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  2. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdhAG84VvDhPBurAY8p4JLUhQfAmhjg42UR6o5zQTuzlqD6NQ/viewform use this and maybe the Devs will restart the server. It's a link to the Atlas Server Outage Report.
  3. Hey RAWDDAWG (lol) I am in the same boat as you, played a lot of solo with very little success. If you’re still playing I’d be up for joining you. I’m a bit new to Atlas, I’m familiar with the style of game. I’ve logged many hours in Ark. I’m currently trying to find players to join up with. Let me know if your still interested. Cable
  4. @George Catcherthank you for this list. I tested the ship myself now and i found all those bugs are still the same.... imagine the ship was added to the game in August 2021... I found only one cannon that moved out into the gun port and was able to shot... all others gun ports did not work... i started in my shipyard... drove just to the next tax island and killed the tax bank... after this i turned back and parked the ship on the shore... i could scuttle it and it wouldn't make any difference for me playing the game... lol. I build it with a grey BP i found and i was able to place 2x large handling sails. Weight empty 3750/4500... without cannon balls.
  5. AHOY! As the title says, I’m trying to find other players to enjoy this game with. I’m relatively new to the game. After many hours of single player I realized this game was not meant for that. I attempted playing on an official pve server and was very quickly discouraged. I’m hoping to find other players who enjoy this game and wanna team up. Maybe roleplay. I’m not against official or private servers. Pve or pvp. I’m willing to try either, I just wanna find a fun group to play with or find people wanting to join me to start our own. I see the prices of servers are a bit hearty. I’d be willing to host a server myself if that was the consensus or pitch in to an already established server. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks, Cable
  6. I’ve been playing for a few months now on single player. I’d like to experience the game online with other friendly people. I tried soloing an official server but quickly got confused and discouraged because of the drastic difference between single player and online. I’ve played a lot of Ark and enjoy these type of games. I’m looking to either join an already established group of new players or veterans. Or if there are others like me, we could join up and sail the seas together. The game is clearly meant to be enjoyed with others. I’m not picky about the type of server and am willing to pay to host or pitch in to an already established server. I know the games been out awhile and the player base has dropped significantly but I’m hoping there are others out there looking to enjoy this beautiful game with others.
  7. All my crew is always leaving the cannons...lol
  8. D2 is down on PVE and has been for 2 days! Cannot load in, it cannot find sessions!
  9. That is the bad news for you, that move will not be considered griefing and fall under ToS violation as it is using the game mechanic in the manner they designed it to be. Not much different then trying to report someone for using the left key and their ship turning left as a result.
  10. Nope. They already made rookie cove which was bad enough. If you play pvp and don’t like getting wiped then I will give the same advice to all worthless pvp players. if you cannot dedicate your whole life to the game? You do not belong in pvp. if you are not willing to be a mega companies bitch? You do not belong in pvp. you are done son. These devs can’t even fix bugs and you are asking for dumb stuff. Lmao. Time you got a reality check. That will not only never happen but you will be lucky if all the hugs gets fixed in the next couple years. another reality check is that this game wipes every few months because they keep changing the map. So even if you found a way to stay safe your progress will always be deleted within a few months, so you will never make it big. even if you don’t believe me, feel free to check out steam charts. Game always goes to an all time low. They wipe and you see an increase. Then you see a sharp decrease because for some reason these losers think “this time I will make it” lmao. Sure enough they don’t and them leave again. it’s pretty pathetic.
  11. Every now and then I consider coming back to the game, but it falls into the same trappings as ARK. You have to be part of one of the biggest to thrive, you can't really accomplish much alone or as a small group except being a guerilla or tagging along to your bigger ally. I check the patch notes to see if they ever stop screwing over the little guy, and when they changed boats from no longer having gold cost I thought they were finally making progress....but now permabuffs throughout seasons for the wealthiest company? Nah, you just secured me NEVER coming back to the game with that. Bad enough to try to solo things like the kraken to try to stay competitive, but now you can never catch up with any amount of grind, you have to play the political big company game or fall behind not just for the season, but forever. 20 fortitude isn't just 20 fortitude, it's 20 fort you don't have to spec for, making you essentially have a higher base level. I'm not playing a game where I am inherently weaker than others. Maybe I'll try private servers or something, but reading about the permabuff from wonders made me never want to come back to official.
  12. Yesterday
  13. I had a ramming galley last season. I think the controls were some combination of a Left bumper button and either L3 or R3. Definitely start the combination with a left bumper press. Sorry but old man brain is foggy and i don't have a ship to experiment on right now. Like press top left bumper and then click L3. Or try other combinations with bottom left bumper. It is probably a 3 button combination (LB + RB + R3) Something like that. You will figure it out eventually and they are awesome at increasing speed.
  14. I am creating this section to bounce around survival ideas for noobs and solo players. I struggled to keep a ship safe or even a small house overnight. On offical PvP chances are someone will have some game fun when you are not around and you will be starting from scratch everyday. But... 1. Gold and resource can be kept safe inside shipyards. You can even build a Cog but never release the ship. Inside is a safe bedpsawn and a place to keep a few things. Players will have to destroy the shipyard to get rid of you. (It took me 2 weeks as a solo player to save up for an armored dock. If anyone else has been discouraged try this method it will help get you established). Any other suggestions to help noobs survive ?
  15. I play solo on official pvp. So i started a new character on PvP again and it took me 2 weeks to save up enough gold to buy an armored dock. That's not so bad after all and it was an extremely rewarding feeling to finally set it in place. I discovered that solo players and small companies can keep gold and other resource inside shipyards. No one blows up shipyards. They could but it would take a few thousand cannon balls so it is a very viable solution for players like me to get established. Use a sextant and sail around for sunken shipwrecks (sneaking skill makes underwater creatures ignore you). In this way we can all work at our own pace after real life stuff is taken care of. I should add that I live in rookie cove where the abusive claim tower system is not a thing. I recommend PvP if you have a family crew. It is fun and rewarding to knock out a trolling player and stuck his head in a gibbet.
  16. Im playing on xbox and I was wondering what the way to find treasure map quadrants are. I have no idea where my island is and when I go to another area it seems to be pseudo random. I'll go from like A1 to B9 and I don't know where I am in relation to the map.
  17. Last week
  18. Yes, however it would appear the latest version of ATLAS doesn't match the latest version of the editor. Meaning I'm making older maps for a newer version of the game. So I guess until they release the updated editor... I'm stuck
  19. Somebody know how to use the rowing module on Xbox?
  20. Did you also follow the instructions here in the forum? Then you use the current Grid Editor?
  21. hi I'm Rod, I am searching for a company I can join. ive played atlas off and on since launch. havent played much since the new update. i enjoy the grind and sailing, but this game is damn near impossible to play alone and enjoy. hit me here and it might be a minute before i notice. i play on pc and my steam name is Rawd-Dawg and have doberman as my photo. feel free to add me there or om discord. TheRod#4248 with an alien as my photo. Thanks.
  22. Their job is to produce a game, not update a wiki so you can learn the finer points by reading them and not experiencing them.
  23. Yeah it appears that I'm not going to be able to get a refund from Steam. Also Atlas hasn't responded to my ticket in 72 hours so apparently this isn't a game at all. It's a scam. Really pathetic, Atlas. Your game is bugged, unplayable trash. Your lack of support for your own game is criminal.
  24. I play since Season 3 on PC and I grouped up with a bunch of Xbox One Players back in 2019. They where so happy that I was always able to rescue them if their game crashed permanently (PvP Server)... because i could kill them sleeping or carry their body away from our base or harbor. I needed 1 minute to drive out a ship for them... if they where lucky they could do it in 20-30 minutes without sinking the ship lol. They all left the game or switched to PC. Xbox was barely playable on PVE server with less structures and ships in render range. On PvP Server we claimed additional islands for the Xbox Players with reduced structures and defence and only 3-4 ships that they could play with only rubber banding movement and not a new screen after 30-50 seconds. As far I know the Series S is not even better than the One X so you need more performance and only way is to get a Series X. The Devs shouldn't even think about programming the game for low Xbox One or Series S. That's very rude from me to say it but it's the only solution that can work. I am not happpy with this because you pay more than triple the costs of the PC Players but the game is even not optimized for High End PCs. They need to fix bugs.... while they mostly add new stuff.Besides that they have to programm now 4 Xbox Versions for 4 different Xbox.... Edit: This post is not against the Xbox Players that I guess are more than 50% of the Playerbase of Atlas. Or other said i would expect to have about 50-80% of the PVE Players using Xbox... on PvP it's probably less than 10%, because you can't compete by any means due to technical restrictions of your hardware. Remeber a Series S is a hardware for <300€ .. a Series X for ~600-700€. If you buy a PC to play Atlas you have to pay minimum ~1200€ for low/medium requirements or much more if you buy a new graphics card with the high sales price right now.
  25. Good luck, you probably played more than 2 hours so you will not get your money back from steam. I started the first 15 hours in Atlas in the main menu because I could not enter official Servers... didn't get the money back... but played now more than 3000 hours... Sad for you that you also purchased the game on Xbox as well for the triple PC costs... lot's of money spend for discovering all those bugs. This bug on PC and official Server I never heard about. There was a time where you could be rolled back to Level 0 and loose all progress when crossing borders and had to create a new Pathfinder but this was a year ago...
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