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  1. Nope. I've asked many times about this with no response. Map is great but needs some work like fixing the ocean spawns, balancing of the SW Powerstone island, fixing holes in the ocean around NE island, resource issues, etc.
  2. Atlas isn't even currently in the top 200 of top games played. The fucking cartoon pirate game, Sea of Thieves, is even in the top 100 games (#59). That's pretty terrible. Hell, Even Raft has more players and is sitting at #149 and it only has like 20 total hours of playable content right now but at least it has competent Developers and non-game breaking bugs. 242. ATLAS 1,597 4,539 1,874,509 Source: https://steamcharts.com/top/p.10
  3. I really don't understand why people are still playing this game. It's in the worst shape it's ever been and that's even taking into account the release which was the WORST game release of any game I've ever played (that's 20+ years of gaming). I've been playing Fallout 76 and Red Dead Online and both games are tons better than this game. Hell, I've even been playing Grounded with my kids and that juvenile game is better than this current game.
  4. Stopped playing about a month ago and just coming to the forums to see if they are actually trying to fix the game. Apparently not. So sad to see this game fail so hard. It has a ton of potential if it just had a Development team that would listen and focus on fixing problems rather than trying to balance PvP and add fluff to entice a few more people to purchase the game.
  5. When this happened to me I literally had to tear the back end of my ship down to just decks and planks to get all my sails replaced. There is a collision check when you are placing sails. Basically if you have any built structure even close to the mast or where the rigging aligns it will interfere. So that includes walls built on the sides and any roof or stairs. You can place stairs and what not that collide with them after they are placed but not before. As with most things in this game, very little foresight was used in the design of that feature.
  6. Having a fuel cost period is just stupid. This isn't fucking ARK with tech generators and autopoop collectors and distributors. They should be manned by an NPC. Period.
  7. Yeah, I learned the hard way about the sails thing too. Mine involved a Siren and level 50 SOTD Galleon.
  8. Was it crewed? Can't you still give commands to crew while on the ship without having to access the wheel?
  9. So people don't stalk them on steam and discord? By the way Gin, did you get those pictures I sent you? Why don't you send any back?! ROFL
  10. Apparently you missed this part? "This WAS fixed at one point but it's broken AGAIN!" And WHY are there cobras in almost every single biome now anyways? There shouldn't even be any in the my server. I mean, they are even in the cold zones now. Must be those new hot blooded cobras. What's next, murder bees?
  11. I've played from the beginning. I suffered through 3 seasons of doing the exact same crap over and over. We've begged for fixes and we've received some but now, a year and a half later and cobras still glitch through stone floors and walls and are able to kill tames. This WAS fixed at one point but it's broken AGAIN! How the @#$%^ do you do that? A year and a half later and tames still glitch into walls and foundations and get stuck. A year and a half later and tames still disappear off ships while sailing. A year and a half later and LAG is worse than it's ever been. A year and a half later and taming is worse than it's ever been. It was improved (feeding box was adjusted) but that was reversed? A year and a half later and there are MORE bugs than when the game was released. A year and a half later and the Developers don't acknowledge their players concerns or wants and needs. I'm a pretty easy going person but this game doesn't deserve any more chances. It's become apparent that they really don't give a shit about the community and at this point are just trying to make a few more bucks with Steam sales and hoping they can get a release to PS4. A roadmap was presented but just to placate and dangle out there to get more people to purchase. Nice bait and switch tactic. I'm done. There was one employee that actually gave a damned from what I could tell so a big thanks to @Voodoo. The long standing PC community that built and bred and explored is really the only thing that made this game good so thanks to you guys as well for a semi-fun ride. But to the Developers, thanks for very little.
  12. There is a whole new customer service team so who knows when it will be looked at now.
  13. I wasn't against it but you got to talk Lightning into doing it. He and I have been playing together since the beginning of ARK so not going to leave him hanging. For some reason he didn't want to join up with people this round. I think he was concerned that we'd just be dead weight or he didn't want to play too seriously since Grapeshot can't seem to figure out what the hell they are doing and keeps making us start over and do the same shit over and over.
  14. I can't play anymore in D7 due to the 200+ ping of lawless. Looking to settle and build a dock and animal area on a claimed island. Looking for something that has a couple of different types of each resource if possible for building upgraded ships easier. It's just me and a buddy that have played since season 1. We're pretty quite (except when we get some rum in us). Basically just living the nomadic life mostly on ship until this company gets it's head out of it's ass and figures out a direction for the game.
  15. Haven't really wanted to log in but decided to see how things were last night on D7. Latency was over 200. Fed my animals and promptly logged off. I don't even want to get on to try the new Farmhouse because the game is unplayable right now.
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