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  1. SeroJ

    A solution to killing breeders, maybe?

    Do you even play PVP? Invulnerability when green anchored? lol. Yeah i'll just leave all my boats on freefire and have invulnerable turret towers around my island. Nah freeport is good the way it is. It is a lot of work to keep your boats repaired, so there is a time upkeep cost, and you still have to have bases. You have to go out and farm, you can't breed there, etc. Also you can only keep 1-2 boats reasonable there so you HAVE to have a base and harbor if you have a lot of boats... It helps solos and small groups so you can have a boat safe to do stuff and play without an unreasonable time investment. That being said I do agree tames should be nerfed... i enjoy the no-tame pvp a lot, would love to see more melee combat with the dodges/directional blocking etc.
  2. SeroJ

    A solution to killing breeders, maybe?

    Last Oasis is awful. It's like Atlas if there were no powerstones, no kraken/yeti/hydra, you had to grind to use skill points, there were only 2 island types copy/pasted 4,000 times, you had to run around in circles on grass before you could sail your ship, no guns, no unique weapons, no hand to hand, no tames, no customizable ships... no painting things, no custom stuff. Oh, and literally only ~3 types of wildlife. Rupus, the racoon things and the tiger things. Yep, have fun with that man.
  3. SeroJ

    The game is great but here's my opinion

    no you don't... d&t has been gone for months, sdc has been gone for weeks or a month.. Honestly though? Jojo has an island in B7, i have a base there and have never had issues so I'm wondering how much of all this is nonsense. Are you complaining because they have taxes? I think they are at 15%..
  4. alright will do thanks
  5. SeroJ

    How is this still a thing.

    Yeah i need to chime in here- It is absolutely 100% essential for solos and small companies. Also it lets you travel and take a night off.. or trade. All you have to do is click the ferry guy and go to any of the 3 other freeports...... or go to another freeport. There's tons of space man. also you can't breed in fps i don't think. Also many of the other ideas are a bit too extreme i think. I like how things work currently it's cool having a persistent world that's what sets Atlas apart from other online games. Everything is in the world.. you can see it, walk up to it, etc.
  6. Wow nice. Where do you even find QLs that high? My bad saw the title again.
  7. SeroJ

    Leaving Atlas

    Character might have been deleted on the season change. There have been 2 so far.
  8. SeroJ

    Too close to enemy gate or foundation

    I see guys at this lawless island i frequent usually find a spot for a tiny shipyard... honestly way easier to raft it up then backtrack from a freeport just to head back out again
  9. Look i mean the guy is a complete clown but he's threatening me IRL and it's kind of just.. lame. Like it takes all the fun out of shit talking or pvp in general. So can i post the screenshots of it here ? Is there an appropriate avenue to resolve this? I'm not like super upset but it's just lame. I'd rather it not happen if possible since I know some younger kids play as well. Thanks
  10. SeroJ

    Level 54 SOD Galleon Vs 1 Cannon

    xD how about the upside down tames, npcs/tames floating off the back of the boat or in midair, weird meshed/nonexistant stuff blocking building in water on shorelines, the floating cargo saddles loading in 2km from the tame.. lol
  11. I know a bunch of ... newbs?... were claiming there were invisible rocks sinking their boats... but I've not once seen any. Rocks are kind of important in pvp and in general made sailing risky/fun around shorelines. Can you turn them back on please? I feel like I'm at the bowling alley, and they put the childrens bumpers over the gutters lol.
  12. SeroJ

    Too close to enemy gate or foundation

    i'm sorry.. your boat sunk.. on the shoreline? from sotd? or you swam... usually you can put yards pretty far out into the water too
  13. SeroJ

    Pvp sharks frenzy idiots killing this game

    Soloing for damn near all of the 1500 hours logged right now. Had the same brig for almost.. 2 months now? A month and a half? Have tames, etc. It's definitely doable.
  14. SeroJ

    sunk ship in Freeport on EU PVP, hp planks 2726/12000.

    do large planks start leaking at 2726 hp? Going to be honest man, the whole boat is so beat to shit I'd kind of expect 1 of the 52? or so planks to be damaged enough that it leaks after a couple hours. Keep in mind also that if nobody is there and it isn't rendered, sometimes it seems like the server calcs things kind of weird. Not improperly but maybe it just didnt update the plank hp. I could be wrong though might be a bug. Play on the safe side and repair everything before you leave it there. Prob just a damaged plank.
  15. SeroJ

    Need Someone to Summon Kraken on Kraken's Grasp

    lol if you actually get someone to do this let me know, i need to do kraken as well