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  1. I can't see one good reason why others have the ability to turn off your farmhouse. Was this actually intended? I want to believe it was a dev oversight and not the expectation because if not, I am hard pressed to understand this mechanic.
  2. Hmm, these farmhouses seem like they could really be useful. While I do enjoy farming resources sometimes just because its relaxing, I like the thought of having resources farmed while Im out at sea. Excited to see what this looks like. Question, any plans on revisiting the icebox functions to allow food to be stored? or adding an actual fridge that uses ice? I dont mind ice in the preserving bags, but for bases, an actual fridge function would be nice so i can save the preserving bags for ships. Not really a huge deal, more of a QoL question.
  3. You are a gem! I feel a little dumb. I will blame lack of sleep. I have no idea how I toggled that off.... Thank you!
  4. I logged in today and the folders I created with stat info has disappeared. Yes, I double checked folder view. Yes, I re-logged. I sadly have added points to a few so stat info for breeding is gonna be fubar is this isn't fixable, but there are worse problems to have. I know they were there yesterday. Anyone have any ideas or have the same issue today?
  5. Listen, I like looting as much as the next pirate. But since both NA and EU now share a server, the body looting is ALL THE TIME. I have played on NA, been through 4 wipes and I have never had my body looted, not even once. Why now all of the sudden? Legit no matter where I am and what I have, there is some naked savage window licker on standby. Devs, is there anyway we can get say, a 2 or 5 minute timer before your body can be looted/inventory accessed by non company members? If people want to steal they should be on a pvp server but instead they are just enjoying making players miserable. More over, if you reading this are one of the body looters, a little nice and respect goes a long way. It takes less time to be a nice guy/gal than it does to be a chode. One day you may need help or something and if you were running around acting like you weren't raised right, you will find others hard pressed to help.
  6. Whomever posted this update: We appreciate the communication. Was needed as we were feeling a bit abandoned. Stuff happens and I know those who post updates for us are not where frustrated replies should be directed. I am sure whats been going on behind the scenes is beyond your control, so rather than beat ya’ll down further, thanks for not giving up.
  7. Yeah I did see vids of the game play and was impressed. I just want to be a pirate. Why is it so hard lol
  8. Last Oasis was and is a shit show. Nothing to be worried about there tbh. New World, to early to tell, honeymoon phase hasnt even began with NW yet, we shall see.
  9. I have been having the same problem and there is no one around me. Once I pass a little from land I get the error. It has made placing ship yards impossible. Been this way for about 3 weeks. Whats odd is any other player can place them where I am trying, just not me. Tested with 2 different people from two diff companies. Def a bug.
  10. Yeah, I been on this lawless spot for about two months until I find a place to build that wont get demolished. Last 3 places I became a tenant at (one man company) , owners going afk and losing their land and my stuff was demolished by new owners (3 times now). The settlement situation is tiresome and frustrating. But it a pirates life for me. Im gonna move my house. Thanks for the info
  11. Thanks for insight. I had never seen it before. I finally killed all the AOTD and logged in just now to more in my house. Well they can have the house and mortgage.
  12. Had AOTD spawn in my lawless base house, kill me ofcourse and can respawn in my bed and my settlement house, same story. Am I missing something?
  13. Thanks in advance for simply letting me say my peace without telling me how I can or can't feel or what I can "exaggerate about."
  14. Why doesnt being online count. I cant always go sailing or board a ship because I have a life, but I log in to feed animals and 4 ships gone. This is stupid. This is why people stop playing this game because odd rules like this that no one knows about until it happens. Disheartening to say the least. Not interested in rebuilding my brig and schooners. this game already is an impossible time suck and things like this, don't feel good to players. I am not generally a complainer and tend to roll with the punches. But logging in just now to this, I am just going to log right back off and go play wow.
  15. Should be in C6 in 45 mins if the forum math is correct..
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