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  1. Unfortunately they didn't bother to balance stats (I hope it's YET). All modular ships are basically Schooners, with 9000 base weight and +200 per lvl. Because of that, for example, Boardsider (with 40 cannons, alot of cannonballs, alot of crew), will be at least 60% loaded or around 80%-90% with gunports opened. But with advanced blueprints, Boardsider can carry 4 large sails (the sail on very back will block your way to very stern, so you'll have to jump to get there), and large weight sail "must have" here. I guess it's the same with battle Carrack (12 cannons each side) and Harrier (12 cannons each side). As for speed... well, last season I had mythic Rammer! With 2 speed and 1 weight sail it run 28 knots downwind. Same sail setup with Harrier gives just 20 knots... with similar size width and weight. It's weird. 2 speed, 1 handling and 1 weight sails on Boardsider (same width and weight, but longer) gives same 28 knots... so I guess they just put same numbers to all ships as temporary measures, and didn't have time to balance them well. Basic COG with one small speedsail runs 15 knots which is really good for beginner's ship. But I've got legendary COG BP with 4 sails point (so 2 mid sails will go there). I plan to build and give it away to someone. Just wondering how fast will that bird go lol. Also handling. Last season Carrack was insane. It was so fast it handled so well so players could face all damned fleet and LITERRALY DODGE cannonballs. This season DEVs nerfed that for unplayable state. @Kummba told that he just left his Carrack to the ocean, because couldn't get it back to his base. Sailing Boardsider is torture. You can run full speed, press and hold A or D, (or left/right on controller) and sail around island. It has THAT turning radius: I just gave away this ship to random player, because I couldn't stand this handling. I was happy with sailing speed, but every island I was about to visit ate all time I saved sailing fast. Also I don't know about PVP, maybe the Linen Tactic works there well. But in PVE - it takes forever to destroy damned ship, because you run by, shoot and then run away for a minute and turn for 3-4 minutes. If you'll be lucky enough you'll be able to stop board to board to damned ship, and "tank" it... but, it's not a good idea against lvl-30+ damned Galley. I now run Harrier (it's like Carrack with front end from Mortar Ship). It handles better, but still - not enough for "dancing" with damned ships. Old fashion Brigantine was and remains the best for damned fleet board fighting. One more thing. Boardsider is neutral to all enemies. That means if you not shoot damned ships you can even ram them. They don't even point their guns at you. So I guess it's really cool alternative to transport Galleon - run fast and safe lol.
  2. As far as I understand - they can't. Because they don't know how : ))
  3. Yeah, thx M8. I do my best to keep in mind that I'm not in PVP so I try to avoid all balance suggestions as much as I can. I'm now out, waiting for 8th season : ))
  4. Yeah. With all in repair skill tree - it's 1600hp in 5 sec. But with this active repair skill - it 3200 in 5 sec and U can do that twice in a row. Those kits are incredible expensive (also kits for turtle ship are way more expensive and definitely requires trading chain set with active metal trading). But I repeat in terms of PVE fighting against SotDs - it's possible to just land at nearest island and wait until crew will fix all damage. So you can use patches just for leaks. In PVP - I suggest it's not gonna work (and also most of modulars won't allow you to place wardrums for maintenance songs). So they are questionable in PVP battles (except, I guess, this Carrack vessel, due to insane speed and maneuverability (so U can make turns, stops and accelerates so quick so you literally just dodge cannonballs). Oh... and in PVE Boardsider also broken because it's neutral to all enemies. You can even ram SotDs and they don't point their guns at you (they only shoot back when you shoot at them). I took all hydras with this Boardsider, by just standing board-to-shore. When Hydra approaches, I hit her with cannons, she looses her aggro, and just stops and do nothing. Waiting until I kill her... (Gosh those modulars are sooooo broken in alot of different aspects lol).
  5. Well... on the other side, they started feedback, suggestion and pools threads on discord official, to gather community responds... so they wanna listen (like now there is voting about merge NA and EU PVP in to one Global PVP and every1 wanna that).
  6. 18 - My crew caught a cold (I guess). So. U can choice "Enable Wandering" on crew's round menu. But instead of wandering, they start to do some kind of emotions moves repeatedly. But... hmm... what's with the voice of my girl? Maybe because I live in Tundra, she caught a cold, what do you think? 19 - X-tra sails points are totally broken. As I told U before, when U ride a modular with x-tra sails points, after U cross, U just loose all x-tra sails points (all values goes to default) and all x-tra sails as well. It turned out it not just that. If U decide to sell (or give away) your ship, after U unclaim it - it also looses all x-tra points and all x-tra sails immediately!!!
  7. You can not remove anything from modulars. Just replace it with something. As for diving platform - you should park your ship inside modular shipyard, wait for green anchor and replace everything U need there. Or... if it doesn't work, in some cases U can attach diving platform before ship release (so U need to build new one).
  8. Yeah. And they use way less resources than they use for old fashion ship's maintenance.
  9. Yeah. We've been asking about that since first Ramming Galley appeared. But... to be honest. I found myself a way to make maintenance of modulars as cheap as it possible. I'm patching only leaks. After each battle I just sail to nearest island and allow my crew to repair my ship. They use really small amount of resources from box.
  10. 17) - Invisible islands. The longer U in the game - the worse it's working. Ok, here is the problem. The more U use a portals or cross the border - the worse all things in the game. First - size of textures go to lowest point possible (and there is no way to bring them back). If U continue to cross and use portals - all islands will be disappeared. The only structures and animals will left. U'll see like buildings in the waters. That's not just visual. U will have weird twitchy walk on the water surface. Unfrotunatelly from this point U can't log out to reload the game. U'll have "forever loading screen" and If U do - windows "task manager" is you only option. Or instead of "log out" - U can use Alt+F4 option.
  11. It's fine in PVE : )) I already took whales by harrier and hydras by boardsider : ))
  12. 16) - Cannons not showing their HP. In modulars I have cannons not showing their HP. The only way to know if it's damaged - to see resources required for repair.
  13. 15 - Thanks. I really enjoying some PVE changes that is improved my QoL. a) - Vits depletion timers. For the first time ever I no more need to dodge left-right naked while cold, to make stamina low and high for several times, to loose my hunger. So I could eat, and regain my vits. Those were just annoying actions for like nothing. Right now even in far travels my hunger and vits are decreasing reasonable way. b) - Sinking timers for modulars. I was riding my Boardsider and got my 3 planks gone "0", and I was able to save my ship. I hope there are same positive changes to all other modulars. c) - Better ship BPs. It's really fun to have extra sails points. Unfortunately there are not much of modules yet, so extra modules points not that important. d) - I do like new map. With portals changes it became easy to get wherever you want. No more half atlas travels, 2h along the border, watching youtube. e) - New skills. It's way better now. f) - Cog - is gr8 ship for getting started.
  14. 12 - Sails ponts and crossing. (This is important one!!!) Ok right now we have plenty of ships BPs with x-tra modular points or x-tra sails points (or both). Unfortunatelly after we cross with ships like that, all x-tra sails points are reset to default values. What happens to x-tra sails. Well, as for me... first I crossed one of my sails got to inoperable state. It just stuck in one position. I couldn't use it. Even lantern attached to mast didn't light up from my steering wheel. After I crossed another time - this sail just disappeared. 13 - Painting makes gunport modules randomly rotate. When I paint gunport modules - they are rotates from inside to outside. After that - they might looks fixed. Or not. Or some of them going inside out, another - are fine. They brakes and fixes themselves randomly and I couldn't find out - what causes that. 14 - Gunports brakes and fixes for no reason. When I was riding my Boardsider and hunting damned ships, once I've got WHOLE DECKS of gunports not working!!! It happened only once. I've got only 10 cannons (of 20) working. All gunports were opened, but only cannons from low decks were moved to shooting position (btw it happened after I engaged lvl-35 damned galley). Then, after a battle it was fixed for some reason. Actually - all gunports are STILL BROKEN. I still can NOT replace cannons there (new one will be either forbidden to place, or pointing forward or backward and not operable). I even can't demolish cannons from gunports modules in my new Ramming Galley. One of my cannons in Ramming Galley not working at all (I have 9 cannons from one side, and only 8 from another side).
  15. Oh it's back!!! Alright. Map is fixed. But textures still going to reduced state after you cross several times. Also I was carrying my new tiger to base and after each teleport I was lure him from the ocean back to my boat.
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