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  1. Percieval

    Taming / gold weekend?

    It used to be 0,5 because the current 1 stayed after they made a 2x weekend the new 1. If you can still follow it. God those were good times. Galleons were not made within a few hours back then. More a few days. Great times.
  2. Percieval

    Taming / gold weekend?

    They didn’t forget that lol. They just left it on as they said they would do in one of their last updates.
  3. Percieval

    Questions about whales and the quests.

    Everyone on the ship killing it
  4. Percieval

    Hi! Need help with ghostship-.

    Before complaining about it being a bug - the ship is not stuck below the island. The place it shows on the map is it’s spawn point.
  5. Percieval

    Feedback after a year's absence

    Well if you can convince them to do so.
  6. Percieval

    Feedback after a year's absence

    Well we know that the lead designer and project director stopped with Atlas, also the community manager. We also know that the updates that came after November were all updates that were not big, mostly just code. They launched the game, it was shit. They were hardly working on fixes until March-May, then they fully worked on the Xbox release til November and since then the game hasn’t been seriously worked on. Road map my ass. Sounds like a money grab to me, and they succeeded. But they’re bleeding money now because of maintaining 900 servers with barely any people on them.
  7. Percieval

    Feedback after a year's absence

    You do know that the development is very close to being fully stopped since november?
  8. Percieval

    Kraken TLC

    Make it harder, V2 is too easy and not even going to talk about V1.
  9. Percieval

    Atlas full release?

    With the pace that the development is going right now, probably 2025-2030.
  10. Percieval

    We need to talk about fire elementals

    What am I denying then?
  11. Percieval

    We need to talk about fire elementals

    Exaggerating is a hobby.
  12. Percieval

    We need to talk about fire elementals

    Maybe because that’s how Wildcard works? In ARK every boss is easy af, the part leading up to it is the annoying and difficult part. Not even mentioning that a fire elemental is.. well.. an elemental so to be able to kill it with a ballista is a bit ridiculous. But that wasn’t my whole point. My point was that they are easy to avoid and the chances of getting killed by one (unless you have broken legs) are little to none. So why there’s even a question about it is beyond me. Maybe they should make a water catapult to counter that thing, but other than that.
  13. Percieval

    Character/Gold preservation

    Like I already answered you, place storage boxes on the ground (so not on a foundation) and they’re there for 40 days. Gheheh, annoying if people don’t listen.
  14. Percieval

    Preserving resources

    A large storage box stays for 40 real life days. If you place it directly on the ground that is.
  15. Read the roadmap. We’re at number 7 now. Everything else comes later and has been talked about already. Even though I don’t agree with points 1 and 2.