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  1. One. ONE! Volley from a level 8 SoTD destroyed my level 54 ship. Now I remember why I left this game. You guys havn't given a single thought to player retention and reward versus effort. You're too busy catering to the mythical shipyard crowd that you completely lost touch with reality. I'm sorry, but I have zero faith in this dev team in making Ark 2. You guys need outside perspective or some kind of wake up call. Goodbye again. I hope everyone is doing well and you're safe. :)
  2. Please. Please sell it to a more capable company. This game has so much amazing potential. Try Bioware or Amazon. They would buy the assets to add to New World as an expansion. Just please, sell it. You can't afford what this game needs. I'm sorry.
  3. This game needs to be shut down and moved back over to Ark as an expansion.
  4. Stop with all the maximum number per distance garbage. Instead make it one per company or something more fair. Was your intention really to only give this to 200 people game wide?? Please say oops.
  5. Can we have NA PVE back please? Servers are sooooo laggy.
  6. Taming giraffe and elephant suck in this game. Too much damage and too small of a window. I wish they would just eliminate the current taming system and use Ark's system, it's so much better.
  7. When can we buy a lower ping? Cause 250 on PVE isn't low enough. I wanna see 400 baby!
  8. Are we ever getting new ships? Are you ever going to increase the structure limit on ships? Above you mentioned PS5, any plans to delv into an upgraded Atlas version on Unreal 5?
  9. Animals are roaming, peacefully, around our base and destroying it! This time we lost a full smithy and 16+ hours of work!!!!!!! Something is happening with their collision mechanics and structures. Please fix asap! Emergency patch needed! You are wasting our TIME and EFFORT by not fixing this! And for the love of God, why the f--- (edit- shocked there's no word filter) can't we post a screenshot in these forums!!!!!?????!!!!! Increase that file size garbage!
  10. The front of Galleons are bugged an need attention asap. The bug: Attempting to place ceiling tiles or walls on the front of galleons yields an error. The message states there must be a foundation. This has a serious impact on finishing the decks themselves and building on the front of the ship. To recreate: Create a galleon and put in water. Now place all decks in it. Now go to the front of the ship (on any level) and try to place ceiling tiles in the holes in the decks. You'll see that you can only place them at certain angles. Additionally, on the top deck, try to place walls on the forwardmost parts of the deck. It's impossible regardless of what angle you try. I only really seem to be having issues at the front and bottom middle of the ship. This is an old bug that got worse. We somehow cannot construct anything on the front of the ship now. It works if we push our construction projects back further toward the middle of the ship. Please look into this asap. Thank you.
  11. Stabby

    New World Map!

    I will NOT be forced into PvP! Period! And I just dropped a couple hundred hours into building a new stone base. I think I'll just go enjoy New World. Good timing on your patch.
  12. Maybe you can summon a similar map using a cheat code on dedicated server? Try it and you'll know on live servers.
  13. My chief complaints after returning to give this game another try... 1. I build a house on an island with noone on that entire half of the island., Some guy came and posted pillars all the way around my property so I cant build. NA PVE. It was just a tiny shack on a trade route. After that I built walls. He covered ever square inch of land inside my walls. 2. My schooner turns into a submarine. It gets submerged in water all the way up to the sails. This pushes my pets and workers off and hinders travel. 3. Ship of the Damned are WAY too powerful! I don't even want to travel anymore. The devs took all the fun out of sea content! All I do is build now. Getting old. 3. I came back to my character being deleted somehow. I will never have a chance to get the powerstones because noone plays anymore. That means I'll never be able to do the new underwater content. At this time and place in the game the hydra requirement needs to be removed! 4. The Kraken and other hard requirements that require a lot of people need to be removed. Or they should make the solo version of the game (with cheats) and account wide achievement. 5. The damage wild animals do while attempting to capture them needs a massive nerf! It's ridiculous. 6. I'm shocked to see this dev team has done nothing for player retention. I think a big part of that is guild/company systems and the damage SOTD's do. Hostile players in PVE are not preventable, you'll get them no matter what. But a players ability to drop walls or obstructions inside or next to my base and boats is totally on the dev team. There needs to be an increase in proximity building to lessen griefers from ruining this game.
  14. No. They still tame with wheat. As stated above it's a broken system. Years of Ark and now the experience we have in Atlas is useless. Billboards seem to be the most legit way to tame at the moment. I read in some other spots that this is an old problem. They've tried to fix it according to previous patch notes. It's such a major component of this game that they really need to stop everything and figure it out. Not many things are more important in regards to Atlas gameplay.
  15. Ok, so, this is a taming pen problem. Another bug for the dev team to not address. @Nordist I'm a returning player. Before I left I had a 56 w/ most power stones and about 6 elephants. After my return I had zero characters with zero power stones and zero tames, ships, levels, points, gear, etc. I had to start from scratch again. But this time it's a million times harder. Less people playing on the "lawless" maps, which is indicative of the low population. I love that I can finally get some descent buildable land now. But I hate there's noone to play with. They messed up the land grab so bad at launch. So to answer your questions, yes. I have tamed them before and remember their sweet spot. I grow my own wheat. This has something to do with the building blocks that we make taming pens out of. It's bugged. I even lost a corpse w/ all my taming stuff and gear in them (right after posting this last night). Oh duh. I should add that I was able to tame using the billboard method (something new to me). Somehow the billboards eliminate what's causing tames not to eat from you. I still didn't tame an elephant tho. I need med kits unlocked. They woop my ass, even knowing the sweet spot. I did get one to around 55% last night tho (billboard method) (live servers).
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