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  2. I don't know if the sotd have a short render distance, I'm inclined to think they literally just spawn at random out of nowhere, and sometimes it's next to me, and sometimes not.
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  4. Hi guys. Wondering if there is a way to host a server on my PC to play on my xbox. I'd rather host than rent a server.
  5. The game is in pre-release. It's not finished yet. They give lots of warnings that the game has issues and they aren't providing support yet.
  6. Just a quick update of Damned Squads hunting. When I was on my way home today, I felt that I just don't wanna do this anymore. I spent 4 hours for my hunt. 90% of this hunt was... well, just sailing and watching empty ocean. I didn't know where to sail. I didn't know - if I find a good level damned Galley. I didn't know if I kill one - will there be good loot? But what I'm saying! I knew all! I knew it doesn't matter where to go, there is no way to find where those damned ships are hiding. I knew that I probably wont meet any Galley higher than lvl-20 (or meet just a single one around 30). I knew that I probably wont get ANYTHING as a reward. And yeah. It happened just like I predicted. So that's how it's looks like for me: I took around 800 cannonballs. 4000 wood. 4000 thatches. 8000 fibers. 800 metal. 200 alloys. 200 hide. 6 x-tra gunports, 4 x-tra planks. Steering wheel and large sail. Also 2 celings. My brig was loaded at around 60% and then I departure. So my trip lasts for 4 hours. - 8 times I lowered my sail to full stop and wait till fog wave is gone. I did it because I need to see if damned ships rendered near. I don't wanna miss em. Also I stopped before my last fight, because it was no point of fighting Damned Ships during the fog. (I didn't stop on my way back home tho. I was along the border and didn't plan to fight anymore). - I found my first squad with red lvl-34 Galley in the middle of 2nd hour of searching. - Once rain and tornado landed during my fight. So I had to step aside and do 5 knots downwind circles. There is no point to fight in storm. Mostly because of high waves makes cannonballs miss the target. - In 3 grids I found just 4 squads I wanted to fight. Last one was huge 8 damned ships with lvl-58 Brig and Lvl-54 Schooner. They took one gunport from me. - I killed 17 damned ships today. Most of them were RED. The highest BP I've got is Masterworks Wooden Ceiling with 104% sturdiness. I also got: 40+ barshots. 40+ mortair ammos. 25 Large cannonballs. Bunch of grape shots, liquid flames, ballistas spears. 6 common cannons (from 104% to 107% damage), 2 fine cannons (103% and 104% damage). 2 common medium weight-sails, 1 common medium speed sail. 3 common medium decks (from 101% to 107%). And alot of blueprints. Those are 14 swivel cannons BPs (from common with 103% damage to journeyman 124% damage). Fine Ballista BP (112% damage), 2 journeyman medium speed sails and last but not least! 4 medium gunports. 3 common ones (101% - 104%) and one is fine (100%). Oh and of course around 900 golden coins (I've got 40k in my bases chest so I don't think I really need a gold right now). You can look at the all reward I've got again and keep in mind I was fighting the highest damned ships available in the game right now! I built 3 unlocked boxes near my base with "Free stuff" signs around. So I put all there. Maybe some1 find a good use of that crap. Before I made those boxes I just threw all this so called "reward" in to the ocean. I was on my way back an thinking that I just tired and don't want experience this anymore. Just don't wanna rush through glitchy ruberbanding and warping server creating more cannonballs and gathering resources for my ship. I run through the door and next moment I find myself 20 meters from house. I jump tho the ship, running on the deck. Next moment I find myself flying to the waters 20 meters away from my ship. I don't wanna sailing through the empty ocean for another 2 hours playing "hide and seek" with damned squads. And of course - I just don't wanna sail back after all risks I took with my stuff box full of crappy loot I wont ever use. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- I know you working on sea adventures. But one thing you can (and IMAO SHOULD!!!) do right now. Greatly increase rendering distance of Damned Squads. This hunting mission takes that much time because I probably miss most of squads due to extremely low rendering distance. With this distance greatly increased - no more 4 hours purposeless sailing. I really would like to fight more then just sailing, and sailing, and sailing, and sailing. Stop during fog wave. Then sailing again... p.s. - How about... 49 - What if you could place a crew NPS to crownest, and it greatly increase rendering distance of everything around?
  7. this is a great idea, can we please have this
  8. PvP, been playing since 5 hours after the new map came out to current. I am lvl 57 and there are people 120lvl again and yea this may be a game breaker. Love you posts very valid points
  9. With only 1 PVE Server, with half the Grids and probably 1/3 of the Islands. Who would have thought that May cause any problems.
  10. I doubt you will even read or seriously consider the idea I have been thinking about for map changes that could really boost the games overall playable nature for a lot of players. The central part of the map is almost perfect in all reality, The outer grid and freeports however could use some modification imo & below are the changes I propose. Grid layout - 3x3 grid layout around the central ring of "Lawless & Golden Age" With the map in it's current state, this configuration could easily be integrated without any major issues & promote lots of travel and pvp & can fit this block chain setup around the outer part of the map how it is currently moving the current freeports slightly. ( A1 - Claimable, B1 - Lawless, C1 - Claimable ) (A2 - Lawless, B2 - Freeport, C2 - Lawless) (A3 - Claimable, B3 - Lawless, C3 - Claimable ) *****All lawless island surrounding the freeports should have resources to make cannons and cannon balls, which will encourage rapid sailing and pvp. Central lawless providing "nodes that provide higher yields". ***Reduce the cost of, Basic learned common "Non-Blueprint" ship planks, while leaving the blueprint crafts as is costing more resources & multiple types, which will help players get on the water faster and feel like they are not wasting an immense amount of time on losing ships while parked, etc. Let's be honest we all want LOTS of people to be playing this game & I personally feel as though these changes are exactly "SOME" of the things that could really elevate this game to the next level of game-play, Outside of a rewrite in "Unreal 5 engine, Fantasy upgrade... Drools. :oP** " ( More people playing = More money in sales for the company, More people sailing around everywhere fighting all the time making the game a ton more fun.) *****The freeports need a total overhaul in reality, Starting with the harbor master being able to store ships, A stacking "Bank - ship resource box" & adding a marketplace that you can post items for sale worldwide Making items available & "Visible " in all freeports across the map for sale/trade, But would need to be picked up at the freeport of sale, However other players could pick-up the items and transport as "Courier missions" for a fee, but would have to pay the collateral gold costs of the item that is being sold. I also feel as though the schooner should use small planks and sloops should get a new tiny plank instead, setting the ships into categories of their own. I have a ton of other ideas about much needed changes, But I am not going to drag this letter out any further than I already am, Unless I am contacted back to discuss possible changes. Which I would be more than happy to allow my brain to be picked for ideas etc. P.S. Thank you for looking at this if you did. Love - Virgil Aka (Xquizet - Skittles - Candy Is Dandy)
  11. I really need thatch and wood and fiber but find myself unable to place a farmhouse that only gathers that, even very carefully picking out a sandy spot with nothing but palms and ferns and trees, no rocks no bushes no berries. I come back and find it stopped because of metal, flint, stone. If it is not possible to actually limit the harvest to the area because it uses an island spawn table, at least let us drop the stuff we do not want into a spam folder so it stops picking it up. I can pave the island with stone blocks at this rate! Also can the farmhouse actually clear the harvested circle so that you can see its radius for placing the nearby one? And do they really need to be free - all you need is a wood or thatch to start the fire? At least station a sailor there and let them glean what they eat and pay the same wage you would if they was near the crew silo. But then that would require crew that could actually be useful for defending themselves rather than being nerfed to the ground, such that a fresh freeport crew cannot even punch or spear a lvl1 chicken.
  12. So I could not interact with anything in the game so what I had to do was wait until my vitamins levels depleted and that finally killed me. I could then load in again and was all fixed.
  13. If you leave the company and come back, you have to reset the webhook, that's one thing I know for sure. The person setting up the web hook should be admin.
  14. I think the fundamental problem is that this game is trying to be a PVE game and a PVP game at the same time. The two worlds don't mix well. Most PVE MMO's that add PVP nerf nearly every aspect of PVE power when it relates to other players, this one doesn't. So a company that does tons of PVE has a stupid advantage over smaller companies or solo's that don't do as much. Not only that, the stronger companies control the gates to the PVE. Want to farm SOD in powerstone grids for ship upgrades? Want to do Hydra? Expect big companies patrolling there that already did that content in decked-out ships to pounce and stop you from doing it. I personally think the game would be better if all the stats gained from BP's, both player worn/used and ship, only applied to PVE content. So a stronger cannon kills Hydra/Kraken better and faster, but it does exactly the same damage to a player ship as a common cannon. This makes PVP 100% skill-based and lets the average Joe feel like he can go toe-to-toe with any ship that enters his grid. Think of how scared the large companies would be with their 240% mythical plank brig knowing a level 20 from lawless could sink them with their common schooner if they knew how to sail better. All of the things that help you in PVP should be easily at your fingertips. Food, Grog, plate versus fur, etc. could all stay the same. Stop giving player attributes at 50 like someone else suggested. Getting to 50 is easy and the difference between a level 50 and a level 120 is silly. There is still great value from skill points but they don't seem to upset the PVP balance as much. However, I think it would be much better if you got 75% of your skill points by level 50 and those last 70 levels were about getting another 25%. The amount of PVE content you have to grind (without finding exploits) is crazy at the high levels so leave that to the hardcore that just want the extra 25% of the points. The rest of us can settle for 75% and still compete.
  15. My Webhook broke on my discord that shows the alerts from atlas anyone know why? like its a easy set up you copy the webhook from your discord and paste it into the atlas notifs. now its not showing in discord.
  16. If you have someone on in the morning around 0830-0900 that can join the party you can talk with our company leader we have a few other things we are looking for and I think you would probably have them as well we can group it all up and make a big buy all at once if you have someone who can join a Xbox party and meet us close to your island to drop off the goods and pick up the gold
  17. Yea I tried yesterday it’s way too laggy over there could one of your guys meet me tomorrow morning around say 0900 central standard US time a island over or something we are on Xbox and would like to buy a bear with the highest stats you have melee being the most important but all other stats would be great too I have gold ready to go just can’t get on your island it keeps dashboarding my game my gamertag is ValleyForge1989 you can message me there if you are interested And please make sure it is a breedable bear I want to breed it so we can have enough bears for my company to have good bears to run maps and work with
  18. It worked when i zoned out of the grid
  19. jep this is corect.the support in this game is a big joke.sry but put your codex at the place where no sun is shining
  20. It'd be great for us to be able to see which regions have the worst ping when planning routes. I understand lag is inevitable, and that the performance of the game is something you guys are working on, but in the meantime- at least allowing us to be able to work around it would be amazing. It could help save time, frustration, and hours of trying to find the mount you just lost at sea by just letting us plot a good course. It'd even be good for the roleplay community inside of Atlas, could explain it away as 'Choppy seas' or a bad storm of some sort. At least in the global PVE server, right now the equivalent is basically 'Avoid all lawless regions', which sucks because at least some of them are OK-ish.
  21. Last week
  22. Is the Xbox version still being updated?
  23. I made a new character after no one contacted me back... got it to lvl 65 max 117 and it happened AGAIN!!!! went to spawn on a bed game booted me out, tried to sign back in and its prompting me to make a new character!! This needs to be fixed!! I have put to many hours/days into this game with no response from support after putting tickets in for this issue! Can support please get in touch with me so we can remedy this!
  24. Doesn't work at all. Whatever i do i don't get the option to play or use the notes. I tried placing the same notes on the NPC and the inventory of the drums, nothing works.
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