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  1. Coldpaws

    Mega Update 2 & 48-Hour Sale!

    am laughing at your reasons I got a life too, you have 10 days to log in, all it does is take a minute to log in and reset the timer! I have not been on in days! and I am getting on to reset my timer
  2. Coldpaws

    Mega Update 2 & 48-Hour Sale!

    why don't you make a game then? and see how easy it is to do. I bet you never spent a day of your life on the ocean working or sailing. actually if the game failed at basic core mechanics, then please say why, also the game is easy enough if you understand the building systems and actually how to sail, the game is fun and enjoyable
  3. Coldpaws

    Mega Update 2 & 48-Hour Sale!

    its called early access for a reason, think of it as a public test game, aka early access, means there will be bugs to be fixed, look at other games that's are still having bugs till this day that been out for 15 years
  4. Coldpaws

    Captain's Log 30: Set Sail For PTR!

    so which grids do we expect these to be in???
  5. Coldpaws

    Gorgon over spawn O7

    west side look for the statue head, its right behind there
  6. Coldpaws

    Gorgon over spawn O7

    just went for the fountain of youth in O7 and there is lots of gorgon, I mean 8-12 gorgon in a very small space
  7. Coldpaws

    Nope, game still fucked, not coming back.

    I might of crashed twice so far since the mega update, not very many at all
  8. or just ban their cpu and mother board, that would ban their gpu and ram too, along with their os, it would be quite the replacement to play atlas or any game again
  9. Coldpaws

    Nope, game still fucked, not coming back.

    then get him a better pc! its all pc end on his end, cause I don't lag, period only the normal loading lag from server to server transfer, that's like a few seconds then am off like a rocket, also having the game on a SSD helps a lot too, cause SSD's read and write really fast, also for server crossing I don't lower my sails I usually keep them open, fully incase there is sotds waiting, cause they can not catch a speed schooner or a brig using 2 speed sails and one handling both large or a brig with 3 large speed sails, or a galleon. and for the pigs mobbing a person, that's intended and should choose a tree(s) away from animals
  10. Coldpaws

    SOTD Fleet

    have your sails part way down when crossing as soon as you cross the line press the W key, to open your sails, even tho your still loading, the sails will open and your speed increase will make it so less cannon balls from the sotds will hit you, on a schooner run 1 large speed sail, with a small speed or handling sail and you can avoid all fire with sails open :), I had just a common build schooner on a private server with mods going(for sextant buff that's perm) and I was doing 17 knots
  11. Coldpaws

    SOTD Fleet

    6 ship cannons a side with reload skills for crew from captineering line, on a brig, does not take long
  12. Coldpaws

    Guys please address this fog its ridiculous.

    go be out on the ocean, on a boat middle of no where with this kind of fog, all you have is radar and gps, then come talk
  13. Coldpaws

    Captain's Log 28: Man The Harpoons!

    this was during a raid where there was over 255 people on the server, the strat still works with or with out lag
  14. Coldpaws

    Captain's Log 28: Man The Harpoons!

    no we won cause we used strats, we had the base set up that way, it takes more then just tames to attack a group, mortars, cannons, good armor, etc to win a fight. a company can attack with tons of tames, if they don't have a strat, they will fail
  15. Coldpaws

    Captain's Log 28: Man The Harpoons!

    I have fought mega companies in the past on pvp, and we never used tames till a certain point, and they had all master craft and higher armor, we killed them every time they tried to wipe us....with out tames....if they got into our inner town, that's when we used tames, and they did have tames attacking us, but didn't have the right ones