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  1. Fucking hell, you are the exact copy of Realist in the beginning. Atleast he turned around lol.
  2. You mean in the big map where it was easy af to sail? Now there’s more people on a smaller map, ready to set sail because there aren’t many mythic gally’s yet.
  3. Right. So when the servers went to shit, the people already knew it was going to be shit? I don’t think you understand what saying lol.
  4. Alll about balancing. When they upped the tames vs aotd (S1) our gold storage went through the absolute roof, which made us able to buy a shit ton of dragons and what not. The game is extremely easy. Gally’s made by the hour, kraken V2 defeated within 36hrs, and they have made gold completely useless in this game even though it needs to balance things out in the long run. Why would you throw a system the devs were so thrilled about out of the window because some babies can’t handle a game that is just a little bit difficult? So no, I wouldn’t say cheaper is better. I do like the whole ‘game is too easy, make the gold be easy too’ tone of you though. I mean, if you increase it, the need to set sail increases with 84%, but that wouldn’t make the game harder. It isn’t as if your chances of dying at sea increase then too...
  5. Oh I’ve been through the shitshow at ARK. But everyone deserves a second chance don’t they. It went relatively good in the beginning but they stopped responding in november. So it wasn’t easy. It was a bold statement that luckily came through. Nothing more.
  6. Nope, it was said at the first livestream they did when they still cared about the development. But please, do explain to me how the people that were screaming that the devs are stupid and that the game won’t be anything at the very start of the game when it was still being developed were smarter than we are right now after we haven’t got a word from a community manager or a talkative update in more than 6 months?
  7. How exactly are they smarter? When the game launched and the player population was 300% more than what the devs were expecting, the server problems were normal. Exactly like finding out what claiming system to use and what not. You can’t compare them in the slightest so maybe you should keep the thought of who’s smarter here to yourself lol.
  8. Hey depth. If you’re pointing a message towards me, make sure it is correct. When the game came out and it was complete shit, I defended it. When they implemented the new claim system people were still very critical but I defended it & when they did the SoTD change, everyone was bashing and I, again, defended it. After that last update, it went dark because they wanted to bring the game to xbox. And when they brought the game onto xbox, the two main people of Atlas, Jat and Dollie left this game to work on an ARK DLC without ANY notification towards the Atlas community. The project manager left aswel and to top it all off, the community manager did nothing but ignore the community for more than 7 months on end now. You think that it’s all rainbow and sunshines - but it definitely is not. If we look back to december 2018 and july 2020, what exactly has changed in a large perspective? Hmm, we’ve got different sizes of SoTD, another claiming system and trenches. Woohoo. That’s some progress in 19 months right there. Ever since the devs stopped working on this game (november-december) I’ve been critical. Am I allowed to? Yes. Does that make me an idiot? No. I have spent hundreds of hours in a game, reporting any bug there was to be found. Then finally we get something from the devs, and it is once again a huge disappointment for anyone that feels close to this game. The devs have lied to us, once again. A ‘new world’ would be here, which is nothing but a remake of a map which made it even harder for smaller pvp groups and even laggier for pve servers. All for the ‘sake of the game’ - aka their money pockets. Jeremy or Jat said in Nov 2019 that they would pull the plug if the Atlas project wouldn’t work out as planned. Having 2K players in population, abandoned by project managers and ignored by the community manager, it would surprise me if Jeremy or Jat would call that ‘as planned’. Don’t quote me as if I’m some new kid on the block, I’ve been here all along listening to the shit of the community because the devs were ‘failing this game’ - well, now that they’re actually are, I will damn sure open my mouth about it.
  9. You’ve single-handedly managed to screw over the community (probably one last time). I mean I’ve got to hand it to you, it was a great troll. Making the community believe that you’ve actually implemented new content with a ‘new map’ which is the old map, just rearranged - with ARK berries in it though. This update once again made us 1 step closer to the complete downfall of this game, or what’s left of it. I sincerely hope that Jat and Dollie can still look themselves in the eyes in a mirror since they’re the ones threw Atlas in the toilet and then flushed a few times. For everyone enjoying the game: good. But please, do not get your hopes up. I’ve defended this games for months on end because I believed this was a game that could last a decade - sadly I was wrong. Some new ‘devs’ and a community manager won’t change that.
  10. On the other hand, the kraken has already been killed multiple times by now. That is just way and way too fast. I won’t be surprised if kraken V2 has already been killed. I kind of agree with OP. Back in the day when a Galleon was actually an accomplishment instead of a ship you build within 8 hours. Because ship pvp is so damn unrealistic in this game because you need a few thousand cannonball hits to kill a ship, the resource farming or atleast the resources needed to build a ship are unbalanced as shit. I think we all remember the update beginning of 2019 when they made the animals OP. Then everything went to shit for real. Our gold storage sky rocketed & we made Galleons by the hour. I think it’s just a matter of opinion, and it has also to do with the popularity of the game. When a lot of people play, you don’t want your resources too fast. But since nobody is playing...
  11. Who needs to do that? Atlas had a community manager that was silent for 8 months. @Dollie I hope you can still look yourself into the mirror.
  12. 80% of pvp is pve so ye. 50% sounds bout right
  13. And why is that?
  14. By Dollie , 26,September 2019 We have opted for a rolling start in order to facilitate the best experience possible for all players on PC and Xbox. Beginning with this sole network allows us to monitor performance, make any technical adjustments necessary and resolve issues prior to the full Crossplay rollout on the 8th of October. Our decision to wipe the Networks was not made lightly and involved much deliberation and factoring in of technical aspects and the impact on our current PC players. We have made big changes to the game under the hood, revamped the world map with the addition of over 70 new, unique island templates, as well as some considerable optimization changes and limits put in place which required a full data wipe. After these sets of changes, we do not plan to wipe the network again, even with the introduction of additional platforms and new areas & islands further down our development timeline. We value and appreciate the time spent on the game and the only reason we carry out these wipes is after exhausting all possible alternatives and when they become a necessity. We truly appreciate all the support and feedback you’ve given us over the last few months and we’re excited to welcome new (as well as old) players onto the ATLAS! Not a year has passed and you erase the Server
  15. Just as smart as all the fuckers who were just complaining for no apparent reason? Yeah right.
  16. I was never salty until I found out the devs left this game for dead to work on ARK genesis. Since then I’ve been shitting on the development of this game. The game is in a good state, don’t get me wrong. There aren’t that many game breaking bugs. But they have missed the jump to the boat. I’m not gonna return until I see new ships (I believe stage 2 on the roadmap). Whahah, the roadmap.
  17. What are you gonna try out? Nothing changed in 3 months only a clean server because it costs too much money.
  18. So when are we gonna get a sorry for what you did to the community? I didn’t know ARK genesis was on the ATLAS roadmap. Dollie, the CM manager that ignores her community, nice one. I’m very disappointed.
  19. It was your choice to take an island full of foundation spam. So why exactly are you complaining right now?
  20. It used to be 0,5 because the current 1 stayed after they made a 2x weekend the new 1. If you can still follow it. God those were good times. Galleons were not made within a few hours back then. More a few days. Great times.
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