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  1. Sydhart

    opinions Your Ideas For Atlas!

    But there are new ships! Look in the mods section. If modders can make new ships there is no excuse except lack of caring or laziness from the Developers. Found the thread with one of the new ship designs.
  2. Sydhart

    Help pls

    I got a similar and had to do a file verification check through steam. There were some files that got corrupted or moved and that seemed to fix it for me. https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=2037-QEUH-3335
  3. Sydhart

    New Way to Grief

    Sent in a ticket about this with no response so I'm going to share a fantastic way to grief others. We all know a foundation has a fairly short decay timer right? Well, if you want to truly be an asshole, you can stick a cheap storage box on top and effectively triple the decay timer on it. Even if the foundation is demolish-able, you can't do it as long as the storage chest is on it. So for 30+ days you can block someone from making any kind of building or expanding their base. Just sharing this because it needs to be fixed but no one seems to care.
  4. So if you put a small storage box on a foundation it gives the foundation an effective decay rate of 30 days. This needs to be changed.
  5. Sydhart

    Why are we being ignored?

    This is supporting my theory the the Xbox release was just a last ditch money grab to recoup some costs and now the game is being abandoned.
  6. Sydhart

    opinions Your Ideas For Atlas!

    I love to build in ARK and ATLAS and once that was introduced into the S+ mod in ARK I stopped playing Official servers and only played private servers that used that mod. This company and game could be SO MUCH more if they'd just pull their heads out of their asses and listened to the community. I would LOVE to see a company make a community driven game where they opened the code and had people build MODS. Hell, they could even pay the mod developer any time it was used in the live servers. It would be so much cheaper to develop a game like that than having a bunch of on staff programmers. That's my vision of what the future will be in game design. Think Ready Player One and the Oasis.
  7. Sydhart

    opinions Your Ideas For Atlas!

    The creator of the S+ mod for ARK added this so it's already available. You could go to your smithy and select an item to build, for instance a rifle or a gate, then go through and pull the mats you needed out of your storage containers or from other crafting stations without leaving the smithy interface. Later he added a button that when selected, would just automatically go and pull ALL the resources you needed from the largest quantity. HOLY SHIT THAT WAS SO AWESOME.
  8. Sydhart

    opinions Your Ideas For Atlas!

    Factions - Make 4-8 factions (e.g. swashbucklers, corsairs, imperials) and make a small cluster of zones for each faction as starter zones and safe areas. Everything else is lawless, golden age ruins, etc PvP faction objectives, add garrison control points in Lawless and the faction that controls them get specialized quests from outposts (like obtain a cyclops eye or hydra blood) and can access specialized vendors there (for cosmetics) Rewards or at least some reason for PvP. Kill so many players of the Swashbuckler factions Combining PvP and PvE systems into the same game. This can be done by making factions! Freeports - This is where you can turn in quests from the special quests obtained from the control point garrisons above Centralized vendor systems - an auctioneer type system like WoW. Animals pens you can purchase bred animals from Quality of Life- Being able to move great quantities of resources from one container to another container without popcorning Fast travel - once you've been to a Freeport you can charter a guide to let you fast travel between them. Make Freeports every 15 zone square or so. That way you still have to sail but can save a crap ton of time.
  9. Sydhart

    Top 5 things i like to Change

    I haven't really played around a lot this go around with hoarding shit tons of materials (because we've already had 2 wipes) but now that you mention that it reminds me that yes, the weight reduction won't work on a ship but that's why you put the ship box up on a platform right at the edge of the ship and then "popcorn" it out onto a loading deck or onto the ground. Filter by type, select the type, the hit "O" and it launches it off the ship to the bear.
  10. Sydhart

    when is the Next update?

    You realize, you aren't talking about ONE server right? There are literally TWO HUNDRED AND TWENTY FIVE SERVERS in the Atlas grid. Why the @#$^ does it need to be all PVE? The X-BOX influx of players is starting to dwindle down and some grids are down to 2-5 people at peak now. I played on a 5X5 grid private server in the 1st go around for a few months where the entire C1-C5 grids and the A3-E3 grids (it made a cross if you don't understand) were PVP and it was fun as hell. There was plenty of space for PvE and PvP alike. Seriously, there is enough space to add PvP into the current design. You could even have different rulesets such as only Golden Age zones are PvP. Only Freeports and the grids immediately surrounding are PvE. There's dozen's of different flavors you could do.
  11. Sydhart

    Top 5 things i like to Change

    So a couple of bears all leveled in weight with carts doesn't work for offloading? Whistle them to follow, jump on the ship, go to ship box, sort by type, drop all, load onto bears, have them follow to storage/crafting ship box. Isn't that bad really. What game do you think this is, Satisfactory? This is a fantasy pirate game! Right?!
  12. So the option to rename a ship has been available since launch but still doesn't work. I'd like to be able to rename a ship, especially now that we can unclaim and reclaim them. I'd also like to rename because my buddy finished building our shipping Galleon and named it "Baby got Bass" (a pun from the "Baby got Back" song but with fish..) without first consulting me. I might accidentally drive this onto in the horrid terrain mapping of the Golden Age ruins in O7. LOL
  13. Not only did the damned Cobra glitch onto my platform but then I couldn't hit it inside my base because it was slithering over hills and attacking my cows and sheep. Just stupid that this is still an issue after so long. I had to shoot it with 30 arrows and 28 were sticking out of it's head and body but didn't do any damage. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD EITHER GET RID OF THE BROKEN ASS SNAKES OR FIX THE HIT BOX. /sign the petition now.
  14. Never put tames anywhere but on the top deck of your ship unless you want to lose them. They can glitch out from waves and in shallow water. Also make sure they are on passive. If you are swimming to your ship and get hit by a manta ray or shark they will also glitch off to attack and you may not even notice. Also make sure they aren't on the back of the boat. They need to be on the main deck towards the front. If you put them towards the rear, especially on ceilings, they will glitch out.
  15. Sydhart

    Anchored underweight schooner sunk

    We got hit by this a couple days ago as well. Fully anchored Brig and three people tried to port to it and it just sunk with no warning or anything.