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  1. Captain Jack Shadow


    This problem can be fixed with one simple change to the game. Remove island fighting. Make the game all about getting out to sea, and exploring other islands. Then, add more random stuff on islands, to find. Make quests for the game. Make the freeports someplace you want to go, for social things, and put quest givers at those islands. It wouldn't be hard to do. A mission giver might ask you to bring back a resource, or a live Yeti, or information about a ship that went missing in a specific grid, etc... The game lags so much because people gather 300 tames, and have many more NPCs on defenses, plus tens of thousands of structures. In some areas of our base, you can't even place a box down, because we have actually exceeded the structure limit somehow. That base has over 8,000 structures in just part of it. Go to the front part of the base, and it is just under the limit, so this means that the entire structure has way more than 8k structures, and that's just scratching the surface. There's over 30k pillars on the island, and that count comes from when they weren't even halfway done. Then you have the port structures, the other big buildings on several other parts of the island, and then the ships. It is not a surprise that our computers cry uncle when trying to run this game.
  2. Captain Jack Shadow

    Why is it sooo laggy?

    Even with activities at sea, people will still lag the server with structures. It's the fact that you have to defend your island that causes this. Go to any island, and you will see an amazing amount of pillars everywhere. First, you run around the island, placing 3 pillars in a row. You do this so the enemy can't place a bed down. Next, you spam a wall of pillars around the shore, so they can't easily walk tames up onto your island. Next, you make pillar towers with Puckles, swivels and Ballistas on them, to kills anyone who does make it onto your island. Then you have large bases to store all your stuff, and store animals in. You don't want them outside to be easily killed be invaders. Since boxes have limited storage, you need a whole lot of them. This is one thing that Conan does right with the large vault. It holds a whole lot of stuff. ARK had a vault that isn't nearly as large, but does hold a lot of stuff. The resource box helps, but a vault for storing a lot of armor, weapons and ammo, would help a ton. But honestly, just making it so we don't have to defend islands would free up resources, and get more people out to sea.
  3. Captain Jack Shadow

    Long sea trips - Need fast travel

    Fast travel would wreck the game. It wrecks Conan Exiles. Want fast travel, go there. I can agree that the speed could be increased a little bit, but not a huge amount. I like that the map is huge, and so people don't just quickly travel from their grid, to mine. Conan Exiles sucks because it is too easy for people to cover that map. Thus, everyone knows where everybody else's base is. We tried to get started on several servers, but it is just too easy for the Alphas to find you, and raid you...constantly, so you never get a chance to build up. If you are getting built up, it's because the Alphas are letting you. Fast travel turns a large map into a very small map. Fast travel in a single player game...sure, but in an MMO, no...just no. It's hard enough to build up with a Mega or two in your area, harassing you. Imagine if every Alpha in the game had the ability to get to you quick and easy? No...just no. And pirating? I see that a lot. But it could be better with NPC sailing ships to attack, and sink. Making the flotsam more interesting would take some of the boredom away at sea. As it is, most people just sail past it because it isn't worth it. The key isn't fast travel...it's making the sea travel more fun...more things to do while at sea.
  4. Captain Jack Shadow

    Long sea trips - Need fast travel

    I agree. I am not asking to be able to spec into every single combat skill, or into every single occupation, but it has to be understood that there are two sides to the game. Production when not fighting, and fighting, both on land and at sea. A lot of the stuff is just frustrating. Why not break it up into categories, and give us points to spend in each category. Making armor is an occupation. Making weapons is an occupation. Building both ships and buildings, is an occupation. Taming and breeding animals is an occupation. Cooking and farming is an occupation. Using armor is a skill Using weapons is a skill Captaining/crewing ships is a skill Riding animals is a skill I'm not sure what's so hard about that. I'm not sure why they resist giving us a skill tree that makes sense. Break it into an occupation tree and a skill tree, and give us points for both. When you are maxxed out, you should be able to have a significant portion of both trees. Not 100%, but maybe 80 to 85% would be good. I get frustrated when I need something, and nobody is around to make it, or perform the task.
  5. Captain Jack Shadow

    "ATLAS IS NOT AN ARK DLC!"...yeah right

    Your posts are childish. If you read my history of posts, you will see that I have many criticisms of the game, but you pick out silly stuff to whine about. Once again, a Giant Crab is a Giant Crab. These two look nothing alike, other than the fact that they are giant crabs. The Bear looks much more like the ARK bear, than this crab looking like the Karkinos. Yes, I played ARK. 4,325 hours played, both PvE and PvP. I am very familiar with ARK. While some things are similar, like the Smithy, tools, etc...they all have different skins, and slightly different functions. There are also enough differences that had this literally been a different company making it, and simply having bought the engine from Wildcard, nobody would be calling it a DLC. There are huge differences. Frankly, I don't give a crap if it was supposed to be a DLC, or a brand new game. It's very different, and for the most part, it's fun. Stop whining about little stuff. There are bigger problems, some that traveled here from ARK, like the building mechanics on official. No matter how many times you post, the fact that the Crab looks much different than the karkinos, isn't going to change. This crab actually looks much better, and is much more colorful than the Karkinos, which looked dull, and ugly. You have to wait for Holiday events to get a colorful Karkinos. Here, you get them all day long, every day, every week, every month, all year long.
  6. Captain Jack Shadow

    Why is it sooo laggy?

    Why is it sooo laggy? It's simple...they need OCS, Object Container Streaming, which is being developed for Star Citizen. Ah, but that will never happen. This means that the only way to fix this issue is to limit what people can have. A limit on: Tames Structures Ships NPCs They do have limits, but the limits are about ten times too high. But then, they would need to make huge changes to the game. Like take the emphasis off of protecting bases. Put the emphasis on getting out to sea, and visiting other islands. Ah, but so many people complain about actually having to sail, in a sailing game, so .... smh
  7. Captain Jack Shadow

    "ATLAS IS NOT AN ARK DLC!"...yeah right

    That's just it...it's not a copy and paste. What don't you understand about that? It's like somebody making a game with the Unreal Engine, and putting a Ford Mustang in it. Then making a new game where they take that Mustang and convert it into a Chevy Camaro. Yes, both are cars. Yes, both are sports cars. Yes, both are American made cars. Yet, they aren't the same. There are a lot of differences between the two. If you played both games, you would know that. You said you play 7d2d. You do know that it's made with the very dated Half Life 2 Engine, right? Know how I know? I recognize many of the assets, especially sounds, which are virtually unchanged from Half Life 2. That doesn't seem to bother you very much.
  8. Captain Jack Shadow

    Shipwreck treasure quality

    If you are going to look for shipwrecks, and plan to look in several grids, do yourself a favor and visit your animal pen to pick up some suicide pills, also known as poop. Put them in a box, or smithy, or anything you can store them in. Use your sextant, and search for the shipwrecks. Then, after crossing into a new grid, eat the poop to kill yourself quickly. Respawn, grab your gear, and redo the sextant buff. Crossing into a new grid causes a bug. The wrecks are are not where they appear on the map. Plus, you can't redo the sextant buff until it has expired. Respawning resets the buff, so you can redo it.
  9. Captain Jack Shadow

    Long sea trips - Need fast travel

    Grapeshot needs to stop listening to these guys when it comes to loot and drops in this game. There could be plenty of things to do. Make Flotsam better, make the shipwrecks better. Make cargo hauling better. Allow us to sell resources at the Freeport, and get gold...sell to the NPCs. Then buy resources we want, with that gold. That is something severely lacking in this game. Create NPC ships to pirate. Ah, but that would mean they have to make NPC ships with sails. Something they have yet to do. Make more things to find on the ocean floor. Get the focus off of bases, and onto stuff at sea, and going to, and exploring islands. That is also something severely lacking in this game. I found exploring to be much more enjoyable in Conan Exiles. Cities with their NPCs were also more fun.
  10. Captain Jack Shadow

    Shipwreck treasure quality

    This is the firm that Grapeshot consulted with for the design of drops and loot, in this game.
  11. Captain Jack Shadow

    Shipwreck treasure quality

    When it comes to things like this, Atlas fails hard. I too have looked for things like that, but the highest wreck I have seen was a 10 quality. Most are between 3 and 8. Eventually, you just give up. Atlas is like that in so many ways. The good stuff is so rare, you just stop looking. And even a high level flotsam, for instance, doesn't mean you will get anything good. The highest level flotsams I have hauled in, have all given me garbage. Like a Legendary Thatch Wall. Who the hell wants that? I get it, you can't have great stuff in every flotsam, but the good stuff is just too rare, to the point of making you feel like you are wasting your time. I have picked up a lot of map bottles. Fully 90% are common, and the rest were Fine. I no longer go out of my way to get map bottles. Why bother? It's just going to be disappointing when they end up being garbage. Everything about Conan is not great, but the drops I got there were far more rewarding.
  12. Captain Jack Shadow

    Long sea trips - Need fast travel

    Fast travel ruins games, more often than not. For instance, in Conan Exiles, it makes it impossible to avoid being raped by the server Alpha before you can get built up. They can just make an endurance build, and scour the map, and find your base, every single day, if they want to. Then, when they want to raid you...super easy..just fast travel with a map. Thankfully, Star Citizen is not going to have fast travel.
  13. Captain Jack Shadow

    Long sea trips - Need fast travel

    We could do different things, if they allowed us to choose what we want, and only spend points on what we want. They literally have the worst skill tree I have ever seen in a game. They should separate occupations, like tamer, breeder, farmer, cook, builder, ship builder, weapons crafter, armor crafter, in a different tree. These are your occupations. These are the things where people can specialize. The other stuff is essential for everyone to have. Riding, assorted fighting skills, captaineering, vitamins, gathering, etc...all need to be easier to get to. We all need them. I'm not saying you need all of the skills, such as every last fighting skill, but I am tired of having to choose between being able to fight with a tame, and being able to use a Sextant, or have fast turning sails, etc... Really killing my enjoyment of the game. They promised us that they were going to change the skill tree. They haven't. It needs a total rework. People shouldn't be unable to fight when they are attacked, just because they had skill points into occupations they needed in order to be useful. And they shouldn't have to sacrifice being useful, just to be ready to fight when attacked. Then their idiotic solution is to make us go to a freeport to respec. Yeah, I will just tell the enemy to take a smoke break for an hour, while I take the gold they want to steal, and go to the freeport to respec into fighting skills. Yeah, I am sure they will accommodate me. A game like this, they should let us create stat/skill profiles, and have potions on hand, like the alcohols, to respec with. And don't make them decay. Just let them be like the alcohol so you can make some, and have them on hand for when you get attacked, and need to respec into fighting. Having profiles would be helpful so you can drink the potion, and then click a button, and be ready to fight the attackers.
  14. Captain Jack Shadow

    Current 9h wartime is too long

    Time is the biggest factor. It takes a lot of materials to make just one barrel. How many barrels would it take to get good at dive bombing with them? A casual Company isn't going to be able to get good with barrels. It's an absurd concept anyway. Some people have lives. They can't spend 8-12 hours in this game, every day, like some people do. You could have simply said that this is a niche game for people who have time to dedicate to the game, and that means 6+ hours a day, if you want to compete. Add in that I get a lot of screen freezing in combat. How the hell am I going to hit anything on the ground with a barrel? I will be doing everything I can not to crash into the ground. It really sucks that they turned the most powerful weapon into something that only people with the best computers and internet, can use. Just one more dumb decision by the Devs. We have people in our Star Citizen group who are or were competitive gamers..mostly FPS. They do not have the time to succeed in this game. They don't have 4 or more hours every single day, to play. This does not make them casual games. Somites, KittenNova, xAngeldustx, Lost Ikon, MegaOhms, w4rb0t, prutknund, AJRKiller, Lothain, Sgt.Roberts, and others have all repeatedly topped the leaderboards, and kept us consistently top 3 minimum, out of 46k orgs. Here, they would be called casuals because of one thing...time. I just checked the leaderboards. They have us #3 in Elimination, and #1 in Last Stand. But that game is all about skill. 1v1 KittenNova. She will give you new respect for girl gamers.
  15. Captain Jack Shadow

    Long sea trips - Need fast travel

    Many are not aware of this, but there is a slider for ship render distance. Slide it all the way to the right. Also, another setting to set view distance to epic. It's not much, but it does give you a little bit more time to turn.