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    For obvious reasons, we won't be lifting the ban.
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    So i woke up made my coffee and got on my computer loaded up steam and saw your update post. I have to say im very proud of all of you. Most of these little shit mongers that had bought your game complain 24/7 most not all i want you to know there are some people who love atlas and are super happy about the singleplayer. Amazing work im getting 90 fps no lag im so happy thank you.Im sure thier will be bugs but im sure youll fix them.
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    @Realist Man, your first problem is always, ALWAYS, that you just don't know wtf your talking about. It used to be frustrating watching you make several post a week about Atlas dying due to playerbase. You drone on and on about how it will die without doing X or Y to cater to you or your wierd PvE theme park MMO preference. Now, its just sad to see you troll along about a game that you don't own and haven't played. I mean seriously, you made a lost about needing more land...... No one cares about playerbase. I know this becuase the devs said so. I know this becuase the game has not yet even been released. You fail to mention its june. Summertime, pools, malls, vacations, sports. You fail to mention were in the down sode of a patch, with a new one about to pop. You completely ignore the fact that the game is EA and hasnt released, as such very little if any resources were put into marketing. 90% of current players laerned about this game from that awful Jurrasic park sim. The most ironic part is that as often as you worry about numbers, youve 100% failed to contribute to them, learn to be less hypocritical. On top of that, your ideas often sound like your making them up as you troll along. Factions? Prebuilt towns? Wow style themes? These are all counterintuitive to what a sandbox MMORPG is trying to achieve. Its just glaringly obvious you dont know what the game is like. Not that we dont need changes, we do, and we will get many changes over the next 18 months. But likey very little to none of what you think a game needs based off of nothing tangible.
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    well done grapeshot, you officially broke the game, cannons don't work on army of the damned anymore, think about it, A massive cannon ball, a ball of steel fired right at the undead doesnt work... but little baby pallets fired out of a blunderbuss does?? the bear cannon is now worthless in pve. why not fix the treasure maps instead of nerfing the entire game, and effectively breaking it for a lot of players i assume... make the treasure maps give less xp or make the army of the damned harder, sommething like that. but no you decided to make the cannons worthless against the army of the damned, this is the most stupidist thing in the entire history of game "fixes"
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    ♥ For 1453 hours, I have played this game in PvP. As we know, this game is a pirate game but after a new patch, again and again, It seems to me that devs tend to focus on updating new content mainly in new tamed and environment instead of ship updating. I would like to discuss about the new contents that I want to see. Let's talk about design first. I would like to see the developers introduce new various ships to fulfil different purposes for players like Caravel for discovery, Indiaman for cargo, Privateer, Frigate, Ship of the line for battle and adding more sails as well. The ship's sails and ship appearance in this game are really annoying to me. Look at Brigantine for example. Most players often attach three speed sails on it and make the ship looks like the kind of weird. There's should have had sails like Spirit sail at the ship's bow and Spraker sail at the stern that can increase ship speed as the rest too. Not to mention the captain's cabin at the stern that is empty, no windows and no big company's flag. Next, we should be able to board the enemy ship and capture it in a short amount of time like 10 minutes when a ship is unanchored but we have to wait more than 8 hours to claim which is really suck. And some good news from the last patch, there's spear bolt which can pull enemy ship but a ship can still fire to each other. If a ship can't fire when spear bolt pulling it, that's mean the boading enemy ship will be easier and it's possible to capture it. And the last point is NPCs that can't do anything more than a mindless robot. It made the game lifeless. This game should categorize NPCs to many occupations such as crew NPCs for mounting canon and controlling sails, pirate NPCs that can board the enemy ship, etc. Moreover, at the Freeport there should be NPCs roaming around like a real port city and some of them can ask players for doing quests. And it is going to be better if there're NPCs cargo ship sailing across between different Freeport or even NPCs pratol ship that can be plundered by players to get foreign materials. But for now, we have to bear with a boring long haul journey to get materials for the blueprint. I hope that this game can be better when it comes out from early access ♥ PS: Don't mind my English skill xD
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    ... You’ve *got* to be kidding, right? You were the guy complaining constantly about how the old system made slaves of everyone. I mean it was pretty much like clockwork: Get up, make my cup of coffee, log in and read 3 posts minimum of you sarcastically referring to everyone as slaves. Now people have the option to own their own island and you don’t like it and say the old way was better. Are you secretly all my ex gf’s?
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    Amazing how fast you were able to contact 50 Million console Players And Asked them about their opinion. You will Save the Game. Also travelling from bed to bed is a amazing idea aswell. Just Need to get rid of oceans And Maybe add More Dinos.
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    Ahoy Pathfinders! In this Captain’s Log, we aim to give you an update on some new and exciting features that will be making their way to the ATLAS, as well as a brief status update on the next Mega Update. Before we begin, we’d like to give each and every one of you a huge thanks for the support you’ve shown ATLAS. Over the course of ATLAS’ development, our recent review scores on Steam have jumped considerably. We just wanted to express our thanks and show our gratitude for your support. We know that our work is far from over and that ATLAS still has a long journey ahead. There are many more changes we plan to make and features we would like to introduce. Keep your eye on the horizon, there is much to look forward to, some coming sooner than you might expect ;)! Mega Update 3! It’s been a while since we’ve spoken about our next Mega Update 3. There have been questions about the release date, and how it’s progressing. The update is still coming together, our team of developers is actively working on getting it ready to release. When we’ve got something to share about the launch date, additional features, it’s availability on the PTR, we will let you know. Though, we won’t leave you guys empty handed! Here’s an update on our Hydra Six-Shooter Pistol! In an earlier log, we revealed it’s concept art, now we can actually show you what it looks like in game as it’s going through its implementation. This pistol, as the name indicates, allows for up to 6 shots before reloading -- though it is significantly weaker than the single-shot flintlock! So if your aim sucks, or you have multiple targets, this will be a great weapon of choice. Wild Pirate Encampments! We’re excited to reveal to you a new system we’ve been working on, which will be released for Single Player, Non-Dedicated Multiplayer (more on that later!), Unofficial Dedicated Servers (optional), and potentially expanded onto the Official Networks in the future. This is how the new feature will function on Non-Dedicated Multiplayer and Single Player mode: “Wild Pirate Encampments” (WPE) are collections of enemy NPC characters, defensive fleets, and fortifications which inhabit claimable islands. They have varying weapons (melee and ranged), defenses (various cannons/turret types), and live in pre-built forts. They’ll also have AI ships representing all 4 classes (Sloop through to Galleon) patrolling the shoreline of their islands. The placement of Encampments will be randomized along the islands, and they can also include inland encampments without ships. You’ll have to explore an island to discover all the encampments which inhabit it, and the number can vary based on the island size, with larger islands having bigger and more Encampments. Each region will also have a WPE Level visible to players, some being higher than others resulting in better loot but a more challenging task. In order to claim an island, Pathfinders must destroy the WPE that currently live on it. This includes their patrolling ships and any enemy NPC within range of the Encampment center. Players will be able to use the Encampment claimflag to reveal nearby enemy NPCs. After claiming an Encampment, all Encampment structures transferred to the new settlement owner, and an Encampment Loot Box will be spawned. Once defeated, an Encampment will never respawn, and you cannot unclaim an Encampment. However, if the Encampment has not been fully defeated, it will reset to full strength if sufficient time has transpired without it being rendered. Players will have the option to disable WPE entirely via the Host Settings UI, or scale the difficulty of Encampments (this will not affect the loot quality). If you decide to enable WPE on an Unofficial Dedicated Server please note that: Encampments will only spawn (and can respawn) on unsettled islands when no players/tames/structures are nearby at all, over a long period of time. An island can only have Claim Flags placed on it when no Encampments are present on the island, indicated on the HUD when the system is enabled. With the implementation of this togglable content, we’ll be nerfing the traversal capability of Gliders on Non-Dedicated Multiplayer and Single Player, with an option to use the original values in Non-Dedicated Multiplayer. We’re excited to introduce this type of encounter to the ATLAS and we expect to have it ready in the very near future. Non-Dedicated Multiplayer! Following the positive response to Single Player and after evaluating the relatively small amount of technical bandwidth required to make this a possibility, we’re excited to announce that a new game mode will be making its way to players! Non-Dedicated Multiplayer will facilitate playing as a client whilst also hosting the server at the same time. It will allow up to 8 players to play simultaneously on the server. Similarly to Single player, the host will be able to make use of the host settings UI to adjust server settings to your group’s needs, as well as additional enhancements in your .ini files. We expect to have this game mode available next week (the week of July 14), and the “Wild Pirate Encampments” Beta towards the end of the month. ISO: Blackwood We are working on final touches and testing for ISO: Blackwood and we expect to have it ready to play later this month. Explore the heart of the jungle or settle in rolling farmland. Silent eddies run before your boat as you make your way through the slick reeds of The Mire. Wade through thick green waters teeming with dangerous creatures, rare plant life, and the occasional Gorgon to find buried treasure and lost corpses. Approach the ancient serpent boss, Anacython, if you dare! For those not familiar with Blackwood, this is not something we’ll be supporting specifically on our Official Network, as it was designed and intended to be used for single servers an example of a mod map that can be hosted unofficially. This specific map will be set up so that you can still enjoy all the mechanics that ATLAS has to offer, whilst hosting it as a standalone server with no database setup required! Live Game Patches Since the last Captain's Log, our live game updates have taken a look at some more long term issues we’d like to address with the game in addition to our general focus towards bugs, performance, and QOL. We released an update which was shortly reverted with the aim of tackling sky high Claim Flags. Our initial attempt involved setting a maximum height for flags to be placed at, but we recognize this one-stop solution doesn’t work for all islands, so we’ll be looking at a more island-specific approach in the future. We understand why these locations are chosen for flags, and how they relate to some of the more frustrating mechanics involved in contesting claims for both attackers/defenders, which we also plan to improve in the future. An additional patch focused on the implementation of Fast Decay on our Official Network in order to tackle the structure spam that is present on islands. We understand that this doesn’t resolve the root issue and it can be worked around, however, it’s an initial measure we wanted to put in place whilst we explore proper long term solutions. With today's patch, we'll be deploying a measure to help new settlement owners clear out existing structures on their island. A frustrating part of the game, after claiming an island from someone else, is dealing with the remains of their structures, whether that's a large base, or where that's multiple pillars and foundations littered around the island. With the latest patch, new settlement owners will now have a 12-hour window to activate a one-time razing of an island. This will destroy all structures on that island, including their own. It can only be used during peacetime, and will notify everyone on that specific grid, as well as log into any companies that had wiped structures on that island. And finally, crew changes! So, of course, you guys may remember our mention of the I.W.C.R.S, now dubbed the Silo - a structure which can store gold and berries and is capable of feeding and paying crew from anywhere on the island - a much needed QOL change! Another crew focused change we made recently, was to sync up the costs of both stationed and idle crew. This was because we wanted to encourage players to keep their crew stationed when possible, and the primary reason for that is for performance. Stationed crew are a lot more cost efficient on our servers due to specialized logic. So it’s a win-win for everyone here! Further changes involved allowing the stationed crew to repair boats, but that change was shortly reverted due to players requiring the choice of whether or not they wanted their crew to repair their boat. Having all crew capable of repairing meant resources were being used up a lot more rapidly than some intended due to natural boat decay, but changing it back to idle only, means players have a partial choice in determining how often those resources are being used up. It's clear this system could use some improvements, and it’ll likely be something that's touched on in the future. We wanted to highlight that sometimes we’ll make changes and they may not pan out, but we’re not afraid to pull those back, give them some more time in the oven or tackle problems from a different point of view. We appreciate your feedback as always and will continue to iterate on solving these problems and more! And now for the rest of the patch notes: 209.499 - Fast Decay has now been enabled for Settlement Owners - Fixed Reservoir and Waterpipes being from being falsely flagged by Fast Decay - Fixed some edge-case 3-5 structure builds from being falsely flagged by Fast Decay 209.497 - Fast Structure Decay has been enabled on our Official Network. This means that core foundation structures (floors, pillars, and fence supports), which are not snapped (connected) to more than 2 pieces or do not have a valid structure on top will have rapid decay which will result in their destruction after 12 hours of not being rendered in. Unofficials can enable this setting with the following command parameter: ?FastDecayUnsnappedCoreStructures=true - Reverted the change to Stationed Crew repairing anchored boats in order to control the amount of materials that are being consumed when a boat has been anchored. Idle crew will still repair boats. v209.491 - Magic Mythos bonus rates have been disabled - Fast Structure Decay has been disabled on our Official Network (needs more tweaks before we can set this live) v209.48 - Fixed a bug which would cause bears and horses from not basing on ships when they had storage carts attached to their harness (this would cause them to fall off ships when sailing) - Non Seamless Grid maps now save and load player/ship locations properly (notable on mod maps such as OceanTest) - Stationed crew can now repair anchored boats - Stationed Crew and Idle Crew now have the same gold cost requirements on land and on ships (Client will need to be updated to visualize this change, it's inc!) - Fast Structure Decay is now enabled on non-snapped core structures. This means that they will decay within 12 hours. v209.46 - Shipwrecks and their icons should now correctly vanish on the map after 5 days. We're still investigating legacy wrecks and however they may clear with this change after 5 days, as company data is loaded - Fixed "leave Company" button v209.43 - Fixed a bug which would sometimes cause the Wall Hook to not remember whether a light source was active after loading a saved game - Fixed a bug where players would temporarily enter combat state upon transition v209.4 - Fixed a bug which prevented players from gaining experience at level 149 (Max is level 150) - Companies are now enabled and force-created on Single Player so players have access to their Company Log. If you had a pre-existing savefile, you will be able to create a company, however it will only pull in boats/structures/creatures for the grid you're currently on. We recommend creating your company on your most active grid. You can use the cheat command 'cheat givetome' to pull boats/structures/creatures into your new company - Added an Admin Command to Single Player: cheat DoLeaveTribe - Forest Colouring can now be crafted and applied to items - Renamed one of the Purple colours to 'Dark Violet' as there were two of the same name - Demolishing buoys will no longer leave the sign floating behind 209.36 - Fixed a bug which caused silos to pay crew that weren't on the same team v209.35 - Reverted the Claim Flag height limit on Official Servers v209.34 - When replacing invalid claimflags, you can now place them within the green ring of your original flag - Claim flag height limit has been increased to 6500 units above sea level v209.31 - Magic Mythos is enabled on our Official Network: 4x Harvesting, 4x Taming, 4x XP, 2x Gold, 2x Egg Hatching, 2x Baby Maturing, 2x Crop Growth, and 50% less mating interval! - Company Island Point Limit has been increased by 100 - Tax Banks can only be placed by Admins or above in companies. - Fixed certain level creatures not receiving experience points in Single Player - Fixed underwater trenches not loading properly in Single Player - Fixed a bug which caused Pistols to have a bullet loaded after being repaired from a broken state - Discovery Zones on the map can now be hidden using the Toggle Island Info button on the ATLAS map - Discovery on the map now temporarily disappear beyond a certain zoon distance on the map (zooming back in will have them reappear) - Important: Claim Flags now have a maximum height limit when being placed. Claim Flags that were previously placed which exceed this limit will indicate as such on the HUD. Those which exceed the limit will be able to place a 2nd claim flag in a viable location. This will destroy your old flag and drop it's entire inventory into a loot cache (2 hour expiration time) on the ground. Next Wednesday, we'll be deploying an update which will force destroy any legacy flags which exceed the height limit. The limit is 4k units above sea level which is approximately 16/17 walls and only admins or above will be able to replace the flag. - New configurable ini setting for Claim Flag height limit [/script/shootergame.shootergamemode] MaxSettlementFlagZ=4000 // you can set this number to 999999 to have no height restrictions. v209.1 - Added activate sail turning as a keybind (default: Left Shift) - Crew Members will now take food/gold from the following structures in this priority (it goes to the 2nd/3rd if the first does not have gold). Crew on Land: 1st priority: Resource Box and Food larder 2nd priority: Silo 3rd priority: Claim Flags Crew on Fully Anchored Boats: 1st priority: Silo 2nd priority: Claim Flags 3rd priority: Resource Box and Food larder - New placeable land structure 'Crew Resources Silo' which allows storage of food and gold to feed crew. Note this will also function on lawless servers, but to do so we've had to have them display island points on the map, however they still will not be able to be claimed. - New option on claim flag which allows turning off crew gold and food payment - Fixed an edge case which allowed you to fire cannons through walls - Fixed a bug where Crew was taking gold/food from a flag before they took it from a resource box/larder when dealing with Crew on Land. - Fixed a bug which prevented harvesting on creatures/using tools in Singleplayer - Fixed a bug which would sometimes cause the resource override to stop functioning, therefore provide players with a different resource than intended Show 'N Tell #9 We loved looking over the entries for Show 'n Tell and we're excited to showcase our favourites so everyone can check out player's creative endeavours and piratey adventures! Feast yer eyes on th' best o' th' bunch below! LUNNINGSTOOKS This shows some dedication to aligning and individually painting each canvas. Love it! GUNSLINGER Kudos to the builder, this is meticulously designed and executed. OTAWA72 Otawa never fails to impress with well-framed and creative shots. Honourable mentions MESCALIN PIRATESS Congratulations to all of the winners who will receive some real life cash booty! We look forward to the next round of Show n' Tell! Happy Sailing, Grapeshot Games For the latest dispatch on #playATLAS keep yer one good eye trained on this here information Natter n' chatter on Discord: https://discord.gg/playatlas Navigate ye olde Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/playatlas Hear ye, hear ye on Twitter: https://twitter.com/sailtheatlas Watch us scallywags on Twitch: http://twitch.tv/sailtheatlas Plus ye can band with us Pirates on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/playatlasgame
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    I agree, require a person to own the game before spamming the forum...
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    Being a Sandbox MMO RPG The Sandbox MMORPG genre is EMPTY currently! Runescape / Ultima Online - Both are ancient Eve - Is in Space Wurm Online is old Grindy and low graphic's The entire Sandbox MMORPG Market is WIDE OPEN!!! Atlas could fill this void but it needs to actually make itself an MMORPG not just another Grief Based MMO like Rust and Ark. They already have the huge sandbox map capable of supporting an adequate population now they just need to make it an RPG Professions (The Current Skill system is a horrible Jack of Trades skill system, we need clear cut Professions) Economy (Player Vendors place-able at free ports - Not an auction house) Stimulate the economy with more exciting ways to earn your ingame gold. Truly make resources regional and worth the effort to trade! Larger amounts of Safe Space! Lawful Zones with NPC Government where people can Rent Safe Land to put up nice houses and have nice things! Insurance for Ships Do away with the pointless PvP and implement, PvP for a reason, Faction vs Faction warfare etc Create a Law and Order system. Basically turn atlas from an MMO too a MMORPG And Move away from this Ark inspired Griefing based game!!! And for the love of god improve the Sailing! Get Rid of this Texas "Bigger is Best Mentality" And create realistic Sailing profiles for realistic Sail Type's (Lanteen for Close Haul) (Gaff for Beam Reach) (Square for Broad Reach) and Realistic acceleration vs weight of ship. Bring us Real Sails! Gaff Sails, Square Sails, Lanteen Sails, Bowsprints, Jibs, Mizzens, Spinackers The biggest Problem here is that the gaming community has been trained to think (X=Y) Or in this instance (PvP = Free for all no rules, kill everyone and defecate down there throats) This is because of a Terrible Trend I blame Ultima Online for Setting!!! The Creation of Felucca and Trammel led the way for the PvE and PvP playerbase to be seperated they they couldn't possibly coexist, and that lead to PvP = Meaning: (PvP = Free for all no rules, kill everyone and defecate down there throats) Instead of Meaning: I have the possibility to kill another player if I feel the justification warrants doing so! PvP should not be a license to kill..... It should be an option to do when the player has slighted you so badly there is no other recourse!!!
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    Tavern. Let us build a simple building, like a tax bank, where we can place gold and food. Make it cover the island, just like the flag does, and feed/pay all manned crew. If you want to get really fancy, make it possible to "hire" crew every once in a while, just like a freeport vendor. For the love of god, it would make this game 10x better overnight. We spend HOURS a day running around trying to feed/pay crew, and going to the freeport to replace them. I can't explain how big of a deal this would be. Please.
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    With having 1152 Hours played - Since Pre-Wipe. I think I can safely give my frustrations to the Dev's - I am a loyal player and will remain loyal. Atlas is a fantastic game, with plenty to be done, I play with my family of 3. We have obtained all the power stones, All the Trench Power Essences, we have killed the Kraken. Did the Ice Cave - Got him to 20% before running out of ammo. Here is my issue. So yesterday I came across a Masterwork Treasure Map for H6 and it was Bonus boosted. So yah gotta check it out right? I sail on over to H6 about 7 Grids East and 5 North. No worries I enjoy sailing. Put the crew on the wheel, and head on out. I get to H6. And I know its a golden age so I am expecting it to be difficult. Put having the treasure in between the Hydra, 2 Fire Elem, 2 Rock Elem. Is just damn impossible. It cannot be done. Alright no problem - Bummer RNG Map, didnt go to well in our favor. Pack up move on. Come Across another Masterwork Map for O6 so sweet, Im already in H6 let me sail 8 Grids East - Gotta head home anyway - I get to the map island start running around to look for it. Thanks for your eagle eye lv3 - And guess what, The Treasure map is located on the very top of a pillar - That cannot be accessed unless, i use climbing picks and the grab hook maybe!, I would need to respec into stam to make it to the top tho. Problem being that it is a level 22 quality map, You stand no chance in hell, killing the AoD's without your tame. And more importantly I know for a fact, 1, 2 or even 3 of them would be pushed off the side fall down to the bottom and yep - There goes that.. My frustration - Can't we get a team to work on the algorithms when generating maps, that the coordinates used are 100% accessible with mounts,. 7 hours sailing yesterday and nothing to show for it. Its a Rant, and I hope it can be looked into. With all that being said, I am not going anywhere. We enjoy the game very much. And almost ready to setup shop so other players can purchase goods, resources, ammo etc. etc. Trade hub so to speak. Like the Mall idea on other post's. Thank you
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    I read your text and just want to ask you: are you too lazy to play a game of this size? survival means: do something. U can easy cook some food and skill in vitamin deploying. I have never problems with the vits. Too hot or too cold? Craft gear, skill in fortitude. We get islands in the desert and in the deepest polar regions. Never get problems with the weather. Skill the temperature-penalty of armours helps too. No water?! Place a barrel in areas with rain or a stone reservoir in desert sectors. U will have way too much water for crops, cooking and refill your bottles. Or dig with a shovel and refill your bottles. Building a ship takes too long? Definitely not!! I can easy farm and build up a brig while 1x is active in 3 hours, solo... Too easy... I think you're just a spoiled dude who never had to work hard. You can easily manage that game.
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    Thanks for the We've still got a long way to go, but we're committed to the cause.
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    Best game ever coming soon! Let the modding begin!
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    First off, I don’t claim any of these ideas as mine though some are. It really doesn’t matter who’s idea it was, but there have been a lot of good ideas that have been brought up. secondly if you want to say things are fine the way they are, that’s cool. I am not here to argue. We can just wait for the last of the playerbase to leave, so I won’t be arguing with anyone. so many good ideas have come here, let’s begin: professions are a necessity for this game. The skill system is cool and all but a lot better for games like ark. This couples with the end of companies(which will be explained later) will be a very good change toward trade and an economy. Keeping in line with wow or ffxiv the professions would be gathering and crafting. But for pirates there could be combat specializations. Factions. Oooo I said a bad word. The word might be a little taboo to some but factions would mean a possibility for cities towns or even governments. Companies almost ensure that atlas will always remain subpar as a game. This change could mean the complete removal of companies or it can mean that companies are merely just a faction now. Take for instance pirates vs. a country. If you want to be in a company and be a pirate, cool. If you don’t you can join the country/government and become part of a community(explained later). taking a page from wow, if you do choose to be part of the country/government there would be a main city(indestructible) ala stormwind/orgrimmar. This would be where people could thrive in an open market(not an auction house). More inproved playershops for specialized professions could be within the city. as far building goes, anywhere outside of the city could still be raid able(unfortunately) but... building would be allow in the main city territory that would be part of the city(indestructible). This would allow for multiple play styles. Pirates could also enter the city to buy and trade(sorry, no pvp in the main city lol). sure you might say well some people will just stay in the city. No, that is very far from the truth. They would still have to venture far out to gather all of the materials needed. Allowing for a realistic pirate world. The adventurers/merchants/traders/defenders(Royal Navy) would have to constantly venture out. The pirates would be able to be pirates and attack all of the varying types of players venturing out and receiving their booty. in order to keep pirates from just camping the main city/cities(could be more than one) every main city would have npc controlled defenses as well as player controlled defenses to create a defensive parameter around the city. Once a pirate has sunk a ship they have a cool down timer before they can enter the city. We are talking a small one like 5 or 10 minutes. a system like this could also better integrate the merger of pvp and pve. Pve people can still get the thrill of fear but still have a home to come to. Pvp people would have a lot more targets on the open seas. here might be the best part. Everything(including end game gear/mats) will be available for sale through the player shops(improved) This would make it to where hardcore and casuals could enjoy the game. Since it is a free market you can be sure that the end game gear will be veryyyyyy expensive so you better be out there making that money. the rarest of resources would be the furthest away from the main city making it worth the trip to venture far out. looking for group(LFG) very simply needs to be added. This one is pretty huge. Nobody should have to wait for someone to pass by. That is stupid. Besides professions would also be jobs/careers. You want to be part of the Royal Navy and protect the merchant and trading ships? Time to sign up. You want to be a trader? Join the traders guild. You want to go at it alone and be self employed? Become a merchant. What I just explained here is a way for big groups, small groups and even solos to thrive. if you want and love pvp and want to be the bad guy? Be a pirate. If you love pvp but want to be the good guy? Join the navy. If you want the fear of pvp but not be doing the pvp? Become part of the community/society. if you like the old ways? Hey there are plenty of islands to build on. Be careful though, you will be free game for the pirates if they find you. Endless possibilities. feel free to add anything I missed.
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    "AoD are now immune to anything except gun (non-puckle), melee damage and tame damage." My technique for fighting the Army of the Dead for treasure hunting was building walls and grenades after they spawn. Guns don't do enough damage to be able to effectively take out a squad of Warriors of the Damned (although they will handle the other mobs, like archers--if you don't miss!) and trying to solo three or more level 25+ Warriors with melee weapons leads to pain and misery. I have been playing Atlas without taming, instead depending on the gear and my skills and tenacity. The harvest bonus and good (journeyman+) tools mostly makes up for the advantage that tames give for harvesting. Only bears out perform me on fiber-over-time; the rest of the animals move so slowly I can about match for bulk collection them if my weight and stamina are high and boosted with gear. And considering that I no longer have to hunt high level animals, spend time taming, worry about the animals being killed, and save the weight of carrying animals around on my ships, I feel that this is about an even trade in game play. Plus I have about 24 skill points I don't have to lock up in the Taming tree, thus I can be more versatile in the other skills needed for the game. But you just can't solo a journeyman map without animals following the immunity to grenades and explosive kegs that was instituted in the changes this week. What exactly was the purpose of this change to AOD? What were the devs trying to fix that was exploitative? And now that there is a Single Player mode in the works, is locking out this style of play really a smart direction to go? I feel it is not.
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    What is happening? I got a global ban on NA PVP, with no explanation and no warning. I suspect it has to do with the nickname"Fucking Nigga", but my nickname only applies to me and doesn't offend anyone, in the game I'm a nigga. In any case, you can solve this by changing the name. To clarify the situation: I play solo, and after a clan consisting of a large number of players - "anonymous ass eaters", captured my small island, I'm with them at war and constantly drowning their ships. In the game they are powerless, so always send complaints about violations of the rules me. Is this an adequate response from the administration? People are leaving the game, the administration will ban players due to the fact that all the cowards whine and cry.
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    As a german player i wanted a real submarine and not a diving bell with scissor hands^^
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    Sorry for the click bait title I was thinking about something I find very interesting let me explain my idea. 1. Get rid of explosive barrels like they are now 2. Gunpowder can no longer be placed in any container or storage we currently have Instead, implement another barrel that works more like the water barrel but is filled with gunpowder instead. This barrel gets heavier the more gunpowder you fill in there. It is the only place where you can put gunpowder after you take it out from mortar & pestle. This barrel can only be carried by hand (like a penguin) and not placed in any inventory if it is filled with any amount of gunpowder. This barrel is always explosive and doesn't have to be activated so you can shoot it with any gun to let it explode. This barrel does damage based on the amount of gunpowder inside. This barrel is necessary for cannons. It as important as the ammo box container because you will need gunpowder AND cannon balls to operate a cannon. Gunpowder in this barrel spoils really fast if the barrel comes into contact with rain or with water in general. Gunpowder wouldn't be necessary to craft cannonballs but to craft other stuff that need gunpowder there must be a barrel in close range to the smithy for example. So why this change? It would make ship battles much more interesting because you need to design your ship in a way that the gunpowder doesn't get blown up too fast. It makes ship management more interesting because you need another resource. It is a high risk, high reward object that you can use to attack other ships and structures but it is very fragile of course. So if you can manage to get a full barrel dry and safe onto another ship. You deserve to make huge damage. You would need to think about the location where you store gunpowder inside your base and ship. It gives the player the opportunity to make meaningful decisions. Both for the player owning the barrels and for the player who is attacking. And to me it sounds like a nice challenge to play with these things. I know I posted a less formulated version of this in suggestions but I feel like the suggestion section is cluttered with months old up-voted threads nobody needs anymore. So here we go!
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    I understand that doldrums are a thing in real life, but in a video game, all this game mechanic does is say, "Don't play right now". Countless times my friend and I have been out treasure hunting and the wind dies down to almost nothing. At that point, there's no point in wasting time sailing. If that's what you wanted to be doing, you log off. The wind should always be at full strength. The changing direction is enough of a mechanic to add some planning requirements to sailing.
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    Certainly looks to be providing the vitamins for me, albeit not a huge amount. These systems need some TLC overall and will be getting it in the future
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    When EVE launched, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dawson's Creek and Firefly were still on tv. I'd call that a long run.
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    I am so unenthusiastic about the next "mega" update. Single player? meh. Seahorses? another tame. It just doesn't seem very mega. Government systems would be nice. More ships and better things to do with them. Better components for building things, especially if they're scaled to humans rather than a T Rex. I feel the tames are being tossed out a bit like fluff. Same with offering skins all the time. But it's old fluff. I like fluff as much as the next person, but let's have some new kinds of it. Paints that work. Fabric components for building. Plants that can be placed. Or rather than armor skins let's have some new , master crafted armor that actually looks good. I'm wearing the ugliest fur coat I've ever seen in my life right now. Discoveries would be more exciting if there was actually something there to discover. Something funny, something worth some gold, something unique...not just a text roll with "A good way to sneak" written on it. Hell, even geocaching prizes would be an improvement. The ability to attach one item to a note would enable a worldwide enterprise - Atlas Mail - Let's go Postal (tm). How about being able to build a dock where you can actually dock a ship? (And not have it look like a cement runway. I can provide real pictures of docks if needed) Fixes to ongoing annoying bugs. How about making the landlord destroy window a week like it should have been? Can't wait to see people coming back from vacations and losing it over their island being turned into bed city. And yes, ships. More ships, real ships, better ships and better sailing.
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    I like the second option. Army of monkeys tossing feces is hilarious to watch and listen to. On the PTR with 6x I tamed 30 or so monkeys. I had them follow me and I targeted them using T whistles. The best was sending them after flying birds. 30 monkeys tossing poop into the air like anti-aircraft fire and hearing the accompanying shitting sounds was absolutely hilarious. It was also fun watching them kill a high level giraffe without a single monkey dying.