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  1. gumbyc

    Map Zoom

    The map that shows up when the "M" is pressed use to stay at the same zoom level when you left it and came back to it. Now every time you look at it, it's not at the same zoom level you left it at This is very annoying when your coming into an island and need to reference the map many separate times. Don't if this is a bug or a change to the map system. Please fix if it's a bug.
  2. gumbyc

    Magic Mythos

    No, your not the only one. Every weekend its a crap shoot to find out whats it going to be 2X, 4X gold, XP, harvest, taming. I dont understand the reasoning for not having a schedule so we know what going on. I guess we are like mushrooms. Keep us in the dark and feed us s#%t. 2X's should be the norm. 4X's for holidays, or whatever.
  3. gumbyc

    Few suggestions

    It would be able to have a docking station available on a dock to store the submarine versus having to keep it on a ship. Sometimes you don't want the extra weight or need the sub but would like a place to store it. it would be nice to be able to upgrade a spyglass to a better one with better optics. this could be done with a blueprint or upgrade option. When you have a lantern on a wall hook you sometimes forget to shut it off when night ends. If there could be a setting to shut it off during daylight it would help a lot. Similar to how the bouys work or have a pinwheel option on the switch or lamp itself. For those of us who like to paint our ships, we can't find a way to paint the keel. Please add this feature. How about providing seeds to grow berries. Since the silo has been added and where nits the first source to feed the crew, if you have a large company, berries are deleted very fast. In addition to the silo, I think it would be better to feed the crew from the closest food larder first.
  4. gumbyc

    Sunken Treasure not found

    in several grids the sunken treasure locations identified on the maps , are not to be found. On na-pve D6, -57.10/31.14. No surface wreckage found. Did not dive to see if there is actually a treasure. Same in B4 -77.53/56.92 approx.
  5. gumbyc

    Floating docks

    Those of us with ships find mooring next to a dock advantageous for loading and unloading supplies. To accomplish this we build docks parallel to shore. Building perpendicular to the shore is a better solution but requires too many pillar supports if the water is too deep. Floating docks would be a great benefit. Thanks
  6. gumbyc

    Breeding times.

    Hardcore breeders ( I’m not ) will put the effort in to maximize the offsprings regardless of the time it takes. After the initial gestation and birth up to the 10% threshold they will do what’s necessary to ensure the health of the baby. Pass the 10% to maturity it’s just a matter of setting a timer and log in to care for and imprinting duties. I see no reason why that time could not be lowered. In the case of bears it’s every 8 hours to increase imprinting 20%. That’s way too long and I don’t see s need for it. If the animal is only for up breeding, imprinting isn’t even necessary. Like I said, hardcore breeders are going to do what they have to and novice players most likely won’t spend the hours needed to get them pass the 10% maturity. Please make it less time consuming without making it too easy.
  7. gumbyc

    Non collision

    Building is a big part of the game which many of us enjoy. With the collision values on stone and wood structures ( some exceptions ) it really hinders building designs forcing us to try s work around or redesign. Allowing these pieces to blend into the surroundings instead of getting the obstruction notice would be great. It would allow us to be more creative with our building.
  8. We have a company on our island who was there before we purchased it. They have pillar spammed a section of the shore preventing anyone else to build. We have tried to discuss the issue however they either are unable or won’t talk to us. It would be helpful if we had the option with the claim flag system to individually block building rights to that company. That would force them to communicate with us or move. This could be added to the block island wide or company only building options.
  9. We have multiple ships as many companies do. When we get a notice that a crew member died or mutinied it would help if it said which ship the crew was on. Sometimes it gives you the coords, but there is no good may to look on a world grid map and find out where that location is, to ID the ship.
  10. gumbyc

    The new islands....

    One of the new ones in A8, map island different from the actual one. No edible greens or fruits and no metal nodes. Anyone else have similar problems?
  11. gumbyc

    backing from shipyard

    This is a new bug we found. Never tried this before when you go bow first into a shipyard instead of backing into it, you can't back out. We are using a large shipyard an a galleon. It's possible that the backup function is broken ? not sure
  12. gumbyc

    Bugs, bugs, BUGS!!!

    I curse the dev’s every time I play for one bug or another however in support they have fixed ton’s of bugs. You would know this if you have played since the beginning. Sometime they fix one and they create new ones. You just gotta post in the bug section, give as much detail as possible and enjoys the game between all of them and re-report if necessary. Hopefully others with the same problem will see the bug post and give their input. I don’t like the excuse it’s EA what do you expect. Continuing bugs should be fixed before new stuff is added. And Yes with over 2200 hours on ark I saw the same type of bugs. Very frustrating.
  13. I hope this gets more attention and that it’s fixed. Galleons are a big resource and effort to build and outfit. Stupid to lose one over such a design mistake. In addition I believe that the limits on structures and weight should be looked at also.
  14. gumbyc

    Tenant and taxes

    On a 35 point island is it 99 G to buy and 198 G for upkeep? Is the upkeep initially 198 G for 12 hours? Game time or real time?
  15. gumbyc

    Tenant and taxes

    Thanks GUYBRUSH That is a big change from the way it was. So, as a tenant there is no down side to living on an island owned by someone else. We don't really pay anything. It just magically goes to the owner. As far as the owner goes, he get resources from the game, gets whatever percentage from gold treasure found on his island, and gets to pay for upkeep. It seems there is no big advantage to owning an island, only if you have a lot of tenants and want to do a lot of building. No big treasures on his island, and nobody treasure hunting on it means he has to come up with upkeep cost another way.