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  1. Redrick

    Cosmetic vendor now owned by versace?

    Gold is cheap these days.
  2. Redrick

    Newbie starting on Xbox

    The greatest tip i can give, try to search before ask
  3. Redrick

    PvP is the same/ why

    Lol, why?!
  4. Redrick

    Where is my Game

    that was SO unexpected!
  5. Redrick

    Structure Limit

    So according to these data foundation is 300 cm wide? Please check it. I think it still about 100 cm.
  6. Redrick

    New World Map

    Ask the same on reddit but no luck https://www.reddit.com/r/playatlas/comments/dbukup/try_to_find_updated_interactive_map_for_atlas/
  7. Redrick

    Want to attract a lot of players back?

    Yes, live in hi sec give you safety, live in 0.0 make you rich. Risk vs reward. But you can choose.
  8. Redrick

    Want to attract a lot of players back?

    Look at Eve online it has all you need.
  9. Redrick

    Structure Limit

    Do you have big ships?
  10. Redrick

    WPE and Megapatch Live on PTR

    Have download update, any patchnotes for it?
  11. Redrick

    ATLAS Roadmap

    Are you ready to tell them?
  12. Redrick

    PTR Update and Magic Mythos 3x

    if the population will dropping this way - you'll definitely meet x6
  13. ... can you please find a good game designer?