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  1. lordkhan4444

    Why have you left us ?

    devs know with the release of last oasis/new world there is no point, they got all the money they gona get from this from pc/xbox so unless they plan on a ps4 release there is no chance of any more time/money being put in this game.
  2. lordkhan4444

    Bankrupt game

    Last oasis just announced full refunds to all! and they will be shutting down servers for 7 days. sad times.
  3. lordkhan4444

    Bankrupt game

    last oasis is just like atlas, big groups are dominating right now and forcing all the solo/duos to refund/quit. it will turn out just like atlas in the end. another EA cash grab.
  4. just heard that erik wannanan got a new job as a sr. game designer on vampire: the masquerade - bloodlines 2
  5. lordkhan4444

    Either Do Something, Or Just Cancel the Game Already

    lol I would not count on them sinking anymore money into this game, be happy with what ya got folks its not gona get any better than this. im only still playing this as a time waster until new world comes out, and I suspect a lot of others are also. this game will NEVER survive to release.
  6. lordkhan4444

    game keeps crashing pc

    yes 404.8 is the crash im getting now, I use to never crash but now its 4 times a day with this latest patch
  7. lordkhan4444

    game keeps crashing pc

    onyone else getting this after the last patch notes?, the irony is the patch notes says fixes server side crashes lol, no grapeshot/wildcard you introduced them!
  8. lordkhan4444


    I am crashing every 30 seconds now and i never crash in this game, im on pc
  9. lordkhan4444

    Rethink the Road Map

    the tames issue is a bug they said they will fix it later. they are very busy with there cashcow ark right now. this game is on the back burner for now.
  10. lordkhan4444

    Latest Patch (v404.5)

    new world comes out soon and we can all move one.
  11. lordkhan4444

    Maps difficulty been increased

    ok so how do we do blue maps now? do we need a small army?
  12. lordkhan4444

    large handling sail

    I just got a legendary large handling sail and it says 118 turn sail effectiveness but nothing on acc. did they mess something up with this last patch? how is it possible to have nothing on acc?
  13. lordkhan4444

    We need more information, where are we on the roadmap?

    cough new world cough
  14. lawless? yea tell me about it man I have lived on lawless since dec 2018 it can be tough but it is still the only fun way to play imo. tips on how to keep your stuff forever, underwater bases work pretty well, if that does not work build a raft in freeport lots of people are doing that now.
  15. lordkhan4444

    We need more information, where are we on the roadmap?

    yes w/e happened to realist? he spent a year waiting on this game, then quit after a month of play lol. new world is full release in 2 months who is pumped?!