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  1. In regards to ships costing gold, I think I have a solution for this, the cost should be scalable with the size of the company, so smaller groups cost less to make ships than large mega tribes, but I see the obvious exploit people will quit the company to make ships then merge them in, I have a way round that too, make it that ships Cant be merged in to new company's, the company must buy the ship from other to take ownership, but the gold used to buy the ship isn't recieved by the seller, its consumed as a tax by the game for it to switch hands and the cost is again scalable to the company that's buying the ships player size or they can claim the ship over time the old fashioned way , This will ultimately make more smaller company's allied together or they take the cost If large tribes take the option to split into smaller groups, that will work out as the limit on alliances will cause issues with ones who aren't allied attacking others who were initially there tribe mates I've been in mega tribes before it is also a huge pain to track who you can and Cant attack, that's there decision to play it that way
  2. So with the launch for the new trade winds update, while I must definitely admit the trade winds feature added to the game is awesome and well done, the only issue I have with it, is that the even-ness of which way the winds blow, seems to be mostly right to left of the map With the trade winds comes other changes, like the gold cost to build ships, this is the dumbest thing added to the game since the season 1 claim system, while it doesnt effect mega tribes at all really, small tribes and solo bobs have to be very careful sailing around, ships are so costly to replace, might as well avoid the sea The new farming buildings, the mines , quarry, lumber yard, and farm house, these are great, makes the game more enjoyable not having to farm a ton, while I'm fine with the fact someone can access them and pop corn the entire contents, why would you allow others to be able to turn them off and on Creatures - its cool we have new creatures to be able to tame , breed etc, would be nice also for them to have a purpose, can the croc do anything? Creature movement, one of the most hated things about this game is the animal movement and synchronization, let's take the bear of example, while everyone knows its a carbon copy of arks bear, why would you not bring the movement of the bear from ark as well, it gets stuck on the stupidest stuff and Cant get past it, please fix Character food, the eating and vitamin issue in Atlas have been on going since launch but let's discuss the fact your vitamins drop low and you can eat to try fix it but then you start taking damage from over eating or drinking trying to balance them out Current PvP meta : Explosive barrel launching ships, Why build canons when you can launch explosive barrels from catapults and pretty much total a ship or anything in seconds, the barrels aren't really that expensive to make either New puckle towers are cool and work well, but its still cheaper/maintenance free to have 4 guys on puckle guns than run around topping up oil/coal every day This update has changed the game alot while things are getting better it feels alot like the game hasn't moved in two years, still working on the claim system, very little new content, still in early access, grapeshot your heading in the right direction ,just pick up the pace before this game is to old and everyone's bored of it
  3. Would be cool if once you kill the ghost ship, it unlocks a set of sail skins that resembles the ghost ships
  4. Does anyone know the route the ghost ship travels and a easy way to find it??
  5. So i built a base on a new area of the G13 grid in NA PVP, the silo doesnt feed/pay the crew manning the guns around the base location X marks the spot, nor does it let me place the silo on the small lsland out it the sea
  6. So been away from altas for a while, Since season 1 really, wanting to know what's the best way to build up a pvp brig now, can ya's post up some pics so i can get an idea of current Official server meta
  7. Hey Devs, i know you putting in a lot of work but can we get some improvements to riding animals and jsut there general movement, At times there hitboxs can get stuck on the smallest thing or clip a wall and feel like its dragging along it trying to get them off it, please give it a look over
  8. would be nice to have a more functional purpose to the ostrich, if it was given arks flappy gliding ability that the terror bird has, it would make it an event great explorer mount
  9. its so stupid you can stand there for ages with no recovery
  10. Wipe wont be for weeks after ptr, they slow devs, they need time to fix what will be more broken by this
  11. i been thinking about the way this game is, it would be awesome to build modern naval ships, tanks, aircrafts, weapons, and have an atlas style modern world war, someone want to make a mod like this, its not just like battlefield, you dont have the survival aspects in battlefeild
  12. * Would love to be able to hold shift and slide down ladders, just like in battlefield * reuseable parachutes (include a re packing animation or it breaks ) * equipped armor on npc doesn't effect their weight * claim flag timers 30min to unclaim 30 to claim (impossible to defend a base while chasing down random flags) * re do food and vitamin system, easier to just kill yourself than deal with the unbalance vitamin effects * increase cap on npc/tame limits * reduce npc food consumption * random chance of increased level army of the damned solider when doing maps * fix only able to buy 10 npc from Freeport * 60 sec De buff on movement speed after PvP death * increased ship of damned loot quality * demo structures/ships return resources from area of craft * full moon wear bunny spawn chance * salvage platform for ships, to return fully crafted (including better quality)cannons/structures off sunken ships
  13. currently npcs are mutinting even if they have cash in there inventorys, once they require payment it visually goes away but they still die at end of what the timer was
  14. That would be good if half the time they weren't bugged and you could actually build the sloop
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