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    Right now shipwrecks are from player ships only. After wipe you're supposed to get shipwrecks you can salvage for blueprints. Though I hope they make it "blue prints and mats".
  2. The devs are imposing their designs on us because it's their game. Be definition, if they want to make more builds viable, they'll change a few things and one major impediment is the all front load 30 stories side load one shot builds. If/once they decide they don't like that your opinion will be as mute as mine is now.
  3. You know what I find hilarious about the "realism is stupid and uncreative" crowd? The fact that one shot front/rear loaded ships work out so drastically better then anything else in the game that they push all other builds out of the meta and even out of semi-competency that everyone builds the same thing. But they argue that takine out the one design so that more designs and tactics can flourish is limiting customization. It's be like a FPS that had "pink colour items have +100% stats" - more HP or more dmg, so everyone not moronic goes all pink all the time. And then the people who want camouflage to work out better want to see pink buffs removed, and the pro pink crowd argues it will kill creativity since most people will go camouflage (even thought you could go all red just without the huge nerf of not going all pink). I get why you want front/rear spam to stay, your argument for it is just poor.
  4. Realism can equal good gameplay. Some games benefit greatly from realism. This game would benefit from adding more of it to ship combat, especially when it comes to where cannons are located. I'd say adding arcs to ships similar to SFC, so say, you have the spot for 6 front facing cannons or something. A simple fix would be allow cannons to be placed only on stone and decks. No building sky high bullshit, add a small radius, no 50 front guns.
  5. Also, since large cannons don't swivel, putting them on forts is utterly stupid. Honestly, just give cannons a radius around in which they cannot be put (maybe make it so that gunports are exempt). That way you could have your gun ports + 10-20 deck guns but not 13 layers high of deck guns, or 20 fwd facing deck guns.
  6. gadefence

    Landlords and GMs

    They should make a system similar to patrician 3/4 and port royal, where you buy licenses to islands and then one person owns the island but you can shove them off if you put your mind to it. Would deal with bad landlords and tenants pretty quickly.
  7. High tier blueprints can be shittier in every way then lower tier blueprints, but higher level blueprints have a higher chance of having a high level score to them and more scores (upgrades, stat buffs, etc)
  8. gadefence

    Do NOT take the 20th off from work/school/etc

    I have 70 hours of paid vacation I will use as I please thank you very much. I've already used 26 to shovel this INFERNAL SNOW FROM MY ROOF 6 FREAKING TIMES.
  9. gadefence

    DEV's threw PVE under the bus

    Aren't you limited to 1 claim per island? He can but then you can duke it out up to his claim.
  10. gadefence

    Happy April 1st?

    My mate has a sloop with 3 rear guns and wood panels to absorb damage. He took on a red and yellow 30 and 12 I believe at once and won. Was pretty surprised at how good that tug boat did.
  11. gadefence

    Ship cannon improvement

    My strongest suggestion: Add this into render range. Thick smoke blocking sight would help smaller ships and boarding parties a lot.
  12. gadefence

    Don't feel like playing until wipe.

    The issue that drove my entire guild away is not knowing how many more potential wipes there will be.
  13. gadefence

    Gimme Gimme Generation

    " Crewmembers contesting claims so they were essentially uncontestable since things go into stasis if you don't log in. You can't tell me that after 4 days of trying to take a flag that the crewmembers on a ship still have food-when no one has logged into that area for over 24 days. " You've clearly not seen how long a pantry full of farmed vegetables can last.
  14. gadefence

    PvP heavy, PvP light, skill redo for ships

    One of my mates boats a lot with cargo haulers and he thinks it's a low drop to 50% (like 5-10%) and then a stiff drop after that. It may also have to do with wind. But an empty ship and a 50% ship are not 50% difference in speed. Also strong wind seems to offset heavy loads, as I've seen our ships that were highly loaded go pretty fast under strong winds.
  15. gadefence

    PvP heavy, PvP light, skill redo for ships

    Boats are supposed to be unaffected by speed until 50%. So a speed lvl ship would try to stay under 50% weight.