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  1. Hey there :), So yeah, today a galleon we had in shipyard got attacked and we released it, it was a brigantine with a few canons on the back, but they attacked the sails and destroyed them resulting in nearly a oneshot on them, all I could see was a projectile with spikes, so I think it's made for destroying the sails, I searched but didn't found anything :/. So my question is, how to prevent sails getting destroyed? Happy christmas n,n
  2. Sekyh

    Pathfinder Deleted on Death-Crash

    Hi, When that occurs, try reconnecting or restarting your steam client, it works most of the times. However, u can´t create a new pathfinder, if that, it will be rewritten. Greetings,
  3. Hello, So; my crewmate was saling last night, and when he was approaching the shore, an invisible ship of the Dammed started to fire at him, it got close to the shore and continued shooting. Notes: -It was shooting from all the sides, it could be a group of it ships? -Couldn´t target it. Screenshots: https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/437321185471102996/529326846932680704/unknown.png https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/437321185471102996/529326090766909450/unknown.png https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/437321185471102996/529326026464165908/unknown.png Also, Truesky was bugged by going trought the server barrier, it went completly black. He´s not using the low quality Sky Greetings, and Happy New Year! ^^
  4. Hi there, As far as i know, there is a claim system on PVE. When you place a flag, u have 72 hours for refreshing it, if not, it decays, The problem is that that timer isn´t refreshing anymore, so you place a flag, and it doesn´t refresh, so u need to be online for when when the timer runs, So BASICALLY, the timer doesn't refresh after the owner visits it, so people can claim zone in PVE causing players to lose their progress. Greetings, and Happy new year! ^^
  5. Sekyh

    devs connection issue now taking posts down

    Well Well, no. Devs fixed tons of bugs since the Day one, check the patch notes if u don´t trust me. I also seen and improvement and bug fixing. Greetings, and Happy New year!
  6. Sekyh

    devs connection issue now taking posts down

    Well, i think that all the servers restart when a patch it´s deployed.
  7. Sekyh

    devs connection issue now taking posts down

    U wrote ¨+connectip¨ Instead of ¨+connect¨ Greetings!
  8. Sekyh

    devs connection issue now taking posts down

    U did something or wrong: U have more launch options? Try only that option. However, it takes a bit of time, it can appear to be freezed, but let it a few minutes! ^^
  9. Sekyh

    A10 is down still :)

    Hi, Did the server went down, or u can´t connect? If u can´t connect, try this video: https://youtu.be/0BxweqlP0Oc Greetings and happy Holidays!
  10. Sekyh

    devs connection issue now taking posts down

    Well, devs doesn´t respond in all the bug reports. However, if they closed it it´s cause they´ve said ¨We are still working on fix it¨ Try this video: https://youtu.be/0BxweqlP0Oc Also, remember that it could be a moderator, instead of a Developer. Happy New year!
  11. Yea, right, u should said that in first place xD. Well, it has lot of posts, that´s a good thing(if they read them) Greetings, and Happy Holidays!
  12. I read it, but if u are saying two completly opposite things...xD U said; They need to solve it, but they might not be able. And, that´s not instantly xD. Say that it needs to be primary target (as u said) but in first place, Instantly: With importunity : urgently. 2 : without the least delay : immediately. Well, u didn´t said ¨they might not be able¨ In the last post, so that makes me understand that u want them to solve it immediatly. Thanks for clarifying it now.
  13. Haha, i hope they are banning the players who duped. However, i feel bad to the ones that didn´t did anything and got also banned,
  14. I am talking about u´ve said ¨Instantly¨. And that ¨no one care¨ That they don´t talk on twitter doesn´t mean they aren´t woring on it, However, u are saying different things, u say that they need to fix the problem instantly, and then, that they don´t need to solve it instantly? xD
  15. I don´t think that they are banning people. However, if this game is really ¨A copy paste¨It should say ¨U have been global banned¨ Try to connect from a different ip, if its true they are banning people, it will surprise me