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  1. Err... ok little clarification from me. Just measured all (via photoshop). It's not a "half big island radius". It's whole island radius. So there will be just 1 or 2 warehouses per REALLY BIG island. And definitely 1 per small ones. So... whoever place one first - have it all. Any1 else - better luck next time hahahaha
  2. Alright. Let's talk about this one: I mean I'm not complaining, but are you sure you wanna things work this exact way? Let me show my I7 Lawless island: So it's basically every 150-200 meters there is someone's base. Yet let me show what you did in a map, alright? So... well... I mean you did warehouse radius cover like half of an island. Half of REALLY BIG island like my one I7 PVE. So if there are like 50-70 settler only 3-4 of them will be able to use warehouses there. On small island there will be just one. Every1 else will see this "too many warehouses in the area" message. So I just wanna make sure you meant it. So I destroyed like half of my base to free some space for no purpose? lol!
  3. No it's not time limit. It's a bug. It's when you do some demolition and construction around - some roofs and ceilings near are randomly disappearing. This one was here since season-2.
  4. Ships are also have their decay timer. It just somewhere around a month or even 40 days (like boxes, and billboards).
  5. I think there should be "in the ocean activities" to be added. So players would do something while sailing. From trivial challenges like randomly migrating seaweed zones, or migrating reef zone with rocks out of the water (small icebergs in tundra/polar), to... well maybe magic kind of stuff, like all of sudden some "fog of dead" appears, all go to dark purple state, and you need to do maneuvers to avoid ghosts of sunken ships around. That kind of stuff lands occasionally. And of course there should be some rewards (at least cosmetic one) for experience all those activities. And... some kind of "safe routes", where only danger are PVP players, knowing that a lot of players will run there.
  6. The problem now is - the weather MUST be a CORE aspect of the sailing game. And yet it was made the most simple way. And it doesn't affect AI ships. I just copy-paste my thoughts of sailing aspect: I would change the wind so It would just blow same direction for a while (and by "while" I mean at least 24 ingame hours). Then it randomly rotates for some angle (clockwise or counter) and blow new direction for a while again. Most of the time wind is around average, provide me FULL SPEED. Occasionally it goes to strong hurricane state and this requires me to lower my sails and turn to it's direction to prevent ship and ragging damage. Occasionally it goes to calm state and all hidden flotsam appear on the water surface. Now to the challenges. Weather should be divided in to two types. Warm in equatorial, tropic and desert areas. Cold in temperate, tundra and polar zones. Warm weather brings: rains, thunder, storms whit tornadoes or hail, dust storms and fog. Rain - make ship heavier, it loses some speed and maneuverability. Thunders - slight chance that lighting strikes masts, causing ragging damage. Storm brings deadly tornado or hail. Storm is not global, it just wide dangerous zone in the ocean, and players goal is to avoid or escape one by all cost. Sail into tornado will cause sever damage to ship or either destroy it. Hail do moderate damage to sails. Fog lowers visibility to all ships (NPCs ones also) when it's calm. Dust storm lowers visibility when it's strong wind. Cold weather brings snowfall, ice rain, blizzard, white mist. Snowfall just makes ship heavier. Ice rain makes it even heavier, and deck became slippery. Blizzard - is local spot to avoid because it cause moderate damage to ship and sails. White Mist is bright sparky show fog appears during sunny day. Lower visibility. Oh, and about visibility itself. I would cancel unlimited visibility and make so it always changes around average values. So islands would appear as we getting close to them and lighthouses actually guide us (for that I would make freeport and homeland lighthouses different color or brightness). Beside weather, player also should deal with ocean. There are randomly generated dangers in there. Warm zones provides migrating seaweed zones and reefs with rocks out of the water. Seaweeds dramatically lower ship speed, and if player wont escape in time full sails along wind direction may require to escape. Rocks and reefs are deadly. Hitting one will fully take out planks HP. Cold zones provides drifting icebergs. Hitting one is also dangerous. Both cold and warm zones also randomly generate jet streams (make ship turns and damage planks if angle is too big) and funnels (tries to capture ship in it's center - require full sail along the wind and along rotation direction to escape). Everything above affect all ships. Player's ship, NPC's ship, damned ships etc. Also because there are less water around, and islands closer to each other - sailing through the center of grid will require some maneuvers between island (something like that now in Polar and it's fun to sail through). And tasty one. Each danger that player face, and each activity player actually do in the ocean, gives special reward points to the ship. If player pass seaweed zone - he gets "seaweed point". If he avoid iceberg - he get "iceberg point" there. If he gather flotsam - he get "flotsam points" etc. After gathering enough points player can choice special tittle for the ship. After gathering more points, player get special skill for the ship. After gathering points for the third time - special figure head for ship became available to craft. For example if I avoid a lot of seaweed zones, I can add to my ship name a tittle: "Unstoppable". If I continue to pass seaweed zones I'll open a skill for ship that lower my speed penalty in seaweed zones by half. After I pass many more seaweed zones - I'll get... let's say "mermaid" figure head blueprint for my ship. Getting there should take a while, to make all those achievements valuable. Figure head might also have some bonus stats. For balance stuff player should be able to choice just one danger bonuses and either be able to change em in repair dock or be unable to change them at all : )) Maybe survive inside the most deadliest situation (like actual tornado) - give player some really unique and valuable reward. In PVP ships with those skills might suddenly get an advantage if battle occur near dangers. And yeah. Some nice addition would be, if next weather would be predictable. - Scarlet red sunset-sunrise - before windy weather. - st. Elmo's flares - before thunderstorm etc.
  7. 52 - Hey, maybe it's good idea to place crew controlling the sails to some other place on ship? Yet with free building on the ship we can totally block stations where crew are sitting controlling the sails. It looks bad. And if you unseat crew - they stuck through the wall, fall down through ceiling, etc. So maybe you find another good place for them to control the sails?
  8. Yeah this how it was in my I7 PVE for a weeks now. But yesterday I've entered the game to refill my food storages for crew and horse, and got smooth 40 ping and NO LAG at all. It felt strange : )
  9. Wind just rotates clockwise. It raise full strength blowing north and south direction. It reduces to calm blowing east and west. During the rain - it raises to beyond strong and rotates faster. After rain ends - it rotates back to where it was. And that's it about the wind. It's totally predictable and boring. And also those "calm" states are annoying. I mean... I try to figure out what purpose those calms serves. And I can't find any answer but one. Just to piss players off! : )) The worst thing is if you sail somewhere counter-wind, after you do your business there wind will rotates and then you'll sail back counter-wind as well. If I would do the game I would change the wind, so: - It blows mostly average speed and one direction. - Each grid is different but for reasonable amount (not like you sail downwind and next grid it's counter wind). - It rarely turns for some amount. Let's say once per ingame day. Or even once per real life day. And if so here is a way to introduce some weather forecast in game. Like you go freeport and buy one for a real life day. - Hurricanes and calms land occasionally and within just one grid, so you out of grid, and you're fine. --- As for fog... in PVE - it makes you just continue sailing if you go somewhere (if you encounter SOTD or even get hit couple of times - it's just no big deal). Or stop and wait go watch youtube until it's gone if you hunting SOTDs. So current fogs also serve no purpose. Just annoys you a bit, or eat you time for nothing. Oh and... I personally loves to see "coldwave" with sky settings on high. Maybe fog should looks like that?
  10. If you have 220% Mythic Shipyard for that... This season I dug around 70 maps. All of them were 12+. Half of them were 15+. Some of them were 20+. And I've got NO SHIPYARD. I mean not a single one. Not even common one. I'm saying about small/large ones. I've got like 20 tiny ones all qualities, and around 10 mythic tiny ones. Same with the sails, btw. In like 150 damned ships I sunk down this season (most of them were schooners and brigs lvl-50+ and Galleys lvl-30+) I've got a single common large speed sail bp. Just ONE!
  11. I've been thinking lately. Are those elies THAT valuable? I mean in past time I had one (he was lvl 19 after tame and got to lvl 49). What I remember: - He was slow. - He had lack of stamina and after every 3 trees I had to stop and wait till stamina regens. And it regen slowly. - He carried around 1100 kg of stuff. So I had to slowly go to the forest far away. I had to do a lot of stops. And while I was building my brig I had to go to the forest for like 3-4 times. Yet right now I have my horse with cargo harness. She extremely fast and get myself to any forest in just no time. With harness she can carry around 6 tons of stuff. With gathering buff I get around 250-300 wood from each tree. So... I really don't know, what will be faster. To go to the far forest and back by elie for 3-4 times. Or just go once by a horse but gather wood by hatchet? Hobby buddy!
  12. Hmm. It's weird, but I just enter my I7 PVE island to refill food storages. And I experienced smooth 40 ping and no lag at all! : ) I wonder it's because a lot of structures just decayed or DEVs fixed something? Anyway It's a good sign. Oh... there were just 4 ppl online.
  13. I just wanna add that current online my I7 (Official PVE) is around 5 ppl (there were average 20-25 ppl first week). And lags are still there.
  14. Soon they tell you they paid money for game and free to play as they want to.
  15. I guess that's because no one does that. Before farmhouses most of players were building their grand palaces, and without Giraffe, Elephant and Bear - it was really difficult to build their 1 000 000 pieces "base". That's why every1 were taming, breeding, and selling tames to each other, so they would be able to build. And now - farmhouses do what bear/elephant/giraffe does. So no one wanna buy tames anymore And... well, you saying some maps, powerstones? Who ever does that!? Like 30 players from whole official PVE?
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