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  1. gumbyc

    Bad island.

    NAPVE L4 scarstone skerry Got my bear stuck through the ground. Pics if needed also some trees floating in air. Island messed up.
  2. gumbyc

    A friend could use some settlers - NA pve

    What zone.
  3. gumbyc

    Water pipes.

    NAPVE grid N6. irrigated water pipes won’t connect to other pipes even with it turning blue indicating a snap point.
  4. gumbyc

    treasure map not showing beacon???

    There’s another possible solution that happened to me. I’ve been playing since day 1 and knew I was at the correct island. What it was there was an identical island in the grid. Sound simple but I was sure I was on the island but was not.
  5. gumbyc

    Another screwed up island

    NAPVE. The 81 point island in J4, Waterlisle Reef island is bugged. You can not harvest any ground resources. Parts of the island also causes rubber banding.
  6. gumbyc

    Where to report bugs

    The xbox IS the sub menu. As soon as you select Bug Reports, that's where you report PC issues. Got it, I though were it said xbox issues only it was for the PC section. Thanks
  7. gumbyc

    Where to report bugs

    Ok.....you have a place to report XBOX bug only and a place to report PTR bugs. Where are we suppose to report PC BUGS ??? Did I miss something ?
  8. gumbyc

    Jib sails really need to be added

    I don’t care how they do it but I would like to see them also.
  9. gumbyc

    no 2x gold

    Not getting the 2X gold on any treasure maps for NAPVE
  10. gumbyc

    Defective Island

    NAPVE Lansack Island in O8. You can not harvest anything. You can hit but nothing records. Can tame and Kill animals but no resources.
  11. gumbyc

    PvP is the same/ why

    I was playing pvp but after loosing 3 ships and assorted crew, to off line attacks I gave up.
  12. gumbyc

    Anchored ships should not sink

    For all you guys who like to sink ramshackle and sloops of solo players; your mother would be so proud. Destroying a ship and crew of an unarmed vessel is so challenging. I bet if there was an option to mark your ship safe when anchored all you guys would use it other than spouting “ it’s pvp I’m so tired listening to you cry babies “. Oh, buy the way go ahead and bitch about me and this post. I’m not going to respond to anything anyone says so don’t waste your time. I bet I’m not alone in this.
  13. That’s great to know it’s a known problem. If you have to set up a bed in the new grid then that’s what I’ll do. Thanks for the info.
  14. Every time I die on or around my ship, even though I select to spawn on the bed I get a black screen saying I died. I have to relaunch the game and my ship and beds are no longer on the maps to respawn at. I can respawn on other beds but not on my ship. I select respawn at another place and build a raft. The ship and beds don’t show up until I raft into the grid the ship is at. Ive tried leaving conversations on discord and bug reports but have yet to get an answer if anyone else has this problem with no reply’s. This problem makes me want to quit single player.
  15. gumbyc

    Missing beds on boat

    When I sailed into the grid on my raft my ship showed up on the inventory map and atlas map.