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  1. 9x9 is gona be to big for amount of players left.
  2. ramming gally beats broadsider???? plz tell me why. im still learning the new boats.
  3. so this is a "wipe" without saying there will be a wipe, nice one grapeshot lol. also i still cant make grog in the water barrels.
  4. rust is top ten on steam and you can lose everything while not playing, you may need to rethink that comment.
  5. yea lawless population went from 10 to 2 lol 80% of a already dead game quit so what does that leave exaclty?
  6. this was pretty much a lawless wipe for them, everyone knew this was coming is was not a secret. lawless did have way to much spam everywhere with all those stupid docks lagging the servers, this was just needed to be done at the start of a fresh wipe not mid season, but they had to test it first so i dont disagree with what they did. next wipe is coming in a week or two so no big deal.
  7. i heard they are removing claim land flags and just going with these towers next season, and they will add protection timers as well next season guess only time will tell. i also heard through the grapevine all pillar bases will be gone next season with the new map.
  8. maybe these towers will have amoured dock kind of HP on them?
  9. there just waiting for the the player numbers to hit 0 then they will be forced to wipe
  10. i agree, but it did kinda kill raiding now that everyones boats, animals, gold, and blueprints are behind amoured walls.
  11. cant tell if this post is troll or not, but we have barrels on boats with catapults and your bitching about barshot? lol
  12. or do what we do and put the warehouse up on a mountain top, there are lots of things you can do to protect it.
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