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    Stop speaking sense but yes you are right people use forums to vent their frustration, not gonna lie I do also. After playing since day 1 and see no real change, then pause Atlas to focus on another game is a reason to drive anyone crazy. I also know they couldn't care less whether we angry or not but you just never know it might strike a chord in them, if they had any sense that is.
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    I see a lot of negative comments from the community on here and I can't help thinking that a lot of you seem to be forgetting a few important details. The game is incomplete, we all know that, there is fair warning before purchase and every time we load up on the main menu. The other thing that seems to be forgotten is that devs who waste time responding to every little coment, from players who have forgotten that they knowingly choose to play pre-release, aren't working on the game. Personally I enjoy the game and am looking forward to seeing what Grapeshot have planned for full release. Be patient and if your not happy with the state of the game then just take a break until it's closer to actual launch.
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    Ya, the way forums work is when someone is upset with the game (like they just had something really annoying happen in the game, or they rage quit over a serious bug), they come here immediately before they have a chance to cool down and post something that they will later regret when they are more level headed. Or they stop playing the game and come here and repeatedly post the worst stuff they can think of. Kind of a way to vent their frustrations Of course there are also those that have played many hours in the game and invested a lot of time in it and are very frustrated that it is not progressing like most Early Access games, with new features every month or two. So of course there is a lot of negativity, that really is to be expected. I was one of those people early on that always said good things about the game. Now I think I say about 50/50 positive and negative stuff about it. The developers are not evil or shady, they are just employees of a company and do what they are paid to do. Paying them costs money, so the company needs to create something that will bring in the money. That seems to be ARK Genesis at the moment. That is basically what you said. I think most people realize this, no matter what they might say here. I think they will work on this game again, otherwise I probably wouldn't have been playing it for the last couple of months. I played it for a few months when it was first released, took a long break and came back recently. The difference in attitudes in general since over a year ago is obvious. I think it is best not to focus on what other people are saying right now in my opinion. Mostly I just state my opinion once or twice in a thread and not engage those that have a much more negative view of the game. Most of them have their reasons for being so negative, and their experience of the game is much different than mine. The game is a sandbox after all and there are literally hundreds of different ways you can play it.
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    In agreement with the game's true intent and design, i recommend having 50 aimbotters of your own.
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    Any response? @Jatheish @Dollie @Evza ??
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    Rethink the roadmap. It's counter-intuitive to how the players play the game. I know I'm spitting into the wind here and I understand the frustration of the playerbase given the lack of awareness and interest in player desires or interests, but I can't get on board with the hostility and the abuse being hurled. I know, having observed for a long time now, that the developers don't read your posts or feedback (Detrimental for a game in Early access) and that has fostered a very toxic relationship with this community which saddens me to say because I genuinely love Atlas, but I'm desperately disappointed in the direction it's taking. I wonder if you agree. The roadmap appears to attempt to dictate how we play the game. As a community that has adapted to the game, the roadmap implies we've been playing the Atlas "Wrong." To quote the official post "Essentially, we feel like players are currently spending too much time in certain areas of the game, and not enough time in the areas we think should be the most fun, such as Sea and Combat. Players can expect to experience more fun and engaging content out on the sea, and a cut back on the time spent on land or with creatures." We're spending too much time on land. We're relying too heavily on tames and breeding. We're not doing enough exploring. We're not engaging in enough combat. I feel like Atlas has done themselves an injustice. In an open world, a player base of diverse interests develops; You have those who enjoy combat with Ships of the Damned, Those who specialize in breeding high stat tamed creatures and selling them in a burgeoning marketplace, builders who primarily focus on creating fantastical archaeological wonders, explorers who are achievement completionists, treasure hunters who enjoy the pursuit of gold, resource harvesters who collect and sell resources to travelers- in an open world where our goals are self made, it is a huge mistake to shuttle us all into one linear stream of gameplay as if Atlas were World of Warcraft. We don't a want to be doing the same thing, but that has not stopped our gaming practices from complimenting that of other players. Te roadmap attempt to intercept our self made goals and forcibly divert our play style into what the developers think it should be, rather than what each of us, individually, want it to be for us. This is a game where it will take you as much real time to sail 5 tiles as it does to drive to your next big city. This is a game where, to breed a tier 3 creature, requires a 4 day, real time, marathon with intense focus. These are time investments that would typically feel cumbersome, but we do them, we've adapted to them, some of us appreciate they are not easy because we feel a sense of genuine accomplishment and real progress. But they're taking these things away. They're doing so in a manner that makes no real sense in the context of the game except to make a difficult, time consuming, long term committment of a game even harder but with less reward. Nerfing tames was their first step last night in sabotaging how we play the game. I had a level 11 Army of the Damned drop down from a finger rock someone had been digging up a chest on. It did significant damage to my level 73 bear. This was ONE Army of the Damned. Had it been any more of the 5-12 that spawn, I'd have died, my bear would have did- just like the treasure hunter after that 73 gold common map did. This has a direct effect on the economy. Because of this deterrent, less people will want to treasure hunt meaning less passive income for Island owners who find that 20% tax actually helps cover the cost of their upkeep. Tames are the balance of our combat experience. For every one of us that have been killed by a level 1 bee and been eternally humbled by the lack of proper scaling in this game, tames are the difference between death and survival on land. But spend more time at sea, they said. It'll be fun, they said. But imagine the time, the effort, the relentless grind of harvesting materials, speccing and respeccing due to the limited available skill points, and finally building a ship only to go out ad be destroyed by a random fleet of Ships of the Damned that spawn into the radius of our boat at close proximity, either clumsily spawning in on each other or surrounding us in 360 degree circumference. Rarely just one. Then the rain starts, 10 cyclones spawn, picking away at your person's health, at the ship, damaging everything on it. Then the passive ship decay. You're always slowly decaying at sea, both you and your ship. Your vitamins deplete faster. Then you cross a server boarder. You hang in limbo for 10 second or more. You may emerge being pummeled by more ghost ships or directly into cyclones. This perhaps after sailing for three hours and losing literally everything you've worked days to acquire, on top of your time. The risk isn't worth the reward. Not for the 19 gold a ship may drop. Not for that common thatch door blueprint. At a whopping 180 gigs of space, I have yet to determine what constitutes 250 tiles. Aside from a few resources easily substituted unless for mythical quality blueprints, traveling doesn't offer new experiences except a dramatic change in climate. The islands are the same with a different skin. Most of the animals across each biome are the same with a few variations in basic colors- not even patterns vary, just skin recolors. Models are repeated exhaustively, embarrassingly noticeable. That plant could be a half a dozen looking things because while the model is the same, the harvest may be different. The ships look the same- we all look the same. In contrast to ARK that has a plethora of skins and cosmetics to diversify and individualize our appearance, Atlas doesn't even afford us that. The texture from building? All the same. NPC towns seem to boast more robust building materials and options than we players do. Ultimately, Atlas has decided to push up all back in progress to compensate for their lack of content at the end game. If we are forced into their linear fashion of gameplay and they extend our road, our grind, our path to progress and end game content, that provides them more time. I took a year off, just after the implementation of the trenches and crabs. A year later I cam back and found they'd introduced Crabs and Ulfends. Nothing else really. No dramatic gameplay improvements. The same bugs that existed just after release still persist today. No quality of life or gameplay experiences, no new end game content or achievement pursuits, no new mid game content. The ongoing joke is that Atlas is a sailing simulator, and that seems to be what they're making it. Those who love the game as a foundation for something great will soon sadly realize it's potential will not be met if we move in this direction, but instead suffer at the hands of staff who clearly doesn't listen or even play their own game to understand the experiences we speak of so passionately here, or own steam, or in other mediums. We just can't get through. I know the handicapping of Tames was the first step in further limiting our ability to progress in Atlas, which is why I'm motivated to speak out here. Sorry for the TL/DR.
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    One of my biggest complaints about Atlas is that the Devs don't seem to know what they want this game to be, other than some generic idea of it being "A Pirate Game". Unfortunately what the Devs seem to know about pirates is that they maybe watching 2 1/2 Pirates of the Caribbean movies. OK, so what did pirates do? (Mostly Golden Age of Pirates in the Caribbean, but other pirates as well). 1) They tried to capture ships intact. 2) The ships they mostly attack merchant shipping. 3) They would raid and loot towns and villages. 4) Pirates were hunted by organized militaries (or by privateers with letters of marque). What DIDN'T Pirates do? 1) They rarely fought other pirates. (Though privateers did often clash in times of war, but even then Merchants were the main target). 2) They didn't fight mythical monsters. 3) They almost never looted other pirate bases. 4) They didn't spent most of their time fighting the undead. 5) They almost never found buried treasure. Hmmm, looks like Atlas is 0-for-4 on actual piracy and 5-for-5 on actual non-piracy. So what does Atlas lack? It lacks merchant shipping (NPC merchant shipping and as all players are supposedly pirates, then it lacks player merchant shipping too). It lacks a place to sell stolen goods. It lacks NPC villages/towns to loot (and as all players are supposedly pirates, then all bases are pirate bases, meaning no player towns). There are also no NPC pirate hunters and as all players are supposedly pirates, there are no militaries, no sovereign entities and no way to be a privateer. It lacks the ability for players to be anything but pirates (sure, you can ROLEPLAY whatever you want, but everyone is the same as game mechanics go). (It's like none of the game devs watch any pirate documentaries and never player games like Sid Meier's Pirates! or Uncharted Waters).
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    Well, then you can say that ARK was just as shit as Atlas in the bad days. So there’s somewhat a chance for a positive future.
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    Charge into battle while holding a penguin to take the shot for you.
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    my time is my life. i never said it got in the way of my real life nor did i say i care what you've done with your time or your preference on staying positive. only thing clear here is that you don't know what youre talking about and that you shouldn't be lecturing anyone about anything pertaining to this games development or their life choices.
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    So it looks like you're an xbox player. Let's see what your opinion is after you've been here over a year, (if you're still around), with few if any helpful or interesting updates, a couple major changes in the wrong direction along with complete wipes, and then the announcement that the next 3 months development will all be focused on bringing some other group of new players online and you'll get a wipe at the end of that. And after they do all that they announce they will be heads down on patches, but they disappear completely and you find out they're not Atlas patches. You may have a different perspective than a bright-eyed newbie at that point. And you should know that they claim to have Community managers and staff whose job is just to, you know, communicate with us. Nobody expects the coders or graphic artists popping in here.
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    The october 2019 captains log did state that the team would be stepping away from the forum for a while (in a roundabout way) and game development requires money. Ark is probably their best source of money at the moment so working on that makes sense. I can understand players being frustrated but all the negativity doesn't help. Atlas won't attract new players if the existing players keep complaining about it, we need to be patient and understand that it is a work in progress.
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    They had an alpha test, saw the toxisity of PVP'ers for themselves and decided they were a part of the comunity they didn't want to cater to. Can't blame them realy, blame the toxic side of the PVP community not the dev's.
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    HELP! My Single Player SAved game - structures, items and crew keep disappearing!!! Today I travelled back to a zone I had built a base on and left some ships anchored, fully crewed, and fully over stocked with coin and food. when I got there ships had missing stuff... tons of it.. after spending the day fixing it, I sailed back to the island in another region I was building on where I also left a ship or 2 fully crewed and stocked. I had only left it for a very short period compared to the first location in question, it shouldn't of decayed that fast either way as 7 days did not even pass ingame (not sure how the decay works if its 7 days real life time or 7 days in game time...)This just started happening today and I am not sure why as I have travelled between regions before with no issue, I have not added anything new mod wise in awhile either, but I turned off decay in hopes it wont happen again wont want to play if I constantly lose hours/days of hard work. ANy ideas? Please help!
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    I hear things only get fixed if you remain silent and complacent.
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    I often see forum messages like: "WE WANNA MORE SHIP TYPES IN THE GAME" I mean, it would be cool if there were a lot of different ship types. And I feel sad to talk about it. But let's take a sober look at current ship state. So. Difference between ships should be: - Hold size. - Sturdiness. - Amount of cannons. - Speed and maneuverability. And we should actually choice our vessel because of current mission needs (it's like that - we wouldn't wanna sail Frigate to nearest island, because we will unanchor it and then park back like for ever). And what do we have right now? - Hold size doesn't matter. We can put all of our cargo in to small chest in ship corner. - Sturdiness doesn't matter, because we can enforce our ship armor with additional roofs, walls, and ceilings and enforce it more with skills. - Amount of gunports goesn't matter because we can add extra 20 cannons to our brig and even 10 more to stern and 10 more to ship nose. - We have largest and fastest ship in a game. Why would we want slower and smaller? And maneuverability is important in boardside battles, but no one does that. Just usual chasing tactic and nose-stern cannons shoot. So... we've basically got everything we need. Wanna more different type of ship - use current base and create different types with roofs, ceilings, walls, different sails, and custom amount of cannons. If ship type would depend how many cargo it can carry (I'm not talking about weight, but size). How strong firepower it can carry, etc. Then we would wanna more ship types. But to make so - there are a lot of dramatic design restriction should be introduced! like no more guns out of gunports, no more roofs armor etc. Until then (and again I sad to say that) we simply don't need any more ship types.
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    And so we should be negative of the game, most of us here have been playing since day 1 and the lack of updates is appalling. It might be an early access game but in 1 year you would expect alot more content than what is in the game now. What has been added? A new gun, a crossbow, nothing exciting is it. The thing that angers me the most is Dollie and Jat constantly posting on Twitter "how is everyone enjoying Ark?" "What would you like to see us do next in Ark?" why on earth are they focused on Ark? No idea why they split the dev team if all they can think about is Ark. They are one of the worst devs around who talks a load of **** They can't even stick to a roadmap, supposed to be January when we say some sort of update. Where is this monthly stream they are harping on about all the time? Been to focused counting the money to siphon off to Ark, that will soon run out and they will be crawling back to the community with some sort of apology very soon, you watch "we are sorry for the lack of updates, we have been so busy with other things but we will be more focused on Atlas now" something along those lines, not good enough for me. The community is not daft, they know what they are doing and can't pull the wool over their eyes. Many have left already, they won't be coming back in any hurry.
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    Well I have to agree on that one. I have defended the devs in the past, a lot actually. But ever since I found out they are working on an ARK DLC.. Well.. maybe that isn’t the worst part. The worst part is they don’t tell us and ignore everything about Atlas. That’s literally giving the atlas community a middle finger. It’s actually insane how they screw us. And they’re timing, as always, couldn’t be better. They had the opportunity to win back a certain amount of the Atlas players after the christmas buff when more than 10K PC players were playing again (haven’t seen that in a while). Now they’ve abandoned Atlas knowing New World is gonna come out so the little group that’s still left will leave it too if New World does promise what they say.
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    Hold the phone, you want less grieving and factions? That’s the same as saying you want the population of New York to grow but 10 mins later you drop an atomic bomb on it.
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    Factions man... factions. Im telling you. Also.... MOST PvE players seem to be really happy with the game when they aren't getting griefed. Like I said before, sailors didn't want to spend all of their time at sea. While I agree there is a poor balance here, land raids and building/visiting friendly settlements was essential too pirate life. Certain aspects of ship maintenance could only be done while moored. Plus, having big ass period accurate manor kicks ass (from the outside anyway, all of my bases are just barns lol) Also, no one is "making you farm" its pirate game. Go steal shit. Agreed; and they managed to import the same people who try and police/pillar spam everything they find.... on PvE. Agreed. Especially for maneuvering too. I'd love to anchor turn some time at a cost to a bit of my plank HP.
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    I'm pressed to agree the game should allow careening; but many famous pirate vessels were taken to the bottom by rocks in the keys and Carribeian.
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    Bumping this back up, I've started to encounter this problem with structures now in my fairly evolved SP game. Particularly in the form of containers and wooden ceilings; ammo boxes, resources boxes, small wooden boxes etc. this even applies to docked ships left unattended. I come back to my base after long ocean voyages across many zones and stuff has vanished. Most recently, the ship resource box which I store the vast majority of my unique crafting materials in imported from said overseas voyages (Which rather undermines the whole point of travelling long distances to obtain resources) I even had a ship lose 3 of it's planks and sink when left unattended (but docked) for over a week of realtime (None of the other planks were damaged, it was missing like 3 planks, most of it's cannons, and a bunch of wooden structures)
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    https://antihax.github.io/ Activate Discoverys zoom in, andyou can see it
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    https://exploreatlas.co.uk is by far the most complete rescourse site i have seen.
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    No about people being too sensitive, taking everything seriously and starting up community groups for ever flaw society has to offer. It’s just a game, this is a game mechanic. Like I said, it’s not like there are people out here trying to have sex with young girls. It’s a mechanic they wanted to have fun with. In my company we’ve already locked up our own members and trolled with it. If he wants to go to the police with this, be my guest. But I’m pretty sure he won’t come far.