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  1. Grid: F2 Interacting with Smithy, upgrading a Journeyman Grappling Hook The game just shut off. Dropped me in desktop, as though the game was never running. Another company member had this same thing happen, as well as getting fatal error crashes. Validating game files.
  2. The worst offenders for this are the Goat and Boar. Today, a wild horse got on my boat. I killed it. While trying to harvest the meat, I could not get close enouugh because the collision detection kept pushing me back. I finally found an angle that worked, by crouching. Once the body was gone, I continued to ryubberband, as though the body was now all around me. I couldn't take two steps without being pulled back into place.
  3. I have my push to talk bound to Left Alt. Every time the game patches, my keybindings in the game reset. When I talk in Discord, my screen Auto-Locks on nreaby targets for melee combat. I tried to rebind "Auto-Aim", but it did not fix it. I saw that Left Alt defaulted to "Switch to Nest Loaded Weapon", so I unassigned that and it worked. Bottom line: The "Switch th next loaded weapon" in the Keybind UI is affecting auto-aim, not switching weapons.
  4. ...sigh Thanks.
  5. Has anyone else experienced this? I was doing 2 points of damage with a bow, and archers were immune to damage. I made a bug report about it as well, becuase I'm pretty sure archers being immune to damage is not intended gameplay.
  6. So, uh...what's up with only doing 2 points of damage to the Treasure guardians with a bow now? And only 8 with a X-bow? Was there some mention of this being a problem?
  7. Solstar

    Ship is gone from the Shipyard

    I had a Galleon, a schooner, and two sloops poof over the course of 3 days. No debris, just a note that a ship was removed from my company. They were all parked at my island and I've been logging in frequently.
  8. Solstar

    Can't interact/No pop-ups/can't open inventory

    As soon as I left M11, this stopped instantly. 5 days of thinking some patch broke the build, and it turns out it's a garbage server...
  9. Just an update: As SOON as I left M11, this stopped. Like...immediately.
  10. Solstar

    Requesting developer response please!

    As soon as I left M11, this stoppeed. Immediately.
  11. Edited to say I'm in M11 NA PvE as well. I've been getting this suddenly starting 3 days ago. Never had this problem before. Scared to start sailing for fear of losing all the tigers I just tamed, my ship and crew... aaaaaand about 2600 gold.
  12. Solstar

    Server Loading

    Not only do I get the Battle Eye crashes due to "Client failure to respond", I also have been able to log in, but lost m,uch of my HUD and the game doesn't recognize certain items in the hotbar. I try to open my inventory, but it flashes open then closed instantly. Can't interact with anything, or get the pop-up tool tips. Can't get on my cat. My crew and animals are slowly starving as I wait to be able to get off then on my ship jsut to forage a little. There's no way I can sail like this.
  13. Solstar

    Problem logging in and interacting with objects

    I just posted about this as well.
  14. I logged in unable to open my invesntory. I can't get on my Tiger. I get no pop-ups for items I look at on my ship. I see no boat HUD with wind and sail info. E does nothing. Can't man steering wheel. Can't climb ladders. Several items are missing off my hotbar. However, I still have a few items, like my pistol, latern, and sextant. Logged out then back in. Same issue. However, I did not have the option to rejoin a server. I had to use the log in to a new atlas option to get back in. Logged out and back in. Same issues. Then I got booted with a message about the client not responding. Logged back in and things seem to be back to normal for the moment. Edit: Kicked again by Battle Eye Edit 2: Logged back to all the same problems...except now me and my cat are off the boat, I can't get on her, but whistles still appear to be working. Logged out hoping I put her on attack my target and follow.... Edit 3: Logged in. Things reset. But I keep getting booted by battle eye Edit 4: I happened to be booted while holding my bow. Logged in an there was no bow in my hot bar, but the slot was selected and I was able to shoot my bow, even though there was "nothing" in the slot. Edit 5: Same Problems, no matter how many times I log out then back in. On a possibly related note, I also started getting the Host server not responding messages again every time I log in. A list of the items the game is failing to generate on hotbar: Fine Bow Fine Pickaxe Fine Hatchet All of my F* key powers Ok, 30+ minutes of messing around with this nonsense. I was barely able to replenish a little food on my boat for animals and crew. I'm done....
  15. Seems there have been a couple changes, so if any could point me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it.