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  • :pirate_mask: Code of conduct! :pirate_mask:


    The Code of Conduct is subject to change without notification, though we will do our best to ensure that changes are communicated clearly to those on the Official Network.

    ATLAS is evolving quickly from a developmental point of view; we plan to iterate heavily, introducing new content, mechanics, as well as fixing multiple bugs and exploits as they arise. Our Code of Conduct and enforcement approach will continue to evolve along with the game to become more aggressive when policing our servers once we are in a more established position. 

    This list is not exhaustive but represents clear guidelines for players to follow when playing on our Official Network. Reports should be made via our ticketing system.

    You can increase the effectiveness of your reports by including as much information as possible, as well as video or picture evidence. We never take our decisions and actions regarding potential malicious player behaviour lightly. Suspensions, wipes, and/or bans are only issued after careful review of all internal and external evidence. 

    Hacking and exploiting

    Hacking and Exploiting in the game to gain an unfair advantage over other players is subject to enforcement action.

    Hacking - examples are not limited to but can include using third-party programs such as in-game automated bots ESP, Aimbots, and Game Engine Modifications.

    Exploiting - examples are not limited to but can include:

    • Attacking from, traveling through, or building in unintended game-zones (ex: under terrain or above the map)
    • Duplication of tames, items, other assets, or characters
    • Unintended building mechanics used in an exploitative manner (ex: floating structures)
    • Attacking or blocking players through the terrain
    • Griefing players in Freeports by finding ways to destroy another person's or company's boat/creature, this includes but is not limited to: setting creatures alight, pushing players outside of Freeports to attack them, or finding other ways to sink their boats. Simply put, do not force or attempt any kind of PvP on Freeports whatsoever.

    Hack & exploit related chat - there should be no discussions in the game or on our official sites regarding hacks and exploits, including but not limited to how to gain access to cheats, where you can acquire them, or how they are utilized. This applies irrespective of the comments being a joke or genuine. Threats made to other players regarding the use of exploits or hacks will be taken more seriously, for example, a threat made to 'mesh' or 'aimbot' another player.


    Behaviour, Chat, and Interaction With Others

    Behaviour and interactions through text chat, voice chat, during broadcasts and videos associated with ATLAS, and in-game signs or paintings must adhere to the rules below and you cannot use alternative spellings to circumvent restrictions.

    Ensure that you do not:

    • Offend - this includes but is not limited to language or behavior or use of art and assets which is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, obscene, hateful, sexually explicit, or racially, ethnically or otherwise offensive.
    • Post Personal Information - belonging to someone else in the game or any Official Platforms related to the game.
    • Harass, Stalk, Threaten - such as sending repeated unsolicited or unwelcome messages to specific users/Companies.
    • Disrupt the game - such as intentionally causing the chat screen to scroll faster than other users are able to read, or setting up macros with large amounts of text that, when used, have a disruptive effect on the normal flow of chat.
    • Promote - do not send messages which are advertisements for inappropriate topics, including scamming, hacking, exploits or the sale of goods and services unless trading within the game for game specific resources
    • Real-money trading (RMT) - items, creatures, or services must only be exchanged for other items, creatures, or services within the game. Trading for real-world currency (real money) is not an accepted form of trading.

    Using Structures to Block Players on our PvE Networks

    Extreme cases of utilizing structures on Lawless servers with an aim to prevent or inhibit what can reasonably be considered regular play.

    Player, Steam and Company Names

    When choosing your name, steam name, or Company name please abide by the following rules. If we determine your name to be improper, we may change the name or terminate your use of our Official and any BattlEye Protected Servers. You should not use alternative spellings to circumvent the name restrictions listed below. You should ensure that your name does not:

    • Offend - names may not contain vulgar, defamatory, obscene, hateful, racially, ethnically or otherwise offensive, including any usernames which are sexual in nature.
    • Impersonate - pretending to be someone else with intent to impersonate Game Masters ("GM") or Grapeshot Games employees.

    False Reports

    When reporting others, please ensure that you are genuine. Reports made to harass other players or to restrict their gameplay when the Code of Conduct has not been violated may result in action taken by Grapeshot Games.

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