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  1. The +velocity bonus on speed sails gives no additional top speed, and the +acceleration bonus on handling sails actually gives velocity. So, basically the meta is to run with +130% acceleration maneuvering sails or higher since that would make them as fast as unmodified speed sails. Weight sails seem fine (and 100% unused by literally anyone).
  2. Kast

    Large Stone Gates

    Height doesn't matter, there's no collision between ship masts and the top of the gate.
  3. Kast

    To wipe, or not to wipe.

    Atlas official servers wouldn't survive another wipe, sadly. A lot of the very very few hangers-on would likely throw in the towel.
  4. Kast

    Anymore Confused???

    On PvP, in the past, we've had solos and duos living on our islands - generally, we don't care as long as they don't cause trouble (the tax haul is nice). But what happens when we abandon an island or it's captured? (lolz)... Basically, those settlers will find themselves at the mercy of the new landlord who can just DEFCON 1 everything they own with a menu click. There definitely needs to be some asset cleanup, and landlords do have rights, but this seems like a fix with a lot of potential collateral damage.
  5. I truly hope that Grapeshot reconsiders adding the ship harpoon to the game in the May update (at least on PvP servers). Some of the most enjoyable naval fights we've experienced occurred when we were outnumbered. Being chased by four or five enemy ships, dodging fire, maneuvering for a quick shot and trying to stay ahead of repairs. But with the ship harpoon, one ship gets one hit and the fight's over. Mark my words, the new meta will be stripped-down max-speed brigs with just a ship harpoon (and maybe a few fire-swivels), followed by one or more max-damage ships. I.e., a single well-balanced ship will never be able to outrun or out maneuver multiple ships: the ship will be tackled (ala EVE) and destroyed. This is a highly avoidable error. Hopefully they reconsider.
  6. Kast

    About island claiming on PvP

    It's not very intuitive. You need to have enough gold in your inventory in order to claim (for some reason, the game refers to gold as 'points'). The cost varies, but 500g should be plenty for any island. Once you place the flag, there's a one hour timer until the claim is complete. When it's complete, you can see what the gold cost for the island will be - place gold in the flag inventory to cover it - gold is drawn from the flag inventory every 12 hours (the duration increases the more 'settlers' you have on your island).
  7. Grapeshot's efforts to prevent hacks and cheats consists solely of a monthly check to Battleye.
  8. I've seen level 38 in polar regions, that's the highest I've seen outside GA zones.
  9. The PvP timer definitely needs to be reduced from 9 hours to 5 (or 6 at the most). Unless, you're part of a large international company, a 9 hour timer more or less guarantees that there will be some period of time when everyone's offline (or very few people are online). From what I've seen, most small-scale island raids happen in the first or last hour of combat. A 5 hour timer makes it more likely that defenders will actually be around to defend.
  10. Kast

    Crew Silo

    Enemies can't destroy a flag unless they capture the island; silos have 10,000 hps and can be destroyed. On a PvP server, that means you'll need to defend the silo. Why would island owners ever put food in a silo rather than the flag?
  11. Kast

    Crew Silo

    You're grasping now. Allowing more than one silo wouldn't negatively impact non-island owners at all. If the stated purpose of the silos was to give non-island owners or lawless island residents a form of centralized feeding to replace a flag (which it wasn't), then you could make your argument. But as it stands, those are the only players who will really benefit from it; for island owners, it's fairly useless.
  12. Kast

    Crew Silo

    Sometimes it's important to read the whole thing: Having just one means that you need to protect it - and if you need to protect it, why not just keep the food in the flag?
  13. Kast

    Crew Silo

    Apparently, you can only have one silo per island - adding more will give you an 'already have one' message. Why? Why not have an unlimited number of silos and feed the crews from whichever one has food in it? Having just one means that you need to protect it - and if you need to protect it, why not just keep the food in the flag? As it stands, the current silo is of limited value. However allowing unlimited silos would be fantastic, and we wouldn't have to dump a million berries when overloaded on a giraffe away from the base.
  14. I like the idea of factions - but I'm not sure that a 'navy' faction works; a few competing pirate-themed factions would be easier to pull off. Each faction has a common chat and would function as a ready-made alliance, which would be huge for solos and small groups. Add in faction affinity, bounties, titles, faction-only blueprints, and you could have something very cool.
  15. Kast

    Why wind should never die down

    Yes, I know that the world is round. "World-crossing" means 'to the furthest port from your starting location'. Maybe you might win the wind-lottery and have gale force winds at your back the entire trip - but we all know that ain't gonna happen ever. Anyway, the point of this thread is that doldrums aren't fun and turn sailing into a painful chore. Like fog, they should happen extremely rarely.
  16. Kast

    Why wind should never die down

    An hour from any point to any point? Comments like that don't help your credibility. A stripped-down schooner with high quality speed sails will take 10 to 15 minutes to cross an entire zone with excellent wind; and oldrums will increase your time x2. Add in storms, SoTds and the inevitable bad winds, and two to three hours for a complete world-crossing is much more realistic (with that same speed schooner). A slower cargo ship can be looking at four hours plus. For a lot of people, sailing is what happens between accomplishments. For folks with jobs and families, there are a lot more fun things one can do in four hours - as we can see from the dwindling population.
  17. The fact that more or less everyone simply kills themselves when vitamin levels get low has been covered in a hundred threads. So, let me begin 101... If everyone takes steps to avoid dealing with the current food mechanic, it's a safe bet that it's a mechanic no one likes. So, why is inevitable death by vitamins still a thing? It's not fun and it adds only frustration to the game. For example, earlier, I was involved in a fairly fun naval fight when I noticed the vitamin debuffs. Ok, well now I need to disengage and find someplace safe to murder myself before I fall over dead at the wheel. Fun stuff. As a design principle, no single tertiary game mechanic should kill the player if that player chooses to not utilize that tertiary mechanic. Food should provide a buff (like every other MMO) for those who take the time to harvest, grow, cook and eat quality food; it should absolutely never hinder a player who chooses to play at baseline, foregoing a food buff. I'm not sure who's pet mechanic the current death-by-vitamins is, but that individual has no business designing game systems.
  18. Kast

    Vitamin Deficiency

    Reading is fundamental. A tertiary (non-core, peripheral, etc.) mechanic should, by definition, be optional. Essentially, it's like being forced to play an hourly min-game to avoid contracting scurvy.
  19. Kast

    Mega Update 3 and Fatal Error

    Validate local files in Steam - because Grapeshot certainly isn't doing it before they push out updates.
  20. Why in the world would anyone want to play Atlas single-player?
  21. Kast

    New claim flag abilities suggestion/rant

    - Claim Flags now have a toggleable setting in Settlements mode which allows Settlement owners to choose whether to pay and feed the NPC Crew for allies or everyone settled on the island. This will be displayed in the top-right hand corner HUD. A single + means ally crew will take gold/food from claim flags. ++ means everyone will take gold/food from the claim flag. A lack of + means that only the settlement owner's crew will be able to take good/food from claim flags. I haven't finished downloading the update, but (call me a cynic) I think we know what the default setting is going to be when the servers come up.
  22. Kast

    Fixing foundation spam

    That's a good idea. Conan Exiles does something similar - a foundation alone lasts 1 hour, but a 2x2 house with a door and roof lasts 48 hours.
  23. So, apparently submarines are considered "ships" as far as cannon targeting is concerned, and they will trigger NPC-manned cannons set to attack "ships" even when the sub is underwater and invulnerable to cannon fire. The other day, we watched as an enemy sub triggered our defensive towers to fire, draining over 2,000 cannonballs. Once the cannons were out of ammo, the enemies sailed their ships into our harbor. I just don't know what to say at this point.
  24. So, just to add to the list of new and exciting things you can do with a submarine... Earlier today, one company sailed a sub into another company's harbor (both will remain nameless to protect the innocent), and parked below the row of ships of the harbor owner... as their tower cannons shot their own ships to hell. Good times.
  25. When EVE launched, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dawson's Creek and Firefly were still on tv. I'd call that a long run.