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  1. Percieval

    Elephant taming

    Tamed one again today, I have no idea why people have so much problems with it. Maybe it has something to do with the lag? We tamed all of ours on a server that didn’t seem to lag at all.
  2. Percieval

    New islands coming summertime

    I think it’s safe to say that adding in new islands/swapping them/move them required a wipe. But they could also just have 2 new servers up with these new maps. But good question i want to know too @[email protected]
  3. Percieval

    Please prove to me that it is hard to build

    It was a thing in age of empires 15 years ago so i’m pretty sure it can be done here.
  4. Percieval

    Elephant Taming

    Different per person then since I could stay in the spot until it released itself.
  5. Percieval

    Please prove to me that it is hard to build

    Well I can’t remember to get rid of them, but now they’re (remind you: the devs didnt wanted it to happen) again the most important thing in the game. You have crew FGS, use the crew to chop wood for loan etc. Now its all about tames again. Tames tames tames.
  6. Percieval

    Elephant Taming

    You can easily tame elephants without a taming pen. Stay behind his front legs and make sure he’s laying on his left and you should be good.
  7. Percieval

    Please prove to me that it is hard to build

    Doesn’t matter when the peeps start getting tames again. Then we’re back at where we were: Subject to the most broken and unbalanced section of the game. The damn tames. I really hope you that when it comes out on xbox, they balanced the tames.
  8. You can make reports to the devs so they can look into it. It’s pretty obvious that something as a linux server bug won’t get much attention since it is not very popular. So chances of getting a dev on it through the bug report section on the forums is hmm ‘unlikely’. If you (and I said this 2 months ago to you) contact Jat through discord you have an answer in a couple of minutes/hours.
  9. Well then it needs to be recognized and I don’t think hundreds of people have a linux server so if I were you I would do a real report so the devs actually know what’s happening. They’re not reading (if) every bug report on the forums.
  10. More details, what crash description do you get etc
  11. Percieval

    Could someone please...

    The hell, why would you buy 3 TB on a damn console. I have bought a 1TB PS4 once and I regret it ever since, it felt like throwing money in a bowl and then add a big fire to it.
  12. Percieval


    Don’t invest time in him. Definitely not worth it. But yeah you are right.
  13. Reports on the forum? Try do a real report.
  14. Percieval

    Good Job @ Grapeshot..realy!

    You have played an average of 10,7 hours per day since launch?
  15. Percieval

    When do you realize?....

    So it was very shit before, now it is again (to some people) and what do they need to realize? This update is from the feedback they were given. Do they need to realize to stop listening to their community (you) with the next update?
  16. This. There will be a lot of griefing if there is not a decent building radius
  17. Percieval

    Why are numbers already dropping?

    Your 30th thread about this now?
  18. Percieval

    ONCE AGAIN... bye bye atla

    Bye. I think they’re glad to get rid of people like you.
  19. Percieval


    15+ division is called Empire boiii @OP
  20. Percieval

    50/50 Perfectly!

    The reason it is 50 is because the owner of the island can have atleast a little bit of say on people living there. In PvE after the countdown you’re either happy or f*ckef as a island owner.
  21. Percieval


    So, for the last 4 months people have been complaining hard about the company member limit being too high, now they have what they want so now we’re gonna have the other half on this server to complain about it being too low? I’m getting a headache.
  22. Percieval

    Seems a bit sleazy

    Early access, they can change it to us chasing fairies over bright pink clouds and they’re obligated to do so. Even though it would be wrong. But wipes would somehow crossed your mind.
  23. Percieval

    No proper info on this site

    New one?
  24. Percieval

    Seems a bit sleazy

    It was a very big blue banner.