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  1. the old armoured shipyards crash your game, even if you use a spyglass to look at it it crashed your game with a fatal error. it is now being called the madusa of atlas as her gaze will turn you to stone.
  2. just build a market place you can earn that much in a day just by trading eazy peazy lemon squeezy
  3. yes dec 31 for the new claim system.
  4. so does anyone know how much dmg a normal cannon does to this new armoured shipyard?
  5. read the patch notes again, ships inside the armoured structure are immune to damage until after it is destroyed.
  6. stop lying to this man! thayxen the game is gona wipe again on dec 31 for the new claim system, my adivce is wait til then to come back.
  7. they dont care about PVE join the pvp crowd or continue to get the shaft, pretty simple.
  8. they said they want to get people off land and onto the sea, oh wait that would be the opposite, nvm.
  9. what grid you starting in? what grid you starting in?
  10. they will announce wipe and say remove barrels will get them a few thousand players back.
  11. you go to steam and hit the uninstall button that should resolve most of the problems your having
  12. yes seasonal wipes just what this game needs, i always said quarterly wipes would be perfect for a game like this.
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