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    Land Based NPC Cannons

    I pressed no because of the outranged thing, I want there to be no range difference with any cannon just height difference that makes the distance.
  2. Percieval


    The hell are you talking about? As if some items are useless in other regions? Well no shit sherlock. It’s great to see that it is working for most people and it is what most people wanted since the beginning, which is a place to stay yet you’re not happy. You want to live in a place where you probably won’t have a place to stay and you’re fighting at the mega companies all day again. Why you’re suggesting it is beyond me since it isn’t the biggest problem of ATLAS yet you seem to ignore it and think it’s this what’s causing the frustration amongst the players. No it is not.
  3. Percieval

    Come on guys

    Having a discussion about what’s good or bad for the game is not shutting down anyone. You’re exaggerating big time here, It’s completely beyond me why anyone would make such a thread. Maybe you were just bored so you made this to get something to do.
  4. Percieval

    Come on guys

    This is a joke. We can give all the constructive feedback we want, as long as nothing happens with it what’s the point of giving it. I’m not obligated to give any kind of feedback. Weird that you were here since hour 1 yet you forget all the feedback that is given.
  5. Percieval

    Fix taming, fix glitching and fix crashes

    And because of bad balancing and bugs they lost 55K players in the first few months, not because of lack of content. You can’t build a game on a broken foundation, that won’t end well.
  6. Percieval

    Fix taming, fix glitching and fix crashes

    The fatal errors haha, good you bring that up. It has been a huge problem at ARK and it’s the same at ATLAS. The first 2 months of playing I could not play on my PC because it would just crash within a couple of minutes with a fatalerror, so I was bound to play on my laptop where it runs just fine. After a lot of research etc. I finally found out what caused the fatal errors on my side, which is discord. Discord is the reason ATLAS crashed on me for 2 months straight. I told them about this but even then there are still a lot of people with fatalerror issues. It’s just plain stupid, been around since 2015. Give some computer dude a whiskey, glasses and he’ll fix it for them, why is some stuff so hard to do in this world. Maybe they should announce a ‘repair month’ with purely bug fixes and the most important one ‘bullshit fixes’. I’m usually not the one to complain like this, but man a damn harpoon for ships to trap? Who in the room seriously said it would be a good idea. And I can name 10 other things where the same happened. The ghost ships in Islands now, it’s damn annoying and they could’ve known this since it has been a common problem in private servers. Yet it happens to the officials, come on Grapeshot. I get that you need to put out a product and it needs to be updated on a regular basis (I believe you guys update this game every day) but that is not what the community asked for. We’d rather have an good update every month than 31 small ones that don’t affect the game at all. Fix all fatalerror issues, fix all the issues in general and fire the guy that suggests all this ridiculous unbalanced stuff all the time. Your community is not large, use it.
  7. Percieval

    Here we go again.

    Let me tell you the difference right there, whenever a game is in development ‘behind doors’ there are a number (around 200 with most games I know of) that test the game to the fullest to rule out most bugs. Now you are the tester, you expect a completely bug and fault free game? Is this a kind of ignorance I didn’t know even excisted? You can’t blame bugs on them (unless theyre extremely huge) you can blame bad decisions on them, and there are a lot out there.
  8. Percieval


    So it all went down like this ”I want to play a game where I’m the boss and no one else bothers me with anything!” ... ... ”Let me join this multiplayer game where thousands of other players can interfere.” ... ... ”This is not what I want”
  9. Percieval

    Crafting paints after Mega May update?

    I was very busy last few weeks so I pretty much haven’t been on. Someone please tell me they fixed paint as a whole so black actually looks black..
  10. Percieval

    The Ice Box .

    Uhm, are we talking about water not freezing above the freezing temperature? When they introduced it I thought it was about making ice somewhere else and take it to your base, like in polar you need heat from time to time. I didn’t know we would be able to make ice in tropical regions.
  11. Percieval


    2 minutes of your time is too much for you? I’m afraid you will face some real challenges in life then.
  12. Percieval

    How to get Legendary or Mytical Shipyard?

    I was glad that the rare items aren’t as easy to make on Atlas as they are on ARK. If you don’t buy the items it can be a real challenge. Mentally.
  13. Percieval

    Here we go again.

    Then they’ll just follow up on it. Needs to be capped way harder. Or just have a mod up because it happens at the same time everyday .
  14. Percieval


    I’m sorry to say, but yes you are .
  15. Percieval

    How to get Legendary or Mytical Shipyard?

    Oh really, it wasn’t like that at first, it was only durability. Then a month ago I saw a thread about what you’re saying and people told OP it wasn’t true, I hope it is true because that would be a good thing.
  16. Percieval

    Gated content

    Jep we’ve had a few leechers, we don’t mind. It’s people that don’t want or don’t know how to do it are complaining hard about it. ‘You hate it? But what have you tried to do yourself?’ : ‘yeahhh about that...’
  17. Percieval

    sniper nerf

    That is not bad though.
  18. Percieval

    How to get Legendary or Mytical Shipyard?

    bad luck I guess, I once got one a while back but I cannot remember where I got it from. I threw it away immediately because it has 0 use to it so why exactly do you want it?
  19. Percieval

    wieght sails

    Yes I believe so.
  20. Percieval

    Game's dead, nice try Grapeshot, gg wp

    You loved the game but because less people are playing than you anticipated you don’t love it anymore is that the conclusion of all this? If I love a game I wouldn’t do what you do which is cry about stuff that (evidently) is not important to them neither to the 5000 people playing. But hopefully you will get some kind of statisfaction out of it.
  21. Percieval

    Things I think could use attention.

    It has been broken before many times is what i’m saying.
  22. Percieval

    Things I think could use attention.

    Better 5 months, it’s been broken, then people think it’s fixed and then oh nope still broken.
  23. Are you saying you could play atlas on your computer?
  24. Percieval

    What's changed on figuring ship weight?

    Base weight changed, for the bad imo but that’s just me probably. I want this game to be hard on me/us. All they do is make it easier. It really should be the other way around.
  25. Percieval

    Saw the new islands on Twitter. Disappointed

    Just let the players design the islands, I’m sure they could find atleast a few enthousiastic kids