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    Ahoy Pathfinders, HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR! To kick off the new year, we’ll be releasing a new patch late next week for both PC and Xbox. It will feature a number of various bug fixes, QoL improvements, and balance tweaks in a similar vein as the update from this past December. The biggest change that players will see this update is the reduction of the max player level from 150 to 120. We wanted to give the community advanced notice of this particular change since it’s a fairly large shift in how players’ characters will experience ATLAS. All players who have raised a character past level 120 should expect those characters’ levels to be reduced back to level 120 and all characters (regardless of level) will have their skill points automatically reset for free. As such, players will need to reassign their skill points upon logging in after the update is released next week. We’ll be sharing the rest of the patch notes with you once it's released next week. In the meantime, we’ll be enabling 2x rates for experience points and harvesting this weekend and those rates will continue to stay active while we continue to explore additional changes to gaining experience, harvesting resources, and leveling up in general. Until next week! Happy Sailing, Grapeshot Games For the latest dispatch on #playATLAS keep yer one good eye trained on this here information Natter n' chatter on Discord: https://discord.gg/playatlas Hear ye, hear ye on Twitter: https://twitter.com/sailtheatlas Watch us scallywags on Twitch: http://twitch.tv/sailtheatlas Plus ye can band with us Pirates on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/playatlasgame
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    Ahoy Pathfinders! We’ll be releasing the latest game update later today around 14:00 PST/22:00 UTC. This update includes the aforementioned level cap reduction from 150 to 120. We previously announced that we’d be forcing a skill respec for all players with this change, but we will now only be forcing a respec for players who are currently past level 120. We’re hard at work on the next update and as a reminder, 2x XP and harvesting rates are still enabled on our Official Network and will continue to stay boosted for the time being. Latest Patch Notes (v404.5) Reduced max player character level cap from 150 to 120. Forced a skill respec for all players past level 120. Offline player character bodies on ships will now stay visible to other players on PvE servers and in freeports. Fixed a bug where offline player characters would fall off ships when transitioning into a freeport grid. Fixed a bug where holding a treasure map on Blackwood would crash the game. Players can now purchase a one time use “Rename Ship Item” from the Cosmetics Vendor for 10k and use it to rename their ship. The Equilibrium buff now properly shows the Stamina Recovery Rate in the Buff Stat Bonuses section of the character screen. Experience points from defeating the Kraken and Snowman have been significantly increased: 40,000 exp for normal mode. 120,000 exp for hard mode. Increased the spawn rate of high tier Ship of the Damned galleons. Increased the damage of certain mount creatures toward players by 30%. Effected creatures include Sheep, Bear, Bull, Horse, Ostrich, Pig, Wolf, Elephant, Giant Crab, Giant Tortugar, Giraffe, Lion, Olfend, Rhino, Tiger. Increased the attack range of certain mount creatures by 10%. Effected creatures include Sheep, Bear, Bull, Horse, Ostrich, Pig, Wolf, Elephant, Giant Crab, Giant Tortugar, Giraffe, Lion, Olfend, Rhino, Tiger. Changed torpedo crafting cost to 28 metal ingots, 60 gunpowder, 40 blasting powder, and 100 mythos. Torpedos are now fireable by NPCs from the helm/Lieutenant’s Podium (so long as that player has Torpedo Studies unlocked). Reduced the travel time required before torpedo damage becomes active from 3.75 seconds to 2 seconds. Increased grenade damage vs. puckles and swivels by 100%. Increased grenade damage vs. structures by 170%. Reduced max handling sail acceleration stat cap to 125%. Fixed certain edge cases where cannon carts could be fired while in water. Kraken, Snowman, and monstrous whale encounters now have a chance to drop items. All loot tables now have a chance to drop an already-crafted version of an item rather than just the blueprint. Removed the following blueprints from possible treasure chest loot: Stone Pick Torch Scissors Tier 2 Saddle Tier 2 Saddle Carriage Tier 2 Cargo Saddle Fishing Rod Fishing Net Stone Pick Stone Hatchet Throwing Knife Added the following blueprints to possible treasure chest loot: Medium Wood Plank Medium Wood Gunport Cannon Medium Wood Deck Removed the following blueprints from possible flotsam loot: Thatch Ceiling Thatch Door Thatch Floor Thatch Roof Thatch Wall Added the following blueprints to possible flotsam loot: Dinghy Ship Hangar Ship Resources Box Food Larder Diving Attachment Ship Cargo Rack Removed the following blueprints from possible sunken treasure chest loot: Thatch Ceiling Thatch Door Thatch Floor Thatch Roof Thatch Wall Added the following blueprints to possible sunken treasure chest loot: Medium Wood Deck Large Wood Deck Medium Wood Gunport Large Wood Gunport Cannon Large Cannon Puckle Catapult Dinghy Ship Hangar Ship Resources Box Food Larder Diving Attachment Ship Cargo Rack Removed the following blueprints from possible Ship of the Damned schooner loot: Small Wood Deck Small Wood Plank Ship Ammunition Container Ship Resources Box Food Larder Puckle Puckle Bullet Catapult Boulder Added the following blueprints to possible Ship of the Damned schooner loot: Wood Ceiling Removed the following blueprints from possible Ship of the Damned brigantine loot: Small Wood Deck Small Wood Plank Dinghy Ship Hangar Ship Ammunition Container Ship Resources Box Food Larder Diving Attachment Ship Cargo Rack Puckle Puckle Bullet Catapult Boulder Added the following blueprints to possible Ship of the Damned brigantine loot: Wood Ceiling Removed the following blueprints from possible Ship of the Damned galleon loot: Dinghy Ship Hangar Ship Ammunition Container Ship Resources Box Food Larder Diving Attachment Ship Cargo Rack Puckle Puckle Bullet Catapult Boulder Added the following blueprints to possible Ship of the Damned galleon loot: Wood Ceiling Happy Sailing, Grapeshot Games For the latest dispatch on #playATLAS keep yer one good eye trained on this here information Natter n' chatter on Discord: https://discord.gg/playatlas Hear ye, hear ye on Twitter: https://twitter.com/sailtheatlas Watch us scallywags on Twitch: http://twitch.tv/sailtheatlas Plus ye can band with us Pirates on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/playatlasgame
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    Garbage Patch considering the time you all have been gone on vacation... Sad
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    Just some ideas for QoL and ballance i would love to see implemented in the game. These devs need to start listening to players who actually know something about this game, not loudmouth idiots. The reduction of the lvlcap is another perfect example of bad design, shitty bandaid fixes and devs caving to people who know fuckall about the game. Instead of fixing the root issue, beeing the XP curve is stupid and discovery points are way too annoying/hard to get, they just shit on everyone that put time and effort into leveling past 120. these xbox players and beachbobs will get clapped just as hard by lvl 120 as they would by lvl 150's the problem isnt the levels, its the fucking difference in game knowledge, any good player could clap a lvl 100 noob as a lvl 30 any day. All youre doing by lowering the max lvl cap is now effectivly making it so everyone will have less carry weight, meaning more shit gets popcorned instead of looted, INT is even more nerft, resistence not nerft, ships will be even harder to sink now with lower dmg cannons, lower accel sails, even slower sailing, fucking great. Were playing a downgraded version of season 2 in every aspect of the game, all theve done is remove shit and chance stuff for the worse. Here's some suggestions: Qol Increase alloy crafting speed or increase crafting queue. Berries should stack 500/1000.-Seeds should stack to 500/1000. Make skilltrees savable so respecing is a little less aids Allow tax rates to be set by company ID and/or by allies. Allow to tax your own company, think this would be nice since ud always be farming stuff for ur own bank without really realizing, making it so u always have a stock. Increase the barrel slots, crafting grog is aids Allow NPC crew to repair all structures including ceilings,cannons,walls when the ship is anchored and the NPC's are unseated. Ramshackle should by default have Npc's when purchased.(2 hours until mutinied) Make some interface that allows u to change cannonsettings for all cannons at the same time on ships, doing it manually is tedious as fuck. Add an option to "carry npc", like u can carry penguins. Sometimes its really annoying moving 1 npc from one end of a boat to another, this would help with that. Improve colors on ship planks. We still dont have a proper white, id love to be able to paint with white. When a plank is say at 33% hp, make a repair hammer icon apear on it, so we have an indicator which planks need repair most and can avoid leaks. Land Nerf shield, make it do alot of torpor or smt, the stun is retarded and needs removed/heavily nerft. Horse speed should be lowered and front facing swivels should be removed, noone likes them, they ruin land pvp, remove it. Buff carbine dmg a little Buff bears, make them do more dmg or smt, as of now they are useless, if ur gonna stick to a land meta revolving around tames, which u shouldnt, at least make a variety of them useful. Increase balista range so it outranges cannontames, makes them somehwat useful at least Increase the 3rd person view when using mortars. Just remove the ability to glide with barrels, with the last patch youve menaged to not only not fix the problem, but also ruin gliders, and make it so now only certain islands can be barrelbommed, just stupid, remove. Revert the entire last patch, noone likes it, just buff puckles by like 20% and ur fine. If you want to encourage ship pvp, you cant do that by discouraging land pvp. Sea PVP Increase the plank HP on Brigs to 7/8k Fix speedsails. I really dont understand why handling sails can and do have a working stat that increases their speed, but speedsails cant?? whats your philosophy behind that. Make weightsails usefull, make them the same speed as handling sails with a little bit of a better effective angle than speedsails Somehow make medium sails worth anything, or at least remove them from the loottables as they are the most useless item in the game currently. Double the ghostship spawns in GA, its ridiculous leveling ships rn with the amount of ghostships and people trying to lvl. theres way too little of them. Also adjust loottables so ghostships dont drop balistas, catapults and other useless shit, add it to treasure maps so theres a reason to do them more often. Or just make the ghostships drom 3 times as many blueprints. About 1 in 1000 blueprints is usefull rn, its ridiculous. If u want to make BP's less impactfull, you either have to rework the entire system, which i would recommend, or adjust the tables for now. Noobs dont have nearly as much time to farm them compared to competent bigger companies, so even if they find a good bp, craft it and go fight, bigger companies will always have 20x more. Now if the noob loses his good ship, he most likely will quit or be highly demotivated to get another since the chances of that noob finding another good bp are very low. Flotsam and shipwrecks should contain between 10-50 cannon balls depends on the quality (instead sailing to home grid 2 hours for restock we can collect flotsam for 20,30 minutes). This would make it possible to farm in GA's further away for extended amounts of time Let us to be able to take parts from enemy ship or from our ships that got sunk planks/sails/decks.etci am aware that this is probably way too hard for u guys to implement quickly, or at all tbh, but as of now sinking a ship gives u nothing, would be nice to have the option to actually be able to salvage a ship for parts. decrease the time it takes to claim boats, make it like 2 hours to claim a gally. Gives people time to send more ships and get their gally back in case they somehow lose it, and 2 hours isnt too long and is probably worth the wait if it gets u a mythical gally. Ship stats respec for gold, only usable Crew counter hud for ships. -Increase reverse speed for ships, cant be hard right, RIGHT!?!?!?!?! Ability to mark ally boats with a spyglass so they appear on the map. Add "trade route wind tunnels", Say E.G let the wind be twice as strong in the whole 2, 8, 14, C, M and H grids, this way u have a quick way to travel across the map. Make it so that when looking through a spyglass, boats render in from as far as u can see. This would make having someone in ur crowsnest with a spyglass actually useful, darkside RP already has this feature implemented as a feat, just pay their mods to do ur work or some shit, we all know u like to be lazy. Remove/rework grapples. With the current implementation, most fleet battles are a pure numberfight as its impossible to 1vx at all when theres a grappleship in play. Im not sure what exactly needs to happen to make them more fun for both sides, just fuck around with it, any changes are good changes at this point. Let us add 1 personal marker or smt similar to the one you get when marking a boat with the sextant. I personally dont use sextant, but would love to have a waypoint so i dont have to keep checking map if im sailing in the right direction. Or just make the sextant compas bar thing a standard, and let sextant only give u a minimap. OTHER SHIT Make it so u cant enter the freeport for 15 minutes after uve taken pvp dmg. Or make it so that the islands in freeport are all infinite peace phase and ur ship gets invulnerability as soon as u anchor untill it leaves the grid. Running to freeports is stupid, uve said for months now ur working on it, youve done fuckall, sort ur shit out. Introduce claim flag height limit, pillar bases are stupid, at least if the flag has to be on ground, u have a shot at claming the island. This change was one of the best ones uve ever come up with, fucking stick with it. Get rid of the current claim system, its shit. Hardly possible to claim islands, promotes crazy spam resulting in unplayable grids. Just do season 1 claim system but add peacetimers to it. Maybe add the option to place mortars on ships, but make them only usable when anchored, idk might be unballanced but defending is way too op rn, need some tools for attackers. Bit rp, but id like to see catapults be able to shoot oiljars. Idk if possible, but would be nice to be able to link resource box to smithy's and other crafting stations. I would love to see you guys add some actual objectives to this game. Say for example twice a day a "super ghostship" spawns in each golden age grid that drops like 30 blueprints. This would encourage people to fight over an actual objective with some decent loot. The best pvp weve had this season was fighting over the caves, we need more stuff like this. We need repeatable PvE content. As of now, all the PvE stuff in this game u do once, and then never again cuz theres no point. Add some smaller dungeons in GA grids that are on like a 1 hour cooldown u could farm for loot. I dont know what this loot could be, thats up to you guys, but something thats WORTH farming for. This would add some nice PvE content to the game, while also encouraging more pvp (people fighting over who can farm it) away from laggy shit mainbase islands. You guys could basically acomplish a very basic version of this by simply adding better drops to dragon and hydra kills, making it worth farming them and attracting pvp. Bugs to fix When your sails are repairing fiber and you zone, the repair will stop, and you wont be able to repair it unless you rerender the boat, please fix this. Greenscreens when spawning on boats When you switch ammo types, the ammo in the cannons will be wasted, please make it so this is returned to the ammo box, we didnt shoot it right? When you dodge backwards and instantly after do a scroll down attack with sword, mace or pike, your character moonwalks backwards instead of properly lunging forewards. Hitboxes of players on puckles and mortars are completely fucked, would be nice to see those adjusted to fit the actual model of the mortar/puckle instead of beeing a huge invisible wall When your boat planks are on low hp, and a tick of decay dmg makes them leak, it wont show the leaking icon (this only happened to me once, so idk if its an actual bug or some other weird shit happend to me) When zoning out of a grid that currently has a storm, the wind indicator will be wrong in the next grid, this is very annoying as it can fuck u up when ur getting chased. ladders are still dogshit, can almost never get up first try while swiming towards it. Sometimes when placing a structure, it will not actually place on the spot the blue indicator indicates, but it will just replace some other random structure thats near it. cannon indicator at long range is off, feels like cannonball will go lower than is indicated. After comming to a fullstop with a ship and then opening sails with spacebar, your ship wont move for 1 or 2 seconds even though sails are fully opened. This can be fixed by pressing s, but it feels like a bug. The same thing will sometimes happen after breaking free from a harpoon, even though ur free and sails are up, you wont move for a while unless u hold s for any amount of time. When you equip carbine and press lucky loader too quick after, the feat is wasted and ur carbine wont reload Song "the bryner's ballet" for ships thats supposed to increase repair speed doesnt do that, it reduces the time the debris is in the way. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There hasnt been any significant change to this game in well over 6 months now, all uve done is tweak some numbers, and done some lazy bandaid fixes, most of which were for the worst. I think its about time you guys step up and have the balls to implement some actual impactful, meaningful changes to this game. It has potential, dont fuck it up.
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    The 1-hour-later update: Bad News: Well, you guys have seriously taken the wind out of these sails. My only hope for this patch was that you would implement the location discoveries in singleplayer like you have in pvp/pve. Instead, I try booting up Atlas only to find my character now only has enough discovery points for lvl 55 instead of (almost) lvl 58. And, oh yeah, discoveries still not working. Again, I'm not a programmer, but it can't be a difficult fix. You already have it working in online play. Good News: ARK really looks great. Seems like you guys actually put effort into that project. I think I'll play that instead. More Bad News: Since I couldn't be a proper pirate in the world of Atlas, I decided I'll try my hand at real life pirating. I can't in good conscience give more money to the same company that is willing to do these kinds of shenanigans to its player base. This "update" was touted as a "major update" (as per your Twitter announcement). So major that you needed another week to put the finishing touches to it. Hey, not a problem. I understand that things don't always run according to schedule. I'll wait patiently. But if you're going to stand behind this as your major update and pretend like you are actively trying to polish this amazing idea you had... nope. You don't communicate with us, give us updates on development, respond to tickets, reply to forum/Facebook/Twitter posts, take our feedback into consideration or act on common bugs that we report to you. Look, if the Atlas project isn't profitable for you, then can it. Why waste your time and money developing something half-heartedly? P.S. Atlas has literally become my favorite game of all-time in an incredibly short period of time. More than Halo, Starcraft, Mass Effect and a slew of other games dating back to Super Nintendo. But after seeing this... I think I'm done. Signing off
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    Wow. Just wow. This patch must have taken one guy one lunch break to finish. Hell, if you gave me a month, I could have done this update. And that includes the time I would need to learn how to fix 3 bugs. As someone who really, really loves this game, I am beyond disappointed. This is just pathetic. I've learned by now that no one from Grapeshot ever reads these posts, but just in case one of you accidentally clicks on the wrong tab... If this is the level of effort that your team is going to put into Atlas, just pack it up and move on. Work on developing a game that you're actually interested in making great. Changing a couple of math digits and shuffling loot tables around is not an update and does not require even one skilled programmer a month and a half.
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    Mostly just adjustments for PvP. Zero new content and very few QoL adjustments except for the adjustments to loot tables which is nice (and should have been done a year ago). Very disappointed right now to be honest. When are speed sails going to be fixed? When are we going to get some new ship designs? I'm bored to death of sailing for hours upon hours just auto-sailing along gridlines to get maps.
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    4-5months work everyone I like the changes but it doesnt really seem like a big deal
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    PVE players always come here and talk about the toxic community being cry babies. Meanwhile they sit in their RP castles raising baby bears and playing the drums. 2x weekend boosts are really running thin. This is NOT substitute for additional content, fixing BASIC gameplay mechanics, resolving performance issues, and COMMUNICATING WITH THE COMMUNITY. I mean jesus . . . even this update was half assed: we have some new things we are working on. . . kind of the same has some prior updates . . . we'll get to it next week and maybe get you a changelog once we decide what xmas changes we are going to revert and call it "retooled".
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    Let's just wait and see. We also don't know how this will impact crafting new items vs bonus on old items. As a community, we should be a bit more excited of the good changes and no worry about potential doom and gloom. Haha
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    An actual good patch, very nice, keep it up!
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    This is a game! It has to be enjoyable to play before anything else. Fulfilling this one requirement is of the topmost priority. You might need to change literally every single thing that makes up your "game" if you can't make your game feel fun. Even if it was a reality of pirate life and a neccessity for them, that does not mean it should be included in a game about them. Another reality of daily pirate life was a lot of death and deseases, and they even had *gasp* perma-death. If Pirates of the Caribbean was a movie about people herding pigs and wrestling bears, i wouldn't want to watch it, and i'm quite sure i wouldn't be the only one. It is entirely not what one expects from any entertainment product that has been advertised as having a pirate theme. And if you want to be a pig farmer all day, that's fine by me. I'd rather play as one of those treasure seeking, boat riding and plundering people, known as "pirates".
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    My biggest concern is that by lowering the level cap by 20%, they've increased the number of explores needed to raise your cap by 20%. Xp boost doesnt matter when by far the long pole is needing so many explore points to raise cap. Every time they touch the leveling system, they make the explores needed to level higher. Afraid I disagree. Nerf to handling sails and an increase in explores to level vastly outweigh some minor loot table tweaks.
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    oh look, another garbage patch
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    I am willing to pay IRL $$$ to anyone who will keep these two clowns in handcuffs for as long as this piece of crap truly delightful game still allows it.
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    ----------Can we get the ability to set specific rules for Folders on our Characters, as Well as our Tames, and Storage Boxes? This would help in so many ways. On a game that takes hours upon hours to do proper upkeep. This would save a bit of tedious actions that no one enjoys doing. Keep the fun stuff and faze out the tedious so that the player base remains large please! (Example: When I create a Folder, I can check off which type of item I want to go automatically into this folder) Food Thatch Metal Fiber Stone Keta Hide Mythos Clothing Weapons Ammo And so on, so forth. -------Please also increase the berry stacks to 500 or 1000!
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    u mad bro? This game is most definitely not about piracy and sailing, it's about carebearing it up, turtling it out on islands, abusing freeports to stash your goods, breeding bears for your cannons, grinding away at SODs to get those SWEET FUCKING PERCENTAGES on your BPs, farming tons of mats to fund your land war. Sailing is unfortunately the only means of transportation, and is dreadfully boring. Transporting tens of thousands of mats? Biggest concern? Fucking tornadoes. Fighting SODS? Biggest concern? Fucking tornadoes.... Chasing player ships? Biggest concern? Those motherfucking Tornadoes. Looting any ship? Biggest concern? EVERY FUCKING SHARK. Fighting players? Biggest concern? Man I gotta go through them tornadoes to get to their turtle base so I can drop all these bears and crabs.... I lied, the game is about tornadoes.
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    Okay, you guys really need to get a professional writer to do this stuff. Next time give us some good news about the patch, then the bad news and close out with good news. Extended 2x harvesting and xp isn't really good news when it's already a common thing to get. I know you have to be smart about revealing upcoming patch info since it's not set in stone what's actually going to make it into the patch until its practically time to release. Gotta manage expectations and all. But please try to give us more good news than bad.
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    so . . . you're going to make pvp even more unbalanced? a further reduction in nade damage? continue to ignore the same problems over and over?
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    I think it says it all when Jat was on the ARK forums 33 minutes ago and 3 days ago on the Atlas forums.
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    OH MY GOD SOMEONE LEAKED THE PATCH NOTES!!! lol JK ((((I dont take credit for this, i found it on redit*))))