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  2. Is anyone else having problems connecting to servers? I cant connect to any server at all
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  4. The xbox server issues have been a thing for over 5 months now. The game is being marketed as cross platform which that is not the case anymore. New players buy the game with the intention of playing with their xbox friends only to find out they have been falsely advertised to and have been scammed of their money. This needs to be brought to somebodies attention because this is blatant false advertising
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  6. game full cheat pizz ho anticheat
  7. Couple years ago atlas ran beautifully on my series x now I can't get out of the free port there is no aid to xbox players I really miss playing this game but can only make so many Freeport fobs just wish I can play with my PC friends again also keeps saying it can't retrieve my address how can I fix this or is it a dev problem
  8. What happened to the PVE server? I know it's been over a year from the last update but I can no longer get the pve server as an option. I'm too late in the game for PVP because the second I started I was trolled relentlessly. Does anyone have any idea on what's up with Atlas.
  9. Blame redbeard. In his eyes console players should not play the game. Before he took over the graphics were better and the world's were bigger. They charge 30usd to buy the beta but once you pay you get no support and they say you should buy it for PC so you can actually play it. I was one of the first to buy the beta and stream it on MIXER. Now I can only log in to the console PVP server but die since ALL shorelines have Puckles that kill you instantly.
  10. Because redbeard does not like console players. If you look back when he took over he stated only PC players should play the game because console framerates make him have to really work.
  11. In 2020 in a redbeard journal he stated in a not so nice entry he does not feel console players should play the game because it makes him actually have to work to allow everyone to play. Also back then the graphics were alot better. I miss the days when the world was bigger than 12×12. Under his leadership the game has not made much progress. But I hope one day he will see that if he allowed console players into PVE more people would return.
  12. The last update when you had players was v402.6-ish, before the farmhouses, prefab crap, the wipes, and all the excess crap that got added that no one wanted. Want to save the game? roll back that far. The 15x15 map was amazing, could literally roll back that far with minor changes, and many old players would return. For people who just like to tame, breed and farm just add a few Ark size islands. Add greenhouse structures so we can grow crops in any biome, breed tames in any biome. We wanted legacy ships to expand to frigates, sloops should have been slightly bigger. Get rid of or change the weird ship of the damn and army of the damned, pirates or skeletons-ish would work, remove mines, farms anything and everything prefab ships and structures. The point of sailing was to go out and get those resource's, not auto farm and sell them, limit island claims and shipyards, no company should need more than 2 small and 2 large shipyards. If ships sat for too long we should be able to claim them, breeding and raising tames should be less time consuming, these are things most people wanted but no one listens to small or solo players.... the main players of your game, instead you listen to mega comps and pvp players. Sooo many more ideas that we wanted but were ignored. Watch both your trailers and see and remember the aww that we seen and the game we remember and deserve, if anything give us back the original map for single player. MAGA ( Make Atlas Great Again)
  13. /usr/local/bin/atlasmanager: line 279: /var/log/atlastools/atlasmanager.log: Permission denied /usr/local/bin/atlasmanager: line 1601: /var/log/atlastools/atlasserver.log: Permission denied
  14. Server running: No Redis Server running: Yes Redis Server PID: 3298246 Server listening: No Server build ID: 11353410 Running command 'status' for instance 'c3' Server running: No Redis Server running: Yes Redis Server PID: 3298246 Server listening: No Server build ID: 11353410 i dont understand
  15. How do i make a server on my vps ubuntu a 3x3
  16. Yes and they need to limit the amount of gathering hubs each company can have because I've come across companies in the past who had 5 of each gathering hubs on the same island which causes a lot of frustration for other people who want to get the stuff for trading and getting higher tier blueprints crafted
  17. Why can Xbox players not join the pve server the Whales Solitude
  18. bonjour tout le monde, je voudrais savoir a quand les serveurs pve officiel vont fonctionner pour la xbox. merci d’avance pour vos réponses bonne journée à tous
  19. Are they gonna fix the couldn't retrieve address or am I just wasting my time
  20. Hello . My friend rented a server and we can't login. Don't anyone know how to fix this if it can be?
  21. I play PVE. I finally got all the 9 gems. I play with mods. When I get to the center grid, the game crashes. I still play with original ships, no modular. I did research, I know I'm also suppose to go underwater and find 9 essences? I think that's what they're called. I have not created the industrial structures or the doom/dead structures. Also in my research, when I get to the center square, I'm suppose to fight a huge kraken. Since one of the updates, the caption changed to large whale. Is my version of Atlas outdated? I'm always seeing the update screen show up. So I should be updated. Has one of my mods caused an issue? What is suppose to happen if I enter the center square without the gems, surely the developers don't just allow the game to crash. I thought I'm suppose to fight the kraken, then go get the essence, then go to the ice dungeon and kill the giant snow beast. Once that's done, I can create the dead/doom/Egyptian temple/doom temple, etc. Also, about a year ago, I saw the signs for the stargate looking portals. I followed them, but there was nothing there. Then weeks later, no more signs. Was I suppose to download the game again? Was I not affected by the wipes? I spent 3 or 4 years playing this char. I don't want to lose it. I posted a message on the forum about creating a second char, so I can start from scratch and finally get to the maw, but no one replied. Anyone have a clue why the game crashes when I enter the center square.
  22. I have 2 computers with Atlas on both. I use 1 computer to play Atlas. I copy the save folder to an external storage, as a back up. I've played Atlas for years, and learned to survive crashes and bugs, by restoring the saved folder. I use computer 2 to play copies of old saved Atlas folder. I play Atlas by login to Steam like the rest of players. My question is this, If I "Delete Singleplayer Data" from the Atlas menu, will I be deleting my character from online and not be able to login on and play on computer 1? I have spent years playing Atlas, I don't want to lose all that content. But I'm curious to create a new character. Anyone have an idea? I guess I can create a new login in steam with new email, and have it as a second account. It's just that I have allot of mods installed. I don't want to start from scratch and add the mods to a second account. Basically, I have my char in PVE as a single player. I've played that char for years and want to keep it. I want to create a second character but don't know how. If I delete the data from the Atlas menu, will I be deleting my old character?
  23. The current meta of using a 30 million health armored dock to protect NPC's that block the claim flag is ruining the game and preventing inactive companies from being cleaned up. Please make it so only online players can block the claim flag from being claimed.
  24. I fully expect, without warning or announcement to not be able to log in some day soon. Shame as this is arguably one of the best if not the best survival, ocean, sailing mmo ever made.
  25. Update* looks like emerald coast PVP official server is working for Xbox series x, well for me anyway. Every other server is still (can't retrieve address).
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