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  1. I like the idea of the floating dock but provision would need to be made for sotd attacks
  2. AntonyVW

    Anyone else seeing islands that aren't there ?

    Had this problem many times
  3. AntonyVW

    Island availability

    We are on lawless. We started with a small building while we searched for a claim. Still not found one. Our little hut is now turning into a town. We have good neighbours and people who look after each other where we are. And yes we look after each others claims if we know someone cant make the 4 day requirement. - so long as we know you are definitely coming back. We have had a couple of folk build massive things and never been back since but generally if folk are leaving the game or the island someone knows about it.
  4. AntonyVW

    Tale of the missing bear

    Several days ago (close to a week if not more), we lost a bear at sea when we were pounced on by SOTD. Despite searching for it afterwards we could not find it and gave it up as lost. Then yesterday my son found it swimming around on a return visit to the area. How it survived that long at sea I have no idea. Happily reunited with said bear we took it on a treasure hunt. Everything started fine. Completed the first hunt and carried on doing a further 2 treasures. At the end of the third hunt - when the bear was carrying the bulk of my sons gold, we sent it back onto the ship. but it decided to float off instead. We have no idea what happened to it, it just went to high and would not respond to whistle commands. We followed it for some time across the island where it eventually came crashing back to the ground and disappeared completely. So if anyone sees an owned bear - trailing a cannon in B8 - we would love to hear about it please. One sorely missed bear.
  5. AntonyVW

    this is not ark

    Ive never played Ark. Never even heard of it till I started playing Atlas. And while I like tames (we have several) - I would much prefer that crews earned their keep. A large number of crews are land based as the captain does not go to sea all the time. Dismissing them, while cheaper results in having to rehire crew when its needed. If they had land based work todo the maybe the cost of hiring them could be better justified.
  6. AntonyVW

    Structure spam on islands

    Where? - certainly not seen any on the EU PVE server
  7. AntonyVW

    Structure spam on islands

    Oh - well in that case I expect to be able to get some land of my own then instead of having to live in the lawless lands
  8. AntonyVW

    Patch bugged?

    Just updated patch. On my sons screen his boat has his new colour scheme. On my screen its not been painted. Also we have a air that is bugged out. It won't move either by riding or using commands.
  9. AntonyVW

    Kraken Friday EU PVE

    Wright & Co brigatine "The Jolly Roger" will be there
  10. AntonyVW

    Let's not be creative with ships!!

    For me Id like the option of different sterns - particularly for the galleon. Ships like HMS Victory had masses of windows at the back. And please - make it so the correct number of sails can be placed. No galleon had 6 masts. And we are most definitely missing the sails that attached to the bowsprite. Along with panels that allow you to build cabin right up to the hull sides instead of cutting short.
  11. AntonyVW

    Painting ships

    Ok so you have a brand new ship that needs a paint job. You apply said paint and step back to admire your sparkling new ship. But its not. It looks like it was painted many years ago and has all pealed due to neglect. Is there a way to paint it and make it look new? At least for the first couple of voyages? Then as time goes by the paint fades till it is bought back into dock for a repaint. If not is this something the devs could adjust please? It would look nice to have a new paint job on a new ship - or anything else for that matter.
  12. Not seen mine since I achieved it yesterday.
  13. AntonyVW

    1st/3rd person? Also VR?

    I have VR on the PS4. So at moment not able to try it. For my own experience I have enjoyed VR immensely with my top game being Startrek.
  14. AntonyVW

    Are you 100 years old?

    Finally tried it last night. 2+ hours of running and dying and trying again. Ok I eventually got it but I really don't think this adds anything good to the game. If you did it once and that was it then fair enough. But to have to repeat it constantly to keep going is madness. Whatever happened to the alternative? Or better still scrap it altogether.
  15. Hiya Chromesdk. Is there any possibility of this software being able to use other maps besides th 15*15? For instance like the 2*2 & 4*4 maps that come with the download? My thoughts would be for maybe a 5*5 or 7&7 as its only for my son, grandson & myself