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  1. https://atlas.gamepedia.com/Bookshelf OT: No, only good ones. Bad ones we throw away immediately.
  2. Percieval

    A boat that decides to become submarine.....

    U got some flying dutchman stuff going on. Thats lit.
  3. Percieval

    Atlas wiki improvements

    The stuff you asked for were accurate. You can also just ask if what you think it says, is accurate. But that would be stupid aswell. Or maybe just ‘try it out’ - even when that sounds very scary. I expect you to update the wiki from now on.
  4. Percieval

    Atlas wiki improvements

    No, I think it’s because PC players that already know the game and don’t need a wiki in any way. Don’t be lazy and update it yourself or don’t come in here asking it at all.
  5. Percieval

    Q about building a Schooner

    You’re literally this stupid? He literally gave you everything you asked for. You did the exact same when I handed it to you, you’re not getting anywhere with this.
  6. Percieval

    Refund if possible

    You have the option to play either on PC or xbox and you play on xbox?
  7. Percieval

    Refund if possible

    The dude has had 10 months to see if the game is to his liking. This is the peak of ignorance right here. Man man man.
  8. Percieval

    Q about picking up loot crates.

    If you run them over they break. Grappling hook is good. You can also just jump in and get it.
  9. Percieval

    Finally on Xbox!!!

    But you already had the steam version?
  10. Percieval

    Taming a joke?

    I have no idea how you can tame a joke.
  11. Percieval

    Why can't I craft a Sloop?

    I wouldn’t dare
  12. Percieval

    Cannot find servers

    DM dev on discord. Fastest way of letting it know.
  13. Percieval

    Why can't I craft a Sloop?

    When you hover over it it says ‘Needs to be crafted in: Smithy’. Here, you learned something new. Again the little kid accusations when all you let the peeps see is how childish you are. Like I said, it’s ironic. I also find it very funny that I need a better outlook in life when all you do is give pessimistic/hostile reactions. The irony again.
  14. Percieval

    Why can't I craft a Sloop?

    Wrong shipyard. You need a small one. The shipyard is build in the smithy, not in your inventory. Pfft.
  15. Percieval

    Is there a, way to switch to Fahrenheit?

    Game menu