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  1. would be nice to have a more functional purpose to the ostrich, if it was given arks flappy gliding ability that the terror bird has, it would make it an event great explorer mount
  2. Danielnz00

    FIx the broken stamina recovery

    its so stupid you can stand there for ages with no recovery
  3. Danielnz00

    Test Server at the 20th?!

    Wipe wont be for weeks after ptr, they slow devs, they need time to fix what will be more broken by this
  4. i been thinking about the way this game is, it would be awesome to build modern naval ships, tanks, aircrafts, weapons, and have an atlas style modern world war, someone want to make a mod like this, its not just like battlefield, you dont have the survival aspects in battlefeild
  5. Danielnz00

    A few content changes

    * Would love to be able to hold shift and slide down ladders, just like in battlefield * reuseable parachutes (include a re packing animation or it breaks ) * equipped armor on npc doesn't effect their weight * claim flag timers 30min to unclaim 30 to claim (impossible to defend a base while chasing down random flags) * re do food and vitamin system, easier to just kill yourself than deal with the unbalance vitamin effects * increase cap on npc/tame limits * reduce npc food consumption * random chance of increased level army of the damned solider when doing maps * fix only able to buy 10 npc from Freeport * 60 sec De buff on movement speed after PvP death * increased ship of damned loot quality * demo structures/ships return resources from area of craft * full moon wear bunny spawn chance * salvage platform for ships, to return fully crafted (including better quality)cannons/structures off sunken ships
  6. Danielnz00

    NPC mutinty even if paid

    currently npcs are mutinting even if they have cash in there inventorys, once they require payment it visually goes away but they still die at end of what the timer was
  7. Danielnz00

    Emergency Maintenance & NA PVP Rollback

    That would be good if half the time they weren't bugged and you could actually build the sloop
  8. Danielnz00

    Emergency Maintenance & NA PVP Rollback

    That's it? A bull shit extension to a shit ass 2×, what about the people who now have to journey down to get the fountain of youth again
  9. Danielnz00

    Tame limit to low

    I'm part of a big company in Na pvp server, when i say big i'm talking 400 members, we are spead around a few servers but one of our main servers in constantly at tame limit, its just to low, 800 is not enough to crew defence towers, as well as fully load ghallions, how are mega ship battles gonna happen if they cant even get in the server cause of tame limit, please increase it by at least double
  10. I live on an island where offen people wreak there ships on shollow ground, i have noticed lately that im not getting resources back when i demo them, i do also have the piracy skills for it, please fix
  11. tried to sail north of our island today, within 5mins we had to dodge 4 ship of the damned boats, but the final one sunk us, i know they have just been added so i know they just need tweaking
  12. Danielnz00

    Devs gonna do something about the dupes?

    Everyone chill, devs will be watching and checking in on it, if there is an issue it will be sorted, same devs from ark so if they are found to be duping they will be Dev wiped
  13. HAs anyone learnt anything about buried treasure yet? and where to find the maps
  14. Danielnz00

    Vitamin System and Food System

    Your best bet for now will be to level up fort stat and just kill yourself more , I noticed unlocking the better armor does change how much the cold affects us