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  1. Yep, another stupid "fix" that causes more pain than what it was supposed to fix which is assholes blocking you in. Now you can't build shipyards or docks because of it. This game is just terrible right now.
  2. The resources are all mixed up right now. Not sure what the hell they did but it's all screwed up.
  3. What are the rates and do you do any special events rates?
  4. If they ban the exploiters they'll lose a large % of their player base and that's not good business.
  5. I don't mind the ARK system. It's a little boring and monotonous but at least it works consistently. Considering they haven't figured out how to fix the desync issue with this system in a year and a half, I don't think they'll be able to. Obviously we've found workarounds for most things but man of man can it be frustrating early on. For instance, after I talked to you yesterday, I found a max level bear in C7 and tried to tame him. Set up a simple ramp trap but the stupid thing kept glitching and killing me since I can't make plate yet and was solo. I finally gave up because of the time it was taking with no taming bonus active and was losing taming efficiency. Searched for a long time and it was frustrating to have him keep glitching. I slammed my first so hard on my desk that I cracked the top. Usually bears aren't that bad but it seems worse now or maybe it was my trap since I had to put it up quickly. Anyways, it would just be easier if you bring me a bear Gin! I'm in C7 atm.
  6. The best way is to just use a bear to tank it and no trap. With traps, the giraffe clips into the trap and when the system does a collision check it shifts the giraffe which is what causes the spinning crap. Find a nice wide open spot, sit on the bear, swipe it down till it's low, then just bola. If it's out in the open with no terrain clipping around it you should be able to tame it easier. It's a junk system that they just need to redo. I vote bring in the ARK torpor/knockout system instead of this bola crap.
  7. This system has been inadequate and bugged since the game was released and it's only gotten worse. Tames clip into terrain and continuously shift around and attack you. I believe that the current system checks for clipping issues every 5-10 seconds and that's what causes the spinning shit. Tames are out of sync between my system and the server so the position displayed on my screen is not the true position, thus I can't feed them. This is the same backbone as ARK (as evidenced by the many resources that are duplicated between the games) so just bring in the knockout/torpor system of ARK and be done with it already. I like that system much better than this stupid bola and countdown system.
  8. There never was fiber in the Arctic region (far north and far south of the old map) except for seaweed so not sure if Tundra is the same as Arctic.
  9. They screwed up a lot of resources. I was getting Tin from a Cobalt node and only flint from something else that said it had stone, flint, and metal. There are a lot of things that gave Fiber before but now give berries and still lots of mixups in the type of fruit or vegetable you get from things. I was getting coconut from a cactus. lol
  10. The tax doesn't affect you at all just FYI. It's not a reduction of the resources you take but an addition to the owner of 30% of what you harvest. You still get the same amount of resources. Just wanted to clear that up. It's one of the few things they did right.
  11. Now that the summer sale is almost over and they've scammed a few more thousand people we won't hear from the Devs/Community Managers again until the next map change and Steam sale. Good luck with your problem though.
  12. Still can't shoot a snake because of broken hitbox mechanics! Takes 20 shots to the head to get 1 hit. Taming a giraffe or elephant in a trap or along bumpy terrain is still terrible because of the positioning and rendering. Just make it so we can stick food up their ass already instead of trying to crawl underneath their armpit. Still get dropped in the sea when I'm offline on a ship that crosses a border. Do you all even care about fixing bugs or just trying to milk as much money using underhanded advertising tactics in conjunction with Steam sales?
  13. Oh yeah, they already have a way to control faction strength. It's called the Army of the Damned. The 4th faction that is NPC that comes in and roflstomps the biggest faction so they have to focus on protecting themselves more than going out and going all MEGACLAN on the other factions. The other factions could even then get quests to help extinguish the threat for high value rewards and control of neutral areas. AKA British Navy and Pirates against East India trading company and Davy Jones in Pirates of the Caribbean. SO MANY THINGS THEY COULD DO IF THEY JUST HAD VISION.
  14. Right now, the game has ZERO focus and ZERO long term objectives or goals. That's the true problem with Atlas. There's only so many times I can restart and work up to Mythic quality ships and items before I say been there done that, got the hat. I've played through all the achievements (except for that damned squid and ghost ship which have now eluded me twice!) 3 times now and I'm not interested in doing ANY of that again. There's only so many times I can stand on top of a cliff and solo the hydra using grenades and a high level carbine for a key fragment Grapeshot! I think factions, implemented correctly, would be fun and give some point and group focus/objective to the game. This would also allow new players a chance to jump into the game without getting steamrolled if the focus is to be PvP. There's no reason you can't include PvE and PvP in the same game, many games have done this successfully. Create 3-4 factions with neutral areas in between the starting areas that have the high value resources and objectives. Can have trade areas within those zones that can be fought over for control and the faction that owns them gets a port area with trade items and quests. AQuests could include killing the Hydra or Drake. Killing off the AoD creatures or ships, etc. After 24 hours of control, it can become contested and the fight begins again. Huzzah! Golden Age runes in the middle not controlled that is a free for all so you can even fight your own faction if you want. How fun to have a Company day where we go kill eachother and trap one another in cages! Possible factions include Pirates, Colonials, Privateers, etc Pirate faction may have quests to loot merchant ships, find gold, or prized gems. Colonial faction could have factions for defeating pirate factions or building resources. Privateer quests could include shipping or smuggling goods, hunting high profile targets or creatures, etc. Look at DaOC. A great longstanding 3 faction PvP game that was very successful and fun as hell. If someone could take that game and modernize it it would smash all the current PvP games to bits. There are so many things you can do with factions in a PvP pirate sailing game. Shit, I should just use the basic setup of Atlas and make my own game.
  15. MIddle island has a freeport on the west side and as above poster mentioned, the NE island has a freeport on the NE corner of the island that is very cool oriental themed. Just be careful sailing there and getting out of ship because just to the west there is a big fricking hole in the graphics where you fall through the water. Huge bug and you can lose your ship.
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