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  1. which fool uses T for commands when taming? Ur own fault. U dont know the exact range of T and whether u have to look at it or not etc and if the game has recognized it or not. U deserved to lose that one animal. Why do u write so much when u know nobody (devs) care? Make ur points short and precise. DOntg come here and tell stories
  2. they wont change. Its tools thats ruining the game. Gold is just one aspect thats totally ruining the game. I havent played this game now for half a year and im fine. U can do make the leap too.
  3. ur dumb for playing this shit still, but i always knew ur dumb, thats nothing new
  4. i had left mouse click loop on, and the cursor magically moved to create new pathfinder and on "OK" by itself, also lost level76+ Was half a year ago the option is there so people accidently lose all their stats.
  5. - admin hops into game griefes players -big companies have islands with indestructable buildings for 15h each day. Hello!?? -big companies are able to unlock everything and get the best blue prints and level up to 120 ez??? -nonesense pvp, land and water both are broken -no piracy, u cant steal ships, u cant build ships (gold cost), ur forced to trade, u cant conquer structures everywhere -players unable to chat in global, bc of grids and notifications that tell everyone exactly where u are -freeport that gives eveyrone safe loot and tames theres tons more of issues. Ya im out
  7. But i cant set the whole ship to 10; there is no option for that.
  8. So basically, I want to have new recruits, i have set already so they cannot demolishion company structures in their rank settings. But They could theoretically still raise anchor of my ships and sink because it is over weight, cant they?
  9. I have a lvl 30 male horse with perfect melee damage and stamina (167% dmg, 1210 stamina) a female lvl 28 horsa (600+) HP and 900 weight I beleive, some douchbag in my company leveld them up so i dont know its original stats anymore,..,. and i have other lvl 26 horses with inferior stats. so I just focus on the 30lvl and 28lvl horse for breeding, right? let them make baby over and over till they have all best stats combined in 1 ?
  10. I have horses, they make babies. lets call them the first generation. Then I let them make babies. But the second generation wasnt better than the first one. They got all the same stats from their grandparents. Also the imprinting had zero effect on the next gen. So what is going on here?
  11. no, i did not. I had planks and eveyrthing on as u can see in the image. I didnt even click the shipyard. I just called my bear, and a few secs later it destroyed behind me. plus the prisoner death, there is an admin griefing me
  12. https://imgur.com/fZoeEe1 WTF IS THIS???? MY SCHOONER JUST SINKS FOR NOR REASON IN SHIPYARD! I just put crew on sails, it is still in ship yard, I turn around call my bear and 10 seconds later this thing destroys itself in the shipyard while still under construction i havent clicked a damn thing (water was def not too shallow, ive built schoners in it before, if some retard asks this) This is not the third time in tthis game it happend to me. 10min later admin killed a prisoner i had: https://imgur.com/8d0RDeg https://imgur.com/CLtrJFP I healed him, and his health went from 100 to 0 in an instant, theere wasnt even a progress of slowly decreasing his health. He was full food and water too and full health. This admin abuse needs to stop!
  13. where is that gliding line? the cord>? I dont know how to get it. It allows u to glide from one hight to another
  14. people can just exit it. Why?
  15. How is this possible? my puckle killed one of them that was standing on my armored dock. His inventory was full of gold. I thought he took it from one of my chests, but the chest was still untouched. So, i was perplex and couldnt answer this question. Next day i find out 30k or more was taken from my armored dock!!! No wait i think i know what haPPEND. something weird. When i loked at his dead body and accessed it, it accesed the armored dock at the same time. So i saw his inventory + all the gold i had in my armored dock. And i took as much as i could, and later threw it away bc i my ship was too heavy.
  16. also fix honey and sugar cane. Reverse the nerf. And let farms gather sugar
  17. do people see my market in search if i have set it to private?
  18. yes stop the ugly toy ship for children designs. Give us realistic ship, and remove unrealistic peace phase that puts islands in god mode. Also remove gold from game! I am fed up having to pay for ships that i craft myself with my ressources
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