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  1. I'm not going to say what the dupe is (and if you know what it is, you shouldn't either), but Grapeshot had better check its bug reports ASAP. It baffles me how this could possibly have gotten past QA (Ha, QA...).
  2. Mega tribes storing valuables in freeports is cheesy, but they all do it. However, there are also a lot of lawless residents who anchor in freeports too because it's the only way to still have a floating ship tomorrow. Any changes to freeports need to also address the needs of lawless residents.
  3. Don't kid yourself, there will never be an official retail release of Atlas. It's been nearly two years since "early access" started, and 95% of the major bugs at launch still exist. Atlas is what it is.
  4. It appears that farmhouses belonging to a clan are contributing to that same clan's island tax haul. In other words, if a clan places 30 farmhouses on an island they own, and the tax rate is set at 30%, that clan's flag will fill with 30% of the farmhouse-gathered material in addition to resources gathered by settlers. If nothing else is done, this at least needs to be changed.
  5. So, we claimed an island at launch and then recently decided to move the flag. Somehow, in the 60 seconds it took to declaim/reclaim someone else dropped their flag. Adventures ensued, but we ended up successfully re-claiming with our flag in the new location. Now it appears that the new green claim circle is much smaller than it was originally. In fact, it doesn't even cover the entire island. It's been a while, but do claim circles expand over time? It's the only explanation we can think of since the circle isn't centered on the flag. Edit: I think that we figured it out, but I'll leave this up in case anyone else runs into the same thing. We moved the claim flag from ground level to high on a cliff. This would shrink the X/Y claim radius if claim circles are actually spheres and the center of a claim is based on X, Y and Z.
  6. A few of us who played at launch are considering giving Atlas another try (another chance) following the upcoming wipe. So, Breeding. Does breeding a bear ingame still take as long as breeding a real bear? I recall that our tamers/breeders typically worked through the weekend in shifts, since animal breeding could take up to two real life days.
  7. Height doesn't matter, there's no collision between ship masts and the top of the gate.
  8. The +velocity bonus on speed sails gives no additional top speed, and the +acceleration bonus on handling sails actually gives velocity. So, basically the meta is to run with +130% acceleration maneuvering sails or higher since that would make them as fast as unmodified speed sails. Weight sails seem fine (and 100% unused by literally anyone).
  9. Atlas official servers wouldn't survive another wipe, sadly. A lot of the very very few hangers-on would likely throw in the towel.
  10. On PvP, in the past, we've had solos and duos living on our islands - generally, we don't care as long as they don't cause trouble (the tax haul is nice). But what happens when we abandon an island or it's captured? (lolz)... Basically, those settlers will find themselves at the mercy of the new landlord who can just DEFCON 1 everything they own with a menu click. There definitely needs to be some asset cleanup, and landlords do have rights, but this seems like a fix with a lot of potential collateral damage.
  11. It's not very intuitive. You need to have enough gold in your inventory in order to claim (for some reason, the game refers to gold as 'points'). The cost varies, but 500g should be plenty for any island. Once you place the flag, there's a one hour timer until the claim is complete. When it's complete, you can see what the gold cost for the island will be - place gold in the flag inventory to cover it - gold is drawn from the flag inventory every 12 hours (the duration increases the more 'settlers' you have on your island).
  12. Grapeshot's efforts to prevent hacks and cheats consists solely of a monthly check to Battleye.
  13. I've seen level 38 in polar regions, that's the highest I've seen outside GA zones.
  14. The PvP timer definitely needs to be reduced from 9 hours to 5 (or 6 at the most). Unless, you're part of a large international company, a 9 hour timer more or less guarantees that there will be some period of time when everyone's offline (or very few people are online). From what I've seen, most small-scale island raids happen in the first or last hour of combat. A 5 hour timer makes it more likely that defenders will actually be around to defend.
  15. Enemies can't destroy a flag unless they capture the island; silos have 10,000 hps and can be destroyed. On a PvP server, that means you'll need to defend the silo. Why would island owners ever put food in a silo rather than the flag?
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