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  1. Captain Jack Shadow

    Want to attract a lot of players back?

    I have tried to make many suggestions that would improve the game. A few they have used, but they also slightly altered them, making them less than what would be best. The cargo containers, for example. The game needs to allow for a reasonable balance between the damage you can deal to a ship, and their ability to repair that damage. To allow this, they had to unrealistically nerf the amount of cargo you can carry. This affects the game negatively, making it even harder to live on resource poor islands, for instance. So my idea was for cargo containers that did not allow you to use their contents for repair at sea. You had to be anchored to open it. The idea being that the weight would be reduced to a more realistic amount, and thus not severely reduce your speed. So what do they do? They ruin the idea by slapping on an automatic 40% speed reduction just by installing the container. Where's a facepalm emoji when you need one? I suggested the war token to encourage more balanced PvP experience. As it stands, the attackers have all the advantages. They set the time of the attack, so they can all go reset their stats and skills for better PvP ability. The Defenders will often be in a profile that is great for crafting, farming, etc...but horrible for PvP. Also, because they don't know the date and time of the attack, they are likely to not have as many people online. Also, people can't be online every single day, for 9 hours a day, let alone, 24 hours a day. The only people who could do that, are people who have no life outside of the game. Married? No way you can be online 9 hours a day, every single say. So there wasn't supposed to be a raid window open every single day. That was the point of the war token...to unlock the PvP for a specified period of time...and then no raiding on that target for a specified cool-down period. Some brought up concerns that the defenders would hide their valuables. There's nothing actually stopping them from doing that anyway, as it stands, and people often popcorn stuff when they know all is lost, so you can't have it, so I suggested ways to prevent valuables from being popcorned in order to prevent it from becoming loot, both in bases, and on ships. No word if the powers that be were listening. I suggested that with how much effort some things take, losing EVERYTHING is not conducive to keeping people around. If somebody puts 3 months into a breeding line, and it gets killed in a wipe while he is offline, or outgunned, which is likely when he is being raided...what are the odds that he will be willing to start all over? Not good, actually. I have seen too many people quit the game after losing everything. So I suggested a central bank, and stables at the Freeport, to allow valuables and breeders to be stored there. The idea being that the breeders never have to leave the island, but babies would. You might lose the babies, trying to get them home, but you don't lose the breeding pair. You would risk losing some valuables getting them in and out of the Freeports, but everything would not be lost. Lawless grids would become prime PvP locations. Strategy would need to be employed. But, there seems to be no interest by the Devs on this. It's getting harder and harder to remain positive about what should be a great game, with a healthy community. ARK is thriving, but that's because it IS easier. Easier to make small hidden bases to hide some valuables, and you don't have to travel for hours to get stuff to make the top level gear. This game requires far more time and effort than ARK, but your stuff can be taken from you in minutes. Until this is understood to be bad, there is no hope. A game based on sailing ships, should have a focus on ships, not bases. At a minimum, it should have more focus on ships, and less on bases...or at least allow people the option of playing a mode that takes the focus off bases, and puts it on ships.
  2. Captain Jack Shadow

    Want to attract a lot of players back?

    Nope, they did not. They allowed unlimited claim flags, which were also visible on the map, which was a bad idea. I am talking about limiting where you can build, and not have your structured decay very fast. My suggestion would eliminate structure spam, and would eliminate structure griefing on PvE.
  3. Isn't there a way to use Admin commands in single player? You could recreate your character, and give it the same name if you wish, and then grant yourself the amount of XP needed to open up all the skills you need. Though, in single player, I don't see how you can not have all the skills available at some point. I assume that's how single player works. I mean, you would at a minimum, need a lot more than now. How would you get anything done, when building bases kept you from building ships, and kept you from taming, and kept you from crafting needed items? I have never played single player, so I don't know how that works. But, I do assume that you can use admin codes, and spawn codes, and so you could give yourself everything you had, before the move to single player.
  4. Captain Jack Shadow

    Want to attract a lot of players back?

    Agree, spam is a problem in every single game like this, where we build things, but people can't destroy it. For the life of me, I can't understand why no Dev in the business, understands the need to limit the amount a person can build, in a PvE environment. This is why I suggested that very thing. It doesn't have to be super limiting...just limiting, so that people aren't spamming structures everywhere, and this would also solve the problem of people using structures to grief with. If you have a circle about the size of the old maritime claim, to use on land, or even just a bit bigger than that, and all your structures outside of that will be destroyed within 24 hours, no chance to repair, it would end griefing with structures.
  5. Captain Jack Shadow

    Want to attract a lot of players back?

    I think just doing a SvS type server, would be the way to go. Making Freeports a safe port for people would not work and here is why. It would become very crowded there, really fast. Second, if that is the only change, it would break the game. Some people would make fleets, and then raid people who did make a base. That is simply not fair. The same result you are looking for could be accomplished with a PvE-C, or SvS type server, where the major change is that you can't destroy people's bases. But if they do this, I also think they would want to add a major change to building, in that you should need to build in a small area, and only in that small area. That fits with the pirate theme. We shouldn't be building monstrous bases.
  6. Captain Jack Shadow

    Rhino problem

    Have you resolved this?
  7. Captain Jack Shadow

    Structure Limit

    No problem with your post, but I do question why anyone who is interested in building, is on an official server. Building is always better on a private server, where collision is allowed, and building, and decor mods are present. Building on official is very limited, and more than a little frustrating.
  8. Captain Jack Shadow

    Want to attract a lot of players back?

    Need more proof? This is a poll from the #2 ranked Atlas server. Half the people want PvE-C, which they call SvS (Ship vs Ship) In short, your base is safe, but your ships, when not green anchored, are not. While you aren't very good at critical thinking, you are good at parroting. Using my lines? Really? LOL Polly want a cracker?
  9. Captain Jack Shadow

    How to find out the parameters of animals?

    This has been a failing of ARK and Atlas alike. They don't want you to know the stats. But that's ridiculous, because you DO know the stats, if you are the one who tamed/raised the baby. You just don't know what you have when you are given something from somebody else, or a noob tames something in your Company, then immediately runs around adding levels, before recording the stats. What's so wrong with just showing us what the base stats are? It would actually incentivize more play. You may get an average bear from a noob taming it, or somebody giving it to you, and you see that it was one good stat, and that stat is better than what your breeding line has...so you now set about breeding to get that stat into your breeding line. But, as it is now, you likely don't know, so you don't mess with it. I enjoyed the private servers in ARK that had the spyscopes that allowed you to see those stats. I would suspect that they have them for this game now...for private servers.
  10. Captain Jack Shadow

    Has the imbalance been fixed?

    ding ding ding We have a winner. The fix is easy. It really really is. But first you have to understand the two main causes of the imbalance. Like an alcoholic, you can't fix the problem until you admit you have a problem, and understand what the problem is. In this case, there are two glaring issues. The Offense knows when the attack will be...the defense does not. So the offense gathers their people, both Company, and Allies. The defense does not know, so people may not even be online. Because the Offense knows when the attack will be, they will go to the Freeport, and reset their stats, and set themselves up for combat. Meanwhile, the defenders may gave their stats set for crafting, or gathering, so they will be at a huge disadvantage in one on one PvP action, and maybe even as high as 2 or 3 defenders to 1 attacker, may not be enough to win, simply because of the imbalance. The fix for #1 is to do the war token the way I originally suggested. You drop a war token on the enemy, and they are given 72 hour notice of the attack. Then when the very next raid window starts, the war can begin. Both sides are made aware of when this is. The Defenders cannot alter that time by changing the raid window. The time is set based on the raid timer they have in place, when the token is dropped. No raiding without having dropped a war token. Viola...the game is transformed into an actual PvP game. Que people crying about the people getting rid of everything, or hiding it someplace else. A simple change...a needed change...in game mechanics, will fix that. You create a container...it is similar in nature to the Disassembling bench in Conan, but different. Anything that is dropped on the ground, by a player in a Company with a war token on them, is placed in that container. It remains there for 4 days...so 24 hours longer than the war token. This is anything...maps, gold, items, resources, etc.. This keeps people from popcorning their stuff to keep you from having it. A similar ship's safe can be created, and activated if anytime a ship is at sea. You drop stuff on the ground to keep people from getting it, and it gets picked back up and placed in that Ship's safe. If you die at sea, your stuff should drop to the bottom of the ocean in a treasure chest. The Sextant should show you where these are. Could even make it a skeleton that you pull from. It stays there for 72 hours. Next, give us real potions, that do not decay, so we can store a reset potion, and use them when we are attacked. Give us 3, just like Conan. On resets both traits and skills, while the other two do just one or the other. Give us the ability to store profiles. So we could have a preferred profile for fighting, captaining, crafting, gathering, etc.. So now, when you get attacked, you get to the potions, take one, select a profile, and you are now ready to defend.
  11. Captain Jack Shadow

    Structure Limit

    The real point is that structure limits shouldn't even be an issue, because the game shouldn't be focused on building monstrous bases. This game should be about getting to sea, and getting off your own island, as much as possible. I am sick of going to an island, just to find pillars and foundations spammed everywhere. This game could learn so much from Conan Exiles In that game, single structures don't last long. About a day. And the more structures you have, the less time between Purges. So, there is an incentive to not spam structures. But then...people still spam structures, so the fix is obvious. Make the structure count even more impactful on the Purge...even shorter time, and more destructive foes...foes that can't be tamed.
  12. Captain Jack Shadow

    Want to attract a lot of players back?

    OK, so I have talked with many players, and those who don't want to play, speak about two things keeping them from coming back. #1. 9 hour raid windows, EVERY FREAKIN DAY. That's more than a work shift, where they have to be on, every single day, to protect their work. #2. Imbalance in Company sizes, and some groups still acting as Megas, with their alliances. I know that isn't as much an issue right now, but there is likely to still be imbalances. And WOULD be a problem if many people came back to play. If they don't come back, then what's the point? So if you are a small company, you are just meat to the slaughter, if a large group come after you. What would fix this? Well, I have been playing some Conan. While I like the idea of Atlas more, Conan had some things I really liked. One that would work really well for Atlas, and would likely become the most popular game mode, is PvE-C. The C stands Conflict. Like PvE, the structures can't be damaged. However, just like PvP, you and your tames CAN be killed...during the conflict time. Much like Atlas, there is a window where conflict is allowed, but this game mode only allows it for things other than structures. I think that is what many people wanted. They want to fight with their ships. They don't want to fight against people, over their bases. That (current PvP rules) requires you to be on every night, during the raid times. PvE-C, you would not need to be on every night. Another thing they do, which is also cool, is the Purge. This would give you a reason to still throw up some defenses for your base.
  13. Captain Jack Shadow

    15 sec immune after grid change?

    I support this idea.
  14. Captain Jack Shadow

    Structure Limit

    What is this? Did they lower the structure limit for an area, since the last reset?
  15. Captain Jack Shadow

    Legendary quality maps

    I'm surprised that nobody asked which server he is playing on, because it seems obvious to me that he is playing on a private server, and many of those have things like the maps, boosted to much higher levels, and you will find many more high level maps. A couple of weeks ago, me and a guy did several Mythical maps...but this was on the OP Server. That server has many cool changes, including the fact that in Flotsam, you can get many items. Hard items, really good items up to Mythical quality. But it's called OP for a reason.