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  1. George Catcher

    Ship improvements

    They should basically just add "repair dock" and all your full repairs, redesigns, etc you can just do inside this dock (you park your ship in, make an improvement if needed, then it shows - how much resources you need to bring for repairs and changes). Then you can save your design and use it in future. What I would also do - is to cancel planks disappearing. Even with 0hp planks are still there, with huge holes and water flood ship insides. As for repair - introduce "patches" you can apply to your ship parts and those can restore hp of parts up to 50% (a bit more if patches are better quality). I actually would redo all ship system. I wrote the ideas here. It would dramatically reduce creativity within ship design (still there are some), but bring ships to more real state, make so ship types are matter, and it will add possibility to add different styles of ships in a game like eastern style, nordic style etc.
  2. I would change all totally. - Horse taming with cargo carriage - available with basic survival skills. There are 3 separated branches of skills in tames tree: 1) - For battle tames: their damage, survival, and unique battle skills (like howl buff for volves). Cancel the way you riding tames and command them to bite/hit enemies. All battle tames - fight their own by your side. 2) - Riding Skills - the way old fashion knights did their battles. With unique lance and firearm weapons, different saddles, charges skills etc. So if you wanna ride and fight - do it like they do on a discovery channel did ages ago with your own hands. 3) - Non battle tames: their speed, gathering, carrying and unique resource skills (like finding rare materials). And one more thing. Armor clothes are needed. Because it's pain to see an elephant in tundra area.
  3. George Catcher

    Translation Link

    It's been like that for last year I guess because I've tried to help a year ago and got same "went wrong" page. And yeah, when I downloaded game after my hdd wipe, I got my "russian" language set by default. A-a-a-a-and after I enter the game I saw text like this: "◘◘◘◘◘◘ ◘◘◘◘◘◘◘ ◘◘◘"
  4. George Catcher

    Autopilot Travel

    What they really should do relating to sea travels is: - Cut mapsize at least twice. - Add random dangerous activities in the ocean we should pass through or avoid with rewards for that. All my thought of this is here:
  5. George Catcher

    Video! Doinng a 54 and 47 quality map on diff 1.0

    Looks sooooo piracy! It's like I've watcher Pirates of Caribbean!!! (sarcasm) I mean... we still in the game of sailing, open seas romance, great battles, and adventures, right? Not in "happy farm", "sims" or some king of breeding simulator? Or... devs actually planned so we will play this way - spend 200h. of breeding and then bring army of bears and dinos so they will kill damned magical army for us? (I mean - well done for TS, he did gr8 job, but... the game itself...)
  6. George Catcher

    Ship Lantern Toggle?

    Press "O" several times while on podium or steering wheel. It will turn on/off all lanterns/torches you attached to your ship.
  7. The best they can do in this state just to somehow attach Atlas back to ARK and forget about all this sailing piracy romance. So we could just stop suffering from pipe dreams and go wait until next pirate sailing game appears. Maybe next one will be THE game we all deserve.
  8. I think they'll introduce all brand new (what's pirate game really needs) - giant tame lobster! Or maybe some king of magic ballistic missile, can be launch from this lobster's back...
  9. George Catcher

    Galleon Sails Preference

    I guess I'll try this one next time I join the game. And btw I once got mythic cannon bp with just 100% damage lol : ) I shoot 10 at once, and with Overdrive it 2 shoots in a row and then Rally do the work : ) But I think that (what's in the picture above) should be changed, totally! Because non of those ships were able to do totally 100% synchronized and parallel shot. So instead of this: They should do this: So when I hit fire - my vessel do volley within... lets say 3 second and all my cannonballs lands in wide area. And then my captaining skills comes in to decrease area of attack range and lower volley time.
  10. George Catcher

    Galleon Sails Preference

    As far as I remember, I keep 10 point in sturdiness (because of it longer sinking time). 10 points in damage. Rests to defense. But I still not sure of how many we should put in to defense and attack. I don't do any x-tra beds (because I use only one side of my ship for battle and have 13 crew + myself on ship. And If I remember it right - default Brig have 16 crew capacity) I don't do any weight, because I don't use this ship for world exploration, resource gathering, far half-atlas traveling etc. That's why I actually keep couple of vessels anchored near my base. One for SotD hunting, another one for whales and far travels etc. When I was on my lvl-50 galley hunt, I also had 138% damage cannons, journeyman sails and common planks for 6200+ hp. installed.
  11. George Catcher

    Galleon Sails Preference

    Here are Forest Green, Black and Gold : ) As for sails - there are 2 speed sails with cosmetic applied on them and at the back - usual handling sail. For my design - because I love all those sailing romance I do all things as they should be. No shotguns, kiting tactics etc. Just regular boardside sail-by battle. So I came to this design. - 10 cannons each side. - 4 cannons extra can be placed either in front, in back or like 2-2 front-back. But with parallel trajectory of volley (which devs should change btw) it's better to make all extras together. - I keep middle of my vessel as empty as possible, because most of SotD's cannonballs lands there. - Chess-like ceiling painting - really important to do fast maintenance during the fight. All top deck ceilings painted like that. - I have like 10 points in sturdiness, and all in captaining skill tree, because in serious battle I always get few of my planks gone. With all skills I sometimes like: "Yeah I have 2 leaks. I better finish my battle then go for maintenance" : )) - I Also keep 7 gunports, 5 planks, x-tra steering wheel and large speedsail in my supply chest. Because I twice was on my way back to base. Satisfied high but with just two sails : ))
  12. George Catcher

    Galleon Sails Preference

    I still don't understand how people DO Sotd fight with Galleon : ) With lack of maneuverability it's just a torture to do seas battles, and you'll probably get loot from just last SotD you've down because while straight sailing before turn - you will loose all flotsam spots for ever : ) Brigs are the best : ) My one is like that (took lvl 56 Damned Galley with it)
  13. George Catcher

    Unrealistic Expectations

    When EA released we were told that it will lasts for 2 years. Now devs do one minor update within 2 months. So one will be somewhere at the end of May. One - in July. One in September. Last one in November. Then it should be the GAME RELEASE. So imagine how great game will change from current state to release version within 4 minor patches? Not much I guess. So all who wanna great sea adventures ang epic battles - will probably get nothing. All who wanna more ship types - will get nothing. All who don't wanna play tames and breeds - will get nothing. There as just way too many things to fix, to rebalance, to redo. And more content to draw... so. It wont fit in 4 minor patches. So I guess it turned out that 2 years of EA were unrealistic expectations.
  14. George Catcher

    Where are the devs?

    (sigh) Still coming back to forums to check - is there any changes or improvement ingame so I could try to came back for the third time : ) Not yet, but maybe one day it'll happen : )
  15. George Catcher

    Atlas of my Dream (big thread).

    There are two amazing people - Kara and Nate. They youtube travelers and already visited 100 countries around the world. Right now they are in their magic voyage to the very southern waters of Antarctica. And they got really touchy and emotional moment. Check it out here (watch from 12:00 to 15:00). So I've been thinking. This video is really great example so ocean don't have to be all dangerous, evil place. There are some rooms for beauty as well, right? I mean right now in Atlas - we just facing a dangers. Ocean is danger. Islands are full of danger. If you see anything in a game - it's probably wanna kill you, or you would wanna kill it for resources or loot. And after a video above I thought - maybe it would be amazing, if we had little positive events during our exploration too? They would occur occasionally, and be that touchy and emotional with proper graphic and soundtrack. Those events were you don't need to kill anyone. Just to be in a right place and right moment. And watch. Not just whales, dancing along the ships. Maybe rainbows after the rains, luminous algae during the nights, magical sunset and sunrises, maybe some mystical stuff, glowing flora, rare blooming flowers, fireflies etc. And for experience all those stuff we would gain EXP as I mentioned above. I mean right now there are dolphins, jumping around, northern lights in arctic, etc, but those are not events. Just meaningless picture.