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  1. You know, there were a lot of gr8 sailing games. For example in Russia long ago we had this cool single player Corsairs game, and I remember all good from this one. Fractions was one of this good thing (there were Britain, France, Holland, Spain and of course PIRATES!!!) So good Sailing MMO could use that. I remember what you said about goldens with pirates, and local quests. To be honest if I would do the game, I would make a single freeport island each grid, where a lot of NPCs, quest givers, banks, etc, and within all other island I would allow players to capture just a shoreline. And all middle depths parts of each island would make dangerous place! With aggressive wild animals and ancient forces guarding some ruins etc. And made all quests leads there. Unfortunately we WONT get THE GAME. I dream about sailing age romance, adventures, Pirates of Caribbean, sailing fleets facing eachother, etc. I dream about sailing age MMO. But... well. As devs said - Atlas is NOT MMORPG. It's Sandbox game : (
  2. Sigh. They did exactly what they did with Ramming Galley. Unrepairable during the battle. No wallhooks and ladders. Consist of parts that you don't know how many you've got and how many damage you took. If this one is also not maneuverable - then... I totally don't understand it's purpose. I did last ship survey and wrote down a lot of all issues (especially repairs related), so I hope they'll figure something out.
  3. When Russians see French text they don't understand they immediately remember this: "M'sieu! Je ne mange pas six jours!" (This one is really famous phrase from old fashion soviet comedy movie).
  4. @Ranger1k this one from Steam news.
  5. Y-y-y-y-yea guys, what's the point? I mean I'm glad, but you do realize that next patch will bring WIPE and we all will start over right? So most of players don't play and wait for this wipe and those who do play - will lose all, no matter how many they will gather with those X-es? Also the question is - will this patch happen before 23rd and we'll star over with X5 EXP (I welcome that but every1 who star right after patch will level fast and place their warehouses), or after 23rd and then there wont be any points of those x-x-x-x-x...?
  6. So... as far as we didn't hear a word from devs for a while, they preparing something big? (I mean, they don't work a month to introduce a croc-tame don't they? Because if so then game will go form EA to release state in like 70 years lol )
  7. I still don't understand why I keep getting parrot eggs, gunpowder, cannonballs and ingots : )))
  8. Ok, there will be a wipe SOON™ and it means - this is a chance for new players to establish their trading stuff. Last week with great help and advises from @Nacona buddy, I was trying to test trading stuff and get along with it. Right now I have 2 farms (just a windmill and lumberyard), one warehouse, and one market. I get tons of different resources and most important 4000 - 12000 gold everyday!!! I just wanna share my trading experience, and write what I found so far. 1) - Build your trading chain. You need at least 1 farmhouse. 1 warehouse (build on a shore) and 1 market built near warehouse. (The more farms are better, but I'm not sure if you'll get any profit from like 5-6 farms. I have 2 and my warehouse hell full of famed stuff). Note that usual farmhouse (this windmill house) with 100% efficiency full itself within couple of hours and stop working. 75% efficiency - will get farm working for like 5-6 hours until it full. So if you not near, you better get it to 50% (2 buildings alongside). However my lumberyard with 100% efficiency works 24/7, as long as it have fuel. All farms and warehouses consumes around 500 fuel per real life day. 2) - Get yourself started. First you need to wait a while and check - what your farms brings. Like check my farmhouse: I've got: - Cotton. - Obsidian. - Resin. - Roots. - Sandstone. - Softwood. - Wetwood. What I do, is I go my market, and set for trading: - Cotton for generic fibers. - Obsidian for generic flint. - Resin for generic saps. - Roots for generic thatches. - Sandstone for generic stone. - Softwood and wetwood for generic wood. And DONT ADD ANYTHING ELSE YET!!! Don't worry. You wont get those generic resources back (i mean those you get at freeport or by demolishing stuff) Choosing one will brings you back ANY RESOURCES THIS TYPE!!! 3) - First tradings: - Name your market something like 1x1. - Push: "Find New Trading Route". - Check if there are 30-income routes available. - You can check what guys offers you by pressing cogwheel button and then "View Trading Offers". The left column of wares shows what other player offer you for exchange. Right one - shows what do he want. Like on the picture above @Nacona ready to receive from me any wood (I've got softwood and wetwood), thatches (I've got roots) and any fibers (I've got cotton). (Btw we've got like 103 ships running right now!!! this is insane). Send trading offers to 30-income guys, with as many resources he wants from you as possible. After I established my first couple of trading, I found that woods and thatches are most popular wares here. That's why I decided to add lumberyard to my trading chain. 4) - Maximizing profit. After you established your first routes, wait a day or two. Then check what wares you've got for your trading. Like check this one, I've got for trading tons of BARK thatches every day!!! So you if you see some wares that appears in your warehouse a lot, then you go market and SEND THESE WARES back for trading!!! I personally have lightwood, barks, rushes, hemp and more stuff I receive a lot and trade it back. As for my trading with Nacona I send him wetwood and softwood and get lightwood for exchange. After that I send him lightwood back and get my wetwood and softwood : )) Same with cotton for hemp and then hemp back for cotton. Sounds weird but it generates gold anyway : )) This one is optional, but you can also establish one or two trading with guys who ready to exchange different resources. So check new routes, view offers. Like check this one out: Keep you trade routes updated (some1 might cancel one, or some1 can send better offers). Make sure your farms and warehouse have fuel (I have 6 nitrite nodes around so I fuel my farms with coal-type of fuel). Make sure your warehouse have free slots (it can maximum have 120 slots wares but once I suddenly saw like 135/120) so if there are like 10 slots of same resource you can transfer 6 to you storage box (I use resources boxes for that). Any additional info is welcome here : ))
  9. Yeah if your ship is within claim tower radius (not just water tower, but land tower also, and ppl can place land towers on the shipyard edge), after tower start working - all structures of all ships within claimed radius will be claimed too. After that tower's owner can place F1 claim flag on the deck and fully claim the ship. Some say tho, that after formal owner looses all structures on the ship, he can unclaim and claim back the ship, and get all stuff back. Didn't test this one.
  10. Well... I for the first time went trenches with dolphin. A-a-a-a-a-and... as far as trenches has a lot of discovery points, any1 can easily use one to get some x-tra +max lvl. (I mean... with current leveling issues, I doubt anyone goes beyond lvl-70, and 9 powerstones gives you +26 max lvl... but, anyway. Maybe some1 don't wanna do hydras hunting and naked cave running, and only want just few more x-tra levels fast... I dunno...).
  11. I hope they warn us, at least the day before wipe...
  12. 39) - Code "per island" stuff. And one more thing. You definitely should find a way to code somehow "per island" state for stuff and companies. Right now with windmills and warehouses - their radius so big so we forced to keep unnecessary distances from other companies, and forced to capture unnecessary areas in lawless. For example check this one out: I created my very compact base and I love to keep it this way. I don't really need that huge area for myself... I had to put 2nd flag to 2 types of trees growing aside, to set my windmill. After that I decided to expand my forest business, and wish to build yet another lumber yard. Guess what? With current farmhouse radius I HAD TO GO to hell in the middle of nowhere capture a land there, to set my 2nd farm. And I have like plenty of trees I need around, way closer to my base, I just couldn't set my forestry closer due to RADIUS. Oh and there is some guy have his base farther there and I just put my flag in the middle of his area. Guess how happy he was with that? Instead of radius, you could do just limit structure per island for each company. For example, 1 warehouse, 3 farmhouses. I could set my 2 towers, and place one farm to the shore for Iron, and 2 farms to the nearest woods for all other kind of stuff. I would use just 2 flags area and all my neighbors be happy!!!
  13. While we are waiting for wipe, I put myself in lawless life and trading, and wanna bring few more thoughts about current mechanics. 38) - How trading should be designed: Right now we can set our markets to trade some stuff for some stuff, and this is up to us what it will be. Usually players do 1x1 wood for wood, fiber for fiber etc. In the meantime, for example, polar guys don't have fiber on their islands but they have like tons of gems, metal and crystals, and would love to sell em for fibers. Some grids have honey and they don't need like resin, syrup etc, but would welcome some x-tra types of wood... I've got my cotton for hemp so successful so I in a week I've got like 130 000 hemps in storage and 60 000 more in my warehouse, so I could trade this one too, but guys who ready to trade with Tundra only knows that my warehouses brings me cotton and won't send any wares for hemp. SO HOW THIS ONE SHOULD WORK: Well... something thislike: - I name my market. - I click: Stuff I offer and put there all I've got for trading. - I click: Stuff I wanna and put there all I wanna (it's not necessary. We can put specific ware or just a type of resource like "Gem" or "Saps" or whatever). - I click: Trading Offers and see all markets within my market's radius. - I click: View Offers/Demm each market to see what do the guy have for trading and what do he want. - I click: Send Offer and put there my wares for his wares and then send it. If he receive my offer, then our trading is established for 1 week. After week is expired I can either send another offer or extend current trading for yet another week. Or just cancel this one. 39 - Do this stuff needs to be in the game? Few words of current game mechanics. Like: a) - Aging. It's fine for rejuvenation buff, but after 3rd buff is gathered, players just plays 100years old grandies, with debuff icon that doesn't do anything. After 3rd rejuvenation buff is gathered we should be able to choice what age we should freeze ourselves on. b) - Hairgrows. It's no point to use scissors because in just few hours our hairs will grow and ruin length and style we choose. In the end we all run with mess-hairy guys and girls... oh I mean grandmas and grangpas. There should be haircuts introduced (doable by scissors and maybe blueprints). But hair grow should be stopped. Right now it turns out that the Atlas is the world of hairy 100 years old grandfathers and grandmothers : )) p.s. - Picture above is 100th picture I used in my feedback threads. Anniversary lol : )
  14. Didn't play any sailing game except old Russian Corsairs game (which had some pretty cool mechanics). But... I mean I didn't come up with some rare unique ideas. Those are somewhere near. Like all trading stuff... well for example something this like is in Star Citizen (my brother plays this one, and earning money for new space ship by trading). That's what old captains did alot in sailing ages. That's what pirates hunted a lot as well... And right now in Atlas... we still hearing words about pirate MMO but all devs introduces is... tames stuff. Building and automated trading stuff. Some inland prefab building stuff and claiming inland territories stuff... still waiting for anything pirates related : ))
  15. I know my opinion it totally unpopular, but I kinda like the idea of putting some efforts to earning new ships. I mean, there once was old Russian pirate game called "Corsairs" and you newer start in with Linen Ship. You start with bummer "Barkas" or "Tartan" boat with 4 smallest cannons each side, and had to earn money with trading, some questing, or robbing merchants sailing around. Of course you couldn't fight big guys in the beginning, and it was long way full of hardships. You had to earn your right to be a captain of big and strong ship. And that was the journey. The are two bad things of it in Atlas tho. First - lack of ways to earning golds. Trading routes are works but with current warehouses radius - there are just 15 warehouses around big size island, and this is totally no fascinating way to put 3-4 building and see money appears in your storage. Treasures are good but yet monotonous all the same and only doable by tames. I would say they should definitely increase amount of gold earning from high level damned ships, but... with current stern shotgun meta it's no big deal to sink lvl-60 damned galley with just sloop or schooner... (but compared to automated gold appearing in warehouse - it's just the hell alot of efforts lol). Whales - boring kiting. Flotsams and sunken ships - those are just approach, dive and loot... so. I mean it could be really cool if some towns appeared everywhere, and there were like trading guys there, buying and selling stuff you can't use, but just load your storages and deliver it to somewhere. With different prices, we could use this trading activities (and of course in pvp players could hunt trading ships for wares to sell). Also some delivery quest (like sail 6 grids away and gather specific resources and bring them to quest giver) would be great, as well as some quests to fight all kind of high level guys in Goldens (and those guys could also drop golds...). Unfortunately DEVs won't do that. (And I'm guessing, it's not about game's vision or something. It's about they just don't know how to code it, or they are just lack of resources to do so). And second. A lot of ways to lose your ship out of ingame battles. In fact. I didn't lose a single ship in real fight! But I loose like hundreds of them to game glitches. My first 5K schooner was sunk after 15 minutes sailing. I just got game crash and game didn't let me in until my ship was destroyed. Camping borders damned ships, some glitches with ocean bottom, trolls in Kraken fight... ship can just eject you to the ocean near damned ship. And yet now all those claiming issues. What devs really should do, is to let us buy our ship back after it sunk. For example, we could pay like 100g per day to some freeport shaman, and after our ship is sunk, within some period of time, this shaman can summon it back for... like 10% of it's price. 500g for schooner. Totally empty, with no crew, but same design and stuff (like high level parts) and same level. But... yet again, I doubt they could introduce this kind of stuff. Because they need to code game mechanics for that, not just add some stuff. Not sure if they can do that (sigh).
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