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  1. I promised I am not trolling, I really enjoy Atlas I played it from launch to the second wipe on officials, then I went back to Ark. But I decided to give it a try and there are some improvements and some not so cool changes(looking at you gold cost for schooner). But I I am looking at the notes and social media(what I can find) and it feels like they have abandoned this project which is terrible because there was so much promise. Maybe I am missing the activity and there is lots coming? Please tell me. Part of revisiting this game is because it was a favorite of a good friend of mine who died this year, so I wanted to sail again, but I don't see as much progress as I had hoped but maybe there is more to come?
  2. Just wondering if there is a way sans a mod, to change the timer for how long you can pick up like walls after placement?
  3. Hmmm I was trying it on a parrot, need to check some other things I guess.
  4. Anyone found anything that works to change colors of tamed animals?
  5. hoping to be able to change the spawn rate of sofd, in the ini?
  6. On my private server I have the difficulty at 0.8, when we try to tame something say around 90, it will go to level 120(ish) and then it can't be leveled any further, but if we tame a 50 it gets its full leveling, is this a setting or a bug?
  7. I am looking for some people to join my 4x4 server, with a custom map that has every resource and all the gem battles, it's PvE with some exceptions(like if you agree to PvP, then go for it more on this in the rules). Everyone is very laid back, most of the group have been online friends since Ark. Our age range of current members is 18-37, but we are open to anyone who just wants to play, there are no restrictions on language or anything of that nature. To the server its a 160 slot cut up into 10 slots per grid, but I can absolutely upgrade should we have enough people, I have had a constant server or servers without downtime for over 3.5 years now. The rates are boosted, including letting you have pretty much all skills by the time you are max level of 125 before discoveries and up to level 20 in freeports, 3.5x exp, 4x harvesting, 18x taming...breeding and such has been boosted as well, so has per stat points, this is set to be casual but still fun. I am nearly always available, I am always open to suggestions, I am the only admin there will be no admin abuse as I don't participate in events or contests unless it's for fun. Questions, feel free to post or come join the discord for more info.https://discord.gg/gv2PJnMEdit new discord link https://discord.gg/gv2PJnM Update ....I have just prepaid for 1 year of a 4x4 server, it will go live around 11pm Eastern/8pm Pacific time.
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