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  1. How is this still a thing devs are attempting in 2019? It always fails. People do what they want. You are only hurting the small and midsize groups. Is there someone making decisions higher up who has never played a multiplayer video game before?
  2. Agreed, so to that end I'm adding you to my ignore list.
  3. Because the context I was using it in was literally to denigrate those who use it unironically, but I suppose it was asking too much for you to be able to read. I literally said that the word libtard was "the brainless chant of a dogmatic idealogue." The fact that you couldn't realize that and assumed I was using it as an insult, and then returned fire with your own idiotic insults, means you are obviously exactly the type of people I'm talking about. I should thank you for thoroughly proving my point. Ignore listed.
  4. Congratulations OP you are killing off any and all meaning in the word "racism". You are part of the reason no one takes that accusation seriously. "Racist" is no different than "libtard" these days. Just the brainless chant of a dogmatic idealogue.
  5. Conan Exiles had that and it worked really poorly. It's just really janky to have artificial constraints on when you can raid for no reason. It wasn't made clear in game and the result was a lot of confusion. I don't think it worked at all. PixARK tried this also, to even worse results (imagine all the problems of PvP servers and all the problems of PvE servers, with none of the solutions of either). I am not saying that there can't be any way for this genre to develop some sort of offline protection, I actually wish devs would try harder on this problem. I just think they need to get a lot more creative and mechanics-oriented than just imposing artificial limitations on a world that's supposed to be open, though. Most of the solutions we've seen implemented in other survival games have sucked one way or another.
  6. Aside from the lag, my biggest issue far and away relates to the company/alliance system as detailed here:
  7. Since Grapeshot has told us that they plan to overhaul the Company/Alliance system at some point in early access, I figured it would be a good time to start collecting ideas for what we want in that new system. Personally I've always been a huge proponent of games heavily emphasizing their guild/clan systems, especially MMOs. In the long-term, MMOs as well as most other games live or die based on the strength of their communities more so even than the strength of the game itself. Making it easier to work with others is in my opinion critical to the success of a game like this. With that said, here are my ideas for improving the functioning of companies and alliances. I encourage any civil debate if you don't agree or think I've overlooked something, and also encourage additional suggestions which I will add at the bottom if I agree with them once they start coming in. Information Add a welcome message for admins to post rules/discord/etc. One for the alliance and one for the company. Would be extremely useful if it could have working hyperlinks. Chest logs - this one is a biggie and will drastically help for managing larger communities. Each box should have a log of who removed or deposited items. This helps police people who are taking more than they're entitled to This would also be extremely helpful for tracking how much people contributed toward a certain goal. This can be used by leaders to incentivize hard work and should lead to higher player engagement and longer term player retention If this would add lag, perhaps do it just for a large vault type item. I hope it wouldn't though, this would be extremely useful. Placement log - some way to check who placed a particular structure would be helpful, but not necessary if it would add lag. Show the last time people were online in the guild list, maybe other stats if the info is available. Alliances Do not show alliance claims as red. Preferably choose a different color for each ally, or at least have a unique color for all allies. Probably the most urgent suggestion on this list. Let allies spawn in each others' beds and use each others' boats. Provide fine control for them to lock specific doors/beds/boats/chests/etc from being accessed by allies. Let allies give each other places to build in their land similar to the "Neutral Zone" functionality. Or consider just letting allies build on each others' land altogether. Remove the limitation on number of Companies in an Alliance, if need be add a total player count limitation instead. Being in more than one alliance is confusing and leads to allies attacking allies of allies. Unless there's something I'm overlooking, I think alliances should just be one-per-company. Consider showing alliances instead of companies on the game map. Neutral Add a "neutral" state which alliance leaders can control. Alliances should be able to operate as either whitelist or blacklist. Whitelist: Every company is an enemy unless added to the neutral list. Blacklist: Every company is neutral unless added to the enemy list. These people would show up as yellow or a neutral color, but still be fully attackable and not have any access to anything. This would be very useful since it's virtually impossible to communicate relationships that change daily to hundreds of people. That's what I got for now. Let me know if you agree or not, and what you think of these changes. If I think of anything else I'll be back to add it, as well as suggestions that are given in the comments. Thanks for reading!
  8. Lol what a joke, I looked at this forum software and it seems you're paying over $800 a month for it. And the ignore function doesn't even work.
  9. Where did I say I found it enjoyable? It sucks, but you get over it and start over. Or, you do what I'm doing and just don't play until it's fixed. What you don't do is come onto forums and LEGIT act like a 4 year old. You guys gotta be kidding me right now. You need to be slapped.
  10. There's nothing unplayable about that. Take it from them. Claiming land is the whole point of the game... You realized you're in the PvP area right? I could see this being an issue in PvE.
  11. Bahahahahahaa Imagine being such a pathetic loser that you are this upset over a bug in a game that you willingly agreed to play the beta test of.
  12. I have to say that the way you put 10 huge pages of info (one of which is actually too long and just gets cut off with no way to read lol) immediately when you first join the game, and then never show them again (even connecting to a new server) is definitely not a good enough way to introduce people to an MMO. Based on the way this game is constructed, and you can spawn in so many different spots, I think the best way to go about it might be to make a tutorial island map rather than having it occur on the actual server. A small single player area where you teach people the basics in the form of guided gameplay rather than walls of text. Instead of presenting a ton of information at once, explain one thing, then make the player do something that acknowledges that.
  13. This happened to me once when crossing server borders. It has also happened to me 2 times randomly while reconnecting (I believe I was killed while offline both times) and another time just dying normally in a freeport. Those of you expecting returns on your XP or whatever, you're not going to get them. Just get over it. This is early access survival.
  14. I also cannot seem to keep a character in existence for more than three to four deaths or disconnects.
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