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  1. He didn't account for the time it takes to unlock those skills either. Totally, options are always good. I'm at a point where i'd rather just pay 100.000 gold or more for a mythical brig than go farm all the materials.
  2. As the title says, random is good and may be fun. Example 1: Let me set an example of a random event: the temperature starts raising, the wind builds up, a fog start building up in the distance, a few minutes later a storm begins in the horizon, you can see the storm, from the storm the tornadoes begin and several SOTD start crawiling out of the water. Now the Atlas equivalent of that event: You are the border of the server, you cross to a new grid and are suddenly ambushed by 4 galleons and 5 brigs in the middle of the storm that was raging for the past 10 seconds and you couldn't see, since it takes time for the server to load several of your ship's planks already lost a lot of health and may sink if you don't react quickly. Example 2: Another random event: You start getting your ship ready for a trip, but you notice a change in the wind and raise in the waves, you can see a storm is ready to come, so you take more time getting ready before sailing. The storms begins and you can see some tornadoes building up in the distance. The Atlas equivalent: you raise the anchor, get away from the shore and it starts raining and now you have 10 tornadoes coming towards you and closing all the exits you have. You will get swollen by 4 before you can go back to the shore. Example 3: Another random event based on the new features: you see a storm in the distance, it is raging with lightining, but your ship is ready with the new lightiningengine rod (o whatever they impletent to harness the storm), you sail into the storm to get some sweet power from those lightining bolts. The posible Atlas equivalent, you are in the storm and 10 SOTD spawn right in front of you while the lightining destroys your planks. This is kind of a rant/feedback post, hopefully the devs will consider something, making random events is fun, but as long as we can predict them and react accordingly.
  3. Just lost a mythical brig last night due to a connection bug, it was steams fault but still, my friend lost connection, lvl80 galleon was nearby, it attacked the ship since there was no one manning it for a few minutes while he tried to reconnect. Our brig could have easily killed the galleon, but there was no capitan.
  4. wow dude, you are really toxic and I can see you really didn't read my post and are just assuming a lot of things so this is my last reply, after this i'm not going to waste more time with you, and I see a pattern on a lot of your replies even on other threads and I know that kind of personality. Not worth wasting time, besides you don't really provide any insightfull comment. The game is at less than 5000 players for a reason. This nonesense mechanichs are just one. I do play the game, I do have a warehouse, I do have a farm, I do have the chance to get a galleon everyother day on the server I play, I own a very big islan, i'm not a solo player. But I also have the ability to se things from the perspective of a singleplayer o smal group of players, the game is slowly dying because of mechanics such as this, the vitamins and some other nonsense that remove the fun from the game and just make it increasingly frustrating.
  5. FYI to give feedback I need to play the game, so yes, I am playing
  6. You do realize the game is on alpha right? So, things will change; as they already have, some systems will stay and others will dissapear depending on the community feedback.
  7. https://store.steampowered.com/app/632300/Hobo_Tough_Life/ wanna give it a try and let us know? xD
  8. You are entitled to you position, that is fine, if you like it the way it is right now good for you, enjoy it. But all the complaints you see on the forums, steam, twitter, etc, are there for a reason.
  9. Yet, you should be able to get a schooner every other day, with this system you need to invest a lot of time into getting a schooner, specially if it's your first one.
  10. I'm playing on a private server with very high rates, on a box you can get about 300 gold, a 1900 treasure may get you 15000 gold, and believe me, it took time to farm a galleon. On oficial rates I would have dropped the game before getting the gold for the schooner.
  11. Hi, With all this gold for ships, gold for structures system in place, I just wanted to give my opinion and suggestion. Gold for full ships, it's a good idea (as long as the price is reasonable, right now it isn't) Gold for materials, it's fine as well. Having to farm gold and materiales it's just an unnecesary wall for content, this game needs a lot of (UX Design on it btw). I'll give a couple ideas to make Gold actually worth: - Go back to the old ship building with no gold cost attached, and add the option to buy the ship with nothing but gold on the freeports. - Remove the crafting of ship improvements such as cargo racks, diving equipment, hell, maybe even large cannons. - Make better grade items (legendary and such) available via purchase on the freeports, don't remove the option to craft them. - Make more ship improvements to allow for ship specialization, for example, allow ships to have mortars, but at the expense of cannons, you get 1 mortar for a brig. This should be something you buy at the freeport and then attach to the ship, like in the way the sail skin system works right now. Ideas for this system are: - cargo racks (the current ones) - submarine (the current one, but just put a gold cost) - torpedoes (the current one, just put a gold cost) - cargo compartments (this should use space in the ship, basically block a whole floor of the ship for nothing but cargo, for example in a schooner with this, you can only move on the deck now, the whole bottom of the ship is cargo area and that should reduce weight of the transported items, imagine it as a huge box we place inside the ship) - diving equipment (the current ones) - animal cages (for better and more animal transport, reduce crew cost for tames while they are on the cage). - colony compartment: basically, don't allow to place crafting tables in the ship, but sell this component, which is a prebuilt section for the ship with a smithy, forge, tannery and mortars, and a tiny weight reduction. Also should have extra beds to allow for more respawns. - Siege ship: adds the ability to add up to 4 mortars (depends on ship size) but removes about 90% of the ship cannons. (a schooner should allow for 2 cannons for example) - Ramming attachment: could be a worse version than the ship, extra weight, blocks some cannons on the front. - Speed attachment: allow to add extra side sails to the ship (Google studding sails), more sails = more speed. - Steam engine improvement: Adds the engine that the trading ship uses to move, so we can move witouth wind. - Rocket battery: like the artilley improvement, but this fires more shots that make more damage to characters and way less damage to structures. Enough about ships, we could have similar things for base building, automated farming structures, automated maintenance structures, NPCs, character building, event for tames, basically allow us to use gold to buy usefull things, instead of using gold as a means of blocking content that will prevent us from enjoying the game. That should be all, I know this will get a lot of mixed opinions and I know you can farm gold with a sloop, but, should we? why Farming doesn't make the game more entretaining, it just takes time away from the fun.
  12. True dat, it happened to me on the past 3 servers I joined xD, but, on the other side, they were x15 or x25, so, in a few hours you get a galley or a fleet, so, not a big deal.
  13. You clearly have no Idea of what you are talking about and are just giving a biased opinion. The tread asked a simple question, yet you came to express how you feel about this kind of servers, I opened the thread to get answers for a specific question, not to know what the community thinks or feels about servers with p2w mechanics. If someone is hosting a server, they may have their own reason, if a server gets too big, the host may not be able to accommodate a lot of people and some help in the form of donations may be needed, players come and go, so the ones who donate may eventually leave, and the burden of the server will be left to the person who started the host, it makes sense to get some sort of financial help, but thining that they do it just for greed is plain ridiculous. Private servers have a lot of advantages that will not be found on official servers, hacker report being the first one to come to mind, Atlas has over 6000 players and most of them play in private servers, and there is a reason for that.
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