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  1. Anyone who's played pirates!: caribbean hunt would probably agree that instantiated small islands would do a lot better then trying to jam people into this bullshit they have ongoing right now.
  2. I tend to do 5/5/5/25. Get you to around 75% and good for like 2 hours.
  3. You got to backtrack. Also, when you build (more frequently when you remove) structure pieces you tend to destroy unaffiliated pieces nearby.
  4. It's pretty bad for your equilibrium though.
  5. I had someone hilariously build under my shipyard because apparently shipyards don't block gates or some stupid shit and build up into my own buildings. Basically can't build anything because what I thought was mine isn't and so I'm entirely locked in. I quit until they reset the server. This entire launch was borked.
  6. One thing I find utterly strange is the move where shipyards do not count as blocking other structures. I had someone spam gates below my shipyard preventing me from doing anything. They need a far better system for owning land in the next reset.
  7. You wait 24 hours and all your ships are dead. You can try reporting them.
  8. 1: https://atlas.gamepedia.com/Large_Shipyard They should also make all blueprints give slight buffs. Like +5% for a green ammo box and +20% for a mythic to dmg or a weight reduction to cannon balls or something. 2: Ship maintenance: Would assume dmg from sea travel is reduced by X amount while at the wheel, based on the ones I know that work. Cheaper crew: + to the timeframe crew take to eat gold out of your resource box when you are steering a ship. Crew education: + time it takes for water to get into your ship while steering a ship. Talented crew: +sail rotation -sail folding/unfolding time while steering a ship Rationing: - to food use while steering a ship. Efficient repairs: - to time the it takes for the smoke that appears on a destroyed structure to go away for you to replace something like a plank AFAIK all of these are for the person steering the ship only. Maybe they double if someone's at the LT post. But if 10 captains are on a ship and no one's at the wheel, no buff. 3: https://atlas.gamepedia.com/Level See unlocking levels with discovery points. There's quite a few.
  9. You just go and start building. You can ask for permission. Owner has 24 hours to kill your shit so I recommend you build out of thatch first and then upgrade after they decide you're nice.
  10. My idea was the claim flag claims 1x old flag and resource harvest/taxes 2x old flag.
  11. Farmhouses use wind to grind grain. The reason I said gold is to pay the "farm hands" collecting your shit. It using wood is hilarious when you consider it harvest like 3k metal an hour.
  12. They need to change back to the old flag system with your farmhouse being your flag, and everyone being limited to 1 or a few farm houses.
  13. It should use gold. They're gonna wipe the servers again in 2 months at this rate.
  14. Not, it was stuff I built in new places. I thought the time was still 10 hours. 24 is a long time. Honestly, day after they announced farmhouses, our island owner started grief destroying everyone's structures. Between the super low cost (50 gold 6 hours), low amount of islands and upcoming farmhouses, grapeshot is really asking for island owners to just throw everyone off. At least when it was like 800-1000 gold for a mid size island people were incentivized to have people on their land.
  15. That's honestly sad. I thought it just picked a random spot on land and that's why you ended up with insanely stupid chests and ships. The fact they picked those locations is far dumber.
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