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  1. Captain Jack Shadow

    Ship is gone from the Shipyard

    The point I was getting it is that if you can see the timer, it would be reset to maximum. Maybe what you need is a way to see the timers when you are offline. Or maybe have an alert set to let you know when you have 24 hours left on the timer.
  2. Captain Jack Shadow

    Taming elephant.. bugs and weirdness.

    Learn the whistles. You can use your bear to attack pests for you, while you feed the elephant. Look at the approaching pest, and hit the comma key. The bear will run to the pest, and attack it. Take more than one bear, for insurance. Note, however, that if the elephant hits you, the bears will attack it, so you will want to be quick on the passive whistle. Hit it as soon as you get hit. Actually, I think you can have the bears on passive, and they will still respond to an order to attack, which is the comma key.
  3. Captain Jack Shadow

    Bad mecanics to play

    I said it a long time ago, that a game like this, needs to have a reputation system, with penalties for doing bad things. This is not easy to do, because you DO want people to be doing some bad things, but you don't want them to do a lot of really bad things. Let me explain. You do want people to raid, right? So just raiding, and taking a little bit of loot, would not really hurt your reputation too badly, so long as you do certain things. Doors/gates/hatches when destroyed, for instance, would not count as much to the negative direction of your reputation. Destroying walls and foundations would count much more to the negative in your reputation. So you would want to raid, but not wipe. Taking things counts against your reputation in a negative way, but this would only encourage you to only take things of high value. You would not be encouraged to popcorn people's resources. Doing so would really add up to a negative in your reputation. Killing passive tames would be really bad, but to make that fair, you would need to make it such that only food, and or specific items could be retained in the inventory of a passive tame. I think resources would be fine, and general items, but no gold, maps, or blueprints. No items made from blueprints, etc.. It should not allow you to put them to passive until those items are removed. In short, you use the reputation system, as devs, to steer gameplay in the direction you want it to go, and away from actions you do not want to see. Of course, you would also need some penalties for those actions, and you would need to have an individual's actions weigh on the company's reputation. It would take some serious trial and error to get it exploit proofed. I myself would even put in the TOS that exploiting the system is cause for getting wiped, and or banned. Let's face it...people know when they are exploiting. Sure, they whine and cry when caught and punished, like with the guillotine, but those guys knew what they were doing, and knew it was an exploit. Punishing exploiters keeps the community healthy and strong, because it gives the legit players more confidence in the game being fair. You would also need the war declaration to be able to have a waiver on the penalties for excess destruction. With the war declaration, you could wipe somebody with no hit to your reputation. I would like to see that have a way to seek a parlay. In other words, war has been declared...you know you can't defend against those who declared war, so you seek to pay them off.
  4. Captain Jack Shadow

    Ship is gone from the Shipyard

    Yeah, I think those delay timers are important. But, doesn't it reset if you are there? In other words, let's say that a timer on my base is about to expire, or maybe has expired, and it is now demolishable, doesn't it reset when I render it? If so, being able to see the timer wouldn't be important, since it is always at the maximum, if you are standing there looking at it. In fact, I am not even sure other people can see your timers, if you are within render range, because there is no timer. The timer starts when you are no longer within render range of the structure, right?
  5. Captain Jack Shadow

    Ship is gone from the Shipyard

    I wonder if what is going on, is that the ship is getting destroyed in the shipyard by SotD. Somebody kites SotD to the shipyard, and they do they dirtywork.
  6. Captain Jack Shadow

    Land Based NPC Cannons

    It seems pretty clear that most people want this. Would be good to have more votes, however.
  7. Captain Jack Shadow

    Salvaging Sunken Ships

    Yeah, the icon sticks around for a while, even after the ship is fully salvaged. I don't see that as a bad thing. It allows you to see where ships sunk, which can be valuable information, for a variety of reasons. However, I do wish they would make everything on a toggle, so you can remove things, to see other things.
  8. Captain Jack Shadow

    Atlas ovetaken by BDO lmfao

    Agreed. It's fine to address things that you think are a problem, and offer suggested solutions, if you can. But just bad mouthing the game...no...not cool.
  9. Captain Jack Shadow

    More love for casual players/small tribes

    The reality is simply this...some people like to play in really large companies, and some do not. People need to be honest about which they really want, and go with that. At the same time, the Devs need to provide servers for both. Many people did not come back, that were going to come back, because the word got out that the megas were going to Colonies, which did happen. Companies of 50 people, are not small companies. Most people run in groups of about a dozen people. This should have been the target...maybe making it such that you could be in a company up to 24 people, or two or more companies, with the total alliance membership not exceeding 24. Anyone caught acting in a manner of a large company, would be in violation of the TOS...exploiting weaknesses in the game code. The rule should be simple...large companies are not allowed...do not do it outside of the game's mechanics. Violators will be wiped. Trading would be encouraged, but the system should incorporate minimum and maximum prices for things. But, a better idea would be to just go to factions. You still have companies, but you are aligned with a faction. Like being part of a nation. Instead of owning islands, you are given a small area to build in. A land claim, like the old ones, but about the size of the Sea Claim. And a second one that has to be placed along a shore, and covering a fair bit of water...for a port. You could place a new one, to move, but that would start a 48 hour timer for decay, on your old structures. Maybe a little longer. Maybe up to a week. What this would do is help incorporate small companies, and solos, into a larger network, where they are more protected, and can participate in many different activities, along with the faction.
  10. Captain Jack Shadow

    Breeding in specific zones

    I agree that the system needs work. However, animals in captivity, in real life, don't always breed just because a mate is present. The Panda is famous for this. Stress can also cause them to not want to breed. So, a couple of changes to make it more interactive, and realistic would be: Create a cool down timer for an animal that has been brought to an island that is not it's normal biome type. The more drastic the change, the longer the cool down. So something like Equatorial, to Polar, would be the longest timer. Make females refuse to mate with a male, if their is a more Alpha male nearby. Thus, you have to remove higher level males, when you are trying to capture a good stat from a really low level male. Males would mate with any female that is present. There could also be some sort of cool down to this, with it being longer before the female will mate with this particular male, if he is significantly lower in level than she is.
  11. Captain Jack Shadow

    Salvaging Sunken Ships

    You guys must be doing a lot of fighting, or had a bunch of ships sunk in your harbor. They do disappear after a while, but it's good that they stick around for a while. if you see a lot of your company's ships sunk in an area of the map, you know that is a high risk area. I do, however, think there should be an option to either remove them from your map, or just turn them off, so that you can see what's under the wreck icon. Same for beds. I placed a marker on the map, but could not see exactly where it was, because the area was covered in beds. I would like a toggle for those. Certainly you don't want them to be gone, when you need to respawn, but when you are just exploring the Atlas map by hitting i, and then Atlas, it would be nice to be able to toggle them off, to see what's under them. Same for ships.
  12. Captain Jack Shadow

    Land Based NPC Cannons

  13. Captain Jack Shadow

    Atlas ovetaken by BDO lmfao

    He is. But not everyone will know that. Don't assume everyone knows the acronym for a game, movie, books, or TV show. Believe it or not, there were many people who did not watch GoT. Right? And I was caught using the acronym, in the first mention to them, like I just did. Like, "You going to watch GoT tonight?" And I get this in response, "GoT?"
  14. Captain Jack Shadow

    Atlas ovetaken by BDO lmfao

    BDO? Big Duck Online? Speak English. Learn when to use initials, and acronyms, and when not to. Using BDO in the OP is not the way to start a thread. Many people are not going to know what game you are talking about. This is also common practice when writing any kind of formal paper. The first time you mention someone, or something, you use a full name first. For instance, and article where a professor is interviewed, it would go something like this. "We reached out to Professor John, A Smith, Professor of Descriptive Writing at the University of Atlas, for his thoughts on how to write an opening post." Then, after this introduction, they will typically use the title and last name, such as Professor Smith. Sometimes, they may just say, Smith, but some feel that is bad form, when the person has a respected title. But the point is clear...you make sure people are aware of what you are talking about. You don't assume they know who "Professor Smith," is, or what his expertise is. I see this all too often in gaming forums, or comment sections, where gamers like to throw around the acronyms to appear to be in the know...to appear to belong. Problem is, there are hundreds...thousands of games, books, movies, gangs, clubs, etc., where people will use acronyms. Not everyone looks into all things gaming related. I used to, but anymore, I just pay attention to the games I am playing, and talk to people I know. I don't read much gaming news anymore. Can't be bothered. Too busy. Also, when using an acronym, you introduce both in the first mention. Like this.... Black Desert Online (BDO), decides to take your idea and shows you... Now everyone is on the same page, whether or not they know anything about BDO
  15. Captain Jack Shadow

    Tears of a Bear Cannon

    Right, and I see that, but my idea is a bit different in that it allows people to protect there stuff in a way that allows people who aren't being stupid, to never get wiped into oblivion, but...but, it does require them to put those assets at risk, on a regular basis...just not everything at one time. So, they might get a ship sunk, or a bank raided, and lose some stuff, but the majority of stuff would be protected in a central bank, on Freeports. Your breeders would be in a similar bank...a sort of stables area where you go to pull the animal out...just like you would pull them out of a obelisk on ARK...but this would not have a timer that automatically deletes your tame. Instead, you pay rent to keep it there. If you fall behind, you simply can't pull it out, until you pay what is owed. Taking things to the banks, and pulling them out to use them, would put them at risk. Like, you have a BP that you want to protect. Pulling it out puts a decay timer on it. So you want to pull it out, and take it home to use it, and if there are still plenty of crafts left on it, you want to get it back into the bank, so that creates opportunities for people to capture it. The decay timer starts the second you obtain the BP. When you put it into the bank, the timer is reset...not stopped...reset. What would be better is a timer that counts down when it is not in the bank, but when in the bank, it counts back up...which would prevent people from just using the bank to reset the timer. Or just have it such that it has to be in the bank for a set number of days to reset the timer. Same for maps. Gold would accrue interest in the bank. So you have incentives to keep these things there, along with their being safer from being wiped. It might also help with anti-cheat protection. The breeders could be handles just like the gold, maps, and BPs, in that you pull them out and take them home to breed them, which puts them at risk, or allow for us to breed them right there on the island, and transport the babies home. I could see a possible breeding facility being made...a specific size for each pair you will breed, and it has everything included that you need for the process. Trough, heating, and cooling methods. You take it to some spot on the island...specific spots that don't block spawns...maybe even having to rent the spot...and you set up the breeding stable, which will decay shortly after the breeding process, and gestation, and 10% of maturation, is complete. The reason I think breeders should be more protected is because of the sheer amount of time and effort it takes to get a very high level tame. It can take many months. How many people do you think will keep playing, when a pair of bears, that took 6 months, to a year to get, are killed in a wipe? This is an imbalance in these types of games. If something takes a really long time to acquire, you don't want it to be lost...or at least not at all easy to lose. An FPS game is usually pretty well balanced in this regard...you spawn, run, shoot, kill, run, die, respawn, and repeat the process. Death comes easy, but recovery isn't very difficult. You either don't lose your stuff, or you can get equally good stuff pretty quickly. Breeders can take a really long time, and a whole lot of effort to get. So, I do think that stables that you rent...and no, not some absurd thing like 1,000 gold per day per bear...is a good thing. But, you don't want thousands of bears on the freeport, or elephants, tigers, etc...so you turn them over to the stable owner, which is really just uploading them, like uploading to on obelisk.