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  1. lordkhan4444

    Cannons wont fire (xbox)

    you using large balls with large cannons or vise versa?
  2. population is dying cause your offline raiding lawless bobs, nobody is crazy enough to keep farming stuff to have a cannon bear destroy there stuff and have everything thrown on the ground. the new bobs should get raid timers like everyone else, and the timers should be based off how many people are in there tribe. 1-3 people 3 hour window, 3-6 5 hour window ect ect.
  3. plus his character is in attack mode, im pretty sure you cant do jack in this game in attack mode, hell you cant even mount a tame in attack mode.
  4. lordkhan4444

    Offline protection

    they need to give the solo/duo lawless bobs raid windows like claim land. or watch your game fail it seems pretty simple to me.
  5. lordkhan4444

    what is the blueprint class in ATLAS ?

    so is it like every 13% durability is 1 level on a boat? anyone know? and if so what if I have a common bp that says 106% does this do nothing for the 42 cap?
  6. lordkhan4444

    aiming down sights

    devs plz give xbox auto first person when aiming down sights, for those of us who like to run around in third person but carbines suck when aiming in third person, because accuracy is off.
  7. lordkhan4444

    173.49% Large Myth. Gunport FS

    what are these selling for?
  8. stage one collect underpants, stage two ???, stage three profit. no but in all seriousness the optimization was to begin after oct 11 when xbox release so it has been a little over a month. its a process
  9. lordkhan4444

    Game getting unplayable on Xbox

    i have a feeling there just waiting for scarlet to fix a lot of these problems.
  10. lordkhan4444

    Remove Target Soft Spots

    now your just being silly
  11. lordkhan4444

    Again, we MUST talk about player movements/speed

    its this fast so that plate puts you at the right speed, otherwise plate would be to slow. then you would be complaining about that.
  12. lordkhan4444

    getting rid of decay times on lawless

    easy fix is to make the decay timers only visible to the person who built it.
  13. lordkhan4444

    getting rid of decay times on lawless

    did we get raided today? I have not logged in yet mayson
  14. lordkhan4444

    Remove Target Soft Spots

    yes plz get rid of the stupid bolas they ruin pvp! plus there is videos floating around of SDC using bola scripts. plz get rid of bolas makes pvp so boring and lame.
  15. lordkhan4444

    attack warning

    cant this game give us a warning on my pc when im being attacked when im offline so I know to log in and defend? hell even a simple app game like clash of clans lets me know when im being attacked while offline. would be a nice QOL