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  1. So the Test Server goes life on the initial Wipe date...means Wipe pushed back...is it the 27th then ? Can an Dev please clarify this.
  2. [RG]Colt

    Stone Crafting Materials REALLY

    maybe there is hope at the end:-)
  3. [RG]Colt

    Reource Spawn broken again

    lawless is not the issue here!! we are on an claimed space
  4. [RG]Colt

    Reource Spawn broken again

    for f..ck sake devs fix this...the spawn rate is outrages....
  5. [RG]Colt

    Jat's Musings: Patch v10

    @Jatheish resource spawn is completly broken again and need ages
  6. On our Island nothing spawns again we farmed everything...any idea
  7. [RG]Colt

    Reource Spawn broken again

    On our land in Grid F13 the spawn rate is broken again...nothing repsawns and the whole mini island is empty now...
  8. [RG]Colt

    Can't Contest Claims on NA PVE

    Ok i found out that you have to work your way from the outside of the flags circles to the inside...it seems the flags are daisychained... so start at the fartest outside and work your way inside...this whole overlapping is the issue and it is fucking stupid
  9. [RG]Colt

    Jat's Musings: Patch v10

    @jatheish Final question and if you don't answer it is obvious that the devs think the claim system works as intended...well at least diasbale the mechanic that claim flags are daisy chained...i'm having this iusse at the moment that in an huge stone gate fort a guy sleeps and flags all around even with nothing in it than sand and water are always get contested...
  10. [RG]Colt

    Patch is a joke?

    skill stone...stone is at the moment almost undamagable
  11. [RG]Colt

    Who nerfed the resource spawn rate?

    well same issue on normal islands as well...
  12. [RG]Colt

    Claim flags seem to be working now

    so probably try from the far outside and move yourself slowy inside claim after claim?
  13. [RG]Colt

    The land claim need's to be re-thought out.

    Well i can promise something... i wont ever pay taxes...go f..ck them all
  14. @JatheishWipe the old stone gates!! I have an company here that spamed them so badly and now they have such an headstart...you just made them more ahead with this patch than they really are
  15. [RG]Colt

    Can't Contest Claims on NA PVE

    Same here can't even claim an enemy flag with nothing than sand in its radius!?