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  1. Captain Jack Shadow

    PvE claim system: what would make you quit?

    You don't need a taming pen more than a few hours tops, so the code should be written that if the owner wants it gone, it takes 3 hours for the demolish to happen. Otherwise, the taming will need to be reworked such that pens are absolutely not needed. That would be a welcome change by me. How about this...you trap the animal with bola, and load it into a crate. Then take it back to your base for the taming. Could even use the tame crate idea I offered, which is really just borrowed code from ARK's cryopods.
  2. Captain Jack Shadow

    Bug: Pets disappearing off of ships during travel

    By the way, such magical items could be used for increasing the cargo ability of a ship. I would like to see some sort of cargo crate that can carry more resources at a reduced weight, like x0.1 weight, but cannot be opened on the ship unless anchored. This would allow more resources to be carried on a ship, without unbalancing the repair vs damage in a battle. Now, this could cause a problem in a fight where you pull into somebody's port, and anchor to repair damage while fighting, right? Sure, but the consequence is that you are now a sitting duck to mortars, and cannon bears. If you have removed those threats, I think it hardly matters if you use surplus repair stores you are carrying.
  3. Captain Jack Shadow

    Bug: Pets disappearing off of ships during travel

    Clearly, there needs to be some mechanic that ties the tame to the ship. I suggested magical crates, that upload the tames for transport, like the Cryopods do in ARK. A simple crate, or cube, that you can set down near a tame, and upload the tame into it. But, remove the thing about tames being sick if you remove too many at once. Just limit the number a ship can carry, For instance, making them still count as crew, except for shoulder tames, so long as there is a live crewman to count as it's owner. In the meantime, if you cross over into a new grid, and your shoulder tame is gone from your shoulder, try logging out, and back in. That sometimes makes them reappear on the deck near where you were standing.
  4. Captain Jack Shadow

    Vitamin Drop v Hunger really needs to be fixed.

    I would rather it not be a part of the game. PvP games don't need many overly complicated things. Things like that reduce PvP skill as the deciding factor in battle. Honestly, there are mechanics in this game that are going to drive new groups away from this game, very quickly. Imagine a few months after it goes live, and most of the megas are running around with no less than Legendary ship parts and cannons...armor and weapons...and all of it nearly maxed out by the crow, dolphin and respec into knowledge. Then some poor souls decide that they would like to come here as a company, and try out the game. So they build a few brigs, and a Galleon, and end up running into one Mythical Battle Brig that sinks their whole fleet. Yeah, that's going to convince them to stick around, right? This game will require a noob server, that teaches and allows companies like that to build up, and then allows them to bring everything they gathered, and built, to the regular server. Otherwise, they won't compete. A matching service will be needed, where companies try to woo them, and allow them to set up on their island, and ally.
  5. Captain Jack Shadow

    Too much to accept.

    If it had been the odd thing, I would believe it was somebody from my company doing it. However, everything was gone, including rotten meat. Now this would happen if somebody not in my company found me, and just took everything quickly, and then later discarded what they didn't want, but the building was secure..doors closed, and no damage, so that rules out theft by the enemy. I suspect that the game somehow saw me as dead and put my stuff into a satchel, and so when I came back in, and woke up right where I had logged off, it was too late to find a satchel on the ground.
  6. Captain Jack Shadow

    Elephant taming

    Skill? LMFAO. Skill? You did not just say skill. LOL It's broken mechanics. If the feed option is highlighted blue or red, feeding should happen. Skill? Pretty much all animals are the same. Feed from the belly. Some allow feeding from behind the head. There is no indication as to why or when the elephant will strike out. Feed in one spot, and stand there, and suddenly, just as it is about to eat again, it lashes out, for no reason. You stood there and fed three times just fine, but out of nowhere, it suddenly doesn't like you standing there. When you approach again, it continues to lash out. So you feed and move away and wait, then move in again...and randomly, the same thing happens. It lashes out, even though you are moving right back into the spot that worked 5 times before. It's absurd...it's broken...and only a fool defends something it. I don't mind skill based, interactive taming, but how about something that is not absurd. How about something that looks like actual taming, not animal abuse. Immersion works better when it is at least somewhat believable. Yeah, ARK's system wasn't perfect either, and I always thought it was silly, but at least nearly killing the dino, repeatedly, wasn't part of the process.
  7. Captain Jack Shadow

    Vitamin Drop v Hunger really needs to be fixed.

    This. I probably wouldn't mind it so much in PvE, but in PvP, much of this survival nonsense just isn't needed. Once again, I am so happy that Star Citizen, which will require you to eat, drink, sleep and use the restroom, is not going to make it like a survival game. The community was very happy about that. Just stop into a cafeteria once or twice a day, and you are good. More there as added realism, than some mechanic that must be managed frequently.
  8. Captain Jack Shadow

    Vitamin Drop v Hunger really needs to be fixed.

    Kind of helps the immersion when the mechanics at least resemble reality, even if only just slightly. Kind of like why we don't have lasers and photon torpedoes on our 17th Century sailing ships.
  9. Captain Jack Shadow

    Elephant taming

    I have tamed elephants. That doesn't change the fact that the mechanics are broken. You get the feed notification, you should be able to feed. And once again, the whole system needs to be changed. I know some people defend the current system because they fear the system being changed to something more ARK-like. I prefer the ARK system to this, but I understand what they are worried about, and I agree, and don't want the crazy long time it takes to tame in ARK. That is the ONLY thing that is good about this system...the time is not nearly as long as ARK, which put me off taming on official. Same for breeding on official. It's too long here also. Wouldn't be so bad if you could just feed them and leave them be while they grow up. I am not going to stay up all night to care for a virtual animal. That's beyond absurd. The DEVs need to learn that most people don't game with an international community, and thus don't have people to care for a virtual baby, around the clock. Develop mechanics that aren't absurd.
  10. Captain Jack Shadow

    Vitamin Drop v Hunger really needs to be fixed.

    Sorry, takes a whole lot more than that, if your vitamins get low, which does happen when you are concentrating on other task. I have eaten as many as 60 or 70 berries or more, to get the Vitamin C back up. If using some of the wild greens, it takes nearly as many to get Vitamin A back up. It doesn't enhance my game experience, and you know what...find me one case in real life where somebody died from vitamin poisoning from eating a couple steaks too many, or too many berries/veggies, or too much fish.
  11. Captain Jack Shadow

    Too much to accept.

    You've had this happen too?
  12. Captain Jack Shadow

    QoL for cooking

    You will need to find an unofficial server that has a mod to do this. Was the same on ARK. I enjoyed the unofficial servers because you could get stuff done. You had things that collected eggs, poop, etc.. and things to distribute thatch to compost bins, and collect the fertilizer from them. You had a nanny to take care of the babies so you could go to bed. You had a gun to pick up structures you placed but was too far away to interact with. Like today, making a taming pen 3 walls high for crows. Put a wall on, but it snapped going out away from the structure. No way to interact with it, so I had to make another wall. Total pain in the ass, but that seems to be what the devs of games like this want the game to be. When I played official, I hated the tedious chores, like picking up the poop, and eggs. And stacks are so small, you couldn't walk away from the game for too long, or your dinos would starve and die. Anyway, I can assure you that it is working the way they want it to. You and I want to get to the adventuring stuff, but they want you to waste time filling water skins, picking up poop, shoveling for an hour to get enough worms to tame a crow, etc... These games are a huge time sink. If you want it to play faster, find a good unofficial server.
  13. Captain Jack Shadow

    ramshackle sloop been used as cheap blocking in PVE

    Know what would stop this? A simple rule that doing things like this, that could be considered PvP tactics...griefing, etc..will get your Company wiped. Then do it with recording on, and post the video for all to see here. Make an announcement in the server that X company was wiped for doing X, in the game for people to see when they log on. When people understand that they will be wiped for such actions, and then banned for repeated offenses, it will stop.
  14. Captain Jack Shadow

    Vitamin Drop v Hunger really needs to be fixed.

    I detest how much time it takes. So you are down on vitamins, and you get those white arrows as you eat, that hide how much the vitamin is rising. So you have to sit there and let it go away, then eat a little more, and wait, and eat a little more, and wait. I very much preferred ARK's eating. Hungry? Just slam some food, and you are good. You can get right back to what you were doing.
  15. Captain Jack Shadow

    Vitamin Drop v Hunger really needs to be fixed.

    This is why survival games are niche games. Everything is a pain in the ass, because what survival games tend to lack, is game content, so they need to slow you down...way down. Keep you running after silly stuff, constantly, so that you don't realize you are playing a game with very little actual game content. 7 days to die, is a perfect example of this. If you didn't have the survival stuff to keep you busy, there would be no game. When you understand that the survival stuff is there to distract you from the fact that there is very little game content, you will understand everything about the game.