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  1. Medium wood Planks are not dropping from Treasure Maps and whales as intended, instead Large wood ship decks are dropping in their stead.
  2. Abra

    Blackwood Bug list

    After about 100 hours and all Islands explored by 3 people, the following items seem to be completly missing: No Wheat/wheatseeds. No Chilli/Chilliseeds. No Cobalt, not in stones and not as nodes. We havent seen Jellyfish yet either but we havent been diving a lot, so they might be there. Have not seen a Blue whale yet either.
  3. Abra

    lvl 47 again...

    He is now LVL 45 after visiting the FoY....
  4. Abra

    lvl 47 again...

    A friend of mine had disconnection issues today and since he crashed, he is LVL 47 again. Is this a known issue and is there a fix ? Furthermore, his discovery points are almost all gone, he has 17 left but he had almost 200. He is also missing his powerstone and a whale kill.
  5. Yes, the rendering distance in geneal has been terrible since the latest big patch. When i approach an island, i have to full stop for a minute for all the shipyards to load etc.. Its terrible.
  6. Now it happened to 3 of us in E11 on EUPVE, we dont see any servers in the list and are on the open sea...
  7. I can equip gear and log in and out, but i cant harvest anything anymore since the latest patch...... What a waste of time.
  8. Abra


    Same here, after killing the whale i dont get new XP, even tho my mav level is increased.
  9. Today, about 45 minutes ago, we cought the guild "Winter is comming" red handed trying to sink our ships on E10 Eastern clay. They used a sloop (cords: -37,42 . -27,91) and lured a LVL 3 SotD into our harbor, where it got stuck and than started to attack our anchored ships . I was able to save our Galleon and our Brig but our Schoner (Sinkbar) and sloop (unsinkbar 7) got sunk. Is there any recourse to action like these or do i now have to sink all of their ships ?
  10. Keep your opinions to yourself, this is for people who are interested in trade not some Forum trolls spamming their retarded opinions. You gotta love people creating an account just to troll other people in the market place.
  11. I am on EU Sirens Call: E10 (eastern cay island) I want to trade 1000 mythos per (i give the Mythos, you give the following): 1000 Iridium 2500 Copper 5000 Cobalt 2500 Bamboo 2500 Darkwood 1000 Residue 1500 Keratinoid (the one with the icon in the top right corner) 2000 Carapace 2500 Shells 10.000 Bark 10.000 Wetwood 10.000 Aged wood 5000 Silk 5000 Gold Combinations are possible. Please write me if you want to trade. Greeting and fair winds.
  12. where is that dungeon and has anyone beat it yet ? If so, how long that that perfect water breathing feat last ?
  13. Abra

    Can't login

    I timedout trying to connect to the server this morning and since than im stuck at the PrimalData_BP loading screen. No way to get in for me now.
  14. Abra

    Can't login

    I cant get past the PrimalData_BP when trying to login since today....
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