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  2. I think we just need some clarification about how players can earn gold. You did not mention that gold would be removed as rewards for maps, sunken treasure or SODs, just the soldiers (I assumed you meant the ones that spawn on GA ruins) a few of the boss creatures (you did not say monstrous whales) fishing, and digging (I assume you meant the random gold you can get from using the shovel and not from digging up treasure from maps). I also see no mention of flotsam gold. You then stated that trade routes would be *THE* way to earn gold, not A way to earn gold or even the primary way to earn gold. I think we all just need some clarifying statements on how players will be able to earn gold. To me it just sounds like you are removing the gold that drops from the random little things and adding in a new way to make gold on top of the primary ways companies make gold now (Maps, high level SODs, monstrous whales). There is just concern over how smaller companies will be able to participate in this new system and build their own ships.
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  4. PvP will always come first, it is their main focus, I believe they have said this before. I don't play PvP, I'm PvE only but I know it will be left behind while they work on PvP. Would much rather they change to factions and bring all players together on maybe 3 faction system. I've give it a rest for a long time but still like to see peoples thoughts on game in forums. Still haven't seen devs here though.
  5. No wipe but even if there was I won't be back anytime soon. I let my last place go, could not even be bothered to log in every week to reset. I hope someone is enjoying my gold and taking good care of the animals. Will see what they add next year before I consider coming back. Forgive me for not having faith in these devs.
  6. Trouble is there isn't much to spend gold on, they don't have much of a gold sink in this game. It just sits in the box and only mainly used for upkeep. They should be adding more things to spend gold on, i don't think this trade system will turn the game around, damage is done.
  7. Right now - Brigantine is all you need to fight damned ships. You can add some extra guns in deck (I personally prefer 4 extra each side, so I do 10 cannon volley). And then hunt ANY damned ship by usual boardside fight (it's really fun, you should find right tactics to do so etc). Or you can just put 5-10 cannons to stern and simply do "kite-n-shoot" with no trouble. The biggest damned crowd I fought - is 11 damned ships in a row. Highest one - 2 damned brigs lvl-54 and lvl-56 and 2 galleys lvl-54 and lvl-60 at once. So what I wanna tell is... more ship types would be cool. But with current "free to build" system - we already got EVERYTHING we need. While ago I saw this ship passing by my island. (I really don't like "designs" like that but every games allows you to do "free building" turns to "screw all aesthetics and historical accuracy" and then "META" comes in).
  8. Here, have a barrel. Here, have a full ramming sp33dz0r ship!!! We look forward to working more on listening to the community. Cyas.
  9. Go back to the old map this map sucks
  10. Stop barrels from being shot from cannons. How hard is it for you guys to understand that this implementation pretty much single handily killed the game. Yet its still in.
  11. Everything only gets worse, worse and worse ..... Developers, what are you smoking there, what shit ??! Each time you give us more and more idiotic ideas! Estimate the number of votes that approve of all your nonsense and you will understand that you it's time to dump !!!
  12. So my takeaway is: - Trade System will cause severe lag, and although there's some method of curtailing it, just look at PvE. When things got bad, you have done nothing but looked away. The same will happen here. - I guarantee sea forts will be blockaded 24/7 or someone will find a way to cheese-claim them and ruin their whole purpose within days. - Why bother giving us lip service about wipes when you gave PvE NA less than 24 hours before closing it last season? No one should trust you.
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  14. Well there is the simple fact that if everything starts costing gold, then they could start selling gold for real game cash on their website. I'm old enough to remember when game developers helped us escape from the real world, for a few hours at least.
  15. While any update is welcome, the next couple of patches and update may mean the death of the solo player and the small, 3 to 6 player companies. It is a pain to play when 20 and above player companies, Black Hole, Pochinki, and other large groups control multiple grids. Add in allies and parts of the map and resources' become off limits to smaller groups or solo whom can't be online hours at a time.
  16. With each new patch, more and more I want to play the very first version of the game, with one condition 1 player - 1 flag
  17. Maybe it's just me, but I feel like you've completely forgotten that you even have players who play solo...? Unless I've misread something, removing the gold rewards from everything but trade routes doesn't make any sense. Some of this also goes for new players and small companies, but the immediate problems I see are: 1. you need gold to build anything larger than a sloop, but you can only get gold through trade routes...that basically means you can't get any ship larger than a sloop until you find an island you want to build on, which can't be a freeport. As a solo player, I kind of just want to build a single nice base and be done with it, so I sail around a lot until I find a spot I like, but sailing is kind of boring without stopping to fight ships of the damned. Now you're telling me I can't fight until I find a home, not just ships of the damned but ANYthing, might as well not bother with treasure maps because where am I even going to keep the loot in a tiny ship that can't hold much and needs to be fast to escape all the things I can't fight...basically there is no game until I find a home...? Is that essentially what you're saying here? Because that's pretty unpleasant whether you're playing solo or not. 2. you can't crew a ship without gold, but you can't get gold outside of the trade routes, and for that you need at least two markets. Can you build two markets in SP and trade with yourself? Is there actually any point to trading with yourself? If the trade happened across grids, it would actually be a good way to shift resources from different biomes without weighing down your ships, but as it seems to be restricted to a single grid, it seems kind of pointless. But the bottom line is if you can't trade with yourself, playing solo means you can't crew your ships. And if you can't crew your ships, you're basically locked out of most of the game. 3. you need gold to do basically everything mid-game or higher, but you can't do that without a base...what happens to nomadic players who want to live off their ships, players who can't establish a base for one reason or another, or players who just want to explore? You're basically tying us down to a single grid to pay our crew or upgrade our ships, or else forcing us to build markets wherever we go. I get that you're trying to make your new mechanic look attractive, but quite frankly, I hate building. I like taming and sailing and fighting. Up until now, I could play the parts of the game I enjoy while largely bypassing the bits that I don't, but now it sounds like I'm going to have a recurring slog to look forward to or a pointless waiting game to collect pay to keep my crew happy. So basically I'm either bored or AFK--and again, that's assuming I can trade with myself. 4. I've been sailing schooners and above for a while, so I may be misremembering this, but solo or multi--I have at least one friend who has motion sickness bad enough that she can't play the game until she gets a ship large enough (and crewed enough) to sail in zoomed-out third person mode, when the ship becomes "stable" instead of the camera rocking constantly. (Until then I literally just build her a chair on deck and tell her to sit her character down and close her eyes when we travel, lol.) With this system, it might become pretty uncomfortable if not outright impossible for some people to advance, but admittedly I don't remember how sloops handle while uncrewed. Can we please get some more clarification on what your plan is for solo? Or at least one way (that doesn't involve sea battles, as we're barred from that in the proposed system) for nomadic players to still farm gold? Even if it's just flotsam recovery, which I don't see listed--you'd be forcing us to sail still, encouraging exploration, without completely putting out of reach basically everything that makes the game fun.
  18. Alright here is the questions. 1) - Are there treasure maps, sunken treasure will still contain a gold? Because if not - all solo/duo/few companies will have to set their trade routes. 2) - Are there solo/duo/few companies will be able to set their trade routes? ------------------ The current situation is bad for our company. Because we were able to place a 0.25% rate windmill (0.25 because it's on the sharp slope, and we had to put huge 5x7 foundation underneath). But we are not able to place a warehouse. Because few companies in my island already place theirs and there is just no place to set my warehouse due to radius restrictions (+ addition windmill also unavailable, all my island covered by those as well). So no possible trade routes for us.
  19. okay you want some feedback? barrels shouldnt be able to be shot out of cannons i mean its no fun losing your boat to one cannon shot... literally 90% of your pvp player base doesnt want it but your not listening. also increase catapult barrel reload time. BUT i think the ship for gold system is good for lower levels, its not that hard to get a sextant and grab a few sunken treasures for a brig or schooner, looking at the other option for them hiding in lawless on land trying to farm enough to make one before they get robbed, so i dont see why people wouldnt like the ship for gold system. also being able to steal the gold from the new defense tower with the tax bank on it seems like a bad idea, what if someone doesnt catch it within 30 mins they just lose all their island gold?
  20. If it’s going to cost gold to build a ship, then EVERYTHING should cost gold. Why stop with ships? Walls, ceilings and items should need gold. We should have to really work hard to build anything and have it all cost money like in real life. No more spam, giant pyramids or useless gates because no one will have the gold to do anything except build ships. Heck we should be able to buy XP too! On that note, the best idea I read was a point system for construction. Apply that idea to every company based on members and the lag will be better and the spam will be gone. No more endless, pointless construction in PVE. Lastly, I have decided I don’t need a trade route. All I need to do is gather every map full time and sell them.
  21. Hello Atlas Community, The Law of Pirates is a new 3x3 server with pretty basic stats Our goal was to bring the good old vanilla mechanics with a gaming/work life schedule 10x Gathering Rates, 3x Experience rates, 5x taming and Mature rate. 3x Resource Respawn rate.. WIth much more Also have all power stones with quests. We just want to play the game as it is. Being a pirate and bringing together a fun community. Streamers and content Creators welcome! The server is up 6 days a week Tuesday thru Sunday with active admins, Just looking for fellow gamers to join the fun of pirate battles and questing together! We are a mature company with most of our players being over 25 but all is welcome and we have discord as well if interested. If you are interested in joining us please message me or comment to me on here and ill give out the password!
  22. 1. As this original post/thread has transformed, it is more about markets, currency, jobs, etc., so I am moving it to the Market Place. 2. As such, this is being treated as an ad. - So this will not be a place for conversation, debate, or negative comments. - This ad should be exclusively about the bank, or the it can be merged with the trading ad (or vice versa) and the other removed. - Bump once a day; any questions can be answered then. 3. For anyone who is not interested in something any ad, including this one, has to offer, please move on. 4. If you think another player or company has violated the CoC please open a Support ticket. Do not use the forums for witch hunting; this is one time only reminder. 5. If you think someone is breaking the forum rules, please use the Report feature; but do not use the Report feature for commentary or opinion. 6. I will be monitoring and take additional actions as necessary for any/all involved. Additional commentary will not be needed; you can use Report and Support, as appropriate, for any issues.
  23. Its supposed to be an "interceptor" but we already have barshot schooners i don't see the need for it and the concept is fucking retarded. Its either gonna be another squirt camel or barrels all over again. How about these devs just roll everything back to before the puckle buff in season 3 AND FUCK OFF!
  24. First of all Thanks for taking up the burden of fixing this game. Many of us are aware of the hurdles you're facing. But just as many are not. Please don't take all the non-constructive criticisms as a personal slight, most of us appreciate the work you've done. Some (hopefully) constructive feedback Sea Forts Tower The biggest remark I have on the fort model is the fact that it looks like a structure that would topple over easily. Perhaps remove the lower section, or make it wider, so it doesn't look like it would topple over in a storm Floor level I would also recommend adding a wall around the whole structure, that way the floor will look more in-place on the rock. Trade system I love the idea of a trading system, but please make the world map a bit more sensible again. Surely it's possible to balance a world with somewhat realistic biomes (hot at equator, cold at poles)? Ships & gold Please don't make shipyard ships cost gold unless gold can realistically be gotten by smaller companies. Make shipyards require a paid crew in order to build the bigger ship frames. While this doesn't do anything mechanically, the gold cost would make more sense and the world would feel a bit more alive. Wipes I'm glad you decided that wipes aren't a major issue during an early-access phase. This is what testing is for after all. People seem to forget that the game isn't released yet. Again, big thanks to all staff working on Atlas, not just the devs. The transparant communication is appreciated!
  25. I don't think you devs could come up with worse ideas unless you took huge amounts of mind altering drugs and hung upside down in an oxygen vacuum for a week! Roadmap? by the look of some of your new game ideas you'd need a map to find your own desks!
  26. Please, please, please reconsider introducing a gold cost for ship crafting. This puts all the burden on solo players and small companies and will not really change anything for large companies. It took me hard work to convince a few friends to buy the game and start playing regularly. But they are committed and we are having fun now. We are a small group and have zero - absolutely zero - interest in joining a large company. We all have demanding jobs and family with limited time and irregular schedules - we are casuals enjoying a game that lets us build ships, explore and generally act like a rag tag group of pirates. Please do not become World of Warcraft with significant barriers to core components of your game, gold in the crafting system is a poor decision and will harm groups that don’t have the capacity to participate in your higher tier end game stuff. Everything else sounds good and helps to grow your world, but you need to know that on an average night many of the people online playing are solo and small group players. You risk alienating the people who have stuck with you since you launched early access. I’m one of them. Please reconsider. Ship building is one of the things I really love about this game.
  27. Sorry but this is just dumb. 1. Whoever created that trade fort needs to be sacked. In fact punched in the face then sacked. What are you doing here? You put a lighthouse on top of some gates, gratz. Appreciate its not finished but it better be a HELL of a lot better than that. 0 effort. 2. Why are you making people pay to build their own ships? I get paying for the pre-made at freeports which is fine but paying for a ship in your own shipyard with mats you have farmed makes no sense. Who are you paying and for what? The ship has been hand built with materials you've done yourself? It will hurt single players and smaller companies and make it harder for them to get going.. Unless the new trade routes are going to flood the market with gold. Which if this is the case will have an impact on trading and the economy, prices will get stupid for things if Gold is so easy to find. And then what would be the point in shipwrecks or doing Maps (other than BPs) which in PVE have limited use i.e buildings? 3. Removed XP for bosses? why? So how will players earn XP at higher levels. Past 80 the XP grind is slow AF! The only way to level is end game bosses. It also removes any reason to do them more than once. Once you get the Feat literally no reason to go back. 4. What the hell is the Ramming Ship? Who asked for that? Who even designed that, sorry, think I know ^^... People asked for a ship between Galleon and Brig aka Frigate. No one has a use for this Ramming ship. Please for the love of god just make a Frigate instead.... actually listen to the players! I think you guys need to release a road map to put these changes into context because without seeing the end game these changes make no sense and actually harm the game. People are lining up to leave and everyone I speak to is quitting because the game has no direction with stupid changes and updates. All you need to do is listen to the players...
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