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  1. i agree, but it did kinda kill raiding now that everyones boats, animals, gold, and blueprints are behind amoured walls.
  2. cant tell if this post is troll or not, but we have barrels on boats with catapults and your bitching about barshot? lol
  3. or do what we do and put the warehouse up on a mountain top, there are lots of things you can do to protect it.
  4. well they did say they wanted to get us on the ocean more, i just had no idea it would be on the backs of a mythilogical creatures.
  5. the patch got moved to tommorow 10pm est and yes they released a video of people riding a dolphine. nami also said they are nerfing horses and weight of grils on boats are now 12kg.
  6. so let me get this straight, every patch in this game now removes all gold from amoured shipyards? wow i bet there is a lot of pissed off players out there right now. just give us a mercy wipe plz most people have lost all there gold this season due to shipyard patches.
  7. armoured shipyards doent even work anymore, how many people gona lose there boats now?
  8. did this last patch just break the game? amourmed shipyards not protecting boats anymore also we had 10k gold in it and its now gone?! devs wtf are you doing?
  9. yea 5 times for me today also getting really old.
  10. the old armoured shipyards crash your game, even if you use a spyglass to look at it it crashed your game with a fatal error. it is now being called the madusa of atlas as her gaze will turn you to stone.
  11. just build a market place you can earn that much in a day just by trading eazy peazy lemon squeezy
  12. yes dec 31 for the new claim system.
  13. so does anyone know how much dmg a normal cannon does to this new armoured shipyard?
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