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  2. Hey, when trying to load up into my single player it freezes!
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  4. Grongash

    Next Wipe

    This game is done. They will just turn the servers off at some point, or nitrado will simply reduced the capacity even more. No reason to wipe anyways, sooner or later the last people doing maintenance will simply forget once, and their stuff will be erased.
  5. George Catcher

    Next Wipe

    I was going to say a funny about it, but really don't wanna. I feel sad. For pas half of year, there were just minor patches with few small changes each. And distance between patches rising every time. My guess was so next minor patch will happen at the end of May. But we are in June already and no sign of devs yet. When EA released we was told that it will last for 2 years so... we have 6 months left. With current updates speed - there will be 2-3 minor patches more, and then what? Release? I do really want this game to be THE PIRATE SANDBOX we all deserve but... well. Not sure it ever will. IMAO the best devs can do at this state is to attach this Atlas to ARK so we could stop suffering from hopes that are not destined to come true and go wait for the next pirate game.
  6. hartsia

    They lowered the build limit on ships!

    thees guys who are or not are any more working on this game are fucking idiots and dosent give a shit what you think or the game needs.
  7. Looniper

    Update the Wiki please.

    That's Your job. If you find the info you're looking for, or updated info.. that isn't on the wiki, go add it to the wiki. Wikis aren't operated by their subject matter, they are basically entries to an online-encyclopedia that is open to editing by the public. The less people Use the wiki, or play the game in general, the more it will fall behind, and the less-reliable anything in it becomes.
  8. Looniper

    They lowered the build limit on ships!

    I know this thread is a year old - but the topic remains valid (specially for those of us who were gone since before the reduction) I have to ask the obvious ... why do you have Galleons in the game? More specifically, why have so many decks on them when you literally Cannot build on all of them? I get that you're running into issues with memory on instanced components on ships.. but the design you have opted to use is going to make that an issue no matter how you go about it. Simplify! Just make the Deck cost of Larges 4x as much and make it fill all of the decks at once, including the areas we fill in with ceilings now - and allow us to switch between several styles while it is still in construction mode. That takes about 70 objects down to 1 and leaves about 99% of the existing builds untouched, because everyone just fills in the gaps leaving 1 to drop a roof-ladder into anyway. And yes, ladders should be an option on masts. Two switchable models, not one model you can add another ten rope ladders to for the same effect. If the instancing is actually a problem, reducing the counts should have been a priority from the start, not something that gets shoved in late that severely cuts into the entire premise of the game.
  9. since bows work on dammed now, i was hopeing the daggers do also since they damage better. so do they work?
  10. https://www.reddit.com/r/playatlas/comments/gw9h8y/tonight_was_a_painful_one_for_our_company_we/ I haven't played Atlas since early Feb. (Once I realized that you gave up officially, I moved on as well.) Tonight I was on Reddit, and came across the above story, which if you watch the youtube video they link further down in the comments, was actually amazing. Then the more I thought about it, my feelings of sadness for Dunkin and his family, turned into anger towards you sorry excuses for a development team. Your community that you built, made promises to, and let down time and time again right before you abandoned them completely to work on your dino game; DO YOU REMEMBER THAT COMMUNITY?!?!?! Well that community lost a member to a Global Pandemic. I'm sure there are others as well, but this is the one that I'm aware of, simply by reading through a community reddit. Maybe if any of your community mods were even paying attention, they could have seen the same and at least sent a shout out on Twitter or something. I can't begin to understand what is or isn't going on at GS, but you should be absolutely and undoubtedly ashamed of the way that you have treated the Atlas community. A community that used the forum that you provided, to hold a fkn memorial service for a father who loved playing YOUR GAME. A father, who's son logged into his account so that his company could build a tribute to him, and lay his character to rest. The son, who during the service mentioned that his dad used to tell him stories at the dinner table of how amazing his company mates were, or how bad they got raided that day. So while it's amazing that his father had Altas to use as an outlet, a way to have adventures and make friends, It's too bad that he never got to see where this game might eventually go. I really believe that your studio has lost sight of what's most important; Taking care of the people. If I were GS, I would take a long hard look at what kind of studio I have become.
  11. Youvebeen0wned


  12. AscendedPrime

    Npc on WarDrums

    Today, one player saw that the sailor himself played drums
  13. AscendedPrime

    Npc on WarDrums

    We put them songs for drums, how to make them play?
  14. Sykotech

    Next Wipe

    Any word or guess on when the next wipe is? Games still in 'early access' so there's going to be at least one more eventually.
  15. Yesterday
  16. Whitehawk

    Autopilot Travel

    I remember when I first started out having my raft sunk 3 times by sotd. I thought then that there is no need to attack an unarmed vessel, cos it nearly made me quit the game entirely. And in a way if you had auto pilot you would need an anti aggro mechanic too. What if you fell asleep? Or was carrying a lot of cargo and ran into sotd with no defences? And when the wind drops I also think the sotd should suffer the same effects. Yeh my Galleon is like a sea tank and so is my brig, and my schooners can outrun pretty much any sotd. But only if I am physically piloting them and stay alert. But having anti aggro on unarmed vessels would help new players a lot.
  17. Lemming

    Autopilot Travel

    the stress or risk doesn't bother me, i carry plenty of planks and repair mats so for me its no issue, its literally just a time suck and i find myself watching youtube while playing my game. obviously you cant just put the game on easy mode there always has to be risk/reward and a sense of accomplishment but like i sometimes just aim my ship and eat dinner with my family with one eye on my screen for hours and hours. i have a warship and i like hunting SoD but i use a completly different ship for supplies and i dont like shuttling ships full of supplies all around the map for a whole week or 2 just so i can build something cool. if i could carry supplies on my warship without the weight penalty it would fix the problem. if i could use my warship and set the supply ship to autopilot it would also fix the issue, if i could go collect for my next shipment on whatever island while my ship travels between islands it would also fix the issue. its either the speed vs weight issue or the time issue that needs sorting. i hope something can be done.
  18. Im logged in now, I can make a boat if you are ready
  19. SeroJ

    Freeport ship decay rates

    To answer OP (a year+ later) i think rafts are like 10-12 hours in fp. Bigger ships decay HP faster
  20. DaeDismantled

    Non-Dedicated Server help?

    Hello, how do I use console commands on my girlfriend's non-dedicated server? Is that even possible? Thanks.
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  22. Mightypanda

    pve EU-PVE Schiffsschaukelbremser

    Greetings to all pirates. The almighty "Schiffsschaukelbremser" are back in business and starts a little giveaway for YOU. We have selected the following as prices: 1. Prize: Mythical Hide-Set - Mainstats: Melee and Weight 2. Prize: Mythical Medium Wood Ship Deck - 265,67 % Durability - already crafted 3. Prize: Our Bigdaddy - lvl 112 Elephant (already leveled) - neutered Take a look: To participate in the giveaway, join our discord.
  23. Inigo

    Ahoy! Been a while.

    There hasnt been any "real" update or work of any kind on this dumpster fire Since before November. Theyre all back at Wildcard since thats where the easy money is. ATLAS cant sustain numbers or keep money flowing in. Its a bust.
  24. Mardoqueo

    Ahoy! Been a while.

    It's been a while since I've been on the forums, after finding a quiet private server with a good community that my wife and I really enjoy playing on. I haven't felt the need to keep up with new developments, which sadly don't seem like there has been any for a while now. I figured I'd pop in say and see what's the overall mood of the game? Has the Dev been super silent for the last couple of months? I saw on FB some large companies have moved on to other games. What's it like on the official servers these days?
  25. Ferrat

    bug Day Time Speed Scale and Night Time Speed Scale

    I have also found that the codes above when placed in the 'GameUserSettings.ini' file in the 'ATLAS\ShooterGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor' folder is not working, any changes to these commands make no difference in game also if you do this in the game menu it makes no difference (I am playing in SP mode at the moment and was planning to start a server but without these commands working I will not go that far yet!), this is spoiling the game for me as I prefer short nights and long days when playing. Please sort this out on next update.
  26. Jay8454

    Boosted maps

    As a single player 90% of the time I use signs to help the Dead come at me slower so the bear can regen a little and the Natures Call regens as well, however I would not recomend doing the C6, it will be a slaughter. 1000 golds are my limit on normal islands that nice people let me build.
  27. Jay8454

    Please can someon advise me on breeding

    It's good to have 4 days off for tigers if you want to do a good imprinting 6X every 8 hours and sleep in between that. The one person is wright about meat have a good supply in the troth and keep monitoring it (this is what killed mine 1st juvenile). They ALL will eat salted meat and salted meat lasts longer in the troth however the downside is making it takes tons of salt (live next to freeport?) and I use 5 tigers to fill 2 preserving bags and 3 stacks of 500 preserving salts. This is how I will do the next one when I get days off work.
  28. tracker16

    ATLAS Patch: v405.9

    This game is so dead
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