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  1. Well they are all working on ASA games abandoned
  2. well put you aree talking about a game company that reused assets from Dark & Light and Ark to "Make" a new game
  3. i agree BP ship's are dumb stock ship pvp is funner
  4. promising new ship-construction related feature The Problem wit this feature is They whant you to pay for Fully built ships in the freeport that means ships for 20k+ gold, On top of being Un-upgradeable, Take the ramming ship for Example 1.cost 22k 2. Front section is One whole Plank 7k HP All other planks 7k HP non upgradeable 3. All prefabbed Cannons are static Non-Upgradeble or demolishable 4. Rows sections once destroyed Gone FOREVER! 5. Plank replacement Impossible 6. Resource box Useless only use is for Gold for crew payment, Cant repair the boat "UNLESS" you craft The repair kit you need to have on your person and have the hammer BTW each kit heals about 1k HP so you need tons this is what the devs think is a great idea for Ship Construction Im all for ship construction Just add it to our shipyards Freeports are crammed as it is noone whants to make those trips Noone whants to repair these ships As far as peing a piratee game this is more of an Old Timey Naval ship game. I havent seen any piracy at all The Skill that helps you steal ships is Literally been Useless since day one of release noones gonna wait 7days for a sloop to turn.
  5. Get Rid of Gold Ship Costs so we can Have wars at SEA Currently its Keeping The Current state off the game alive The Future of the roadmap looks Bleack with the addition of more USELESS TAMES MAKE SHIT WE CAN BUILD IN SHIPYARDS FUCKING PEOPLE
  6. No they just get pushed asaide as you get pelted
  7. Milk gives you Vitamin Fish so ye dont need to eat and Tea dose the same for vitamin Vegitables
  8. im in a big company and its not an issue, But my friends in NA cant make the gold for a schooner 5k is insane! Especially For Very small Companies that have 10-5 players even the ones who permanently live on lawless who couldent get an island, Or even players who did get an island But have no bay at all only to return the next day to a sunk 5k gold sink Ships with gold cost is stupid Especially the 22k useless ramming ship that cant be fixed at all. 1 plank missing = end game 7k HP Non Upgradable this is not a Holiday gift This is a Coal Wraped in shit.
  9. its prolly within the next 2 weeks they say they wont but they will.
  10. Pure stupidity 22k for a boat you cant customize at all this is a PVE carebear RP Level of crap this ship dose not deserve a trip top the freeport with 22k gold its slow cant turn in place like other ships, requiers special patches to fix this is stupid. The next ship you make Make it in the regular ship yards. fuckin stupid
  11. Battle-eye is kicking people out for no reason fix it.
  12. Hey wildcard! i need Need an update on Optimization, hows it going are you gonna make base loading less like ass whats going on with the memory leaks its been 2 years is this gonna be a fallout 72 type deal?
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