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  2. Dochollyhood

    The Game Developers are Deaf and Mute

    We got Professor Oak'd. "Take this Pokemon and get the hell out of my lab," then becomes an unresponsive NPC for the rest of the game.
  3. HansenSM

    pvp 13/12 | Nightmare | X4 | PVP | SmallTribe

    Server will be up today!
  4. Jack Shandy

    The Game Developers are Deaf and Mute

    I feel sorry for the Xbox players. When we (PC players) started this game we had weekly captains logs, weekly screenshot art competitions with cash prizes, and a good amount of customer engagement. When the poor Xbox players started they got one captains log basicly saying "we're not talking to anyone anymore, bye."
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  6. Any news on this ?
  7. Dochollyhood

    The Game Developers are Deaf and Mute

    I spent a good portion of yesterday in the discord and as it turns out, they hinted at this in the last Captain’s Log. But when you say things like “batten down the hatches” and “hunker down”... your customers don’t take that to mean “fall off the grid”. Despite saying they would be available for crucial fixes and emergency assistance, they never said outright that they would be this inaccessible. And furthermore... NO ONE should ever be this inaccessible. There should be someone who does absolutely nothing but manage these forums, the social media, and other channels of communication.
  8. lol good morning. it already failed you cant put up such a big trailer and then deliver hot garbage.
  9. DJWK The Legend

    pvp Server with smaller groups and solo players

  10. GeneralReshiram


    have easy avoid mermaids by keeping a mount close as soon as im dismounted off the wheel I jump on my animal and let the ship sail out the circle with no trouble. they are pest tho…. being I found this out by luck do to running into my first one wondering why I dismounted and stuck on my giraffe feet mounted and saw the yellow ring and debuff I had. so I never sail without animal or two next to the wheel now
  11. Malinalay

    pve [EU-PVE] LF Razortooths

    push ^_^
  12. Jack Shandy

    Forum Recommendation

    OP try this https://www.playatlas.com/index.php?/search/&type=core_members&joinedDate=any&group[4]=1&group[18]=1&group[21]=1&group[24]=1&sortby=relevancy EEECEEE
  13. Ankylos

    Gold Disappeared

    Not sure if this is by design or not. If it is, it is beyond stupid. I placed a ship resources box and placed 982 gold in it. I didn't like the placement so I picked it up before the timer expired. I had thought the gold would be in a bag on the floor where I picked the box up. It was not. So, I had hoped it was like a water barrel and would be inside the box when I put it down again. It was not. The gold is just gone. I do not belong to a large company. We do not own an island. We play lawless. 982 gold represented a lot of farming for me. This is a broken mechanic and needs to be hotfixed. I will chalk my loss up to a learning experience, but it should not ever happen. There was in no way anywhere that I can find where this has ever been broadcasted as an issue. So, here it is. DO NOT EVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES PICK UP A SHIP RESOURCES BOX WITH GOLD STILL IN IT!!
  14. UDO

    Mega bases in lawless zone = tons of Lag

    so two wrongs make a right now ?
  15. UnknownSystemError

    Mega bases in lawless zone = tons of Lag

    When you have people who leave crap traps with no way to get trapped animals out, drop cookpits that take 40 days to decay everywhere, and various other trash structures all over and right in front of others access points, that is what you get. As these once a week warriors miss their 10 day deadlines, the spaces they occupied will continue to be pillared to stop people from rebuilding on them. As long as you have crap youtubers dropping channel advertisement billboards all over the place with no recourse, lawless will continue to be turned into parking lots. The chestthumper defense of "You're not the boss of me!" and the general fuck you attitude of a small percentage of players will continue to affect the majority until the system is changed on PVE.
  16. Hello and who here hasn’t notice that these mega bases built in PVE is why there so much lag in lawless areas? Also tropic B is why tribes have to block off lawless islands... and C because of this folks build on spawns and nothing is spawning like resources or wild creatures.... wish we could place pillars done to save the spawns or so somthing about tribes blocking access to rare resources like crystal or metal or gem nodes...
  17. Whitehawk

    The Game Developers are Deaf and Mute

    The sad thing is there are so many really good modders out there that could really add to the official game and probably would quite willingly. I love atlas and I don't want to see it fail.
  18. I find this statement a tad presumptuous. At this point they are not deaf and mute ...... they are ABSENT. I have heard on several occasions that many are working on Ark as opposed to Atlas. For all we know the new lead developer they brought in said "F*ck this" after figuring out what he got himself into. I have a feeling the Xbox release was not the great boon to business that they were hoping for. More like a last stand. Hell, I saw the game on Steam not too long ago for $4.74 during a sale. Lol ..... less than 5 bucks. smh Forums .... dead with no signs of dev life, Discord ...... dead with no signs of Dev life, Twitter .... dead with no signs of Dev life and Reddit ..... dead with no signs of Dev life. Completely and totally ABSENT is what they are. As much as I truly dislike pessimism, my faith in these guys is quite limited at best. Anyone who has played Atlas can see the potential. I just feel like that is where it will stay. The reputation of the game and the team behind it is toast and they don't seem to be trying to rectify the situation.
  19. Yesterday
  20. Whitehawk

    Add advanced Microphone settings to Atlas

    On my xbox the mics on all the time now, I don't know any way to turn it off in game.
  21. globytheoldpirate


    Maybe the big one (not trench one), but max I get was something like 900, big max
  22. Sleepinator2000

    The Game Developers are Deaf and Mute

    If you say so, but it also sounds like you've got nothing to lose in trying. If everyone adhered to required prerequisites, we'd still be banging two rocks together.
  23. I Am He Of Rowan

    Add advanced Microphone settings to Atlas

    YES PLEASE!!! This would be extremely helpful as I have this problem CONSTANTLY!
  24. Still interested in a trade
  25. On Friday 13th December we will restock our shop and will sell again treasure maps This weekend we will hold a little auction as well. So join our discord for more info .
  26. Jerryn

    How to delete a company ?

    I have put in a request for you, to have it delete.
  27. ThyrsoidToe

    How to delete a company ?

    If you're the owner, no. They can just leave.
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