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  1. AntonyVW

    Mega update 3?

    Hi @Dollie Asking for an ETA of when it was going to be delivered was not the main point of my post. What I asked for was an update as to whether it still existed and what was going to be in it. ETA would be nice but not expected. But far to little info is being given out just lately on any topic. It is making folk like me wonder if it still on the cards and whether its going to contain more than just a cat.
  2. My son got me into playing NMS a couple of months ago. So I have experienced it from both before and after the latest update. I also own it on both PS4 and PC so I can see what the differences are between them. One thing I am impressed with is their desire to get it right. The effort that has gone into it has been worth the effort. The fact that they told the player base what was being planned has been a massive boom. THAT is what Atlas needs. We need a road map of where the game is headed. Not the little hints that get dropped once in a while of something that might happen, but an actual tangible target. Im more than happy with Atlas being a fantasy pirate game. Nothing wrong with that at all - in fact it would be most welcome. The problem seems to be that its anything but that. Far to many unnecessary tames and nowhere near enough ship types. We need Atlas to be ship focused not tame focused. The game needs something that the community can focus on and get excited about - like NMS did with the VR. In Atlas's case it needs to be something pirate or fantasy based - preferably both. Atlas has a huge potential for being a great fantasy pirate game. But they need top decide if that is what they are going to produce and how. Stop pandering to the minority of so called experts and deliver what the majority of folk want - which just happens to be fantasy pirate. As Boomervoncannon says, try NMS and look what they have done from being an almost total failure to where they are now.
  3. I've never played Ark so I can not compare Atlas to it. But. We have more than enough useless tames in the game and could do with actually getting rid of a few of the more senseless ones. This is meant to be a fantasy pirate game, not an animal taming game. We need more ship types. Not sail skins but actual sail types to go with the different types of ship. The player base have been screaming for this certainly for as long as Ive been playing (which was around Christmas). If its fantasy then let the fantasy revolve around the ships and piracy NOT the tames. I also believe it was mentioned on a few occasions about an element of steampunk in the game? Not really seeing that as it seems to revolve around tames far to much. We need the devs to tell us what the roadmap is for the game, because at the moment it does not appear as if there is one. Goodness we don't even know what the story is supposed to be about if it even has one. We need to know what is planned and how its going to fit together. How things might get changed if it does not go as planned. The claim system is an example of things not going right, but has at the moment no info on how things will be moved forward. The complete lack of interaction from the devs is pretty poor. The captains log was downgraded so we actually get far less information now than we used to, (which was never much to begin with), add to that how long it seems for some things to get sorted and its easy to see why player frustration builds so quickly. As I said, I have never played Ark, but from all the comments made to date, Atlas is either a poor copy or a stand alone DLC for it. Either way the constant comparison is not helping. That is not a problem caused by the players (although they have contributed towards it for obvious reasons), but by the devs failure to show it as a separate game altogether. Just look at how many references there are to Ark coming from the devs themselves when they do talk about Atlas. Many folk have said that few if any lessons have been learned from Ark, I cant comment on that, but I can see we don't seem to be separating the two. Many people say this is a PVP game. Nothing wrong with that. BUT it IS also a PVE game and that needs to be accepted by all, not denigrated. We need to work together to improve things not bite each others heads off. Does Atlas have a future? Depends on what gets done. But it sure has a lot of possibilities. Lets hope that things get sorted.
  4. AntonyVW

    Mega update 3?

    @DollieWhy have we not had any recent update on mega update 3? Yes, I know we have had the single player and non-dedicated multiplayer and Blackwood. But we have not heard anything about mega update 3 for quite some time now. No info if its still in the pipeline, when its due or what's actually in it apart from the few items we know about like the cat, or anything to be honest. What we do know about it does not really constitute a mega update unless there is a lot they are not telling us about. Can we be updated please?
  5. AntonyVW

    Blackwood is just fantastic

    I can also confirm those locations as Ive been to many of them. Only thing Ive been disappointed in is only found 1 cave so far. And for those who haven't seen that yet, its on the freeport island. From the north freeport go left and follow the coast around you will find a waterfall then next to that the cave. Not very big I admit but its there. Oh and the Japanesse/Chinesse type village - that's on the island where you find the dragon/hydra - on the east side of island
  6. AntonyVW

    BLACKWOOD PowerStones locations

    Anyone know where to find the boss/kraken?
  7. AntonyVW

    Crew recruiter limit?

    You need to level up crew from lvl 1 to lvl 2 to be able to buy more crew
  8. AntonyVW

    False rumors about wipe !

    Me thinks the OP started the rumour.
  9. Thanks @Neitfall . I presume that allows me to run the server on one PC while playing game on a second? And asked by @shmoefoe which server manager are you using and does it work with windows 10? Thanks again. Forgot to ask. Where do I download the ShooterGameServer.exe from? And any other relevant files?
  10. As title says, how do I set up Blackwood on a private server?
  11. Since the changes on Monday to issue Blackwood as a DLC, I can no longer use the option to host a non-dedicated server. As soon as the option is taken Steam opens and covers the screen asking you to download Blackwood. If I click on download (which is not necessary as its already installed), Steam then asks if Steam is installed (odd that Steam needs to ask you if its installed when your using Steam), it then just sits there doing nothing. Pressing the ignore button also does nothing. Please implement something that recognises that Blackwood is already installed and does not therefore need to go to Steam. At the moment I can not run a non dedicated server as Steam is preventing me from progressing.
  12. AntonyVW

    Single player issues..

    The fact that the non-dedicated multiplayer overwrites your single player is also not acceptable.
  13. AntonyVW

    Landscapes for game are poorly developed

    Many of the islands have far to many high cliff faces
  14. AntonyVW

    Non-dedicated Multiplayer

    To host a server, on the main menu, use the single player/non dedicated option. At the next screen in the centre is a button to host a server. To join a server, on the main menu select the join server. Towards the bottom left of next screen is a drop down menu where you can select non dedicated servers. In there you will find a list of available servers. If the one you want is not showing it's likely that it is passworded. Select the option on bottom left to reveal them. For your friends to access you server, they need to follow instructions above to locate your server.
  15. How do I give someone else server admin command access on non-dedicated server?