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  1. Before continue as I promised, I just wanna remind - I have kinda poor photoshop skills. But anyway. I've tried my best. 18) - Inventory interface. What was bad about inventory - TOTALY MISSPLACED ACCENTS! I mean we have small backpack, but huge opened crafting part (I just noticed I can hide crafting). Crafting window has ALL recipes together. Then we have smallest window with most important information, especially that tiny buffs parts where you should scroll it for all 50 buffs you've got... and then HUGE portrait, which no one cares about. We don't have that may armor types and cosmetic you know? We also have some numbers that doesn't tell us a thing. I mean what does it mean I have 179 armor? How many absorb it provides me? How many do I need to face a yeti??? And this HYPOTHERMAL INSULATION - 353??? What is that? What does it tell me you know? It tells me that I have some sh*t for 353... We've got a funny in Russia: Airplane is flying high in the skies. Suddenly captain scream his order: - Navigator! Gauges!!! Navigator calls back: - Twenty!!! Cap: - What do you mean by twenty? Nav: - What do you mean by gauges? I would change all that to something like that: With back pack I already told what should be changed. All recipes must be sorted in folders like in smithy. Central part is best for name, xp, level, portrait and clothes spots. Right part - for numbers. - Armor should show how many damage absorb I've got. - All temperature stuff should show just what temperature I'm going to have "cold", "freeze", "hot" and "overheat" state. - All bonuses I've got should be sorted by folder that I can open and close. Like all I've got from quests - in quests folder. All I've got in survival, like my swim speed, cold water resistance, harvesting boost, etc. - in Survival folder. Also if the same bonuses can appear in different parts (like taming in quests and beastmastery, or some damage bonus might be at weapon skills and in the weapon and armor itself) I should be able to point my mouse to the stat and popup window shows how may I have in total. And last thing. You might notice - temperature, grid name, time are gone, well... that's actually first line important information that should be with us all the time. It means: "Grid gauge" should be introduced. It shows: - Grid name and it's type (L) for lawless and (F) for freeport. - Grid type by special sign, like tundra sign, polar sign etc. - Weather sigh, like rain, fog, clear sky, tornado etc. - Time of day. - Temperature. And yeah. C'mon DEV's I still do care about the game that much, so I spend a lot of time do all text (I'm not English speaker, so this is not that easy for me) and all this photoshop stuff. So please read this one at least one. Maybe you'll have inspiration of all this stuff and change at least something for good?
  2. lvl-5 bottle is usually 1 grid away from where you found a bottle and easily "zerg" by just a regualr (even lvl-1) bear tame. It gives you around 250-300 gold. So it's actually matter of couple days - sailing sloop and digging a treasures. Also check shipwreck. Lvl-10 is around 300 gold. Lvl-18 around 600-700!!! I once got 2 wrecks next to eachother - one lvl-16 another lvl-18. Lucky me!!!) Then you go Schooner, and things go global. Go to NE island at C6 to catch a high lvl Tiger (caution this island has insane wild animals spawn so building not just a trap but also a shelter - highly recommended). And do all high lvl maps (don't forget to wear an armor and drink grog before fight. Tiger also drinks a grog btw, but his buff goes for only 5 minutes). It's tricky, do to lvl-20 map with tiger but his bleed attack goes long way. The only thing you should know - if damned warrior (or solder) don't swing his weapon for a while - he buried underground and restore health. So you have to make him swing and avoid attack. To do so - you either move backward or hit him before he hits you. Patience, caution and let the bleed do all work (it's around 5-10% of health per hit). So you go global. Do treasure. Put couple of ballistas to stern and do whales quests. Do mermaid quest. And do alot of discoveries. I personally go to a grid for the first time (if there is no goldens there), dig treasure, and do all landfalls this grid. So count this phase of a game as "earning gold and max levels". By the time you'll get your 18k for brig you'll probably have max-lvl around 60+ (enough for all in captaining skill tree), and then you will be able to join the battles on BRIG. There is just a one problem. Game still instable. There is a risk to hit whale or damned legion camping a grid border. And... well... you can loose your Schooner right the first voyage after you get a ship. It... happened to me. Game just crashed and didn't allow me to log in until my schooner was destroyed. Can you imagine how unhappy I was that day!!! As for trading... it's... wel... I mean it's super stupid and boring. You put 3 prefab building, set your trading routes, and wait until you'll get some resources you even didn't set for trading, and also gold around 1500 each day. You just don't understand - why you get all those resources. You see like 90 pages of logs per day with messages like: "You shipment 923759832475983749 was sent" "You shipment 1123412341231212413987931234124 was complete". I mean... It made really weird way. It's like "money for nothing" and you don't get how it's actually work. After a next wipe I WONT even try to set those things up again. It's better to explore the world and get gold. I don't know why devs don't wanna us to do that...
  3. Okay Grapes guys, I do understand you very busy to inventing even more cool features (which I won't ever use anyway, because I don't care about tames, tames hats, all trading stuff - I didn't came here to be a pirate age tycoon, etc.) But hear me out. Maybe you stop inventing new stuff for a while and just a little bit work with old one? For example: 16) - Damned ship look. The only thing solo PVE player encounter in seas is damned ship, but c'mon DEVs: I mean it looks like some alien crustaceans made some bones ship and then put disco rave dance party inside. It should look mystery and scary, but now - it looks funny. Maybe... 17 - How about that MINIMALISTIC INTERFACE you made? It looks like a temporary version. I mean even small Russian company that made a Corsairs game ages ago worked a bit on HUD graphics with all chains, ropes, royal velvet, wooden and old sheet of paper style parts. I... well have kinda poor photoshop skills but screen interface could be more... arty, more old fashion etc. It's a bit late in Russia right now, but I'll also will mention inventory and stats screen tomorrow...
  4. 15 - Trading feedback. Alright, I finally was able to join the party and set my trading!!! a) - To do so I had to wait until guy who built closest warehouse to me - drop the game and didn't show up for 20 days. Only then I was able to demolish his warehouse and built my. So... I mean, I hope that was your plan (and it's weird plan), so players only can experience some game features after another players drop the game for at least 20 days. If not - you screwed somewhere up. What developer in the world would wanna players don't play his game??? b) - Even tho my windmill and warehouse have enough fuel, windmill always stops due to lack of storage space. It means windmill and warehouse don't synchronized at all. c) - My windmill produces just a regular stuff. Some wood, thatches, fibers and stones. I also manually gather some metal (there is one spot with nodes in my island, but there are like 30-40 nodes there) and put metal to my warehouse. I set all 1x1 exchange - wood for different types of wood. Fiber for different type of fiber. Thatches for thatches. Stones for stones. Metal for metal. And that's it. You wanna know what I found in my warehouse after I log in today? - Tons of gems (ruby, opal, diamond). - Tons of ingots (iridium and silver). - Some eggs. - 100 cannonballs. I mean. I happy with that, but... DEVs you do know HOW UNCLEAR YOUR GAME IS? I mean WHY? Why did I get all this stuff? I didn't set it up for trading... who put it in to my warehouse? Can I pick it up, or I should leave it there so all stuff will continue travel to somewhere? ¯ \ _ (ツ) _ / ¯ d) - All logs trading related are AWFULL. I mean It looks like that: - 15:00 your shipment #3897503475 was sent. - 16:00 your shipment #9823429387987 completed. And i've got like 90+ pages in just ONE DAY. I mean who in the world will be able to navigate those numbers? But the bad thing about all this stuff it not the way it made. The bad thing is... well. It gives me the opportunity not to leave the island. I mean, before that, I had to do some exploration, to gather some different resources. And it was some kind of sail age romance. You sail somewhere and then you back home with ship full of stuff. Now I only need to build three building and wait until I've got all I need. And most of all - now we actually need to do some trading work. Instead of sailing somewhere, experience sea battles, I stay in my island, and riding horse for metal, to put it in warehouse, to set yet another trading route. You really sure you wanna PVE game became this like, so everyone will log in once a day, to just relaunch windmill and check what they've got in result of automated trading? I really hope you guys really do understand where you heading your game to. Right now I have more and more doubts I understand your vision. But correct me if I wrong. We are not going to see seas adventures anymore right? No more pirates of Caribbean. No more sailing age romance? We're gonna see some kind of ARK, at the release, with bases, tames, more tames, tames with hats and happy farmers and trading tycoons around right? You should at least not torture players, who waiting for THE GAME of sailing, piracy and adventures and make a clear statement of what you plan to turn your game in to. p.s. - And yeah. I wish I was able to at least paint my windmill, warehouse and market.
  5. Last patch devs told that next one will be Jan-11. It's 12 in Russia right now, and we're looking forward to see devs waking up from holidays hibernation : )) I just remember the funny we have in Russia. Professor from university sleeping the night before exam. At 3 a.m. the phone call wakes him up. And voice from the phone asked: - Are you sleeping? Professor say: - I'm... The voice say then: - And we are studying!!!
  6. You know what's weird? I lost my Tiger in around Dec-10. This firs day I spent like 5-6 hours, sailing forward and back, searching all route I did since my departure till I noticed my tame is not on my vessel. And now... whole MONTH passed and I didn't get a single message in my company log. I mean within a month my tiger could die of hunger. Could be eaten by a shark. And I would see message about my tame's death in log. And there is no message. It's like she just erased from game existence.
  7. I would add that all DEVs made alot of skills that totally unclear!!! For example - there is a skill in captaining tree that makes your crew repair your ship faster. The question is - when it works? - Is it works only when I'm on the ship? - Is it works when I'm within some distance from the ship? - Or maybe it works on all ships within company and only one company member should learn these, so all ships get bonuses? - Is it work only when I'm online, or it works 24/7? - Should I go sleep to the ship's hold to make this bonus work when I'm offline? So many questions!!! : )
  8. I personally would love to see some outside beautification. I mean, I built small village this season and it could looks way better with some fences and road textures. BUT!!! The problem is - more polys = more server lag! I just wanna remind how disasterrific © things were at C7 PVE last season. Some crazy pharaoh was trying to build a pyramid there and server was unplayable 24/7 due to extreme lag.
  9. We-ve got 2x2 now. And it would be gr8 to see 2x3 or even 1x3 (2 and 1 high and 3 wide).
  10. Grapes definitely should improve their machinery! (and yeah, New World is coming. Spring 2021 is closer).
  11. Or you can just pick repair hammer in your hands, then all resources you have in resource box will count as if you have them with you.
  12. Same here PVE G8 official. It was happening before wipe, btw. That period when devs were missing for like months, same glitch occur old servers.
  13. I entered my base last evening, I was about to test something about this new lumbermill but... well. G8 PVE got to unplayable state. There are freezes and warpbacks every 14 sec. I mean every 14 sec all wild fauna stops for 2-3 sec, then, if you move during this stop period, then you teleport back to where you were before this stop happen. It stupid. You jump from the pier to your ship, run through the deck, enter lower deck. Next second you find yourself running the pier right in to waters. You go for metal with your horse. You command horse to follow. You found metal node, run to it and start to hit it. Next second you find yourself 20 steppes back, hitting your poor horse. I refuse to play and test everything in these conditions. I had this issue before wipe, when devs didn't show up for a months! And yeah... I guess no codding will help here. Grapeshot need seriously improve their machinery!
  14. 14 - Market gave me 255+ Yeap. I built a market in my base in case some day I will be able to put warehouse there. It didn't work due to warehouse missing, just stayed idle. After that my ping get to 255+ state and server simply became unplayable. I asked in chat if any else have ping issues and players told this is smooth lawless server for them ever. Yesterday, before log out I demolished marked (and also silo I built for no reasons). Today I have smooth 60 ping.
  15. It serves my company : )) And yeah - those buildings are not cosmetic, each one equipped by stuff like one building with couple of forge, another one with loom, tannery mortar and pestle etc. I wasn't actually. And it's lawless so it's no one's island. And I do understand - ppl has right to build. And with this warehouse this was probably one available spot to build (although it doesn't do anything). And that's what we trying to say here on forum. Devs made things this way, so ppl HAVE TO build their only warehouse inside of someone's base, and then hope that some players around WILL DROP THE GAME and after 10 days farmhouse will decay, so they will finally be able to build one of their and connect it to warehouse (inside some one else's base). So... I mean, really! If devs make things work for players only after another players DROP the game, it means devs made something terribly wrong lol : ))
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