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  1. Captain Jack Shadow

    There is NO PVP in offline raiding so why is it allowed?

    Now to address the drivel above. This game is EA. Literally, every person should come here and voice their opinion of that they like, AND don't like about the game, and honestly, posting what you don't like is more important. Why? Because one thing he said is true, gamers...customers of any product, are more likely to say something about what they don't like. Devs know that, so nothing said is a sign that all is well, and they are on the right track. It's simply not deniable that the player base has shrunk drastically. I just read a post on the discord for the 5x5 I played on that just went to a 3x3, and one of the guys posted about how in the 7 hours while he was offline, somebody totally wiped his base. His friend said that was it, he was done, and so he also was done. He complained that there was literally no way to protect a base. He's right, and the point is, the game needs changes, but this is EA, and that is what happens in EA, but only when people voice what they don't like about the game. So it was a foolish post to whine that people give feedback. Like it or not, feedback is often negative. That's life. Suck it up and put on your big boy pants. Stop acting like a baby over the fact that people give feedback. I for one, talk to everyone I game with, and get their feedback, and pass it on. Just as I did with what the guy said in Discord. I do it because not enough people give their opinions. It would be better if people came here and did so, long before quitting the game. What would YOU rather have? People just quitting the game, and leaving, or would you rather they give feedback, which might get some things fixed? Well here's the other thing...without a solid amount of people wanting to play the game, you won't have a game. Maybe if this game dies, you will still be able to find some unofficial servers to play on. Maybe. I would rather see it thrive, but to thrive, it must change...not because I, or anybody else who gives feedback simply must have it our way...it must change because what is on the table is being rejected. So instead of telling your mates that you aren't a real gamer if you come here and give feedback, tell them it's actually their duty to do so, if they would like to see this game thrive. So now that that that is on the table, let's talk about some honest truths. People demanded the ability to respec almost at will. Right? People jump in fires to fix their vitamins. Right? People don't like their base, or ships getting offlined. People don't like their bases getting wiped, right? People don't like all their passive tames getting killed, just because some sadist thinks it's funny, right? This is why some people play on unofficial servers. I have played both official and unofficial, so let me tell you what is good about unofficial. First, in unofficial, not one time did I see any island completely ringed with either bases of small companies allied with each other, nor did I see gates spammed everywhere. What does this mean in terms of gameplay? Easy. There was not one single Island I saw, that I did not make landfall on. As I immersed in the sailing of my ships, I felt like a real explorer/pirate, getting to explore an island I had never been to. I was not afraid to take my bears, elephants, rhinos, etc..and go ashore and search for resources, or treasure. Let me also state a few facts. The Devs of WWIIOL knew, and stated, that the perfect game has the average players attaining a 1 to 1 success/fail ratio. Like it or not, each of us are the stars of our own personal SOAP Opera, and everybody else are extras. So, other people are not going to stick around to just be your punching bag. I will brag a bit here simply to make a point. I mentioned earlier that the #2 guy at the company had kind words for me after following me. What he told me was that while I always finished somewhere towards the middle of the top 25 tankers (7th to18th), he said they all agreed I was the best. Why? I was the only one who never cut supply to get my kills. Always attacking and defending towns and ABs. Even with this, my K/D ratio was only 4 to 1. As a result of their thinking, the game is still being played, 18 years later. Now, this in mind, it frustrates me that some of the top players in games are always trying to put together "dream teams" of the best players. That's cancer to games. Star Marine, for those who are familiar with it, had this problem. A couple of teams build those dream teams, and played that game a lot to get in the top of the leaderboards. As a result, they would get insane scores, 40-2, 50-4, etc...while other players were getting 1-15, 4-17, etc... People don't stick around for that. Games are just better when you focus on playing with people you like, and not building dream teams. People used to understand this concept. Used to be that if you were going to play a game of basketball, or football, etc., you had two people take turns choosing players. Sucked if you always got chosen last, but you had a better time that way, than if you were always on the losing team. How does that relate to this game? People don't like playing games that they feel cater to the Megas. Or to people who can stay up to 4 in the morning and offline you. People don't like to play when they feel that their failure is coded into the game. One thing Star Citizen is going to have right is that 9 of 10 ships you see in the universe will be NPCs. What this means is that even if the "Eeelight" units have a lot of success, so too will average players. Think of this like NCAA football. Why does the league allow so many games between the big schools like Florida, and little schools like Florida A&M? One reason is the money...OKAY, the main reason is the money, but what that does is allow Florida, even in a down year, to have a good shot at a winning record. They could lose most of their Conference games, but still have a 6-6 year. The money men in the NCAA know that this is easier for the fans to accept, than a few years of 2 wins and 10 losses. Thus the fans keep coming. What that means is that this game should put in a fair amount of different kinds of ships, with different loot in them. Sloops, Schooners, and other types of ships. Give people something to chase down and pirate. Even those who would lost most PvP battles, will have decent success with those. And it adds to the PvE servers. Literally, anything you might need in the game should be on those ships. The goal should be for them to stop after some damage, and allow the pirates to take what they want. Just as was done in real life. Armor items, BPs, weapons, ammo, food, resources, full range of tames varying in level, very low to very high, by roll of the dice, etc... The focus should be on being at sea, not building bases. If we are going to have a base, it should really be about just rebuilding a ship, when your ship gets sunk. A place to store gathering/scouting tames. Battle tames should be about fighting the NPC bosses, AotD, etc...not other players. Our fights against each other should be exclusively on ships. Bases should be small compared to what you see on official. A place to store some stuff, craft stuff, and store the tames. It should fit inside one claim. One sea claim should establish your port. These should be near indestructible, and like with Star Citizen, when your people log off, the ships should despawn. No offlining them. The Claims should have defense as part of the claim, that 100% win any battle against anyone who comes to mess with your stuff. This game should be about battles at sea, and in the wild, not about wiping people's bases. This isn't just me talking. I listen to what people complain about on the various Atlas Discords I am a member of...5 of them...and what people say in game. Some I know recently went to PvE because they were tired of their stuff always getting offlined, or getting attacked when they were not prepared, or undermanned for the fight. I listen. Maybe the problem the guy above has is that he likes offline raiding, and hates that so many other people do not. Maybe he is the entitled snowflake that can't handle that he is in the minority opinion on this. What he fails to realize is that being offlined makes you feel like your failure is hard coded into the game, and people will not stick around for that. /my2piecesof8
  2. This is just a guess, but the island terrains are made up of a variety of objects. There are a set number of objects. I would expect that they could, and will have, more island shapes to work with in the future. I would like to see it such that each grid has at least one large island, with a large bay in it, in the future.
  3. Captain Jack Shadow

    Taming isnt broken!

    And people keep calling out those that use EA as an excuse for everything. I do understand that these issues were never fixed in ARK, and now show up in this game. So excuse those of us who are not confident that they will ever be addressed. I would like to see LODs, because one of the things I liked about ARK, and love about this game, and even believe they improved on, is the visual aspect of the scenery. I have told others that outside of the ridiculous cyclones, the game really captures what it looks like to be at sea. And I think the landscapes, on many islands, are very good, and good looking. Some of the islands need work...they look like large piles of stone blocks dropped in a pile, from a distance. But those, and the islands that look like multiple huge pillars, are at least interesting in a fantasy aspect. I don't like that they look barren from too far of a distance, and then suddenly trees start popping in. And, I don't like using a spyglass to examine a coastline for ships, and see nothing, only to get 400 meters away and suddenly ships start popping in. So yeah, I am going to voice my opinion on that. The one thing the EA excusers seem to forget that our feedback is part of the process of EA. If nobody ever complains about the lack of LODs, it's unlikely they will see it as something to invest time and resources into. Even then, I don't know if it will get fixed. Many people in ARK complained about the bases not having LODs, causing them to visually pop in, giving away their location too easily, and that is still an issue to this day.
  4. Captain Jack Shadow

    Taming isnt broken!

    I don't think you understand. Let's say a football player with 5 years experience, joins a new team. He had a history of fumbling at his old team, and somebody complains that he is fumbling the ball too much, 2 months after he joins the new team. So somebody tries to defend him by saying, but he's new, give him a chance to get better. But you see, he's not new. He has been playing for 5 years, and has always fumbled, so he isn't fumbling because he's new to the team, he just has a problem with fumbling. Same thing here. This is not new. This game engine is not new. It's not 2 months old. You might have a point if these were new additions to the ARK engine, but they are not. They are relics of it. I am voicing my opinion because I want to see the early death of this game prevented. Unlike many who uninstalled the game, and demanded, and got refunds, I am still here, hoping these things get fixed, and the game gets good reviews in the future, which will bring the players back.
  5. Captain Jack Shadow

    Galleon Useless?

    If anything, this is not taken far enough. Pirates preferred sloops and schooners...why? Speed and maneuverability. What did the British employ to hunt them down? Schooners. Are you aware that it is easy in real life for a Sloop, or Schooner of that period, to escape from a larger ship like a Brigantine, or Galleon? Know why? Better ability to sail into the wind. Do you know what a "No-Go zone" is in sailing terms? I'll make it easy for you. In this game, it's when the arc for your sails, turn red. For the bigger ships like a Galleon, or Brigantine, the no-go zone is much larger with their sail configurations, than it was for Schooners and sloops. In other words, they could travel in a direction closer to the wind, which the other ship could not follow, thus allowing them to escape. Sloops with 6 or 7 cannons were known to sink Brigantines with 3 to 4 times more cannons. Why? Sloops were almost impossible to hit using a Brigantine, if the skipper had even a clue what he was doing. The maneuverability made them very hard to hit with a broadside. This game seems to make that too easy to do. One reason is that sails, large, medium, or small, turn at the same rate. Not realistic.
  6. Captain Jack Shadow

    Taming isnt broken!

    No, it's not, because this was a known issue in ARK, for years, and never fixed, which implies they likely won't do so here, either. Many of the negative aspects of ARK have made their way to this game, such as player constructed objects not spawning in until you are ridiculously close. Do they really not know how to make LODs?
  7. Captain Jack Shadow

    Taming isnt broken!

    I'm saying it is not immersive because it looks more like animal abuse, than anything that ever actually tamed a wild animal in real life. And I also don't like the buggy aspects.
  8. Captain Jack Shadow

    Taming isnt broken!

    So you both like the animal abuse manner in which you convince an animal to be loyal to you? Got it.
  9. Captain Jack Shadow

    Taming isnt broken!

    Nope, that was just a few of them. People do not like this taming system. You are the exception, not the rule. The fact that some of you claim to have sold a lot of tames is just proof of that. You seek to protect that it seems. Hey dumb dumb, look again, that was the other guy's post. I quoted him just a day ago. Again, your reading comprehension sucks. Note that it says I posted that just yesterday. Oh it means a lot. Yes, you with your low like count, somehow seem to think you're with the majority opinion, and I am somehow an outlier. You don't even know what that "Days Won 3," means. It means that 3 times, I had the most liked content that day. Normally I wouldn't even care about this, but you seem to want to try to use the tactic that somehow you are in step with the community, and I am somehow out of step. This player base is shrinking, and I want to address the reasons it is, but you and a few fanboys want to defend it. There are many opinions. Some have called for taming to not even be a thing. Others called for the crew to be utilized to harvest, instead of tames. Some are not at all happy with the way tames are the primary means to fight now, and guns have been nerfed...probably unless you have a Legendary to Mythical BP created gun. HOD, a very popular Youtuber who has made many videos on ARK and Atlas, made a recent video talking about his disappointment in the way tames are now the only viable means to fight, with guns being nerfed. He mentions some strong points of the game. Notice he doesn't mention taming as one of them. Just because you CAN tame, does not mean the system is broken. By your logic, if I CAN kill the Hydra with one blow from a sickle, that would mean that killing the Hydra is not broken. I mean, I did kill it, right? So it must be just fine. You keep dodging the issue. The issue is that the tames indicate that they can be fed, but they cannot. And just because you chose to keep trying to find some arbitrary and ridiculous magical spot that the animal will allow you to feed it from, does not mean that the system is not broken. How many new players...assuming you can get a new player, will try to feed, and try to feed, only to be killed, and then uninstall the game. It's not like tens of thousands haven't already done that for various reasons, and gotten a refund in the process. I've sailed in just about everything that can sail, up to and including, 6 U.S. Navy Aircraft Carriers. Sailed in every ocean, most of the seas, all of the Great Lakes, and visited every continent except Antarctica. What's your point, except to be contrarian? No, a few fanboys posted...that's not "The community." And all they showed is that they like the present system. Just because taming can be done, does not mean the system is not broken, and in serious need of being overhauled. You have to be a deeper thinker to understand that, it seems. You have 20 likes. I have ten times that many. I have won the day 3 times, which means I had the most liked content those days. You have won the day 0 times. Tell me again how nobody listens to me, and how "the community" is on your side. You are starting to sound crazy. I attack you because of the nasty shaming tactics you try to use to silence people you disagree with. Don't like it getting personal? Don't start the personal stuff. Says the child trying to protect one of the most ridiculous game mechanics every made, and has to make things personal just because you disagreed. Grow up. Again with your idiocy. I tame creatures in this game. I do NOT enjoy it. From the ridiculous non immersive animal abuse nature of it, to the lazy fix for their own bad code. Hardly. You were done before you started, because all you did was defend a game mechanic that is ludicrously non-immersive because you don't repeatedly nearly kill an animal to win it's loyalty in real life. And at the same time, defending code that is broken, like indicating the tame can be fed while it can't. Now run along while the adults continue the conversation.
  10. Captain Jack Shadow

    Once again, this is NOT fun.

    Considering all the posts, and the many things to post about, that's a lot.
  11. Captain Jack Shadow

    There is NO PVP in offline raiding so why is it allowed?

    I think you underestimate how fragile those ships were. You do realize that they took full broadsides from opposing ships, and continued to fight. When rough and famous fight between a British and American Schooner, during the war of 1812, the fight lasted 15 minutes, though they were at point blank range, and only ended because the American Captain locked the ships together, and led his men onboard the enemy ship, which caused them to surrender. Look up the battle of the St, Lawrence and the Chasseur. Unless you put that barrel in the bun poweder storage magazine, it's not going to sink the ship, and as I said, you aren't going to climb a rope ladder with it, or grapple onto the ship with it. Yes, it would take several men to carry them on board, using a gang plank from a dock, or using a pulley system from onboard the ship. The problem, again, is that too many players look for the easy path to victory, not the challenging one, thus instead of fighting each other, they seek to offline the other side. I myself would enjoy building a ship, and then accepting challenges to duel with others. Amazing how few want to do just that. I proposed a war declaration system that would promote actual pvp. You chose not to comment on it.
  12. Captain Jack Shadow

    Taming isnt broken!

    I only post negative things? Au Contraire, but we already established that your reading comprehension sucks. And please stop trying to insinuate that somehow you are in the majority, and I am not. That somehow you are with the majority opinion. The reality is that most people just aren't even posting here anymore. The length of time that something stays on the first page is a whole lot longer than it used to be. The amount of posts that get 20+ replies is down. What I see are a few people repeatedly posting how the system is fine. All of you claim to be selling tames. Sounds like people trying to protect their niche. Stop defending a system that looks nothing at all like taming an animal, and looks everything like animal abuse...and broken game mechanics, like indicators showing you can feed, when you can NOT. You look like an idiot when you do that. Owning you is getting old. And FYI, I have talked about the ship battles being fun, the terrain being great, the sailing being great, when not interrupted by ridiculous things, and how being at sea often feels real, and that from somebody who has 5+ years of days actually at sea.
  13. Captain Jack Shadow

    Once again, this is NOT fun.

    Your reading comprehension sucks. I tame creatures. Bears, wolves, etc... However, the code is broken. Just because you and NOT THE COMMUNITY, but a few fanboys, say you are OK with it, does not make the code not broken. And that doesn't even cover the fact that YOU are defending a system that looks more like animal abuse, than any real method that would actually tame a creature. So it's not the least bit immersive, fanboy.
  14. Captain Jack Shadow

    Taming isnt broken!

    What else is lazy code? Powered ships in a sailing game. That's why we don't have sailing ship pirates to battle, or sailing ship merchants to pirate...it's too hard to code a moderately realistic sailing AI, it would appear, so better to have Corporate Luxury Yachts of the Damned, and weird little paddle wheeler merchants. What else? Nearly killing an animal to tame it because only a modder knows how to make an immersive taming system. What else? Offline raids being a thing, because coming up with a way to encourage PvP instead of PvO seems to be too hard. While this game is EA, it is also based on ARK, and that has been around for years, and had many of the same problems, like the offline raiding. That's just the first few links, dumb dumb. But thanks for noting that it has always been broken. Also, the player base has shrunk quite a bit. Many of those people don't even play anymore.