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  1. cidran

    The Danger Zone

    it needs more prefab content, prefabricrated ships, buildins, defenses, etc. That will also allow for "prefab" NPC settlements we can explore or get things from.
  2. cidran

    Come on guys

    Let me stop you there, No, i'm not a tester, we are not testers, we are customers, who decided to purchase the game in an early state and as with many early access games, we know, that the game is in an unfinished state. But, NO; we are not testers, we are customers. We lost the right to vote with our wallet since we already purchased the game, but we still have an impact on the reviews, the perception of the game, the publicit it receives, etc. Broken systems are not the fault of the customer, but they are the fault of the company behind the product or service. If a customer buys a product and doesn't return to get more of that product, is not because the customer is not doing his "job", it's because the product is flawed and needs to be improved.
  3. cidran

    NPC Crew shooting cannons on alliance ships

    Fishing is hard
  4. cidran

    Breeding Suggestion

    That gives time to do other things, having to sit 4 hours arround a calf it's a bit too much in my opinion, specially if you are a solo player.
  5. HI, just a quick suggestion among many about breeding, it's pretty simple. Baiscally, the player will breed the animals, the animal will start the breeding process as it does now. Once the calf is born, the female animal must stay within a 5ft distance of the calf, the mother will feed the calf and prevent it from dying and prevent it from dying due to temperature, if the mother dies, the calf will need to be fed manually and taking care of as we do now. Basically the mother takes care of the baby, we still should be able to do the imprint things to get the buffs and such, but the animals will not die that easily.
  6. cidran

    Status Symbol Pants

    You are old, you need to do the fountain quest, if you press H it should display the meaning of the message.
  7. cidran

    Fighting the Hydra and the Dragon

    Get on top of a rock and snipe them with rifles. Dragon is a bit harder but most of the time you can get inside a structure and shot if from there.
  8. cidran

    Solo companies information

    It is Eastern Tundra, we are planning on moving to a better island, we have 69 points right now, so we can afford something better. We are basically a group of people who plays soloish xD we all do our thing but we cooperate most of the times, we share the base, share resources, I do the shipbuilding, other guys do the taming, one does the farming, one is doing treasures and we jump in for the BPs. We are like 4 active, the rest join from time to time.
  9. cidran

    Fog on the see

    This could be so cool if SOTDs came out of the fog like this, imagine a localized cloud and having all the ships come out of it.
  10. cidran

    Thank God, i'm not mental!

    They needed iron to replenish their vitamins.
  11. cidran

    Solo companies information

    If you are on D7 (EU PVE), you must know AZ then, he is an old friend of our, we used to live on D7 pre-wipe. We actually sailed from C7 to O3 to settle this island, we got distracted on our way to purchase some NPCs, got a new island, setup a new base, that was like 3 weeks ago..still we haven't purchased the NPCs xD
  12. This happened to me once, not as bad as in your case, but we got a double layer door, we dropped anchor, raised anchor; rinse and repeat until we bugged the ship out, it got a few hits on the hull but nothing too bad; the thing is in our case the gates were just a little over sea level. Yet, It still happens; we have a little 1x2 hut with a resource box a bed, a smithy and some storage space; we use that place for thatch farming mostly, all arround the spot were we farm the place is littered with pillars and foundations. The other day we were farming arround and there was another guy, he demanded we demolished our tiny 1x2 because it could block the resources (it doesn't and if it did it wouldn't matter, you can pretty much fill up a bear and there is still plenty more to gather and it will respawn before you can empty the cargo), again the whole place is filled with pillars, and this guy was saying he was going to report us for that building. Doesn't make much sense to me. I haven't been there in a few days but i'm pretty sure it will be blocked with doors by the next time we show up. PVE players are waaaay too toxic in some cases and the game allows for this, I sure hope they implement some decay mechanism for this foundation spam.
  13. cidran

    Solo companies information

    If you are joining a new company chances are that you won't need to build since they may have everything ready. If you merge you get to keep the things as long as you select the "merge" option, if you have a ship you should be able to easily move it to the new location. If you play on EU PVE and want to keep your things while having some people to play with you can meet us a O3.
  14. cidran

    Crab taming

    Throwing lions at your enemies xD You can lure them into your ship and tame then in the deck, you will need to do this to bola them.
  15. cidran

    So now what?

    If you tame, doing the whale quest is a must, you get a nice buff to taming.