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  1. Sydhart

    ship of the damn Ship of the damn.

    Or just turn them into murderous pirate ships or buccaneers or something. Implement a faction system, have the wild pirate emcampments replace the treasure maps with AoTD. Maybe leave some of them but there is no lore or reason to have them. Gave needs some depth to keep players immersed and wanting to come back to play.
  2. Sydhart

    In Game Voice Chat is Not Working

    I used the in-game voice chat last night with no issues. Did you check the in-game settings to see if maybe your push to talk got remapped?
  3. Sydhart

    Gem locations by map sector or every island?

    Gemstones are fairly rare. Not every grid has them. https://exploreatlas.co.uk/explore/ is a good resource and kept up to date.
  4. Sydhart

    Does mineral oil exist in the game??

    Try https://exploreatlas.co.uk/explore/ It's kept pretty up to date.
  5. Sydhart

    ExploreATLAS V2 + New unofficial admin

    Love the site and thanks for working so hard on it!
  6. Sydhart

    Grenades vs Army of the Damned

    Patch "AoD are now immune to anything except gun (non-puckle), melee damage and tame damage." This is because people were taking new ships to powerstone islands and kiting AoD spawns to the shore to let their cannons take care of them. Many companies max leveled ships in a single day this way. Unfortunately, this also had the impact of grenades and powder kegs not doing damage which makes no sense whatsoever. Instead of making an intelligent decision to take the time to change the coding on how ships obtain experience, they made a knee-jerk nerf that crippled everyone. There is their MO for just about everything for about the last year. Let's hope this new team can do better and fix all the shit that is dumb and broken.
  7. When trying to port to a bed on a ship, right after selecting a ship bed and hitting Travel, getting a green screen in Atlas map screen and then it won't load to the bed. Sometimes killing yourself and then trying to port works or sometimes porting to a land bed that is close to the ship will work. This is frustrating as hell when a Company-mate gets in trouble with SoTD or DC's crossing a border and you need to get to a ship quickly to help. This has been an issue for a while but I can't find any information regarding it.
  8. Sydhart

    EU Don't work!

    I got that a few days ago and patch fixed it and then I got it again last night. Assuming they will release another patch to fix it.
  9. Sydhart

    Anchored ships should not sink

    Sinking ships sitting anchored is one of the reasons I barely even log anymore. Who cares how realistic it is it's just stupid. How about get some balls and just engage in actual ship to ship and stop slinking around like a little bitch looking for defenseless things to destroy so you can make yourself feel like a big man? Agreed with this. Once the green goes to white you are good to go about your normal life without worrying about some jerk destroying your stuff offline while jerking one off.
  10. No, you can only use that code in single player. On official servers it is only for those of us who were here pre-wipe.
  11. Title says it all. I may take a break from this next EA edition as it's really hard to justify coming back for a 3rd grind fest for a few new islands and a biome. Maybe we put some effort into making the game feel more alive? One of the most frustrating things is finding a really cool looking NPC structure but it's just a piece of scenery with no ability to interact. You can't go inside at all or do anything with them. What the hell is the point then? Some of these places are put in spots that would be absolutely great to build at too and in this last go around we built a town around an existing small NPC town but even after building it that NPC parts just felt out of place. It would be nice if taverns felt like actual taverns. When you go inside you're greeted with some nice pirate shanty and a beautiful waitress and barkeep who sells grog. Or when you happen upon a farm house there are little NPC kids outside and a farmer and a wife who you can buy vegetables from. Would this be so difficult? I realize that does require quite a bit of work but are there any plans on the horizon to do this?
  12. Sydhart

    Where is 2x?

    I logged on with the intent to make some changes to some of our town, saw it wasn't 2x, and just lost all motivation. The normal rates are just too slow.
  13. Sydhart

    PvE ship claim

    Game would be so much more "piraty" if we could actually take stuff from others... Right now, how things stand, game is doomed.
  14. Sydhart

    You dont need to wipe with no one playing

    No he doesn't. You can't go from 0 to 100 in one week. Once you hit about level 70 it slows WAY down. I'm pretty sure only a few people in our company are level 100 even now and we have (had) a large company. I wasn't logging in every day but I've done every powerstone, killed both versions of Kraken, killed yeti, got all the essences, and finished all quests except Ghost ship and I'm still only lower 90's level after MONTH's. So no, you are all are completely incorrect on the ability to shortcut in this game. Also, with your all's reasoning, every time the game goes on sale, they should wipe right? Because you know, new players and stuff? It's ignorant thinking. The game will be unsustainable if levels determine PvP success and that is the true issue. They need to balance ALL combat and make it skill related, not level related. If they wipe characters, I'm out. I'm not grinding out all those Achievements a 3rd time. I'll rebuild bases, breed new tames, build new ships, but I'm not going back to all the god damned islands I've already discovered to get Master Cartographer again. Fuck that.
  15. Sydhart

    Are you old?

    Yes, I'm old and I prefer forums. As I've grown older, I know that many promises are complete bullshit if there are no details supporting them. The details are important. Younger generations, they don't care about details (I didn't either when I was younger tbh). They just want the summary in as simplistic a manner as possible. Older people are typically more conservative so we prefer more detail and the ability to digest it and forums give us that ability. But also, you will see most companies (and politicians) won't put things in writing because they don't want to be held accountable.