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    Xbox series x - Atlas: patch 555.3 samsung 2022 65” tv singleplayer/host this game launches, but graphics are horrible. PS2 quality. Dedicated xbox servers would be nice, i got 8 friends ready to play but these graphics are hard to look at. cross play is not fun.
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    New patch 555.2 landed on my Xbox Dec 20 2022, and the game now crashes continuously. I appreciate the long-awaited fix of the polygon compass, crossbow, speargun and ballista but the game is now unplayable. I've been patient, waited for the restart, and even exited to menu to save a stable game state, but the crashes are frequent and continuous. I'm no expert, but it looks to me like loading data is the cause. For example, my maps bookshelf initially is filled with blank maps, that 'fill in' one by one, row by row. If I scroll down the revealed maps are also blank and fill in. If I scroll too quickly the game crashes back to the xbox home screen. It seems if I do anything too quickly, the game crashes. Approaching new islands is always glitchy, but now a guaranteed crash. Certain creatures are basic polygons until approached - pig, chicken, bear. Ship sails blocky before slowly becoming normal. I have worked around problems such as maps no longer working upon visiting the powerstone with the dragon, but ya can't play a game that just crashes all the time. Please try to fix before xmas
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    I've struggled on... Frequent crashes, more on larger islands. Definitely an issue with maps. Often, just opening the main map crashes the game. If a storage container has more than 8 or so maps, the game crashes upon opening the container. Pirate camps appear downgraded to min level. Higher level camps crash. When returning after the crash, the camp is downgraded. Overall poor graphics and lots of glitchy landscaping (holes in mountains, blocks rather than rocks, polygons everywhere.. These are major issues affecting at least the single player xbox version, and a roll back to the previous patch would be preferable to the current game-state.
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    Firstly, to the devs - you have made a good(ish) game - I have put 376 hours into the game already Now, i came here due to the marketing and advertising and references to the similarities of what this game is compared to EvE, and how it rivals EvE... After 376 hours, I can safely say, It is nothing like EvE, It never will be, this was false advertising/marketing at a seriously bad level... There is no economy, no market, no "Safe hubs", timers are seriously way over-timed, You don't have too much of a reason to go out and exxplore, it is forced gameplay to the point, where you literally cannot play the game how you want due to devs introducing permanent stat debuffs unless you go and do something, Age is completly screwed - In 1 month I have aged 100 years, The lack of player choice is somewhat blatantly in the face but disguised due to "The freedom to move around" - The building placements next to enemy territory, all well and good, but now I can lliterally place a cannon 8 steps away from someones building... I don't even need to think how to attack a group, I can do it solo, Just wait untill the players are asleep and then attack, 1 cannon, 50 - 100 rounds... There is no reason to group up, if you do your skill tree right you can literally have armour, cannons, etc to be able to attack ON YOUR OWN... There is no thought of consequences, 90% of the time if your not in a big group you will be grindingg 100% of the time... Fire arrows are ridiculously nerfed, 10 shots and a bow breaks with fire arrows... Its fire and cant even burn through wood without 400+ arrows being fired at it... All I see is another Ark game, falsely advertised, wrongly marketed, painted with pirates.... I am dis-appointed that I was lured here under false pretenses - The whole "Define your own character" stuff is rubbish, I age 100 years every month.... then get perma de-buff stats unless I ggo to the FOY, which I will have to do every time, just to ensure my character is not weaker than everyone else... Just to be "Normal", How can mercenaries work, when it is too easy for everyone to get the best stuff within 1 week of game time... EvE literally takes 6 - 8months to get anywhere near competitive at PvP... I am not saying the game should go full swing EvE... But it certainly HAS to turn away from ARK... This whole 18 hour rubbish to capture a ship is ridiculous... Even if everyone is dead.... There is no incentive to be a mercenary, a Pirate etc - Sure its fun going round blowing up peoples stuff, but you are building a perma grind game for all the solo players/ small groups, you are catering to the carebears of PvP world who lets face it dont have what it takes to play a game with half a brain, there is no incentives for anyone to do anything other than "Build, Build Build"... Oh apart from the forced gameplay... There is no diplomacy here, Racism is far too rife in the community, All I see is weapons getting weaker, tames getting weaker, buildings getting weaker but harder to build.... Griefingg is a serious issue, a serious issue.... But you guys don''t care... You wont divide the map to safe portions etc... you wont merge the PvP and PvE servers and just make the map 4 times bigger... You wont spread the resources proportionately.... There are currently 4 ships, and all are about the same in ease of sinking - There isn't a reason to build a galleon when it can be sunk as quick as a brig, by a brig with 30 spare planks on etc... There is rarely any PvP on the server its more PVsleeping raids.... I'm writing this, because after all the game time I have put in - I am extremely let down by the ggame, It is literally one big rip off of Ark, painted and sugar coated, and at this point, I think it might be wise if the devs / company stepped up and explained to the community exactly where they want this game going... With a solid floor plan of what is expected, and not in one months time for the next update, but for the next two years... where are you taking this ggame? what are you doing with the game? are you continously going to cater to the carebears of PvP.... I would like some sort of answer, as, as stated I was lured hear under false pretenses and marketing, The game is good, but it is not at all why I came here and has left me feeling very disappointed and mugged off, kinda like asking for a mint choc chip ice cream and given a cabbage on a stick with a bit of mud....
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    The last update when you had players was v402.6-ish, before the farmhouses, prefab crap, the wipes, and all the excess crap that got added that no one wanted. Want to save the game? roll back that far. The 15x15 map was amazing, could literally roll back that far with minor changes, and many old players would return. For people who just like to tame, breed and farm just add a few Ark size islands. Add greenhouse structures so we can grow crops in any biome, breed tames in any biome. We wanted legacy ships to expand to frigates, sloops should have been slightly bigger. Get rid of or change the weird ship of the damn and army of the damned, pirates or skeletons-ish would work, remove mines, farms anything and everything prefab ships and structures. The point of sailing was to go out and get those recourses, not auto farm and sell them, limit island claims and shipyards, no company should need more than 2 small and 2 large shipyards. If ships sat for too long we should be able to claim them, breeding and raising tames should be less time consuming, these are things most people wanted but no one listens to small or solo players.... the main players of your game, instead you listen to mega comps and pvp players. Sooo many more ideas that we wanted but were ignored. Watch both your trailers and see and remember the aww that we seen and the game we remember and deserve. https://youtu.be/miwYMiEUYiA https://youtu.be/7pXqX73FGFY MAGA ( Make Atlas Great Again)
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    So, after longer time i have testet Atlas for a while, after this new Season was started. And what I see is what I expectet and even worse. Bugs Bugs Bugs - everywhere I look around. Its practically absolutely unplayable. In the early past of the game we have arranged with it - EA Game, and the trust in the devs. Today there is no trust anymore. They showed us and the hole world, they have no interest and no ability. I play with some guys, one bought a brandnew Gaming-Laptop. Played some Games with it without any problems, than Atlas - Bluescreen. He dont play that trash anymore - little bit of quality is basic requirement in a game. It must be clear, that it seems that you can destroy your hardware with this, what they call a game. Other one, played Atlas a while - crash - now he cant start the game anymore, always freeze and crash. So repaired, reinstalled, driver update, tried the few tips and tricks from the community - nothing. Also unplayable for him - so he also dont play because he cant anymore. Trash So I am not sure what the devs are here doing - there seems to be no love, no enthusiasm, no ambition for their work. Is this the way devs are working? I really dont think so - look around how others do, you will find shortly the difference like the difference of day and night. In Steam you can read "From the creators of ARK: Survival Evolved comes ATLAS". Really? So, have you ever played Ark? Its not everybodys type of game, but have! you! ever! played!, just for interest? Sorry, but this what we have here in Atlas is not from the creators of Ark - never ever. Atlas is Trash. The difference is exactly what i wrote above: love, enthusiasm, ambition to what they do and what they want to reach. Look also around to other games - often exactly the same. Not everywhere, but its not nearly as bad like in Atlas. Seems the devs gave up the game long time ago and nothing will change anymore. But why? Why dont leave up this trash to someone who likes to do it really right? Money? Im sure, there are lots of people that like the game - how it should be, not as trashy its now - that also have the skills and opportunities and want to put their heart and soul in it to make it to a very great game. Things and skills, the current devs obviously cant understand and dont have. We, the players - your customers that payed money for this - maybe have to boycott the game completely. In Steam this trash still costs 25€ (converted around 26$) - absolutely insolence. With the knowledge of today its not worth a single cent for me - I didn't even want it as a gift. Im just glad Grapeshot doesn't build cars - never ever again a Game from this bunglers.
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    I invite everyone who is not indifferent to write a collective statement, similar to what was written on CD Projekt. Perhaps then the game developers will finally pay attention and fix the problem. The game, even in Early Access, should be playable. I paid money, not to look at the main menu of the game consisting of squares instead of letters !!! If your game does not support languages other than English, then it should be turned on to English by default and not show the players squares instead of letters, so it simply cannot even be turned on beyond the main menu !!!
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