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  1. I actually went to bed early to wake up early expecting at least 5 hours of delay XD
  2. Nice job breaking it, heroes. Server's been up for like 8 hours and mega corps already own chunks of the PvE map with the idea of selling off islands once people have got for like 30-100k a piece. Some zones have 1 company owning all islands.
  3. Wait, are you saying the wipe island thing works on decayable structures or not? Would make it nice for people settling on my land.
  4. For Xbox cross player, can you buy the game on Steam and login on your console or do you need to buy it on the Xbox to play? For NPC accordions, do you just drop the notes on to them with an accordion in their inventory, or do you need to do something else? Can they get "multiple people in the band" buff, or can they help you get multiple people in the band buff if you're singing?
  5. You can ask someone nice to come save you and maybe join their company. I've saved about 6 stranded people first launch and they were pretty good members of the company.
  6. Patience would be easier if islands weren't finite.
  7. Zone from freeport to lawless. Now can't join, network failure. Lovely to see the cross platform has cross platform historical bugs.
  8. My children are my niece and nephews I agree. I enjoy it most when they go back.
  9. Evidently you don't have modern western children. They're raid the deserts while I'm doing something and then demand the game anyway (with puppy dog eyes so you can't even get too angry). Fortnite has taught begging well.
  10. So my question: For those of us that bought it for our kids who play on the console more, what do we do with the PC version once they won't touch it?
  11. Is there a way to reveal the whole single player map and remove all the fog of war in it? edit: apparently I found it on steam at the same time: cheat giveFOW
  12. Step 1: Tame pig Step 2: Call pig hitching post Step 3: Set hitching post to passive ignore whistle Step 4: Have all other tames follow hitching post
  13. Are you sure it's still your island? If you blew up the bank 1 month ago, then you haven't been paying the upkeep, ja?
  14. They seem to have heeded to my (and very likely tons of other people's) suggestion to increase the weight of weight sails to make them not useless. The sloop looks like the upper end size of a pinnace. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pinnace_(ship's_boat) The sloop would be your fast light ship that goes to shore. The dingy should be your heavy one. Make the dingy come with a cargo chest/have one buildable on it and share the weight of the ship it was launched from. This way you can ferry resources to your boat without needing to get wet. I doubt it. Pro tip: Diving suite = no sharks and faster then a boat for picking up SotD loot and crew without using a grappling hook (which can get the loot quickly)
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