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  1. AntonyVW

    Do settlers decrease island upkeep?

    Ive yet to have a bank and we claimed the island on the first day after the system was wiped
  2. AntonyVW

    Tired of the Stupid Looking Maneuvering Sails

    One of the main issues oif course is that both the handling and weight sails are in the wrong direction to what they would be on a real ship. But we do need correct sails. We could also do with a working bowsprit complete with its sails
  3. AntonyVW

    Run down timer on ships

    Anyone know what the rundown timer is on ships that have been abandoned?
  4. AntonyVW

    Captain's Log 26: The Hoppening 🐰

    NA PVE With the incoming NA PVE server- what will happen to the land owned by those who are currently on the EU PVE that transfer to the NA PVE? Will the devs auto wipe any claims they have to free up some of the small islands for those who didn't get a small island? Allowing those in the EU to get them? Im guessing that some will be responsible and unclaim them but I can see a situation where some might put in a large sum of gold to keep it going even though they have no intention of coming back.
  5. AntonyVW

    Captain's Log 26: The Hoppening 🐰

    So if there are going to be new bigger islands, does that mean 1. That exsisting islands will be moved? 2. Claim/upkeep rates will be changed? We already have a lot of unclaimed islands because many people cant afford the upkeep. 3. Will we lose all we currently have due to a wipe?
  6. AntonyVW

    Treasure Master Quest

    I would agree with this. Ours was on a very narrow cliff edge. On 6 successive attempts 2 of them kept bugging out into the cliff. We built a temporary platform but that did not help. In the end we built a cliff platform with a wall around it and some half walls on it to help protect the archers. I must stress. It's important that you have everyone out on the platform, even the archers. We had a couple of archers on the ledge above them and that was the cause of them bugging out. The mobs are level 94 so care is needed. Its doable if you have people on the bears who can heal them. We started with 4 bears but our last attempt we only had 2. Group size was 10. Hard work but worth the effort. One last thing. The prize money is divided between the group. So although it was worth 1900 gold we only got 153 each which did not add up to 1900 only 1530.
  7. AntonyVW


    We have just this evening beaten the treasure master quest. So they are available
  8. AntonyVW

    Treasure Master Quest

    Yea. I think it was something like 100% on melee tools. Those that have tried it have said their hand tools last longer
  9. AntonyVW

    Treasure Master Quest

    Woho we have completed the Treasure Master Quest
  10. AntonyVW

    PvE Eu having issues?

    Ive been having this issue for the last hour or so. If I log in using the second option (Join new Atlas) then I can get into the game after I click on cancel when it times out. Problem is I cannot interact with anything. I cant even use the "I" menu to check out my character.
  11. AntonyVW

    Music is too hard!! Even the easy stuff.

    Not so. Im left handed and found it near impossible. I use the mouse with my left hand so my right hand is using the keyboard. The keys are difficult at best and unusable at worst.
  12. AntonyVW

    Rejoin button missing?

    Anyone else missing the "rejoin" button? Ive logged and relogged several times in the last few minutes but the "rejoin server" button is not appearing. Update. I can log in through the next button down the list - to "join a server", but although Im logged in I cannot interact with anything.
  13. AntonyVW

    Abandoned ships......please not again

    There should be a decay timer on it. I believe that you should be able to demolish it after the timer has run out. I think the time is set to 10 days
  14. AntonyVW

    Bugged masterwork treasure map

    We found our first ever masterworks treasure map which is for H5. As a group we went out to to take on the challenge taking 4 bears with us. We have attempted to complete this map at least 6 times, but each time it claims that 2 are not dead. We have people there tracking each one and we cant see any disappearing. Its location is also really bad as it's on a narrow ledge by the sea.
  15. I'm with a different company to the poster. But this is exactly what we have done to. We welcome folk who want to stay but also try to keep our island free of spam foundations.