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  1. George Catcher

    opinions Your Ideas For Atlas!

    You know what I've been thinking of? As far as we've got battle tames, what if instead of riding one and make it bite the enemies we do "knight style" tames. So we use bull, bear or horse for that. We create some heavy armor for them, then use long lance or other melee to fight ahorse. Other battle tames use as pets to fight along us, but not like we riding em and they bite. Elephant saddle could be used to attach some ranged also... : )
  2. George Catcher

    Latest Patch (v404.5)

    Are there some amount of crafted stuff in a loot, or just a single pieces of each item?
  3. George Catcher

    Latest Patch (v404.5)

    Game moves to "more efforts less rewards" state : ))
  4. George Catcher

    Latest Patch (v404.5)

    Hmm... I'm not an English speaker, so what are "loot tables" stands for? Does it mean - I can find crafted thing everywhere (in chests, flotsam, shipwreck, etc?) Is there possibility to get crafted mythic thing? Will there be just a single crafted thing instead of blueprint with possibility to craft several items?
  5. George Catcher

    Sleeping on boat

    When we played duo with my brother, he always logged out in boat while I was behind the wheel on our way back to base. Then he always logged in the same boat anchored at our base. Did that like 10 times, and always worked for us. EU PVE official.
  6. George Catcher


    I would add here - some dye consumption fix would be gr8. With just single dye I can paint like four 4x4 buildings and yet I need 6 dyes to paint tiny flag : )
  7. George Catcher

    Damage Multiplier ~ Resources Gathered

    That's what actually need to be done. A lot of players just don't wanna deal with tames, and right now there is just no alternative. We should be able to obtain just regular horse with cargo harness for heavy cargo carry and should be able to use our tools as effective as tames do (for that - we should use better quality tools).
  8. George Catcher

    Atlas of my Dream (big thread).

    One of the biggest mistakes DEVs made is this: 10 - SEA BATTLES I mean I aim, then I LMB. My all cannons do totally synchronized shoot, my cannonballs fly 100% accurate parallel trajectory and lands in exactly spot where I sent them. In the past NON OF THOSE SHIPS WERE THAT EFFECTIVE. It's not just unreal - it's stupid. Even now with today satellite aim helpers, shells are not THAT accurate. What I would do is: Cancel 100% accuracy. Cancel 100% synchronized volley. Cancel 100% parallel trajectory. Add misfire chance. Add critical strike. Instead of this: Do THIS: So when I hit LMB - all my cannons do volley within... lets say 3 seconds. And all my cannonballs lands in some wide hit area. When it's bad weather - sometimes cannons do misfire. Then my captaining skill-tree comes in. I can reduce negative effects with skills. And one more thing. In far and long journeys - my crew can catch some sickness. Sick crew have reduced HP, do all sail controls slowly, have longer cannon reload speed, increased chance of misfire and gain slight chance to land 50% of cannon damage while cannon mounted. To prevent this one - some medicine should be added into ship supply box. Also visiting Freeport or Base - will cure all crew. Famous captain - get additional exp. points ship get for seas adventures. Hygiene (can be taken 3 times - with effect increased each time) - reduce chance of crew member catch a sickness. Rationing (all but last skill can be taken 3 times as well) - same as now. Reduce amount of food crew needs. Cheaper crew - same as now. Reduce crew payment. Rally - for short amount of time slightly increases all crew actions speed (sails control, cannons control etc). Maintenance - reduce ship decay rate. Sail master - increase raising and lowering sails speed (by players and crew). Ragging Master - increase sails turn speed (by players and crew) Repairman - increase ship repairment speed (wither inside docks or in the ocean, repaired by patches). Windshear - for the short amount of time allows to sail full speed regardless of wind and sails angle. Better aim - reduce hit range area. Heap shooting - reduce volley time. Grainy gunpowder - reduce chance of misfire. Overdrive - for short period of time greatly reduce cannons reload speed. As for crits, cannons e-xtras, crew abilities - I'll write this one later. To be continued...
  9. George Catcher

    Stuck tames should be pushed to firm ground by game.

    Theoretically you can set your tames to "following" and leave area for some time. After you back - most likely you'll find your tames on the ground somewhere.
  10. George Catcher

    24.1. ship battle EU PVP

    Actually there is 200ppl limit since the begining. It means server (theoretically) can handle 200ppl. Ingame reality shows that it cannot (and never could) and I thought there were some improvement already made. At least there are no glitchy severs anymore like there were alot of them in the past. But yet servers still cannot handle 200 ppl.
  11. George Catcher


    Sails cosmetic - is thing that you can put in your sail inventory, and you always can put it out - so those ones with you for ever. Ships figure head - one time usage.
  12. George Catcher

    Atlas of my Dream (big thread).

    I didn't ever play ARK and I even didn't watch a single video from the internet. So it's just coincidence. : )) I know it might sound weird and boring, but I'll talk about my main idea here. Right now WE DON'T NEED ANY MORE SHIP CLASSES at all. Difference between ships should be: - Size. - Speed. - Maneuverability. - Sturdiness. - FirePower. And you should find a compromise between those 5. Right now you shouldn't. Size doesn't matter - you can put small chest in very ship corner and put there like 15 tons of metal. And you won't wanna bigger but slower ship. Because size doesn't matter. As for maneuvers, sturdiness and firepower - you simply don't care. You can put alot of ceilings and roofs to you sloop and make it armored as hell. You can put there like 10-20 huge cannons to your ceilings and you don't need any big ship for that. You no need to do maneuvers during the fight because when it's free design, then meta comes in. Right now it's shotguns and kiting tactics. Instead of this: You create something like this: Call it "Ultimate destroyer" and go twitch to do stream called "I'm klling GhostShip with my meta-sloop". I would like to see "ship type matters". If I wanna carry more and do it fast - I go 3rd class, build corvette (my all time favorite) and with a lot of slots for "modules" I'll put there many cargo holds. It's also great to see actually cargo appears in my ship insides. If have like 16 beds for crew - I'll see 16 beds in my ship insides etc. If I wanna big firepower - I wanna big ship with a lot of gunports. Barkas have just 4 ports each side for eight - 8 pound cannons (each make 400 damage per shot). Meantime Corvette can carry twelve -24 pounds cannons each side (1200 damage each). Coulverines are less damage but more fire range. Each ship within one class is different. One might be well armed and heavy armored, another one - very fast but less armored etc. And of course battles. Boardside, maneuvering, using wind and sun as advantages (I'm gonna write about sea battles later). ----------------- But anyway. Thx for your feedback. That's just my vision of gr8 pirate game. I had one in the past (Russian game called "corsairs" - all ship pictures above from this game). There were some flaws of course but all ship related stuff was really awesome. And... to be honest - I don't think DEV are reading this, but even if they are - they won't probably pick any ideas from here : ) (I'm actually not sure if they do "Pirate game". More like "survival sandbox with some ships in it"). p.s. - I'm whiting here a lot, more for my English practice : )))
  13. George Catcher


    This is more predictable and boring then (sigh).
  14. George Catcher

    Atlas of my Dream (big thread).

    Let's take a look at sea travels. I prepared, get sextant buff, set sails, point my ship to direction I need, a-a-a-a-and...? I Alt+Tab and go check my e-mails, social media and watch Youtube for funny videos. Sometimes abnormal storm appear - I play Pacman with like 50 tornadoes, and I get nothing in reward. Sometimes it's fog - I either lower my sails, stop and go watch Youtube, or continue along the border, and go watch Youtube. Sometimes it's coldwave - with same low visibility and I either stop and go watch Youtube, or continue along the border and watch Youtube. Sometimes it's heatwave - which lower my HP by half. Then it regains. Sailing is second main pillar of games like this. And right now there is JUST NOTHING in sea travels that keeps player in a game. Seriously. I once set my sails along the border and went for a walk with my dog for a half an hour. Let's talk about: 09: SEAS ADVENTURES The basics I would do: 1) - Compress whole ocean at least twice, so the longest half atlas travel would lasts 40-60 minutes (I mentioned this one earlier) 2) - I would make players actually do something while sailing. 3) - I would reward them for all activities. But before I go there - let me tell something about the wind. Right now it just rotates clockwise. It raises and cut it strength from calm to strong and back. And that's it. If I go half ATLAS with loaded ship, I know I'll experience counter-wind and calm (I pray not together) and that's only fact just take away my desire to sail: I would change the wind so It would just blow same direction for a while (and by "while" I mean at least 24 ingame hours). Then it randomly rotates for some angle (clockwise or counter) and blow new direction for a while again. Most of the time wind is around average, provide me FULL SPEED. Occasionally it goes to strong hurricane state and this requires me to lower my sails and turn to it's direction to prevent ship and ragging damage. Occasionally it goes to calm state and all hidden flotsam appear on the water surface. Now to the challenges. Weather should be divided in to two types. Warm in equatorial, tropic and desert areas. Cold in temperate, tundra and polar zones. Warm weather brings: rains, thunder, storms whit tornadoes or hail, dust storms and fog. Rain - make ship heavier, it loses some speed and maneuverability. Thunders - slight chance that lighting strikes masts, causing ragging damage. Storm brings deadly tornado or hail. Storm is not global, it just wide dangerous zone in the ocean, and players goal is to avoid or escape one by all cost. Sail into tornado will cause sever damage to ship or either destroy it. Hail do moderate damage to sails. Fog lowers visibility to all ships (NPCs ones also) when it's calm. Dust storm lowers visibility when it's strong wind. Cold weather brings snowfall, ice rain, blizzard, white mist. Snowfall just makes ship heavier. Ice rain makes it even heavier, and deck became slippery. Blizzard - is local spot to avoid because it cause moderate damage to ship and sails. White Mist is bright sparky show fog appears during sunny day. Lower visibility. Oh, and about visibility itself. I would cancel unlimited visibility and make so it always changes around average values. So islands would appear as we getting close to them and lighthouses actually guide us (for that I would make freeport and homeland lighthouses different color or brightness). Beside weather, player also should deal with ocean. There are randomly generated dangers in there. Warm zones provides migrating seaweed zones and reefs with rocks out of the water. Seaweeds dramatically lower ship speed, and if player wont escape in time full sails along wind direction may require to escape. Rocks and reefs are deadly. Hitting one will fully take out planks HP. Cold zones provides drifting icebergs. Hitting one is also dangerous. Both cold and warm zones also randomly generate jet streams (make ship turns and damage planks if angle is too big) and funnels (tries to capture ship in it's center - require full sail along the wind and along rotation direction to escape). Everything above affect all ships. Player's ship, NPC's ship, damned ships etc. Also because there are less water around, and islands closer to each other - sailing through the center of grid will require some maneuvers between island (something like that now in Polar and it's fun to sail through). And tasty one. Each danger that player face, and each activity player actually do in the ocean, gives special reward points to the ship. If player pass seaweed zone - he gets "seaweed point". If he avoid iceberg - he get "iceberg point" there. If he gather flotsam - he get "flotsam points" etc. After gathering enough points player can choice special tittle for the ship. After gathering more points, player get special skill for the ship. After gathering points for the third time - special figure head for ship became available to craft. For example if I avoid a lot of seaweed zones, I can add to my ship name a tittle: "Unstoppable". If I continue to pass seaweed zones I'll open a skill for ship that lower my speed penalty in seaweed zones by half. After I pass many more seaweed zones - I'll get... let's say "mermaid" figure head blueprint for my ship. Getting there should take a while, to make all those achievements valuable. Figure head might also have some bonus stats. For balance stuff player should be able to choice just one danger bonuses and either be able to change em in repair dock or be unable to change them at all : )) Maybe survive inside the most deadliest situation (like actual tornado) - give player some really unique and valuable reward. In PVP ships with those skills might suddenly get an advantage if battle occur near dangers. And yeah. Some nice addition would be, if next weather would be predictable. - Scarlet red sunset-sunrise - before windy weather. - st. Elmo's flares - before thunderstorm etc.
  15. George Catcher

    Atlas of my Dream (big thread).

    Beds and storage boxes in cockpit. Cooking spot in supply room. Smithy and tannery in workshop room of the ship. No forge tho... but what I was thinking is, do you actually need it all in your ship? The idea was to let players choice - if they wanna do all resource hunting, creating stuff things - they go ashore and set up their base. If they don't - they can just earn alot of gold instead, buy ship, and live there. In this case freeports can provide them all they need, all stuff, resources, even better quality tools, weapons, armor and ship parts. They just need to do missions, and earn reward, then go freeport and use shops or maybe even some public buildings with tannery, looms, smithies, forges etc.