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  1. We just put up the support system a couple days ago. If you were submitting these, it definitely was not through the support system and can be very easily overlooked, as is the usual case when a fairly small team has to oversee a massive, passionate, and vocal player base.
  2. I would think that since you're the author of the review that you would know if it's true or not.
  3. I've opened up your company.
  4. A raft is not a cargo hauler.
  5. Rafts have the second lowest SoD aggro range right next to dinghys, and have one of the highest, if not the undisputed highest, sailing speed among ships. These factors should more than easily allow for a player on a raft to evade these perils.
  6. So does this mean you believe that the mature thing to do is to derail a thread by kicking up a fuss over what you yourself admitted to be a "slight" disturbance? It is a non-issue. His post in this thread is a non-issue. Move on and either ignore the user, discuss something relevant to the topic, or just stop perusing a thread with a user you dislike. As to the OP, Ships of the Damned are still being monitored for balance changes. Unfortunately that's one of the things that can easily slip past QA because well, knowledge and experience can easily blind a person with bias. We all in testing end up having knowledge about how the myriad creatures and enemies work so what ends up easy to us due to experience could end up being a difficult battle for those that have yet to encounter them.
  7. If you report a member's post, any disciplinary action taken affects the User. As for this specific user in mind, there is nothing disrespectful nor harassing about saying "maybe because it's a sloop". While it's true that it does downplay what damage that type of ship can dish out, it in no way disrespects anyone.
  8. You should be able to edit your posts now.
  9. You already have a server advertisement thread. Bump that instead of constantly making new ones.
  10. This isn't enough information for us to go on. The images you've provided show us wreckage but there's a myriad factors that can contribute to a ship sinking. - water depth and wind conditions can cause a ship to keep bashing into the shallows and damage the lower planks, specially if it's rocky underneath. - weight of the cargo can cause a ship to sink - if the amount of crew on a boat exceeds it capacity it can sink - wear and tear can cause a boat to sink I'm not ruling out the possibility that there could be a bug that is causing the issue, but the first best step towards resolving an issue is being able to reliably replicate it. The situations you have provided do not give us much information on how to do that.
  11. The official servers are comprised of multiple servers all interconnected. To put it in ARK terms, the more servers you have clustered together, the bigger your Atlas world is.
  12. I gotchu fam. Deleted your company so you can start fresh.
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