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  1. You know what? Here's another one. But no, that doesn't happen often... After this screenshot it crashed a third time within 30 minutes. But this time without an error message. 3 minutes later #4
  2. First of all I would like to say that I had a lot of fun with Atlas, but now it's just frustrating. Taming: Since the Mega Update I often have problems with the game closing or crashing suddenly. I tried to tame a tiger on Lvl 23 and suddenly the game crashed. Me and my bear that I tamed with level 29 at the end of the world were dead. After that I tried to get a new bear to compensate the loss. Of course the game crashed again, but a member of our alliance was able to save my second bear this time. Since then I have avoided turning my bears on passiv while taming which led to many frustrating situations. Lvl 30 Giraffe - The giraffe was killed by one of my tigers because it turned on the ground (glitching) and suddenly hit in my direction. Because the giraffe was Lvl 30, I wanted to be sure that nothing would happen it. That's why I pressed T before taming and set my bear and the tiger to passive. Unfortunately this was not noticed by the game. Lvl 29 Tiger - Accidentally killed, because the countdown for the Bolas in the Hotbar was still running and I made a left click to throw them. My fault, but why Bolas need to have a cooldown on a PvE server? Lvl 28 Tiger - I tried to place some signs around the tiger to save my bear in case my game is crashing. Unfortunately I could not build the last sign, although it was displayed in blue. I couldn't abort it for a few seconds either. The tiger freed himself and my bear killed him because he was still neutral at this time. Lvl 29 Elephant - A spider was attacking and my bear killed the elephant because the spider was too close to the elephant. Lvl 26 Tiger - This time I wanted to make sure that my bear didn't kill the tiger so I set him to passive. The game just closed this time and when I was back in-game, the bear and I were dead. These are just a few examples that happened to me in the last 3 days. Why is there no status where the animals defend themselves when they are attacked but do not actively attack as long as they get damage themselves? Taming something alone is just frustrating when I have to decide if I want to lose my own animal if the game crashes again or if I want to risk killing the wild animal accidentally. Glitching: What is also quite annoying is that you often get stuck in trees, rocks, other animals or dead bodies because the hit boxes do not match the graphic model. This often causes you to get stuck or teleport back. I have also seen animals that are stuck in the water several times since the Mega Update. Sometimes these animals seem not to be able to use swimming animation anymore (look at this gif). I'm sorry if there are any mistakes in this text, but English is not my native language. I am so frustrated about the current state of Atlas that I had to write this text.
  3. I think you don't have to verify your game files every time. When I had the problem again yesterday, all I had to do was to join again without using the rejoin button. Just select "join new atlas" and if something is bugged kill yourself and spawn at Freeport. If your map is bugged change your home region and spawn at a Freeport. At Freeport you can kill yourself to spawn at your home if everything is fine.
  4. Crazy but exactly that happened to me yesterday while trying to solve this problem. The only differences are that I also deleted the "Saved" (or Saves?) folder and checked my game for missing files before I tried to join new Atlas. After that, everything seemed to be fine for me.
  5. Do it exactly as described there. But I recommend to delete the folder "Saved" too before checking for missing files. It works.
  6. I got kicked too (client not responding) and now I'm getting an infinite loading screen when I try to join again. I tried to fix this by many different ways but nothing worked for me.
  7. Same issue for me and one of my mates. We got randomly kicked by Battleye for the reason "client not responding". I tried to solve the problem but nothing worked for me. I'm still getting an infinite loading screen when I try to rejoin the EU PVE server.
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