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  2. I never understand offline raiding either. Would those people cheat at solitaire? I know in eso pvp you can't lose any possessions, but there is nothing better than having an out an out mass melee battle. Win or lose.And all the xp is nice too.
  3. Well my point is the game is dead and it is a failure which all of that is true. I didn’t say I want pvp and pve to merge. What I said is that if it does then those are the only two ways to do it. I see pvp as boring as well. Waiting till someone is offline just really makes it no fun and also boring. Either way the game failed on many levels.
  4. How can devs design games in a way that changes nothing or takes nothing away from their vision of what the games potential is while removing some of the hoops to grouping up? i wonder. like can you join a clan get kicked then lose all your stuff? i have no idea. if that did happen i would imagine that i probably wouldnt join another thing. do i need teemspeak or discord? how tf can i be apart of a thing? no matter. i will now brutally harvest this turtle.
  5. I used to think that it was mainly reasonable adults posting on this forum, I'm beginning to think I was wrong. There is no pve vs pvp conflict, as both play styles atm are played on completely different servers. There is also a single player mode which is pve too. They are just the different play styles that we all bought Atlas for. Both pve and pvp have a right to complain about the current state of the game imo, early access or not.
  6. LOL... PVE was always dead, the moment you have done all the PVE content over and over again... when your game ends PVP begins... PVP is dead because they changed significant PVP rules AND because we are waiting for the wipe... You see PVE players don't like wipes, because all their beauty will get wiped and they have to do it all over again - which just proofs that PVE has so limited content that you guys do not want to do it all over again... hence the "tames don't want a wipe" meme going on right now... PVPers get wiped all the time on a personal level, rebuilding is part of the game... a general wipe gives us the option to do it better next time... you know 'competition', not just playing with yourself with spectators... and again, you are here talking about giving PVE more content, because you want more to do without playing the full game... why are you complaining when you say that it is PVP that is dead...?!?!
  7. i agree BP ship's are dumb stock ship pvp is funner
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  9. We will have to see how New World is when released. It's release was delayed for a year on advice from beta testers, for lack of content. I will be there on opening day to check it out. You can look at beta game play videos. I'm not that impressed. We shall see in a few months.
  10. Pvpers would have to pay if you expect PVEers to provide product. This makes a far better economy than this silly warehouse gold printing machine. (100% broke until you get a warehouse, then you're rich) That means pvp actions needs to pay. Such as every player ship sunk drops gold and gear just like an npc ship but more. An amount worth adding to the value of the fight. Like half the cost of building the ship plus some of it's gear. Every claim tower destroyed pays x amount. Every enemy player killed pays x amount. Then PVPers can sail back to the safe zone where us barbie playhouse PVEers have everything for sale they need to refit and stock up for their next run to the combat grids. Just like RL pirates back in the day. The war zone should have reduced resources. PVPers may spend days at a time in the war zone but then if they are going to be away for a few days, they can sail their ships to a safe zone dock yard... to not get Off-lined while away. Off line pvp is the dumbest thing I've ever seen. Others may fill a mid level risk jobs like cargo runners, from the safe zone to war zone bases. Factions could be the English and the Pirates.
  11. Come on man, pvp is empty as well. Pve people left because they got rid of the frost pve cluster to begin with. Pvp servers are just as dead. And nah, I have seen plenty of pvp people complaining. Deny it all you want but I have seen plenty of it. I will definitely be waiting for new world then. Haven’t heard of it yet but thanks for bringing it up. I’ll make sure to look it up today. Players are already leaving anyways so even if new world doesn’t take them something else is already.
  12. Before good mechanics... you need servers that can handle the load.
  13. the same thing happened to me too, it's absurd, a whole day building a base and the next day another player took everything !!!
  14. I dont know if you realised they started to fix this allready, they reduced runs on BPS. To my knowlage better connons still comes in crafts of 1-3. Shipyards still come in crafts of one etc. Planks and gunports and decks? Ergo, it will be way harder to craft a better ship. But you are right it gives you motivation to play the game, getting everything together instead of killing some rhinos/squids. 250 BP with 17% bonus isnt near 300. its (250-100)*1.17 +100. And thats your max bonus, most will still be <260 saddly. You also will have ~14.4% max bonus as level 90, so crafing a 270% will be lucky allready. You find, kite, kill and harvest the hydra in one minute? There is no twigs monopoly, there are on like 6 other islands as ground leafs. People have farms there gathering millions, you can gether with bear etc. For PVE: Apart from my correction here, i also think you are right, you want to have progression, this game needs progression from my pov. But it looks like they aim for faster setting up and then hope that fighting neighbours is the motivation to keep going. I really disliked the maintaining of the farms/warhouse/markets. I didnt even needed all the stuff that got gathered. If i wanted to build someting, everything was just there.
  15. - whining in this forum is under the /pve/... PVPer take the game as is or quit, but as you say PVEer are too invested in it (and got lots of empty time thinking about what would make their empty time more empty)... PVEer play the PVE and complain that there is not much to do... PVPer play the PVE as a means to an end called PVP... all you do in PVE server is there to be used for PVP... which you not have = no purpose... therefore PVE complains... hell it is always so funny when you guys come complain "wahahaha, some baddy spammed my base !"... well there is a in-game solution for that since release... but you switch PVP off... that is why the worst griefers and complainers are the dwindling PVE crowd... - well hello, a survival game... where everything is a resource... used for something... call it survival... (ps: "survival" not available on the PVE servers) - "I'm coming down fast but I'm miles above you"... Funny how you say that with only one server less full than each of the PVPs... seems like you people have ruin out of things to do faster... And yeah, you hit the nail on the head... with less PVP player playing there is not much else to do than PVE, ergo people leave... QED see the empty PVE server...
  16. Well factions will be a big test comming soon... but not in Atlas... the game is called Amazones New World and it will attract very much of the Atlas Players and fans of MMOs and MMORPGs. Unfortunately that game is some different style game because it's simply an RPG - PVE game with PvP options. Devs stated that Atlas shall be an open sandbox survival game with even less RPG in the future... but the future will show if the Players will stay after New World launch. I guess New World's launch will be different to Last Oasis that could not get most of the Atlas Players for more than 1-2 weeks. I did not try LO myself because wood bases/walkers in the desert... it's attracting me like Dinos in Ark = totally not. But in New World players will lose their ability to build their base, harbor and ships in a open sandbox.
  17. Well the numbers will not drop thath much.Why? Because the game was purchased by i guess about more than 100000 people besides some bought several accounts or switched from Xbox to PC... as long the Devs do something there is always Players comming back to test out if the Devs did something good. I myself do so. I play PVE and test the trading as well as a little the new ships. The Xbox Players paid all more than the double price for their game considering the standard game price of about 25€. But also there are many out there that got the game for 4€ in sale or just bought 3-4 copies at that time to gift it or make alternative accounts. Also all steam numbers do not include the Xbox Players that are still out there... well most likely in the PVE. The next patch will maybe bring a new map with new island templates in the best case and maybe the Devs do even add some unexpected stuff which means Players will start playing, testing and on PVE end up keeping there stuff alive with daily log in to restart the farmhouses etc.(Like i do currently myself). So PVE numbers may not drop if the PVE server remains. A big change could be Amazones New World if that concept of factions will show if it's good to attract the PVE gamers as well giving the PvP Players lots of opportunities. I guess that game has more potential to make Players leave than Last Oasis.
  18. I said what is being suggested is turning the game into an arena game and Atlas is not going to work as an arena game for the reasons i outlined. Then you reply but this is how you turn the game into an arena game. If i say: "I don't like cookies" and you reply: "This is how we make cookies?" Do you think you have understood what i just said? Please let me know, because what you just wrote had nothing to do with my post... 1100 people? 700? I have said Pve is dead? What are you talking about? When have i said PvE is dead? This is a narrative you made up right now and the Random numbers with zero context. Posts like this leave me with a ton of questions. Did you actually read my post? Did you read it but not understand it? Are you just trolling? Is it all of the above? Should i just lump you in with chukkiki and not take your posts seriously?
  19. (Official pve) Unless they do something with h11 monopoly on twigs, I sure as hell would rather use a giraffe to collect them than by hand. Or you can buy them at 250g per 1000 from lotus and mess around with setting that up. Maybe you can fill me in on a way to trade with them via market trade. Or "renting" one of their farms. On 5x harvesting I friggin load up! Point being there is a time and a place for tames. There is an economy based on tames and breeding. I've interacted with more people due to tames than any other element in the game. Taking that away is taking a pillar of the game out. This game is huge and has depth. There is so many things to figure out and utilize in this game. To be short sighted and want to only sail around and shoot things from your ship seems elementary to me. Don't get me wrong, it's a pay off from hard work but to have the best stuff to do that with, you need to utilize the tools provided in the game and tames being one of them. How quickly can you get to the ocean floor on the back of a crab? Almost instantly. If you're freezing, jump on a wolf. If your over heating, jump on an ostrich. Instead of beating on rocks like a cave man, do it in style with a rhino. Gathering and moving materials without tames just makes the game more simple and more of a tedious grind. Tames bring a whole other large element to the game. Why wouldn't you want them in the game? Its more enjoyable collecting materials imo than fn around with that damn market. I have 10 collecting and trading and funneling materials to a central base and I spend more time turning on farms and traveling to them so they don't decay and messing with trades than just playing the game. I'm losing more and more interest in the game messing with them because it has turned into a job. Tames are fun and useful. Bottom line. More so than these dumb pre-made ships. Leave the tames, lose the pre-made ships imo!
  20. Ah ok. Yeah we really need tames then for multiple reasons.
  21. To reply to your confusy face, 250% bp + lvl 120 crow + dolphin perk + lvl 90 character maxed in intelligence (~17%) = a little less than 300% cannon. With the math out of the way, place 18 of them on the back of a brig. Now agro a hydra and kite it off shore, to which it doesn't get very far from, and it take less than 400 cannon balls (accuracy is bad in auto shoot) at 18 per volley, that equals out to 2000 mythos in a little over a minute. Mythos sell for 1:1, so 2000g in a little over a minute. Try that with that kraken boat psssssss.
  22. Some of these guys must not see the value of adding an extra 17% on top of 250% damage mythical cannons. Maybe if they saw what 18 300% damage cannons do to a hydra, they may change their minds.
  23. Careful man, a few of these guys want to get rid of tames in general. Seems like you like the tames right?
  24. I also took the survey and found myself typing, "give these pre-made ships value. They don't offer anything i can't get from building my own" for 80% of the questions. I can build an all mythical ship that repairs itself when anchored. Why would i want this other crap. The fun is in getting the mythical stuff, getting high lvl crows, getting dolphins, using maxed out components and designing it to fit my needs. Pre-builts are overpriced, boring, slow, un-customizable, worthless floating toilets. And on top of that, even at 50% more damage on common cannons, it doesn't compare to the mythical ones I've built that are 150%+ more. That renders the kraken perk useless. So all you really get are no pros and all cons.
  25. Totally agree, even the @Pant guy brought up a lot of stuff(thanks for that) that neither pvp nor pve wanted. Pvp and pve people spend so much time arguing with each other that we really forget who the real enemy is.... the devs. I mean they have shown a complete disregard for all of us that it isn’t funny, it really isn’t. This game will not go anywhere and it is unfortunate, but at some point another company will make an awesome game like this. This wasn’t the first pirate game and it sure won’t be the last lol. Let’s just let these guys fade away into the sunset and be patient for the next game.
  26. Yeah because they shit the bed from the beginning. It is very easy to make it to where factions have safe and no safe zones but still allow for pvp. One east fix is flagging for pvp does not allow you to go into pve zones for a certain amount of time. keep coming up with why it wouldn’t work and I’ll not only let you know why it would work but I’ll also keep pointing out the 1100 people that play it. Actually since you said pve is dead let’s just start calling it 700? Is that a fair estimate? If not let me know and I’ll start using the number you throw out to me. Deal?
  27. Sociopath? Really man? Smh yeah nobody wanted most of that stuff but as far as Xbox port? Yes pvp definitely wanted that. Numbers were already low and they most definitely wanted it. I remember Xbox players complaining it being crossplay and the pc players saying to deal with it and being excited about it, so bother bother with your BS on that one lol. just goes further with our first disagreement on how much of a failure this game is. They added tons of stuff nobody wanted, never communicated in any kind of professional manner. Kept wiping the game even when it wasn’t actually needed. Basically lied from the beginning, and broke something every single update they have ever made. Let alone missing update marks(don’t bother say other companies do too lmao). This game doesn’t even deserve the 314 spot you talked about you literally just gave multiple reason why. I am glad we agree on the dumpster fire at least.
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