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  2. So I used the Nitrado Server Grid Editor and we have a functional server, but it appears as though it's outdated and doesn't contain things like the Ramming Galley. Is there another map creator thats u[dated or is there a way for us to add that as a buyable?
  3. Same issue for me on xbox one x. No bug fix yet? Despite adding more content. Typical.
  4. For some reason, after the last update, there are no ship of the dammed in the sea anymore. Server Blackwood, I run the entire map and just found a few behind the map limit ( impossible to kill ), so this seems to be buged.
  5. You're letting me have Dolphins? Okay, I might come back now.
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  7. Patch notes say its a known bug that it may quit jumping after crossing grids... Maybe thats it?
  8. Hey I am standing and need help to set up 2 server to run multi server there is no one who can help me !! .. Have made it work that you see a blue wall now but when I cross it i get a disconect ... NEED HELP. Redis is also working on the master server and conectet .. Hope some can help me
  9. Devs, the idea is nice, but it is super annoying to tame them. The dolphins are way to fast to chase, even with max swimming speed skill. When you are close enough to press „e“ to feed it is nearly impossible due to the server lag (you press „e“ but nothing happens). Furthermore the dolphins swim away, after a while. It is impossible to tame the dolphins without the diving equipment as the sharks are looking for you without. Please make this easier !
  10. Do anyone are facing this problem ? My tamed dolphin simple refuses to jump now, it seems to be an bug, do anyone are facing this bug also ? Any workarround ?
  11. Had a break from Atlas recently? Or looking for new seas to sail on? Underdog Theory has launched a fresh 4x4 map for all the waifs and strays of Atlas! Lets face it, we know Atlas made a bit of a flop in the gaming scene but there are plenty hearty sailors out there that are still fond of the obnoxiously loud intro music and running across server barriers into a fleet of SOTDs. With a full map set up that includes all content and bosses, comfortable gathering rates to support a creative and build and breed friendly community Underdog Theory is a perfect place for builders, breeders, explorers, traders and those guys that just live on their sloops on the coast of someone’s island. (We’ve got mods for smaller workbenches so sloop guys we got your backs!) PVE with one PVP grid for those who enjoy shooting holes in other peoples ships, lightly modded with build friendly, ease of life mods and the ability to get your hands on some colourful animals through trade and events via our friendly community. Why not grab your sailing gear and give the seas another chance! Hardware: Our game servers are running on enterprise grade servers at an OVH datacenter. This ensures the highest possible server availability, but most importantly it gives you the smoothest gaming experience possible. CPU: Ryzen PRO 7 3700 8c/16t @4.4 Ghz RAM: 128 Gb ECC 2666MH Storage: 2x SSD NVMe 960GB Soft RAID Map: https://i.imgur.com/fokYIp0.jpeg Modlist: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1649984925 Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/wEpJBgE
  12. Hi, I have to say, as a returning player, there seem to be something fundamentally wrong with the system as it stands. I come back after a hiatus of 6 months or so, and am starting from scratch. I discover to my "horror" that to build something as simple as a schooner, I have to gather 5000 gold?! In addition to the other resources. Ok, that is what it is, I get that it is related to the trade system and that is fine. I suppose that this means it should be relatively easy, compared to diving and digging for treasure, to raise the 5000 gold. Right, so I build my marked. Bit expensive, but that's ok, because I am going to make a killing, right? Ok, the marked doesn't work without a warehouse... Ok, that makes sense, I suppose, so I gather the materials for a warehouse and am finally able to put it down. And this is where the logic chain breaks down. I cannot put down my warehouse, because there is apparently another one in the vicinity. I cannot see it though, which suggests, that since I have a fairly good view from my spot, the exclusion range of a warehouse is quite large. This means, that it is almost impossible, or at least very very difficult, for a small single-member trading company like myself, to get some trade going, because there isn't room to get started? There is something very very wrong with this system, if I am required to join a large trading company just to get into the trading system. Seems to me, that the exclusion range on e.g. warehouses should only apply within a company. The same goes to some extend for farmhouses, quarries, mines etc. I get that logically, there has to be a limit to the automated resource gathering in an area, but since real estate in this game is limited, it makes it incredible difficult for new players to get started. You find a nice spot, build a nice base, get ready to build a larger ship. Only to discover that you cannot put down essential structures because you're within the exclusion range of another structure that does not even belong to you. I really do not know what the intention with the system is, but there seems to be some major flaws in it.
  13. Just a thought, what about having a hanger for subs that can be mounted on a jetty\dock so you could leave it at base if it's not needed.
  14. Hello, A bit of feedback, my friends using an Xbox series s can't see paintings? I can see them on my Xbox series X and I'm fairly certain you could see them on a Xbox one X? Is that a setting somewhere? Seems a bit odd as the series s is more powerful than a Xbox one X.
  15. with the last patch the sport is unplayable for a solo player or maybe 3-4 people. it would not sense good to now not be able to get admission to eighty% of the game. the ability tree is a good concept but i think crafts ought to be unlocked with stages and the ability tree need to be a separate thing. as an example, if someone specialises in seamanship, boats ought to value much less substances to make or need to have extra hp. someone who specialises in archery should get bonus damage with bows, and so forth. (awful examples but you understand what i imply)
  16. spoil that guidance wheel and location a new one at the nose of the ship. wreck those default sails and update them with excessive excellent sails (big managing at the rear as a long way returned as you may then a velocity inside the center of the ship) you will thank me for a way incredible well this element handles now. rowing is your nice friend. it doesnt rely as wind, its like you are doing small teleports. so in case you are shifting.. even at max pace. use the rowers. if the canons do now not work and display as (destroyed) / (demolished) then just park your boat someplace for 20 min and you may locate that the ship resets those components and the cannons once more paintings. dont hassle portray the deliver (sails and cannons are first-rate) when the ships resets you'll see the paint all goes away. you can restore the ship without the use of those special repair kits. simply set an nps on sweeping the deck and make certain you have got the standard thatch, wood, fiber, metal to your deliver storage field and the ship will fully heal through the years. questions or issues: i can not appear to put off cannons on the ship nor replace them with better ones.. painted sections of the ship revert once the ship is docked for a piece. still cannot vicinity ladders at the side that means we simplest have the rear one. nonetheless cannot place our very own wall sections, and so forth. ought to we please have a constrained capacity to achieve this? bottom ground nevertheless manner too short making the whole lot from the rowing phase to the back useless. especially with simplest 1 way inside and out from down there. we must have an break out hatch with a ladder leading to the deck wherein the unique steering wheel is. experience loose to add your mind. i like this deliver however guy.. it desires some qol fixes
  17. I dont know about the seed vendor, but the top right island on the map with the oriental style freeport seems to have the most vendors in blackwood.
  18. Do anyone knows where he is, or if it was implemented on blackwood ? I could not find anywhere, maybe it needs wipe to show ? Any console command to spawn it ?
  19. Last week
  20. Very frustrated with this update! First, the damn dolphins won't follow you if you get on your ship, so if you take your ship out to find a dolphin and tame said dolphin I guess you have to leave your ship behind in order to keep the dolphin! It's ridiculous! Warehouses!!!!! I was really hoping they would increase the amount of warehouses permitted on Islands! This is insane! It's literally impossible to find an island where we can put a warehouse down now cause of the limit of 4 per island!
  21. I just started playing the other day, I'm trying to convince another buddy to play aswell. I'd be willing to join up
  22. 15 - Trading feedback. Alright, I finally was able to join the party and set my trading!!! a) - To do so I had to wait until guy who built closest warehouse to me - drop the game and didn't show up for 20 days. Only then I was able to demolish his warehouse and built my. So... I mean, I hope that was your plan (and it's weird plan), so players only can experience some game features after another players drop the game for at least 20 days. If not - you screwed somewhere up. What developer in the world would wanna players don't play his game??? b) - Even tho my windmill and warehouse have enough fuel, windmill always stops due to lack of storage space. It means windmill and warehouse don't synchronized at all. c) - My windmill produces just a regular stuff. Some wood, thatches, fibers and stones. I also manually gather some metal (there is one spot with nodes in my island, but there are like 30-40 nodes there) and put metal to my warehouse. I set all 1x1 exchange - wood for different types of wood. Fiber for different type of fiber. Thatches for thatches. Stones for stones. Metal for metal. And that's it. You wanna know what I found in my warehouse after I log in today? - Tons of gems (ruby, opal, diamond). - Tons of ingots (iridium and silver). - Some eggs. - 100 cannonballs. I mean. I happy with that, but... DEVs you do know HOW UNCLEAR YOUR GAME IS? I mean WHY? Why did I get all this stuff? I didn't set it up for trading... who put it in to my warehouse? Can I pick it up, or I should leave it there so all stuff will continue travel to somewhere? ¯ \ _ (ツ) _ / ¯ d) - All logs trading related are AWFULL. I mean It looks like that: - 15:00 your shipment #3897503475 was sent. - 16:00 your shipment #9823429387987 completed. And i've got like 90+ pages in just ONE DAY. I mean who in the world will be able to navigate those numbers? But the bad thing about all this stuff it not the way it made. The bad thing is... well. It gives me the opportunity not to leave the island. I mean, before that, I had to do some exploration, to gather some different resources. And it was some kind of sail age romance. You sail somewhere and then you back home with ship full of stuff. Now I only need to build three building and wait until I've got all I need. And most of all - now we actually need to do some trading work. Instead of sailing somewhere, experience sea battles, I stay in my island, and riding horse for metal, to put it in warehouse, to set yet another trading route. You really sure you wanna PVE game became this like, so everyone will log in once a day, to just relaunch windmill and check what they've got in result of automated trading? I really hope you guys really do understand where you heading your game to. Right now I have more and more doubts I understand your vision. But correct me if I wrong. We are not going to see seas adventures anymore right? No more pirates of Caribbean. No more sailing age romance? We're gonna see some kind of ARK, at the release, with bases, tames, more tames, tames with hats and happy farmers and trading tycoons around right? You should at least not torture players, who waiting for THE GAME of sailing, piracy and adventures and make a clear statement of what you plan to turn your game in to. p.s. - And yeah. I wish I was able to at least paint my windmill, warehouse and market.
  23. After update I've been losing crew due to starvation. Didn't know why at first but found that the range of food larder has been nerfed. Wasn't in patch notes anywhere. Just a heads up. Probably due to a field change on official servers.
  24. So, we're trying mods on our dedicated server. We add the Mod ID to the configs and it loads, etc. eco's Decor is an example of one of them. We'll play for a while and make lots of custom stuff from them, and then shut the server down, add another Mod ID to the list, restart the server and none of the mods load. We go into the game and everything mod-related is missing. Restart the server, and it loads the mods this time, but we're still missing all of our mod content. This has happened twice now, exactly this way both times. Does this happen to anyone else? I don't know why this is happening. We're basically at the point where everyone's afrait to use the mods because they're afraid to lose it all.
  25. That’s a ridiculous notion. Not everyone has dozens of people in their company. People who are just starting out don’t have the luxury of having escort ships let alone the people to captain those ships! Even if they did, how are they supposed to get the resources and blueprints needed to make high tier items that can actually stand a chance against larger companies when the boat they need to use to get those resources can’t even make it from point A to point B without getting sunk?! It’s a catch 22 for smaller companies and it’s the reason the official PvP servers are dominated by like 5 companies. There is a very large unfair advantage which, if leveled a bit, would actually make the game more enjoyable for a lot more people.
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