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  1. Percieval

    I1 square of hell

    Oh nice, what server? Seems nice to farm.
  2. Percieval

    Taming is broken

    Yep, like others posted: Taming is completely fine. Nothing needs to change there.
  3. Percieval

    The fountain of pain I mean Youth

    Would you look at that, thread number 200 regarding the FoY the devs told us a month ago will change overtime and we’re already going into phase 1 of that. But thanks!
  4. Percieval

    Suggestion: Home Beds

    Change? Meaning people could still spam until you killed the bed they’re spawning on, I like it.
  5. Percieval

    This meta is aids.....

    Ship count doesn’t necessarily needs to be lowered. Just need to make it like it was before - Unable to make a ship within a few damn hours. Nerfing animals to dead would improve this game on so many levels. But yeah, when they did that...
  6. Percieval

    The only thing that needs to change is GOLD

    For us, we don’t raid for gold anymore since bears are buffed sky high meaning every treasure is eazy clap. It’s unbalanced now. Funny to see that even the gold balance is hit by the animals buff.
  7. Percieval

    Anyone else seeing islands that aren't there ?

    You (or atleast I) can also see them through borders.
  8. I still see way less hackers than before. That’s just my view on it. They’re still there, but not as frequent as before, but maybe we’re just lucky.
  9. Percieval

    Why are cobras even in the game?

    I love the alpha ones for the XP. Even though it’s not as good as rattlesnakes.
  10. Percieval

    The only thing that needs to change is GOLD

    Gold for leaderbords is a bit hmm. How are you going to register it. Coins owned, coins achieved through treasures. It’s easily exploitable.
  11. Percieval

    How does aging work?

    True. Not that much though, almost none.
  12. Because you never know what these devs will do, maybe they want to remove everyone from the lawless since there is enough land available now so they just decide to make the decay timer run out even though you are online
  13. This just means you need to be more prepared, nothing more.
  14. Yep, weight is more valuable in this game than melee.
  15. Percieval

    Ship sunk with no damage?

    You paid your crew?
  16. Percieval

    Island availability

    You must be doing something wrong because PvE’ers talked to me about lots of land available on PvE servers.
  17. Percieval


    Ahah, so we’ve established that it is about you rather than other people.
  18. Percieval


    So, reason people are stopping an EA game is because of EA?
  19. Percieval

    this is not ark

    Right, yet we were talking about official and I was talking about big groups/small groups. And I never said I’d join a ‘random’ unofficial - we’ll get our own one without tame dependence. Right now we have about 80 people that could and would deliver their own server grid to our server. But then again, that will probably launch in a few months, if not longer. The amount of hate there was when it was 1x and they upped it to 2,5x in the weekends already. That was without any animal buff, because ships were being built too fast. Ironic.
  20. Percieval

    this is not ark

    I can read from this you are a PvE player. The devs said themselves ‘we don’t want tames to be leading in this game, but more of a small helper.’ They made a patch that completely followed their sight on the game and within no time there were that many (mostly pve’ers) here that they reversed it and now buffed it even more. And no, I don’t have a choice not to since we need to keep up with the other mega companies. The devs are literally forcing us into something we (pvpers) didn’t want and also - what the devs themselved do not want. I’m not sure if the next paragraph is about me, if that is - there’s a lie in the first sentence so I wouldn’t bother reading the rest. And no, easier to build ships is not the solution. I’m pretty sure most PvPers (atleast on our company and ally companies, people hate it, so I can only talk for them). The fact a solo guy can make a completed gally within a day is nothing but ridiculous. And that is without the weekend multiplier. Remember the times when a Gally actually meant something rather than be just ‘one of that many’. I remember, just like I remember that the devs didn’t want tame dependence in the first place. I really thought they’d use crew for the gathering, but maybe (hopefully) we will see that in the future. And btw, before I forget - they have taken away ANY excitement about PvP. Lost your ship? Doesn’t matter, I just make a new one within a day from scratch. Not to mention, if you take planks from our base, you are done within a couple of hours if you take a couple of our thousands and thousands of planks/gunports laying around. Sieging is also that boring now, since you can keep building and keep sending ships over since your resources wouldn’t run out. Sea battles are completely dead, it completely changed the way fights were going down. Way more rambo and way less fun. If people want it, they can have it since I’ll move over to unofficial when I’m completey done on official.
  21. Percieval

    this is not ark

    Lol. You read what I said? It won’t change, so I can leave now and come back in 2 years, it would still be the same. So I rather keep playing can’t I? And if you can’t handle the negativity, you shouldn’t be on the official discussion forums lol.
  22. The math is what you’re lashing about? Maybe you’d ignore it. It could be sarcasm, a form of expression or maybe he wasn’t continulously building his ship. I have no idea why you’d make such a post, but you’ve done it before. I do find it ironic that you lash out to me because I ‘wasn’t on topic’ and now you do the same.
  23. Percieval

    this is not ark

    Doesn’t matter. They won’t change this since the last time they did it, their forums were filled people that evidently, want another ARK with full tame dependence. It won’t go back to the point as it should be. And this isn’t the way they wanted it. they wanted tames to be something you ‘could’ do. Not something you ‘need’ to. Fun thing is that unofficial servers will be more of what they want it to be than the official servers.