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  2. gnihar

    Company name must be binding!

    I am actually against that change. While I am not big on offlines, I can appreciate a ninja raid if successful. Adds an extra play style, and it is viable if the perps are not detected by guarding member: high risk but high reward.
  3. I only know the official Empires will be deserted, so pretty similar to single player experience.
  4. gnihar

    Pre wipe ship battles

    I can only congratulate you for having people willing to actually repair all non ship building piece post battle by hand. That is why you will have more health than me. This is something I just can not force myself to do, nor does anyone I know have the will to do it. I will take my chances and not build armored. And the up side is more speed by less weight.
  5. Bandit_Black

    Every MEGA is going Colonies

    Pvp server means freedom. Now that freedom is taken away. What we have now is half pvp/half pve server and I'll try it but sounds really limiting to say the least. Instead of playing in bigger companies, the vocal minority got ORP and carebear rules. I'll try it but can't imagine this game will go anywhere like that. Because everyone needs to play where the pop is, and that will be colonies. Empire server is dead on arrival for various reasons.
  6. Cantore

    The merry Pirate's water base proposal

    Sadly, she gone.
  7. Salty Del

    NA - PvE Kraken Fight on Sunday Mar 24

    Thanks again for another successful run! Too bad it was so glitchy on the first one. Was anybody else noticing that the electricity sometimes affected you when the tentacles emerged, despite the tentacle nearest you not being electrified?
  8. Because, FYI, on Linux servers tames and crew disappear 100% when getting off ships. The problem mostly doesn't happen on WIndows servers.
  9. Today
  10. Another fun weekend. This is what we expected this game to be. Great community, on task admins, and pucker factor 10.....lol.....Thanx gang!
  11. Aside from GUS and game ini mentioned above, what about replacing defaultgame.ini and defaultgus files when they get replaced in some updates? I think I will switch to using this manager, versus what I'm using now. Looks nice! Adding update, looks like I have to wait for next update also, have too many grids.
  12. Bandit_Black

    PTR on the 27th of March

    Finally a use for PVE servers. Amen!
  13. Bandit_Black

    Huge mistake

    Ark numbers are spread out over many private servers. Ark is good but much more grindy then atlas and not huge maps but different server groups. Steam charts are misleading. There is plenty of healthy pop for fun. You all that rely on how popular a game rather than if you like it are just sheep imo.
  14. Talono

    Huge mistake

    The steam position will change after relaunch. But i agree, they will change from 4 servers now to 3 servers after relaunch, without regions. 25% cost saving is not so bad.
  15. Amy3

    Huge mistake

    Uh I have no idea, placing that many criteria on your list is kind of stupid. You know what is on the steam top 10 though? With tens of thousands of players at all times, compared to the pittance that Atlas gets? ARK: Survival Evolved lmao
  16. JackTheWack

    I wish there was good news for PVE

    Heck this caps lock guy just shows you that no mods or devs read pve forums lol...
  17. Dosomething

    offline protection

    This seems to be an ark player thing where they regard offline raiding as pvp whereas attacking a structure that does not fight back I.e a wall , is actually worse than pve. Now they have their own server with rules they want you can be guaranteed it will be devoid of life as all the easy targets are elsewhere and they would not want actual pvp, cmon man that’s too hard
  18. As the title suggests I am going to outline why Mega Companies (and tribes in the case of Ark) are good for the game. Myself I am what would be considered as a small 'bob tribe'. I have played ark since its released and now Atlas since its release on PVP official servers. I have always been either solo or playing with a small group of 4-5 friends, so this post will be from the view of a small tribe/company pvp player. Mega Companies/Tribes have been a large part of the game for a very long time, ever since games of this style has been created much to the love or despair of many different players. They do however have a very important role to play in the creation of the complete fun experience of Atlas and Ark Survival Evolved for many reasons. 1. Mega Companies and tribes create an incredible political side to the game enabling security and trade for your small company. One challenging yet fun aspect of these games is the politics within the games. As large mega companies grow and take claim to vast areas of the map, they create large empires that often war with each other. As a small company/tribe within the world that gives you the opportunity to get involved in global politics and wars. On your own your strength and power is limited to whatever you are able to do in your small group. With such a vastly large world such as with Atlas there is only so far you can reach and so much you can do to survive on your own. Even if mega tribes were non-existent there will always be groups out there that will seek you out and destroy you even if it's just to be a troll. Allying yourself within the empire of a mega-company gives you security as they will often protect you. Being within the mega-companies empire it also enables a much strong ability to trade. The mega-company has access to far more resources then you ever will, and even if you don't trade with them directly, having other small groups within the empire gives you easier access for trading resources you otherwise might struggle to get. Being part of the same 'empire' will make the other small tribes around you view you automatically as friendly, and an ally and more willing to trade you those valuable resources that would be otherwise hard to get due to travel time or having to fight hostile groups that control those resources. 2. Mega Companies force you to improve in pvp. A critical part of all video games is of course to improve your own ability to play them. If you do not improve you will lose and in a game like Atlas losing means being destroyed. There are many different types of mega companies out there. Some that are more friendly and will keep the peace with you if you do not provoke them, or even protect you from trolls and other mega companies that might seek to conquer your territory. There are of course highly aggressive mega companies that will destroy you without even pausing. These highly aggressive companies are critical to keeping a pvp environment competitive. If all mega companies were all roses and chocolates you would settle within territory under their protection and just let them defend you. You will never improve at the game and eventually, someone will wipe you. An aggressive mega on the map keeps you always on edge as any ship could be the one to end your existence on the map. Sure you can argue even if it was all small groups its the same but a small group only has as much resource and manpower as you do making the fight more even and easier to win. A mega-company however its game over. You see an unknown ship, shoot it, and you have 10 galleons on top of you and wiping your base in no time. You cannot win against such massive power, or can you? If you learn from getting wiped and improve at the game a small team can cause a lot of damage even against a mega. Anytime I get wiped I don't mope and cry about the mega-company and how unfair it is. I get even. Rebuild and be better. Learn how to rebuild stronger, learn how to fight better. Nothing is better than going up against that hyper-aggressive mega and have them waste more resources, more time only to have them lose more than you even had to start with. Hey, you may get wiped again but the satisfaction to know they lost half a fleet to wipe out 5 guys with 2 ships is worth having to rebuild again. A powerful lion with a thorn in its paw cannot hunt nearly as well, and will eventually die of starvation. Become the thorn that killed the lion, or just quit and play PVE noob. 3. Mega Companies keep the game alive. In any game there will be trolls, and there will be some players that are just simply much stronger at the game than everyone else and trust me I've played many games that have suffered this very problem. As sad as it is some players just simply will never 'get good' enough to beat the trolls, or beat the few elite players, and will eventually just quit altogether. What can they do? if they can't get better at the game, and the game just isn't fun anymore why play? I don't blame them. However, if you can team up and become a bigger meaner beast then the trolls or elite players they are less of a problem now aren't they? Having the ability to form a mega-company in itself keeps the game alive. Let's look at it this way, and yes I am Canadian, but imagine the elite player or troll being a large aggressive Moose. That Moose will go around and thrash around wrecking everything in its path just because it can and nothing else can contest it. Only another moose can but there are only so many other moose, and soon enough you will only have a small group of moose out there. However to take down a moose you have a pack of wolves. Alone or in a small group they are not very strong and will never beat that Moose but with a large pack they will eat that Moose for lunch. If you cannot form that large pack however because the game forbids it then the wolves will just all die off. Being able to become that larger pack to take down the strong threat keeps players in the game. If there's no way to be able to group up to take down the trolls or elite players the game will soon enough be only a few trolls and a small core of elite players. Mega-Companies ensure that doesn't happen by keeping those players in check and keeping the player counts high. 4. "But Mega Companies just kill all small companies" - no you are just dumb... Many people will argue that mega companies just kill small companies. They wipe all us small companies and force us to join them or quit. Well no I'm sorry you are retarded. As I stated before there are two types of mega-companies. highly aggressive and more friendly ones. If you find yourself getting wiped and told "join us or die" well I'm sorry to say you are living in an area of the highly aggressive company. Just pack up and settle elsewhere, OR get better at the game and become that thorn that I mentioned earlier. Most mega-companies don't give two shits about the little guy that is not allied with them or living under their protection. Every mega-companies main focus is that other mega-company. They pose the greatest threat to each other and the entire goal for them is to wipe each other out. They spend vastly more time and resources fighting one another then they do anywhere else. out of every 4 mega-companies only 1 usually has that 'join us or die' mentality and honestly joining them is going to be worse than just relocating anyway. 9 times out of 10 the company with the 'join us or die' mentality is full of toxic people with retarded leadership. If you have the motivation and skill to fight back and stay within their territory then do so and make their life hell, or if your more of a pve player who wants to casually play pvp go settle in a more friendly mega-company territory. Oh, but you don't want to 'submit' yourself to the mega-company? well then band together with other like-minded players and form your own mega-company as clearly a small company is not the place for you. Either that or go play PVE because PVP is not the place for you. Summary: At the end of the day, mega-companies are what keeps these games alive and create more complex and fun dynamics within these games. PVP environments are meant to be competitive where players fight over players. PVP = Player VS Player remember! Mega-companies keep the game competitive and really drive the pvp in the game. You have to either learn to get better at the game to stay competitive, form your own mega-company, or learn to play a more political game to ensure your survival. They keep the trolls and elite players from killing the game, and really make the game into what it was designed to be. If you don't like it then go play PVE or play a different game because this game is clearly not the right type of game for you.
  19. Salandrion

    255 ping 1 player

    Went to O11 to get some tresurechests. Joining the server a lion standing on deck disappeared from the ship, ping 255. undead are not spawning on the locaion of the chests. and the worst thing i cant climb the ladder of my ship back up. a server with just 1 person on it shouldnt lag like this.
  20. Keeno

    Captain's Log 24: Public Test Realm Ahoy!

    You shouldnt worry about what these lame ass trolls are saying. Atlas is a great game it needs reworked with the flag system and your doing it dont worry the trolls who say there quiting will come back there just trying to get there way. All of you devs have created something grand and its only going to get better.I saw how they reacted when the game was coming out who knows maybe the trolls wont come back and youll just get better gamers to play atlas.At the end of the day atlas is amazing and will always be a amazing game just like ark. And to all you lame ass trolls you can be offended all you want ill never check this message im sending for replies dont care what trollie kids have to say bye have a beautifull time.
  21. Ahh you said you would wipe late march , you guys are good at talking shit and leading people on. V25 ETA LATE MARCH! not fucking april!
  22. Realist

    Huge mistake

    I like your style man. In all reality you will probably be correct. Some will say it is because playerbase is low which is a half truth. The other half truth is that they are running out on money. that is why they are using an entire cluster which is called eu pve. Sure they said that after that the ptr would be on it’s own cluster(or smaller clusters) but that is why you are right. I definitely see a merger of regions coming. That way if they can fill one cluster with 18-20k people they can say “hey look we have a full server” lol. yep that will be a thing I already told you that my buddies are getting it. I know what the game play is like, I have seen the very straight decline of players. to be honest I don’t really care. I know the game isn’t that good. I will still play with my buddies. that is probably the main reason anyone plays atlas lol
  23. Bandit_Black

    Huge mistake

    Yeah but you dont even own this game. Why wait for it? You don't even know what the gameplay is like. No better games that are huge world, pirates, sandbox, pvp. You are wrong in that regard. Maybe you like arena apex, or WoW but I don't Outlaws is not even close to a decent game. ANd I sure as hell aren't talking about solo player games. Honestly, there could be total 1,000 players and this game would still be good. Everyone so upset because its not in the steam top 10. As long as there is pvp to be had, sandbox style building and pirating, its a fun game. You don't need 20k people to agree with you. Tell me how many open world, huge map territory control pvp pirate games there are out there?
  24. Ktorr

    Huge mistake

    In all probability, there will not be seperate NA/EU servers. Just... Empire PvP Colony PvP PvE ps, and the Empire server will probably be the lowest pop. Just a guess.
  25. Yesterday
  26. Amy3

    Huge mistake

    Uh what, there were like 8 games on free weekend this weekend, in addition to two very big new releases, in addition to some very good games getting major updates That was just this weekend, and doesn't include recent stuff like the big div2 launch, or the big KF2 event coming next week Atlas has a steep uphill battle convincing players to come back to choosing Atlas over the absolute smorgasbord available right now, don't get it twisted
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