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  1. I dont generally complain about much, I have a high tolerance for bugs especially with an EA game. I dont mind change, as long as the direction makes sense. I get we got a new dev team, that is struggling to understand what little is left of us ea folks. I get it. I am pretty patient. However. I am gonna speak my peace and be done with this roller coaster ride. Devs can read or not read, doesn't matter. We had a 2x event this weekend. Game was unplayable at times using map. No big deal, except didn't really get to enjoy the 2x, expected them to be like hey, we will fix this crap and extend 2x. Did not happen, no biggy right. Wipe coming in 2 or so months so who cares about that. Seaforts have potential, but it broke sextant if you trying to check it out, thats cool, who needs sextant buff anyway. Lag and other stuff seems to have gotten worse since whatever ya'll did last week. No big deal, it's always laggy most grids anyway with 500 galleons that literally no one EVERY sails. Farmhouses and warehouses are great, but hard to place with all the retard spammers who drop them and never have them running. That's also no big deal, I dont mind farming the normal way. I enjoy it actually. But made it hard to get island owners to let you build because they dont need your taxes anymore. No biggy, a nice French company gave me a lovely home. Markets look like they may be cool. Hope that works out for ya'll. But, payinggold for ships you craft. I just can't. I honestly, truely, genuinely can't. You need ships to acquire gold. Period. Whatever these markets are or if a change in gold being easy with no ship needed as a new player, IDGAF. I have gold, so it isnt a current issue. but for new players and with each wipe, it will be. Of all the things we have endured as the literal masochist (we really must be, i have no other explanation) players who have stuck through this sinking ship even when there was no one including devs, this infuriates me. Here is why: that change alone tells me ya'll dont play the game you are trying to develop and I can't simply can't anymore. EA is not longer an excuse for what seems to be half assed effort and what is now becoming extremely obvious that this should not be EA. Bring this ship down and go back to blank. Devs, play this game like we do and you will figure out what we need. In the meantime, I wish those who are left the best of luck it remaining steadfast to help the devs learn to walk. I am sure when I fast forward through the future and see how things are going, its going to be great. But it is not today and though it pains this nerd to say it, I don't think it's going to be 2021 either. Playing since first day EA, many wipes and hard times loving a game even when I hate it, because thats what gamers do when they believe something could be great. Shadowlands is coming and I have to go deal with that "working as intended" life so a choice in investment has to be made and im 12 years in for WoW. Being a pirate will have to wait until some game maker finally gets it right. I have to be honest, I never thought one little thing would be the reason I finally said fk it to a game I have enjoyed bugs and all, but that one change spoke volumes of the devs understanding of their players, this game and what it means to hand build a fking a ship you now have to go rob grandma to get gold for as a new player. For those left, I hope missed the bigger picture in the change and I hope I am wrong. Truely. Cheers.
  2. Here me out: I have been playing Atlas from day 1. I have never had an issue finding a nice island with nice island owners who want a taco loving pirate to settle on their on land. Since the 1 PVE map and farmhouse/warehouses, it seems settlers who play daily are not wanted on any owned island. I dont mind lawless, but claimed land always has a better QOL of life if the owners demo bed spams. I have been from island to island and sometimes I get lucky and build a small hut but no shipyards. And every time I try and settle, I get the age old "it's not you, it's me." I have even sailed far and wide when island names say "looking for settlers", only to have it change when I get there Now I am an easy going gal, I dont build ugly, I have some good jokes, I have a bear obsession, I have a loyal brother who rolls with me and I am a pretty great person in general. But I am trying to figure out why after however long Atlas as been out, I seem to be looking for love in all the wrong places. What has changed that has caused me to be rejected daily. Am I too blonde, am I not piratey enough? Do I have a lisp? Bad jokes? Is there anyone out there that needs to the love of a loyal taco loving pirate and her first mate/co captain brother and has a nice spot on some pretty land with room for 2 shipyards, a house and animal pen, maybe a smol a garden and some pretty flowers? Looking for our forever home or forever until next wipe home. Will anyone out there give this scallywag a home? I am looking for someone to invest me, could you be the one? Side Note to the Devs: Can we look at what you guys have changed that has caused this shift in many (I know its know being unloved when trying to settle? Can we get some more claimable islands? Can we give something to island owners to make it worth it, since the warehouses and farms seems to mean they dont need taxes? (I dont actually know this is the reason but it seems this may be a reason.) Can you give island owners a better reason to have more than 2 settlers who take the entire island for their builds? Can we at least just examine this as a whole? Sincerely, Belle the Janitor PVE Taco Loving Pirate +1
  3. This is a great outline of how this should work. I hope the devs see this. I cant use warehouse currently because well others have them. the above is pretty perfect overall.
  4. Been almost unplayable the last two weeks. So I have only been logging in to check on my tames which that seems to be a chore with the lag. Rubberbanding, magical teleplorting when just walking and sometimes deadlocking. Tried to sail just now. Nope. @ATLAS can we get a server maintenance for PVE? Or a restart? Or maybe kicking the hamsters on the wheel. Halp.
  5. I can't see one good reason why others have the ability to turn off your farmhouse. Was this actually intended? I want to believe it was a dev oversight and not the expectation because if not, I am hard pressed to understand this mechanic.
  6. Hmm, these farmhouses seem like they could really be useful. While I do enjoy farming resources sometimes just because its relaxing, I like the thought of having resources farmed while Im out at sea. Excited to see what this looks like. Question, any plans on revisiting the icebox functions to allow food to be stored? or adding an actual fridge that uses ice? I dont mind ice in the preserving bags, but for bases, an actual fridge function would be nice so i can save the preserving bags for ships. Not really a huge deal, more of a QoL question.
  7. You are a gem! I feel a little dumb. I will blame lack of sleep. I have no idea how I toggled that off.... Thank you!
  8. I logged in today and the folders I created with stat info has disappeared. Yes, I double checked folder view. Yes, I re-logged. I sadly have added points to a few so stat info for breeding is gonna be fubar is this isn't fixable, but there are worse problems to have. I know they were there yesterday. Anyone have any ideas or have the same issue today?
  9. Listen, I like looting as much as the next pirate. But since both NA and EU now share a server, the body looting is ALL THE TIME. I have played on NA, been through 4 wipes and I have never had my body looted, not even once. Why now all of the sudden? Legit no matter where I am and what I have, there is some naked savage window licker on standby. Devs, is there anyway we can get say, a 2 or 5 minute timer before your body can be looted/inventory accessed by non company members? If people want to steal they should be on a pvp server but instead they are just enjoying making players miserable. More over, if you reading this are one of the body looters, a little nice and respect goes a long way. It takes less time to be a nice guy/gal than it does to be a chode. One day you may need help or something and if you were running around acting like you weren't raised right, you will find others hard pressed to help.
  10. Whomever posted this update: We appreciate the communication. Was needed as we were feeling a bit abandoned. Stuff happens and I know those who post updates for us are not where frustrated replies should be directed. I am sure whats been going on behind the scenes is beyond your control, so rather than beat ya’ll down further, thanks for not giving up.
  11. Yeah I did see vids of the game play and was impressed. I just want to be a pirate. Why is it so hard lol
  12. Last Oasis was and is a shit show. Nothing to be worried about there tbh. New World, to early to tell, honeymoon phase hasnt even began with NW yet, we shall see.
  13. I have been having the same problem and there is no one around me. Once I pass a little from land I get the error. It has made placing ship yards impossible. Been this way for about 3 weeks. Whats odd is any other player can place them where I am trying, just not me. Tested with 2 different people from two diff companies. Def a bug.
  14. Yeah, I been on this lawless spot for about two months until I find a place to build that wont get demolished. Last 3 places I became a tenant at (one man company) , owners going afk and losing their land and my stuff was demolished by new owners (3 times now). The settlement situation is tiresome and frustrating. But it a pirates life for me. Im gonna move my house. Thanks for the info
  15. Thanks for insight. I had never seen it before. I finally killed all the AOTD and logged in just now to more in my house. Well they can have the house and mortgage.
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