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  1. you are both wrong the right logic would be try not to get the plague. if you don't want to get shield bashed stay away from guys with shields. this game in its current state is more about position then mechanics
  2. why in the world does this game not do a weekly reset when it resets it runs so good for a while
  3. it should use three fuel types oil coal or wood the lack of coal on a island makes them pointless as you just have to burn up all your wood to run the darn thing
  4. New update. We found 2 fixes for this issue. 1. Connect to your router and turn off QOS (quality of service) 2. Get new better itnternet I upgraded to 1000 down internet and my problem went away
  5. It does not sound like you want to play this game. 80% of this game revolves around a strong political presence. Maybe try a pve server that sounds like it is more your speed
  6. 7 active players is more then enough to snag a island. This game is about more then brute force pvp. Forge some allies learn the game if you are active and know what you are doing you vacancy be a island owner.
  7. New update still crashing. Here is what really boggles my mind I never crash when jumping beds only when sailing.
  8. Ok update time. I think I may have solved the crashing issue. I first turned off the highlights button in shadow play. Then removed all the x box dvr settings that Microsoft included in thier last update then uninstalled all x box trash from my pc. Last night was the first night there was no grid crash I will keep everyone posted
  9. I feel like this would effect everyone if that was the case. I mean I am in the US and plenty of people are playing in the US with no issue.
  10. I would love to know if more people are having issues with this type of grid crash.
  11. Bottom line is the last patch is not good and should be reverted
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