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  2. I have a friend who still plays and enjoys it but I haven't got back into it still uninstalled. Sad to see it going in the wrong direction, it is still based on big groups and pushes the smaller companies out or solo. As I understand the more people you have the more claim towers you can put down? How is that good for solo? My friend was originally in a company with a few players, had 6 towers down but could not put any automation structures down at all, it is stupid. Why limit the automated structures like warehouse and mines etc? Someone slaps 1 down you are stuffed. If you are going down that route give everyone the option to place at least 1 of each down and let it feed from the other structures that other people have to share if that needs to be the case. Nope I won't be back anytime soon, I will never say never as they may change again in another year with a wipe but for now I'm out. Not sure what the numbers are now but I won't be surprised to hear it has reduced again already.
  3. This post is more of a brain-dump about the new lawless claim tower system than a commentary. It's not comprehensive by any means, but hopefully it might be useful for anyone with questions about it. We're a small company of ten folks this season, so we decided to forego the whole island claim race and give the new lawless claim thing a go. So far, we generally like it as it seems ideal for small groups or even a solo, since a claim tower locks down a good chunk of land for yourself without the need to spam claim blocks. Now onto the stuff: You cannot place claim towers on lawless islands adjacent to freeports or on "quest" islands - like the polar islands where you do the yeti achievement. There might be more islands that are blocked, but we haven't found any. Claim towers have no "combat timer" or permission functionality at all, and they will not protect you or your buildings/tames from attack. Basically, they just give you a ring of building blocking and immunity from the lawless decay timer. Attackers can happily skip past your ring of claim towers and burn down your thatch shack 24/7, so plan accordingly. Only the claim owner can build within the claim tower circle; enemies and allies alike cannot. Player and company owned claim towers become owned by the inviting company when joining or merging. Claim towers are fairly cheap (no alloy for land claim towers), and one person can probably gather enough mats for one in a few minutes. Water claim towers are pricier since they require alloy. If you played in the first season, the claim mechanic will be familiar (since it's basically the old flag-claim, but with towers). Each company, even if you're a company of one, begins with 200 points to spend when claiming. Your first tower will cost (4?), and then scale up as you add more. Tower claims do not need to be adjacent (or even on the same island), and they cover a reasonably large area (this isn't us, btw): There's a one-hour(ish?) delay after you place a tower before the land is officially claimed, which you can see as a flashing green circle on the map. When first placed, the tower will have very low hitpoints, and will repair itself over the next hour to a maximum of 400k hitpoints. Note: On hover, there's an option to feed the tower 200g. We have no idea what this is for - maybe it instantly repairs it to full? Dunno. You don't need gold to place one, and we're not in the habit of giving gold to random buildings without knowing why. You can place multiple claim towers at the same time, and their circles can overlap. In the case of overlap, the first tower placed takes precedence: I.e., the first tower placed controls a full circle, the second overlapping one controls its circle minus the 'bite' taken from the first claim. This is relevant when placing towers next to enemy claims: you can place a tower directly next to (but not within) an enemy claim, and your claim will not capture any land controlled by the enemy tower until it's destroyed, Enemy claimed areas can only be captured when the enemy claim tower is destroyed. At 400k hitpoints, common cannons will need just over 300 cannonballs to destroy it. Water claim towers can only be placed adjacent to your own land claim towers (I'm guessing that this is to prevent monkeys from claiming chunks of open sea, as often happened in season one). Land claim towers follow the local build height limit (not the bed/cannon height limit), so you can definitely land claim mountaintops around you (and you should). Your buildings within a claim ring will not be subject to the fast lawless building decay rate. You might see a 'decay quickly' when you first place a tower - ignore it, it's a dirty lie. If you read nothing else in this list, read this... it's really, really important: buildings within a claim tower radius are owned by whoever owns the claim tower. Which means, if the claim tower in which your base resides is destroyed, and an attacker places their own claim tower in its place, the attacker now owns everything within the ring of their claim tower: every building piece, door, chest etc.. now belongs to them (i.e., their company's name appears on hover instead of yours), potentially without a shot being fired - other than those at your now-destroyed claim tower. It is possible to build around a claim tower and completely enclose it within layers of blocks and/or honeycombed walls (see above bullet point). That's all I can think of at the moment, but I'll add more if anything comes to mind. Feel free to add anything if you have additional insight or have specific questions.
  4. Juddo


    Wait, are all seeds not available at all seed vendors? Just went to one that only had chili, wheat, rice, and coffee.
  5. So with the launch for the new trade winds update, while I must definitely admit the trade winds feature added to the game is awesome and well done, the only issue I have with it, is that the even-ness of which way the winds blow, seems to be mostly right to left of the map With the trade winds comes other changes, like the gold cost to build ships, this is the dumbest thing added to the game since the season 1 claim system, while it doesnt effect mega tribes at all really, small tribes and solo bobs have to be very careful sailing around, ships are so costly to replace, might as well avoid the sea The new farming buildings, the mines , quarry, lumber yard, and farm house, these are great, makes the game more enjoyable not having to farm a ton, while I'm fine with the fact someone can access them and pop corn the entire contents, why would you allow others to be able to turn them off and on Creatures - its cool we have new creatures to be able to tame , breed etc, would be nice also for them to have a purpose, can the croc do anything? Creature movement, one of the most hated things about this game is the animal movement and synchronization, let's take the bear of example, while everyone knows its a carbon copy of arks bear, why would you not bring the movement of the bear from ark as well, it gets stuck on the stupidest stuff and Cant get past it, please fix Character food, the eating and vitamin issue in Atlas have been on going since launch but let's discuss the fact your vitamins drop low and you can eat to try fix it but then you start taking damage from over eating or drinking trying to balance them out Current PvP meta : Explosive barrel launching ships, Why build canons when you can launch explosive barrels from catapults and pretty much total a ship or anything in seconds, the barrels aren't really that expensive to make either New puckle towers are cool and work well, but its still cheaper/maintenance free to have 4 guys on puckle guns than run around topping up oil/coal every day This update has changed the game alot while things are getting better it feels alot like the game hasn't moved in two years, still working on the claim system, very little new content, still in early access, grapeshot your heading in the right direction ,just pick up the pace before this game is to old and everyone's bored of it
  6. Hi dear stupid please go and play in PVP server and don't you never ever cry about PVE.. But better yeah dont come back less cry baby's less drama.
  7. Throw it overboard, drag it under the keel! SHOOT!
  8. You're still here? Damn, I thought they got rid of you when they did the wipe
  9. Yesterday
  10. 16 - Some (not my) thoughts of fractions. Just because I was out today and didn't do any playing - I wanna do quick back to your 7th QnA. To this point: I'm not really in to games actually. But my brother is. He plays alot and watch streams alot more (sometimes he plays and watch streams at the same time, he has 2 screens). He is game maniac and knows alot about games. Tons of different kind of games, offline, online etc. And I told him about your quote above. And you know what was his comment? He told: - Yeah. This is Star Citizen. RDR. GTA5 online. With no fraction and players all by themselves. You know what's happening there, when you play online and see another player? Your first reaction will be - avoid him at all cost. Because he can be ganker, griefer, or other kind of stupid troll. So you like play online but yet don't understand - why there is online there? All interactions are huge risk and unwanted. Even after you chat with someone, and you agreed to do something together, he can just shoot you in the back after that, for trololo-reason. And not a single game developer create any solution for that leaving it to the players to deal with it themselves. All player do is play solo as much as they can. All fraction stuff will solve this problem by showing who is your friend and who is your foe.
  11. I agree, when I first logged on two years ago I thought it had great potential also. I do enjoy playing Atlas. I don't think it has progressed very far in those two years. The map got smaller, didn't like that. They put hats of bears, I think that was dumb and looks like for children. A wipe twice a year and starting a zero sucks. The best thing is the gathers, this update made them worse and caused the need for more. I don't like these changes (more spam and servicing). With everyone wanting 4 or 5 now, the spacing really sucks. The market is nice for gold but how it works is questionable. The devs stopped posting on their own forum over a year ago. Over all I enjoy the game but no longer hold any hope for that potential.
  12. C'mon people, don't you think life's punishing him enough already? Where is your compassion?
  13. Can you not spawn at a freeport anymore?
  14. I need help. Started the game for first time and spawned in middle of the sea. I managed to swim to a small island with a shop and 2 docks on different parts of island. Nothing else. No res to pick up or gather. No gold. To get to another bigger island i have to swim...well i got killed by sharks now 15 times and still stuck on the small island with nothing. Help please
  15. Do you have information about the Dev team that is working on Atlas? I think here is silence for long time @Nami @Chismebeard... let us know what you know about "them"? I am tired of writing here to nobody... listening to the sound of silence.
  16. Do it, can't see this mental illness person posts.
  17. A solo server would be super cool, like in Last Oasis. They made a solo server (very full as this is a dream of any solo PVP player who believes into class over mass. 5 man clan servers and also servers for mega companies consisting of tons of warlord slaves and losers, who are not able to survive on their own. But please a solo server without these trash claim towers. I am a super skilled solo PVP player, unfortunately one with a job. Coming home just to find out that i was claim tower offline raided is not cool.
  18. Exactly correct. Last Oasis went directly into the opposite direction : They introduced a solo universe, so you can be sure to fight 1:1, thats fair and fun. If you lose a fight it is not the end, the winner can loot your body, looting your scout ship is possible, but already a challenge with efforts. Looting your main base is nearly impossible if not a super super rich player lets lose all his farmed firebolt from 3 months on you. Atlas is on they way to hell. I loved it, especially the NPC crew that allows a solo player to enjoy the full game. But with the current dev crew of YouTuber, Troll, Deathsquad veteran and Megatribe lovers it is full fail.
  19. Ahoy Pathfinders! If you've been to the ATLAS Steam Store Page lately, you may have noticed that we've been broadcasting ATLAS Gameplay! We think it would be awesome if we could showcase videos and content from our community! We’d like to especially thank content creators ThaiJetEye and decoyy whose videos we’ve showcased on the store page! Be sure to give them a like, follow, and subscribe! If you haven’t seen them, ThaiJetEye’s Kraken Fight and Private Server tutorial can be found here: Decoyy specially edited some footage together, and you can find many PVP fights and other content on his channel! Here are a couple of his recent videos: We hope you’re enjoying the Tradewinds update and the start of the new season! Now that the seas a bit more familiar, we’re looking to showcase the latest gameplay, tutorials, fun edits and content from the latest update! How to Get Featured & Win At this time, we are looking to accept a wide variety of videos - whether it is gameplay footage, a streaming session, a discussion video, a how-to/tutorial, a fun/creative video, or even a trailer for your private server - whatever it is, we'd love to feature it! We encourage you to overlay your videos with your gamertag and/or social media so that viewers who come by know where to find you! All videos that we feature will be eligible for a community vote in June where the top 3 videos with the most votes will win an Amazon Giftcard! First Prize: $25 Amazon Giftcard Second Prize: $15 Amazon Giftcard Third Prize: $10 Amazon Giftcard General Guidelines for submission: No NSFW or inappropriate language or content Harassment, abuse, hate speech or any kind of discriminatory speech will not be tolerated. Footage must abide by the ATLAS CoC which can be found here: https://www.playatlas.com/index.php?/code-of-conduct/ No copyrighted music or audio Video must be ATLAS related only and must not feature or reference other games You may submit videos of content that you have already created or uploaded elsewhere, or create new ones! You may submit multiple videos if you'd like as well! If you are interested, please email your submissions to us at communityteam@playatlas.com with the subject "ATLAS Broadcast Video Submission" Only .mp4 files will be considered. Please provide a downloadable link to your video(s)- Google drive links are preferred. Please also include a youtube mirror link for each of the video(s) you submit In the case that we choose to showcase your submissions on our other platforms - please also include links to any of your channels or social media so that we can promote you and your content! Video Submissions are due by May 28th 11:59:59 PM PST. Please note: Submission of your videos does not guarantee that your content will be featured. Although as long as your content is appropriate, it is very likely that we will feature it. For full Terms and Conditions see here Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns as well. Thank you for your interest! We look forward to seeing your creativity! Happy Sailing, - ATLAS Crew For the latest dispatch on #playATLAS keep yer one good eye trained on this here information Natter n' chatter on Discord: https://discord.gg/playatlas Hear ye, hear ye on Twitter: https://twitter.com/sailtheatlas Watch us scallywags on Twitch: http://twitch.tv/sailtheatlas Plus ye can band with us Pirates on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/playatlasgame
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  21. I would love to see a solo or a small company up to 10 members offical server. With fresh wips every season. Just seeing the numbers of 176 people in one company or more is bad for the game. I wish they had limites.
  22. An appreciation post on the forum, those are rare! Idk if its because im use to playing Ark and this and im just used to all the bugs and the engine quirks, but I honestly dont have too many complaints about this game
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