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  1. The current meta of using a 30 million health armored dock to protect NPC's that block the claim flag is ruining the game and preventing inactive companies from being cleaned up. Please make it so only online players can block the claim flag from being claimed.
  2. So I did some reading and a common method for salvaging ships IRL is to attach air bags. With a diving attachment players could dive down and use air from their attachment (large oil cost), to fill up air bags via a mini-game. When the air bags are enough for the weight of the ship and its cargo it floats to the surface. A ship on the surface of the water then needs to be repaired to not sink again by repairing planks and after those repairs are made the water on the ship needs to be bucketed off. This system would be a lot of fun because you could introduce a timer that allows other companies to claim a sunken ship, which can cause fights over wrecks! This system would introduce a lot of fun to the game in various ways including by reducing the amount of farming in the game over all. People wouldn't have to keep leveling new ships up and crafting new ships. Players would be more likely to cosmetically improve their ships if they know that they can be recovered once sunk. This has the added benefit of cleaning up wrecks on the map.
  3. The devs have stated they wanted to get players out on the sea more, but inadvertently have put the biggest barrier to the sea the game has ever seen. I understand they want to add value to gold and make it an integral part of the game, but they did so at the cost of players being able to make more ships which would result in more combat and an over all increase in the enjoyment of the game. Gold requirements and value can be added in ways that make the game more fun and not act as a hindrance. Such examples could be purchasable talent points or buffs for ships that are already crafted or as a modifier during the craft that can add over all quality to the ship at the cost of gold. I would rather gold be seen as a power up and not as a barrier to getting out on the water. I love the armored ship dock gold upkeep because this allows for gold to be used to protect your ships and I look forward to the specialized ships costing gold. One idea for a ship that costs gold would be a mortar ship that has one mortar on the front of the ship that solves the problem of large scale combat where the defenders just turtle up and force a land fight. the mortar ship forces them to come out of their castle and deal with the siege weapon. Limitations to this ship could be that a company can only purchase one per day and it only lasts for a certain window of time. Please consider evaluating the ability for players both in small groups and large groups to earn gold outside of the trade system and their ability to get out on the water and off of land. I know you guys want us out on the water and not stuck on land, that was one of your goals of the automated farm houses at the start.
  4. I think instead of having a PVE server they have a hybrid PVE PVP server where you can PVE in a lot of zones, but to get good rewards you have to go to pvp zones. Good rewards could be the island claiming system, it could be good map locations, the golden age ruins, or rare resources. It just needs some sort of objective to draw players in to risk it for the biscuit.
  5. did you update drivers and verify file integrity?
  6. My biggest issue is the insane gold requirement for ships. The devs said they wanted to remove barriers that kept people from getting out on the ocean and created the biggest one in hopes of making gold important. The gold requirements need to be one-tenth of what they are right now to even be close to being reasonable. I would love to hear their logic behind schooners costing 5,000 gold whilst you only get 100 gold from a level 6 sunken treasure or 5 gold from flotsam. The only logical thing to me is that they want to make this game only about large groups. I agree with the upkeep costs of the armored ship docks I think that is great, but the gold generation from the trade system needs to be greatly reduced and the gold cost of ships also needs to be reduced so that people can actually churn out ships and have fun. I thought they wanted ships to be more "easy come easy go"...
  7. It really should be a "taming pen structure" that is part of their automation and you feed it resources and lure creatures into it.
  8. Guys you were really close to fixing the warehouse and farmhouse, but then you made it worse making it so they need to be built near coal and oil (which isnt on every island) to remain functional without player interaction. If the goal is automation remove the fuel cost, but if you have to program in some sort of fuel just use fiber in the mean time.
  9. Also why is there a 50k weight limit when a tiny resource chest next to it is infinite?
  10. I think it would be a big improvement if they got rid of the "fuel" requirements altogether and still allow random people to turn them off and popcorn their inventories so it requires management. This would open up farmhouses in areas that dont have trees as well as allowing the warehouse to gather wood and thatch which is HUGE!!!
  11. They either need to nerf company size or nerf the number of allowed allies and I would prefer company size nerfed down to 25 and keep the alliances at the current allowance or increase the number of allies allowed even. Take a look at lost oasis walker storage system, they could implement this at freeports with specific download spots.
  12. Yeah the problem is also the AI pathing and warehouses on cliffs on top of the aforementioned NPC weaknesses.
  13. I really like the farmhouses as they are for PVP, but I question their existence in PVE. PVP's focus should be fighting players and claiming land.
  14. I think it would be great if the warehouse was one warehouse per company per island and automatically connect to all the farmhouses on the island. The farmhouses would not send resources unless they are full and then they send all but like 10 wood, so that the farmhouse would continue to operate after all the resources are sent to the warehouse. This would fit in with the story that the "NPC's are collecting the resources when its full", it would allow it to continue to run after collection, but most importantly it would leave it open for players to grief these farmhouse nodes and use the resources as they do now. This would also turn farmhouses into land claims for people to fight over who has farmhouses down.
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