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    will you add a Toilet ShiP, Ship of pink unicorn or big vagina ship? they may be more useful than what you have done now.
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    No one wanted these boats. They are poorly designed and apart from the rare use cases of the mortar boat offer nothing to the current game. This games pop hovers around 110 players daily for a 11x11 grid map. Most large companies are being manned by maybe 6-10 people. Naval combat has pretty much disappeared from the game. Your response to this is to add more frail boats that move at 8 knots. Sink like a rock when they take minimal damage. And use a repair system no one likes or uses. You stated that you wanted this game to be pvp focused but everything you do other then the mortar ships encourages nothing that remotely resembles pvp. I'm going to let you in on something you seem to have missed. No one likes the new boats. No one likes barrels on boats. No one likes the gold costs on ships. NO ONE LIKE THESE CONTROL POINT BUFF TOWERS. For the love of all that is holy stop adding garbage to the game and FIX THE CORE GAME. Performance issues, quality of life improvements etc. That's what the players want. You've stripped this game of its fun and added nothing to enhance the gameplay. Talk to your god damn community and stop doing whatever you want. Its not working and this game is a ghost town because of it.
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    These useless, good-for-nothing, Mommy's basement-dwelling Devs have yet again failed to see the bigger picture!
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    You have completely disconnected with your very small remaining player base and you keep adding crap nobody wants! You refuse to listen to the few of us left playing. Trash!!
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    Increased defense, damage and rate of fire for Defense Tavers at control points made it even possible for these towers to craft them according to blueprints ... But still did not understand what a bicycle with triangular wheels is doing, no matter how you craft and improve these towers, you can to destroy even with a schooner with big guns, despite the fact that these mega-worn towers will never reach her! That's what it means when developers have autism - they just don't know the mechanics of the game they are making! You have added platforms for crabs on which you can place a large cannon ... reduced the height at which you can place a Puckle, thereby rendering ground PvP because a large cannon standing at an angle can get where you can no longer place a Puckle. But this is still the tip of the iceberg, you made it so that the buildings even the same pillar base, you can wipe from the water ... Trying to impose naval PvP you made the land useless ... Devs do you know the PvP mechanics of your own game for sure? !! You realize that the damage on the ship can be pumped no matter what percentage of dmg the guns have, all this is all the more summed up in the end ... You cannot pump damage with buildings on the ground ... This makes the ground absolutely, catastrophically, with the current balance - useless !!!
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    Please assist Nitrado in fixing the black map for crossplay servers. They have been broken since May 28th, there is an issue between home server and expansion servers. Thank you kindly
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    You devs are literally retarded. How does it feel to be absolutely trash at your job. There is zero chance you are getting another developer job if Atlas is your showcase on your resume.
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    just wipe me please Apparently Cannons can shoot 2-3 times further now! Yeah!.. but only from boats? goodbye coastline defenses.
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    It would be nice if tickets were actually answered and not automatically marked as "solved".
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    Amazing, i can see they kept up the high quality work Looks like a half assed reskin of a Schooner and no one bothered to actually test it before release
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    Lol couldn't tell ya what bad decisions were made being haven't made any. Devs tho that's another story. And yes you wipe turds when then been stale with barely any players the last several months better yet prolly best to take the game offline completely.
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    Replaying Atlas is like going back to a bad ex, you know they keep making promises they will never keep, yet at the same time play on your emotions to keep giving them more chances ,stating how you knew who they were when you took them back and you knew things might not change. In the end you realize they are toxic for you. You count your losses and move on.
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    How many hours did you play?
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    We were playing with friends in my single player world. However, when I launch it today, the Atlas map screen shows nothing and only the bed. The game displayed a fatal error when trying to respawn in bed. If you try to respawn in your home region, you will only respawn in the middle of the empty sea. I searched past forums and Steam threads but can't find a solution. What should i do ...
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    Ahoy fellow pirates! We have a small company of 4-6 players who need somewhere safe to lay our heads under the stars. We're a well rounded company with all easy going and chill members. We enjoy the social aspect and love to have a good laugh but are growing fatigued having to restart every few days. Unfortunately for us we just don't stand a chance against the big boys and are looking for a very specific set of requirements in our allie(s). 1.) we don't have a true leader, we are a team but no marching orders..Players are free to do as they please (within reason) and not subject to having to be someone's errand boy. We play on xbox and party chat with each other. We wouldn't want to be required to party chat with your company. Also it's important that we be allowed to do our own thing unless you need a hand. This would need to be respected and adhered to. That said, we believe that acting as a team is the only way of sustained success in the world of atlas (that's why we are looking for you!) 2.) we do not wish to simply settle on someone's land; we would want to form an alliance to protect ourselves and our ships, blueprints, tames, etc. 3.) Every company thus far has required us to be on the front lines. Though we understand everyone must pay their dues and we have absolutely no issue; in fact we eagerly welcome helping you defend what is yours full stop. However as previously mentioned, we need somewhere safe to keep our boats, blue prints, etc.. I realize this is a complete stranger asking for a lot but knowing our company and how we operate this is the only way we can assure a mutual beneficial alliance. 4.) In return you can count on loyal allies. If you need help defending, raiding, trading, etc. We will be there for you. A few facts about our small group... - 3/4 based in the UK -1/2 based in the US -all met one way or another through xbox; never met in person but hope to change that in the next year or so. - all 18+ and often our discussion on audible activities should only be heard by someone 18 (age span from 23-37) - 3/4 of us go pretty hard so you can count on very active players - the lot of us are pretty experienced and have learned a lot playing in the last few months. We certainly aren't noobs but struggling to maintain a high level of success without one of the big companies giving us a chance (we realize you giving us a chance is a dash of good luck). We've built many, many, many ships, bases. etc. and witnessed them all become ruins or decor in Davy Jones' Locker. - we are in this for the long haul and would like to alliance with a like minded company. We know that once we find the right fit what we bring to the table for your benefit will greatly enhance. In short, we're certainly are getting the better end of the deal, we realize that, but if you need loyal and active players that be counted on and you're cool with our requirements, please reach out to me here. We would love to pirate the seas with you. May your skies always be blue and the wind forever at your back! Argh!
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    Got back to season 2 and why let Pirates ride spiders I mean come on really are you trying to make this more like Ark now when your game has lost so many players it's not even funny. Take all the bullshit you've added to the game and remove it. What happened to simple people sailing the sea blowing up ships of the Damned. You're running players off
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    I remember you from back in the day. You used to defend atlas so hard it was kind of pathetic. I have never been one to say I told you so but....
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    Are you new? Yeah they kick you a lot. plus this wasn’t an update it was a very poorly made patch. You will know when the update comes because they have literally wiped every single time an update has hit. If you still have your stuff they didn’t update. but yeah, they are completely incompetent
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    You know they already killed the game right? Did you miss that memo? Lmao, remember when they said they want players to spend more time on water than land? hellllllloooooo 8 knots lmfao complete joke of a dev company
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    Very good description, but it is still devs bad though because that is unprofessional behavior on their part.
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    still no physicalized trade ships... but atleast we can ride spiders and buy ships no one likes to actually use..wtf?
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    I'm an old school gamer who doesn't care for anything Pvp, I spent enough time in my younger days getting pissed at games you couldn't Save and had restart entirely when the lives ran out! I love open world building games the most now, and Atlas is a top favorite of mine. Personally designing a Pirate ship and being the captain is bad ass! I know this game has a lot of developing to do and thank the Devs. for the work you do. I personally hope you keep working on single player and add more content to it(like attackable merchant ships and towns) in the future.
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    Or people like you being a total DBag. The game is fun and it's also a crashing mess. He was hoping for help not some sarcastic guy who is having a bad day. Real productive reply buddy. One might say you deserved this more than him trying to play the game
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    The problem with pre fab ships is also that everyone is evenly matched, whereas when ships are designed and built by players,there is an element of the unknown when attacking or being attacked. It gives someone who is better at building, an edge in battle. Pre fab ships will get predictable and boring eventually.
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    Same! Thanks for your review, how can they release the fourth broken ship in a row?
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    Anyone know? Id like to buy the rights to all of the ip.
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    can’t even play the game with out crashing because of how bad your game is at rendering.
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    They don't care about the rented servers to, a lot of problems there Official works much better, rented servers got more problems after the update on our server the Treasure Map Bottle are gone still can't fast travel because the map is blanco for a long time. also now that the spider is tamable, and you can walk up the mountain with them can't even defend my place there because I can't place defends there what a BS.
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    Well at least when Atlas is completely dead, the devs can bring out a book called " How to mess up a Pyrate game."... And make money that way eh.
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    They don't care about official money comes from renting servers. Shame!
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    LOL junk patch , deff not anything worth logging in for.
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    cannons can go 20000 feat in air WTF
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    Good job as always man and very informative. so it is the slowest ship with the highest maintenance cost? Smh so are they just making prebuilt ships now? Lol they just keep shitting the bed.
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    Great update keep getting kicked out of game Unplayable once again
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    Less time spent on RTS Starcraft Pylons and riding weird animals, and more time spent fixing the core experience of piracy/sailing/treasure finding please.
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    unbelievable really, I have a year to get into the game and apparently I will delete it
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    You guys are trying your best to kill this game. This update is just a fucking joke and its easy to see that you fucked up this game and don't care about it anymore. You are probably just want to turn off the servers but you need to convince your boss or someone else that this game is dead and to do that you are trying your best to kill the player base by adding the worst shit that you can imagine
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    In short terms: Why someone hast to know how to CRAFT a Weapon or Armor to use it? It's a waste of skill points and pretty useless that you've to Skill a lot of Crafting Skills just to skill also the "usage" skils. For Armor as Example. To get bonus like temperated armor or movement speed etc you've to learn also how to craft the armors. Same for the weapons. Firearms. You've to learn a bunch of different skills just to calm your aim or speed up the reload minigame. In my opinion it would be a good idea to rework the Skill Trees. For example: A Knight was someone who was used to wearing armor and fight with several weapons, but not in creating their own. A Sniper or Pistoleer are masters in using their weapons that doesn't mean they can craft their own Last example: Most of us IRL wear pants but i am sure most of us can't weave them ^^' Also working in Beastmaster or Shipwrighting/Sailing A good Rider doesn't mean that he/she is good in taming or train their animal And just cause someone is a good captain that doesn't mean he's also a good shipwright and so on. Long story short: Bulding/Crafting and using are different things.
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    Where did they mention the next update? Also, I'm pretty sure that spiders are ride-able now since I've ridden one this season - granted, I might just have been drunk and imagined that.
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    If your not currently invested, I'd suggest not becoming invested. All the hopes I once had of what Atlas could become is gone. Atlas has turned promise to disappointment. Expecting a wipe I now only log to feed my 20 bears and I'm not even sure why I do that. Most changes are useless or a changes for the worse. The 3 grids I live in had normal populations in the teens or 20's are now mostly empty. If they do a spring wipe they will be going against a newly released New World. I expect it will be the death roll of the game. The promise of Atlas has been squandered.
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    So yesterday after I worked 9 hours, plus an additional 1.5hrs commute both ways, so that's 3 hours commute plus 9 hours work, that's 12 hours commited to work. Then I get home, I make myself some dinner, I chill out a little because it's 27oC. I have to deal with some home related stuff and then you know have a few conversations with real people. That left me with pretty much 2 hours before I had to go to bed to you know rest before getting up in the morning again and starting work again. So I only had 2 hours to play yesterday, yet you feel my comments on the game shouldn't be counted? I'm sorry some pipe fell on you and caused you difficulty in life, but you saying that others who have full time jobs and busy lives that don't have 8-14 hours a day to play shouldn't comment on a game that they play is ridiculous, because you are claiming their "inability" to manage their life shouldn't affect your game, yet you are more than happy to claim your "inability" that allows you to do nothing but play games should affect other people's games. You are a complete example of hypocritical prejudice.
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    It’s funny that people think wipes actually solve anything, they don’t. Whatever bad decisions you made this season and haven’t yet corrected you will just repeat next season. If you open your mind and really think about the game mechanics you will find a solution to this problem just like we did. Good luck.
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