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  1. I have been playing over 1000 + hrs just came back to game, playing on unofficial private server, was playing fine until their wipe came out? Now the server upon death does not see any spawn beds and crashes every single time !! Dev's please fix this or else this game is DOOMED !! Has anyone else run into this issue?? Very Very Frustrating !!! Huff
  2. Hey Grapeshot, why can't I log into my game?? Private Server, gets stuck at Snapshot16 screen it goes black and sends me back to desktop?? I have restarted Steam, pc, verified files too. When I search for avail server mine is not showing under unoffical?? can anyone let me know what is going on??
  3. I am getting same error on private server, can't seem to get answers from anyone? Grapeshot or Server Host !!!
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