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  1. This is like saying you bought a ticket to see a movie you were excited to see, then demanding at the booth you get your money back from the theater because it didn't live up to your hype. Thanks for the development funding.
  2. Give us actual fore & aft gunports- limit cannons to 2x the amount of gunports. (So you can optionally have the additional layer on top deck if you choose to add the weight). Make large cannons 1.5x heavier and access to bar-shot. (So they're viable as a long range slow) Large cannons were never meant to be a ship vs ship meta that out-shined medium cannons. Large cannons are predominantly designed for land siege and pursuit/escape vectors (front/rear). The imbalance of damage they caused on ships atop their added range for only 40 extra weight made them way too viable as a total replacement for mediums.
  3. This is the fix. Simply don't put your thatch in prior to wood & til the fire is running.
  4. As it stands, you currently cannot breed bears in the polar regions, and wolves at all; which frankly seems absurd as they abundantly spawn here more than anywhere. Please allow breeding of bears in the north/south- it adds to the continuity that you would be able to breed where they naturally exist. Are spawns with sexual properties born from asexual creatures? or do the bears migrate multiple tiles, have their young, and bring them back with none of us seeing? I don't think breeding in general should be limited to biome at all- you've already given the players the tools and tames to manipulate temperature- if we can already simulate and manipulate the temperatures they would be comfortable in, that's all the animal/s should be concerned with. The undesirable biome mechanic is what is counter-intuitive. Having to regulate extreme temperature should be the challenge accepted by the player, and what makes breeding desirable for the tames. I am fairly certain based on the data acquired from many confirmed sources that this is not currently possible in polar regions on official servers due to the "undesirable biome" hard-cap. Maybe an unofficial server with custom temperature ranges. If I'm mistaken, please share more information, because all currently performed experimentation proves otherwise. For example, currently horses can't be bred in desert due to "undesirable biome" hardcap, even if you submerge them in cold water and get them to a temperature they would be OK with. Horses have been bred in the deserts of egypt and the middle east for thousands of years. While you can manipulate their temperature to a desirable one where they would breed in another region, you are restricted by the hard-cap, which is counter-intuitive to having tools and tames that allow you regulate temperature. These 2 screenshots show that we can in fact make them warm enough, but the undesirable biome never goes away: While too cold (Notice the mountain of snow): http://puu.sh/CHewT/368d00f87a.png While content with temperature (Notice undesirable biome still is present, but the mountain of snow is gone): http://puu.sh/CHewr/83af1f9887.png u/Jatheish - Please also take into consideration that the scaling of votes on this topic scales with the population of tamers/breeders/beastmasters that encompass the game currently. This is a serious balance issue when other biomes are not accessible in the same grid/server as it was possible in Ark, and only actual Tamers/Breeders will have insight on what is being explained. So the way this works from testing is as follows: There are currently hard cap (biome) restrictions that cannot be modified by manual variance of temperature, to the point a player is "hot" in a polar biome, the hard cap of "undesired biome" cannot be altered. There are soft cap restrictions that allow you to modify the temperature in "similar" biomes (where the base temperature of the biome meets "desirable" requirements). In "similar biomes" is where you can alter the temps manually to successfully breed/maturate. Penguins work as insulators (in tight areas). This is severely limited by their overall level. The higher level penguins, the higher their aoe insulation gets. There is quite a difference from a level 30 penguin to a level 70+, then you factor in the multiplier (how many penguins you have). The problem is, while this worked in Ark due to the majority of biomes being local (minus expansions), some players have to travel multiple grids and then commit to hours of breeding. It's very unrealistic, and un-friendly to solo/small-group players. Overall it just adds to an already time consuming experience that is unnecessary. If the player has the intuition to manipulate the temperature given the tames and tools available to them, the hard caps should not be present. It de-incentivizes advanced thinking, and breeding as a whole, solo and Mega alike. You have created a disparity in balance where one region is the majority tame region (As depicted in tove's research) and anyone controlling those regions pretty much controls breeding. No. Not with an aspect of the game that should be universally accessible. Even with universal access- there will still be a market for tames/breeds. Not everyone wants to breed, but not every breeder should be relegated to one climate for the majority of his/her work. Resources !== Taming. While resources may have a few skills in the tree, Beastmastery is it's own entire skill arc. Having to travel or trade for other material types is one thing- and I appreciate the distribution of them to generate economy. Beastmastery though as a whole, should not be hard-capped in the fashion they are currently imposing. Freeports also enable you to freely grab resources of any region without regard for the control status of the player run regions around them. This does not work for breeding. If they didn't intend breeding to be a proponent in the game, why does it occupy its own parent skill tree? Breeding in polar would still be difficult and time consuming without the undesirable hard-cap. What is being advocated is the equal ability to regulate temps as every other region has access to. One or two regions shouldn't be completely cut off and excluded from the mechanic of being able to manipulate temperatures and successfully breed as every other region seemingly does for the most part. We can make it hot/cold enough, even in extreme temp regions- the game just ignores that we've accomplished that based on the hard-cap parameters. That is what is wrong with the system. I don't understand why we should be punished for already living in harsher conditions. If anything, the difficulty of living in extreme regions should be incentivized further to promote their growth, and alleviate the overpopulation/stress of the more casual biomes. Lastly, Penguins AoE insulation currently does not affect tames. This should be one of the "tools" at our disposal to help regulate the temperature for breeding- but as the insulation does not apply currently to tames- they can't be utilized as such.
  5. K last post because the thread gone retarded. Ark is a completed game (albeit bugs that still exist from launch) with years of service under its belt Atlas? Not. Even. Finished. Goodnight. Thanks for the extra lotto numbers- if I win I'll split the earnings with you. They don't mean jack otherwise in EA.
  6. Please...what killed Ultima was age dude- don't be ridiculous. By the time Ultima shut it's doors, it had so much competition visually and mechanically it was obsolete only being held up by Garriot and his loyal minions. Rust maintains it's popularity from it's loyal garry's mod fanbase. It's also the cheapest survival game experience that doesn't require a monthly sub. Rust also has the most toxic, prepubescent community as a result. EVE maintains its popularity for being the opposite- the only full-loot PvP game with a sub and cut-throat experience that filters most toxicity and attempts to culture a more mature community through monetization of the persistent environment. The players will come back on their own lol- take your bitterness out of the equation and open your eyes. Ark has been going through this for yearssss and still has players after all this time. There will be players playing ATLAS long after you're gone too.
  7. No- That's part of the game. From someone whos been offlined many times and doesn't offline.
  8. ^This. Not everyone is cut out for full-loot PvP. It's a very old style of gaming that has slowly been phased out for carebear arcade-esque titles that really take no long-term thinking and mainly reaction. Sea of Thieves, Fortnite, Apex Legends- I bet most of them went to those games; and all it does is make the servers smoother for us. Thanks quitters! Addendum: This is a game people will keep coming back to over and over after they hop off the hype of the other games that get released, even if they get hooked on something else; Bet any dollar there's not one person that paid for this game (and didn't refund obv) that won't reinstall it at some point.
  9. Stop. Building. Schooners. As. A. Soloist. If. You. Are. Not. Ready. To. Defend. It.
  10. Nah I think it's more most people don't want to play an unfinished game, and love to bandwagon in this day in age- oh look at the hype around Apex Legends....
  11. Quite the contrary- it's going to be busy enough with the player-run markets in the Freeports. To then turn them into parking lots for anyone to go to sleep would bring those servers to a halt- in both FPS drops and the blatant amount of congestion around anchor-friendly places. I'm sorry but that's where our views differ. I know all too many that would be willing to pay the price of decay for 8 hours sleep if the game guaranteed their ship would be there on the clock. It's not feasible. I also know all too many who already sleep well without the freeports needing adjustment. They themselves, adjusted. I know you're bitter that randoms keep sinking your ships dude- but maybe they're not the problem. 12 Schooners lost and: I just think you're approaching the game all wrong. You simply won't admit to yourself as a solo player you can't protect a schooner- yet. Instead of building schooner after schooner- build a shell around a shipyard. get NPCs and defend the shell. Use sloops (since they are much less labor intensive) to source the mats you need in your local grid. You signed up to be a soloist, but want to move at the speed of a mega. That's where devs struggle to scale things- because entitled soloists demand everything be handed to them at the rate dozens if not hundreds of people are working together to attain. Your refusal to join or start a company and your choice of playstyle is what inhibits you, not the game.
  12. I'll play those numbers in lotto over the weekend- thanks.
  13. I don't disagree with the devs- I disagree with the "I want it now" (because that's what you're really saying, sugarcoated with a sooner) mentality. Oblivious would be to not see that prefacing your "request" with "Lost my 12th schooner", thinking as a solo that's an accomplishment (in a 2x weekend even a soloist can build a schooner in 30 minutes from scratch, if that) would entitle your ludicrous request the attention you're crying out for- when in fact if you saw the big picture- you would see how easily your request would be abused by every player with a ship- solo and mega alike. Just be glad its not your base. Ships are disposable, and recoverable (up to 80%)- where your land base, and your loot- is not. In a game where I can build a sloop with 4 explosive barrels and potentially sink a galleon- you really gotta understand the metrics.
  14. I'm so glad this is another thread I can put to rest as simply devolving into people who still think population numbers mean anything in an early access title. This isn't WoW; It doesn't matter if the entire population left tomorrow. Even with ONE player on the entire map, ATLAS is still being developed. It has a budgeted development cycle, that's only been bolstered by the day 1 cash they raked in. This isn't Shroud of the Avatar; This isn't a "complete" game that's development success relies on the "donations" of it's consumers every month. The bottom line is the decline is completely natural, expected, and HOPED FOR. Atlas as an EA Project got the attention of a AAA title going GOLD- and it was only an ALPHA. People got way over-hyped because the streamer content lately has been the same stale regurgitation of the games they continuously play. They NEEDED new content, and jumped at the first whale they could latch on to. They blew Atlas up to generate subscriptions. Let's be real, Summit1g still plays sea of thieves- but SoT is a trash game, and a joke in comparison to what the develops "promised" in many interviews during conception and development. Why? Because there's nothing else to play. It's all been played. What you are seeing is everyone taking a glance at a game that's not even done yet, and either returning it, or shelving it. Just the fact that there are that many people so damn eager to play a pirate MMO, is only going to fuel Grapeshot to get ATLAS right by the time it does go gold. Even if you quit today- you bet your ass you would come back and revisit because everyone that has bought this game, will. I encourage people to quit. I encourage them to shelf the game. I encourage you to never come back if that's your choice. I discourage entitlement, whining when it's too hard (when in fact, you've really put no effort into adapting or thinking at all), and people who scream they wanna play survival games, but then preach to remove all the survival aspects out of said game so they can build stone castles. How many people in "The Walking Dead" survive alone? Morgan. ONE out of all of them- and even that is just to keep him in the plot. I wouldn't mess with Karen either, but Morgan is not someone you can be in Atlas- not without suffering huge losses at every turn. It's like everyone wants to fantasize about survival- but disregard the conditions, circumstances, and difficulty of doing so, especially alone. You know when my ships stopped being sunk? Never. You know when my ships being sunk was reduced by 90%? When I made friends with people that are awake while I sleep.
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