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  2. Chrysa1is

    Can't aim with mortars!

    Pretty much what it says on the tin. I placed my mortar, and it won't aim at all. I have the sighting line appear (white, green etc), but I have pressed every button on my xbox controller and it will not aim whatsoever! Why is this? What is wrong here?
  3. MasterLucz

    Treasure Hunting

    I’m new to Atlas on Xbox One and having trouble with my treasure map. My starting island is where I’m taking refuge in M7 but my map tells me there’s treasure here and when I go there no beacon appears like videos said it would. I stumbled on one in my first single player accidentally since then I can’t seem to get this one working. I’ve restarted game respawned on the island and came back nothing so far has worked.
  4. PVE and PVP iin Atlas shouldn't get the same patches. What do you guys think? PVE: Issues and bugs that have to do with beds decaying to fast on islands 10 days? To fast! 20 is better i think. PVE and PVP: Food to feed the animals and NPC's decay to fast. Not enough space in the food thing to feed them longer then 3 days. Maybe add more time to food added into ladders and thrifts? or more spaces to hold more for cycling? (or allow silo's to feed animals as the decay time on the silo is 0. that would be Great!) PVE and PVP: After your body dies drop a bag with your items in it for at least 1 hour please. Right now, as soon as your body dies and the body vanishes it takes your Items/gear with it, after a short time. PVE and PVP: Ladders V's Rope ladders on boats, Rope ladders crash you from time to time, it looks like it gets you stuck in the ground if parked to close to land or pop you off when you try to get onto them in a hurry. Wood ladders seam to work better on boats these days you'll see more people with wood ladders on ships Tacky.. then rope ones due to this bug. PVE and PVP: Grills irrigating not always working right. Fire pops off and on and wont fill right. 1 time had wood in it and it didn't want to turn off, i had to remove the wood to get it to turn off till the water filled back up to 300/300. PVE: Each time you are about to sail and lift anchor and rain storm or Fog rolls in Crazy. and seams like nice days are gone now.. what happen to lifting the anchor and having a good day to sail! PVE: NPC's Floating behind the ship as sailing and i don't mean Floating as in water. PVE: NPC's XP Points not displaying correctly while adding XP points. PVE and PVP: Ship Sails, Ceiling, Wall, Pillars, Doors, Scuba, Storage, Ladders, items on my ship NPC's are not fixing while Anchored? PVE: Floating Sam's Crates cant pick them up on the sea. PVE: Getting Stuck inside Animals when attacked. PVE and PVP: Cant color ship side Cargo Crates. PVE: After adding Ceiling's and log out or move far from them like docks even some tend to vanish and need to be replaced. PVE and PVP: Wood Doors on windows are backward. lol PVE: Can't Claim animals or NPC's on ships when claimable. Then log out near that ship/animal and the timer refreshes to a 7days ***min's PVE: Sailing in some Lawless servers cause lag on the ship. water Floating way over 1/2 the sails and puts you under water ship and all.. Looks tacky. PVE: and PVP: We need and have been asking for some more decorations, like items on walls and or our docks like Rope or Rope Ties to hold ships when docked, lamps for docks, and items to spice up the game a bit more. We have been using Wall Hooks that hold lamps on our dock to look like ship tie downs. PVE: Auction house to sell resources for gold in game. Banks would be a good start to use?
  5. I find with 10 animals and another few on other Islands for farming goods. I need to keep going to the island way more then i should. The food needs to last longer or somthing. Can you make the silo so it feeds the animals too? I am spending to much time TPing from island to island pve keeping them all feed to often. The food ladders and food thrift just needs more holding time or a better way to keep the food from Spoiling so fast. they dont hold enough. i find myself each day having to log in to Cycle Berries. To much time!
  6. Ne01011

    Loss of Gear

    Why WHY when i go away for a few min's i come back and i dont have my gear my guy had. I worked very hard to get the gear and now its just gone! What the hell! Why after my guy dies, dont i have a bag waiting for me with a timer of 15 mins or a time thats reasonable if i went afk to long. My guy dies and after a few min's his body vanishes and takes my gear and items with him? WTF Why not have it so a Bag Drops after his body vanishes so i can have time to get my Hard Earned items back! this is so annoying that i loss everything due to inactivity! Everyone has a life out side this game too.. Work with me here please this makes me so mad!
  7. Daeva

    ATLAS Roadmap

    I hope this is still worked on, the game is in need of content and updates, Don't abandon us in them middle of the ocean.
  8. sure. that's what this is all about.
  9. DeepSeaDuo

    Grid editor and map

    1. You can safely add islands, but not move them, and I've seen weird effects when deleting islands. 2. Sounds like you've moved an island. It's best to use the locks in the grid editor to prevent accidental moves. 3. Don't know.
  10. Walter Riley

    We need to talk about fire elementals

    Right, but just a few posts later you say the design choices aren't dumb? Am I missing something?
  11. Percieval

    We need to talk about fire elementals

    Well, if you read one of my previous posts, I said that fire elementals shouldn’t be able to attack you underwater.
  12. Walter Riley

    What TF does a Gum node look like?

    I might be getting two resources mixed up, forgive me if I am. But find a swamp on the equator islands and you can get it from the more substantial looking Lilly pads
  13. Walter Riley

    We need to talk about fire elementals

    So you trying to say it's perfectly reasonable for a mob made four of fire to be able to go for a swim with no side effects? I'm not going down any realism debates, given the first half of that setence, but you can't seriously tell me that's not dumb
  14. Who here offers to pay more money? It was written that, in my opinion, the developers noticeably slowed down on working with the game. That for a long time (almost from the moment of launch) can not fix some bugs (including the loss of animals from ships, and the spontaneous destruction of the base structures). And this, for a moment, is the private property of players, which should be protected in the first place (of course not during the beta testing period, but we all hope that this period will end, after ten years)
  15. Yeah OP, that's a terrible idea. You should verify that you have not in fact been lobotomized for that thought to have co.e into your head. Pay more money.......for a game that is in EA and isnt finished yet? After they've made millions of the 2 platform EA Launches already? We didnt even pay full price. No, how bout we let them finish the game, and then they can make money by selling a finished product at full value. You know like what I have to do at work, finish my product before I can sell it and eat.
  16. Anyone can use any item if it is of Basic quality. If the item is of a higher quality, then you need a skill to use it.
  17. Just recently got the game and a few severs to go with it. I have a few questions that I can't seem to find answers for regarding the grid editor. 1. Do I need to do a wipe when changing islands out, in case we discover we want a different island for any reason? 2. One island we put on the map when we zoom in on ourselves when on the island, we just see ocean, when we zoom out we see the island, if this normal? 3. We feel as though treasure map are saying something is in A1 when it's not any way to fix that?
  18. FlameBlade

    Where are the devs?

    Ya'll do realize that this game is still in early access? It got bugs, it got issues. For crying out loud, the devs are most likely hard at work fixing some of these issues, but at the same time is just as challenged by COVID-19 as everybody else.
  19. mishkazz

    Free-port not working/ Selling

    hi Since the up-date i have Been to G7 free port 3 times, to purchase respect / Crew / Clothing; and nothing lights up as available for me... I assumed i was doing something wrong , currently on my 4 visit, 3000 gold, just leveled up, and nothing works, i cant purchase anything.... The time / right now ; Location G7 free ports, (all of them) EU / PVE / Ghost Buccaneer (level 57) / playing on Xbox/x Please fix... thank you for your time
  20. mishkazz

    The Drummer

    Hi While Minor... The "Drummer" playing on land didn't actually work or do anything, until two weeks ago ( before the up-date) Now Day 1 of the update he plays but there is"No sound" and the "green Circle" is continues .... I am not 100% sure how many players noticed "The Drummer" actually come to life, or if takes him a few months to warm up to the idea... EU / PVE / G8 / Top Right Island / Lower south corner (Near Blue Lighthouse) Base Name "Port Royal" Company "Sea Wolves" / Ghost Buccaneer... The Drummer plays at the "Tiger Paw Tavern" for a few months now... It was cool when it worked.... Thanks
  21. mishkazz

    Shipwrecks (Sunken Treasure) Indicators with no Wrecks

    Both are referring to the same bug.... For most players the Sextant works from one square to another... However, like me the Sextant only works in the Square that was taken in... It Will not show any actual wreck sites in any other Square.... Only fix... take only 4/5 Stars at a time... reduce the timer & redo any square your hunting in
  22. Weylin

    pve EU-PVE [The Norsemen] B11 Market

    NEW MAPS IN SHOP @B11 at the flag ! Only higher Fine maps!Good luck pirates ! Yaarrrrr See you at the ZFG-Norsemen Market!
  23. CompactDisc

    Single player bugs/issues

    Apparently this was intended: v102.5 - Fixed some rare crashes. - Stationed NPCs (on boats and land) no longer take damage from guns on Official Servers. - Added a new Game.ini ShooterGameMode config bool: bSeatedNPCIgnoreGunDamage=1 If on SP, you can add this to your game.ini file. This one: ...\Steam\steamapps\common\ATLAS\ShooterGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\Game.ini
  24. Last week
  25. Whitehawk


    I've been asking for airships since day 1, after all they were in the original rendering of the game but they did look horrendous. Personally I think they should go down the airships steampunk road, I mean we have got a steampunk sub already. And as for making people leave with airships and fast travel etc, well, they've left already.
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