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  1. True dat, it happened to me on the past 3 servers I joined xD, but, on the other side, they were x15 or x25, so, in a few hours you get a galley or a fleet, so, not a big deal.
  2. You clearly have no Idea of what you are talking about and are just giving a biased opinion. The tread asked a simple question, yet you came to express how you feel about this kind of servers, I opened the thread to get answers for a specific question, not to know what the community thinks or feels about servers with p2w mechanics. If someone is hosting a server, they may have their own reason, if a server gets too big, the host may not be able to accommodate a lot of people and some help in the form of donations may be needed, players come and go, so the ones who donate may eventually leave, and the burden of the server will be left to the person who started the host, it makes sense to get some sort of financial help, but thining that they do it just for greed is plain ridiculous. Private servers have a lot of advantages that will not be found on official servers, hacker report being the first one to come to mind, Atlas has over 6000 players and most of them play in private servers, and there is a reason for that.
  3. Hi, My group and I found some private p2w servers, we wanted to know what is the policy about this kind of servers, are they allowed? could the server get a CoD?. Regards,
  4. This is inspired by the Total war series, specifically Total War: Warhammer. This idea is for PVP. The idea is related to the wild pirate encampments. Basically, place cities, forts, towns on the islands (just like the WPE), allow us to capture those, if we claim the flags we get the settlement/fort/town, each one of these provides a resource, like automatic wood generation, iron, or gold. Also if this premade settlement is captured, we can, occupy it (become the owner), sack it (steal all the valuable loot),raze it (destroy the settlement and leave it in ruins and get a lot of resources) or liberate it (leave it as an NPC outpost, with traders and other things). Allow minor settlement building, like what we have now, but with limited building options, this would prevent the foundation and structure spam.
  5. it needs more prefab content, prefabricrated ships, buildins, defenses, etc. That will also allow for "prefab" NPC settlements we can explore or get things from.
  6. Let me stop you there, No, i'm not a tester, we are not testers, we are customers, who decided to purchase the game in an early state and as with many early access games, we know, that the game is in an unfinished state. But, NO; we are not testers, we are customers. We lost the right to vote with our wallet since we already purchased the game, but we still have an impact on the reviews, the perception of the game, the publicit it receives, etc. Broken systems are not the fault of the customer, but they are the fault of the company behind the product or service. If a customer buys a product and doesn't return to get more of that product, is not because the customer is not doing his "job", it's because the product is flawed and needs to be improved.
  7. That gives time to do other things, having to sit 4 hours arround a calf it's a bit too much in my opinion, specially if you are a solo player.
  8. HI, just a quick suggestion among many about breeding, it's pretty simple. Baiscally, the player will breed the animals, the animal will start the breeding process as it does now. Once the calf is born, the female animal must stay within a 5ft distance of the calf, the mother will feed the calf and prevent it from dying and prevent it from dying due to temperature, if the mother dies, the calf will need to be fed manually and taking care of as we do now. Basically the mother takes care of the baby, we still should be able to do the imprint things to get the buffs and such, but the animals will not die that easily.
  9. You are old, you need to do the fountain quest, if you press H it should display the meaning of the message.
  10. Get on top of a rock and snipe them with rifles. Dragon is a bit harder but most of the time you can get inside a structure and shot if from there.
  11. It is Eastern Tundra, we are planning on moving to a better island, we have 69 points right now, so we can afford something better. We are basically a group of people who plays soloish xD we all do our thing but we cooperate most of the times, we share the base, share resources, I do the shipbuilding, other guys do the taming, one does the farming, one is doing treasures and we jump in for the BPs. We are like 4 active, the rest join from time to time.
  12. This could be so cool if SOTDs came out of the fog like this, imagine a localized cloud and having all the ships come out of it.
  13. They needed iron to replenish their vitamins.
  14. If you are on D7 (EU PVE), you must know AZ then, he is an old friend of our, we used to live on D7 pre-wipe. We actually sailed from C7 to O3 to settle this island, we got distracted on our way to purchase some NPCs, got a new island, setup a new base, that was like 3 weeks ago..still we haven't purchased the NPCs xD
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