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  1. gadefence

    My kingdom for a

    Step 1: Tame pig Step 2: Call pig hitching post Step 3: Set hitching post to passive ignore whistle Step 4: Have all other tames follow hitching post
  2. gadefence

    Why can't I place bank?

    Are you sure it's still your island? If you blew up the bank 1 month ago, then you haven't been paying the upkeep, ja?
  3. I will admit, the GT is a bit massively OP.
  4. gadefence

    What's the point of small ships?

    They seem to have heeded to my (and very likely tons of other people's) suggestion to increase the weight of weight sails to make them not useless. The sloop looks like the upper end size of a pinnace. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pinnace_(ship's_boat) The sloop would be your fast light ship that goes to shore. The dingy should be your heavy one. Make the dingy come with a cargo chest/have one buildable on it and share the weight of the ship it was launched from. This way you can ferry resources to your boat without needing to get wet. I doubt it. Pro tip: Diving suite = no sharks and faster then a boat for picking up SotD loot and crew without using a grappling hook (which can get the loot quickly)
  5. gadefence

    Respec tames after mega patch

    I think people mean nerf as in the cargo saddle makes it so all weight bears are no longer required.
  6. gadefence

    Ship speed calculations based on weight

    Well, this will help with my gold running cargo brig.
  7. Add whirpools to the 4 quadrants, right in the middle, that lead to the other quadrants, so you can just sail to the pool and pop out at the other quadrant. Would save you 50% to sailing at maximum distance.
  8. gadefence

    What's the point of small ships?

    I keep saying, they need to make a sloop doc on galleys for use as an upgraded dingy and to go around islands and shit.
  9. gadefence

    fishing net ????

    6 fish meat or 6 random fish? On a side note, a good way to fix these would be to let NPC crew use fishing nets and rods.
  10. gadefence

    Crab nerf WTFrick??

    Being frank, if you feel pirates shouldn't have crabs, you clearly haven't seen pictures of what constituted as a wench back then.
  11. gadefence

    Crab nerf WTFrick??

    It used to jump even when overloaded. No it doesn't jump when at 70% weight or some shit.
  12. Isn't improved hand harvesting already that though? This might impact eles and rafs, but I doubt it'll take anyone off bears for fiber/sugars/ground thatch.
  13. gadefence

    Squids almost a myth

    Just so I'm clear, do you need 1 squid innard per crab, do they spoil, or do you need to hunt 50 squids for a 30 crab?
  14. gadefence

    How do you guys kill Army of the Dammed ?....

    If you think that's bad. I had one in the mouth of a giant 3 lighthouse tall totam. About 33% of the mobs spawned next to me, 33% at the bottom, 33% at the top. And the shovel point was floating in mid air above an incline. Fuck. That. Noise.
  15. gadefence

    How would you fix it?

    Allow PvE mercenaries. PvPs host up moneys to get PvErs to join them in a battle - PvEr Qs in, gets sent to a random PvP battle, and gets paid based on how much damage they took, dealt and the size of the ship they sent from a pool the PvPers put up before hand. Up to 50% of ships can be PvErs in a war at the most, so that someone can't just wage war with 100% mercenaries, and PvErs can't select their battle to prevent people from exploiting PvE as a safe space. Any gold is sent to the PvErs bank, any losses are permanent - if the ship sinks, it sinks in PvP for the winner to take, but since damage is compensated the PvErs gets some gold.