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  1. George Catcher

    Mega bases in lawless zone = tons of Lag

    It's not just huge bases. Unfortunately even base this like cause lagg: I've been dreaming of whole island is covered by zones players can claim (one zone per player, few per average company) so I could live in well populated area with alot of bases, players, life itself around. But I guess... it will be just way too laggy. I guess the idea was not to build cool looking villages etc, just square 10x10x2 box with just one door, put all there an name it THE BASE.
  2. George Catcher

    Bear Says "NOPE"

    Actually I recommend NEVER USE this "get on board" button. Because there is a slight risk that when you push the button, your tame will fall down right to the hell, or flies up to the heavens. I'm not joking, it's game glitch, that rarely can hit you. When it's happen - you tame is gone. I lost two of my bears this way (one was carrying around 2500 gold btw). Safer way is just get your tame follow you, then get on board yourself, and watch you tame appears after you.
  3. George Catcher

    When your ship sink....

    It looks funny, but the situation itself is saaaad. At the beginning I lost first 7 of my boats to game glitches. Each ship was hours and hours of building (without tames, harvest skills and x2 weekends, each one took me couple of days actually). That's game problem - totally unbalanced state between efforts, rewards and easiest way to loose all in just one moment. For example, you could spend couple of weeks, gathering resources all over the atlas, to create and upgrade mythic armor. Then you use climbing pick, and it just kills you without corpse, so all you've done - just gone for ever. You totally wasted couple weeks of your life for nothing. Or like with a ship. I once got battle Brigantine. I hunted for like 100 damned ships to level my ship, I've got good blueprints and create them. It took me a weeks to get there. Then, when I engage battle with yet another squad of damned, I just step a side from my steering wheel, and next second found myself into the ocean, watching my ship sail away, raising sails. While I was chasing my boat - all damned ships just went aside and sunk it. Instead of finish leveling my ship, and go hunt 50-Galleon I had to start over with no guaranty next attempt will be success.
  4. George Catcher

    Long sea trips - Need fast travel

    Yet again, after I jumped back... all was fine until my first far travel. 3 hours 20 minutes to my first treasure destination (from M3 to E10). I failed there. I lost all my tames (sometimes sh...t happens). And then... I'm going back, 3 more hours of saling. So it's around 6 hours of game. With no rewarding (but yet - loosing) experience, and mostly 6 hours of emptiness for nothing. I just realized why I left the game back then in April. I mean... It would be fine if I sail for 1 hour, lost all and within next hour was back to base. But 6 hours are just way too long. So I guess I'm out again, and back here for news from time to time. My opinion is the same. No fast travels. But map should be shorten at least twice.
  5. George Catcher

    My feedback 4.0

    As long as I back for a while, I decided to practice my English more reopen my feedback thread. We still in early access, right? So all bugs and issues we find - are good help for devs. If they still reads this forum. Anyway. 01 - My bear still don't wanna travel with me in my boat. Instead he just jump out and flies behind my vessel. It's weird. Anyway one of possible solution is in this message: Special boxes for ship insides. One for tames (little ships can carry just small ones), we put them there and all fine (we don't need even physically show them inside, make it just cage with custom tames animation). 02 - Temperature and rain/snow are not friends at all. I mean we've got absolutely weird situation in Tundra when it's -20'C (-4'F) and it's raining. It must be some horrible deadly icy needles rain right? But today I met +25"C (+77"F) with snowfall. Couldn't imagine what king of snow it might be, but... yeah, it was strange. What if there would be raining in tundra when it's above 0'C (32'F) and snowfall if it's below? 03 - When you set sails just alt-tab for a while, go youtube, and start this: Then go back and start your long sea journey. I guess that's THE experience we need in game, all this relaxing Jeremy Soule-like tunes : ))
  6. George Catcher

    Please remove the AGE aspect from this game...

    You did wrong - to die at exact path to the fountain. After I use fountain I then go to the deep cave trying to lure all monsters away from path, so next player would be able to run freely : ))
  7. BTW they also fixed FOREST GREEN dye. It's working now : ))
  8. I was missing for half of year, now decided to try again, and must say - game feels a bit different. At least no more laggy servers with "step sailing". So there is an improvement (still way to go, I was thrown out by fatal error for several times).
  9. George Catcher

    opinions Your Ideas For Atlas!

    Oh and SAILS. What I would love to see is: 1) - You build your ship. 2) - With planks, steering wheels, decks - you also create 1 piece of SAILING EQUIPEMENT. Just 1 for each ship. 3) - You put it on, and see all masts, saiyards, ropes and cables and ladders appeared on a ship (you DO NOT CHOICE where to put it, like deck. Just one right spot). 4) - Depending of ship (from my list above) masts have some sails spots. 5) - You go loom and create sails with some types to choice. Squares for fast speed, or triangles - for greater wind angles. You can create all squares, all triangles or mix as you like. 6) - You put sails to sailspots. So NO MORE limo-ship with 6 (7, 10, 40) masts.
  10. George Catcher

    opinions Your Ideas For Atlas!

    26 ships in 6 total classes (each class require a skill in skill-tree): 6th: Tartan Barkas Weak, small, cheep for begining and local journeys. 5th: Barque Sloop Lugger For scouting missions and delivery small valuable cargoes in few grids. 4th: Schooner Barquentine Brigantine Brig Snow Fluyt Gathering resources, trading, small local battles. Standard choice for solo players. 3th: Caravel Pinnace Carrack Galleon Corvette (my all-time favorite) Xebec Polacca Fastest ships here for longest travels, for around the world trading. Biggest cargo holds there. Nice firepower also. 2nd: Navio East Indiaman Heavy Galleon Frigate Heavy Frigate Best for any epic battles in seas. 1st: Warship Linen Ship For most epic battles in squadron (not solo due to lack of speed and maneuverability), and for siege shore fortresses. CANCEL ALL FREE BUILD DESIGNS on the ships. Screw all shotguns, louver designs. No more square roof/ceiling armor. Just ships as they are with GUNS IN JUST GUNPORTS (with top-deck (open space), nose and stern gunports introduced). Limit all choices to sails, gunports/planks, boat-docks, paint, cosmetic, and the folowing: Introduce the "BOXes" for ships insides. With uniqe design, and cosmetics. There will be: Crew Box (beds for crew, without one, you can't hire the crew) Cargo Box (with spaces for resources, and all cargo) Captain Box (without one - cannot use commands for crew, also contain treasure box for gold). Supply Box (resources for maintenance, food and water supply, cocking spot) Armory (ammunition supply) Workshop (smithy, and all other stuff you need) Bestiary (place for tames with food for them) Fridge (for rare fish, meat, food etc. for sale) Guest-room for VIP-NPCs and other players. Each ship has limited space inside and only we can decide - will it be battle machine with guns, firepower, armory and huge crew, or just supersonic cargo vessel with beyond imagination cargo volume space inside. And one more thing. We loose our ship - means we lost all stuff inside, all crew, all we have in boxes. But then we can find ghost of this ship in freeport and rise it again. Empty. With no crew but the same level, design and paint.
  11. George Catcher

    Long sea trips - Need fast travel

    I personally would love to see it different way. You wanna tames for battle and construction? Fine. What if you don't? Right now there is just no alternative. No matter how mythic bp of armor and weapon and tools you've got - you will never match just an average bear. It runs faster, hit stronger, gather resources in no time. So things I would love to see: - Give everyone ability to tame and ride a horse with carriage behind (let it be some first "basic tools" skill for example) so everyone would be able to have simple transport to carry resources, golds from missions, etc. If anyone wanna more (pigs, bears etc) they have to use beast mastery. - Give 2 skill tries of taming mastery. One for resources, gathering, carrying, speed, weight etc. Another - for fighting, health, hit strength, armor etc. So people who would like to use their tames to "sims-2" playstyle, wouldn't have to learn nature cry etc. - Make mythic armor, weapons, and tools - match or even exceed tames strength, so you if you just don't wanna this aspect of game - you know that with mythic tools and with help of basic horse you will be able to build a galleon the same time as if it would be with tames help. Or you would be able to solo high lvl treasure as if you would do it on bear's back). That's where with limited skill-points, you will simply choice your playstyle and master it. (I also don't really understand why some basic tools like Grille - hided in depth of skilltree like cooking (c'mon we learn to cook food here not to build oven from bricks. Or this food storage cabinet and resource box in captaining... we learn to command our ship here in most efficient way here, not to build cabinets and boxes) : ) It's like you find a job in Wallmart (or Trafford Centre, or any big mall) as a seller guy, and first thing you've been taught if how to construct goods shelves from wood, brick, plastic etc : )
  12. George Catcher

    you cant drink and play in this game

    For me - food/vits system just got simple boring formality. - I wait for when my stomach is 33% (or somewhere around it). - I eat 5 pieces of fish, 5 pieces of meat, 20 pieces of orange, and 20 pieces of yellow veggs. Then for another half of hour I just forget about it. I totally do not paying attention of which type of food do I need. 5+5+20+20 keeps my vits on the same level and for around 60% state with equilibrium buff all the time. Sometimes when for example, my stomach level dramatically decreased (during freezing periods for example), I use 6+6+25+25. And it's fine to overate sometimes. Oh and drinking. Just barrel on the boat and forget about the problem forever. (It could be much more fun if equilibrium buff was build from 4 smaller buffs depend of what food we actually ate. Seabass gave one buff, Tuna - another one etc).
  13. George Catcher

    Long sea trips - Need fast travel

    Well it's not just treasure. Like once we had Kraken battle. We signed for this. Went to discord. And departured there. With totally counter and week wind, with fully loaded and prepared ship, it took us 3 hours 20 minutes just to get meeting point. Then 1 more hour to get to Kraken and before we arrived some troll guy get Kraken out and he was able to stay alive inside of dome for 50 minutes. All our party waited around, and when dome disappeared when our party started to gather again, another troll guy appeared and spawned Kraken again. Guys just didn't want to wait for another full hour and diband party. It took us 3 hours more to get back in to base. 8 ingame hours just for nothing. Of course we gather some more then one treasure map, but the picture is the same all time. 2 hours sailing, 10 minutes on the shore. We gather resources sometimes, but it's always happened way way faster then sailing. Especially on the later state of the game when our base is done, all tames are up and leveled.
  14. George Catcher

    The ship of my dream.

    Though I dropped the game, I still keep coming back to the site and see if game changed enough so I could give it another try. I still keep really warm memories of game starting journey when we were in the search of our home, when we found place in tundra, how we first settled, freezing to death etc. Anyway. What I’ve been thinking recently. Right now, the ship system in a game in totally wrong state. Just 2,5 playable ships, with free design, with all those impossible louvers, shotguns etc. What ship system would be perfect for me? No more free building on ships. Let it be just way more ships instead. Let there be whole 6 classes of ships, and Player need special skills to sail each class. 6 class will be: Tartan Barkas Week, small, good for local journeys. 5 class: Barque Sloop Lugger Good for scouting missions and fast delivery of small valuable cargoes, 4 class: Schooner Barquentine Brigantine Brig Snow Fluyt Great for trading and fast travel and local small battles. Cheap enough to solo and small company players. 3 class: Caravel Pinnace Carrack Galleon Corvette Xebec Polacca Here are the fastest and the biggest trading and cargo ships here. Nice firepower also. 2 class: Navio East Indiaman Heavy Galleon Frigate Heavy Frigate For most dangerous sea battles with strong and powerful enemies 1 class: Warship Linen Ship Perfect sailing fortress, great firepower. Perfect for dangerous battles in the squadron or siege heavy ground fortresses. So 24 type of ships in total. Of course there must be some individuality and customization put in the ships, but I see it the different way than it is now. We build ship skeleton as it is now. We put planks or gunports there. There are also top deck gunports like this. WE CAN PUT GUNS JUST IN GUNPORTS and few swivels to top deck. And NO MORE FREE BUILDING like louvers, tower, celling armor etc. There are BLOCK we also build (like we build planks, decks etc.) and put inside of ship. There are a lot different type of blocks. Cargo block – so we put there all cargo we got. Captain block – so we have bed, treasure chest in our ship. Crew block with beds so we can hire crew (without one they just nowere to sleep). Supply block with cocking place, fresh water, some boxes for food, some repairment boxes etc. Anything you need to survive during journey. Ammunition block with bullets, cannonballs etc. For example Ice block so we could catch some rare fish and meat and carry it for sale. Guests block so we carry VIP NPCs and another players. Workshop so we could put smithy, mortar and prestige there. And some more – there are a lot of ideas any1 can come up with. Each ship have limited block spaces. Gunports also take some place and only we decide will it be trading ship with huge cargo space inside, and no crew. Or heavy war machine for battles. And of course each block have it’s own unique look. Crew block – like square room with 4 beds etc. You have to maintain them. There are a lot ways for different block/gunport/guns cosmetic (so we will have a lot of ways to earn them). And finally. We build our ship. Paint it. Put any cosmetic we want. Then we save the design and store it in some papers. And after long dangerous journey we back in to port, put ship in to repairment dock, put there our design, got all resources and paint we need and repair it (with hammer ourselves or one click but then repairment would take some time). That’s the ship system I personally would love to see in my perfect sailing game.
  15. George Catcher

    Long sea trips - Need fast travel

    I personally dropped the game because of this. It just takes too long. I mean. I played like 800+ hours. About 750 hours were just mindless border sailing with nothing but waters around (borders are safe paths through the ocean btw). It's like I prepare for treasure journey for 20 minutes. I sail for 2 hours. I fight and dig for another 10 minutes. And I sail back for 2 hours. It's 4.5 hours of game and 30 minutes of actual playing. I listened all TES OST, and some more of Jeremy Soule in Youtube during the sailing. Then I just found that it bother me. That the game is for those who have just all time in the world and who ready to waste in with no regrets. I wrote a lot about it when I was in the game. I see two ways to solve this. 1st - Journeys must be way shorter. IMAO - the longest and unluckiest way within just ONE HOUR (the map must be compressed and speed rebalanced for this). 2nd - Or there must be rewarding activities in seas. Drifting icebergs, snowstorms, sandstorms, seaweeds zones, some mystery death or sirens zones, friendly NPCs, escorting missions and so on so on so on, and we have to get actually rewards for successfully pass through each danger. At least let it be some "fame" currency that can be exchanged for powerful rewards or something like this (I'm now thinking I would so much things make different ways, jeez : ) ).