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    Ahoy Pathfinders! Our commitment to bringing new features to ATLAS continues. ATLAS is still in Early Access, and we’re only in the beginning stages of developing the renewed ATLAS journey. Many changes are incoming and a lot of work is being done behind the scenes. All of your feedback has been very helpful and we’re thankful you’re taking this voyage with us as we shape the ATLAS experience. Many of you have expressed that you wanted to hear more about our vision as we breathe new life into ATLAS. From the highest level, the main efforts are towards making the ocean fun and cleaning up the code. We are putting equal efforts into fixing bugs and rickety systems while we work on new things for you to do on the water. Apart from that, we feel that ATLAS suffers from a themeing problem. In some aspects, the game tries to be almost a simulation, but in others, there are dragons and hydras. Currently, this creates a bit of incongruence which we are working to solve. Unifying the theme is one of the broader arcs within the design team. For example, it's fair to say that we want to edge away from being a high fantasy, "WoW with ships". There are lots of great ideas we are playing with, but nothing that we are able to share at this point. As we get closer to defining our ideas, we’ll bring them out onto the deck for you guys. One of the bigger changes is a new, more optimized system for ships and new types of ships. This includes the mechanic of buying certain types of ships for gold. We’ve seen a lot of excitement and feedback around this topic, with many players hoping to find out more info about its current state. Unfortunately, that's all we can say right now. Please know there is a steady stream of content planned and we're half timing on that and half timing on fixing the bugs and cleaning up the code as we navigate towards a 1.0 release. A lot of these bigger changes are going to take some time to fully implement, and some of the changes happening now are setting the foundations for that gameplay. Think of them as building blocks. For example, although the Farmhouses are indeed a QoL update, it’s just the first step in a longer scheme for a new system. Now, we’re excited to announce the second step - Warehouses! Warehouses Warehouses will be coming to ATLAS next week! Connect Warehouses to Farmhouses to automatically store the resources you gather! How will this system continue to evolve? You’ll have to wait and see. Please note that Farmhouses and Warehouses are still in their first iteration. We will continue to develop and improve them as we look at gameplay and receive player feedback. We’re sure you have many questions on how the Warehouse itself will function as well. Leave us your questions in the comments section! We’ll be going more in-depth about Warehouses in the patch notes next week. In the meantime, we’d like to share some of the concept art for Warehouses below: Endgame Encounters & EXP We’ve received a lot of questions about the boss encounters continuing to reward EXP. After careful consideration, we will be leaving it “as is” for the remainder of Season 4. We appreciate the reports you all have been sending us. Through your feedback, we saw that the problems with the boss encounters were a priority issue that the community wanted addressed. In the process of introducing the fixes, we found that it is a deep rabbit hole of accumulated issues. Unfortunately, it is going to take us some time to fully sort it out. We are a small but dedicated team with big aspirations, and there is a balance that we want to strike when it comes to implementing new features while continuing to work on existing bugs and balance issues. At this time, we currently do not have the resources to properly approach boss encounters and the myriad of issues surrounding the current state of endgame content. We have therefore come to recognize that it would be better to leave the boss encounters as is while we focus on implementing the next steps of the new system we are currently rolling out. We’ll still continue to include other fixes and adjustments as we can, but we will have to apologize for where we have to leave the state of endgame for now. However, please know that adjustments will be made before the next season wipe. Please note, the zeroing out on some of the endgame exp is temporary. As an Early Access title, many things can and will continue to change during development - and your feedback is an integral part of our approach. We are very grateful for the reports and feedback we’ve received thus far and will continue to look to the community to help guide our actions and improve our processes. Thank you for not only helping us discover these issues, but for the insight you provide us as well. As our First Mate, the community, and the support and dedication we receive from you, means a lot to us. Happy Sailing, - ATLAS Crew For the latest dispatch on #playATLAS keep yer one good eye trained on this here information Natter n' chatter on Discord: https://discord.gg/playatlas Hear ye, hear ye on Twitter: https://twitter.com/sailtheatlas Watch us scallywags on Twitch: http://twitch.tv/sailtheatlas Plus ye can band with us Pirates on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/playatlasgame
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    now that you have acknowledged seasons and wiping the servers can we get an idea on how long the "season" is?
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    So no fixes to tier 3 taming or the resources that are marked incorrectly or the shipwrecks that are half way in ground. Not to mention u guys have never have fixed Freeports decay rate now every port is a parking lot. Also not enough whales spawn on the map but if i jump in the water there's 3 sharks that spawn as soon as my feet hit the water. Please dont add anything else you need to work on these fixes.
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    Personally I'd rather hear nothing at all than many words that say nothing at all. If Atlas doesn't work out then I can thoroughly recommend the team seek employment in politics. Where vagueness is seen as a positive character trait. At least I think that's what I might mean to say, but i'll have to look into it first. Or maybe I might. thx for all the info, most helpful.
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    I didn't but my pets are prefer to travel outside vessels : )
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    They removed all those discovery points so exploration is way less fun. They turned on instant auto decay so exploring abandoned structures is gone. They made the map smaller so it’s not really “far” to sail anywhere and it’s overcrowded. Farming is a thing now so why bother with animals when we can have 100 windmills. Why in the wide world of Atlas can’t we have one huge PVE server with a few tweaks different from a PVP server? I have plenty of money to spend on good DLC’s, lots of PVE players do. Why do they care how they make money? Why is it always PVP?
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    I went on this morning to do some metal runs from another island, took ship out and the sails are moving backwards and forwards with lag. I go so far out and said na not bothering, turned back and shut the game down. Until it is fixed I will leave it for now, I can't play with lag like that, reaction time from hitting buttons is crazy.
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    Request: ship insurance or prefabrication of a self-made template. The possibility at the shipyard where a ship was built to recall the destroyed ship. Costs either gold or 2/3 of the original materials. So far, it has been the case that you sometimes build a ship together for several days and then have to level it first. This hurts the loss a lot!
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    If they go to the rust model, they lose one of the best features of Ark and Atlas. Asset buy in... When you spend time building, taming, breeding, and farming bps you become attached to what you have... You want to keep it and defend it. In rust nothing matters you can get to 'endgame' in days. You can get 'endgame items' in days. Some servers wipe weekly because its doable. There's no real drive to own anything in the game because it can all be remade in hours/days. In Ark/atlas bases take weeks to build, breed lines take weeks/months to perfect. Leveling ships/tames, takes time and energy. Farming exo and regular resources takes time. All of this leads to an attachment for what you have, a desire to maintain it and defend it. Regular wipes leads to the mentality of 'ah shit we didn't get a good start this wipe, let's just take a break and start next wipe.' Some people love the idea obviously but other like myself consider it a deal breaker and I would not continue playing if they went to a regular wipe model.
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    I really like a good seabattle, even if they come in with 2 squads at once. I really DON'T like they spawn right in front of you. In my kisser. Not funny when sailing filled gally. Can the renderdistance please be fixed into a wider one, so we actually see them coming?
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    Ahoy Pathfinders! We’re happy to see that many of you responded with much interest in our last Q&A with the developers! We’re here with our 2nd round of Ask a Pirate Day, where our developers aka the crew answer your questions from Twitter, Facebook, Steam, Discord, and of course, the forums. Remember guys, we’re still in the very beginning stages of this renewed Atlas journey! The changes that we are making and considering are setting the framework for more changes to come! You can’t have a building without a solid foundation first, am I right mateys? As we continue to examine the game and receive your feedback, it is possible that we may change courses as well. Thanks for joining us in Early Access to help shape the ATLAS experience. Without further ado, here is our next set of Q&A! DevELOPER Q&A Question: Do you guys have any plans to fix the issue of people using freeports as safe storage? Answer: Yes. However, it may take some time to implement any changes. Question: Do you plan to balance Drake? It seems very hard compared to Hydra. Answer: A larger pass of all encounters is coming and we will endeavor to fix this then. Question: When do you guys plan to update the optimization of the game? Even people with good graphics cards have a hard time getting 60fps with high settings. Answer: That is in the works. As we head towards 1.0, things should get better. Question: Can you guys make mounts less of a focus in this game? Answer: We agree. More and more "design energy" is being put into ships and the ocean. We are also planning some simplifications for land-based interactions. The changes we are making now are really the foundation for changes planned for the future. It may not be obvious choices now but hang in there with us. Question: Will the 120 level cap on creatures be adjusted, or set to be adjusted, so those who would like to play a bit more with breeding be allowed to do so? Answer: Right now, we are focused on putting more fun stuff on the water and encouraging players to play around there more. So, for now, I'm afraid this is a "no". Hang in there, though. Again, we’d like to emphasize that the changes we are making now are really the foundation for changes planned for the future. Question: When can we get the devkit updated? Answer: It's in the works as we speak. Question: Are we ever getting new ships? Answer: Yes, we are working on a new, more optimized system and will be launching additional ships once that's in. Question: Are you ever going to increase the structure limit on ships? Answer: It's hard to say. Right now we are taking a deep dive into making ships more viable and interesting as a whole and that may or may not play into it Question: Any plans to delve into an upgraded Atlas version on Unreal 5? Answer: I would love that. We are looking into the possibility of it. Question: Will there ever be an option to seat and unseat crew from cannons and sails from the wheel from the radial menu? Answer: That is something we are currently considering. The realism of NPC's and NPC management is front of mind with respect to ships, but nothing firm has been decided. All I can tell you is that we don't like how stiff they are either. Question: Any plans to pay NPCs to gather resources, man ships, etc? Will the NPCs be a little smarter? Answer: Cleaning up everything about NPC's is going to come first and then we'll take a look at how we can grow them. But for now, this is a long way off. Question: Will you make animals immune to damage while in a bola on pve. So much griefing going on. Answer: Yeah, we understand that PVE is a bit rough. We'll take a look. Question: Will there be a focus on bringing the ocean more content? New ships, more parts to make ships better looking, maybe different sails, and fixing the current ones. Answer: Absolutely. That is our primary focus right now. Question: Are you going to add a mail system to talk to other pathfinders in regions other than your own? As well as other MMO features? Answer: Right now we don't have any dedicated plans for mail, but there are some systems coming online that may facilitate the development of a mail system and others that would definitely benefit from it. It won't be soon but it may well happen. Like always, we’ll try to answer as many questions as we can in our next Q&A session. Please feel free to ask away on this forum post, Discord, Twitter, Facebook, and Steam! Happy Sailing, - ATLAS Crew For the latest dispatch on #playATLAS keep yer one good eye trained on this here information Natter n' chatter on Discord: https://discord.gg/playatlas Hear ye, hear ye on Twitter: https://twitter.com/sailtheatlas Watch us scallywags on Twitch: http://twitch.tv/sailtheatlas Plus ye can band with us Pirates on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/playatlasgame
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    I said this in a different post but the response I had filling out a ticket for inappropriate conduct (resource blocking and basic island blockage) was taken care of in less than 5 days. The GM wiped all of it and it blew my mind. The ticket information is a pain to collect but it shows them your serious. It gave me real hope for the future of PVE that someone cared enough handle the issue.
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    Everyone is experiencing it from what I've seen and heard in chat. I've posted multiple times about it in the General Forum and in the Bug Report forum. I tried to do a map last night in F7 and the AOD were warping and rubberbanding so bad I couldn't hit them or dodge the big guys swings on my bear. Ended up dieing because of it and ran back, finished the last 2 AOD, but it bugged the treasure map and said there were 2 more guardians (which there wasn't). Couldn't complete the map. Game is running terrible right now. No one @ATLASis acknowleding the issue which makes it worse.
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    okay, when you get a negative impulse like this.. walk away form your computer, calm down and think about it for a little while. First of all you can not have dlc you have to pay for in a game that is still early access. The devs are totally new and they need time to learn the code and all that stuff. This is a content addition that is being added, this does not mean that nothing will be changed or fixed in the game. They can walk and chew bubble gum at the same time! I would wait for the patch notes before i start flaming the new devs, give them a chance or get out of here dude! Don't you dear ruin this before they have had a chance! People need to stop being rage dummies!
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    ..... How to make an MMO.... Increase automation to remove diversity of play style.
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    Yo ho! Pathfinders. As previously promised there is some new ATLAS content on the horizon! We’re excited to bring you all a little sneak peek of two of the new features in our next update coming next week! Farmhouses Introducing the first of our upcoming features, Farmhouses! Tired of toiling away on land like a landlubber, when you could be out adventuring on the high seas? You’re in luck! The new Farmhouses will automatically collect resources within a range around itself. All you scallywags can now spend less time on your chores and more time sailing out beyond the shores! Take a gander at some of the concept art for various Farmhouses styles below: *Please note that these are concept art and not the final rendition. Buy Ships with Gold In addition to the upcoming Farmhouse update, we’ll also be introducing the ability to purchase ships with gold. Building ships is core to the ATLAS experience, so you can still craft your own masterpiece. Afterall, nothing beats the beauty of a ship that you create with your own blood, sweat, and tears! However, if you have a chest full o’gold and are anxious to get out sea quickly, purchasable ships will come in handy! We’ll be interested to see how this option will expand sea travel and interactions. More information to come! Stay tuned! Happy Sailing, - ATLAS Crew For the latest dispatch on #playATLAS keep yer one good eye trained on this here information: Natter n' chatter on Discord: https://discord.gg/playatlas Hear ye, hear ye on Twitter: https://twitter.com/sailtheatlas Watch us scallywags on Twitch: http://twitch.tv/sailtheatlas Plus ye can band with us Pirates on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/playatlasgame
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    I've played from the beginning. I suffered through 3 seasons of doing the exact same crap over and over. We've begged for fixes and we've received some but now, a year and a half later and cobras still glitch through stone floors and walls and are able to kill tames. This WAS fixed at one point but it's broken AGAIN! How the @#$%^ do you do that? A year and a half later and tames still glitch into walls and foundations and get stuck. A year and a half later and tames still disappear off ships while sailing. A year and a half later and LAG is worse than it's ever been. A year and a half later and taming is worse than it's ever been. It was improved (feeding box was adjusted) but that was reversed? A year and a half later and there are MORE bugs than when the game was released. A year and a half later and the Developers don't acknowledge their players concerns or wants and needs. I'm a pretty easy going person but this game doesn't deserve any more chances. It's become apparent that they really don't give a shit about the community and at this point are just trying to make a few more bucks with Steam sales and hoping they can get a release to PS4. A roadmap was presented but just to placate and dangle out there to get more people to purchase. Nice bait and switch tactic. I'm done. There was one employee that actually gave a damned from what I could tell so a big thanks to @Voodoo. The long standing PC community that built and bred and explored is really the only thing that made this game good so thanks to you guys as well for a semi-fun ride. But to the Developers, thanks for very little.
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    Treasure isn't hard to find with the map, you have a massive beam of light marking it. It's not helpful making them invisible to people. I have been in my spot since the last wipe but today i've logged in to find tames dead because someone spawned a treasure map inside my base which I didn't even know was there... and as I was offline I still don't know where exactly the spawn is so what can I do about it.. Mark them or something. Like a scattered pirate corpses or a pile of skeleton bones on the floor. That way we know there is a spawn and we wont build on it. Or even better put a no build radius around them so you physically cant... There's no reason not to... You may get idiots building around them and holding them to ransom but that's easily dealt with by admin via griefing etc. Its frustrating.
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    Thanks god, now we PVE bobs are enlightened, much appreciated.
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    Guys I think farmhouses are just the best thing to add to the game. So i made this post of AWESOME ideas just like farmhouse that you can add to make the game ever better!!! 1. Make Materials weightless. Now that materials are essentially free like minecraft creative mode (i love Minecraft creative mode so much, who wants all that survival-adventure stuff!) it is so tedious to have to only carry a little bit! Make materials weightless so we don't need tames anymore for anything and we can just carry tens of thousands of pillars to spam everything. Even better maybe give us a levitate button so it's easier to place the walls 10+ spaces high! Something like the wingsuit but you could fly upwards. 2. Shipyards just automatically build ships for you even without materials. How cool would that be!!!! You could just put the shipyard down and AFK like you do with the windmill! Like not even have to play the game! Just come back and boom you have a ship. 3. Banks just passively generate gold! OmG This would be the best! You guys want to remove "landlubber activites" altogether right? So you can just put passive gold income on the bank! That way i can just play the game AFK!!!! 4. Grills autocraft good foods. God who wants to go around collecting stuff? I can never find anything! Just make the grills create food for you! You just put one down and come back later and bon apetite! Cause I just hate all this survival type stuff! Nobody wants to worry about eating and collecting things or building, just have it autocraft into our inventories. This would be the best. You could then pull in all of the audiences from other games that are too hard! Like people playing minecraft might come to play Atlas, because they wouldn't have to worry about chopping trees or anything. They can just not play the game ever and then do whatever they want just like in minecraft creative mode. This would just be the best guys. Absolutely the best direction Atlas has ever been taken I hope it continues.
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    I have some things to ask you guys. 1: Why does it feels like you don't want people to get to max level? This is the first game i have ever played where it feels like you are doing anything in your power to make noone ever get max level. S1 a few was max level, S2 a few was max level, S3 some found the lever bug and got 120, S4 more bugs are found and you start wiping cause you dont want people to be max level. I understand that people should not be max level that fast, but doing 1000's of maps to get max level??? Who wanna do that? 2: PLEASE make reversing go just a little faster. Reverse parking my galleon makes me wanna kill myself. 3: Give all grids their own server like S1.. Every grid where there are 2 company's building harbor and defences = LAGGY shit... 4: A lot in this games takes VERY LONG time. You lose a lot of players because they dont have time. Not everyone have a lot of time to spare, and can only log in for like 1-2 hours every second day. But if you wanna do anything other than farm it take agaes. Just sailing 3 grids, doing 4 maps, sailing 1 grid, doing 2 maps and sailing back = players that can play only a few hours wont be able to do it without having to park their ship, gold, BP's a random place and hope its not gone when they come back. Parking it at freeport wont work either if they can't log in before the next day. Or how would a casual player ever breath a horse? I know some things should take time, and some should not be easy.. But have you thougt about how many players you are loosing because you need to play this gave for MANY hours each week to not get hopeless behind. 4: Give the option to log a ship out in freeport, transfere it off the server. Make it cost like 5K gold, 10K gold or whatever price feels right. People wont need to build masive harbors, wich makes server lag, and ther eare not 20 gally with crew and stuff draining resources from the server either. 5: Build a better trade station thing. Make one that dont have to be on the freeport. Make let people use the bank or something for it. Make it cost some more to use it, like 1 gold for each 100 things that gets traded and make a fixed valve. Like 1:1 only or gold. 11.000 x-wood for 10.000 x-fiber - Cost 110 gold in fee to make the trade. 250.000 softwood for 5.000 gold - Cost 2500 gold in fee to make the trade. 6: Make Weight sails and Speed sails Go up and down just as fast as Handling sails. 7: Do something about the RNG of treasure maps. First you need to actually find a good treasure map, the you need to go and hopefully be able to do the treasure map (hope that its not on a enemy island, defended with puckles, spam build on the island and what ever) and then hope that its not a myth fishing net or some crap that you get. Its like 1 in 200 maps you collect that is actually decent end game BP. And change people being able to block map spawns with small shipyard and other stuff. Just a few thoughts from me.
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    It would be kinda cool if it was a liveable space. There are many buildings that we have access to but can't "use". If we could have the warehouse be "liveable" with snap points for the different crafting benches and slight customizations like ships, company island foot prints may become much smaller (Almost like a one stop shop) with one of each farm per grid or something to that affect? You could even reward players by boosting the efficiency of the farm if the use the small foot print. Customisation would be required though so it doesn't look quite as spammy. Perhaps have different base models per biome theme?
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    Limit farmhouse to one per company..the damn things covers the islands and get unattended..and imo cause ton of lag. One company shouldn't have 10 or 15 farms on an island
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    AHOY! @everyone, It's Friday and time for a little update and yet another giveaway! (pssst you can see the prizes already at our #event-channel ) Here is some of the things [Norsemen-ZFG] has to offer the community. We have been breeding like crazy, all sorts of animals, and business is good, we get some nice #reviews and happy customers, so when we are swamped in breeding or crafting, this makes it all worth! Thank you all for the support of your [Norsemen-ZFG]-Company Our chefs has been cooking his behind off and you can still get some healthy and hearty meals Check our #pricelist on our discord for food orders! Our tavern is highly popular, as we excel in crafting some lovely Dragons tongue, Spiced rum and other drinks, whatever your poison is, our brew master gotcha Tavern can be found at our market! #-location on our discord We do offer Cargo-Transportation for 350 G a grid, 450 G for polar/tundra/g-age With our very capable drivers, your cargo is safe with us! Need Cannonballs in bulk ? -We got you! Check #price-list on discord! Rental of shipyard, Large or Small, We got your next 200% Ship service ready! -Sale of Small Mythical shipyards on demand 15K only and at least -238%+ Quality. #map-bears-neutered called Gold Bears and they have a biography! Thank you all, have a great weekend in Atlas, we are looking forward to do business with you! Happy Sailing to you all! Yours truly, [Norsemen-ZFG] Have a sit, gather around and please let me share you the story told by Luck0r our bear-breeder, about the bears we got called the Gold-Bears -This Bear was once found as a Baby by our brave Explorers we have sent out all around the World. When they first discovered it they were chasing a bunch of Lions running into a Cave, in the Dark they heard a mighty Roar, then Silence. When the Brave Warriors entered the Cave they found dead Lions all over the Place and something else. A Gold-colored glow in the Dark lead them to a young Bear, barely bigger then a Cat, but Stronger then everything they have ever seen. Under huge effort and a nearly loss of one of our Brothers they captured it. Back then it was Young and small, now it matured and is ready to Fight. Rumors are it's Gold-stripes start Glowing in the Dark when Treasure is close by. Get your Gold-Bear today, discover it's Power First Hand GIVEAWAY GOING! Hurry up and join the fun ! Join Norsemen A7 Market Discord! <-- Click here to join Good luck everyone and have a great weekend! To enter the giveaway, click the little <-- Icon in the #Event-Channel on our discord. Kindly, Norsemen-ZFG
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    What is this food you speak of? Poop is wonderful! It restores my vitamins, fills my food bar and fills my water too. Its the best thing!
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    Snippets taken from a few answers, all with exactly the same meaning; whoever wrote this should be applauded for their ability to find a synonym for 'we're working on it' 12 or so times. A road map for ATLAS development was laid out by then Community Manager Dollie out at the end of August 2019 - that was almost a year ago and we never left 'Phase 1'. There have been periods of total silence from 'Grapeshot' with zero indication as to how development is progressing or where the game is headed next. We've heard precious little from the new Senior Community Manager Chismebeard who was announced nearly two months ago. Once again, this Q&A has absolutely nothing concrete - no new information, no plans, no specifics, just another empty promise; we're working on it. I would caution any player against further supporting this disgraceful company until they, firstly, release a real plan for development of the game, and secondly, actually deliver on a few of the promises.
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    Fix the servers guys. I think rather than by cutting costs and spreading the pve servers between the eu and the USA (that's the reason between the massive differences in ping rate. I have this on good authority from a network techie) they really need to re-open the na pve server. Also can we have the support section of the website fixed. Trying to put a ticket in and cannot. Cheers
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    Currently at sea, NPC has a hard mount on sails, cannons, chairs ect. They are locked in and don't move. Ark's S+ mod had a hitching post you could use to lock your dinos in place. Can we get an equivalent for ships? A hard point to lock tames so they dont glitch around in high latency areas? Maybe it can disable animation and just keep them locked while attached. Major quality of life improvement.
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    You know what I have noticed?, all the pve players paid the same amount of money as the pvp players did for the game. And equally have the right to play how they choose to.
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    I sail across 6 grids Thatch changes Fibers change Metals change Rocks change Flint changes Wildlife changes YET THEY ALL HAVE THE SAME 2 DAMN SPECIES OF TREE WITH 9 DIFFERENT APPEARANCES??????? COMON soooo LAME boo
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    Whats going on with treasure maps now? I went to a fine one with 6 quality 700 gold and got raped by level 98 Undead....are you kidding me or what? Yet i did another map 16 quality and attacked by level 25 undead which was more doable. Also shipwrecks 50/50 are un completeable. The ship is locked off from the chest or the tiny arsed hole you made for us to go through doesnt work and or the suit decides to just poof out of existance
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    playing in pve mode is not easy. reduced the map so that there were more players per grid, however, a grid with more than 35 players is impossible to play. ping reaching 250 and 10 second lags. this if you are at sea. if you see an island the game closes on its own due to the excessive amount of construction on the beaches. honestly, put urgent build limit in pve mode, or remove this server. it is currently not supported.
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    What I mean is this, we have no GM's and don't expect any but, there IS griefing and everyone knows of it, like today, I logged in to find an a$$ had practically built in my backyard, I asked wth and he said he wasn't going to put up any gates to block it or anything but it is right at my back door, not only that, he blocked me off from the beach and he has a large portion of the beach so he has put up pillars and foundations allllll over the place including encroaching on mine which I wouldn't mind so much if he didn't take it all!!! So in turn, I put pillars between his foundations, I have left information as to where to reach me when I am not on so we can compromise, he said he didn't want trouble but yet he is still cutting me off so I ask the Dev's, what sort of retaliation should be done in this instance as it will not be fixed turning in a ticket, please, help me understand here. If I did wrong let me know what I should have done. I am not the only one,there are so many fights going on on a daily basis of people blocking their ships, their bases just stuff that is uncalled for and makes no sense.
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    The server C7 is also not playable, ping is 150-180. Ship control at sea is almost impossible. The worst is on the island of Rimounear Enclave, where the company The FB Pyramide! build this monster pyramid. They also make fun of it because all the other players scold. This has been going on for a week now and the Atlas team is unable to prevent this or get the problem under control. I've been playing Atlas since January 2019, but if it continues like this Atlas is uninstalled and I look for another game.
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    I'm pve, and always do ALOT of damned ship hunting. I use my 20 cannons BRIG (10 cannons each side), NO shotguns, no guns at nose or stern, just usual, as they were, boardside fights. Already took down lvl-60 damned galley for quest (and got masterwork ceilings + 250 gold as reward, lol). And I use ONLY MEDIUM CANNONS. Their only disadvantage - is range a bit lower then SOtDs has. Buy they are turning and that's very important for fights I do. With this accurate "sail by" maneuvers, and with rally and overdrive I can do 3--4 volleys per "sail by". With big cannons It would be a single shot. IMAO - big cannons worth in "shotguns" and only on stern/nose pointing ahead/back. They gr8 at kiting/chasing tactic (which I don't do). But I'm not sure if they are available right now out of gunports. p.s. - I once tried Galley for SOtD hunting and found those battles a real torture. With lack of maneuverability it's one sail by then 2 minutes straight and then one minute turn... you'll spend like for ever to battle each damned ship, get loot from only last one you take down, then spend another forever to do maintenance. Brigs are fun : )
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    Thats just it, buying a tame isnt lazy, you had to go get gold to buy said tame. Having someone else breed for you isnt lazy, if your out doing other meaningful activities for the company. Im not a huge fan of treasure mapping, but love breeding. So I breed, others map. I supply better bears, they get gold, then when a good stat is up for sale they can buy it to feed my habits. As to the iq on the forum, i dont think its the forum, it feels like the whole internet has gotten really dumb over the past year.
  37. 3 points
    Good! I'm happy to see things like this, it will help smaller companies and solo players more. Hopefully they add more things like a mine, and other structures. it will offer different ways to play the game and offer ways to lessen grinding and put more time into actually playing. I'm just hoping they add NPC merchant ships that we can board and fight the crews on them, in hopes they are carrying valuable resources and treasure. A towing hawser would also be a great addition to be able to tow ships back to main base to use, or back to a freeport to be able to sell.
  38. 3 points
    Very true. If you want to see good building art from a game that is far superior to atlas you would look at Conan exiles builds. Conan is for base building. Let’s hope that atlas at some point becomes ship building. Oh yeah and not the stupid turtle shell ships either. Actual ships that look nice
  39. 3 points
    Simple. Stop including the animals, and non-crewmembers as crewmembers. Anyone who is not in your company, or an NPC crewman, should not count as a crewman. Animals you are transporting, should not count as crew...only count against the weight. People not in your company, should not count against the weight of the ship, and this can also be griefed, as they can load up heavy, and if they have enough do this, make your ship overweight. In PvE, doing that could be made to damage the offending player very quickly. Players, and especially Meta players, will do what the game allows, and or, rewards.
  40. 2 points
    I am just returning to PvE was on the NA server before so now have moved to the EU server. I have played on that server before the most recent wipe and it was playable. Since coming back my ping is always above 130 and the game lags horribly. It makes sailing nearly impossible. I am curious if other players are also experiencing this or if possibly it is something on my end. Any suggestions? Do we think they will patch this soon so I can enjoy it?
  41. 2 points
    Less people are playing because it’s not even playable in some regions of PVE. We went to H5 because I wanted to see it and I almost didn’t make it out. The Monster Of The Blue Lag-goon is the best boss yet. You can defeat him with a fast PC and low ping but he’s always there.
  42. 2 points
    regular wipes in pvp is not a bad idea. but on the pve side most people play it so they dont lose all their stuff and progress. they stopped playing pvp for a reason and switched to pve. if pve starts to give the same results as pvp i think people may switch to a new game since they are all out of modes to try to enjoy atlas with
  43. 2 points
    Simple UI fix for ship boxes and warehouse, with inventory a single click gets one, while t gets the stack which is useless for the infinite stack in these. Change the ship boxes and warehouse that a single click gets a stack in your inventory. Because why would you go to the warehouse just to get one item, you usually want just a stack to make something.
  44. 2 points
    I don't mind the Farmhouse and won't mind the Warehouse. But please give us the ability to build it ourselves with customization, just like we can add stuff to our ships!
  45. 2 points
    The decay timers on some of these items is maddening like those billboards and the looms and smithy's and the forges they too should have the same decay time as the foundation of a base which IS decent time with ten days IMO.
  46. 2 points
    It's in the golden age ruins ) E5/6/7 F5/7 G5/6/7 There is a cave (not ancient castle). Usually you run in, turn right, then another right, then trough the cave on bridge and in the end you'll see sparking ancient altar. You just run near and you done. After you done - you jump from the bridge and lure all mobs with you so next players will have their way safe. Then you die. Don't forget to take off all you clothes and tools and live them in a ship's box. You'll probably wont have a chance to make em back. So yeah - this is "naked run". You know when first ever players hit their 90s it was insane. It was like 250 sloops parked at all goldens and 250 naked grandmas and grandpas were running in to that poor cave. I'm not sure if devs planed this game to be like that.
  47. 2 points
    Just demoed mine. Pretty sure everyone can loot them because there was 6 storage boxes outside of it with various mats inside and it wasn't full after leaving it for hours. No, you can't pincode them. So it's like a campfire infinite materials cheat code for everyone. Great. lootable crafting stations are absolutely not the same thing, I don't think anyone wants pincoded smithies lol. not a mistake So farmhouses suck, broken/op and imba... anyone can run up and loot a full base worth of mats and spam crap.
  48. 2 points
    Haven't really wanted to log in but decided to see how things were last night on D7. Latency was over 200. Fed my animals and promptly logged off. I don't even want to get on to try the new Farmhouse because the game is unplayable right now.
  49. 2 points
    I thought i was the only ex Shadowbane player... Now THAT was a beautiful game that went sideways..
  50. 2 points
    I 100% agree with this, and just to give some context, only time I got that achievement was a day I saw a group being formed on the Atlas Discord encouraging people to just go there to get the achievement. I went there with my sloop, didn't shoot a single cannonball and yet I got it. I enjoyed the submarine but it makes no sense that you can have access to end game stuff without doing absolutely anything. As far as I know all you have to do now is deal some damage to it. It is not about killing by yourself or dealing a certain % damage. Anyone can team up with other people even through alternative channels get the achievement.
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