11. since island points only way to get a island is be here on wipe. u announce it a month early ppl take off work and u dont follow up. your platform has never been stable. why try that excuse now. your deleting any post that says that on discord. i have 4k hours on atlas mainly prewipe. but after how your mods treated ppl tonight and i gave up 3 days work to be here for wipe preplanned 2 weeks ago. 600 dollars and u cant do as u announce and pull anyone post that say that. shows u care nothing for your players wont even let them speak.
  12. I do agree. They are lazy and or don't have the power to make real decisions. How many people actually board a boat, kill everyone and sit there for 15-25 hrs to steal it. C'mon. The game is how they want it, they want to run the large companies and don't give a shit about any playerbase. Ark is their go to, and will be for Ark 2. Only reason we get any Atlas update at all is because they are milking a dead cow. Keep getting paid for doing as little as possible for as long as it lasts. If your going to have polls that are one day only and your not allowed to have a discussion about it, then you simply don't care about new players. You are catering to existing customers that blow you. You know its all about retention. Takes a big head to have that type of attitude. I loved Ark, loved Atlas, neither game went where it was supposed to. Both have a toxic playerbase because of toxic devs. They think wipe hype manages to bring in a large pool of players. Every patch delayed. Like the xbox excuse is something new. I actually just got kicked from the discord, for... profanity toward the devs will not be tolerated. Imagine that! LOL
  13. Years later, this helped me a TON @Bigdord. My new PC with 3080ti, i9-12900KF, and 32GB RAM (6k MHz) has been crashing a TON in Atlas since I bought it a few months ago. I tried everything (Low Memory Mode, changing in-game settings, etc....). My particular problem seems to be that my GPU was running over its maximum temperature limit (83c by default). I noticed that my GPU would hit this limit and then soon after Atlas would crash. Using MSI Afterburner, I decreased both my Core and Memory clocks by -300 and -200 MHz respectively, and increased my GPU temperature limit to 90c for Atlas. These two things combined seem to be keeping the GPU cooler, thereby preventing the game from crashing when the GPU is over-worked. I think if the GPU gets over the temperature limit, it starts slowing down to try to cool off. I think this process of the GPU trying to cool-down is not handled well by Atlas / Unreal and causes the game to crash. Other Unreal games do not experience this issue, so I think it's Atlas specifically
  14. Patch 543.00 - Saison 9 Patch und Wipe - Gemüse-Cluster Übersetzung ins Deutsche - Translation into german https://gemuese-cluster.de/devnews/111-patch-543-00-saison-9-patch-und-wipe/
  15. It would be nice if tickets were actually answered and not automatically marked as "solved".
  16. BAHAHAHAHAHAH You believe anything on discord will ever happen in atlas? You deserve to be lied too. The game should be wiped at 2pm pdt gives all time zones at least a shot on finding places to plop their butts down. By the time it’s back up it will be 4-5pm and they have some hours to fix the typical fuck ups instead of taking all night. Or weekend. Honestly I don’t see why they wipe the servers the day before. Upload and test for 24 hours
  17. im not sure it was advertised as a pirate game, i think we all leapt to that conclusion because we want one lol. i dont mind a colony conquest game so much but youre right, give us at least enemy of either wild pirates and/or royal navy. hell, the spanish, english, french, even dutch handed out letters of marque to pirates to make them privateers for hunting pirates. would love to see stuff like that happen in game. might bring alot of folks back if you put npc factions in the game for pve and actually let players in pvp populate those factions lol
  18. the time of your server maintenance and release of patch is a complete joke. you claim you used a poll on discord. the same discord that bans people for asking about pve. the same discord that only has a small percentage of the community you have left. the same discord full of pvp'ers. by setting the time of the patch the way you have, you have given west coasters a 6-12 hour jump on anyone from the east coast. all the great islands will be settled by the time any EST player with a job is able to get on. the wipe should have been around 3 or 4pm pdt to give everyone at least a shot at good land. thanks for screwing us.
  19. Wow, this is a very tempting offer that is hard to refuse. Bonuses and gifts are all very nice. I try to play only in proven casinos with very interesting games. For example, I have been playing these pragmatic slots for over a year and I vouch for their honesty. It seems that online casinos are a great chance to make a quick buck and have fun. Online casinos have become very popular lately because of the variety of games and the ability to make money from the comfort of your own home. I think this is very cool.
  20. You've got that god damn right So to summarize: REMOVED TIMEWORM ITEMS FOR MAYBE NEXT SEASON REMOVED BLEEDING WEAPONS (ONLY INTERESTING THING THAT WAS PROMISED, NOW REMOVED LOL) REMOVED USELESS PYRAMIDS BHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHH But guys dont forget! FINAL NOTE Again, we would like to emphasize that ATLAS is still in Early Access, meaning many things can and will likely continue to drastically change - even in the middle of development. Anything discussed is only up to date as of the moment it is posted. Features and changes that ultimately make it to the next patch, as well as timing, may be different from what was previously discussed. As always, we appreciate the suggestions and feedback from the community. Please keep them coming! Thank you for all of your support!
  21. Nice work!, been fixing a lot since day one, keep up the good work! and all them bug fixes are being resolved very quickly, thank you! for all your hard work and dedication
  22. And yet issues since day 1 are never resolved? SERIOUSLY? FIX the darned issues FIRST before adding more and more crap?
  23. Its a boss like the Hydra. all drop Mythos and Hydra is still within to what i seen on PTR
  24. What the actual fuck? So we have mini bosses and the hydra? Or are these replacements?
  25. Hi Wildcard new player here. Well sort-of I bought your game when it was first released but my computer at the time couldn't run it. Just want to say I'm so happy you guys are still working on the game and haven't given up on it, even with all the haters! This game is starting to get better and I think you will start seeing more players. You guys rock and so do your games!
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