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  1. lordkhan4444

    ATLAS Roadmap

    yes I really looking forward to new world with its toggle on/off pvp 1000 people servers. 50v50 opt in combat, and amazon has unlimited supply of money to back this game im hyped!
  2. lordkhan4444

    Options wheel nightmare

    devs are working on genesis right now there cash cow, don't think anyone is hearing you bud.
  3. lordkhan4444

    Save Atlas with a battle royale

    you tell him old greg!
  4. lordkhan4444

    One basic sloop with one cannon meta...

    yep in rust it usualy cost you more to raid via c4/rockets, and you will either break even or lose most of the time, but rust is a good well thought out game and atlas is sad cash grab there is a diffrence. oh and rust has monthly/weekly wipes which brings people back for fresh servers. atlas just drags on till noone is left and eventualy the devs do a mercy wipe.
  5. lordkhan4444

    Underwater Structures

    I break into underwater bases all the time with nades just got to hit it just right and green numbers will start to fly up
  6. lordkhan4444

    Prayer vigil for the promised January patch.

    two words pipe dream
  7. lordkhan4444

    Atlas on ps4!?

    maybe after the full release, sony does not allow EA titles. so 1 or 2 more years maybe.
  8. lordkhan4444

    UI in centre of screen? sick joke?

    I also only like the xbox controler im old also. that's why I plug it into my pc. best of both worlds now
  9. lordkhan4444

    What a nice christmas gift

    rust hits xbox in 2020, also new world is just around the corner I think its time to move on.
  10. lordkhan4444

    An alliance of large companies.

    whats this I hear about a wipe? you talking about in discord.
  11. lordkhan4444

    Vulture taming

    same thing happen to me when I tamed a vulture I hit ff which removes it from my shoulder and it flew so far into the sky I could barly even see it. I was like really? wtf? but it did eventualy come back to me so who knows.
  12. yes the glider suit use to be so much fun now I would rather just walk then mess with it anymore.
  13. lordkhan4444

    Swivel damage, did anyone even want them buffed?

    dolly also said they wanted ship boarding to be a thing in atlas. then they got rid of it totally. I think these devs are fly by night.
  14. lordkhan4444

    Swivel damage, did anyone even want them buffed?

    swivles on boats was to strong before! im not goin near any boats anymore unless im 100% sure there is no swivles.
  15. lordkhan4444

    Latest Patch & Happy Holidays!

    is spin for the win still a thing now? sword needed a nerf. so wood takes pretty much no dmg vs grenades now? it did pretty much nothing before nerf. ship boarding is now just a pipe dream now because of swivels