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  2. Are you playing a comparable game or something else different? On land, I enjoy medieval fantasy, hehe.I play Diablo 4, for instance, and it's a fun game. nonetheless, I experienced an issue with side quests, so I chose to utilize this service since I like the main plot but didn't want to spend too much time on the minor tale. They were quite kind.
  3. They’ve walked away from the game. When the lease is up on the servers they’re on the game will be dev/private only. My only suggestion is find some fun private servers and join them. I’ve been playing around with the dlc and the dev tools seeing what fun I can have.
  4. I do agree with the title os the other thread, changes need to be made. Since content is limited, and its doubtfull enough will be added to make any comeback as far as the game is concerned I'd suggest the following. Limit armored to three slots for gold. 30k thats plenty. Stop water building. Boxes could be fine. Add a few things to spend gold on. Make boats acquirable decrease boat times by less than half what they are now. I know they wanted a boat game, but if you make it so bases are needed and you cant hide all your gold underwater or in a dozen armoreds, it will provide content. Bases to raid, gold to haul. I never worry about mats. Automation has provided plenty, so why steal it. These are relatively minor changes except the water building, but even if you omit these you could increase barrel damage to stone structure by another 10 percent or so.
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  6. Sometime next poo. Really tho in the official Discord even the mods don't know. Hopefully we get some insight.
  7. Anyone know when the next wipe will take place.
  8. I'm having the same problem. The odd thing is it works if I run standalone but when I run the same save non-dedicated it does not work.
  9. time for a come back? Heres a video i took from above. good times.! !!! heres a view from above
  10. I want to make a new character because my character and character name didn't save the way I wanted it, and now I can't find a way to make a new Pathfinder. Ppl say, Die and it will be in the menu, but I can't find it, I deleted my profile and reserved space and still nothing, now I am reinstalling the game hoping to find it. There are a lot of ark similarities, besides the character creation. Can someone help me ?
  11. My dino stuck on 148 lvl, i change max levels and still nothing changed Config: https://pastebin.com/4TrCMcMD
  12. Unfortunately, I don't have enough context to provide a specific answer. If you're looking for the main theme song on Spotify, it's best to search for it directly on the platform using relevant keywords like the movie or show title followed by "main theme song."
  13. Someone can give me Unthinkable Delicacy blueprint path ?
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  15. same, trying to find a work around for it, lost 9 tames to it yesterday
  16. I'm with you guys! Does anyone know when the wipe exactly is?While you wait for wipe I can recommend Blazzio, where you will find a lot of games that you will like. Good luck !
  17. Hast du es zum Laufen bekommen? Es dauert etwas bis der Server alles geladen hat.
  18. Very sad love the idea of this game I really wish they would improve graphics for Xbox. I hope that they won’t give up on this game it does have serious potential just needs some major improvements. I tried capturing images to send but this platform won’t let me post any. Compass, extremely blurry, trees/bushes are very blurry and playdough like, animals are also very distorted as well. Very blocky like textures and choppy. Please invest time and effort in improving this game. If it’s a funding issue i guarantee if they started a funding request for improving the game people probably be happy to donate. Just some suggestions love to get back into the game again but I guess I’ll have to leave it be until major improvements are done.
  19. Well they are all working on ASA games abandoned
  20. I need some help I'm on xbox and can't find how to delete my pathfinder can anybody help? Thanks.
  21. hi guys, i'm back in atlas afters years.... i used a docker image for host my own server on my synologie nas. is there one working fine at the moment? or a tuto for making one (for noob ^^) ??
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