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  1. Rising

    Bad day for company of Floie

    I lost everything my old VGA died and could not play. I'm ready for almost 20 days offline and I sure missed everything already. I played alone after spending ~ 1200 hours pos-wipe. After my VGA died the developers announced that a solo player now had 70 island points ... I am very lucky. (no islands for me again) I'll only play again if another wipe occurs.
  2. Finally single player mode I will lose everything soon because my VGA stopped working but the Single Player mode made me happy.
  3. In update v207.93 they made some cool changes related to large store and resource box however it seems that good things can never come without an NERF.
  4. If it were possible to use prevent salt or ice in Feeding Trough it would be interresting.
  5. Hello @SparcMX the project was abandoned? it is no longer possible to update the ASC to the latest version
  6. Rising

    Thank you for the PvE Exploit Removal!

    I hope ship decay is implemented soon, otherwise it will happen the same as pre-wipe where people abandoned boats in their dock blocking their ships. Before the wipe I got to have 9 boats abandoned in my territory with five flags for months.
  7. Rising

    icebox feedback

    I have a ice box on my ship but I do not think it's an idea why I think there is a risk of a ship because of the overweight.
  8. Rising

    speculations Mega Update 3

    I agree with you. but MEGA update is for MEGA companies is simple.
  9. Rising

    speculations Mega Update 3

    The last thing I need is a cat in this game. It would not be better to focus this effort by fixing: Enemy Hitbox, Invisible/Missing Discovery Points and rebalance wild life in alot islands.
  10. Rising

    Friendly mermaid quest

    When you say "debuff" are you mentioning the mermaid mini-game?
  11. lol good. when this news comes that devs removed or nerf something I automatically assume that it is true since at the moment I can not test for now. Aome NERF have already happened recently that good that this time was false alarm
  12. Rising

    Friendly mermaid quest

    I've never seen mermaids out of the golden and there they are always aggressive?
  13. Game development seems to be all focused and based on feedback from a "group / company of developers friends" where only the fedback of them matters. I have not seen anyone here in the forum asking for these bow changes and many others who have come to harm exclusively solo/small groups. if @DEVS both want to get rid of solo players because they do not launch single player mode? Or they prefer with these changes to force that solo/small groups rent their own server. After that Rent Server Button appeared on the server selection screen on game I think I understood what is going on here.
  14. What happened to the bow? Nerfed too?