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  1. Guys I think farmhouses are just the best thing to add to the game. So i made this post of AWESOME ideas just like farmhouse that you can add to make the game ever better!!! 1. Make Materials weightless. Now that materials are essentially free like minecraft creative mode (i love Minecraft creative mode so much, who wants all that survival-adventure stuff!) it is so tedious to have to only carry a little bit! Make materials weightless so we don't need tames anymore for anything and we can just carry tens of thousands of pillars to spam everything. Even better maybe give us a levitate button so it's easier to place the walls 10+ spaces high! Something like the wingsuit but you could fly upwards. 2. Shipyards just automatically build ships for you even without materials. How cool would that be!!!! You could just put the shipyard down and AFK like you do with the windmill! Like not even have to play the game! Just come back and boom you have a ship. 3. Banks just passively generate gold! OmG This would be the best! You guys want to remove "landlubber activites" altogether right? So you can just put passive gold income on the bank! That way i can just play the game AFK!!!! 4. Grills autocraft good foods. God who wants to go around collecting stuff? I can never find anything! Just make the grills create food for you! You just put one down and come back later and bon apetite! Cause I just hate all this survival type stuff! Nobody wants to worry about eating and collecting things or building, just have it autocraft into our inventories. This would be the best. You could then pull in all of the audiences from other games that are too hard! Like people playing minecraft might come to play Atlas, because they wouldn't have to worry about chopping trees or anything. They can just not play the game ever and then do whatever they want just like in minecraft creative mode. This would just be the best guys. Absolutely the best direction Atlas has ever been taken I hope it continues.
  2. Nah that's what warehouses are for. I figured.. they just talked about it on the Q+A. .... yay. These things have pretty much ruined pvp so far
  3. thanks DOJ will do. It's down again, only for some i guess.
  4. Yeah there's literally farmhouses and pillar spam everywhere now. It's about to get worse as well, now there will be warehouses. I don't think they have any clue about how the game is balanced.. how it taking effort and time to get resources to build is what reduces island clutter and makes things have value. Can't even do treasure maps now because every island is covered, pillar spam, pillar walls in the water, giant walls everywhere... It looks like minecraft on creative mode. Can't break down any of the 10s of thousands of pillars surrounding the entire island because the island is in peace mode. Oh and now they want to "fix" people docking/storing stuff in freeports.. because the trolls/griefers in the Q+A want everyone to be naked, and for anyone with half a life to never have a boat. Yay.
  5. And the reality of windmills has occurred. Solos endlessly spamming stone trash everywhere. Atlas: Creative mode is something I definitely think sucks so far.
  6. Yes. They wont add real content like that though.
  7. Just demoed mine. Pretty sure everyone can loot them because there was 6 storage boxes outside of it with various mats inside and it wasn't full after leaving it for hours. No, you can't pincode them. So it's like a campfire infinite materials cheat code for everyone. Great. lootable crafting stations are absolutely not the same thing, I don't think anyone wants pincoded smithies lol. not a mistake So farmhouses suck, broken/op and imba... anyone can run up and loot a full base worth of mats and spam crap.
  8. And again.. randomly down just for me i guess. lol. Seems like there's a theme going here. Shows 41 people on battlemetrics. I feel special.
  9. Yeah they don't really bug fix or read the reports. If anything they do the opposite.. i wrote about the forum mgb limit on attachments and they lowered it lol. Devs are trolls i think not real peeps.
  10. it shows as up on Battlemetrics... not sure what's up
  11. On "Select Atlas" H3 is not shown and I can't seem to log in right now. Anyone else having issues?
  12. SeroJ

    New World Map!

    so just confirming again: you guys in oct/sept? when you said that was the final wipe you still haven't bugfixed anything you are implementing a new map nobody asked for
  13. SeroJ

    New World Map!

    Just FYI there was a global chat that popped up right before the last wipe in October or September, the week before Xbox launch. It said it would be the final wipe. You would know this if you actually played the game, but you apparently don't.
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