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  1. Can ttell u how many times i lost ship battles because afo the stupoid mermaid that makes u lose control over ur ship. IM done wiht this game. And im chased by admins. Thye spawn mermaid circles in front of me when im in a big PVP sea battle and im about to turn the sails, the moment i turn sail (bad against wind) the mermaid suddenly pops up,. THis is no coincidence this is calculated by the developers.
  2. Look where my cross hair is and where my cannons aim at! i am getting this bug so often lately. WHat is causing it? https://imgur.com/wK7qdXt
  3. why cant i put explosive barrels into the munition storage? they are way too heavy. Also wtf is wrong with ballista/catapult weight. Both weight more than a cannon. Thats totally unrealistc. THey are made out of wood compared to the metal cannon. get real!~
  4. I have now no doubt anymore that developers are helping certain groups. It all started when my shooner in my shipyard got deleted 2 times within a time perriod of 20 min. That cant be coincidence, and it definitely wasnt a bug. Some companies have invincible structures that take no damage. Depending on who is friend with developer gets that luxus ability, huh?! THen one time when we were attacking a flag island, my whole ally got disconnected at once, while they were chased by a schooner. The shooner then almost sunk the ship when they came back. 1 Of my ally got teleported teh day before into the middle of the ocean while we being in a fight with the same company that somehow disconnected us (or the developer). And this happend to me, i got teleported into the middle of the ocean right after i fell from my elephant onto the soil of their flag island. Besides, when we still had our tames and were fighting on land, they were all set to passive (we never set them to passive), i quickly noticed them not fighting back, so i set my yeti to "attack my target". And when my yeti got attacked (i was on an elephant) it again didnt fight back. On top of that did my puckles on the elephant never shoot at any enemy. I was like, huh?! wtf why are they not shooting. Then i saw my allies tame getting attacked and not fighting back either, so i told my ally that his tames were set to passive, he replied that cant be he set them to neutral before. This all makes clear that some developer was helping "Rive Sud" the clan we on whos island we were fighting. And today this: I jump into a ship fight against another company (4th dimension) and I noticed quickly that my cannons were bugged. Every time I moved the aiming cone over the opponents ship the aiming got canceled. U know when the the grey aiming cone turns into yellow, yeahj that exact moment. And i kept dragging and draggin and it fucking didnt wana work, even if the brig was right behind my schooner. RIGHT BE HIND ME, 10 METERS AWAY. And the cannons simply couldnt FUCJKING aim at it!!!!The aim cone didnt appear. Even my fire bolt ballista coudlnt aim. So fuck off! I used that thing hundrets of time just like the cannons and I know how they work. Ther were like 30-40 situations like this. And then my schooner started acting weird, driving into the wrong direction even if i told it to go into the other. At one point my schooner was so out of control, when i tried to take the curve away from the shore and pressed the button to lower my sails, the sails actually immidiaetly accelerated again and the ship just fucking drove straight, it didnt listen to my commands. So i ran with full speed into the shore, and ofc that was my end, i coudlnt get out fast enough before the brig came and shred me into pieces. And this is just my story, there is lots of players' reports that mention server being shut down or they all got disconneacted etc right in a big fight. I am done with this game and the admin abuse of it. And btw this goes also into my steam review!
  5. I dont wanna make every sinmgle plank rank 10, that takes too much time. can I not not give access to members with one setting>? I dont want members to be able to use my ship or demolish it. At the moment i have to change the settings for every single plank to make it activation 10 to make it not demolishable.
  6. u didnt answer the question, so i assume a "yes"
  7. This is the most retarded game design ive ever seen. Atlas is the only game made for wimps. 1. U cant steal ships 2. u cant conquer bases (claim towers dont work everywhere). Besides, most claim towers are on top of cliffs so forget it 3. Freeports and Peace phase islands completely destroy the idea of raiding (all your opponents stuff and buildings is in God mode) 4. Warehouses only give u a fraction of the loot as a raider, and Banks give u 0 5. Industructable armored docks Like wtf, get real?! If ur too pussy of a developer to be a pirate, dont make a pirate game! Go back play minecraft with the kids!~
  8. the platforms are glitchy as hell and puckles are vulnerable on it. so thye are useless
  9. thats just exploiting the brokenness of the game. U should report urself for being a baby. If the game allows pillar spam, shipyard spam, farm stacking and other exploits, then it isn't the player's fault but the game's. The player are merely making use of it.
  10. ok wil be skipping his comments from now on
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