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  1. Nobody believes you because you're not transparent at all in these constant, vague Q&As posted by an anonymous "ATLAS" account so no one can tell who's specifically answering what. Two easy, straightforward questions: Why aren't you fixing simple QOL issues like food, and when can you approximate the wipe.
  2. WTF are you talking about? (Sorry couldn't resist) If I park my car behind others in a parking lot, I block them in. They can't just push it away. Same story here. Only takes someone 15 minutes to park their ship somewhere to blockade you and become an unmovable, unsinkable object. The recourse is some revised mechanic of stealing said vessel. If it only works at your own island/claim territory that's fine, but people will use it offensively (known as "turtling"). Don't get me wrong, your suggestion is awesome.
  3. Bull. Shit. Maybe if you fixed bottle map vanishings, map spawn locations, sunken treasure inaccessibility, SOTD constantly respawning to full health, I might agree with you. Ship progression is TOO linear. Once you build a schooner, you can lose it at any time to other players or glitchy shit that remains unfixed, like SOTD right at grid borders ready to blow you out of the water with zero chance. You forced a barely-functioning bottleneck on the players. We're forced with "Sloop Wars" because scrounging up 5,000 gold for a ship that can be lost at any time is just plain stupid, let alone 25,000 and 50,000 for the bigger ones. We don't want to waste more than half our time facing bugs and glitches that still remain. It's demoralizing. Then un-nerf boss XP and lower the cost of gold for ships because your market system is barely functional then, please. All you've done is nerf methods of XP beyond level 80 and done so terribly. At least you nerfed barrels, which you claimed were part of some "future plan" that never seemed to happen. Here's some questions you should really be answering: 1. When is the next planned wipe? Nami suggested it was before the end of the year. Players need to know even if it's just approximate. 2. You said at the start of the new team introduction that you were looking into some sort of roll over of player information after wipes, so we don't have to constantly start over from nothing. Now is a good time as any to implement, especially since it went from hours of building a galleon to days or weeks. I'm not coming back every season to dive 200+ sunken treasures. It's not "fun". It's a job. Anyway, the question: Will players ever get to save anything from a wipe or was the teaser just vapid hype? 3. Small group finally manages to chunk up 50,000 gold for a galleon: - At "release ship" moment, it suddenly Tourette's at the ocean floor, planks exploding and sinks without a chance. - Zones into crashed grid, left for hours like in this past weekend. Finally comes back up many hours later, gets sunk because everyone frustrated left the game for the rest of day (if not quit). Unless they no-life it, again, no chance. - Zones INTO a ship of the damned fleet or directly INTO one. No chance, again. - Stupid tiny wind arrow that shouldn't exist. Can't escape SOTD. They zone across grids faster than players. Deathtrap. No chance. - I could list more but why bother. As I pointed out, we were forced with this gold cost with a partially-functioning market system and long-bugged gold earning stuff (while others were nerfed). You don't restore or compensate for lost ships. This would be fine without the gold cost because we just grind resources to make another, but now? It's bullshit. It's kicking a guy while he's down, and YOU pushed him. Support tickets immediately solved as well. Service is crap but you laud this new system. I challenge you to play your own game and join the struggle and pain of the "fun" you've created. Question being: Why do we have to grind so hard for making gold now when our ships aren't safe from unfixed glitches? A player barrels my ship is one thing, but losing it to poor game design is another. 4. How does trading resources result in gold? It doesn't make any sense. How are ships (virtual for now) going to launch from warehouses and markets deep inland on huge islands? What is the market system SUPPOSED to be like? Man, I'm finally making several hundred gold a day, but everyone in my company already quit. It was too late, too much suffering and confusion. 5. Why are you pushing content so broken and untested? Games don't normally become worse after wipes. Why not fix the long-standing issues instead? Where's the roadmap? The previous team estimated two years, and just short of that, they abandoned it to you, the current team. We're left in the dark. 6. As a follow-up from 5, why is communication so... dead? Only these infrequent Q&A posts with selected questions, or talking to Nami (tophat skin when?). We're left to fend for ourselves completely on weekends. Can't even trust mods/Globy/Antihax to restart grids or what? Really instills the opposite of confidence here.
  4. Needs further elaboration or Eeeceee's point becomes the new meta for unsinkable launch points. Immune to damage should = vulnerable to stealing. However, we'd be lucky if this game makes it to release in a playable state at this point. Development direction seems to be a slow, continuous downward spiral.
  5. Again I ask, where can we complain to higher-ups about this game and its players being treated like shit by a team that is getting paid to do it? WHAT new strategies? They nerfed getting gold from several sources, nerfed XP from bosses, bottlenecked ships into huge costs of gold, then expect players to "find a way"? It's a grind, a huge one at that, and nothing more. Try playing your own game for fuck's sake. You should suffer as much as the players do.
  6. I think the person on discord with the conspiracy that devs are planning on selling gold microtransactions are coming true.
  7. Going to clear account suspensions, or at least players who weren't cheating at all, but someone in their company was? Guilt by association is pathetic. Disclaimer: I'm not one or the other. Just suggesting that maybe the right thing and developers look good, for once.
  8. When I die, I want the Atlas team to lower my body into my grave, so they can let me down one last time. Is there a complaint form for Grapeshot or Instinct higher-ups? Seriously, I think this team is way over their heads on this. Players eat shit while no one and nothing is held accountable. You couldn't even pay me to play this game. How about that roadmap, Primus? It's been almost 4 1/2 months. How many more times are we going to hear about communication that never happens?
  9. So my takeaway is: - Trade System will cause severe lag, and although there's some method of curtailing it, just look at PvE. When things got bad, you have done nothing but looked away. The same will happen here. - I guarantee sea forts will be blockaded 24/7 or someone will find a way to cheese-claim them and ruin their whole purpose within days. - Why bother giving us lip service about wipes when you gave PvE NA less than 24 hours before closing it last season? No one should trust you.
  10. The desperation to cull the dwindling player numbers is palpable.
  11. If you're trying to indirectly convince us the game is being killed intentionally, hey great job.
  12. Start communicating. Mind-blowing, I know. Sweet Jesus, the idea is so good I may patent it or something. Using Community Managers as a two-way mirror only shows disdain to players still lingering here. The game is worse than it was before the new team. All the excuses in the world won't change that fact. Treat players like shit and they will, in turn, treat the game as such.
  13. I'd love that. The laggy chaos and regions crashing would make people quit in droves. It's Forsen playing Atlas all over again.
  14. I have to question "why" there are farmhouses and warehouses at all. Solo players would probably benefit most from them, but even small companies like mine can churn out a galleon every hour if we decide to get our asses in gear. A really good giraffe, bear, and elephant cuts down gathering by huge amounts. My company slapped down a bunch after the update and within a couple days already unlocked them all because we simply had no reason to use them anymore. I mean, the purpose is for players to sail around more often... but for WHAT? There's nothing new out there.
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