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  1. AntonyVW

    What is network range?

    On the latest patch is written:- Networking range for players on ships is now the same as players not on ships (~34,000 units)- Networking range for unseated NPCs on ships are now about 18,000 units, and seated NPCs are now about 9,000 units. Exactly what does this mean?
  2. Is it possible to write on the board at the top of the lighthouse? If so how?
  3. AntonyVW

    Replacing cargo containers

    Thank you
  4. Ok. So you drop your cargo container for whatever reason and want to replace it with a new empty container. How do you craft it? When I go to the cargo hanger it tells me that its possible but I need an item (the missing container), and the text is greyed out. How do I craft the new container? Or do I have to completely replace the hanger complete with container? Which seems to defeat the object.
  5. AntonyVW

    Kraken EU PVE

    Company: Fairy Tail Ship: 2 battle brigs - Swift and Amphatrite Players: 4 possibly 5 EDIT: Apologies we have to pull out. One of our ships is "stuck" in mid ocean. We have tried everything we can think of to move it with no effect. We are currently waiting on the bug report system for help to get it "unstuck".
  6. AntonyVW

    loadin freezing on primalgamedata_BP

    I have 2 separate accounts on 2 separate pcs and I can not get in with either one
  7. Mm 29 new islands. 5 of which are in polar region and 24 in equatorial. Nothing In the rest of the map.
  8. AntonyVW

    Merge PvP and PvE

    So to own land I must get badges? To get badges I must go PVP? One word. No.
  9. AntonyVW

    Soo uh, what do?

    Which server are you on? If EU PVE then I can help out with land on a non lawless. And if you want to do Powerstones etc we can help three too.
  10. For the last day or 2 (since the last patch), Ive been having a problem logging in. Most times now I cannot log in via the "Rejoin server" option and instead have to use the "Join new server" option. Once in the game I am unable to interact with items at all and I am unable to access my inventory. Pressing the "I" key for the inventory flashes the inventory up very briefly before disappearing. As for interacting with items - any item - nothing happens. I see no text telling me what the item is and therefore do not get the option to press "E". Pressing it whil looking at the object does nothing. My only option is to kill myself off. At the death screen I then have to reset my home server as it will not allow me to respawn at any bed. Once respawned I can then kill myself for a second time and it will allow me to interact with beds and all is normal again. If however I have to log for any reason I have to go through the whole process again. I know Im not the only one with this problem as my son who lives elsewhere from me has the same problem.
  11. AntonyVW

    Making your own Submarmine.

    and a bamboo cane for the snorkel
  12. AntonyVW

    Chines Destroy the Game

    The island next to ours is run by a Chinese company. They have never been any form of problem and visiting their island is great for resources that they are more than willing to share. Not all people playing Atlas want to ruin it any more than the majority of our Chinese colleagues. Its just a few bad apples no matter what country they come from.
  13. AntonyVW

    Problem with access

    I'm having a problem accessing this morning. I either cant get in at all, or if I do I cant do anything except walk around. I can not access my inventory (I) or any of the work benches (E). Anyone else having similar problems?
  14. AntonyVW

    disappearing building tiles

    Everytime I deleted a tile today, another vanished. All the mats I got back from what I deleted went straight back into repairing the damage. It really needs sorting out.
  15. AntonyVW

    Stuck on other person ship on PvE

    You need to kill yourself then bring your own ship in range of the other ship and transfer your tame across as soon as he is in range from a safe spot