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  1. It’s such a bad decision.. No clue as to why they introduced it.
  2. I think you can buy this game for 4 euros on g2a. So try it out.
  3. That make trailers that are better than the actual gameplay? Or show things that end up being changed, in an EA trailer? How dare they.
  4. Hello, Welcome to the gaming world anno 2020.
  5. And with the power islands literally on top of each other you can grind hydra’s so hard that it’s not even fun anymore. @OP sorry my man, but there’s a lot wrong with this broken ass game, but the mythos fuel is just plain stupid to bitch about.
  6. Old news LOL. You’re a little late to the party. As for the myrhos, it’s extremely easily farmable. If you’re gonna bitch about this, then you’ve got another thing coming.
  7. Probably a bug since it would still take a long time before your ship actually sinks, so you always have plenty of time to reach land and anchor up. You can report this ‘fast sinking’ bug to the devs.
  8. Uhm yes. The lowlevelfatal error is a weird one since every PC has it’s own solution. I was getting them because I used discord whilst playing Atlas and another dude got them because he had XMP on. Good luck on finding your solution because you definitely won’t receive a fix from Wildcard. It has been here since 2015 and they didn’t care then, and they still don’t care now.
  9. Hello, you seem to understand the way Wildcard develops games.
  10. Keys are universal, no one does dragons really. Both cannons or cannisters are good, although I’d probably go for the cannisters because the schooner is much faster so you will complete them earlier. They stay in your inventory until expired, but keep in mind that anyone can steal the key from your dead body. So be sure that there’s no lurers around.
  11. Is it a dock? Because when I build my harbor, structures were disappearing and after I extra-pillared stuff, they didn’t.
  12. Same with the hydra killing. Just hit it with 1 arrow and you get the key even if other people do all the work.
  13. I don’t agree at all. If the kraken was hard, it shouldnt be able to be completed within 24 hours and v2 within 48 hours. The people with ships laying at the border, doing absolutely nothing and still getting awarded has always been a very bad thing. I’m happy that it’s no longer possible.
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