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  2. So we have respec'd our galleon , we have waited 48+ even with it green anchored for 48+ and it wont let us respec , i dont see any more requirements to respec so im thinking this is a Bug? any help please
  3. I no longer undock my ships but should you decide to again... I run my tank up to 300% and carry 6 extra planks. I can slow boat into a gally war and never be at risk. With no one else on board. So just change your setup. Atlas is full of problems but I don't think ship tank is one of them. There must be more to your sinking. Like you changed grids and didn't load in for 2 minutes while under fire. Or one of a thousand bugs leading to this result. Or, maybe you were already busted prior to getting fired on. Or, maybe you put 100% of your points in weight Any way, it's a lost cause. See you in Aeternum next week. Just don't flag because I'm out there laying in the grass with my rifle.
  4. There should be a better area with all the info on this stuff. Very annoying trying to figure it all out.
  5. Can someone help me, I play in PvE and I am new to all these changes and very confused. Can someone tell me how it works the Lawless Claiming Towers and do you need multiple side by side to claim all the land you want? In PVE I placed a Land Claim Tower and then I placed another overlapping the other and a water tower but they one land and water claim tower destroyed when the hp went back and said it was contested but there is no one near me. Why is that and how does it work or how can i make it work?
  6. Nah, the game is just one of the worst made in gaming history. These devs are probably the most one not in history is well. They have never done a good job on anything and never will. a ship sinking really doesn’t matter. This game has already sunk. 1,300 peak players is pathetic to say the least. It is also rated 67 in the bottom 100 games of all time on steam. They call it the hall of shame. I actually pity anyone that still plays it
  7. we tame them without issue. They are not worth it. Gotta be naked to ride just about, a lvl 28 had 106 weight.
  8. While you guys are right, so is he.
  9. Last week
  10. I know there are new laws in some countries concerning video games and encouraging players to gamble. And it varies depending what country you are in too.
  11. Has anyone ever won huge amounts of money playing poker or casino? A friend of mine once won 10,000 but I achieved the same success
  12. Hello, I wanted to buy a ship at a ship dealer, but there I am only shown an empty inventory.
  13. Hello Pathfinders, how can I set to find treasure maps that are on a different grid than where you are right now?
  14. Would it be game breaking if the series S could see custom paint sails ??? Its supposedly up graded better than Xbox1x yet it can't see a simple paint job Series S let down
  15. Ships should have two more Sails at the front on the figurehead, and window planks at the rear of it,for maybe a Captains' quarters. Crew should be able to wander around as if they're patrolling and somehow allow them to equip Guns,the Navy Soldiers in POTC hold guns,or just add a specific Gun they can equip, plz consider it!!
  16. how do i get the ini files to go in to my settings on nitrado
  17. Hello, does anyone know what the Item ID is for the puckle tower? i would like to be able to spawn them in single player. Thank you.
  18. We are controlling a pirate camp.Enemy strength and loot are different from the numbers shown, the level of pirates in the 8.2 pirate camp is low, and the rewards are around 200 for normal and gold.This has changed from recent patches.Is there a way to get this back? I'm playing single player with my friends.
  19. Anyone else having a hard time placing cargo racks on a galleon? Either says no snap point or obstructed.
  20. How do you know and accept if someone has sent you a trade route? I know how to set mine up but have no idea how to see if someone has requested one from me.
  21. Hi, I have more than 200 hours of gameplay on Atlas PvP all in solo and now I would like to join a company and enjoy more this great game. is there any big company looking to recruit new people? We can speak more about it on Discord. Thanks
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