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  2. Enki Anunnaki

    Rules at 2020

    well, it all really depends what you want to do... if you want to solo it, play the game casually or are with a small 2-8 active group, owning an island/islands might not be for you... your best bet is to find a large company that will allow you to build on their land. most companies love renters on their island because that's free resources in their tax bank they don't need to farm them selves. pick a group that has a good well established harbor you can park your boats at and hopefully you can join their renter alliance and have access to their harbors and islands. now if you're a lawless pirate and you just want to live reckless and kill/raid indiscriminately, make yourself an underwater crafting fob where you will store all your valuables... make it deep and far out. set a company wide maker so you always know where it is. spam bed boxes all over the island so you can spawn in easy. craft what we call a "boat in a box" that you can put up on the fly when you log back in because its very rare that your boat will last the night on a lawless island. put your tames in random spots, preferably hidden. don't bother building a tame barn structure because that will attract griefers... or you can park a gally in freeport and make that your base where you store all your tames and valuables... you just gotta maintain it every 6 hours... but honestly, that seems like more work than it's worth. but IMO if you are looking to have fun and experience the game for everything that it has to offer, id suggest joining a large established group. but beware, there's always drama and intrigue in a large gaming community..
  3. Kummba

    Next Taming Bonus

    You talking about breeding bonus not taming. We had 3 in total in the last year, iirc. So yeah they are ultra rare. And breeding is easy doable with 9-5. Not elephants or razors, but bears and such, easy.
  4. Kummba

    recent patch notes---

    So, for maps, ofc you can do them with a pack of tames, no doubt about that. But, it is inconvinient at least, it starts with them following to the map. Climbing hills, hf Someone prebuild a ramp, hf Map an the edge of a mountain, hf .... You can do maps with crows too (i assume) , its just a matter of numbers ... So the question is what tame you need to clear every map solo (one tame one rider). I dont think a crab can do it anymore, it was hard before buff. Now i hear from expirienced players that they can not do it anymore, even hard with 3 of them (all mounted). Good enough bear and tiger still can. But the player needs to adapt. There is more chances to get you and your tame killed.
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  6. Percieval

    Mob difficulty

    Well, I’d say get better at the game.
  7. DangerRocket

    market Marketplace @ PVE EU -K7

    New Animale for sell Grand Tortugar, Sheildhorn, Elephants, Bears RazerTooth Eggs Infos @ Discord https://discord.gg/ Pq4qpCW
  8. Jack Shandy

    Chat is bugged

    not sure if you are blocked out, but I often see 1/2 of a conversation when one person is talking in company chat and the other is replying in global chat. the screenshot might indicate what channel the person you couldn't see was talking in.
  9. Ucan_Kizmiaz

    Boat names

    South Of Heaven Angelspit
  10. terriblegamerjoe

    Mob difficulty

    I just started playing on the online servers, and I can't seem to kill anything... literally level 2 mobs kill me. I tried to kill a sheep with a spear, and hit it the first time, but missed every other time because it started running away, and I ran out of stamina trying to chase it down, meanwhile it's health regens.. a freaking sheep.... What am I doing wrong?
  11. Mr_Dazy

    Chat is bugged

    what do u mean, blocked out?? cuz it isnt like people blocked me, i dont even know those people
  12. EGC was formed 5 years ago for Destiny as a clan and we have grown into a community for Adults with lives. We are Parents, Vets, and Gamers with real lives. Our motto is Life Happens. We have setup a small Atlas server that is a 2x1 and we are looking for people that want to join us and help us grow into a larger Atlas community. We have over 500 in our discord. https://discord.gg/eC8jCFS We have all the resources in our 2 servers 3x XP 3x Harvesting 8X Taming 12X Hatching and Mating 30 is the max level for wild animals Come join us and help us grow!!!
  13. Plank

    Boat names

    Let’s see your best boat names serious and funny!
  14. Cutmyselfshaving

    Island Claim (Purpose is...)

    Island Claim: Why? (Needs input) I have read from other posts that it will allow control of the building of other’s on the island. To what end? (Needs dev input) Is this the actual purpose of this design/feature? I would like some input from a dev or mod on what the actual explanation is. CONTEXT: Day 4268, 19:31:21: ServerAdmin Message: (Edited) - You have built so close to your neighbor that they aren't even able to repair their own structures as well as placed structures beneath their ships. Day 4268, 19:51:37: ServerAdmin Message: In short, give your neighbors a little room to breath, and don't be guilty of the very same kind of thing that you reported them for just a few days ago. Day 4268, 20:32:58: ServerAdmin Message: These messages can be found in your Crew Log if you did not have time to read them entirely while on your screen. Day 4268, 21:09:11: ServerAdmin Message: I will be checking back tomorrow and expect to find no more items that either of you could report the other for. Have an Island claim, they littered the entire island, and blocked our ships. Removed the litter with the island owner demolish (took 2 hours roughly), then reported to have ships moved to allow ours passage again. The ships were moved, however they were only moved far enough for us to sail again. Which happened to be right over a gate we placed to protect our space for a marketplace. The base of the settler was established, it was quite small. Now there are large walls acting as a perimeter far outside the bases boundaries and because they cannot extend them any farther, we are now the problem. The option was available to remove the walls however we seen no reason to if that is what their intentions were yet now we are the target. of note: what prevents anyone from repairing besides lack of materials? I have never had a structure limit my abilities to perform repairs. So if an actual dev or mod can please explain to me what the point of island ownership is if we are to be threatened by admins for something that from what I’ve read on the forums is the purpose of island claims to begin with, it would be appreciated. (Have opened tickets, no response). (Being on a small island on xbox was nice, however now we have claim to an island in name only as it appears the settlers are the true owners).
  15. Yesterday
  16. Whitehawk

    Chat is bugged

    It usually means you are blocked from seeing the chat by one or other of the people.If you can't change it in settings then you probably are blocked out, I had a company member who used to chat privately to everyone.
  17. wildbill

    How does one find unclaimed islands?

    LOL, good point, although I'm not sure why it took you over a month to respond to my stupid post. I wish I was paid. I might be missing some fun, but can't even stand the thought of spending even a few hours to find out what they are like. I've tried playing on some official servers in ARK, even put in like 500 hours or so on a PvE. Maybe 50 hours on a few PvP servers. Closest I came to the official Atlas servers was trying to login to an official PvP server when the game was first released and never really getting logged in anywhere that wasn't super laggy. I then tried an official PvE server and played there about a week. That was enough for me.
  18. Mr_Dazy

    Chat is bugged

    Hi There, SInce yesterday, when people are speaking to eachother in what chat tab it might be, wether it is Global, or Alliance, i jsut dont see some people speak, i see the people replying to them, like yesterday my company leader was speaking in aliance chat to someone, and he kept talking, but i didnt see any responses, then he showed me a screenshot where there actually were responses. Today someone talked to another person in Global and i only saw 1 person talk again. Can someone look into this?? thanks
  19. Hi there, so there is this stupid bug right, im building a Galleon and everytime i try to place something it says there is no foundation, even when im trying to place ceilings while filling the gaps in the decks O.o. when for example i want to palce 2 walls and i palced 1 on the left then the 1 on the right will say"there is no foundation" while if i dont place a wall, both walls will be blue and placeable, but as soon as i place 1 i cannot place the other 1. tho sometimes if i stand on another spot or look in another angle it does turn blue. anyone knows what this can be?? or any GM's can look into this problem?? Thanks, Regards Mr_Dazy
  20. Chucksteak

    How does one find unclaimed islands?

    ok, cool story bro. Wait, what? I thought you were a self professed unofficial only player? How do you account for your presumable knowledge of what goes on in a place that you wouldn't venture to without monetary compensation? Hold the phone! Are you getting paid?!
  21. over 50 active accounts and still growing join us today
  22. Sydhart

    Blackwood Ghost/Merchant Ship?

    I've never seen the Ghost ship in the Blackwood dedicated server that my friend has. Not a ton of hours in it, about 40, but it's a fairly small map and I've sailed over all of it multiple times gathering resources.
  23. Sydhart

    An idea for a mod

    There was a similar suggestion of making something like this in the Freeports. Where you have a animal yard with a vendor who you list your animals with. Essentially it just uploads the animal to the server, you can scroll through the animals on the list that includes type, price, base stats window, then select the one you want and poof, one of the animals in the pen becomes your new purchased animal. There are so many good ideas out there that could make this game great but there has been zero recognition by this development team. So sad.
  24. It is 9hr * ship resistance for a max of 35hr, 38min, 24sec...
  25. With a reasonable amount of time for boat life I would consider it. However, if I had the ability to log in every 8 hours to service a free port boat, I would probably have the time to defend an island. I certainly wouldn't be working, sleeping and playing dad very well at that point. No, I find my idea the best answer. I'd even disable porting to beds on anchored boats too. However, I try to keep in mind the dev's skill set and only suggest things they have already figured out how to do and are in the game.
  26. Acemac

    Rules at 2020

    This has not been my experience at all with the combat timers you have 14 hours of asset safety spend some time making your stuff less attractive to be looted and you will be fine.
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