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  1. Or limit how many each company can place, seriously.. there's no where to build. Can't find a spot to build in lawless at all. Can't not build in lawless cause there's gather buildings and markets everywhere. You've seriously cut the head off your player base.
  2. Interesting, my schooner has 5 ballista and 2 swivels, I'll adjust them later ans see the difference.
  3. Yep that was the issue, thanks a lot. My sloop is ok, but it was the schooner causing the issue.
  4. Just returned to base after hitting a few maps, and there's major fps issues in the middle of my base for some reason. All was well when I left, nothing has changed? On the edges of my base it's ok, but in the middle it's really bad all of a sudden??? Also, is it true there's a wipe in December??
  5. Hello, I have a 180 melee bear if you're interested in a trade. Clean.
  6. Ah, I see. Thanks! Which islands are the stones on? In
  7. Hello, I'm looking to do power stones, though I've never done them so I'm not sure where to start. I have a few questions. Is each one in a specific grid? And do I have to kill the hydra and dragon? Or are the keys universal?? Also, I have a Brig loaded with cannons on the back and a Schooner with swivels and cannisters, which is better?? Do I lose the keys if I die or do they stay in my inventory until expired? Thanks.
  8. How much does a breeding pair of shieldhorns typically go for? Mid/high lvl.
  9. I thought we were able to build on goldrn age islands, with fast decay timers. It says I cant and I need to place a claim flag etc. Can't do that either, I'm looking to take razortooth and shieldnhorns and setup a trap?
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