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  2. I've tried it recently and it doesn't seem to work any more(worked before last major map change). It used to be, Cheat givealldiscozones If you can get it to work, let me know.
  3. I want to discover all discovery zones in my single player world but there seems to be no command for it. I'm on xbox one btw but I have no clue what the command is, please help?
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  5. This problem has been going on for several hours, reports have been sent and there is no response from the Adm.
  6. Yay, another map change nobody wanted that will come with more bugs and they won’t even fix the other bugs. Smh worst dev company ever. By far
  7. Devs told once that there will be "big summer update". Also they told recently that they wanna change map, so it will be with portals-maelstroms and different biome regions. My guessing - with one of these updates (or maybe it will be the same single update) there will be a wipe. If they keep their promise and release "Summer update" in actual summer it gonna happen within next 4 weeks, but... well. With current development state and speed this "Summer update" might happen somewhere in November...
  8. I was traveling back to my base in D5 and I was riding the trade wind back through G7 and the server crashed!! Not only did it crash but my husband logged on and it said that the ship I was on was sunk! I cannot log back in I am in an error crashing loop and even when I try to log in from somewhere else on the PVP map it crashes!! PLEASE HELP!! This has been since yesterday early afternoon. I cannot even log in to any other grids as I keep getting the same errors. PLEASE HELP!!
  9. Ahoy fellow pirates we are 10 close friends and we want to start Atlas again.If anyone knows next wipe date please tell us.
  10. It is still going to be in "early access" even when in fact the game has been on its last laps for a while now. And even then it's going to be more of a toy than a game.
  11. you have to visit traders/vendors NPCs on freeport or enter a trading ship on the open sea to trade oil and gold into those not existing oil resources. Unfortunately every time they make a new map they screw it up... simple like that. Hotfix or patch? Will not happen. My suggestion: have fun with the game as long you play and quit fast and period once you decide it's not worth anymore. But like me i have a look for some updates from time o time... getting disapointed with every update they do. *We want to mention the game is still in early access* bla bla bla
  12. Diamonds come as swag when trades occur with market. I have not seen the other resources either. I've seen legendary carbines for sale in player shops so I assume someone else found them but I have not. I'll be watching this post as well.
  13. It can take a while to start working. For my first time it was several hours.
  14. Last week
  15. I was originally thinking this issue was related to Fast Travel since the issue occurred as I was fast traveling to the bed in that base, however I just had an entire base auto-decay on another square with an active claim tower even though I had visited that base the day before yesterday. This time I saw the decay in the log and hadn't fast traveled anywhere yet. This must be some kind of bug related to decay inside claim tower range, or maybe a bug with the claim tower itself? Is there a tried and true method of reporting bugs? I'm not sure I could even provide enough information to even make the bug report helpful... We lost massive amounts of resources, items, etc., so I think we may be done playing the game for a while until more bugs are fixed (if ever).
  16. Well just like with ark they have a go big or go home kind of mentality. Their fatal flaw was that ark was such a success they figured they could get away with it again but with half the effort. with ark they did go big. With atlas they did go home and once they got home they shit the bed, and then they sold that bed to us for 30 dollars. Maybe they are masterminds and we are the idiots after all.
  17. Haven't played in months but I thought i read a patchnote saying there was a way... anyway heres what we used to do.. Unless something changed from several montths ago WHENEVER my trading partners or I had an issue we... 1 All got in chat together. 2 Demoed our markets 3 Then 1 by 1 we synced them up If private mode is still an option and functions then maybe it will help with the trade request spam, i doubt it though Good luck
  18. How to clear rejected/canceled Marketplace trade routes ? Ihave the same Problem.....
  19. @Whitehawk & @George of the jungle yea I'm still befuddled as to why companies go to mass market via mmo's when they don't have a single player or its bugged. Strikes me as a learn to crawl before you walk type of no brainer. 90% of Atlas' problems could have been avoided this way. I do understand it, I suppose, under some scenarios.. A large, well funded company w years of industry experience directly relating to mmo's well then i suppose it would be logical. The industry giants, so to speak. However, they've stated on numerous occasions that their development team is small, so I don't get it.. To build BIG a stable foundation is required. The "foundation" is single player or small scale matchmaking. From there, when the core experience is defined, stable and popular THEN run with it.. They've spent 2 years putting the wagon in front of the horse. Period.
  20. Pve/pvp isn't quite the same as single player. Not until your shipyards disappear every time you log out!!!
  21. Hello ranger, this is technically the first post I liked that you have done. It is not your fault because as you said you joined later on in the game(even if it was the second wipe). I found you very annoying coming in as a new player and being naive as to think everything was an easy change without realizing the company you were taking to. your posts were informative and heart felt, so I did have respect for them but they were annoying nonetheless. Now that I see you have taken the red pill, I have a new found respect for you. the one piece of advice I could give is next time you join a new game and do the same thing you do, do some research into the company first because you were way off base and that is why you got some unwelcoming introductions. you are a good talker as well as informative in your opinions but you really have to know what you are walking into before you start. Just a piece of advice. this company has done more than you can even imagine if you look into it(you also need to look into ark history) the leadership is the exact same and the team is half the same.
  22. Yeah, they made their mechanics so bad that even online you are basically playing single player because you can go days without seeing another player lol player counts are showing that online is a single player game.
  23. Expanding on @Whitehawk comments, they've had literally years worth of constructive criticism and the game just keeps getting worse. I joined between the 2nd{?} and 3rd(?) wipe, was pretty happy and was encouraging people who had left the game to return. Then they stuck it in sideways, completely wiped all my progress. The dictionary definition of "prerelease" is "existing or occurring prior to the release of something". The game is mislabeled as "prerelease" when it should be labled as "under development". Theres been like 5+ wipes Core mechanics undergoing complete overhaul Bugs that are persistent and expanding constantly Many features or adjustments are rolled out partially then just left in half ass status I could go on ad nauseam I quit playing months ago but unless something radical happens not only will this company never receive a dollar of my money, nor an ounce of my time, but i will encourage anyone who asks to boycott the products of the affiliated companies. They're literally charging people to beta test and then shitting all over the people who participate. I dunno if they lack leadership, just dgf or have TOO MANY leaders. Either way they've turned a potential G.O.A.T. into a clusterfuck. My 2 cents.
  24. The problem is they dont really want solo players. Some online games think you can force strangers together and somehow it all magically stays good and friendly. It's fine if you already have friends that play, but personally either starting a company with total strangers or joining one is a huge risk, which I have found out on Atlas sadly. The games company mechanics ,do not make joining or starting a company of unknown individuals a good prospect for a solo player. It's just too risky, (more so joining than starting).
  25. Dude nothing is bringing back players. The game has been dead for awhile now. It is in the bottom 100 steam games and has some of the lowest numbers compare to most games. Add in all the bugs and unethical business practices and this could very well be the worst game of all time. people have been putting up with the gold for ships for a long time now. But I think it is very important to repeat that the player numbers will never go up. The game will never be a success and it has already failed. if I were you I would be embarrassed to even tell anyone you are playing atlas.
  26. Thousands of gold coins for ships is just is crazy it’s killing it for solo players if you want to build the numbers of players up remove the gold coins other wise it’s not worth playing
  27. This EXACT thing just happened to me about 3 minutes ago. I was Fast Traveling to our main base to visit the area and check on the farm houses and warehouse. As soon as I spawned in, the base auto-decay demolished itself (according to the company log), and the bed I just traveled to was removed.
  28. The game is broke man. There is a reason you don’t see people and and that is because they are close to their all time low player numbers. Especially after aug 31st you will see even less. just pretend you are playing single player because pretty soon you won’t have to pretend.
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