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  1. Hmmm. Teaser looks like a FORT. So... maybe there will be some? (And If devs make island separated to small claimable zones, and allow PvP players capture one only after destroying the fort - then the game will be one step closer to THE PRIATE game, we all wish for.
  2. 06 - Junk sails still broken a bit. The crew manning junk sails sometimes after crossing or server restart - go to the ship hold, and control junks from there. Sometimes "unseat" button doesn't do anything, and only following whistle makes them unseat. And when they do - they warp to the upper deck to where they should be, if they were controlling sails from they spot on ship's edges. Also Junk sails still brings invisible, but unpassable mast inside ship's hold:
  3. I guess... but I have terrible luck of finding ships BPs. In 12 BPs I already found I have 7 COGs (lol), 1 harrier, 1 mortar (both has low crew capacity by default and turning them to battle vessels will require alot of points for extra crew). 1 Majestic Kraken (which is unavailable before the Kraken fight, and obtaining submarine) and... Pegasus. It has 30 crew by default, so basically in this stage of game - it's my best option : ) I turned it to something like this. It turned out that single modular gunport now goes with armor kit like turtle ship. : )) Not sure if that was intended but armored ship goes long way!!!
  4. I've got my Journeyman Pegasus with 6 sails points and 45 modules points. 05 - So... here are Pegasus Features: On my transport Pegasus I put 2 common large speed sails and 8 rowing modules. So here is my speed. - It runs 16 knots downwind and 15 knots upwind. - It runs 16 knots full wind and 15 knots calm. - It runs 16 knots full sails and 15 knots with 1/3 sails. - Rowing brings me +0.5 knots extra. - Tradewind brings me +0.5 knots extra. It looks like I can not even bother at all, to choice handling or speed sail. Also I can just set sails and live em like that, no turning. no rising and lowing during the maneuvers. It anyway runs 15 knots even with totally opposite red wind!!! (Like you, devs, didn't bothered to tune the ship at all). - But it has the best handling of all modules I've tried so far. Today I've tried to build my 2nd Pegasus as battle vessel. A-a-a-a-and... - Cannons on the left side of ship placed pointed TO the ship lol. Cannons on the other side are fine. Also cannons in ship's hold also fine. Also there are different railings on the ship by default. Those not Kraken also unreplaceable and if I paint them, they took damage and looses their paints.
  5. 04 - COG and Pegasus have unpassable ladder with rowing modules.
  6. 03 - Sails and Camera issues. So basically when we are sailing, center of view attached to steering wheel, and it also distanced for some numbers. The problem here is - sometimes it placed so bad, with totally wrong height, to close to the sail, so the sail blocks up to 50% of ocean ahead. So the only thing left for me is to sail with constantly holding LMB. But this season - LMB view got like this: I didn't fight it yet but I'm not sure how to aim from this far distance. This one need to be checked out. The solution is simple. Each vessel should have a central view point, independent of steering wheel and being placed somewhere in the center of ship and a bit above the sails and distanced that much so most of our ship never blocks the view.
  7. 02 - Torches and lanterns way too bright now. I mean... all past seasons they were vivid bright. Right now they are "the hell my eyes burning!!!" Even applying brown dye to lanterns doesn't help any more. Brown dye last season: Brown Dye this season: The brightness should be tuned to way less intense.
  8. Previous one was here: To FIX: 01 - Broken island. F1 NE Island Bonacroft Archipelago. 02 - Adjust brightness of lanterns and torches. 03 - Camera POV and distance from steering wheel needs to be tuned!!! 04 - COG and Pegasus have unpassable ladder when rowing modules instaled. 05 - Pegasus is rawest modular so far. 06 - Junk sails still broken a bit. You FIXED that, thanks. --- (nothin yet) Now. 01 - Bonacroft Archipelago (NE island at F1). Whole island is broken!!! This one is extremely important for me! Because I've settled TOTALY BROKEN ISLAND!!! I couldn't tell this was gonna be like that in the beginning, but now, when most of islands already taken, I'm screwed. So here is the deal. Sleepless night. Hurrying to my western tundra, spending day for leveling and building fast, to set my trading chain, then earn first gold and leveling for shipyard. 2nd day, when I was ready to start exploring the ocean, I found that I can't build any shipyard on my island. I honestly tried. I walked all around the shore. I've got 2 messages. It's either: - Too far from shore (even if it's right near the shore or even hit the shore) - It's obstructed. Even if there is nothin around or underneath. I later noticed that the same happening with alot of big objects. Like warehouse (I had to build like 70 pieces ceiling square for that), tames house (still don't understand where can I place one) or even 4x4 stone block. Most of places (even solid ones) shows it's obstructed. Even if there is nothing there!!! So I've tried to figure this out. And then I've noticed THIS!!!! So basically what you did is you put your island atop of old sea fort. And even top of this sea fort tower is visible through the ground. If I switch free camera by pressing "K" by default - I can see through the ground. And guess what I'm seeing there??? So. Basically what happen. Game count this island as SEA FORT. And game is totally confused. When I try to put F1 flag near this tower top, it shows that I can't claim on PVE. And if I try to place it farther away - it shows, that I need to destroy offensive structures first before claiming. In the mean time it shows island point costs and company island points as if I would be in tower claimable lawless. But I can't place tower, because it shows it just regular lawless. And the same time - all my buildings there DOESNT HAVE ANY DECAY TIMERS! So basically what do we have here? I can't create a single shipyard. I don't have any ship (my ramshackle sunk). I somehow need to move somewhere, right? To throw away all my efforts, and then most likely play without trading? ...or, I just wait till you fix this island. I mean... if you do of course. I... mean I can possible try to respawn at freeport, build there another ramshackle, spend another half of day sailing there, then create farms and warehouse, then go to search empty enough island, with good resources (I was sick to play last season with just basic resources around and no metal nodes) to set my new base there, but it's unlikely I'll find one. It's just too late already. At this point quitting this season (on 3rd day) is my best option yet.
  9. Yeah I still keep an eye on this game. Probably even jump in next season. I... kinda pretty happy about tames house. It'll save the hell a lot of pieces on my base, because before that I had to build 25x25 2-3 layers wall pen for tames. It was like 300 extra pieces. It's like whole 6 houses from picture above : ))
  10. U know guys... what I really love to see in release version - is reworked weather engine. Because weather (along the ocean and ships themselves) is the CORE of sailing game! It should be cool. It should bring spectacular view. It should require us to deal with it!!! What should be done: - Removed "Waves" (both cold, heat and fog) because they just makes no sense and doesn't brings anything to the game (seriously - If I hunt SotDs during fog I just stop, go alt+tab and watch youtube, and if I sail somewhere - I just sail). - Removed 3D clouds. We're not in flight simulator, where 3D clouds matters. - Wind rotation system should be canceled. - Pacman with 100500 tornadoes - should be canceled. --- - New skyboxes added, with different types of weather. So everyday we experienced something different. Bright sunny days. Partly cloudy. Gloomy gray. Drizzle. Heavy rains etc. Also snowstorms, white mist in cold areas. With spectacular sunrises and sunsets, rainbows after the rains, st. Elmos before storms. And all that kind of stuff. - Steady wind (most of the time it's average strength, but rarely goes to calm or hurricane). It's fine for me if it will be random direction and strength every grid. It should change it's strength and direction from time to time (not that often). - Deadly thunderstorms with lightning strikes risk. Damaging planks if you point wrong angle to waves, or go full speed, and damaging fully opened sails. - Tornado should land rarely. It should be large, single, predictable, avoidable (at all costs) and deadly to pass through. --- Maybe some weather skills allowing us to predict the weather, or check one at neighbor grids. Maybe some +xp bonus for ship - sailing through dangerous conditions.
  11. I'm currently out, but recently I've checked antihax map and... it's totally doesn't make any sense for me lol : )) Does it mean I no longer can travel through south border of Arctic to get to the northern grid? : )) (Like from C11 to C10).
  12. Alright, so traditionally something is broken : )) - Bottles. Some of them are leading to Rocky Cove (U know that we can't go there with ship, tame, or anything in inventory, including map, right?) I've got at C11 a purple lvl 7.0 bottle. After I gathered it - it gave me lvl 1.5 map leads to rocky cove. - Trading. I receive alot of logs about complete trading. Some companies shows that we have like 1800 ships running. But I don't receive any wares or gold anymore. Some say they stopped trading, just in case, waiting for it to be fixed. ---------- Oh... yeah, and this Wonder stuff is for Megas right? Lone wolves should never bother...
  13. Unfortunately they didn't bother to balance stats (I hope it's YET). All modular ships are basically Schooners, with 9000 base weight and +200 per lvl. Because of that, for example, Boardsider (with 40 cannons, alot of cannonballs, alot of crew), will be at least 60% loaded or around 80%-90% with gunports opened. But with advanced blueprints, Boardsider can carry 4 large sails (the sail on very back will block your way to very stern, so you'll have to jump to get there), and large weight sail "must have" here. I guess it's the same with battle Carrack (12 cannons each side) and Harrier (12 cannons each side). As for speed... well, last season I had mythic Rammer! With 2 speed and 1 weight sail it run 28 knots downwind. Same sail setup with Harrier gives just 20 knots... with similar size width and weight. It's weird. 2 speed, 1 handling and 1 weight sails on Boardsider (same width and weight, but longer) gives same 28 knots... so I guess they just put same numbers to all ships as temporary measures, and didn't have time to balance them well. Basic COG with one small speedsail runs 15 knots which is really good for beginner's ship. But I've got legendary COG BP with 4 sails point (so 2 mid sails will go there). I plan to build and give it away to someone. Just wondering how fast will that bird go lol. Also handling. Last season Carrack was insane. It was so fast it handled so well so players could face all damned fleet and LITERRALY DODGE cannonballs. This season DEVs nerfed that for unplayable state. @Kummba told that he just left his Carrack to the ocean, because couldn't get it back to his base. Sailing Boardsider is torture. You can run full speed, press and hold A or D, (or left/right on controller) and sail around island. It has THAT turning radius: I just gave away this ship to random player, because I couldn't stand this handling. I was happy with sailing speed, but every island I was about to visit ate all time I saved sailing fast. Also I don't know about PVP, maybe the Linen Tactic works there well. But in PVE - it takes forever to destroy damned ship, because you run by, shoot and then run away for a minute and turn for 3-4 minutes. If you'll be lucky enough you'll be able to stop board to board to damned ship, and "tank" it... but, it's not a good idea against lvl-30+ damned Galley. I now run Harrier (it's like Carrack with front end from Mortar Ship). It handles better, but still - not enough for "dancing" with damned ships. Old fashion Brigantine was and remains the best for damned fleet board fighting. One more thing. Boardsider is neutral to all enemies. That means if you not shoot damned ships you can even ram them. They don't even point their guns at you. So I guess it's really cool alternative to transport Galleon - run fast and safe lol.
  14. As far as I understand - they can't. Because they don't know how : ))
  15. Thx for the time announcement. It's... gonna be early morning wake in Moscow Russia (around 6 a.m. : ))
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