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  1. do you think sail placement makes the boat move differently?
  2. keep at it you just dont understand the mechanics of the game yet
  3. I am seeing the same thing over 50% go poof
  4. 1. one of the coolest places in the game is the Yeti cave now there is no reason to go there. it is a great spot for PVP and if you kill a giant snow monster I think you should get something as a reward. there needs to be a reason for companies to do these encounters more then once. how about just make the EXP reward reasonable? 2. making already poor new players pay for boats that they already had to farm for is silly. larger companies wont care about gold at all but you are hurting your new players with this change. this game needs new players badly. This may be ok if you rework the map rewards and how maps work. most of the maps that spawn in lawless are to high for a casual player to figure out how to do. if you rework how the maps spawn and make good maps spawn close enough that they can be done in a reasonable amount of time this may be ok, but currently lots of players do not have accesses to map due to sail time. 3. I think it would be great if during the next season the devs made a company and played on the PVP server I think you would learn a lot about what makes this game great and what is totally frustrating about it.
  5. you are both wrong the right logic would be try not to get the plague. if you don't want to get shield bashed stay away from guys with shields. this game in its current state is more about position then mechanics
  6. why in the world does this game not do a weekly reset when it resets it runs so good for a while
  7. it should use three fuel types oil coal or wood the lack of coal on a island makes them pointless as you just have to burn up all your wood to run the darn thing
  8. New update. We found 2 fixes for this issue. 1. Connect to your router and turn off QOS (quality of service) 2. Get new better itnternet I upgraded to 1000 down internet and my problem went away
  9. It does not sound like you want to play this game. 80% of this game revolves around a strong political presence. Maybe try a pve server that sounds like it is more your speed
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