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  1. Right now - Brigantine is all you need to fight damned ships. You can add some extra guns in deck (I personally prefer 4 extra each side, so I do 10 cannon volley). And then hunt ANY damned ship by usual boardside fight (it's really fun, you should find right tactics to do so etc). Or you can just put 5-10 cannons to stern and simply do "kite-n-shoot" with no trouble. The biggest damned crowd I fought - is 11 damned ships in a row. Highest one - 2 damned brigs lvl-54 and lvl-56 and 2 galleys lvl-54 and lvl-60 at once. So what I wanna tell is... more ship types would be cool. But with current "free to build" system - we already got EVERYTHING we need. While ago I saw this ship passing by my island. (I really don't like "designs" like that but every games allows you to do "free building" turns to "screw all aesthetics and historical accuracy" and then "META" comes in).
  2. Alright here is the questions. 1) - Are there treasure maps, sunken treasure will still contain a gold? Because if not - all solo/duo/few companies will have to set their trade routes. 2) - Are there solo/duo/few companies will be able to set their trade routes? ------------------ The current situation is bad for our company. Because we were able to place a 0.25% rate windmill (0.25 because it's on the sharp slope, and we had to put huge 5x7 foundation underneath). But we are not able to place a warehouse. Because few companies in my island already place theirs and there is just no place to set my warehouse due to radius restrictions (+ addition windmill also unavailable, all my island covered by those as well). So no possible trade routes for us.
  3. I wish they would at least say to us - how many ppl working on the game, and how do they do in those hard pandemic times. Because for me it looks like 2.5 ppl working on the game on a leftover basis. Maybe they do ARK basically or even some side projects, and from time to time open Atlas project for couple of hours, do something with totally no enthusiasm, and then close it for next days, or even weeks...
  4. I... errrrr... just curious, are DEVs preparing something BIG, or we just back to 1 news + 1 small fix in couple months?
  5. I dunno maybe something changed, but when we first settled, alphas (they were in Lawless too) were real threat. We even chat within our island, to let every1 know where yet another alpha spotted, we were building our defense lines to keep our places safe, and went for help our neighbors if their bases were attacked. The game those times was real survival adventure! Right now - all wild life in PVE is a joke. No more alphas in Lawless, and if I travel, for example, to polar - I ride my bear or tiger to hunt them. Once I dealt with lvl80+ damned army and alpha yeti at once. It's just game turned from adventures to "happy farm" state. And someone want it to be even easier...
  6. You know, when EA of this game just started almost 2 years ago, there was a bug with forever loading on Primal Game Data. The only player could do is use Alt+F4 and start game again. Guess what? It's back!!!
  7. In PVE I often see about 5-6 ppl online. But my base in Tundra where bears live, and those who play "Happy Farm" often come for tames. And yeah. I'm currently waiting for further updates. In current state - PVE is THAT much efforts: And that little reward: So I guess right now those who came to the game for their grand palaces buildings and then breeding tames - are only happy players in the game. p.s. - Oh and... yeah. There will be "New World" game next spring... If nothing will change here, then most of players will go there (only building designers and breeders will stay).
  8. IMAO - storm should not be global. It should be a single local spot on the grid slowly moving thru. Sometimes it's deadly tornado in the center. And the only goal for players and NPC will be to avoid the zone at all costs. Or if you accidently got in, to, then, escape out. Huge waves should damage planks. If you stay wrong angle - waves can overturn your vessel. Strong wind - do some damage to full sails. Lightning should also damage masts. And tornado just destroy your ship, crew and you with debris. That's how it should work. And... well there should be some rewards for storm avoidance, storm escape and really unique rewards for survive tornado : ))
  9. I'm just wanna remind that next spring most of your player's base will leave to the new Amazon's project. Most of PVP players will definitely leave (I mean if there won't be worse way to do griefing than it's is here right now). Most of PVE players will be gone too. The only players will stay - are those who came here to play "The Sims", "Minecraft" and "Happy Farm" (those who do their grand palaces constructions and then breeding bears). So that's the time! Till late spring 2021. If you will turn the game to "playable" state, fix pvp and pve issues, get the game to real "seas adventures" state, players will stay. If not... then you'll probably will have to change all to more "Sims" and "Happy Farm" state and/or attach this one to ARK.
  10. Same with armor in PVE. This season my comrade spent like 6 weeks to craft and improve mythical armor. After that he got ONE SHOT kill from damned warrior. "So many efforts, so little reward" - that's what this game was always be.
  11. I've done lvl22 map solo with a Tiger - so it definitely good for PVE. (I really don't like that there is just no alternatives to tames right now and tames are in most stupid way like you order them to bite your enemy. If I would do the game, I would make "knight style" fight. Like you riding and hit your enemies with your weapon, or you have an animal that fight alongside)
  12. Spear bolts for underwater riffle is still there. But... errr... I hit manta ray with it, then approach to the dead body, grab it. Then spear bolt which was sticking out of it disappeared. And I've got message that I have 0 spear bolt added.
  13. Last time in Tundra we made "guest pier" for any1 who wanna visit our place. There was unlocked building there with grille, tannery, mortar and pestle, and some saps inside storage box. We even made a lights with lever (code was written near on sign) : )) Don't know if any1 actually used it, but we had to restock saps regular : ) (unfortunately right now Tundra not THAT deadly as if was before).
  14. As far as I checked - right now distance between warehouses got less than 500m. But anyway - some player placed his warehouse around 200m from my base, so I still keep my in storage box.
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