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  1. lordkhan4444


    that was it thanks udo
  2. lordkhan4444


    nope you can heal yourself and you can heal others around you, just not sure why it stopped working.
  3. lordkhan4444


    just tried using one it just keep saying treatment failed, what am I missing here? hp to high? to low?
  4. lordkhan4444

    Brigantine H.M.S Snail

    3 LSS for fastest, 2LSS and 1 handling for decent speed but decent handling, 3 handling for great turning, I think you get the picture.
  5. lordkhan4444

    NPC gold and food

    to protect my stuff
  6. lordkhan4444

    NPC gold and food

    i live on lawless and I have over 150 npc, I pay and feed them all with silo. but you probaly want to build stone around the silo with some good defence around it as it is very easy to break into.
  7. lordkhan4444


    anyone else having there grapple stop working while on boat to get flotsam, im on pc using a xbox controler.
  8. lordkhan4444

    Cannot lay on bed?

    no he thinks its just for sleeping or getting HP back, beds are just respawns after you die nothing else.
  9. lordkhan4444

    How do i make a poop machine?

    tame a pig they are poop machines.
  10. lordkhan4444

    Why is my character bald?

    we all start bald hair grows pretty fast in this game, in a few hours of playtime her hair will be super long.
  11. lordkhan4444


    yes use your left analog joystick to pull the yellow square down to the map then use the right analog joystick to move left and right up and down its a pain I know.
  12. lordkhan4444

    Xbox controller nightmare

    im on pc and use a controler I hate the radial menus for quick map omg go back to simple select button for quick map plz!
  13. lordkhan4444

    Xbox lag baaaaaaad for me and my friend

    just spoke with a xbox player in my zone and he said its a slideshow lol not sure what yall expected.
  14. lordkhan4444

    How did we get here?

    X went live lets rock noobers!!!!
  15. lordkhan4444

    Will we be able to preload the game?

    alright realist you have waited 10 months now its 4 hours away are you pumped?! now go join your PVE with the other carebears and leave the PVP to the real men hahahahah