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  2. Johnson McGee

    How to Damage Ghost Ship (SOLVED!)

    Is one Galeon enough to destroy it?
  3. hillbllywsperer

    hyrda on C6 stuck in mountain

    https://steamcommunity.com/id/Hillbllywsperer/screenshot/805494726467877149 https://steamcommunity.com/id/Hillbllywsperer/screenshot/805494726467877149 RESET C6 PLEASE
  4. hillbllywsperer

    hyrda on C6 stuck in mountain

    Please reset C6 there are a bunch of people here trying to do the hydra and it is stuck in the mountain and you cannot get at 2 heads no matter what you do.
  5. gimpbrush

    Kraken EU pve

    Hi, i have only a galleon with 50 cannons , do i need to put somme ballista on it ?
  6. Today
  7. it is my belief that both the NPC shipwrecks and the player made shipwrecks need work to become a useful game element; at the moment NPC shipwrecks are literally the worst at everything; they lack valuable resources in their random cargo, they may have a low end blueprint, and usually have a handful of gold coins. when you compare these generated wrecks to the other sources of valuable loot like maps and flotsam you quickly begin to realize their uselessness. On the other hand the player shipwrecks can often have great wealth aboard, but they should still be improved to elevate salvage work into something worth doing. these are my suggestions for generally improving salvaging in general NPC shipwrecks- NPC ships need to be overhauled to make them a worthwhile source of resources and to become more interesting in general. the first step to this is to add more types of loot to be found on these ships; make the wrecks have the ability to support multiple loot chests throughout the ship; and add more types of loot chests themselves. things like a ship resource box filled with raw supplies like wood, metal, thatch, ect. a gold strongbox filled with...... gold? lol.... also could contain some sort of gems and crystal as well. food larders filled with advanced food items and medicine. adding these different boxes would make shipwrecks have much more value to everyone; a source of wealth, supplies, and raw supplies. my second addition to these shipwrecks would be to change the appearance of these wrecks; i'd like to see them as larger, and styled to fit the loot within them... a cargo ship shouldn't be carrying massive quantities of gold, and a warship shouldn't have a stone shipment aboard... have the general loot contained within a shipwreck make sense with the type of wreck. i'd also love to see wrecks themed after SOTD... Player shipwrecks- these sunken vessels can contain great wealth in gold, resources, and blueprints but it seems a waste to demo the actual structure of the wreck itself; we should be able to salvage the ship itself with some risk involved. what i'd like to see is the ability to make a floatation device that can be placed on the hull of a shipwreck... when these are attached it gives the ability to "raise" a wreck to the surface allowing us to repair and reuse sunken ships. this would have to be balanced of course give it a chance of failure depending on the quality of the floatation devices used... failing to raise a wreck could cause the ship to break apart and despawn in a few days. the ability to salvage and reuse sunken ships would become a important part of surviving well in game; nothing like attackers leaving almost free ships for you! combinations? - we could also use the ability to raise wrecks on NPC shipwrecks; allow us to gain certain unbuildable ship types... of cource we would have to make the NPC shipwrecks be actual ships. thanks for reading.... i'll be editing this based off of the replies to this thread before actually putting this into the suggestions forum.
  8. lordkhan4444

    Any updates on the May mega?

    whatever happened to bounties on the heads of pirates? I don't even hear about that anymore.
  9. hillbllywsperer

    mythical galleon max level?????

    ugh ok thanks
  10. Willard

    mythical galleon max level?????

    51 is max. lvl with 200% quality ship.
  11. Recent efforts have left us with too many bears. We left some in SW Temperate Freeport, northern island. Help yourselves
  12. WInslow

    Any updates on the May mega?

    good point
  13. hillbllywsperer

    mythical galleon max level?????

    Why is my Mythical Galleon with 153 ship quality capped at level 47???????? I am stuck at 144210 of 144211 and Ive sunk at least 20 galleons now and cannot gain one more point. Is this really the max level this is going to reach or is something bugged?
  14. Luna Ravenstar


    My bookcase folders are bugged. They're not full (some only have 3 in them) nor is the bookcase itself full. I built a second one, made a few folders and they too won't accept any BPs. Any ideas?
  15. Luna Ravenstar

    Admins/Dev Foundation Spamming

    Oh wow. Yep that's the island where I live. These guys not only currently have the whole fort/village blocked off but had the entrance entirely walled off because he was in an argument with one of this neighbors who eventually gave up and stopped logging in there. Someone reported it and the devs took out the bay blockage but the fort is still all gated up. There's a discovery point in there too!
  16. hillbllywsperer

    Ship max. Level 50

    woohooo 6 extra level for a mythical shipyard with a 153 crafter bonus!!!!! are you shitting me Grapeshot. My asshole hurts now! 153 ship quality not crafter bonus let me correct that
  17. hillbllywsperer

    Ship max. Level 50

    well I have a mythical galleon and the shipyard has 153 ship quality and im stuck at level 47. ive been 10 points from leveling for over an hour and have sunk 11 ships and have not gained one more point towards leveling up. I feel so privileged to be screwed by atlas again and have my time and resources wasted on their garbage game design. sorry 1 point I meant im at 144210 of 144211 level 47 and cannot level it anymore. WTF what a waste of time building a mythical shipyard
  18. Roadster

    3x Weekend Hosing Taming/Imprinting

    I agree, or at least do it more often besides the usual harvesting etc! Although it still takes hours and hours from the start until full maturity, it's actually doable for players like me who can't spend that much time on the game. I'm having a blast these last days with the breeding and searching for new potential breeding candidates. I completely forgot (and couldn't care less) about the boring resource gathering, which I'm normally doing on these weekends. Breeding is so fast, when I was on a short trip away from base, even my guard bears had time to do the sexy thing and gave birth without me noticing lol. rip that little one.
  19. Hello Systemfehler , Thank you for the many nice words. Yes, we always strive to make our buyers feel as comfortable as possible and like to come back. As a result, we teach many nice people like you and are always happy who you make nice contacts and make buyers happy. We help and suport our customers around the purchase and even after that we always have an open ear for them. It was very nice to get to know you hope we see or write to us more often. Dear greetings Grace and Anne
  20. Draega Zintul


    As a PVE island owner, there is no way to talk to people in game unless they're online at the same time as you. With everyone playing at different times, getting a message to your island settlers can be basically impossible. I propose a mailbox. An item that can be crafted and built outside your own build area. Anyone can interact with it to leave messages for the company that owns it. In order to read the message, the owner company has to interact with it. In order to reply, you have to physically go to the other company's mailbox and do the same.
  21. An "adult themed game" a rational used often by people who are anything but adults
  22. I had the same thing happen to me, hung myself and got the curse. Five real days passed and still had it. The only thing that seemed to fix it was taking my skeleton down from the rope and getting my skull back.
  23. Alaister

    pve PVE EU WTS Bear and Blueprints by Noxx Aeterna

    New Bears Aviable up to lvl 62 New in the list - Giraffe
  24. Knubbel

    How to Damage Ghost Ship (SOLVED!)

    yes that's how it works. but still needs to be fixed
  25. Alaister

    Kraken EU pve

    We are 4 and bring an Brig
  26. Whitehawk

    Unthinkable Delicacy craftable?

    If you want to empty your stomach quickly,use a shovel and dig.
  27. DannyUK

    Someone blocking off a bay in M5 EU server

    Yes I live here also and there are many people on the big island doing this, see my other post. https://www.playatlas.com/index.php?/forums/topic/72198-adminsdev-foundation-spamming/&tab=comments#comment-365985 gradfathers I thnk have blocked the gems off but if you go to whispering island I have a ladder there for gems for everyone, help yourselves.
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