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  1. Online has grown, players rearrange the ships to the island to the neighbor;)
  2. Konvar

    Seriously Devs!!!

    Half of the people on the forum have such conditions. You are incompetent in this and blame half of the participants. Your best developer solution is to leave one server for 1000 players who are online every day?
  3. Do not rush. Improve the ship and crew. Dress the team, improve your health over 200, make first-aid kits and all engrams. If you do not make kraken "kill")
  4. Konvar

    Why wind should never die down

    Weather kills interest in the game. I spent the day off to swim three squares and collect 2000 gold to pay for the working week for the flag. I can play when I have free time at this time in the game; no wind, strong wind in the opposite direction, rain turns the sail, fog, typhoon. Is this on purpose? Thanks to the developer for one game! I will not rush in the summer. Relax and swim in the real world. I can fly for resources).
  5. Konvar

    Tropical Storms...

    I have a resistance of 30% I died from a tornado last time. "Do you play ATLAS and sail? You are cursed! Sit on the base of animal feed! We will figure out how to make the sea worse!"
  6. It's simple. The developer cannot solve the claims system for PVE. To save the game, they make a single ISO mode. It was possible to give each player 1 flag. It was possible to cut the islands into squares for the settlement of singles. Remove stupid unnecessary mountains. If you live without a settlement, your house will rot! This idea is crap for PVE. God loves trinity. We must again change the claims system for PVE and X-Box.
  7. Konvar

    Under Water Rocks

    It is necessary to redraw all maps. A large stone under water is not an object of interaction. This is the Landscape. Please remove these pitfalls after the next cleaning!
  8. Konvar

    Increase sailing speed

    Come up with engines for oil. Everyone is tired of these tedious swimming.
  9. They were asked to remove the fogs - they did every hour. They were asked to remove typhoons - now typhoons are just in front of the ship, you cannot turn, the hero dies. Our administrator always conducts a survey before making changes.
  10. Konvar

    Uh oh valguero is coming

    Tomorrow all our unofficial returns in the ARK. Developer shut down empty servers until December. In the new year, we are waiting for ATLAS 2.0. I hope you will figure out how to give each client to play your game!
  11. Konvar

    iso: Blackwood

    ATLAS‏ @sailtheatlas Prepare for a dark twist on the Equatorial biome with our standalone map, ISO Blackwood drawing near! Dark jungles, caves, alcoves, villages, homes, farms and a new concept; The Mire. Here are some new pics to sate you whilst we work on the finishing touches!
  12. Konvar

    claiming through foudations

    On official servers a lot of assholes. I don't want to waste my time removing their shit. I calmly play on the unofficial server. The administrator quickly removes offenders. Need strict rules! If you can not do - remove the system flags! In the first version and in the second version there is no space, everything is occupied, the game is empty but novice can play. ATLAS is always occupied by players on the first day. Can a developer make a working system for everyone?
  13. Konvar

    Cats :)

    My cat loves to walk around the island! Please tracker dino. And a package of yummy Royal for 1 dollar
  14. ATLAS radio station. Radio on the ship to play music, news, weather forecast
  15. Konvar


    Please desert fridge!