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  1. George Catcher

    Galleon stats?

    I tested all with anarchy. My Brig design (NO SHOTGUNS, NO LOUVERS, No stupid kite tactics) was able to end lvl-40 SotD. Withi this new attack and defense stats, it should be even better. While Galley... well... I mean, all sea battles should include maneuvers right? Especially now when they are not SodDs but SquotDs! And Galley - just simply can NOT do that. So right now if you gonna fight SqotDs, your tactic will probably be like: - You sail by and shoot. You sail straight for 2 minutes, then do 1 minute 90' turn, and shoot again. Then another 2 minutes straight, and you have to somehow do your straight so all damned ships will be just one side of you. You'll get loot for last SotD you sink, because you will not find any others due to insane long straight sailing. Fighting like that is a torture. So GALLEY is not a battle ship in my opinion. It's more like siege ship where insane firepower against staying fortified targets is required. And of course it's good for far non battle voyages, because right now Galley with 6 speedsails is fastest ship in a game, and can carry a lot. So even If I had all resources - I wouldn't build one. Because while anarchy, I simply DID NOT enjoy to sail it and fight with it at all! And one more thing. I got my mythic sails BPs from SotD's 34 and 36 lvl, while the biggest one I down with this anarchy Galley - was lvl-52 and this one gave me a mythic cannon blueprint with 200 of health and 100% damage lol : )) I threw it out board right in the moment I've got it : )
  2. George Catcher

    Tired of the Stupid Looking Maneuvering Sails

    I do notice sometimes that in real life the position of handling sail would not just provide any speed. Sometimes it even should work as a break parachute. Like here. Question is - why this handling sail filled with a wind FROM OPPOSITE SIDE of where wind actually blowing? Or here. In this case this handling sail should not provide me any speed, but break be down instead: There must to be done something with it. Because now it's just...
  3. George Catcher

    Elephant taming

    Just got my today. It was torture. I built a tames pen 4x4 with 2 walls high. Lured 12 lvl elephant there and... well I had like 50 wheat, 200 wild wheat, 150 throwing spears and 37 bolas. I used all. I actually tamed him with last bola and 3 sec left...and I was farming resources and creating spears for last 15%. I spent all farmed wheat and when taming level got around 75% - he killed me. Then once more. Then I saw 12%. I didn't expect it goes down THAT QUICK! I spent sometime to figure out - how to do it. I found the way - ppl wrote here above. Run to his stomach, looking to head. Feed him. Run back. All needs to be done as quick as possible. All risky and difficult and way long and any mistakes (like wrong angle of trapped body) force you back to begining. A lot of deaths. Taming lvl falls down unbelievable fast. With wild wheat 12lvl elephant get 1.6% at once.
  4. George Catcher

    Abandoned 7th treasure in a row.

    I don't know why it happening but so far ALL MY TREASURES are spawn in the very top of cliffs. It's not just "hard to get to" cliffs, but those - "no human suppose to be there". - I saw half of Army of Damned (AoD) falling down after spawn. I summoned them 4 times searching them far below - and keep seeing the message "no digging one guard is up" - I saw AoD spawned on tiny ledge where I suppose to jump in from my pick and somehow zerg all solders together, surviving all damage they land at me. One step aside and I falling to my death. - I saw AoD fall to the ocean, where I just didn't have enough stamina to destroy all solders and there were no island to regain it. - I saw AoD fall to the ocean, opposite side of any available ways back to the top and I just didn't have enough time to jump down and then back to dig a treasure. - I once just didn't have enough stamina to climb to the top. I tried like 30 times from different places. And guess what happened last time? Oh they were there: I hit my climbing pick and died. DEVs, do you know that climbing pick still randomly kills people? And when they do - no corpse left, and all stuff you had (including treasure map) is gone forever. Is that ADVENTURE OF LIFETIME - sail 2.5 hours, hit climbing pick, die, and sail back 2.5 hours - just naked, freezing to death? I'm sorry for being rude, but this last time game should not say: 'you died". it should say "ha-ha-ha f...ck you!" At least it would be honest. Is that changes you made with this 1.5? Well - they are bad one. Why did you do that? So things would not be that easy with tames? Well - things now just screwed. I just keep wasting my game experience. Because I spend hours and hours TO SAIL FOR NOTHING! (around 30% of your EU PVE servers are lagging as heal for me btw, so now it's not just sailing - it also 33% of torture). So I just curious - how we suppose to do it? Should we bring like 200 roofs, foundations and pillars with us, to build a stairways maybe?
  5. George Catcher

    Galleon stats?

    5% damage output per lvl. 8% resistance per lvl. Those are new stats. I personally would do 150% of sturdiness, some points to acommodation, about 10 points to attack and all other - to defence. But this is just my theory. I'll check it later. Oh, and I do PVE. Just SqotD's battles. (I personally wouldn't do it via Galley)
  6. George Catcher

    Treasures are broken!

    It's me just THAT UNLUCKY or DEVs broke treasure locations, but so far I got 7 maps. I sail to 7 locations. AND I HAD TO ABANDON 6 of those 7 treasures. So 7 places and just 1 treasure for 95 gold. Here is typical situation: Treasure high on a mountain (it's not about I cannot go there with bear), it's on the edge of cliff. Army spawned and next second - they all falling far down from the cliff. After that... well. Once I had just 4 yetis walking around there with resp timer of 2 minutes (I couldn't handle all with bear and of course myself). Another time - one fallen guy just disappeared and I kill em all for 4 times and keep seeing this message so no treasure because on guard is up. This one in picture above well... I CAN NOT fight all army in the water. My 160 stamina is not enough to handle just a single warrior and there are not a single island around to regain stamina. (I came with I ship this is not how it suppose to be) And I've got ALL 7 treasures there. High on a cliffs. Near the VERY EDGE of it! How do we suppose to gather those ears, you know? p.s. - the picture above - I've got bottle to the very location TWICE.
  7. George Catcher

    PvE claim system: what would make you quit?

    2day I was on my honey search mission, and went to J5 Mulwall Island. While I was gathering resources - guy written in a chat. He told that he built something (it was tames pen) and land owner without a single word just came by and demolished everything. So caution in EU PVE J5 Mulwall Island. Better not to build there...
  8. George Catcher


    It's missing just in renewed eastern tundra which is K-2/14, L-2/14, M-2/14 N-2/14 O-2/14. All other Tundra (from A to J) same as before wipe.
  9. George Catcher

    Abandoned ships......please not again

    ...or after decay timer our - it should just disappear. At least DEVs told us before wipe, that if you not getting your boat in the line of your side for a while, it'll disappear. (we got one near base as well)
  10. George Catcher

    Should we give M3 a chance? (Laggiest grid ever)

    It's like that. I play with my brother. We running same area, do some business there. Our pathfinders run by each other, we even use same smithy at the same time. And most important - in real life, we sitting next room from each other. So both our computers connected to a single router, and all our signals goes through one single optical cable from our house to wherever it goes. And yet sometimes I play fine, no problems, smooth stable ping 30-40. And my brother have this issue with creepy lags. Or it can be opposite. He plays fine. I play through lags. Two consistent patterns I found. - During the morning - lags never occur. But during evening time - they are always there. - (most important) If I play through the day - all fine. Lags appear ONLY AFTER I log out and then log in. Or after I change server (cross the border). So If I wont go anywhere, and if I wont log out (and game wont crash) - I'll keep experience stable low latency connection. And of course - If I sail through those lags from M3 to L3 for example, I'll see smooth game. If I back - laggy sailing. Today I built my new village in old place and while I was about to finish last houses, my brother went to M3 to deliver some of our stuff to a new place. And guess what? He didn't make it. He just said - sailing with THAT LAGGY server is just dangerous. He managed to get closest island and park there. Next morning he continue his journey... (I had perfect smooth game in my I2 grid and for test purposes I log out and log in several times, to see - if problem is global. So... no problems. No lags at all, even after log in).
  11. George Catcher

    Should we give M3 a chance? (Laggiest grid ever)

    Yes it's there also. If it was something in my side, I would experience all laggs everywhere. But I don't, I now back to my I2 where I spent all months before wipe and things go just well there. No laggs, stable ping around 30-40. I also built a base there, same size as before - it doesn't affect anything. Not a ping. Not even a fps. I know that my neighbors M3 experience NO LAGGS at all (I asked) and this is weirdest thing. My guessing - it's somehow connected to signal in the middle of it's way from me to server and back. So the question is - why sometimes it goes good optimal way, and another time - just worst laggy way ever. (Any yeah - tomorrow I plan to demolish all I built and moove. Eastern Tundra is beautiful but it's just not worth it). p.s. - before wipe I had 4 bases and 2 vilages the same size like in picture above, around my part of island. And things were well.
  12. I was always be as polite and gentle guy as possible, but now - I'm going to swear. Because the situation just pieces me off! We spent all time to find a lovely spot and settle there. It was in EU PVE M3 (lawless) grid Sunview Chain. And after we build a town, laggs came out. Right now most of my time it's just impossible to play there. It's as LAGGY AS HELL! It shows ping around 160-255 but the situation is like I have connection for 1 sec. Then for 2-3 sec I have connection lost and all environment do mannequin challenge. Look how awesome my sailing there: Same on the shore. It's impossible to sail and encounter SqotDs. Its impossible to face wild animals in a shore. All I can do - is just slowly gather resources near my base (it take 25-30 hits for a single tree) and pray - so there wont be any lions around. It's not about our internet connection, because it's stable 100mbs optic and when I change a grid - all goes well (no laggs, and ping around 30). Sometimes even in this M3 my brother play fine with no laggs (ping 30) and I experience laggs (ping 255). Sometimes it's opposite (I have 30, my bro have 255). And we sitting next room from eachother and use same internet through one single router). I keep asking our neighbors - they say, all fine for them as well. And it's not just affect game experience. I was 3 times far from home. When I sail back, when I cross the border TO THAT M3 grid, some serious [email protected] happening. - First time I just stuck inside my steering wheel. I couldn't move, couldn't perform any action. I could just watch my ship go full speed somewhere. After a couple minutes game crashed with this "ran out of memory "Line 51" error" - Then again I crossed back to M3 and got my sails control just gone. I didn't have any HUD signs of sails I couldn't control them. After a couple minutes game crashed with this "ran out of memory "Line 51" error" - Then again I crossed back. My sails stacked in one position. I was rotating them, trying to lower them down. They then back to where they were themself. After a couple minutes game crashed with this "ran out of memory "Line 51" error" - I was trying to build large gates for my tames paddock. Game crashed with this "ran out of memory "Line 51" error" - My brother was trying to build a schooner and somehow planks appeared in center of a ship. Then game crashed with this "ran out of memory "Line 51" error" Through all problems we built a beautiful village, with hope that laggs will be fixed. But it's just become worse every day. We just FORCED to demolish all of that: ...and move. So I just wanna ask a DEVs should we give this M3 a chance, or screw it! Screw this renewed eastern tundra, destroy all town above and sail back to were we were before wipe? p.s - it's actually ALL "M" column, M2, M4 etc...
  13. George Catcher

    New Horse Appearance

    Hey. Don't call em not useful! : ) Before wipe I had lvl 74 horse and she could handle even a tiger, and could carry insane amount of luggage! I often used her to quick run for metal spawns far from base!
  14. George Catcher

    Can we get an 2-3x weekend?

    As long as 1.5 just started and maybe some ppl still about to join - doing x2 now will probably give an advantage for those already in game. I also would like to see it tho, didn't start my ship building yet. But anyway I just got a bear tame, so thing should go fine now : )
  15. George Catcher

    EU PVE M3. Laggy ping and crazy planks!

    EU PVE. M3 grid. I've never experienced THAT AMOUNT of laggs. My internet connection super-stable 100mbs. I run speedtest twice last hour. Yet after relog - I experience ping problem. It shows around 160, but in game it's like - all run well for a 1 sec. Then for 3-4 sec connection just missing. Then again - 1 sec of normal running. 3-4 sec of mannequin challenge. - It's not about internet connection. Because we have it good. - It's not about server stability because in server choice screen it shows 70ms. - Whole day I got everything fine. Super smooth game. My brother joined me later. He had this laggy issue (160 ping and mannequin challenges) while I was no problem 44ms smooth connection. That lasts for hours and hours (we sitting next room from each other, we have same internet through one router). After I relog - I've got those laggs as well. Any1 have any ideas how to fix this? ------- Oh, and we were thinking of building our firs schooner, but... I guess NOT TODAY. Our pathfinders forgot how to place planks right.