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  1. Megalithic


    There is a fix for this and its very simple! You dont Belong here!! theres this cirtine kind of server called a Player Vs Enviroment Server or as we say PVE. you can live happy here im told theirs Unicorns!
  2. Megalithic

    Who is (123) player, please answer.

    lol you speak to the Deaf and write to the blind.
  3. i have this too me and 19 others cant join sharks frenzy
  4. Re-Validate your gamefiles somthing broke. also if you have a freind askem to find yourbody and kill it but if your out at see you prolly drowned so you ok.
  5. Megalithic

    Alliance Mechanics

    5 allies MAX
  6. Megalithic

    Mega update 3?

    its because the games dead so they are dumping their money into single player. they know for a fact this game cannot survive in the MMO space.... so funny a survival not survivng...
  7. Megalithic

    The reality of ATLAS

    this game needs to be optimized and have its engine upgraded to something that can sustain the 150 player load.
  8. Megalithic

    The reality of ATLAS

    This games Engine Cannot handle a game on this massive scale. nor are they putting effort into optimization, instead we are getting mega patches of content when we need mega patches of optimizations.
  9. Megalithic

    Market place proposal.

    Then we will add all the ark islands and ark animals. then we will add more unique animals like a turtlesorusrex. in the august megapatch with the Brand New Original Spider boss!
  10. you cought me i may have just not read the patchnotes on that subject.
  11. if this happens then it would be planetside but just pirates
  12. i dont think lawless islands exsist anymore you can claim them now
  13. Fast Structure Decay is now enabled on non-snapped core structures. This means that they will decay within 12 hours. What dose this mean?
  14. Megalithic


    my bad.