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  1. If i understand right the first year has passed. We have almost zero communication from Dev team about what's going on. No post from community manager, no question answered, no Cap logs posted.
  2. Redrick

    Explosive Barrels Bugusing

    Still not fixed?? .. Was reported long ago.
  3. Redrick

    what is the blueprint class in ATLAS ?

    Please explain why 226% exactly?
  4. Redrick

    Why is it sooo laggy?

    Did you check the state of the game??
  5. Redrick

    when is the Next update?

    Any news on subject?
  6. Redrick

    Unable to Join/Rejoin ATLAS (PC/Errors)

    Just wait about 10 min
  7. Redrick

    Ships being destroyed by sandbars

    It is a russian boat.. too much vodka and balalaika bears, you know ))
  8. Redrick

    Unable to Join/Rejoin ATLAS (PC/Errors)

    Its old issue, still not fixed (got it twice this weekend).
  9. Redrick

    Fix the weight exploit!

    What do you mean by 'level crew'?
  10. Redrick

    Current 9h wartime is too long

    The problem is i want to have pvp in my primetime, not later at night or at working day.
  11. Redrick

    Current 9h wartime is too long

    @Dollie can we gat any response from you? @Jatheish
  12. Redrick

    update ETA?

    We have only 12 months in a year and first has already passed. It will be good to give us some info -)) For communication reason.
  13. Redrick

    Gunports VS no gunports

    And slightly visually change the silhouette of the boat.