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  1. It’s called lack of compassion, commitment, caring, giving a crap about anything except “fill in the blank”. I hope this problem is so.ooo difficult to repair that it’s the reason for a no fix for so long. I’m tired of being the beta testers for a EA that should have been fixed and released a year ago. So we have a pirate game that they say they want us to spend more time sailing only to have the sailing part of it screwed up. Come on!! And.....what happened to talk about the end game when the warehouses came out. Beam me up Scotty, there are no dev’s here.
  2. OK It's been over a week that we have been putting up with these being broken. I know there have been several others that have mentioned this , yet nothing from the Dev's. Fix this already. Pant says SOTD's are broken. They spawn frozen in place, with bright red flags and don't move and take little damage. You can sail right through them. They don't drop loot/give XP and block spawns for real SOTD's.
  3. Missing the point. What was the reason for the change? No explanation given. If there is a valid reason, then fine, otherwise why make a change?
  4. You know, It;s people like you that give forums a bad reputation. If you don't have anything constructive to add to the discussion, then be quiet. It may be old news to you, but for some it's not. Regardless, it's worth repeating. If you did a search for this subject in the past, you would find very little. Ya, mythos are not that hard to find, however with the high quantity of them required for crafting mythical BP's there was no reason the change the fuel requirement for the sub to them. And BTW, I have plenty of things to bitch about regarding this game, However this observation is more of a WTF highlight of the stupid changes the dev's come up than an actual bitch.
  5. I don't know who had the stupid idea to change the fuel requirement for the sub from organic paste to mythos but what were you thinking. You have to go through the Kracken fight just to be able to build or use the sub, you took away the XP for the fight, now you make it so it uses one mytho every 45 seconds. If anything you should have changed it to something logical like oil. You know the stuff that fuels almost everything. BAD MOVE DEVS !
  6. When you first sold this game, you offered PVP and PVE play. You bragged how big the map would be. Where is your commitment to those now? PVP and PVE players both deserve to be served in whatever you do. Both sides have legitimate reasons in defense of their gameplay. If that means two separate games, or a combined game with some sort of division, so be it. If it’s a money thing and you can not afford all the servers to support both, then say so. Is your silence because you don’t know what your gonna do and your waiting for some epiphany? So what your saying is all the toil and trouble we’ve endured since day one was for nothing because now your undoing everything and starting over with a completely different game? Remember day one and all the server problems. Remember, no trees on the islands to build boats. Remember the stone/organic paste and claiming controversies. We’ve come all this way and now you want to throw it all down the toilet. I like playing PVE and I’ve played some PVP and didn’t enjoy it. As many have stated you can lose a lot of work, really fast. I can appreciate the PVP mindset though. My memories of playing PVP involve trying to stop infiltrators from our island and spending hours repairing pyramid ceiling panels while underway in battle. Yes, with over 2800 hours I’ve rebuilt a lot, started out again more times than I can count, but I always come back to play because I enjoy the game. As a retired disabled veteran, I have plenty of time on my hand and I choose to play your game. As a PVE player, I guess that means very little to you. I gave up ARK for this game with over 6600 hours of game play. Don’t make that a bad decision. Your proposed new map is bad for both PVP and PVE players unless there is a way to save the individual game play styles. Some have supported factions, maybe. Maybe give the current PVE players a special flag or notification that will exempt them from PVP action. IDK. (I remember the HATS) There are a lot of good suggestions out there and I hope your listening to them for everyone’s sake.
  7. You dont have to hold your breath, read this wipe included
  8. gumbyc


    I know the wind changes direction in a clockwise direction. Does any one know how long it takes for the direction to go completely around ?
  9. Many of us are wondering if you (Dev's) are still engaged in Atlas. It was nice to have a patch the other day, and to give up 2X gathering and xp while you were MIA. As a gesture of good faith and to assure us your still here, how about a 2X gold harvesting and 2X breeding weekend ? Just like the good ol' days. If you do that I won't bring all the bug the game still has like : Npc and tames flying off the back of ships Rope ladders that do not work in certain tundra regions Ships sailing completely underwater in certain grids Breeding, structures, sunken treasures, etc., etc., .........etc. OOPS,
  10. WOW......They are still there. Well, someone is anyways. Hopefully another patch will come out in the near future to fix other bug. Glad your not dead. ps My patch stalled at 94%, had to clear my d/l cache.
  11. I agree we definitely need new content, but whatever may come will be too little too late. There are still many aspects of the game that I enjoy, so I'll keep playing until it goes to crap. Thanks for the response.
  12. I really love this game. We've come a long way from the time you forgot to put trees on the islands to the time you made climbing on the rope ladders easier. For months and months all I heard was "it's EA, what do you expect, you gotta wait" . No more excuses, although you've fixed dozens of bugs, many still remain and you are silent. Why ? This is a sailing game, and I really enjoy sailing. I don't know what happened but somewhere along the line the sailing mechanics have gone south. Some grids are better than others but the boats goes underwater when sailing and it really takes a lot of the realism out of it. PLEASE fit this. Why do we have to beg for you to continue to support your development?
  13. Thanks for the information. It really is a disservice to all of us that enjoy playing Atlas.
  14. Hey Grapeshot, Believe it or not, many of us are still playing ATLAS. It seems like it's been ages since we have heard anything from you. Are you OK ? Do you still have a job ? We miss you and hope your doing OK. On a more serious note have you played Atlas recently ? If you have you may have noticed when you sail, very often your schooners sail under water in light seas. I expect the bow to get spray now and then, but having the entire boat disappear underwater just isn't right. Your last patch was February 6th and surely there are tweaks that are needed and suggestions from players to make game better. Although we have enjoyed the endless 2X harvesting, we also look forward to new content and improvements. On a side note, wouldn't it be great if we could break the hull of sunken treasure ships on those occasions when the hull is buried and there is no access to the treasure chest ? Or maybe ways to challenge claim flags like the good old days, or maybe just have the islands in the Lawless opened up to claiming. So many possibilities. Things like that would be nice, although I'm sure players could suggest a plethora of ides if you were only here to hear them. I do hope your OK and will return soon. We all do miss your Captain's Log and other communications. I hope your new road forward, wasn't a dead end. Your beloved player gumbyc
  15. gumbyc

    Bear Stuck

    Initially me and my bear was stuck in this platform. I managed to kill myself and get out. My lvl 61 bear is still there. Official map B10 Oregami island. _78.89 lat -25.46
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