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  1. Sydhart

    Atlas worth returning too?

    I'd also invite you to come over to D5. Our company, Blackstorm Raiders, owns the largest island there. I believe one of the smaller islands is available. We do a lot of trading and also do end game content and invite our neighbors. You could also consider settling on our island. We still have a lot of room on the north side and our island has a ton of resources. We most recently took over a couple of smaller islands that became available as well. One is an artic island which I doubt you would like but the other is in D6 where we have a cobalt mining outpost. The current settlement owner stopped playing and transferred the island to us. You could settle on that island as well. Blackstorm Raiders is a great company and we are very active in helping to develop the game.
  2. Sydhart

    Atlas worth returning too?

    There are plenty of islands that you can take over. You can even take up on an island that is not settled and choose not to settle it yourself if you don't want to pay for upkeep but run the risk of having other people build on it where you don't want. The upkeep cost is not at all difficult to maintain. If you find a small island that has a couple treasure map locations you really don't have to do much as the tax bank will collect part of the gold that others earn from doing maps on your island. That coupled with a few Treasure maps of your own or doing shipwrecks and you can easily earn enough gold. The game is well worth the sale cost right now. I've put in 800+ hours and still enjoying the game.
  3. Sydhart

    Help me !

    Solraco, as someone mentioned above, have you tried to whistle them on follow (T), then run out of render range, and then come back and most of the time they will pop out. If you have a ship close, you can also put them on follow and get on your ship and sometimes this works as well.
  4. Sydhart

    2x weekend Friday!

    This is great news! I'll be leaving Sunday for vacation so this gives me some extra time to get some extra gold to store on my ships and tighten things up security wise so I don't lose a bunch of crap.
  5. Also the fact that sometimes you have to keep moving when you aggro a large pack of SoTD and due to wind and trying to avoid aggroing other SoTD's, lose sight of the loot crates. I take out the lower level ships first and may move far enough away I don't even bother going back and looking for them.
  6. Sydhart

    Time to die Fire Elementals!

    Time to run around naked with nothing but a blunderbuss!
  7. From patch notes. -Fire Elemental now takes 50% more damage from Shotguns and 100% more damage from Ballista I assume they mean blunderbuss when they say shotgun but it's payback time you flaming arseholes!
  8. Sydhart

    Structure Limit Hit

    Thanks for the information. We have a very large settlement and have a lot of ships coming and going so this is great to know.
  9. Sydhart

    So you can board anyone's boat again?

    There's another thread on animal claims but you are correct, it's not just rendering that resets them. You have to interact with them. E.g. you have to pick up a shoulder pet or sit on a work pet. I think you can also access their inventory to reset the claim timer. Whistling them might work but haven't tested.
  10. I'm 92.7% sure you have to interact with them. This information was passed around in our company and we have an "insider" that would have corrected us if it wasn't the case. But there is a chance it may not.
  11. You sir are still trolling. I never posted that I didn't see his problem, I merely posted my experience from last night which was different than the OP. In C6 last night, our company had 2 ships fighting and there were multiple other ships that weren't part of our company fighting SoTD. There were a lot to choose from and even as we battled one group we would encounter and aggro another group. Our 2 ships and another ship all unloaded on the 58 Galleon. It was a lot of fun and hopefully at least C6 is working as intended this should be the experience we all encounter. More testing is obviously needed though as OP did NOT experience the same thing. It would be good to know which server he was in and people can go test. Our company would be glad to go down and scout and test (and hopefully have a Dev tag along). They've had issues with Golden Age ruins not all acting the same so could be that particular server needs a kick in the ass.
  12. I think it may also depend on the number of people within a given server. C5 is usually very busy as it's close to a lot of larger companies and the artifact guardian is a Hydra which is a far easier fight than Drake so it gets killed a lot. I think the SoTD's are killed more often and may spawn more groups if only 1 or 2 ships are downed. I'm not exactly sure how that system works but could use some tweaking. Especially in the spawn locations. Sucks to just be traveling through the area and a group of high level SoTD spawn right in front of you or on top of you.
  13. The "I don't actually read anything or know who people are but I still need to add my opinion and put others down because I'm insecure and have nothing constructive to say". Classic forum troll. Also, why you got to hate on me like that bro? I grew up impoverished but worked hard and made my own success. It doesn't mean I don't care about others in poverty or think they should just work it out themselves like I had to. I carry cash along with me everywhere I go and buy food for homeless people when I have to go pick something up downtown for lunch. Some of them even know me by name.
  14. We killed about 15 SoTD in C5 last night. 57 Galleon and multiple red Brigs. We didn't have to sail around much to find them either. Edited to add that I'm not saying there isn't a spawn issue. They've been making adjustments to the SoTD spawns so not exactly sure how it works. Lately it seems like I either see a ton or I don't see any.
  15. Sydhart

    Thank you Admins and Devs

    Voodoo is the bestest! @Voodoo