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  1. gadefence

    Chines Destroy the Game

    I think the 7 pages dedicate to [chinese symbols] OFFER [chinese symbols] -can't tell the difference between cantonese and mandarin written personally- should be an indication of the issue.
  2. gadefence

    Honey..they shrunk the regions!

    I'll take some screaming moist.
  3. gadefence

    IDK if you noticed devs...

    Exp is ez, gathering is mostly ez but 2x (3x as people say) is nice. Taming is where it's at. Moar levels, only tame on 2x.
  4. gadefence

    After the Mega Patch

    You're right. Plasma is stupid. Quantum all the way. Also, I think the people have spoken on bug fixes.
  5. gadefence

    Disclose all changes in patch notes?

    At least it's not piranha 3DD. Side note, you can swim pretty far sideways with a diving suit. Good for getting chests and crew.
  6. gadefence

    Wind and Sailing

    Honestly, they'll probably add magic wind with the magic tier. Have wind 100% behind you at all times for X minutes feats. What they need to do is add carrier pigeons so people can trade each other maps from across the world.
  7. gadefence

    Couple of easy fixes

    Call the none ship killing sperm whales juvenile sperm whale. Damn near shit myself when I was trying to salvage one of my ships, only to get close and see "SPERM WHALE" ten feet off my side. Took off at full speed, didn't see the HP bar, cautiously returned to see a crew member from my doomed ship getting eaten by the whale. Also, seaweed harvested with a tool equipped gives you the cannot harvest text but does not give you any seaweed and makes the seaweed vanish. Should work like other harvestables and not vanish the seaweed if you can't pick it up. This happened in a diving suite.
  8. gadefence

    Most needed building piece in the game?

    A grill that hooks up to your water network. >.>
  9. gadefence

    Cage attachment to horses and bears

    Heck, getting your captives to rack up debt using your entertainment establishments was a core function of tropico 2: pirate cove.
  10. Honestly, a good part of this would be fixed if the damn auto attack feature still worked. Why do cannons not auto attack anymore?
  11. gadefence

    Island point system

    They said the more island you own the more expensive it should be. If the fix that you'll see bigger companies moving to bigger islands.
  12. gadefence

    AI Crew wont fire cannons

    Cannons fit into gun ports, not large gun ports. Medium is just the plank size of the gun port, cannons fit in them.
  13. IDK I never played PvP I was going off the people saying people blocked them out of the fountain of youth on PvP with walls.
  14. gadefence


    +1 for the new skills menu, looks a lot better.
  15. I spent about 40 minutes turning the ship with A and D yesterday while holding S and tapping it hoping it'd work. The waves were towards the sand bar. This morning, with decent wind, the waves were away from them, and I got free. This is definitely stupid. Need a better get out of sandbar option. I even tried pushing the boat with my ele but it anchored so I have no idea if that even works.