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  2. I don't recall selecting any mods but every time I try to log in now it's trying to install something, was terrible time before attempting to land stupid game in ten year old laptop now that it's hung in extra install it just crashes system!
  3. I been playing it all August and September. What are you talking about? Is the game just too hard for you?
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  5. Believe me, many of us are waiting. I feel like it should be soon according to previous seasons, excluding the first season mishap. Long live the greatest game.
  6. There is no place for such things in a pirate game! it's insanely unfair. Everything should be raidable and capturable. remove all this unfair junk!
  7. Good evening, small problem with my games. When i walk i have constant mini rollbacks. I have no problem with my pc config, i constantly have over 130 FPS / IPS and a constant ping at 70... I can't find the problem
  8. I just been out sailing fight not a problem jumped bk into my zone half my crew vanished but still registering as there so can’t even replace them I’ve gone bk to the zone we’re I was and jumped bk and forward alot time with no luck any ideas how to fix this soent hours now wasting my time trying to fix this to play with friends
  9. When are they wiping and starting season 14? 12 was march and 13 was June so September would be around the time frame.
  10. Well? Are you going to share with the rest of the class?
  11. Same here matey looks like they couldn’t be arsed to fix it
  12. So, I took a backup and tried a few things then restored. I used destroywilddinos no effect of the fps. I used destroy tribe structures to destroy all my tribe structure - no effect on the fps. I used destroy tribe structures to destroy all pirate structures (tribe 18) - no effect on the fps. The only thing that worked was deleting the grid file ocean_2_6.atlas and ocean_2_6_AntiCorruptionBackup.bak So, I need to move everything out of the grid and wipe it back to default.
  13. Help please.We created a server and configure it to capture the island with one flag does not work.What are we doing wrong?
  14. Hello everyone. We created a server, but we can't configure it for a great game. There are not enough settings in the .ini file. Tell me what you need to enter in order to capture the island with one flag? I have read all the sites and have not found any information. I will be very grateful for any information or direction to where it is written.
  15. The grid in which I built my base runs at 10 fps. Task manager is saying CPU 20% GPU under 15% in that grid. But notably disk usage is a constant 10%. The graphics settings make almost no difference, High, Medium, Low all 10fps. Initially it must have been running fast and I assume I built something that's slowed down the whole grid. The base has one 7x7 two story building. Two docks, 4-5 ships, Two swarm houses filled with bees and one with a mix of snake, ants and bats. A tame house with a few tames in it. I have a number of small crop plots fed by a water system. My PC is a i7-4770 with 16GB ram, an AMD Raedon VII graphics card and two hard disks (not SSD) The instant I sail out of the grid the fps shoots up to normal. Ditto fast traveling out. Logging onto an official multiplayer PVE server grid which looked packed still gives very high fps. Before I delete everything bit by bit is there any known thing that triggers this?
  16. In single player ocean at least, Ships of the Damned appear on the mini-map. So, it's rather easy to check the map and sail around them without even seeing them. On the stupidly high temperatures, I think there is a bug were jumping in the water to cool off isn't registered and you temp stays at 61 degrees, and you die. Maybe quit and load back in? I suspect running close to water and then away from the water a couple of times will also trigger it to register. For gold The Tramp and its shipyard don't require gold. So, build a Tramp with a large handling sail (closest the wheel) and a medium speed sail. Before releasing, replace the cargo attachments with a diving attachment (with rails), dingy attachment and two tame cargo attachments. The default cargo attachments slow the ship down, so you don't want any of them. Initially manually handle the large handling sail and the wheel and use flotsam to get gold for two crew. Have them man the sails. Then wear a lantern and dive on the wrecks. This gets 80-200 gold each time. A Tramp in this config will easily outrun any SotD and wild pirate ship. Only put points into sturdiness and resistance.
  17. what is the line and where would it go? Also thank you for replying!!
  18. Tried joing the xbox only official server and immediately crashed after crashing all day and cross play server any advice or help I really like this game ans want to play it with my friend but if I can't even load in I doubt he will be able to either
  19. jay pit


    Yea, there should only be a new season with content. Like if the fundamentals have to change, and they can't just do a normal update. I suspect they think that if they were not on such an aggressive wipe cycle they'd have difficulty retaining the attention of the people playing as this game gets a bit boring after the first few weeks of a wipe. IDK if that is truth. Nor what ought to be if such.. but perhaps if there were cells that didn't wipe that people could build up in with some ducking magical method to keep it all fair (like keep one tribe from hog a hole cell) I got tired of typing in the middle of my last reply I'm not going to write a dissertation on a broken old forgotten game... goodbye
  20. Hi Guys, So I am having an issue with my dedicated server. After a few days of it running, I will go to log in again and the game will bring up the character creation screen as if I am a new player. I basically lose all of my progress and the game doesn't recognize me as being an existing player. Any ideas on how to stop this from happening? Thanks
  21. Hello I realized you have to pay 100 gold coin for claimable tower right. Is that once or per day?
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