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  1. George Catcher

    ATLAS Roadmap

    I dropped the game because it's just ate so much time with no purpose. It was like this - 800 hours of game. 700 hours of pure calm sailing along the border. I went youtube, search some atmosphere music and listen for it (all those Jeremy Soule, TES OST etc) and I listened like all of it available, while sailing. I really enjoyed the idea and for some point - atmosphere of game, I wrote here my suggestions and buggs reports alot, but... 20 minutes prep for journey... 3 hours of nothing, but ocean... 5 minutes of treasure hunt... 3 more hours of nothing but ocean... It's just not for me... So I keep my visits here, see some news about game improvements, and hope - one day it will be changed enough for me to join the party again. Even with a lot of useless time wasted - I keep my memories about hours here and some adventures (especially in the beginning) with warmth in my heart... So 'm looking forward to 2nd phase.
  2. George Catcher

    Wind and Sailing

    I was on my journey today and found myself enjoying to pass this. So maybe more of those asteroid belts riffs and rocks lines in open areas, which we will be forced to avoid - increase our sailing experience (in addition to all other stuff I mentioned above). For example - once per couple of grids?
  3. George Catcher

    Disclose all changes in patch notes?

    Same with ships related skills. How do they works? I have reduced sinking time skill, reduced debuff time skill, my crew eats less, and has longer pay period - all by skills. So what should I do to make them work? Should I be just in some radius from ship? Should I be at the ship? Should I be at steering wheel?
  4. George Catcher

    Has ship sinking time been accelerated?

    Yesterday I faced 5 SotdS with 3 of them were above lvl-30. I was to lazy for real maneuvering so I decided to tank them. They took 3 planks from my Brig. After that I decided to finish my battle as is, and only then - went for maintenance. I spent couple of minutes with 3 planks gone and my Brig flooded by 20-30%. So... as for me, all is fine at the moment (150% sturdiness and -30% sinking time in captaining).
  5. George Catcher

    SOTD Fleet

    You can destroy it as regular flotsam by the way : )) Just accidentally sail over it, and it's gone : ) Jeez DEVs should changes alot related to SotD loot! : ) It's rule N1 actually : )) Extra steering wheel would be nice (I once lost one) And right now I'm thinking about x-tra sail, because I already twice returned to base by just 2 sails : )) (Once, btw, my neighbors were departured from their island and kite away all damned ships so I could get home safe) : )
  6. George Catcher

    Wind and Sailing

    I just repeat what I said in my feedback thread (and few post above): Right now it's totally wrong because wind just slowly rotates clockwise and rise and cut it strength. The problem with long half-atlas sailing - during your long journey it will cut it strength to calm. And will turn to a counter-wind. No mater from where you start. To were you sail. You will anyway experience calm and counter-wind. Should we ANYWAY experience these? I'm not sure. Should we enjoy this kind of game experience? Well... from start it might be cool in some ways. Imagine you spent 9 hours playing: - 20 minutes for voyage prep. - 5 minutes for 1st treasure. - 10 minutes for 2nd treasure. - 15 minutes for 3rd treasure. - 8 hours and 10 minutes of pure sailing. You just sitting and watching ocean and push few buttons occasionally (my bro, for example, watching twitch on 2nd display). Now imagine you spent 800 hours playing. 90 of these for things in game (treasure digging, base/ship building etc), and 710 hours - just watching ocean? 710 hours of nothing! If I would do the game - I personally would compress all map by up to 33%. Long journey must be here, and long water distances as well as some space for sea battles. But decrease one way traveling time from 3 hours to 2 hours (from 2 hours to 1 hour 20 minutes, from 1 hour to 40 minutes) - would be really great! Wind must NOT rotate. I would love to see it blows just one way for some time. After that - it randomly changes it direction to some amount (small turns will happen more often then big ones. And limit big ones to some angle... for example 70 degrees). So you see it direction and plan your journey knowing - it will be somewhere this way. Calms and hurricanes should lands occasionally. Most of time wind strength should be average. And of course - something must be in the ocean. Right now we have just few samples of random weather, SqotDs, Whales and few traders ships. There must me way-way more. - More living world. Some traffic, military squadrons, trading convoys, even NPC pirates! Maybe small quests in the sea (like escort or pick passengers from shipwreck to closest island). - More nature - maybe some triangle formation birds. st. Elmos fires before storms. Water streams. I would came with more ideas if there was not too late in my city (1.am atm).
  7. George Catcher


    From F to J - there is just one line of tundra and three lines of desert. As for "H" - that's just EA stuff. Before they redesigned eastern tundra - "H" button showed all tundra as "western" whether you've been to "A" tundra or even "O".
  8. George Catcher

    SOTD Fleet

    Yeah. Im on my way there. All high lvl SotD's are in Golden Age so I guess DEVs idea was so we head there for high quality blueprints. I'll try them out after I get my +2 lvl and finally finish my captaining skills with this overdrive skill which will help me a lot : ) Some say - elephants are the way to do it. Or you bring 2-3 bears with you. One you ride, 2 just supports you : )
  9. George Catcher

    SOTD Fleet

    Got like 100 of them already by just solo Brig with 6 gunport and 4 x-tra guns on deck. No louvers. No shotguns. No kiting tactics. Just regular boardside fight. Highest one so far was Galley of Damned lvl-32 IMAO - Squads made things far more interesting than before - you need to think right, to approach and engage them right etc : ) The only thing I don't really like (beside to fight schooners - they just waste of time and cannonballs) - is DEVs dramatically decreased loot quality and amount of EXP from them. I never saw anything better than journeyman from schooners even lvl-36. This lvl-32 Galley just dropped me masterworks catapult. Before wipe even SotD lvl-26 occasionally gave me Mythic BPs. And EXP... well After I got this huge fleet of lvl-32 Galley, lvl-36 brig, lvl-23 brig and lvl-36 schooner I just got around 5% of lvl exp... : ( And yeah... this morning I saw this : )) Took them all. Pretty routine fight it was actually : ))
  10. George Catcher

    1.5 PVE. Feedback. Suggestions and questions.

    38) - cheat TP I15 -346262 -38752 11122 I there. I fall there when suddenly my climbing pick didn't hit any walls. I cannot perform any action there. Climbing pick doesn't work. I cannot jump. I cannot seat or crouch. Stamina doesn't refill there. There is no way out. The only thing left for me now - is just to die, leave all my stuff there, stop my mission I was in the middle of and go to base to create new stuff. P.S - the worst thing is THE PLACE is actually below discovery and mountain with crystals. UPD: Just got some of my stuff back. I was keep jumping in to trap tying to lure my corpses. After another death, I found my corpse in to another part of island. You see how buggy the spot is!
  11. George Catcher

    1.5 PVE. Feedback. Suggestions and questions.

    Before next one I wanna show you screenshot. Pretty cool and scary-epic, huh? 37) - On the screen below these purples - what's left of them and some flotsam as well. I need to guess - which of them my loot, and which - just regular flotsam. My point is - SotD's leftovers must looks different from those floating chests. Different colors in the night and different way they looks like. (I personally would love to see more shipwrecks style).
  12. George Catcher

    1.5 PVE. Feedback. Suggestions and questions.

    This will be long one : )) 31) - We have saddles for tames but anyway - have you ever saw and Elephant in to snowy tundra? It's pain to look at him - because he is totally naked walking through the snow (I'm not saying anything about this carpet covered like 20% of his body). What I'm trying to say - maybe some cosmetics covers to tames will be good, so we would turn our tames to different look and be able to protect elephant from snow (I know biomes doesn't affect tames at all, but anyway : )) 32) - It's pain right now to check which islands we did landfalls and which we didn't. Any signs on the map would be great. 33) - Dark Blue text on dark grey area is bad idea. I can barely reads what bp I've got. 34) - Now this is important. There is huge problems with UI Text. Sometimes I can't see if I need to repair my half-stairs because frame with text - off screen (so I need to look - where is this frame). Sometimes text is hidden behind bottom icons: Some text behind direction scale of sextant buff: My suggestion here - you should put text to chat-like window somewhere (below chat window for example) with auto-hide feature like chat. So no matter where your object - all information about it will appear it this window. It's better this way. 35) - You see long straight line down there? It's the way HYDRA FUR armor, worn by crew, glitching like that. Happened with me twice today. Both with crew on stations (one - cannon, another one - sail). The way to fix it - is get close to crew member so LOD will turn to normal model (my guessing - it's somehow related to LOD of hydra fur armor). 36) - When I play repairment mini-game with my FEMALE pathfinder, she screams WOW like a woman when I success and do - uh-uh with bass male voice when I fail.
  13. George Catcher

    AI Crew wont fire cannons

    I once had this one (well not with guns but with stern ballistas) but it turned out - I forgot to select right groups : ))
  14. George Catcher

    1.5 PVE. Feedback. Suggestions and questions.

    30) - Let me speak about weather. Well... mostly about the wind. I DON'T LIKE HOW IT WORKS NOW. Right now it's just slowly rotates clockwise. It's raise and cut it's strength from full to calm and back. The problem is it's not just about wind is simple and predictable. It's also work the way, if you go far "half-atlas" sailing - you will ANYWAY spend part of your travel counter-wind. And part of your travel through calm. It's like that: So imagine - I sometimes don't wanna travel far because I know I'll be there in calm and counter-wind. I'LL BE THERE NO MATTER WHAT. And I have to use my battle ship because I need to lvl it up, and it's not that fast - just 13-14 knots full wind and falls to 7 knots through calm. It's around 25-30 minutes per grid with this speed. And guess what? We don't necessary need to experience all those adverse conditions each travel. My suggestions is here. We need to speed up our traveling. (If I would do THE GAME - I would actually compress whole world by 33%. It's just no point of pure sailing this long. I have like 800 hours in game and I guess 700 of those hours I was just sitting and didn't do anything, waiting of when my ship gets there - central parts of renewed arctic region where you have to maneuver between islands are really good example of how things should be in game everywhere Please don't advice me to try private sever with couple of grids. I'm not talking about how to save the time - If that's would be the question, the solution would be simple. Abandon the game and save all time! I'm now talking about how game designed and how to improve game experience). Anyway. To speed it up - we need wind rework. We actually need to be able to plan our far voyage - so there will be effective wind angle whole way (maybe we sail 2 extra grids but with help of wind - it will take us less time). Now about the wind. The changes I'd love to see: - It doesn't needs to rotate - just normal straight wind stays for some time. Then it change it's direction and strength. - The changes are random but small turns are way more often then big ones. And limit max turns to... for example 75... well maybe 90 degrees. So there would not be the situation of - you sail tailwind, next minute - it's counter-wind. - Most of the time it should blows average strength. Hurricanes and calms - should lands OCCASIONALLY. - And... well it's not necessary, but you do know that in real Earth wind actually mostly blows from west to east and when you, for example, fly from Europe to US flight will lasts couple of hours longer than if you fly back?
  15. George Catcher

    Speaking of unannounced changes- no more S backup?

    It's always works for me within my pier in base, but once I saw guy stucked there - he couldn't escape and "S" didn't work. Last day I stuck in shallow "П"-like waters and my "S" didn't work as well. But I was able to escape by holding "A" and wait until my ship will slowly turns and gliding through the bottom backward a bit. And yeah. There is also the way - you put you crew on wheel and order him to sail from the trap. Then you "fast travel" to another region and while there is no one around areas - all in game (structures forms, geometry etc) simplifies. You do some business after fast travel and then - you back and see your ship free : ))