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  1. Percieval

    Mob difficulty

    Well, I’d say get better at the game.
  2. Percieval

    recent patch notes---

    1 warrior that’s bugged out. Not 1 warrior in total...
  3. Percieval

    recent patch notes---

    If that doesn’t work then I don’t know what it is. With me it’s usually 1 warrior but if there are more it will just take a little bit longer.
  4. Percieval


    Well I have to agree on that one. I have defended the devs in the past, a lot actually. But ever since I found out they are working on an ARK DLC.. Well.. maybe that isn’t the worst part. The worst part is they don’t tell us and ignore everything about Atlas. That’s literally giving the atlas community a middle finger. It’s actually insane how they screw us. And they’re timing, as always, couldn’t be better. They had the opportunity to win back a certain amount of the Atlas players after the christmas buff when more than 10K PC players were playing again (haven’t seen that in a while). Now they’ve abandoned Atlas knowing New World is gonna come out so the little group that’s still left will leave it too if New World does promise what they say.
  5. Percieval

    recent patch notes---

    When they go deep fast, just dismount your tame, hit the warrior with a sword or shoot it with a crossbow a few times (whilst your tame is attacking too) and then just hop on your tame and you can kill it
  6. Percieval

    recent patch notes---

    Hm. First of all I wasn’t talking about Falcon specific. I’m talking about the people on the discord and forums that say they’re “impossible” now. Secondly, the whole map scouting ‘in bases’ or on top of stuff. Leaving your boat behind is also the case before the buff. You might need to activate nature’s cry twice instead of once now - doesn’t change that situation by much. The whole fast disappearing of the warriors is a known bug and all you have to do is dismount your tame and it’s (kind of) fixed.
  7. Percieval

    Game items that make you go WTF?

    He gave you a good suggestion that pretty much everyone uses. No need to be a dick about it.
  8. Percieval

    recent patch notes---

    You’re doing something wrong. I take throw away bears (level 40-45) for maps up to journeyman max. and I never get in trouble. I’m not sure why you’d ask what did they accomplish with the buff. You should ask what they wanted to accomplish with aotd that were way too easy to kill. I’d say try to change your approach. Everything that’s blue or less quality is easily doable with 1 bear. Masterworks dan only be (atleast thats for me) done with a crab for solo’s. I seriously don’t get why anyone is bitching about this buff. I really don’t.
  9. Percieval

    recent patch notes---

    Alright. I’m not sure what the hell you guys are doing wrong but I’m doing MW maps solo with a crab without many problems. I have done Journeymans with a level 45 (Nothing special) bear without any problems. Are you guys just new to the game or what? They were way too easy before. Now they’re a bit tougher but nothing too special. Adjust and move on.
  10. Percieval

    Put atlas on Xbox games pass and ps4

    Lol. Because NA PVP is the only server there is? Maybe check on the community hub whilst playing, see what’s number there. Man man man.
  11. Percieval

    Put atlas on Xbox games pass and ps4

    Hahaha. I’d say wake up from your dreams. First of all, the population will not go from 6K (PC) to 60K with 1 update. Secondly, this game cannot even be released on PS4 because PS does not accept EA games.
  12. Percieval

    recent patch notes---

    Just move on already... it’s such a minor detail that nobody even cares about it. The aotd were shit easy before. MW’s done with 1 level 40-45 bear. Now they’ve upped the bar. That’s all.
  13. Percieval

    Game items that make you go WTF?

    You’re making a fool out of yourself, you really do. The berry/silo thing I can get with if you don’t have berries on your island. But all the rest is just bitching for the sake of bitching in my opinion. I never had problems putting guys on sails, I just put them on lowest following and they will go on the sails - every time. As for the maps, I’m a map guy, I like doing them. The times a map spawns on top of a mountain (which shouldnt be that big of an issue?? As if they’re not allowed to) is probably 1/10. Wooow.
  14. Percieval

    Abandoned Ship

    Yes, it shouldn’t, but it does. Grapeshot Games...
  15. Percieval

    Abandoned Ship

    Like I said, if you went on the ship and checked the cow that means you have reset the timer of the ship and crew. So that’s the reason it stayed for so long.