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  1. I got something to say the game was doing well but looking deeper into these "updates" these game killer updates. The necessary things to play the game like normal have been taken away. 1 if they want more ocean time.. why the heck would you make ships cost gold? Especially schooners doesn't make sense when you have these huge ass companies who monopolize half the server and prevent any players from trying to get gold, or going to the ocean and you get a max 150 gold or there are barely any sunken treasure, and when there is its guarded by the SOTD 2 why decrease the height of of defensive structures, oh sorry SDC you can't defend your vault from a high table top even tho we made the Maps and designed the island instead of just making islands flat There are plenty of examples but to me this seems like a cash grab you paid for the game like I did. I am hoping no one starts a petition to Microsoft or steam to allow refunds
  2. So real questions 1# are you planning on making a server with the last map instead of the for bioms separated i really liked that one longer sailing is fun 2# what are you planning to do with the big companies that constantly harrass smaller or one man or woman companies 3# what are your plans to deal with the bigger companies owning like 20 islands and 2 companies. There is no room to own an island on krakens grasp and even if we did it makes i difficult for xbox players to even enter. 4# are you making an Xbox only server.? 5# and this is an honest opinion if the boat wasn't made or bought at the Freeport it should be sunk in less then 2 hours and tames animals should become claimable after 20 min
  3. FIX .....THE ...... DAMN ......FREE PORTS!!!
  4. If you want deva to notice we need a bigger player base
  5. To add on this freeports should have 20 min unclaim animals and destroy ships if their are no active players.. companies use it as a port to protect their ships and tames from pvp https://ibb.co/NFhkFJj
  6. The game concept is great. But the start off the pvp could use a lot of work.. question when does pvp eventually stop and it turns in to bullying. When does it become pay to play. When other companies pvp they take the game way to far for newer players to play. Being on pc and xbox I can see both ways.. pc will always have the advantage over xbox. You have tribes such as d&t, Sdc, jojo, multiple Chinese and bigger companies bully players like this to stop playing. For instance jojo is a chinese mega company that owns A8 players cant settle in that tiles or surrounding tiles unless they pay tribute. Which is all fun for a game mechanic. Now a company who was settled their refused because they found out they were paying actual money to steal boats from other crews (insiding) for weeks on end jojo tormented this company insulting them in their native language raiding them hanging them, capturing them to make a new character over and over again. Mind you these are xbox players who cant get any where near their super mega base of lag. To fight back.. Now we here its pvp. Pvp is person v person. U want to pvp cool but it's really bullying if all you do is harass players who have no power to run a already built structures that over load the xbox. The big consensus is optimize the game and make an xbox only official server so players can truly experience the game. In all fairness people (or xbox players in general) are already saying the game is dying because of it. Even alot of D&t members are discouraging players on reddit by posting fake pictures of developers and players are eating it....you want a bigger player base make an xbox official pvp/pve server and optimize the game.
  7. Our company has studied the wind . The wind changes with variable weather. When its foggy the wind tends to change directions slowly. When it rains or storms wind is all over the place..little key features such as temperature will tell you what's the come next. Knowing your weather you will know the wind.
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