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  1. Ramming ship. Unless it moves at 60 knots and is literally made of explosive barrels, the only thing it'll be ramming is the ocean floor.
  2. Honestly, you deserved that and more. "It's not broken, you just don't know what I know. And I won't tell you." So, basically you're just here to stroke your ego. And as Twiztedmike posted, you can throw a bola when stun-locked. So, in traditional Atlas fashion, the solution to a broken mechanic is to use another broken mechanic. No problems here.
  3. Kast

    No Justice

    The only way anyone gets banned for cheating in Atlas is if the cheating was recorded, posted and has gone viral (in the Atlas community... or mainly on Atlas Reddit). I.e., the cheating has to be so obvious that not responding to it would be a PR problem. The fact that they always do company-wide bans tells me that they don't really have any internal means of identifying cheating such as log parsing, for example. So they can't determine who did precisely what and when. Honestly, I suspect that the decision to ban is based 100% on the evidence viewed by the general public.
  4. So there I was, zoning out of a freeport, when suddenly *crash*! Nothing new, honestly. But when I returned, my ship was gone! Not sunk, just gone. Looking at the map, I can see it sitting on the zone line and I can select it's bed, but teleporting fails. There it is on the map, but it's in neither grid. I can only imagine that it's been transported to some alternate dimension, some strange bizarro world (maybe somewhere that this kind of crap doesn't happen). What horrors have my valiant crew been forced to endure, and what of Bearbarella and her 600 cannonballs? The mind reels at the multitude of implausible possibilities. Not the least of which the possibility that someone will fix the damn game.
  5. Sadly, there's no one minding the Atlas store as nearly (possibly literally) all of the devs moved over to Ark Genesis. Atlas is an abandoned game with only a skeleton content team paying it any mind. When it comes to bad behavior, the only time it's addressed is when there's video evidence that's gone viral.
  6. So, you're saying that it's kind of like: if you're stuck in the middle of the jungle and you're afraid of being eaten by a tiger, just stay away from tigers? Got it.
  7. So, pin codes and levers are broken too. Pin code a door or cannons and match it with a lever - works great! Wait 12 to 24 hours, and now they don't work at all. You'll have to wipe the code on the lever and all associated objects and reset them... which is fun when those objects are 200 some odd cannons that need to be turned off daily so that submarines don't drain 10,000 cannonballs. My suggestion: let's try and get at least one game mechanic to actually work.
  8. Large scale PvP has devolved into claiming and defending the highest point, and then glider/barrel bombing the enemy base. It doesn't even have to be on the same island - in fact, it's actually preferable to build a sky tower on a pillar and then glide to the target island. We've been involved in a major alliance war over the past three days, and it's literally been nothing but back and forth barrel bombing; naval combat only comes into play when it's necessary to defend your barrel operation or destroy theirs. This is a game-killing mechanic, and the longer we wait to fix it the sooner the end comes.
  9. Submarines have been a favorite toy of griefers since they were first introduced, and anyone who's ever played PvP know what I'm talking about. Subs can't be hit with cannonballs when submerged, and NPC mounted cannons apparently consider submarines to be "ships". We all see the problem here, right? As everyone knows, griefers use this mechanic to drain cannonballs from defensive towers and even cause them to sink the tower owner's own ships by sitting submerged with the ships between it and the defensive cannons - this is typically done during an island's peace period, which makes it all the more broken. A couple of suggestions: 1. Change submarines from "ships" to something else, or add a tag to differentiate them from surface ships, and then change ship target options to "Ships" and "Ships and Submarines". 2. Add an AE damage effect to medium and large cannonballs that will also effect anything underwater. Yes, I know all about "disable your cannons during peace" and "don't park your boats under your own cannons", but these are workarounds to make the best of a broken mechanic. It's about time that we had an actual fix.
  10. I'm going to try to be constructive this time... OK, I'm guessing that the explosive barrel changes were intended to deal with submarines and nearly indestructible underwater structures, and all of the mayhem associated with the roll out wasn't intended. If this is the case, you could narrow the use of the barrels to those specific goals. Change explosive barrels to function as depth charges only. I.e., they sink for a set number of seconds and then explode. They do not explode on contact, when dropped or when placed. Ever. If this simple change was made, you could drastically reduce the weight of barrels or even allow them to be placed in ammo chests. The current state of explosive barrels can't possibly stay as it is; I think that everyone understands that. So, rather than tweak to lessen the symptoms, change the functionality completely and give us a cure.
  11. This is pretty bad, actually. The SoTDs have been broken for a solid week, and no fix and not even a peep about it from the devs. This isn't a tweak or a balance issue, this is a significant part of the game being literally broken. No fix for a week is incompetence. No communication for a week? Hell. I don't even know what that is.
  12. I'm guessing that the explosive barrel rework was intended to address otherwise (nearly) indestructible underwater structures. The goal is reasonable, but like nearly everything they do, the execution is a clown car driving into a fireworks factory. For example, at the moment, explosive barrel damage is modified by both ship damage bonuses and cannon quality. So, a barrel fired from a +200% damage ship with 150% quality cannons will hit for 25,000 damage per barrel before resists. That's per barrel per shot... This is so blatantly obviously wrong, that I'm really starting to wonder if there are actually any real devs working on this game at all. Honestly, the best thing they could do would be to roll back the last two updates, and then just go on vacation for a year.
  13. Why are explosive barrels in the game at all? Were ships not doing enough damage? Was the business of offline foundation wiping entire lawless islands via lowly cannon bears consuming too much precious Asian game time? At the very least, explosive damage should not be modified by ship bonuses or cannon quality. As it stands, a barrel has a base damage versus wood of 10,000. Now factor in a ship with a 200% damage bonus (20,000 damage) and 150% quality cannons (25,000). That's 25,000 damage per cannon. Ya think maybe that's a bit too much? No? Ok. Four cannons firing is 100,000 damage... every five seconds. How about now? Good grief.
  14. I'm not going to say what the dupe is (and if you know what it is, you shouldn't either), but Grapeshot had better check its bug reports ASAP. It baffles me how this could possibly have gotten past QA (Ha, QA...).
  15. Mega tribes storing valuables in freeports is cheesy, but they all do it. However, there are also a lot of lawless residents who anchor in freeports too because it's the only way to still have a floating ship tomorrow. Any changes to freeports need to also address the needs of lawless residents.
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