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    Suggestion: It would be nice if tickets were actually answered and not automatically marked as "solved".
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    Adding a gold cost to ships made in shipyards is really going to hurt the solos/small groups especially the ones that live in lawless.
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    Ah yes, the quarterly Atlas update sandwich. Top slice of 'Hey guys this is really hard but we have some great ideas and we're going to be doing a better job communicating and listening to you... and this time we really mean it!'. Bottom slice of 'Just remember guys it's still early access, so please don't hold us accountable for anything regardless of how poorly thought out or executed it may be'. So what's the filling this time? Ah, of course. An extremely complex multi-grid trade route system adding new island types with automatically generated defenses, npc trade ships, and a boat designed to ram other boats. What could possibly go wrong? I mean last update you said you were just adding warehouses, and we got an unannounced game-destroying barrel 'balance' change and you broke a number of critical core game functions and disappeared for a month without a word. I hope you don't expect much confidence from anyone that you are even remotely capable of successfully implementing something of the magnitude that you're describing. Stop dangling stuff that nobody cares about or asked for and 'teasing' all these cool new ideas you have when there are so many existing mechanics that are completely broken, useless, or imbalanced. Fix them. Get your game running smoothly and add some polish to what you already have before you go introducing a bunch of new stuff that you aren't capable of doing anyway. You also mentioned more frequent wipes. How frequent? Do you really think that's a sustainable model for a game that has a ridiculously complex breeding and 6 resource type grindy upgrade mechanic? Is that the purpose of the trade routes? Having to get a bunch of different resources sucks, so rather than simplify the core system lets implement a complicated, difficult to implement alternative to make it suck a little less. You guys have no direction, no accountability, no credibility, and nobody buys your 'new ideas, more communication, we're going to do a better job and btw look at this amazing idea we have' PR nonsense that we've seen over and over and have been let down every time. Nobody cares that it's early access. Early access doesn't give you carte blanche to make strings of idiotic decisions and expect players to stick around. The last thing in this update you said is that you'll be paying extra attention to suggestions and feedback, so here's some from a 5,000 hour player. Put this trade system, ships for gold, and whatever other half baked band-aid ideas you have on the shelf. Fix what you have, give regular updates on what you're working on, and stop saying over and over that you're going to be listening to players and start actually doing it. Focus your energies on resolving those issues and building on those ideas first. Thinking for yourselves and deciding what you think is best for the game is why there are 92 players on NA PVP as I write this. Get your shit together or just shut it down.
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    I have been submitting tickets and not getting answers. Am I using the right system, under support? The forum moderator just told me that is how I contest in game actions - yet weeks and months go by but nothing happens. Am I doing it wrong? I play(ed) on pvp.
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    It would be nice if tickets were actually answered and not automatically marked as "solved".
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    Have news is always something good. Most of the things that will be implement will make the game better, but at least there are 2 that i think will really damage again the gameplay, what means, reduce even more the active players: Removed Gold drops from Kraken, Squids, Army of the Damned Soldiers, fishing, and digging. The trade system will become the way to earn gold This for a mega is not a problem, they will be even more powerfull. The problem is all this small companies that survive with treasure, killing some ships, or fishing. You can try to balance the different ways of finding gold, but if you remove the gold from all the actual sources and only let trade system you will kick all small companies from the game. Added Gold cost for crafting Ships in a Shipyard Schooner: 50 Gold Brigantine: 250 Gold Galleon: 500 Gold NOTE: These costs will increase when the trade system has been fully implemented Linked with the previous concern, this means that mega have no impact, but the small tribes will notice it, specially if you remove their actual income system, and you force them to fight vs megas for controling sea forts. Changed delay before using newly placed land artillery to 10 minutes This affects Cannons, Large Cannons, Catapults, Puckles, Ballistas, Mortars, and Swivel Guns I like this change, but clearly is missing another action linked to this change. That was the only counter against barrelbombing, this barrelbombing that 95% of your community hate, that have push-out most of your community, and you keep going on it (braindeath?). So know removing the only defense that was the insta catapult, you make it even worst. So again, please hear you community, remove the barrelbombing from cannons and catapults, and let us play. Barrels are the worst item on this game, because you are not able to balance it. Maybe you have a great roadmap thinking on megas, or in your idea of game, when clearly you are not playing it. Hear your community, and dont kick more players because you take stupid decissions that kill a part of the population. This patch if goes out with this points that i have highlighted, will empty a bit more this game, and will kick most of the small companies, that today survive on this barrelbombing game.
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    no ones needing ramming boats, one barrel ship can wipe out ANY boat in one shot. game still sounds fucked beyond belief already quit this season (like many others), maybe next time eh?
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    I am still waiting, along with numerous other players who you Globally Banned recently for supposed "exploits" to find out why, or if we will ever be allowed to play again. We have still yet to be told what we did, or when this will be fixed or when we can appeal this decision. I have put in tickets, sent emails, etc. We did not intentionally cheat or exploit anything. We were all daily active players who love your game. Most of us are XBOX players who chat and played the game daily with friends. We were merged into in a large company, of which you banned every member. We just want to be able to play your game again, and we did not cheat or exploit anything on purpose or know anyone who did. Whatever action you took on all of us was way over board. Still love your game, and wish you all the best. Hoping to hear back from someone about this issue.
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    I'm sorry to be so unpleasant, but do you ever look at your community needs? Do you not see what makes people leave the game even tho they love it? I can promise you it isn't the lack of rowing. Or do you just enjoy adding things nobody has ever asked for, and watch as the fun this game still barely provides fade away from the three low digits worth of playerbase you still have left in here?
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    1. one of the coolest places in the game is the Yeti cave now there is no reason to go there. it is a great spot for PVP and if you kill a giant snow monster I think you should get something as a reward. there needs to be a reason for companies to do these encounters more then once. how about just make the EXP reward reasonable? 2. making already poor new players pay for boats that they already had to farm for is silly. larger companies wont care about gold at all but you are hurting your new players with this change. this game needs new players badly. This may be ok if you rework the map rewards and how maps work. most of the maps that spawn in lawless are to high for a casual player to figure out how to do. if you rework how the maps spawn and make good maps spawn close enough that they can be done in a reasonable amount of time this may be ok, but currently lots of players do not have accesses to map due to sail time. 3. I think it would be great if during the next season the devs made a company and played on the PVP server I think you would learn a lot about what makes this game great and what is totally frustrating about it.
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    So your clan gets disbanded and all players (160) are suspended, indefinatelty for alleged exploits. We get no explanation of why. Who did what ? You are tarnished and cannot play the game you have so much time in and fun with a great bunch of folks. No explanation of how long the suspension is. You raise a ticket, it auto closes with "solved" upon submit. Then if you post on a forum your post gets locked with a use the ticket system. Lots of folks will laugh, with a mouth full of piss and vinegar ha ha you cheated you got what you deserved. No, I didn't, maybe someone in the 160 did (across four clans), but I don't know who or what they did. No Justice. Bad Customer Service. Provide an explanation. Thats 160 people who paid to participate in EA that you kicked without explanation. Even if one (or more) broke the rules, you should say what they did so a) people know and can accept / argue their ban and b) of perhaps more improtance, others can know what NOT to do !!
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    The Greek type ship that you have put in does not fit much with the ships of the time and people wanted something frigate type, but well if you already have it, I don't think people are going to complain because you put more ships but a frigate in a game of pirates can not miss. You wanted ideas, then have mine, instead of putting ships for gold you should give the option of making them too. Well the idea is the following, add daily BP global auctions of good quality where some plans of each piece of ship are auctioned such as 5 mythical sails, 20 mythical cannons, 20 plates etc in set (each type of piece in a different auction ) and add a structure or from the flag of the island itself or somewhere where you can put gold the option to bid for those lots until a certain time of the day (the ideal would be an accessible time for the largest number of players) thus the gold it would be even more useful and the importance of trade routes would be enhanced.
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    Ahoy Pathfinders! After lots of internal discussion we have decided to start cranking out more frequent, smaller content drops rather than larger, expansive features that take months to prepare. This ultimately does not change our current feature course, but rather than wait for more content we are simply going to drop what we’re working on now - the first iteration of the Trade System next week! How does this affect your everyday pirate life? More dev news - you are going to hear from us more often on new features we are developing. Faster content drops means more new features, but also more map wipes. Good and bad, right?! In the true spirit of early access (which ATLAS certainly is still in!), we are going to tell our awesome community what we are working on, ask the community for gameplay feature ideas and see if some of them work….not every feature we test out will ultimately make it into the final game. We might change our mind! Now without further ado, let’s talk about where we are at with some of the things we’re working on! Trade System Since we first started on this renewed ATLAS journey, we have introduced Farmhouses and Warehouses into the mix. We have hinted that these were more than just a standard QoL improvement. We are building upon these features to develop a Trade System! We will be introducing a new structure, Markets, that are used to set up trades. Markets will need to be connected to a Warehouse, which in turn should be connected to a Farmhouse. Farmhouses are used to fill the Warehouse that the Market will use to look things up to trade. Markets will need to be placed next to a Warehouse and each Warehouse may only have one Market. Players will need to control both land for resources and Markets, and sea for Trade Routes. In the actual Market itself, players will have a menu that will allow them to set up their resources for trade and the exchange rate at which they will trade for. Players can then request trading routes with other Markets. Once the trade route with another Market has been established, the connected Markets will automatically set up the trades as long as both parties have the required resources within their Warehouses. A log is also available in the Market menu to keep track of trades, requests, attacks on your shipment. A new island type, Control Points, will be integral to the Trading System. Each grid on the server may have anywhere between 1-3 Control Points that companies can capture for an advantage. When trade conditions are met, Markets will create a shipment of the goods. This Trade ship will automatically sail to its target destination, going through any Control Points on the grids that are a part of its route. These shipments will also generate gold for each party - the longer the trade route, the more gold is generated. Companies that own a Control Point can set a tax on any shipment moving through it. If there is more than one Control Point on a grid, the shipment will automatically choose the lower tax if available. If a company owns a Control Point on the grid, it will prioritize the company’s to avoid tax. Companies that own a Control Point can also choose to blockade specific companies from using its Control Point, making it possible for companies to stop trades between others. Players will also be able to directly attack any shipments en route as well. The trade will only happen if both ships successfully reach their end destinations. Control Point islands will have a unique icon on the map. These islands will contain a central structure surrounded by canon towers. Players will have to destroy all canon towers and the middle structure where they will have to plant a flag in order to gain control. The structures will then rebuild themselves and players will be able to place the canon towers at specific defensive points and build other defensive structures around them. Control points will automatically start defending itself once attacked. Next to the towers will be the Tax Bank where the taxed gold is collected. Unowned Control Points can still defend themselves and will collect taxes into its Tax Bank. Tax Banks can be destroyed and stolen from. On PVE, no one can take ownership of the Control Points, so trades will always be open to anyone, however, the Control Points will always collect taxes at a set rate and PVE will also be able to steal from the Tax Bank. TeaseR: Ramming Ship A couple months back, we wanted to add an early version of a new Ships for Gold system. Upon reviewing Community feedback and further ideation, we took the feature back to the drawing board to further develop. With the next update, you may see a new NPC on an island. Although he has no functionality yet, we are sure that Pathfinders will be paying him plenty of visits in the future. The Ships for Gold system will be slowly rolled out after we launch the Trade System. While we are still in development, we wanted to tease the first ship that will be available for players to buy with gold - The Ramming Ship! ***The render above is still a work in progress and is subject to change. The Ramming Ship has a unique front end that is specialized for the purpose of - you guessed it - ramming straight into other ships! It features built in cannon ports and a lower deck with holes for oar boards that can be extended for a speed boost, even when there is no wind. Players can tactically use their oar boards for a temporary speed boost to increase their damage multiplier when ramming into an enemy ship! The Ramming Ship will likely not be customizable upon release, however, we are working on a modular customization mechanic for these new ships that can be bought for gold. The design goal here is to provide an “Interceptor” option that can be used to catch fleeing ships or shorten a chase. The current ship system will exist alongside this new ship system when it launches. However, apart from the Sloop, previous ships will additionally cost gold to build. Generating gold with trade routes will be integral to earning enough gold for upkeep. Final Note Again, we would like to emphasize that ATLAS is still in Early Access, meaning many things can and will likely continue to drastically change - even in the middle of development. Anything discussed is only up to date as of the moment it is posted. Features and changes that ultimately make it to the next patch may be different from what was previously discussed. As always, we appreciate the suggestions and feedback from the community. Please keep them coming! We will be paying extra attention to your thoughts on the upcoming Trade System and Ships for Gold, and will continue to make adjustments as necessary. Thank you for all of your support! Happy Sailing, - ATLAS Crew For the latest dispatch on #playATLAS keep yer one good eye trained on this here information Natter n' chatter on Discord: https://discord.gg/playatlas Hear ye, hear ye on Twitter: https://twitter.com/sailtheatlas Watch us scallywags on Twitch: http://twitch.tv/sailtheatlas Plus ye can band with us Pirates on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/playatlasgame
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    dont worry all we have to do is tell them what we did wrong to get unbanned kekw shit devs
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    The ideas are all focused on PvP, the PVE servers are very bad. You need to improve the quality of the servers, what’s the use of having a game, if players can’t play without disconnect, many servers whas crash the game when this very full. I'm really sad, because we lost time, at the beginning after wipe, we even managed to play, but then when the server has more constructions, we have many problems that hinder the experience. Despite the problems, I appreciate the efforts in bringing new updates.
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    You guys should try and focus on releasing this game. These additions are good but doesn’t seem like your getting any closer with release. Maybe just add a few things to make the game ready for release rather going “back to the drawing board” on a game that’s over two years old.
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    Only way to get more players back is to undo the barrel bomb aspect of things and do a full blown wipe again... But hey... who am I to say what they should and should't do?
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    The game that launched a thousand ships, is sinking fast, that happens you know, The water gets below, Seems not very long ago...........
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    Two and one men on the dead servers grid Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum The Cpt.Yarrr was fixed by the Sheepshooters Pike The Sheepshooters brained with a shield spike And User1's throat was marked belike; It had been gripped by barrels ten 'an there they lay, all good dead men Like break o' day in a boozing ken Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum
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    Sorry but this is just dumb. 1. Whoever created that trade fort needs to be sacked. In fact punched in the face then sacked. What are you doing here? You put a lighthouse on top of some gates, gratz. Appreciate its not finished but it better be a HELL of a lot better than that. 0 effort. 2. Why are you making people pay to build their own ships? I get paying for the pre-made at freeports which is fine but paying for a ship in your own shipyard with mats you have farmed makes no sense. Who are you paying and for what? The ship has been hand built with materials you've done yourself? It will hurt single players and smaller companies and make it harder for them to get going.. Unless the new trade routes are going to flood the market with gold. Which if this is the case will have an impact on trading and the economy, prices will get stupid for things if Gold is so easy to find. And then what would be the point in shipwrecks or doing Maps (other than BPs) which in PVE have limited use i.e buildings? 3. Removed XP for bosses? why? So how will players earn XP at higher levels. Past 80 the XP grind is slow AF! The only way to level is end game bosses. It also removes any reason to do them more than once. Once you get the Feat literally no reason to go back. 4. What the hell is the Ramming Ship? Who asked for that? Who even designed that, sorry, think I know ^^... People asked for a ship between Galleon and Brig aka Frigate. No one has a use for this Ramming ship. Please for the love of god just make a Frigate instead.... actually listen to the players! I think you guys need to release a road map to put these changes into context because without seeing the end game these changes make no sense and actually harm the game. People are lining up to leave and everyone I speak to is quitting because the game has no direction with stupid changes and updates. All you need to do is listen to the players...
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    Well for one, pyrates didn't build their own ships, they stole them! so why should I need gold for my own shipyard? If you want a trade system then you are gonna have to introduce factions too. Why would I trade for something if I can steal it anyway? Does anyone remember that this was a pyrate game? Or is it trying to become a golden age life and sailing simulator? pull up the roots, kill the tree.
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    Please say something about Explosive Barrels. Anything at this point......
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    Why? They are dumb. They are not realistic at all. I don't mind the wind changes making it a bit more difficult in a storm that's fine but the cyclones just annoy everyone. They spawn in front of you everywhere you turn and act like homing missiles. Avoid one another will spawn in front of you, avoid that, rinse and repeat. I was anchored at port and raised anchor, instantly cyclones spawned all around me. Dropped anchor again they went away. Sea looked rough but no cyclones, raised anchor. Instantly surrounded by spawning cyclones. If they HAVE TO BE in the game make them behave like real cyclones.
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    "Community" Ok, let me fire this one; "Who on THIS COMMUNITY asked for rammingships?" I want lasers btw.
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    Used to love Atlas... Was all I played every available minute. Had a company that eventually worked it's way to owning an island. Then the "previous" (cash grab) devs left everyone in the dark for ARK. This killed it for most of the company and many never came back. This season I went in solo. Settled on a mega company island - friends I made when I started playing Atlas. As a solo player on PvE it can be a grind and farms and warehouses helped kinda. Farms in your area work well but warehouses... If I have one I kill the ability for the island owner to have one meaning I don't get to have one. This means that the "new content" just doesn't apply to me and I'm sure this will be the case for many. Claiming should be a hybrid of what you have now and had before. Each player has a certain radius they can claim with a flag or tax bank that makes it their spot on an already claimed island. That way it compartmentalises the area and allows a farm and warehouse and tax bank. This way content isn't just for the megas. I had 2 super casual players join my company... So casual that they are dead each time they log in. We managed to make a bit of gold but 95 percent of our purchases in game are with resources. I assume trade routes would help here but again will we even be able to use it. It really would be an awesome shift if this is implemented well. Later I had a friend from previous season come over. Bringing gold earned from being in a large company, which we used to get us up to scratch vs the megas. If ships are going to cost gold... As a solo player I'd have nothing just a ramshackle all season (If even as one storm and SoTD and it's gone). How is this supposed to get people on to the oceans. We have lives outside of the game so unless there is a passive job or trade route that can persist while I'm at work there is no way that'll happen. Lastly while the season started out roughly from a dev stand point it was OK for me till around the farm patch. Something on our grid broke and many couldn't log in. We got stuck in infinite load loops. Tickets were raised and immediately resolved. For a solid few months we couldn't log in. The work around was to not click rejoin but select the server you were on and join from there. This seems to work but something on the persistent players on ships broke players sleeping on islands. It's still broken and we still have to mess with the work around to play. TLDR: Please fix the issues. Please listen to your community (PvE paid for the game too) Please remember that there are solo players out there. Please take our time seriously - we also have lives outside of ATLAS Please take your games community seriously - give us more concrete interaction. Quality communication is beter than putting things out to just have captains logs. Bring back the Dev streams at least once a month. Give us actual lists and progress updates. Currently in the eyes of many players I've interacted with Grapeshot is a bunch of gamers trying to kinda make a game while playing their other favourite games. You need to be seen as a bunch of Devs working for a company that is producing a game that they want to produce and give feedback and join in the frustrations we feel (and perhaps fix them). Sweeping most of it under the rug ain't helping PvE or PvP. As mentioned... Make ATLAS the game the original Devs were excited about and the game you seem to want. All that said if what you previewed here is implemented and balanced properly I'm looking forward to it. Oh and Devs... feel free to contact us if you actually want to interact with the community, most of us have the same user name here and on the Discord server.
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    Серверы PVE были полностью забыты !!! Никто не спрашивает у игроков PVE их мнение и пожелания !!!!!!!! Кому нужны ваши фермы и склады на PVE серверах, они загадили ими все острова, убили этот огромный игровой контент, который был песочницей !!! НУЖНЫ НОВЫЕ КВЕСТЫ, ЦЕПИ КВЕСТОВ !!! ГДЕ УВЕЛИЧИВАЕТСЯ И РАСШИРЯЕТСЯ СОДЕРЖАНИЕ ИГРЫ !!! ВЕРНИТЕ СТАРУЮ КАРТУ ДЛЯ PVE СЕРВЕРОВ !!! Игра становится полностью PVP, поэтому вы потеряете большинство игроков и игра обязательно умрет и уже НАВСЕГДА !!!!!
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    In my opinion, having ships cost gold to build is going to cause a huge disparity between small groups and larger groups. Typically, gold is a big deal to smaller companies. So if you have a ship cost 500 gold to make it, you're discouraging newer players/small groups from being able to make and try all of the ship types. On top of that, they're very likely to lose boats more easily (since they don't have as much experience, or as large of a fleet to take a fight). So they'll be having to build more boats. All I can imagine is that it's going to run small companies out of gold very quickly, forcing them to be stuck using sloops (which are terrible). I would highly suggest re-thinking this change.
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    My company of 40+ members quit this season because of Barrel Bombs and lack of Dev communication on the subject. Nothing changed and guess we aint coming back.
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    Unless you remove the barrels from ships and all the other barrel changes made with that update no one is coming back. So many people are waiting for this to be fixed so they can return to Atlas.
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    Awesome! Keep pushing in the right direction team Atlas! Though i hope you also address more bugs and glitches/optimization please! Like maybe show a "before/after" so the community understands your actually working hard to fix the game itself. These new features sound great though!
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    The devs are still alive, mateys! Alright, dev team! A flippin' ramming ship! Beautiful! Go go go! Please just pay attention to us a bit. Let us know you're alive, reply to some posts on here every once in a while and MAGA!
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    I understand the comments about if someone is cheating there has to be consequneces and indeed that there may be collateral damage or its the leadershps job to weed them out. I can see elements of this being valid. I have never cheated (knowingly) now you don't need to believe that. I would say that is true for the majorit of the 160 who are suspended without any timeline. The failure in justice is....I don' know WHY and I don't know HOW LONG for. To be punsihed without reason or without clarity as to how long for is the work of Tyranny.
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    Hello ? Server Grid D7 is still not available. Server tag is still at 2889, all others are already at day 2904 Are the admins sleeping? Or is it just because PVE doesn't matter to everyone at Grapeshoot, the main thing is that the beloved PVP servers are running. Don't forget that we PVE players also paid money, so we have a right to good support.
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    Would have waited. State of the game at the moment its not worth 30 cents
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    its blatantly obvious to anyone with more than 2 gray cells to rub together that the developers of this game and of ark are utterly FUCKING clueless how to produce quality games. Not only did you push your original development team out the door you are now pushing players out the door. There is absolutely no point in playing any game where you spend the first 2 to 10 hours just trying to find a place to build a simple 4x4 hut (ark) because 99% of the available real-estate is consumed by BULLSHIT pillars that you can not build too close to. It is also utterly pointless to play a game like this one where the new dev team has done nothing but prove they are utterly incompetent in maintaining or developing this game. Asinine decisions being made left right and center and not ONE TIME have i seen any indication that you have any intention of fixing any of the REAL bugs or listening one iota to your dwindling user base. utterly fucking clueless PERIOD
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    Well there is the simple fact that if everything starts costing gold, then they could start selling gold for real game cash on their website. I'm old enough to remember when game developers helped us escape from the real world, for a few hours at least.
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    no one needs such a shitty tradingsystem!!! why you guys dot just fix the stuff who is broken instead of bringing crap out who no one needs or wants.and this no gold for digging is just the biggest idiocy you brought up. so you killed alot of funparts with this action!great job!
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    Thank you Devs for your communication this past week. It is greatly appreciated. I did have a couple questions though in regards to the trade system. Will the trade system only revolve around the trading of island resources or will players be able to trade blueprints, weapons/armor, and tames as well in the market? And are these tradeships just auto generated or would they need to be created and possibly loaded/unloaded by the players? Thank you kindly and keep up the good work cheers
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    The bugs killed the game for me since grid bug that disconnect you and crashed the game to making farmhouses only take coal as well since COVID happened I was in hospital for about a little over the week and ended up losing everything to decay timers maybe I will come back when game is more stable and has more places to build cause ever since map shrunk everywhere is so crowded
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    I like the idea of a single maelstrom that wanders the affected map and does serious damage, and is avoidable. The number of cyclones is ridiculous.
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    seens with the ideea of frequent wiping you just will kill the game!!! maybe you should not be to focused only on the pvp side,when the pve has much more players...
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    When you introduced farms and warehouses, thereby you killed the huge content of the game, you no longer need animals, seeds, plants, their extraction and breeding! Be consistent, then remove all animals from the game, all plants, they are no longer needed by anyone !!! Let there be bare islands and trees !!! Why was it all to kill ??? !!!
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    imagine getting infiltrated by an enemy clan who starts cheating and gets your whole clan banned xD
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    Increase cooldown, or decrease knock up. Stun locking should not replace skill.
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    So here we go, You have builded up your hard leveld galleon, sailed all the mats over to build your mythical gally, 200% planks/ gunports you sail out, you find a common brig that rips out your whole side with 3 barrels.... wtf is wrong with this developers/ game? what is the idea behined it? can you please state your reason behind this move? i found it stupid since barrels where always hated from the start. then oke. but also instant crew puckels? please for the love of god i play this game from day 1 season 1 and i was hoping the game would become better every season and i keep saying this every time. but i am now thinking of stopping to play. this game in total. please please please tell us about your idea's behind this.
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    I wanted to look for my Baby Bears but woho the PVE Server is down and have the Patch 410.6.... both PVP Servers are on and they hav the Patch 410.4 what happens??
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