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  1. Aren't farmhouses a major source of lag in regions? Won't warehouses just add to that? Can't boost map XP or even give players 80+ free unlimited respecs? Several more months of nothing to do just knowing it'll be wiped again anyway. You may only be a small team and not to blame, but the previous one left a shit sandwich and we players have to eat it.
  2. Pork pies, Fish N' Chips. It doesn't balance Vitamin C (bugged) but berries are found everywhere. "Overate!"? Who cares. Low hunger but vitamins are fine? Eat spoiled meat. 5 damage, but fills 10 hunger. Carry around ~10 spoiled meat or kill something and carry the meat and it spoil in inventory. Now your hunger is never a problem. Done. Everything else is trivial or superfluous, aside from the buffs from certain food and drink.
  3. This Q&A (like the one before) does not instill any confidence. It has the opposite effect. It's really hard to tell if that's not the intention at this point.
  4. There's nothing left to do except grind maps for stupidly low XP and wait for the next wipe which we'd all better hope will be sooner rather than later. Nearly 80% of all blueprints are useless in PvE, giving even less incentive. No point in breeding tames for superior stats and mutations when the certainty of another wipe is all but guaranteed. Exploits and duping not fixed BEFORE the wipe led to this disaster. All players gamewide are punished and hobbled. The basic premise of a game is to provide fun. Atlas is struggling to barely accomplish that. Just wipe it all again. What have you/we got to lose at this point.
  5. They're focused on PVP now, proverbially kicking the PVE can down the road. Since singleplayer is playing PVE solo, it probably sits with that category.
  6. Ouch, three softball questions. Though the plan is to save player progress to some extent, they're not ruling out more wipes in the future. Maybe this is why they aren't punishing exploiters - "we'll wipe again anyway." Swing and a miss, big time.
  7. Like Gomez says, let someone else take the beating and you can rush it and shove a beet down its throat between head swings. My method is using a bear (high hp) and ramming it head-on to the giraffe so they're stuck together. Beat it down, bola, then stay on the bear to take the swings. Jump off, feed beet, jump back on bear before you get hit. Have a backup bear just in case. Their sweet spot (at least for me, unless it changed) is similar to the Razortooth - creep up straight to its snout area.
  8. People who complain for long periods are usually impassioned to see the game survive. People who insult others and expect forced smiles while the playerbase shrivels are shooting themselves in the foot.
  9. Just over a month or so since the new team joins? I doubt this new world will be any different than the last except size being cut by about half. The monthly updates coming after sounds like focusing on map change first, then fixing bugs, glitches, etc. since there is simply not enough time. Feels like a last gasp before the strategy shifts to attrition and strangulation of the playerbase in preparation to shut down entirely. The last team seemed like they were more than willing to do so. Here's hoping they prove my negative outlook wrong.
  10. I doubt we'll see any information until after the Steam sale ends, July 9th or thereabouts. They'll want to maximize sales along with news. Until then, expect more disrespectful silence.
  11. Don't expect a warm welcome when the community has been given the cold shoulder for so long.
  12. Head to G8 NE island where Kraken ships from all over are anchored, should be signs near the shops with discord links where they announce Kraken runs. Usually weekend evenings, sometimes multiple runs. You don't need to trade or give anything, just be on time. Some players are nice enough to give supplies if you want to join the fray.
  13. Use billboards for big tames. Taming pens for big animals is really, really hard. Your issue is a line-of-sight problem - the game thinks you're trying to feed the elephant by reaching through that side wall in the second picture, and won't allow it. The process is so buggy and glitchy that it makes taming pure bullshit sometimes. I use a tank bear and ram the animal head-on so they sort of stick together just in case it wants to run instead of fight, beat it down and bola. I position my bear right at the animal head and wait between spam attacks to feed it (attack hits bear, dismount, feed animal, mount bear before next hit). When it stands up, ram bear into the front again. No pens needed. It's rough but works for me.
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