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    Fun Fact: We found a Lvl 54 Gally in F8 hung up on a pillar of rock. I anchored my brig so I could just hit the side with one large cannon. 90ish balls later it sank and quest completed. I have 3 war gally’s I could have used but this was just fun. It’s about time the game glitched in our favor. That’s for all the lost animals, missing treasure AOD’s and impossible sunken chests. It’s for all the disappearing house pieces, weight exploits and stupid FOY naked runs! Take that Atlas! We beat you at your own glitched up self.
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    I have a shop in d8. The gold of the items I sell in my shop does not come to the inventory of the shop, can you help me? Additional information ; I made about 200.000 gold sales and the notification of all of them came. I removed my friend from my team to be sure. i gave him gold. and bought things from that market. but it didn't come to my gold inventory again.
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    The items i sold went to waste
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    I am having an issue with boats vanishing while docked. To date I have had 5 of my personal boats vanish and a total of 7 boats company wide. This is happening despite someone being online and having the boats rendered in on a daily basis. I would like to know why this is happening. When it happens everything on the boat and any items just vanish into thin air. The crew fall into the water and just sit there. I am attaching a screen shot of our tribe log from the discord server which states the ship number of the last ship we had vanish. I don't know if this will you find the cause but I hope it does.
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    I love this game. It is so rewarding when you put a lot of grind into it. The issue is, it's still broken. The devs go months without posting any updates and ignore their player base. As a result, the game is dying, clans are quitting in droves and there is no longer a decent player base. This results in even lower Morale, which causes more ppl to quit. ITS A REVOLVING DOOR!!! My entire clan quit because of the lack of updates, fixes, communication. Dear ATLAS DEVS, It is not too late to make the game an amazing game. Begin communicating with us! Maybe try to actually read a damn review or two and comment?! Or is it just much more fun to sit on a beach drinking Mojitos using the cash you stole from steam players with empty promises?
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    So before anyone freaks out. No not sugestiing things that would replace a ship by any means. Below are some size comparisons and some specifics to each size. @Jatheish @Dollie All Airships -Require fuel Oil, Coal something to run. Similar to the diving apparatus. -Airships can be parked on land or in water with a similar system to ship anchoring, But can not move like a ship in water. -When flying, airships are affected like ships and sails except there are no sails, the ship heading acts like the sail and is what is affected by the winds. -Crew could be required to keep engines/fuel moving. or the player has to do this. Engine can only hold X amount of fuel, crew could move the fuel from a fuel box into the engine/s -NO ARMAMENTS -Hull area - same as a ships, if its damaged airship will sink in water. -Balloon area - allows for flight, when damaged airship cant fly as high/begins to descend. destroyed airship falls and takes fall damage hitting ground destroyed, Hitting water stuck in the water. -Engines - Allow for propulsion. Damaged airship moves slower or not at all. IF YOU LIKE THIS POST PLEASE UPVOTE IT.. TO THE TOP LEFT IS THE ARROW TO CLICK TO UPVOTE IT. Dingy size - Short range, not really capable of server to server travel. Limited to 500lbs Sloop personnel Transport - Fastest of the airships. (Speed of a scooner ship) Weight 1000 upgradeable to 3000) Schooner size - Light cargo Transport. Ment for iner-server travel. Island Hopper. Starts around 3000lbs upgradeable to around 5000. Brig Size - Server to server transport - Starts around 6000lbs upgradeable to 9000. Galleon Size Massive Transport, Slower than the rest, Highest weight - 12000-18000.
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    get out of lawless its not for noobs you building in lawless means you consent to this. go be a settler with someone that can help you get on your feet you will be glad you did. and the thing killing the game is private servers.
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    So here is my issue. I live on an tundra island on PvE EU. My island has an frozen lake/pond, which isn't a valid water source to put a "underground water pipe" down. The message says: Can't Place Underground Water Pipe: Must be placed in water or connected below a pipe with water. I have placed several water reservoirs next to this lake. It gets 200% water, so it is a non-stop water source. I've tryed connecting the underground water pipe to it. It will snap into place. But it will not let me place it. It's not a valid water source for some reason. Please make it so that an automaticly 24/7 filling water reservoir, is a valid water source for an underground pipe system. (this message was created after moderator blitzed909 from the Discord server suggested I should make this suggestion here) If the devs don't fully understand my suggestion, contact/@ me on the Discord server. Jahee#6593)
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    Oils lamps on hooks change - allow inventory slot for oil to auto refill. Similar to wood on a campfire Player shops change - Allow salt or ice to extend timers on food so I can sell salted meat or recipe foods I take the time to make in large quantities. Similar to what a preserving bag already makes. Preserving Barrels - Exact same thing as preserving bags, just bigger inventory slot. Ice Chests - Allow food to be stored in them and extend the timers as normal as long as it is ice. NPC crew - Allow auto harvesting by crew, unsure of how to make this happen. Maybe 'assign' to store cabinet and they will indiscriminately harvest surrounding area and place items in chest. Similar to how some tames from Ark would harvest surrounding area when placed on wandering. This of course would increase the amount of gold they cost just like it already exists with different tasks.
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    After the devs abandoned this game and the main dev quit the job I didn not think there would be any further fixes to the countless bugs that plague this game but when this last update was posted I decided to reinstall and test to see if ANY of the major bugs have been fixed. Ok. so you live and learn, wont make this mistake three times in a row, this game is not worth the heart ache of constantly losing 100% of your stuff to BUGS. Created a new character, tamed a bear, bought a sloop and set sail for an island I know tigers are on. Sloop had a bed on it. Died on the trip and.... NO OPTION TO REZ ON THE SHIP!!!! no point in rezzing in the zone so rezzed back home and bought a raft and set sail for my sloop which is about a 3 hour journey no metter which direction you pick. Sloop was not there - it had been drawn on the map the entire time i was in transit but it was NOT drawn in the center of the cleared fog of war but maybe 20 minuts sailing south west of that location. As soon as I entered the map where I died the sloop disappeared from the map because it was NEVER THERE!! You die in a zone that is not your home zone and YOU LOSE 100% of your shit that you had with you. wont bother trying to see if you guys ever pull your head out of your asses or if management actually hire anyone who is actually a competent developer, I see no point in giving myself the grief of losing everything over and over and over and over. Every time you make headway in this game... BOOM! you just got screwed by the incompetence of both the developers and the management of this game.
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    Very disappointed. I had hoped that with a year's development, utterly broken crap like dying from hyperthermia in 48C while naked underwater, and bringing one too many parrots on board being able to sink your ship, would have been fixed. But sadly not. Guys, I really want to be able to love your game. I have 4k+ hours in Ark and I want to be able to look back and see a similar number of hours in Atlas but it's not going to happen unless you spend more time on actual gameplay and less time on fluff. Right now, if anyone says "Hey Trev, you own Atlas, should I get it?", all I can give is a resounding "No, it's a steaming heap of buggy, misdirected crap."
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    Ahoy, sea wolves! I have little gift for you - it is several new songs. I uploaded it on my Google Disk in folder "New". Enjoy! https://drive.google.com/open?id=1at3D1fARxZJhrLJgaPNA7MAIrXjQYYLs
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    gorgons gaze server. we selling giant tortugas for 200g, or gems like (diamonds/rubies/sunstones) we are located at C8
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    Just get a refund while you still can. If you are either just starting out or you don't have a full tribe of 50 people or both of the above this game is clearly not made for you. Also, if you ever need to log out for more than 30 minutes, EVER, be prepared for having to start all over again every time. Hate the game, not the players.
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    while i agree with you that the game design allow us to do what ever we want, it is also up to us to choose the way we play. and that is also a wonderful freedom that make this game a gem. i love this game and will play it as long as its possible:) what ever happens. Hartsia
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    This has worked for me, more than once over the last 8-10 months. Exit game. Find the battleye folder in the Atlas game files and delete it. Go to steam, right click Atlas, properties, game files. Verify game files, this takes a long time and will replace the files you deleted. Now back into the game..... Enter game. Kill yourself. At respawn screen set new home region (can be anywhere, doesn't matter). Respawn in that region. Kill yourself again. You can now respawn back where you are meant to be, and the problem should be fixed. Good Luck.
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    The aimbotting is so annoying. They need to Permanently ban the person doing it and temporarily ban the whole company. I know 4 companies that have left the game do to aim bots and many more planning on walking away. Devs seem to not care anymore or something.
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    know what else is still a thing? Aimbotting and it is game breaking. Dev's are not doing a thing about it either.
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    Hi devs. Just a quick one on the current state of raiding. Its too easy to raid anything at ground level atm. Using a bear/ horse with a cannon snapped to a cart it is possible to outrange npc puckles/ ballistas etc without any fear of being hit. Can you please have someone look at this and possibly decrease the range so that npc seated puckles/ ballistas etc on land have more range than the cannon carts. I can see why so many people leave the game after their "defended" base is easily raided. Id like raiding to be alot harder than ship to ship PVP. Players invest alot of time into defending their bases and tbh i can raid a whole island depending on the size quite easilly atm in the combat phase despite other players putting up towers and defences and being online to attempt to defend. Full disclosure i am from a big company but i would like to see smaller companies feel like they can still defend their only base on a fair playing field.
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    Sure sure... shoot em with your legendary carbine and be in awe about the freaking 5 dmg it does!!! Have u lately been fighting all this exploiters with their pimped gear & stats? There is absolutly NOTHING you can do against those lvl 100+ with their insane gear.
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    this is old topic man we have been screaming to devs for 6months on this one. good luck
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    I cant craft anything in a smithy loom or other creating station, they are all just one giant storage container, anyone else have this issue and know of a way to fix it
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    This is what forums should be, someone else letting me know about their wasted time and materials to save me from same fate.
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    Yellow arrows mean they are ignoring group whistle commands.