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  1. Steam is already reporting some pretty low numbers. Although steam can't track people who have atlas outside of steam, but it's a good estimate for the playerbase. On top of H hotkey still being broken from the "big map update", and warehouses still only work for some people, on some island. They really broke the game this time with the latest update, can't craft bows/ arrows and game crashes in skill tree menu, bravo guys you've really outdone yourself this time . Just like back in season 1 when they made animals insta heal and almost 3 weeks for the hotfix numbers on steam went from 60k+ to just over 30k because you literally needed 4 people to take down a pig. I believe this is finally RIP Atlas boys, these devs don't give a flying fuck.
  2. Exactly, everyone should literally just stop playing this game and teach these fuckbags a lesson.
  3. Yeah, they broke the game again with the recent patch and are going to take their sweet time fixing it, because the game is dead and they don't care.
  4. I tried supporting grapeshot, they dropped the ball and since the literal fucking release of this game ( i played since day 1 pal) It has been the exact same as it is now, shotty updates with no real progress, this game was dead in the water day 1 and developers need to be held accountable for cash grabs and unfulfilled promises.
  5. Firing a wooden barrel filled with explosives from a cannon makes about as much sense as how the devs are handling recent updates, LOL. The fucking thing would explode and kill everyone around it as soon as the fuse hit the primer. I have no gripe with barrels otherwise.
  6. Again with the petty insults lol, talking shit from behind a keyboard is "FoR PuSsiEs". So any opinion from you on that matter is hypocritical a best.
  7. It is still fun to play for sure, but i myself stay away from official. It's just sad at best to see the devs really not seem to care at all...
  8. Lmao are you kidding me? You've never had your account trolled or hacked then by some salty shit you raided. Get real tough guy, just because you can't comprehend the logic you slam the tactic and people using it with insults, fucking clown.
  9. Failure to fix bugs, or even address the most recent bugs with the latest patch in a timely fashion, and the games numbers according to steam are back down under 2k. RIP Atlas. This reminds me of back when the game first dropped, about a month in , they released an update that broken wild animals (they instant healed, was either hellish hard or impossible to kill) and then waited 2 weeks to fix it, 1/3rd of the playerbase quit and the numbers just kept dropping from there.
  10. Yall killed your own game with shear incompetence. Where's the hotfix for warehouses???? The game still has horrible bugs that cause the game to lock up so bad, you have to start another desktop just to get the fucking task manager open to kill the process, your a failure as a dev team just sell this project to more capable hands.
  11. And here we are, days later with not even a mention of a hotfix. I think i'll be taking a break from this game again for the last time, cheers.
  12. Ahem, you are a white knighting, cat microwaving fuck, fight me.
  13. Danny, i think at this point they only get paid in peanut shells or so it seems lol.
  14. I know it was just released but it is totally broken, it doesn't work at all. This kinda feels like the icing on the sheet cake, being that you're giving us bogus content updates, mixed with nerfs, and you all continuing to turn the ultimate blind eye to the MASSIVE, and i mean, MASSIVE, amount of bugs that have been left completely unchecked. In fact, the only notable bug fix you've actually put out recently, has been the "fix" for dupping barrels, and even that was a outright bandaid. Barrels just simply despawn when you enter water while carrying, like really? That's a 0 effort fix, a bandaid. Also, the game will still freeze up to the point, that you have to open another desktop to get the task manager open to force close the game, while attempting to place a large wall, or gate, and allowing the silhouette to clip ONTO a ramp/roof. This is just one of so, so many. Galleons can still become perma-anchored if you DC while operating them in water that is just barley deep enough not to be able to anchor. Both of these glitches have been around since winter of 2018, is the dev team behind this game really this bad??
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