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  1. Nice idea! .. but can you please fix buff towers for Sea Fort such as Atlantean spire and so on from the recent patch first? They cannot be put on the island of the Sea fort.
  2. Same here. Nice new addition to the Atlas!
  3. Ship was anchored (green shield icon, 'protected' message) and dock has gold inside. It was non-claimble lawless grid next to Freeport (D9). The dock himself was slightly damaged. WTF?
  4. Stop being a dumb, with 9 hours raid time price do not matter.
  5. I'm ok with the price for building ship. I'm not ok with offline raiding you do not want to fix.
  6. If i understand right the first year has passed. We have almost zero communication from Dev team about what's going on. No post from community manager, no question answered, no Cap logs posted.
  7. Still not fixed?? .. Was reported long ago.
  8. Did you check the state of the game??
  9. It is a russian boat.. too much vodka and balalaika bears, you know ))
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